The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 27, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 27, 1947
Page 6
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PAG* VX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY,' DECEMBER 27, 194T CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION H.HT CM* MC ttwi tat oolmruu™ La COAL YARD and FRISK COUNTRY CANDLED EGGS In «nf qumnttty wanted. How orxn for UualneM. Looted )uit acron •tract from Armory Hill on •. B<- LUDM pW UM PW time tuw* UMUt DM Us* pf\ ***y p«c UM rS d»» U Ua* DM LLw fl?J >T«nc* word* to th. lint bind for HUM or «U time* &nd Mopp«l*™- •d foTtb* number of time* tht ad ap- Mtr*d and tdjuttnunt or bill mad« jkU CiawLTUd A4vertl*lBl copy aub* mltud bj ftacta raaldlnt outilde of th. ettj muVt M »c«xnj>«lll«<! by cMh r»«t^ jia.y bo MSlly compUMd from t°* abor. ubl. Adnrclilnl ort.f'Ior Imculu Uofij take. th. on. tlm. rat. Mo rMDOUlbUtr win b. Me for r mon tbanoa. Uicorr»ct InMrtlon oi •M* cludfletf *d. All al. ar. rwtnoud to thUr orog« ctawJflcmUon. ityU and tw .."J Courlar rwem> ib. rUrt>« to «dH or i*]«et «w •« Notice Cool and Wood Phon. «»-!..« Firtworks FIRE WORKS, all klnda. CHRISTMAS trtea. nuta, Irulta. and candy JOE KIKSTKR'B OROCERT 8 Highway el Below Swllt 01) Kill Foods wuh to thank my many d*ar lrltmt» Crappie and cat fish. 24 hour service. Simpson Oil Co., Stateline. ll!l«-ck-tf FRESH COUNTRY EGOS Wlioluale and retail. Fre« delivery Fhone 3172. BLAVLOCK HATCHERY, HlKt>w»y |ei North. ij.zo-ck-w Household Goods VrntLUn bllndn now In atock Ready- mide K If. Bllndl. Deal Paint Stnr< 105 I Ualn 81 phon* M«9. (,24-ck-ti Xpoiimcnt For Kent Tnr*. room more. apanment, 1125 Syca- 12i-pk-i3 Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services We have plenty of permanen ANTIFREEZE. Farmer Supply, Cooler, Mo. GLORIA PATTERN Haviland China OPEN STOCK A. gorgeous Christmas gift Planters-Hardware Co. CHECK ACCIDENTS By- ' • Checking Your Driving • Checking Your Car A Yes, one way you fan help check accidents is by careful driving. But you can be doubly sure, by having your car in a safe operating condition. And we are prepared to help you <lo this. We are offering every Ford owner a free safety check. Play safe, drive in today. We'll give your car a free inspection promptly. Bring Your Car "Back Home" For a Free Safety Check Insurance .,. e»r«. W« h»T» * itoclc Of RADIATORS. GRILLS. FENDERS. DOORS. WHEELS. HOTS. BZAJUNOS. TRANSMISSIONS •ND DIFFERENTIALS. Mlscellancmia ?art. and acceworlea. GUU STATION * GARAGE. Highway 61, pliant «2, LWCORA. ARK. _ UiH-pK-lll CHAFMAH »1HVICE BTATIOH Main * Dltltfon Phone 2M3 Don't endanger Tour family with tult, "r«-BUT LEE Protection against all INSURABLE; HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. Pollard- Agency x Planned Insurance OLENCOE HOTEL BLDC3 124 W ASH 8T Loons Wanted: Wrecked : or Burned Automobiles Wade Auto Salvage * HUhwaj «1 ... Phone TTSS • Jeep parts now aTaflable al POOLE MOTOR CO. i W» CM till »ll roar needa Get genuine yirtm from our cam ctete line. '. SLLIS POOLS, OWNER fc OPERATOR South Hl*hw»y el at StMli. Uo v . phtm»..Bt»eli «» - i, • i'"l. V - •: • -> UlU-Clt-U FARM LOANS Prepay tncnt Prlvllcpp. No Inspection Fee* No Commissions A. P, NEIFIND Insurance ARency 108 East Fourtli St. CARUTHERSVILLE. MO. ' We guarantee RECAlEING WITH HAWKINSON JT'L TREADS Let your next tires b« GENERALS COST MORE—WORTH MORE . Modinger Tire Co. «> I UiOT PHOKB M01 LOANS. AUtomoblle-sltt- nRture—coniaker-rurnlturc. Quick, prl- serrlc e. Per«o unlived Attention Come In or telephone, 