The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 26, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 26, 1947
Page 8
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FAGB BIGHT BI/TTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION DcJly r»t« p«r UA« tot ooowcuUTt La* •erttou: Minimum Ob**** *0° 1 time per line l*o I UmM pei iloe per day Me 1 time* per line per day *c t Umea per llae per day To U time* per Una per day »o Mouth per line *>c Count (if* ftTerage words to the Line Ad ordered (or three or &li times and •Copped before expiration wlJI be cisarx- ed for cbe number ol time* the ad appeared and adjustment of bill made. . All classified Advertising copy eub- nlttcd by persons residing outMde of the city must be wcompimled br cash B«tea may b« easily computed from the •bore table Advertising order lor Irregular Insertions takes the one time rate. No responsibility will be take:, (or mor* than one Incorrect Insertion of way classified ad. AM adB »re ce*trlct«d to their proper eluslficatlon. etyle and tXP« The Courier res«»ea tb« right to adit or reject any ad. Apartments Wanted Cool and Wood COAL YARD and FHI3H COUNTRY CAN COGS Ju any quantity wanted. Now open for butlneM. Located Just *croa» •freet from Armory Hall on •. ••- cond St. We deliver. C. D. GEAN CO. Plioni 4920 — L. E .Parkliurat. Ugr Firtworks rmr. WORKS. «n kmdi. CHRISTMAS trees, nuts, frillu, and candy. JOE HESTEIl'B GROCERY 8. Highway 61 Below Swill Oil Ulll Foods Crappie and cat flsh. 24 hour service. Simpson Oil Co., I Stateline. ii|i4-ck-ti FRESH OOUNTBY~EGO» Wliolesnle and null. Tint dflUjry Phone 3112. IILAYI.OCK KATOHBRT, Highway PI North. 12[20-clc-30 family of three WRnt« 2 or 3 room apartment: Phone 952, between 8 ».m. ana 5 p.m. 12jlO-pK-27 Apartment For Rent Make a resolution to put the sparkle i or good bakery goodx In your New I Year meals. DIXIE CREAM DOUCIII- NU'r SHOP can fill all your needs. 211 a. First si. 12126-cK-r; Thrt« room more. apartment, 1125 Syca- 12|-pk-29 Two room furnished apartment. 412 B. Main. rs. J.C. crlncr. 12|23-pk-:2! Business Service Directory Household Goods Venetian blinds now In mock Readr- nmde K M. Blinds. Deal ralnt Store 109 E Muln SI phan* 4409 Auto Supplies and Services We have plenty of permanent ANTIFREEZE. Farmers Supply, Cootcr, Mo. 12-20-ck-2'j W« h«To recently jalrfliied several emrs. We have a stock of HAPIATOUH. GRILLS. FENDERS. DOOKS. W11EEI.S, HUBS. BEARINGS, TRANSMISSIONS AND DIFFERENTIALS. Miscellaneous pans and accessories. OCLF STATION & OARAOE. Highway 51. plume 62. LUXOBA, ABK. Plan on a bright New Year {or your home. Our new patterns in United and Berge wallpapers are just the thing. See them at DEAL'S PAINT AND WALLPAPER STORE 100 E. Main St. Phone 4469 We recommend reliable pa- pcrhiingcrs and painters, plume 62. 12;|9-]>K-1|2 CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION Ualn id DlTlilon phone 25»3 Don't endanger your tar*lly with faulty Urea—BUT LEE TIRES. l2!IB-cK-tf Wanted: Wrecked or Burned Automobiles Wade Auto Salvage If. Hlghwir 81 Phone 37U li:4-ck-tl Jeep parts now available «t POOLE MOTOR CO. W0 can fill all your needs Oet genuine p&rtA from our complete line. WLLIB POOLB. OWNER H: OPERATOR •outh HlKhwtr 61 at Bteele. Ho Phon* 8teel« W . llUJ-ck-tf We guarnntce , RECAPPING WITH HAWKINSON TREADS Let your next tires be GENERALS COST MORE— WORTH MORE ' GLORIA PATTERN Haviland China OPEN STOCK V gorgeous Christmas gift Planters Hardware Co. 12,13-ck-tr FRIDAY, DECEMBER M, M4T Now Is the Time- To re-check and re-service your wheel and tires and put them in tip-top shape for snow and