The Buffalo Times from Buffalo, New York on March 19, 1922 · 42
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The Buffalo Times from Buffalo, New York · 42

Buffalo, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 19, 1922
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V 1 -I 12 feomfcd Pr nfcpatchW ; THE BUFFALO SUNDAY TDIES, MARCH 19, 1922. A NEW NOVEL BY THE AUTHOR OF "LAD; A DOG" United Press Dispatches N " ia Thrilling Story of Mysterious Adventure By Albert Payson Terhune, the Celebrated Novelist 7 The First Publication in Any Form" "RED RUIN"--SYNOPSIS OF FOUR CHAPTERS. IS' " T fiiSJl . I trhan i-C.- ..,- inii firiiv ) head and sniffing curiously, at the some object- air, the do? suddenly reared himself Brenner was at one alert and on his hind legs, placing hia white ready for -whatever might follow, forepaws on the stone shelf under But nothing followed. The ey&.con- the "Laughing Man and sniffing nwr on me tinued to watch .presently Roy soke curiously upward ax mo it iw wr uuai ne is irom jua. inw 00 uau wnu mr m inp i a... aioud -toonine to Dat the collie as Again the tiny nap 01 paimeu ry trolley when ho was posted from tb stern or a txrt JLee lerrjr Doai, he did so . seemed to quiver, as though it had if loiiowing ana rescuing iiim irom oroTung. iiuiw mcs oreiiwr "Scotty " he said "the chill is past just then lilted ana aroppea. Ruin to otns- hi ctn-hlnir arwl lw in Invited to dinner. , I .... .i- i ' ' . 1. . . I o.on" -allaA pnv ROftlV. 9 " . 1 out luc xevcr iseema w jxavtj tuwo . 1 .-...... - I . a nfrn ' its place. Either that or else it's At the command Scott dropped on 1 . r. -. . I .11 .- iAtta1 o nrnca tliA - fttiirungiy not m nere. suppose we an iuurs rs wvnw - At ilea itain Brenner fet introauoea to uuaa s uncie uax- a la-u- cuiw V'iAlfwi vnun ---.- Viapm ! sfM. TT- la rlv--n a. tin If. r.ff rIrf hi ncr fwlnncinfir to l'zuU, eappoel to be a number of the household. iYom the room where 1 left, scotty. Not many lor all eve-1 Brenner in him to lied Ruin, because of bis fenr that Brenner may expose them. J enj0. rtnt hi Roetit. did you?" said ,,,!,- Kia Kronth - "Ynil li to ctianK tUs clothing he hears ITncle Max upbraid Hilda for bring- I jg and an night, eh? Wall, let's were bo close to the picture that it in him to lied Ruin becanae of bhi fenr that Brenner may expose them, Ln1nv thom whil thev last. And could be noticed above the smell A he removes hl wet clothing. Uncle Max comes Into the room. uncle! t, t th t winjow open." of the dry paint. But keep away two servants. He offers to drive Brenner to the Paterson car after Taklns. a clffareue ITm. w " -..""'" T" .. - " i m iil iin u v mum vucuuab uii& mviv mvu aiui . ... I f rrttvt rnora Knnirv nuvi lie Miuns iU two servants. He offers to drive Brenner to the Paterson car after a !,Z. we're in a. trap. That last glimpse T Know ii mo. watchine us be r he did he saw Btm to the lamp ana io me re. 1 i Vhot i n of fibre naner in L.--1 k annH in he txnnins nut me find that slip- or IlDre paper in n ' . rr ..-"'rrr:.-" " -,.7" the clothes in Paul's domes. Ana - vaAriukiu. . iiio iww .Ul.vv v-. . o lr. mnrA. But he doesn't jj 'j t, .. --w- nn,..Ij.hin T,nttin-w. -ntonti. in agajnst his thumbnail. But not once - . . Bnvln- on us tbe'foldtaof ttlndow cOTtalnsT He tries on tli suit belcKlns to Paul ilTlT" tnpiClUre OI ?ro ui I there, Scotty. All henows nu it m mii a -Htli nn rImt two lnrhe loncn- than the other. In J":rfe" B . ' , sincn dinner is that I've found the .kW-w-i, r h, tr-.