The Mercury from Pottstown, Pennsylvania on June 23, 1973 · Page 19
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The Mercury from Pottstown, Pennsylvania · Page 19

Pottstown, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 23, 1973
Page 19
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£ tLm Sports The xù ^M ercury Pottstown, Pa., Saturday, June 23, 1973 Sports Pag« Ninataen Strock To Play In All-Star Tilt Don Strock, Owen J. Roberts and Virginia Tech graduate, who recently .signed with the Miami Dolphins, is expected to see action in the nth annual and Nebraska. I’d say to make the West the favorite would be a step in the right direction.” McKay, the West mentor from Southern California, dod Coachca Al ¡-America football jged Jordan's needle and said: game scheduled for Lubbock. j Tve been in a lot of these all- Tex . Saturday night. star games and one thing I Although he is not slated to know for sure is that I never start, Strock, who led the nation know who’s going to win. The in passing during his senior team that is the underdog al- year at Virginia Tech. will play ways seems to want to play a good portion of the game harder and to try and prove the according to East Coach Ralph so-called experts wrong.” Jordan of Auburn. Such was the case last year1 . blessed with a unc|er(j0g East routed talented group of players in- fhc West 42 20 ,0 *tie !he series i eluding live from nationalsi m,.s jere | champion Southern California. „ . rated a touchdown favorite over *7 1 * • i u- , (hp Fast , McKay is keepmg his starring Jordan said: “I hate to pul »““P ¡o himwlf, saying, ‘ Hon- the hat on any coach, but John «"ft,1 l>ro,h1'lbl>' 1 <■«"* McKay ou«ht' to he favored in untl1 ^,ut 7 P m- ^ this ¿ame He's s<>l »-me of »«toy- »» all-star game hk*! his own players and then gets ,hls- 1 dont prefer to pick ou; to pick from Oklahoma. Texas ahead o( time It will • ■ a i feel Satur day night.” The 8:30 p. m. kickoff will be televised nationally and some 45.(HK) fans will be looking on in Jones Stadium. McKay will choose his starling quarterback from the duo of Dan Fouls of Oregon and Ty Paine of Washington State. Jordan will have quarterbacks Terry Davis of Alabama MONTREAL (AP) — Mike an(j strock of Virginia Torre/ checked Philadelphia on Tech at the controls. Davis, '«♦•ven hits, one of them a first- ran the triple option suc- mnmg home run by Del Unser. rc#y4fullv at Alabama, will ?e’ to carrv the Montreal Expos to the starting call a 4 2 victory over Svve Carlton The standout player for the and the I’hillies Friday night East in practice has been punt- The Expos tied the s^ore in ,,r Rav (;uv (>f Southern Mis- Expos Check Phils1 Streak With 4-2 Win the bottom of the first on a sissippi waft to Ron W«M*ds. an infield phenomenal,” Jordan out and Hal Breed.*n*s single. raVed’“He kicked one 80 yards and took a 2-1 lead in th« fifth out that hit the goalpost.” on two walks and John Bocca- McKay said the most impres* bella s single. sjve West plaver has been flan- Montreal knocked Carlton. 7 ker Steve «olden 0f Arizona 8. out in the sixth. Torrez led $ute. off with a single, went to sec- * ________________ Flyers Sign Parent At Reduction in Pay PHILADELPHIA (AP) Goalie Bernie Parent, the first National Hockey league player to jump to the World Hockey .Association, leaped back to the NHL Friday it aj cut in pay. ronto Maple Leafs of the NHLltions (a player or players) to to the WHA, last year for a five the Maple Leafs for Toronto’s year contract reported to be'number two pick and the right worth $750.000 plus fringe bene lto negotiate with Parent, fits. He played for the Phila-j “Since then, we have talked substantial delphia Blazers, quitting the to Bernie and his attorney sev- i earn in a :ontract dispute iftcr oral times.” Allen said. When "I took a cut to come here,”¡the first ganH ol