icy- weather driving BRING YOUR FORD BACK HOME TO Insurance Modinger Tire m MAIrl Co. PHONE 3101 nn-ck-tr Expert Radiator Repair for Less We hav* th« beat la radUtor repair •QUlpmcat. Let our tra'ned mea boll •ut anO repair rour radiator for TOU. Quick Service Pickup and Delivery Russell Phillips Tractor Co. DOUGLAS UAWaON. Ugr Phone 2111 8|> ck II Building Material Protection against all INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Insurance C1LENCOK HOTEL DLDQ 124 W AUH 8T. 1111-ek-UII Loans 5th at Walnut wnpauy I'hone 4453 For Sale, Farm Land For Sale SPECIAL Highl 40 Acre tracts belonging to an insurance company. On gravel road, electricity, school bus, and mail route. May be bought with a small down payment and 15 years on the balance. Can give possession of these tracts if bought before January 10. 1!M8. Office in Hale Building Across from City Hall BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. PHONKS 3322—413!)—28(3.3 Riales Land Co. 33-OH-27 Notice W» Imvo Howl In two tickets Jar ISIrmlnKhum lor UIB Dixie «olo. null J2.23-ck-27 For Sale, City Property One two room house inontn only. See Mrs. North Tontll St. $900 [or mis Snllv winter 12j20-J)H-2I Complete cnfe Mxtvires, nrererahly nil to one party, price riHuumnblo. In- nnlrc 1MO Laurent Avenue. Cnrjtlicrs- v '"°. - M . 12[26-]]lc-l(2 For Sale, Misc. CALL 2089 Your Kerosene and Fuel Oil Dealer G. O. POETZ /or Quick, Dependable Service OFFICE R. R. AT CHERRY For Sale OM> NEWSPAPERS COURIER NEWS OFFICE Frlsldalre 575. Cnii he used for home or cure. Phone 792, Lewis calc. 401 w Ash ' 12]i'J-pfc-27 .,.!i v ° """' Junior «lze boys bicycle's JO and 24". Bookers Grocery. Holl'imil M0 - 12i20-pk-29 Osccl WestlntiUouse electric Btove Kce at 11)00 Chlckassiwljn Ave. Mrs. Kiuuell ' Five year old Jersey cow and muTvery ccntle. Four gallons » clay. See M A Hills, Uosnell. 12123-pk-30 Thor rtlsli wnshlnK unit, office desk anil (leak light. Mrs. N.O. Jerome plinne 3101. S. Highway 61. !2:23-pk-3l ArKue C-3 camera with roatrtl lens Kanie n«; new complete with carrvln™ n>.*c. fliiKhtrun and reflector. Priced ror quick Kt\lR at sfio. Also Fotleral airi r-nlr-n-er. New «•!!>. Call 1717 an-l n*Jr for W.L. irownrd. 12i20>pk-3ft New colcman heater, never \isetl, 8Q6 One Binal hc.lter. $15. Apartment 48. Alrbase. Phone 3B47 l2]23-|»k-30 slip corse 1 five Musical Merchandise FARM LOANS Prepayment Privilege No Inspection Feus No Cu [i] miss Lous .A. P. NEIFIND Insurance Ajrcncy 106 K^it Fourth St. OARUTHEHSVILUE. MO. PERSONAL LOANS. Automoblle-Rll, r - nat\lre — comaker-furnit\lre. Qlllck. private service. Personalized attcntloii Come In or telephone. 2y28. CiENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION 112 W. Ash St. Blythcvllle Ark. MONEY TO LOAN W« loan money on larm land »nd city property \V« R!SO buy notes CONWAY &c HOUCHINS Glcncoe Hotel Building «;at c* tr Do your own concrete work and •»»«, h*at a coi crete mixer by day 01 hour Phon- «8P Boi 458 Blvthevllle Buy your builder's hardware (lock and hinges) from a hardware store. There is a reason. Planters' Hardware Co. 12,26-ck-tr Money to Loan o you n«cd n loan u> repair or re- rncxlcl? No down, payment, no mor- . DO red tape PHA APPROVED RATE Jf[«, ASK FOR DETAIIjS Max Logan, Realtor bone 2&33 l>yncb Building Blytlipvllh-. Ark PIANOS: NEW AND USED 1U Brooks Milslo Store. 107 East Main. UlybUerillQ Telephone 811 Music instruments nmt supplied*, bl at! "'-Us Guaranteed radio repair, Notice Why spend money- Swap with us Klbert Jliiflniiin's Swap tihop, w^ $ Main. E'hont! 853 lfl;22 c>c tj Plumber For R licensed plumber • or for expert i stove repair . work -call Harry S'«a Ht Hubbard Hnraware. One sinn 11 concrete mixer, junipers, 7. Fresno Bcrnpers, 1 cnna 7 ft. grader tvnd ditcher, blade sttilk cutter, 1 four wli^el trailer 2 bnle bed. l lour wheel John IJeero trailer. 