-o ho nnrf- -lir. nf nTwr. rilrf- rl -mndi(vl. After As ne approacnea It. on ma way fa nninnir1 and that I'm not . ...i ta .v..a 1 in jmtji!n f'tlil urith tils nthp fwloneinffit-' fl I ini? oinncr ana rnOTes W uwe trrniiers we auuiuis irom uw nwui. " . - oI nJa showed him Recline to allow him to handle tu f-m the ble he saunred toward bee ' ' If he had a chance to sro through these, Brenner says to Scotty, "the the two east wmaows. iiis oacit was fnra 1iTlTlr too. II ,f$trwoaM have been In the fire for fair." to the window tne ia.nt8mmmer o nuinine. Clever SowVE to Ih7enk o7The"trari rK I kock the door nrUO0fJOmIThallaTm? ?rTcfc -Sing the torn eye of a picture .r .nnraiwwtlnn. TTr tij hpiih nf unmiinl lomrth. I Sn- KOy came io a nail, almost rjiit he's seen enough man, head He and 1 1 r . WMIHII II C A .ranv Kir. IM I 1 M. I'll II 111 I II' . rITlEIMI- . ... . . ITSI O TT," n I 111 I . I h 1111. niiui l 11 IO 1 u I . . aWat Paul and la told he is friend of the family.. He also tells Brenner -t a, . V Iumble loudly I Acting on impulse Roy Brenner . rv. . ,111 -- t-i it Hrivm in . tinxnitiii. liiirt.i. mm. A hey re wet or someuiing. xuvy i i tvi nlate of eravy- viLfUAivr . - - . i . ctTMlf A I J. 1 1 v: 1 1 . iJiiiniiiB i uaads him to stay. The diners are startled by a roar of a wild beast and a Jwon-1 fl ?nnk h. struck three of soaked food from the hearth, he m ti-v,- . - As lie spoKe ne sirucK xnreo 01 .f. tha i-mn food over the T ' ' 1 the matches at once ana imea tnem -"-,r I-i'of the onen fire. , CHAPTER IV. ' Uenhls"0 P There w a sputteringly hissingr Brenner tarns about to see Soott sprimr at the throat of a man entering Deen . . noiae as the moisture came In con- trW--hallway from the Idtcben wing. Brenner believes him to be the Hindu flll,; hC,h "oinentw intensity tact with the red coals, inen oars-hut there Is no trace of the Kitchen in his clothes. Brenuer recall Uythut i1 aboVe his ead ness filled the room a chilly, .onu-. t. . M hk kb.r, h .iimi n lu-n hourtin- thA Vnrt I fprn ihe painting aoove nis .neda, ji,ca tnit at diiKlc and that of the man who pushed him overboard and under- brI?sl'ls " 7IZJ: evM ,f-- "Now then, Scotty!" whispered frxls the eollia attack. HiMa say the man Is not tlve nook. "He's Uncle 1 far more shabby and I Boy as he patted the excited dog ,u..'. ...lo.nthitiw The bo tier siznals silence and exnlains that the wd3 far J110 shabby ana " '.,,.-, we cant see them 'ZZ -i-f ti, ook. Asked to nut the eolUe in the IcenneL Brenner tRan had. appeareo at a aisiance .,. see U8. So it s decline, saying the dog always sleep in his room. Uncle Max objects to ""trrd hv rin oi th V absence fifty-fifty on that proposition. Th h i? -hrnnn Brennc- -enlles. "Where I stav. mv do! wa marred by a rip of-the absence j them. And if Wy-." , Still shiverinjc he retires 1th Soofty to hLs room. The buUer brings Sotlf,vpah' rt hLr ieatment in 1 a coming soon or I'm no prophet : TV4e7seraps for the dog, hot Brenner fob ids Scotty to touch them. A mouse dently had hard treatment in its Whensu comes lt.u bring us to f i r-wla from the vrU.,a some of the food and dies. Brenner Iilite a ""I;;. , of onlv B,ssi., clinch with the Real Thing! Watcl . S ies him sick and dizzy. He exc-aims, -Good Lord!" ! - - " CHAPfER V. "Laugh T-'The room, like the rest of the Red. ". TtyTn house,, was old fashioned and ' ocetntrio in architecture; evidently he work of a. raid-nineteenth cen-".Uiry designer whose ideas were more rrSinal than artistic. Chs room was, roughly, a hexagon, "'is befitted its position In the turret angle of the house. It had window ; embrasures as ? deep as those of a 'pteiiaeval castle. ' .between the two east windows, on "Vio" bare gray stone wall above a , 4 ort pt "tone shelf, hung a particular !y ugly and huge and battered ''copy of FTan- Hals's immortal paint-.Ikir ot the "Laughing Man." Hoy had scarcely given a look, to this