lal • it becama« that we were said Parent after signing a WHA playoffs and declaring ¡n the same ball park, I went multi-year contract with the himself a free agent. back and had further talks with Philadelphia Flyers. New York It is believed that Paren* ex- jim Gregory (Toronto general (of the WHA) offered me a bet- acted a no trade contract from manager), ter contract but I want to play the Flyers He told a news con-j now s|ate lhat in Philadelphia. ference Wednesday that he ex- ^ , , (nr the A Hyers spokesman con-pected to play far the Flyers F] . ' !irm^ ,lhi!,Iare?t W0U!d P^y th« ™, of hta hockey life ldjn the dfal with Toronto, for Philadelphia for a lot less (teneral Manager Keith A,- V . f . f ontionc than he could have earned re- len In announcing the signing. And (h< ; „ unlil A , ,5 maining in the rival WHA. said the Flyera still had to fi- . . .. ,7 He didn't hold a gun at our naliw the trade with Toronto TPhf ^ M Parcnt brnk< head ’ the Hyers spokesman through which they had ac- into the N>tinna, Hockey League said. -He wanted to come hert( qulred Parent s Mil. rights. jth h „ Bruln/ ln im. The bargaining was not that On May 15, the Flyers gave tra(lcd lfl lhe Klvers tough. their number one amateur . .. phi|adclDhja leam on. Parent leaped from the To- draft pick and future COnaidera* ,(irrcj thp Nj,(i |W7 , played with the Flyers until midway into the 1970-71 season, when he was dealt to Toronto. Parent, considered one of hockey’s top goalies, jumped the Maple lieafs after the 1072 season and signed with Miami of the embryo WHA The Miami franchise folded before AKRON, Ohm (AP) _ I Dm pnp at IM tw, indei Kre!rtTSontrirt rest Fezler, victim of a heart- par but a distant six strokes . , . u breaking loss earlier thus sea- ha. k of Fezler-included ,„r. »'gned to the Philadelphia Blaz- son, fashioned a five-under-par mer PGA champion A1 C.eiber- 65 and swept into sole control ger. Lanny Wadkins. John Ma-| of the second round lead Friday haffey and Ed Sneed. Wadkins in the SltiO.OOO American Goif and Mahaffey matched fi7s in Classic. the warm, sunny weather while The stubby, 23-vear-old Fez- Sneed and (ieiberger had B8s. ler didn’t have a bogev in the -lack Nicklaus and Arnold first 3« holes as he put together 'I*1™'' « group at 139. Pine Forge continued to lead __i ____ , Nicklaus had a f0 and Palmer the Twin County American Fezler Captures American Lead ers. Pine Forge Wins On Two Rallies at, . .r- . ________ ,v ^ EARS ON THE BALL Chris Strembler, 10. who is blind, prepares to swing at a softball she follows by listening to an electronic beeper at its core. The catcher ami umpire have their sight in game played in San Diego. Hits and a two-round total of 132, eight high scores are common in beep ball which was put on display in a two-inning exhibition prior to the Friday night Atlanta, San Diego game. (AP Wire- photo) under par on the 7,180-vard „Not too bad j said by defeating Douglassville. 5-2 Firestone Country Club course, NlcltlauJi Bho took , d,)llWe^(. Friday, one of the longest and most de- .... . . The winners pounded out 11 manding layouts the touring hi,s and scored twice In the pros plav all tear. p. ¿2 , ... . second inning and three times K r * • rounds on Firestone vou re not . .. * «• u u. t * _ Fezler, who lost to Lee Tre- doing too bad.” in clinch the victory, vino in the nationally televised F0_w • nor f ^ Wck Mest’s double was the final round of the Jackie Glea- fJ, » ‘ lone €xlra base hit in tho son Classic earlier this season, ’ °n M>'cr pitched the win for owned a four-stroke lead overi i^jj ^.^j^jbf.0^^ Pine Forge giving up eight hits. slipped to 71. Junior Legion Baseball league ond on a sacrifice and scored on Woods’ single After Carlton issued his fifth walk of the game 1o Clyde Mashore. Billy W’ilson relieved him and was greeted by Mike Jorgensen's run ^«tiring pinch sinale. J. Roberts) captured its second FHH.ADM fMiA '*•«««. victory in the Plymouth-White- i m Hunt :h * 3 » o o marsh Summer Basketball la"T. H - 4A*. 