2928. OENERA1> CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION 112 W. Aah St. BJylhenlUe \rlc. MONEY,TO LOAN 7e toan money on farm land »nd city nronnrty W« also buy nnteii CONWAY & HOUCHINS Glencoe Hotel Building fat ck a Expert Radiator Repair for Less W« HAT* tti* beat In radiator repair •Qulpmca V ; Let our tn'ned men boll •at and T*^*lr rour radiator for TOU SAFETY SERVICE COMES FIRST \ Bring your Foi'd "back home" to us where you will get factory-approved service by our expert mechanics. And you'll get Genuine Foi'd Parts, too! We'll Check Your: Brakes Tires Lights Horn Windshield Wiper For Sal*, City Property 6 ROOMS and bath, on large lot, close Lo Kice-Stix factory. Ideal for wson who wantg home and o extra bedrooms to rent LARGE HOUSE In good condition. Could easily be converted into two apartments. Two blocks off Main Street. Quick posses aion, priced reasonable. APARTMENT located in on« of our best neighborhoods. Taxes and insurance cheap. Will 1 pay 12% on investment. See or call MAX LOGAN Realtor Lynch Building Plione 2034 12-27-ck-l-3 51 h at Walnut ompany Phone 4453 EASX PAYMENTS FORAllAUTO REPAIR JOB ! for Sale, Misc. For Sale OLD NEWSPAPERS COURIER NEWS OFFICB Two new Junior »iz* boy» blcyc\es ". and 2<". Boolter* Grocery, Holland, Mo. 12r20-pK-2S> Fire yt*r old ]*rsey cow And calf. Very gentle. Four gallon* a day. flee MA SHU, GOHneU. 12!23-p!a>3Q Thor dtch waihlnp unit, office desk and d«K llKhl. Mrs. N.a. Jerome. phone 3151. S. Highway 61. n;23-pk-'Jl Arcue C-3 camera with coated lens Sam* a* new complete wltli carrT-'lii-j . 31ff enlarirer. New MO. natc for W.L. Howsrct. Call 2717 -anct New C'olrman heater, never used, $9G One Emfll heater, *15. Apartment Mi-base. Phone 3847 12 ; 23-pk-30 One ' smnlt concrete mixer, 3 slip scrapers, 2 Fresno scrapers. I Corse cana 7 rt. Rtader arid ditcher. 1 rlvt blade stalk: cutter, 1 four whcc trailer 1 hale bed, 1 four wheel John Ueere. trailer, 1 bate bed, 1 AG corn blur. 1 t<rfiln drill with grease attach ;icni. George -P. Greb, phone 327< lyiheTkllc, Arte, il^J-pk-SC CALL 2089 Your Kerosene and Fuel Oil Dealer G. O. POETZ for Quick, Dependable Service OFFICE K. R. AT CHERRY Persona/ Money to Loan Do you need i loan lo repair or re- mod el? No down payment, no mor- tage, no red tape FHA APPROVED RATE S% ASK FOR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor A young woman tclt * small illl- Htie In the north 01 EiiKiimd to come to America Her grantlfnilicr had bequeathed a Inr^e sun] ol money to her. Sixteen years p:\ssecl. Her granil- rathcr tiled and the lawyer took Metis to rind htr A pcraonM ail In n Cn.- nnUInu ncwsttaiier round the missing legatee In ptK>r clrcuuisiancc.i. Farmers Column ^here's a reason For Sale or Trade IFtt PARC There arl nof M9U K h «• * u PP'y »• demand, it may nil. bSllli> a long dme befor* supply win b« sMffl.lmt to go arauMl. YOU MAY HAVE TO DRIVE YOUR CAR LONGER THAN YOU ANTICIPATED . . . Therefore - IT IS IMPORTANT TO Keep Your Present Car in Good Condition PROTECT YOUR TRAHSPQRATATiOti; AND INVESTMENT You Can Have Your Car Reconditioned For as low as 1936 Ford, Z door. Will trade for CAUJe or hogs. Harry BwalD. plume 62. Luxora Bus sc&tloQ. . plum 12;19-p Lost and Found Plumber For a Uccnscil plumber or for M- lort Move repair work call Harry Beyers at Hubbard Hardware. '4 '•'•:• ..Quick Service "Pickup and Delivery ftusselT Phillips Tractor Co. DOUOLA* LAWSON. HIT fhant 3111 r ";••'. ' ».» ci U Building Material Pbon a 2034 Lynch BulLdlox . Ark Musical Merchandise NEW SPINETS Dli TOUT, own conervw work tnd MVK b«at