1 bale bed. 1 AO corn- blue, 1 Ktain drill with grpr\r,(i nUdrh- [in.'iit CJcorBP P. Orel], phonr :t27fi iffytlicvflte. Ark, . 12'22-pk-SO For Safe or Trade inrjG Ford. 2 rlcxir win trfitlt- for ciutle or hoRS Harry Swntn, nfione f>?. 1 Lvixora Bus Station. !2[l9-pX-l|2 Dogs, Cats, and Pets j Lost and Found For Sale— Two hcautUul red cocker puiipica. Registered. 2 months eld. Hays Suihvun. BurcieUe, phono 781. Per son o/ Attention Mr. Prospective Builder: Arc you rmvhm difficulty rinding k. sootl ron struct Ion nmnV Would yon be interested lo find one that lins over 40 yenrs experience In building construction nml ivll j,-lve r'on ft gtmrantccd cost of your bulliUuj; btilore lie starts? If NO. cnll or SGIJ Diivld 11. Anderson, IIO 1 ^ E Davis Phouc 4G-J1. 12j22-ck-l[3 Cnnartc*, Mra, Mike Farmers Column A young woman left n smi\l] village in tliv north of England to come to America Her grnndfnthcr hart bc- . ...'allied n lnrj*c sum of money to her. Sixteen yenrs passed. Her Krnnd- fnthcr died and the lawyer tooV- steps to find her A pcrsorinl ad In n Ca- nndlnn newspaper found the missing legatee In poor circumstances. There's a reason wny HO -many larm* can not operate (wlmovtt a Jeep I Ask. your rrleuos tind they'll tell .you wny—thu "mighty ' jcp" needs no roi\«. With its lower cLtjnt. nir\unvembinty aim grade inihiu^ nbiliiy it s incitspensaolcl See It in net ion at KLIS POOLE MOTOK CO. KHls I'oole. Owner t t Operator. Hovith Hlgbway Gl at Stucie, Mo. Fhoim Stefile 43, 12J22-cli-30 Howard for hlnck inorigcco leather 7iliner-bllirold tost ciowr>rown MOIK Itcd lining. Mrs. Noble Capehart. Hol' id. Mo. niLM-p* -~ Help Wanted, Male Services Business Opportunities MR. MERCHANT One of the best OPPOR TUNITIES • for increasing BUSINESS is the regular us of Classified Advertising Readers in a buying mooc turn to the Business Service Directory for the names of reputable firms. WAS1IING MACHINKS and Electrical Appliances repaired. Blytheville Machine Shop Phone 2S2S. iiju-ck-im Musical Merchandise ~NEW SPJNETs" KASY TERMS. A» YEAKS TO PAY. LONG A» TWO Tlrcn or making tbe other fcllow'e llvlne? Start protllable business, bs establishing Tour own Hod Ball route These new electrical ncorlhg games real money makers. Investment ot Kli to 13.350 required, ror complete details Rnd demonstration slye address tna pttoc.e Sox AJ c;o Courier News 1222-pK-M Coof and Wood T COAL "If it is coal you want" WE HAVE FT. Also Hay—Across from Blytheville Compress We Deliver Phone 4489 Rc*dm »r« w»tchln« W»nt Ada for tucd store*. • Decca Records • Sheet Music • Eslcy Organs 100 MILES FREE DELIVERT MORELAND'S Music Store 315 S. Second — Phone 4'22 Blytheville, Ark. Pianos NEW AND USS:D Music Instrument BAND AND STRING Radios & Repair: WEST1NGHOUSE RADIOS COLUMBIA AND VICTO RECORDS BROOKS MUSIC STORE 107 E. Main. Telephone 811 TOP SALESMAN WANTED to 1]nndie comjileto rooting find piiln line. Sales directly to large volume cons nmcrs. Previous sales experience essential. Territory Ls In need of dl strlst irmna^er. Promotion within ' ivceks Is salpa are sntlsfnotory. Writ' 'tic Electric Paint & Varnish Co Cland. 