bis Picture iW its aralshed ' frame in the shadowy end of the ill-lighted room. And even now his Straying Blance had rested on it only 'by the instinctive concenUation of -t- ' funsp.A bv a glint if Jight. where assuredly BO light t'eusrht to be ' ' - , " --.. k. human eve roving over j -i i. .rfinw .ill nause and focus M U&A n. . "on any unexpected spot of illumma- 3 Roy Brenner had loolced up-his ittenU'on waa ca-ghtl by-the very Mirrtmest gleam; of light reflected from, the sombre old painting. Not Realizing that he was sUU gazing at ,11 he was suddenly brought to stren-t'ous attenUon by the vanishing and ,Hen the instant reappearance of the oVdark corners of a room now then will catch reflections of "rft on any smooth or shiny sur-,tfci and will hold them -But so (tool to th onlooker remains move-,Tfh4 light ' W not vanish and IRaPPear-"011 phenomenon - kronen). A -fl Kb a ml v to the Brenner was fcC,,n(jjng by the fire- CHAPTKR' VI. Hid not know how The h sat there beside the ex- 4A vvi v KVV' place, above the plate of food, along- 1 ing Man. -iuo ui w mtjn my iu uciiu muuse, i kjiiks v. - vjj--. i ion ne odi ,sv - v - ., ... . ... I ii .1 f.J VaJIh Tn. t n I . j. l 1I nnllin 11lcin Kiuea Dy iu iirst niDDie ax tne otner naa sunereu uamj. - tinguishea lire, mo ws v.-..- ate s lirst crust. tnree-siaea rip nau uren wmo "' at his leet, wnue me uuuwii ov,..- t i . 1 , - i i I,. .3 K ' An null ft 1 U n 7 O 1 kw-tllA TVT O TYl f1 II t ivoy dck was io ine ittoio ugni, 111. ahu "." .- e(j lo grow "" ------ which with the hearth fire provided hung by a flap. Moreover per-land tne c0a seeped into the heat- Ihn.rnniTi'ii Anlv 11 It, m I no Inn A f V, I o I h n rw4 frnm KOmfi (iMIieht it &lmOSt I 1 -nr Th man Sat aS alert US , . - .VVIII .J V . ' . J ... UIII.IICV.WII. 1. lll.l I .... ... J in. 1 UVlIll J . ' side stood Scott, brought to his seemed to be quivering a very little; nugilist who awaits the sound or . ... . - i , . i t av -i - --. ii .-, -i hi hnnv master oy tne latter s muttered ex- as it migm nav uu? il Dwm. ""- the gong, nis mm- a- " nan irRn Lilts iia u auu men wi. n,-A -voa )--niAn i v.ri lif tarl tVi flan nna then let It .-. Drawlnsr out his eiearette. case again. . - i once, as ne wdu . , Brenner went through the motions . All this Brenner saw faint noise, his hand siiPPeu ,o of onenintr it and eountintr its con- I "l ""i"" '"- i nip pocnei, - , V' pP-nmg ii anu lounung ua ton I v. nv,t.H hisi cigarette and moved r... h n rpturned to his lap tents, as tnoutrn in an ertort to . - - - compute whether or not he had n t0 .tne. nearest .wlna..w-,u "1 empty and Brenner-was-awre u. - i , -. i- fDAon t vt ata vt in iiH ui. i w r nosirr enough cigarettes to last him until 1Zi as queer ""u v morninsf the window's embrasure. It was as He remembered no TKim nlo V. i-i 1 nraa ell-hMv .ont ucru w... - ..o.iw.j iQthert and raised the Win But his eyes were not on tne silver . ----.- ... .. I Anw a nil lrtrtk-efi out into tne C1OU0- case. uney were rivetea on tne : . - -rini ,,, tvot half iirht n n black night. A swirl of icy wind leer biiijvhi& r- , tr .AWAmwpd nnw that as ne Jl 1 CHICHI lv --v. - had been swimming' more and more feebly just before, he reached the ice floe he had sought to lighten his progress by kicking his shoes nirtnre Rv that half lieht an one black nignt. A swiri 01 itjr ". nig progress Dy kickius -' SffmUn?!! "?d into the roon, cWm ng him hff. PB t he had not been able to .. m i to the bone. But Brenner did not Bn!,rft the strength or the time to spare the strength or the time to unfasten tnem. xueu, DUW..v..--lv he had recalled the heavy auto- - . 1 I - 1.1-.' it DYED A SWEATER .I. -f-U?