ft cOt-cr*tr mixer by d*y en hour mon we Ben (U Blrtbt?ui» Alt:. ; ;... BIK-ck f Buy-, your builder's hardware (lock and hinges) from a hardvVare store. There is a reason. Planters Hardware Co. , 13,2«-ck- Bwsfmss Opportunities Services WASHING MACHINES and ilectvical Appliances repaired. Blytheville Machine Shop E 5 hone 2828. RADIO REPAIR BY EXPERT Repairman call Brooks Music Store 107 E, Main St.. Telephone Bll. P: bought and soM Rewnrd lor btnck morocco leather rlpper-bllHold lost downtown Monday. Red lining.' Mr«. Nobl« Cdpeharl. Hoi- lend. MO. 12'24-pk-23 1.O5T. Ladlea Bulova wrlstwatch. Five dollars reward. Coll 22^1. 12,a7-pk-l,5 LOST: Five months old puppy, snen- aid and Chow mixed. Brownish red. Ijost Christmas day. Reward. Phone 21)45. 12:27-ct-JI LOST. End gate for cattle rack of pickup truck lost between Flat. Lake and Promised Land. Finder please notify Mr. Krcch. ph. 2007. 12;27-JJK-31 Person who picked up'wronff nutcase on Greyhound DUH December 24th pleae return and claim theirs, phono Bly- theTlllc 3229. 12;27-pt-31 OUR EASY PAYMENT BUDGET PLAN Enables you to Enjoy ECONOMICAL Trouble- Free Transportation. Let Us Give You j Free Estimate—Without Obligation. We Use Only Factory Engineered Parts LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. 301 W. Walnut St. Phone 578 >uy ^o tnuii) ia.ii.Lj L'an not operate VIUIOUL a JCCJH Ask your jnencid BIIU i.t-y Ji leli you way—th« "miyiity icvtt" ntuus no roau. With its lower veiijlu, rnannverabiUty and. grade :litt.oiiiic ability it & inuUpensabSe! bc« 11 in ncuou at jelLlS POOLE MOi'uK CO. Ellis Poole, Owner A: go to 120 acre* land anywhere In operator. Soiuu Highway 61 at ateele. - Arkansas or Mluourl. Have tractor Mo. Flioiie Btect« 49. 12,-^-clt-jy an d equipment. Clood reference. Write. Warred to Rent Wanted to Buy WK BUY FUR AND PECANS Highest prices pntd. See us bclore f ou Sell. JOE HUSTER'S GKOCEKV S. Highway SI Below Swift Oil Mill WANTED 20.CrM) POUNDS PECANS Don't Sell til] you Get Our Bid Blytheville Curb Market 130 East Main St. Phone 973 12'4-ck-tr Bale — 10 A iractor disk for sandy or ctl lane). Can be seen at Ray Harrison's on North i'taiikllu. l2 ( 2K-plt-2 h'ew 1U47 InternRiton^l Farm all and ome equipment. Joe E. Matthews. allco Rock, Arkansaa. Phone 42F12. For Sale, Cars & Trucks Klwood fowler Box 1« Manlln or Call Bfl. - 12;27-pk-l|10 Help Wanted. Male FOR SALE: — One A-model Ford. In perfect shape. Call 793 after 4:00 p.m. 1941 Dodge panel truck ltf'10 Chevrolet panel truck:. l'J37 Chevrolet panel truck, Catl 116 Luxor* 12;23-pX:-38 Local oWc*. national corporation desires single n\%n between aseiv ot .21-27. tor position as adjuster. Balary and expenses. Car furnished. Give ' experience and education. Write Box ' AN c /o Courier News. 12,26-ck-r2;3l Mechanic familiar with John Deere and International tractors to work tion shop. House Big Passenger Plane Sets New Speed Record ATLANTA. Ga.. Dec. 27. (UP) — Eastern Air Lines officials said today one of their Constellations yesterday set an all-time speed record between Chicago asid Atlanta, covering the 600 air miles in one hotir. 