2. Ohio. 12120-pk-2 ADIO REPAlll BY EXPERT Repairman call Brooks Music Store 7 E. Main St., Telephone Oil sMtmos ought and sold Ili5-ck-tf Oil Blovrs repaired. All \vorx Kunmn- cea, Phone 4222. nights \Glb. For sale—a late model Case breakers, two bottom mid i three bottom; l Case bMrklnnd disc. 6!a loot; I henry duly 3 loot Rone tandem disk 5200; I set John Deorc LJ-30 busters; 1 F20 niirt FH busters; 1 thlrtl bottom for II 1C breakers. J.W. Wlihicr. Yarbro, pl\ono C63 12 ; 2a-iilt-2? ror .snlc—io A tractor disk (or sandy or mixed land. Can be seen at Ray Harrison's on NortU Franklin. 12j26-pk.-2 New 1917 ItitermiUanal Faruiftll ond * oini: Pqiilpmcnt. Joe K. Mntthcsvs, Calico Rock, Arkansas. Phone 42F12. 12i26-pk-lj3;-18 For So/e, Cars & Trucks FOR SALE- — One A-mortel Ford In perfect shape. Call 793- after 4:00 p.m. Trees and Shrubs Ovir selection special for Jaminry : apple n"d peach trees, larse sizes or h 01 n & o rrhnrd. SI .50 p his ex prc-w - pnstnpe Gimrftntcctl to plctise. The CHALIN LEWIS NUKSKRY. Pt^Ott '*- U;20-pk-30 19^1 DodRc p.-\nel tnicX 1J4H Clievrolet panel tmcX. 1931 Chevrolet panel truck Call lie L\uorR 12 Stark Nursery Order* taken for ornamental «hrub- bery. TOJP bushes. Fioworln Phone Mrs each trees. Droko — ^674 ll!20-tJk-30 Typewriter TYPEWRITERS for Safe, Farms Royal. Smith, Corona ton Porlablc and Remlnz- DON EDWARDS Th« Typewriter 8econd ~ Phinf* 3332 1« rk II Used Cars See us before you buy! We. sell Hie clenncst used cars an Uie market, and you'll find the price right too! POOLE MOTOR CO. K.liis I'oolo, Owner and Operator South Highway 61 at Slcelc Mo. Phone Stccle -10. 1^2-ck-tf Sell wlml you no IOIIR<T need! Oome by Iht Courier office. I liave a few farms well located and highly improved If bought in next few day? can givfi possession. 80 acres in Stoddard Countx on state highway. School bus roxite elcclrlclty. Price $7.000, J4.000 rush All in cultivation, level tractor land well tlralncd. Have n nice farm itcd close to Blvthcvllte. Mtsslsslp County, highly Improved. Schoo bus route, electrtrlty. running water This [R RCKXI hlfti-k oandy loam i " all tractor land, and priced to If you need a jjood farm sec or call Luther Gray Realtor Otrire with Mfvrfon Will Lam* Insurftnce Attrncy m S. Third St 2751 You msy not be an Tturbi , . but you'll want in watch Uie goort piano b\iy,s llslcd dally under Musical Merchandise, Shop al Classified Advcrliscrs. YOUNG MAN nterostcd in making §0,00 year by your own effort Must have car. Box A L ouncr. 12-23-ck-l DUE TO THE EXPANSTOr OF OUR COMPANY We CJ\H usft several men to do snle work, experience unnecessary us tram you. During training period ti slioultl ranRC from $60 to $80 ft week After training income mngps irom $yu up. Apply room 131, Glencoc Hotel, 6 lo 9 P. M. Friday Rnd Saturday. Mr. A. L. Cobb. 12126-pK-27 Having Trouble >c i ^Selectin ^ Appropriate Christmas Gifts? We Suggest "Something for the Car rr Radios Heaters Defrosters Here is a Christmas Bargain! Up 0% lo We Hiive Reduced Prices on Slock of Auto Seat Covers. Our Entire This Offer Expires December 24th" Seat Covers Fog Lights Sun Shades For family and friends who drive a lot, these gifts are both attractive and highly useful. See our big stock now! LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. We Never Close 301 Walnut Sales Dept. Open Until 8 p.m. Phone 578 ro CHEVROLET! FOR SERVICE PARTS ACCESSORIES baby's lire aepencca OD getting out's milk. In frantic imste. the atner callctl dairy niter dairy. No one new where the all-important milk oultl tie obtained. Dcspanue, the ither placed K. Wnnt Atl In i\ Kaiisiis :itl newspiiper. Next morning the none rnny. The voice nt the other na hail (.he goafs milk. Eight peraotis esimiulert with offers to save the bi\- y'B life. Wanted lo Buy WE BUY TUB AND TECANS ITi£!hc i . | it prices paid. See us tic Tore •on Sell JOE HESTER'S