-P-!? ?v o S?5. asBUat6eBcron,antLdu1gdhtnt0o a bl hAPk was to th liirht the tne coia. ju8i men y. he naa recaue- ...j AS nis bach, was to tne ngnt, tne hrnw at a set of stout ;tni in hia hin Docket and not on the cr barricaded the win- '" mng waa of steel and ana not on tne case wouia not nave 4 . n,,t!iin. I,.:- ,,v v.verv tounce r.n.n?"tLbJfW"C" !?-?""?; Presently he lowered, the window weht Just then was a draw- .j iko niiiiivooivu JJ """O"- "-"I , kn novt HT1P TS S 7 . ..! .Viinr. tha f nC. I ITl DH - convey. t . I. thrnnirh Its un-' . harl reached back A queer and seemingly imposs ible 'ws protected by a yanked tne big pistol from his fancy had possessed him.: At the wasnea g ass p . To the nd,.?f "wTiV it sink to the river LtnnT in order to make his own enr 1 r Rppm-ii in kov iiih i - i uvivw... . aughing Man" was actually wink- This also wsbarrea. w feeble progress tne easier , t K, , - I xnence, wanting kuici.j, "j i tn tne rusn ut cyc"vo --- ing at nim. i . . j... Tts nanels were k. j rniion. Even wrhen he From only one o the two painted .inCH oak. Vtu5ded and criss- &Td Ws wet garments for Paul's eyes of the portrait did thatfaint or two i n mediaeval SBfL he had been too exhausted renection snine. Ana every tew sec- . .7. v, , i-n , -nroannn's onds it disappeared. - ornamentation wn.i T"' and too eager Thus might the .eye ot a man re- . "" door was locked from iTut now its loss smote him like lampuBUt anu liri:usui uau ---- ,loW in the face. such a man been standing at the the outside. a f,(.nri. he whispered. room's far end. And PPort- H.Ur oer "him! ..x wouln't" gamble a plugged nickel tious man winkea ih- '-n-""1 M-. knowledge that he was tranced h..t now on our chances of coming course would have disappearea. r o- frighten Roy. But it filled out of this clear. We're cooped in a the eyelid is not a smoothly stiin lowing wrath. Loom with barred door and windows, ins surface, as is tne eyeoa . anu i ,ic,, . . rHi- tt room nicely equipped with spy course could not retieci ubiu. ou. - o"--,. , r; nnl and with Lord knows what Inaifd carefully Roy Brenner's his temper. 'And this fight Is one else. We're in a house with a bunch ti"?4 J"i5t0 ommausThgo rtiloV "even! p in nis caa. iV"- " in -hia if.c.oun'sel ' Xlo Ui urvc v -1 - :ANDS'KIRT WITH DIAMOND DYES Evtsry - "Diamond " Eyes' package tells how te dye or-tint any worn, faded garment or drapery a new rich color that will not streak, spot, fade or run. Perfect home diyeing is guaranteed with Diamond Dyes even if yoo have never! dyed before. 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But, -now that hn vm lonkine for it he could I still make out with some difficulty th rpfiaction which, had he not hon looklmr for It. must" have 2ionft his notice. - ThA thine was ImDOSsible. Tet there it was. The portrait was spy ing on him was watching him witn electric chair havan't a cfun We haven't any thing except our brains and your serviceable set of jaws. J If I were a betting man I'd be inclined to quote the odds against us as something close to ninety to; one, with liv, taivi. 1 o - The dog whimpered soitiy unaer hi. Vrnalh ot th note of WOTrV In his adored master's whispered voice. Lifting his head, he" nudged Bren- nu a fnrnarm -oultVl his nOSe and then loM hia Hear! nc-jiinst ROVS knee. The mute expression oi irnuuuo and trust had a queerly reassuring effect on the ; trouDiea patted Scotf s silken ,.rV i unnrpil Anrft more! phat' tho pip-ht snirit. Scotty. And now let's get busy. The only way to do when you're cornered is to carry the fight to your enemy, cnionce that's the very last thing he expects you to do, and you can enmo timo land a eood wallop be fore he gets his guard tup. That's our move. They think ve're stuck