32 minutes, 28 seconds. The Constcllntion. on Eastern flight 101-A, left Chicnpo at 3:41 I-.m. (CST) and arrived here at fi:13 pm. (EST). here were. M iwss- enpers aboard. '.TRACTORS' And Machinery JOHN DEEHE FORD FARMALL "We Sell for Less" ANDREW JENKINS Highway 61 • Holland, Mo. 12-2-pk-l-2 in planta- furnished- EAST TERMS. A8 LONO AS TWO EARS TO FAT. • Decca Records • Sheet Music • Estey Organs 100 MILES FREE DELIVERY MORELAND'S Music.Store 315 S. Second — Phone 4222 Blytheville, Ark. li;l2-rk-tr CHI Move, I cert. repaired. AU Phone 4222. Prlviue party has new 1947 Chevrolet lor sale. Been driven one mile. Price 'lunos 81900. Must be Aolri today. No dealer*. -ct-tf See Albert Wflltficr. Noble Hotel. / 12i27-pk-3l . ulghts »67S, 12,26 -c Trees and Shrubs Our selection special for January 12 apple and peach trees, large (sizes. lor tioine orcliarrt. $1.50 phis exprrM or postnge (Junrnntetxt to please. The CIIALIN LEWIS NUKSER7. PLftgOtt. Ark. ' 11 20-pX-30 Siark S'tirscry Orders taken tor ornaincntftl shrubbery, rnsc bushes, cvercrccns. F En we ring pcnch trees Phnne Mr*- J C Droke — ^674 11120-OV-30 LEE MOTOR SALES in Biytheville has several late model Used Cars and Pick- Up Trucks for sate al reasonable prices. Phone 519. 12-27-ck-t.f Contact E. M. Regenold. 12~27-ck-14 For Sale, Farms YOUNG MAN Interested in making $6,000 year by your own effort. Must have c«u\ Box A L Courier. 12-23-ck-tf TOP" SALESMAN WANTED ...nil Well MR. V .MERCHANT One 7 of .the best OPPOR TUNITIES for increasin BUSINESS is the regular us«j ot .Classified Advertising. 'Reader? . in . a buying mood turn to.the Business Service Directory for the names of reputable firms. i*lr«tf o( miking tb« other fellow'! UvlB«7 9un pronuble business by MUbuuuni TOUT own Bed B»li route TBra« nrw el««rlc»l scoring g»mis »re ?«i money makers. Investment oi M75 to $3.360 required. For complete Vetall* and demonstration glrc address and phone Box AJ c;o Courier New>. 12 22-pK-30 Pianos NEW AND USED Music Instruments BAND AND STRING Radios & Repairs WESTINGHOUSE RADIOS COLUMBIA AND VICTOR RECORDS BROOKS MUSIC STORE 107 E. Main. Telephone 81 Coal and Wood CO A L "If it is coal you want" WE HAVE IT. Also H»y—Across from Blytheville. Compress We Deliver Phout 4439 PIANOB: NEW AND USED at Brooks Uualc 6torc. 107 Main. Blnhrrllle Telephone 611 Mu ale IhstrumcntK and «\ippUes of kinds Guaranteed radio repair. 1115-ck-t Notic* Why spend money- Swap with Elbert Huffman's Swap Shop 41).. Main Phone 859 itj 22 ck U Personal Attetuloa Mr. Pco&pecUve uullrttr- Ar« you tiiving difficulty finding «ood conslrxicllon man? would you he Interested to find 01 pal has over 40 years experience 1 building construction ana wll you - • Del IX' _ ... . Phoni «M1. Typewriter TYPEWRITERS Royat. Smith. Corona und Rcmln^- an Porlabt* DON EDWARDS The Typewrite! Man 110 N Eecrmd 8t Pintle 3332 Used Cars See us before you buy! We sell the cleanest used cars on the market, and vou'll find the price right .00! POOLE MOTOR CO. ! Kills I'oolc, Owner and Operator South Highway til at SUele Mo. Phone Steele -19. 122-ck-ll I have a few catecl and highly improved. If hought in next few days KM give possession. 80 acres in Stotldard County utate highway. School bun route, electricity. Price $7.000. 14.000 ca«h. All in cultivation, level tractor land, well drained. Have a nice farm located close to BlythevlUc. MlMlwlp- pi County, highly Improved. School bus route, electricity, running water. This IK good black jtand? loam aoll. all tractor land, and priced to tell. If yon need a good farm see or call Luther Gray Realtor omce with NfATlon Wllllamc insurance Agency 115 5. Third St. phone 27M \220-pX-29 to handle complete roollntt and paint line. Sales directly to large volum consumers. Previous KAICB experience essential. Territory IK In need of district manager. Promotion within 6 i- | weeks. If Bales are natlsfnctory. Write ly ~ the Electric Paint and Varnish Co.. Cleveland 3, Ohio. ll2T-pX-2fl Officials said the piano flew .it 19,OCO ft. a" average speed of 403, reaching a