1-Vw>d* rf.". 1 ? £ ¿League by beating Central rf 10!« M»«horp U S ! « t wk, 11 tono mi .. .» ' Bucks w«ist. <h-;>4 rriday. The Tavern team now 2-1 wa> Yogi's Tavern Wins 2nd Hoop Contest Yogi’s Country Tavern (Owen Confidence Is Essential' Says Basketball Coach defending champion Bert Yan- cev. record with a 31 on the front nine and missed only greens in his solid effort. two eight walks and striking oui seven. ein» Forq» 4b r h bi Douqlattvlll* •b r h bl Yancey, who M an * over the Th . . m„,ta(.hloori By- final nine holes with a stunning . _ V* »acnioed re/ |sr«ker. if nu e ■***, » j i i o seven-under-par 28. also bad a !*-r -blrdi*d.,h* i,rsl h,,lp from i.'iSI- * J Kuttim 'b V hmntl Re i*» t Rnna »■ ri«*» h » «'»ritan r BVV i I mxi p Rï<1/n»hi ph MM Brandon p MM < o I o Jorc« n»n tb loti 3 0 a 0 B.itlrv lb I fl 1 A “I By KEN MURRAY We have guys who Mercury Sport§ \\ riier basketball players and think once vou have have 1 1 0 WeCrdn. cf 3 0 0 « %% 4 1 7 0 Rrwar c 4 0 ? 0 nvon. If 110 0 Breidenba.h figures he has rounds. ,«d'Z."m'se? JeiiS®»»?»? who already faced the best team he \>»iv rrowned IJS (lnon ,. .... p an*llhor onc ’* He rolled in an 18-f(K)ter on ^v#r,< p 3 ® • ? P f ,0°- * 7 0 7 9 are1 sr»cii-ur.uri-H«i ¿o. aixi timi ,, f . , rparhed fhí» nar «1 u 4 1 ? 0 B. 65 and a 136 total for two reat hed the par ,i L % 4 123 r, lia> rounds second with a three*wood sec- m*<». ib 4 o 1 0 Mt Newly crowned U.S. Open JHHR? I ability.' They need to get!will see this summer. That was champion Johnnv Miller, tied r^‘!e? f" an. 18*t0^efr 0,1 m ' •' paced bv Jeff Baird who scored ability.” Doug Breidenbach wa.< confidence in themaelvei And Exeter, which took a 046 with Fe/ler at the end of the ^ *SC° °m i!ilrK,trrt 4 «* 0 27 poinis. Aiding the winners saying, ‘'it’s very important to I have a lot of confidence in victory in overtime after first days play, matched par 70 ,w ieei on me Slx!n‘ i a h 0 Torrct p 4 ii# also were Terry Woodward with have confidence in yourself." their ability to make themselves Pharmacy lost a four point lead on the long, lush layout ,md 16 and Duane'Piersol with 13. Which is what summer felt (in the Ches-Mont League in the last 15 seconds of was tied at 137 with Australian Jeff Williams, injured in basketball is all about, and next year 1 .” ¡regulation. Bruce Crampton. 1 . ui 3;27i T<>t«i rV’fi Thursday night's game, will un-what Breidenbach is trying to never played in a WIN NEXT TIME Crampton, a three-time win* rxiuiiriphu it**» •!*-* dergo surgery on his left ankle accomplish as coach of Pro summer league, only pickup "HI g« out on the limb and(ner a|rea<jv ^is vear had a T^Sr^. dp..mmTS! this morning. Pharmacy in the 1 M M dtil - ^ * Summer League. B*ro. ?b 4 0 11 Art»rs, cf 3 0 0 0 OiS«lvo. rf 1 0 0 0 Total« 31 SII) Totali 34211 o n rhi.adrlpht« 4. W.*tfp«l 11 3H HUrwdn MH ( «»et (41. **B Ma*hor^ S Munt 1P H H KM MH SO Carltnfi <L.74> i M « 4 4 S 1 H W il*o» 2-3 l 0 0 « 0 2 1 0 0 0 0 Torr. * lW.4-5) * 7 2 2 3 5 MBP bv t.trllon «Hunt) WP Torrn. T- 2:03 A H.TOÎ. Fxeter will Boyerlown Registering Players For Tourney Registration for the Fifth Animai Boyertown Open Tennis t hampionsii;|)S is cep’ed bv Karl Today's Sports SATURDAY BASBALL American Leqi«n Pottstown at DoyeWown, j p.m. Pott»town at Hatti«ld, 5 p m, Paoli at Spring City, :J P nn. Boyartown at Shillington. S p w. Junior Ltqion Spring City at Phoenuvill*. Ipm. Soutnarn Ch«»t»r County at Rooarti, 2, 2 p.m. Breidenbach, a former Potta* town High star, coached Pro Pharmacy to the Kxeter crown two years ago in the league’s inaugural season. Last summer, another ex-Trojan standout, Hav Ricketts, coached Pharmacy to the title. How is it that Doug skipped a year coaching the Pottstown- based team? “I think the question is why I got out in the second year,” tournament director, lift Franklin St., Boyertown. Sponsored by the Recreation Department of the Boyertown Area School District, the tourney will l»e July 7-21 at the Boyertown Senior High School courts. Events will include singles for merf and women and doubles for men. Guinther revealed registration for the men’s and women’s singles ends July 5 and for men’s doubles July 7. SOFTBALL Spnnq Ford AA Slow Pitch Tourney being ac- h«”answered, paraphrasing the Guinther, Marchant}. 