here, helpless, for the night, Scotty. They won't look for us to take the aggressive. Notice that window em-hrasure. Scottyi boy? Did you stop to wonder wnv it s so wasn't done for nothing! The man who built it that , way had a good reason for it. (Notice that the picture hangs midway between those two east windows, where the space between the embrasures sticks furthest out into the r6om? "Notice that peephole j in the picture, Scotty? There was a human eye behind that, looking down here whoro there's an eve there's bound to be a Whole body or a good -..,-t nf one There's an opening 1 1 d. A 4. V. - - -- - behind that picture. An opening big enough for a. man to look through. That's why the embrasure is do deep, Scotty. There's a space there half as big as a hall bedroom. And the picture masks it. "Talk about being trapped behind v barred windows ;and locked doors, Scotty. Why. boy, the only thing that keeps us from getting out of here is an oblong of rotting canvas. There's an opening behind the picture, scotty. And the opening must lead somewhere. Because the man behind it came from somewhere to- get there. That's good logic, isn't it' We aren't prisoners, you and I scotty. We can walk out any time we want to. j ; "And they won't be expecting us. an walk out Of Uw-rooW' all right. Whether or not-we can walk out of the house is a different proposition. But we'll take that up when we come to it." i Not being a born 1001, rtuy " Vino- knew nerfectly well that his great collie could not grasp the meaning ot one in. l.. mumblingly whispered words. But, like many a lonely man, he had a i .ihtiii to his doe as ' 11 n m 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 lainini. - Hr-ntt were a human. Arid, some- - n Vites 11 .- iVrn mprft TIULL1I1K I- 1 1 ' J thoughts into spoken words was a heir, to rov in the working out of his plans. - . in his feet and, guided wholly by his c fiirention. made his way toward the picture of the "Laughing a v, hrl flrawn the thick Alan. ' - -- - curtains there was not so much as a gray glimmer irom tne ivu k.,rH windows to guide him. .,m ,:v.t-. heen out so lone they X lit, ugut o l' v v " . , must? have given up spying . y this. time" he tola Jiims-n. " think I've gone to bed. And whoever was at the peephole will have gone away till daylight. There'd be no sense in his staying there to stare Into the blackness." His groping fingers found the stone shelf beneam iU.B .iv-. Noiselessly he drew himself up on he narrow shelf until he was crouchfng Tn front of the picture itself The canvas, he figured, running his hand lightly ! oyer it, was about four by three in area Then, bending low and to the right he felt ' for the I curtain fold Tn which he had hidden the various ticles he had taken from his cloth-arucieH 11 Hosed presently Weibluf Hiny gold penknife which he carried habitually in a compartment' of his wallet. "Lucky this curtain is out or view from the spy hole," he thought. "Else it would have been ransacKea hii t wan rin wn at dinner. An. I'd have had to use my fingernails Instead 01 an incn-iong iiau. Securing the tiny knife, he opened its single little blade and knelt again before the painting. Remembering the artlessly arum arrangement 01 the spy hole, an arrangement -i-oh-v the riiftiire. had been cut in such a way as to leave the flap hanging over tne opening, no resolved to follow the same pattern. Reaching up, he found the top right hand corner of the canvas. Into this he drove the snarp incn ot steel. Then, paralleling the right hand side of the frame, he cut skil fully downward. His blade encountered no stronger r v n 1 Aa itt rT than th rottinsr canvas. It slithered its way noiselessly from top to bottom Of