top speed of 462 m.p.h. Germ-Killing Lamps Used in White House PASnlN'GTON. Dec. 27. (UP) — Qerm-killinc; ultra violet ray lamps have been installed in the White House tti protect President Truman from colds and other respiratory ;iilments that may be brought in by visitors. Brig. Gen. Wallace H. Graham, Wiiite House physician, said the lumps have reduced the bacteria count in the President's office by 62 per cent. He said Mr. lYuman is takmg an active interest in the experiment. Graham .said he plans to have additional lamps installed in other parts of the White House later. He expressed the hone that they would reduce the danger oi bron- chitis from which Mr. Truman fr»-r quently suffers. Nashville Woman Dies NASHVILLE, Term.. Dec. 27. tUPl —Funeral services were to be held this morning for Mrs. Frank. C. Stahlman, well known in Nashville social and musical circles, who died yesterdn:,' after a long illness. Her husband is vice-president of the Nashville Banner and president oi H real estate firm. Fala to Feller Help Wanted, Female making $35 < Are you week > If not, and tan get work out of office personnel, answer this ad. Must be an organizer. Box A. M. % Courier. 12-23-ck-tf Dogs, Cats, and Pets Canaries, Mr*. Mike Buchanan, 3439. Girls wanted us car hops, apply in person at RA20Z- RACK Driveln. Between hours of 10 and 12 *. m. 12-26-ck-30 Private Room* For Sale, City Property Complete cafe Mnure.v preferably ML to due. p^rty. Price reasonable. Inquire 1209 Laurent Avenue. Ctvruthers- i-llle, Mo. 122«-pk-li2 Down goes the tln-rmomctor. Up conios the need for warm clothes. Bedroom, kitchen privilege* optional \Vanted colored housework. Applv Fifth. " girl to to 308 Bedroom. ale»tn «ll W Main. Phone 3325. Ili28-pk-12 28 Many an outgrown but xiseable cent has been sold profitably thru a Wnnl Arl costing n few cents. 12.2«-pk-30 I'hone 3480. ComfoTt.-vblp bPdroom. Clos« to town Men only 310 VV. Walnut. Lost: DOE named "Fintty". White with brosvn eye and ear. we*rlnK collnr \vlth city license number 13. Two feet hlRh. H-elKhl about US pounds. Please Call 822. Mrs. W. D. Cotlb. 12i7-pk-3l Inexpensive Want Ads will turn I your "dust catchers" Into exlrA New Years cash. Bicycle built for "yon". Haven't ..... .... you always wanted a bicycle The ;uar«ntetd cost of your bulletins; I For Sale. MisCfllane.ous column al- B e "ndmon fiV"" %'" 1 ways has cood used bicycles. They re --"-- -' I good bui'sl Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Drug I.ljht 2020. Bedroom In private homf. im«d. rtione 24H. n A tsuby '.i 1U« ae penned on geL ROAl"* milk. In fTMUlc t\ftTit«. r fit Her called dUry •itff tl»lry. No one knrw where ihe »ll-impottftni milk rovi td bif ubtftln«d , D«sparat« . llie f « I her pi need: » Wftnt Ad In n KMisaa I Gill newsp*pfr. Ntit the I phonft Tdne. Tti*- roic« nt the ol^cr ' 01(erB lo the Mrs. Peter J, Marsden of Galena, 111., 1 who nursed President Truman's mother during her last illness, holds "Feller," 3-week-old cocker spaniel, in Chicago. The pup, Christinas gift of Mrs. Marsden's husband to the President, is on his way lo the While House where he will serve as official mascot, taking o^er the plnce lielrt by Fs'a. the lale President Roosevelt's Scotlie. FOUR OF A KIND! • Skilled Men • Factory Methods • Efficiency • Reasonable Prices You Can Count On Your Buick Dealer When You Want The Best! Start Into A New Year With A Car that Runs Like New! Let Our Repair Shop Put Your Car In Good Running Condition __ ^WALNUT AT BROADWAV * DJAL 555 FOR SERVICE

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