10 am. Both Q*mt» at question. ^ New Strati Field, Spring City. SUNDAY BASEBALL Amanean Legten Dut. 9 All-Star Games. Enterprise Field. Î pm Boyert 0 ‘.vn at Kutitown. 2:10 p.m. Shilhngton at Birdsboro, S p m. Junior Legion Photnlxvill* at Robert*, 2 p.m. say I have no doubt we »m:Se<,0,H| of 67 beat them next time, Doug said, untypically for a coach. And 1 think we’ii win the Gerhart Triumphs Legion All-Star Tilts Set For Enterprise Scora by Innings: Pin* Forge Dougiassvilla The 9th District American legion All-Star games will be i played at Enterprise Field league again. Against Reading; .......... r Sundav C4*ntral <a 6245 win), we really Bobby Gerhart captured his In the opening of the twinbill, looked good.” third victory of the season in Bux-Mont will meet Great The team's personality the feature event at Reading Norristown at 2 p.m. and in reminds Doug of recent Potts- Fairgrounds Friday night. the second contest. Lower town High teams. Jim Baker. Gilbertsville. was Bucks will play Levittown. it’s a fast team, and it will second, his highest finish in Mark Thompson will play racehorse basketball. ksCA competition. Glen Fitz- represent the Pottstown Steelers UOUg Mid. “We have better i harlos of Pottstown was third, on the Bu\ Mont team, than average ballhandlers. with good Myers (W) i Johnson (L) Peterson IP 7 4 3 00? OJO ©-S 001 000 1—2 R ER BB SO 2 2 • 7 2 2 2 1 3 1 ? 4 KESSLERS SAVES MEN MONEY Scores *i was working 11 to 7 at Firestone and mornings for Reliable, but now I think i could have done it (coached as well». Now. I’m doing it except that Firestone is on strike. Anyway, I was anxious to get hack.” ! , A. . BIG SIMILARITY games in tin* summer. But Breidenbach’s first team lost ¡can see the value in DOUG BREIDENBACH three good guards — Tom Missimer, Kevin Hudson and LeRoy Betts.” Rebounding falls largely to Keith Willis, who ‘ gets be”e- every game. He can be a good rebounder, but he has a way to go.” Doug went on. • Ron Smith and Derrick Davis are good rebounders for their size.” Breidenbach, who was an All- Ches-Mont second team pick in one game in 18 This season, especially with this group and i%9-70. his senior year, will be CHES-MONT "B" LEAGUE UPRA H, Pina Forge 0 Coventry Little Laagua Martin's 4. VVA i he is 1-1. But there is a big two years ago.’ he said. a senior at Brown University I similarity between the teams. | “It gives players experience next fall. "This is the same type team playing together and against After graduation, he hopes to |as two years ago,” l)mig said, good competition.” attend law school, Bring Us Your Old Pocket! IT'S WORTH OFF A KODAK POCKET INSTAMATIC CAMERA except model 10 $5 OFF ALL Your Old Pocket From SHIRTS — COATS — JACKETS SLACKS I KODAK M jow camera shop / 4C» International Harvester. mouktoui Bonus J Buy any IH lawn and garden tractor (from 8 to 14 H.p.) and we'll give you the mower attachment at no extra cost. Buy any IH ridin j mower (5 or 7 h.p.) we ll give you this trailer attachment at no extra cost. FINAL WEEK OFFER EXPIRES SAT., JUNE 30, 1973 modils 80 N. Charlotte St. 1480 S. Hanover St. You'll have to admit our Mow'n Tow Bonus is a good deal. But what makes it an outstanding one is what you're getting the bonus on. 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