the picture, ciose to the right style of the frame. TWoVt -feeHnsr Ms WaV to the frame's left upper corner, he mtde a -imii- 1 enr frnm Ton to nottom. Trr..l,ln mUhAiit onnnl anA maninul. VV Ui .111 vri.wwi. ,w.. o timer the lftlite SO SIOWIV as R.U prevent any noise of ripping, he cut the on-ient eanvna. frnm side to Side. at the bottom, lose along the base of the frame. Then nanainsr hn listened With his ear to the loosened canvas for any nnccihie sound from the far side. The canvas hung now from its uncut top surface like a curtain. Pocketing the razon-sharp little knife and balancing himself precariously on the stone shelf, Roy Brenner gently pulled aside the loose v.nnino. -onxraa flan With his left hand. With his right he prepared to explore the aperture oenma u. tto was a-tingle with excitement. His nerves were on edge. Before the man's hand could reach forth into the aperture, facott growled fiercely. Through the darkness Brennep could hear the swift padding of the collie's feet as Scott left his place at the foot' of the shelf ana trottea snarpiy acruoo the room. - The collie, like all the best of his grand breed, was quick to note his master's every change of mood. During the past hour ne naa seen Brenner was nervous and eternally nn (riaorrt a en in at snmethine or some body. Therefore Scott had at once dropped into tne roie 01 waituuue-That was why he had reported the presence of some onebehind the picture, half an hour earlier. That too was wny ne now gave a .uuu alarm. Trottinsf to the doorway he growled, threateningly. . At the . same instant a sounded at the panel of the door. The ,me nei-teri summons darted through Brenner's tense nerves like a cannon shot. . He siippea snentiy from the shelf and across the room. As he reached the door tne Knocit ....i. this time more im- nao iciiwvvu, peratfveiy. Koy caiiea out, sieepiy, atranB-iinsr an artistic yawn as he did so. . . . . "Who's there?" he asked, tnickiy iPi ret nn'" "Thlci ia T.aVTie " MHie the Old man's voice through tpe aoor, its dry accent oddly stirred ana uncertain. I came to see if you are all right. I'm sorry I waked you. I've brought you some whiskey to top that quinine, and some" "Thanks," snapped Brennan, in excellent imitation of thp crossness of a newly awakened man. "I don't drink. And if I did I wouldn't take a drink you offered me. Not after the dirty trick you tried to play on my collie. Even if you don't like dogs it was rotten to try to poison Scott. He is my pal and I" "Poison?" echoed the old man, - v loudly. "I don't understand. I" ; . "Ani. when T trtei. t tret Out SJTld tell you about it," grumble?! Roy. with another prodigious yawn, "I found somebody a lOCKea me in. What's the idea ot treating a guest like that? I was so sore I made up my mind I'd wait till -the door was unlocked and then get out of your house. I had a splitting head ache, so I put out the lights, i tnea to stay awake in the asm. jsui -fell asleep and" The locking -of the door was, a mistake," soothed Dayne. "One of the servants in locking the house for the night turned the key, not 1 knowing you were in the Gray Room. It is unlocked, now. May I come in with the whiskey, or" - "It is not unlocked, now," aeniea Brenner, crossly. "I bolted it on this side, and I don't care to come out and talk. I'm dead with sleep after that chill and all the fatistia I went through. If you'll -let me get back to sleep again I'll promise to, clear out at daybreak. Good night." ; He stamped away from the do and flung , himself noisily on the bed. Dayne waited a moment longer. Then Roy could hear him tiptoe away down the hall. , "They wanted to wait till enough of them were in the house to maka sure of finishing me," mused Brenner to himself, "and then got ma to open the door. ,A pleasant crowd, Scotty. They" He got no further. The sinister silences were split by a hideous scream a scream of mingled anguish and fright. Then came a, far-off cry: "Brenner! For God's sake, help me! I" - The cry -was strangled into qnick stillness. Continued Next Sunday. 