OROCERT S. Highway 61 Botow Swifi Oil Mill WANTED 20.GOO POTfNDS PECANS Don't Sell till vou Get Our Bid Blytheville Curb Market 130 East Main St. Phone 073 124-ck-tr TRACTORS And Machinery JOHN DEERE FOKD FARMALL "We Sell for Less" ANDREW JENKINS Highway Gl Holland, Mo. 12-2-pk-l-S-' Good used baby bed- Write Box AF [o Courier News, l2|I8-pk-26 Lots of Exchement But Nothing Much Happened PHILADELPHIA (UP)—Everybody Rot into the act I Police and firemen searched n central-city building for ".suspicions characters." A dislodged bit of plaster set olf n burglar alarm. Operatives of a private agency an- su'cred the call. The firemen and police jumped the operatives. The private detectives arrested the police and firemen. When it was explained, the groups joined forces for a search of the building. They found no suspicious characters. What Gl Students Plan To Do With Bonus COLUMBUS, O. (UP)— A survey at Ohio State University reveals that innny war veteran students plan to spend Uie money they get from Ohio veterans' bonus to get mnined and as additional subsistence. One agriculture student intends to use his money to pay the extra 5'ear of his five-year school program that will not com e under th« • Gl Bill. A woman, who declines to reveal her name, says she will make a down payment on a fur coat with the $150 she has coming. I A St. Louts hospital has a room specially fitted for operating on children. It is decorated with scenes from fairy tales. DENTED FENDER? Help Wanted, Female making $35 a Are you week ? If not, and can get work out of office personnel, answer this ad. Must be an organizer. Box A. M. % Courier. 12-23-ck-tf Texos Rules for Birds As Against Oil AUSTIN, Tex. (UI'i—Bird sanctuaries along the Texas coast of the Gulf of Mexico will be protected from oil drilling operations, the Texas School Land Bonrd lit chnrgo [ of coastal leases Mils decided. The decision was marie when the National Audubon Society protested against, a lease near an' Island bird sanctuary near Reexport, Tex. The board made the lease conditional on an agreement not to drill on the island nor within 300 feet! of it. Girls wanted as car hops, apply in person at KAZOZ- BACK Drivcln. Between hours of 10 and 12 a. m. 12-2G-ck-30 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh SlocV: Giiaranlcod Hcsl 1'rices Kirby Drug StoreS Wanted colored girl to do housework. Apply to 308 N. •'ifth. ' tt Personal Made trip okay. So Ions cverybortj-. Private Rooms Bedroom, 611 w M»ln Bedroom 314 V. 9th, nhone 2338 1112a-nX-12'26 privileges optional. ]2j24-pK-30 Comrortnble brtfroom, Close to town Men nnly 3tO W. Walnut 123-Dk-lM Hedroom. XHchen I'honc 2430. l.l*ht houseXeeplnK room. nhrm<» a<i20. • u)23-T)X-r" Room nnd boanl. $ifi per wrcfc: slfoptni? rxTOrns 57 per ivrek. fifty SI.5 HomecooVed nic.its. lundir* packed II desired. hMt nnd otnrr pri* 1 - tl«S*t. Armor*], phone 383$. !3;i9-pK ERP Ambassadorr Lewis W, Douglas, U. S. ambassador to Britain, is mentioned for the post of ambassador-al-large for the Marshall Plan under President Truman's proposal for an oconotnic co-operaUon administration to carry out the European Recover/Program. _, ] WE DO EXPERT BODY AND FENDER REPAIR! You've proud of your car—you \vant to be sure that all dents will be completely eradicated, that the touch-up matches the original finish. Turn it over without qualms to our skill fill painters and diugmen! Guaranteed Work Immediate Service Low, Itemized Charges EXPERTS DO OUR WORK < II* —^^•••*-^- p ••*»-«-' *^ h^cj H/VTED WALNUT AT BROADWAY * D,A^ 555 FOR SERVICE

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