'Nash Leads the World in Motor Cor Value Six Sedan 1 ' THE result of the added endurance with which the Nash Six is endowed is to give you a mechanism whose smoothly powerful and continuously efficient performance is maintained to the very end of an uncommonly long life. In other ways, too, does this exceptional endurance constantly impress itself upon you. In the very low running cost, in the meager service expense, and in the slow depreciation of the car from the standpoint of resale value. FOURS and SIXES Prices range from $965 to $2390 f. 0. b. factory i NASH-BUFFALO CORPORATION MAIN AT NORTHAMPTON N ASH-EAST BUFFALO CO. Genesee at Fougcron M&. NASH-SOUTH PARK CO., Inc i Triangle at Alamo J. A. MacINTOSH Niagara Falls, K. Y. 1 ; . . 1 - " ; ! -iff niiv- r i. undreds of Bills Have Seen P aid by THE BUFFALO TIMES . 11 - d i :ar Niimhprs Each Dav ) as Your Bill Mav h& the Next Paid Look Caretuuy uver ine diS - . - -- iwt.i r- MnnAll.! Road. Cowlesville, N. Y., Gas Bill -Paid, $5.25 .Gas Bill Paid Elec. Bill -Paid Peter Scalia, 88 Nineteenth St. ...... Joseph Sitzman, i65 Leslie St. . . . . . . . V. J. Nathan, 1365 Hertel Ave. , Mrs. Charlotte Gaske, 39 Manitoba St. ..Tel.. Bill Paid ;Elec. Bill Paid 'i. i T-nu. i'iQ'r.nmn rtt TpI. Rill Paid W A Kellogg, 115 Plymouth Ave ..Gas Bill Paid Mrs Frank Dubke, 211 Thompson St. ... :Elec. Bill Paid J. J. Garter, 03 Ungef Ave. Tel. Bill Paid K Bradley, 104 Hedley, Medina ......Tel. Bill Paid Anna Sellvin, 21 E. 8th St., Jamestown. G. M. South-worth, 180 Ghurch St., Lock A. G. Edighoffer, 27 Parkwood, Kenmon Tel. Bill Paid ,ockp't Tel. Bill Paid in t ; 1 1 r.;.-i s . r.uiguuiier, a i Jt ii fv w juu, ncuiuuic . n;. jjiii i ana A. P. McGonnell, 51 Jackson, Bradford. . . .Tel. Bill Paid Wm. Roy Gash, 210 State St., Batavia Tel. Bill Paid w Fasts oman Over 5Q Days Woman Relieves Appendicitis 4 by Fasting. i -r rA T" 1 JLoses du irounus 1 ba Joit flnls-ed fast f M "."lWnt U trylDK ordeU to reUere p- c-erfci. .Sba lost fifty pounds ia leeignt. j' A Trachas Dimtmaa. ' .Appendielti. -tt.eks t ei-n persons e-mlngly in rood health. I f i.lly HowTer. it s preceded by o-.toinaeb trouble nstiptioti or ratlir d 3tarboce. Often when there itl .hTomenppentficiH8 cn be mrded ,?,Mt Tn tAcUj t- lime m.nner in iiilh no jra-rd ifrlnt the spread of ao pridinj t ;th .PPendix When , -pre-ain..- ------,,.. f.tb" treble .nd th- development of 1 J u"m or riPP. pr ""septic UstiTr ryle to firUt the rerm and T Itir to carry off the poi.on. from fhi tr Jast eacUy the nine pro- . -..i i . 7.)nitt aDDendicitl8. wTMTllEair itlaepuc to urjpesaarj. - - j'- ' - . . : , utMtlul AUieje. i, noir offered te the public a d?. DOUBLK action r StSrtinal Ptic and COM-awtem deaii-er. This prepara- 1 Tw rtimit or destroy Harmful lttna to" .., th intMUnal a ana co' " " ,; .-.-.-. h i-it i . t68.." tbelr .tart here. 1 other "-j" - ,ystesa cl08er 1 -(rld to th Tp-blic, aotins on BOTH evr offered to nA T,m0Tiaz cai an foul matter which poisoned the Byatem for mentb-s and which nothing else can dtslodre. ft brines out ail passes, thus Immediately reliering pressure o "' v... i. ti ...nnltthin.. thefirrMlt amount Adlerika draw from the allmenury canal-natter you never thongrht waa m Tour ayie-a. -rj i. after a natural movement ana notice how much more foul matter , it brings put . - . : 1.. "In ctlls-ht n 1 S- orders.' uch as occasional constipation. gonr stomach, ffa m we biuucu u alck headache, one spoonful Adlerifca .t att a vet .m -ii 1 tf A lnnsrer treat- . 1 1 o Uinifci - . a ment, however, Is necessary in ca8 01 obstinate constipation ana ii stomach trouble, preferably under direc tion ot your pnyaicia-. Report From r-yseina. t r.-..-tiiatn von on tne trood effect I had from Adlerik since I prescribed t. c: 1 . T. I1. niriois. "I have found nothin? in J.J' practice to excel Adlenka." (Signed) Dr. jamea weaver. . .-i Aiiiorilca in all bowel cases. Some reoaire only one dose." ISiffned) Dr. . ArkiSir Adlerik. feel the AWFUL IMPUBITIBS t"t ,tfrwa my system." (SlRneai J. T -Adierika Is a constant urP"to people who havo uaed only ordinary bowel and stomach medicines, on L'St.f J" -m .,.. 1 sTrTI.ETB action. It ia sold by lea din? druffiaui erery- WW1T. t cri .- j t t . , ik. a TTMri i rd - S I o a n Drug Co.. 5S8 Main. nd other leading .druggists. (Advertisement. . Does Your Gas Bill Bear the Following Numbers? If so. THE TIMES Will Pay It. More Numbers Tomorrow. (Iroquois Natural Gas and Niagara (Illuminating) Gas Co.) City. Gas BUU 1826 7 1831 33 1927 .15 1932 2 2211 21 2214 -14- 2317 ...... .3,. 2321 27 2412 6 2416 30 2517 6 2520 13 2022 21 2026 5 2128 29 Out of Town Gas Bills Hamburg 29 8 Orchard Park .102 32 Little Valley . .:.r.m.j,.. ."H1 19 Lackawanna m, .242 21 Blasdell 6 9 Is Your Telephone Listed Here ? . I .... 1 a. A. iJi A . . .. . . ' 1 r4 Miianf VlT 11 fm 4l-l A-A W. VlOWA Tlfvf WAT. TkOIrl t.f- i 11 iz is, Dnng or mau your -iuo , ut i.w .w v v"" - THE TIMES Office and receive the amount stated on the bill. It is understood, of course, that this covers regular local service and does not include special long distance calls. Niagara Falls ....... .1556-W Medina 276-J Batavia ... , 612-R Clean ,900-M Dunkirk ...5436 Bidwell 0354-M Tupper I1344-M Crescent '!-2316-R Jefferson 1558-W Abbott 2449-J Sample Gas Bill Number 465 10 JOHN B. JONES 660 FURDT ST. Sample Electric Bill Number J0H1 B.. J0HBS 660 PURDT ST. LOWER L4 660 660 2623 . . . This iUostmes the way numbers appear on gas and electrio lig&t bills. Look t yours right now. The numbers are the same each month, ilf you are in the habit of mailing the bill with your check and, therefore, have no old bills about the house, remember, when you get your next bill, that it is only necessary to enclose the "stub" portion of bill with your remittance, you will then have a record of your number on the address sde of the portion you retain, j Do not delay paying your bills promptly in the regular way for you get your money on a receipted bill just the same as on one you still have to If your number is published this month do not think that is all you may receive; it may appear again next month or the number of one of your other bills may be published. All Gas, Electric and Telephone bills must be presented within two days after date of publication of numbers. In the case of gas numbers, both numbers upper and lower must compare correctly. The Buffalo TIMES Will Pay Electric Light Bills Bearing the Following Numbers. Is Yours Here? If Not, Look Tomorrow. (Buffalo General Electric Co.) City and Outf-Town Electric Light Bills. L 6 433 12 60 30 L 6 441 117 60 30 L 6 473 38 60 30 L 9 290 135 25 30 L07 9 226 408 81 30 L06 2 307 49 25 30 L 2 295 217 25 23 L 2 297 153 25 30 L 2 302 17 25 30 L 3 274 1 4 25 30 L 2 820 18 25 23 L12 2 823 68 50 30 L 2 x17 84 25 23 L 2 x17 809 25 30 L 2 153 393 25 23 L04 4 718 581 59 23 L 4 669 59 60 30 L 3 722 105 25 30 L08 3 406 211 25 23 L 5 407 254 60 23 ji 1 - Watch for Another Big List in Tomorrow's TIMES .flit ws E V ..t?.?4.3' i.

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