The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 26, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 26, 1947
Page 3
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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 26, 1347 ' RIATHEVILLB (ARK.) COUKlKn ' NRWS I suggestons For Better Fanning Featured For This Section'^ Progressive Farmers. Plant Board Runs Cottonseed Tests Germination Good In Spite of Drouth, Officials Disclose Last Summer's drouth apparently has not affected the vitality of Arkansas cottonseed, according to a report released this week by officials cl the State Plant Board. Seed saved before the rains seems almost uniformly good, the report stated, mid of several thousand samples tested to date only a few germinated less than 80 per cent ant! most were 85 per cent or better. Several samples from fields which received moderate Injury from 24-D spray have germinated normal- iy, the report said, but officials of the board pointed out that It would be unsafe to conclude from this thai all such seed Is fit for planting. Officials of the Plant Board stated that samples of cottonseed Injured by the spray should be sent to the nearest Plant Board office assure proper germination of the seed. A small handful of the seed should be taken from various locations and depths in the bin and placed in seperate packets, and sent to the nearest Plant Board office by the fastest means. Tests are generally started the day the s?eds are received, the report said, and can usually be completed in from four to six days Re- Ports of the tests will be wired If requested by the owner. When seed is sent to the Plant Board for testing It Is required that the owner state whether the test Is for the owner's information of for the sale of the seed. Tests made by the Plant Board In previous seasons tend to show that cotton in Arkansas may remain in the field during long spells of bad weather without losing vitality, the report said, and that it in ginning and storing of wet seeds that causes low germination. '-FEA 7 URES PAGE THREE Fubluhed E»«ry FrMty i. tb. Interest of F*rn PulliM Agricultural Sectio*. Angus Ctiltle Show At Memphis, Jan. 14 Wholesale Food Prices Climb During Past Week NEW YORK, Dec. 26. (UP) _ The index of wholesale food prices 1n the week ended Dec. 23 reflecting advances in n of 31 foods in general use. rose nine cents from the preceding week, and was only six cents below the all-time hlzn reached Dec. 2, Dun and Bradstreet, Inc., announced today .The index advanced to $7.ii from ff-JK m the preceding week and was 12.5 per cent above the $632 reported for the corresponding 1946 week. Price advances were noted in rye hams, lard, cottonseed oil, cocoa! peas, eggs, rice, steers, hogs and lambs, while Hour, wheat, con), oals, cheese. coffee, potatoes and butter declined. Prices of barley, beef, jellies, sugar ,tea, beans, peanuts, molasses, currants, prunes, milk and raisins held unchanged. 'Mistake' Ends rs ! lence ls Golcjen Ru|e "for Them Wife-Killing Plot ' rize-winning Aberdeen-Angut beef cattle arc being readied for A the Southeastern Angus cattle show and sale at Memphis Jan H As one of the major livestock events of the year, the show will include purebred cattle from ei x t,t southeastern states. Here, Bill Reid, herdsman at Bray« Island plantation, Yemasse*, S. C., exhibits two o{ his hefty charges President Is Surprise Visit To Scores in Two Hospitals WASHINGTON, Dec 26. (U.P > —President Truman paid a surprise Christmas visit to bedridden soldiers and sailors at two service hospitals. The President went to the Bcth- esda Hospital and to the Walter Reed Army Hospital io extend greetings to scores or patients Hull. Adm Ernest Jackson County Wins 4-F Safety P roc ram Award ._... _.—.... Jackson county has been .selected friends—for-1 by the state Extension office ns re- biaie oordell, porting t nc mos[ outstanding 4-H potted plant. To work up an appetite for his turkey dinner. Mr. Truman took an early-afternoon stroll throii"h downtown WashinRlon. He wnlkVcl virtually mirecoKnizccI through the quiet streets with his secret service companion ?*^ . C " ernvcd tO "c-slgnnte 10 '^' , County Extension office re- stlUcs that " nn - for Sliret y » ct| - emchasized on a county-wide ; basis included safety on the highways and fire prevention. Civic home demonstration clubs In companion. . »'nys and tire prevention. Civic 1,11,1 she liid been The first family and a group of j homc Demonstration clubs In the f ne ° n .&£ C " relatives sat . down lo their 40- county hel " ed llle "- H ' CIS wil " ll «" r A,i"ust rc pound turkey, just ss a band o f lsrlfcl - v Pros™'". B °nt then "1 ' "^ M l " e W "" C A ««" l >"-,n.hon,e.saf - Man Tryj to Hir« Gangster But Mokes Offer to Detective ST. LOUIS, Dec. 2fi. <UP>—Police said todny that H "sliRht-mistake" In Identification prevented Chester Wlnkler, 47. from hiring H fian'R- sler lo kill his wife. He offered u> pay 13.000. •iiccaid- n»K to police, but he made the offer lo the wroni; niiin. The "Kann- slcr" wns Police Detective James Ogdcn. Winklci wiis held on i\n ODCII clini-ijp, pending aellon by (he prosecuting attorney today. Ogclen said thnt police learned Wlnkler had contacted several ••members of the underworld" and' arrniiRcd n rendezvous at his hotel. | Ogclcn wnlkcd Inlo the lohby. and ' Wltikler mistook him for one of the Banisters. Wlnkler then look Oeden to his room and revealed the plan to kill his estranged wire, Mrs. Bessie Dale Wluklcr. Ogdcn said no money changed hands, but that Wlnkler promised lo withdraw his savings nnd sell his car to raise (he $3.000. The detccllve said that Wlnkler wns very careful about Identification Rt this point. He described Mrs Wlnkler In great detail nnd told what hours she would most likely be In her rooming house. Gels 'Partner' When Wlnkler had finished draw- Ins; a sketch of the rooming house and had promised the money. Ogden said he stepped out in the hnll "to get his partner." He returned and Introduced his partner. "Meet Detective John Sinclair," he said. At the police station, Wlnkler said he wns married to his first wife for 20 ycnrs, living in Hannibal, Mo. He dlvorccil her nnd married his present wife In October. 1945. He said they were divorced In September 1945, when he heard that she had been going out with other remarried, however, 20 pickets arrived at the while j A county farm-home safety coin- House gates. They were protesting; mittee was appointed before Ihe Mr. Truman's failure [o grant a j campaign was started Emma Jo genera] annesty to World War III West of Diaz and Glen McDoniel of d ™". ev . adcr '- , 'Tuckerman, were elected co-chair- Clad in black-and-white striped MUCH. These two worked with the suits, the pickets carried. 567 members who completed safely lEIP17.lncr rll/> Pt-oc1*1ftvi*'p ir. I „,. .• "-vj signs criticizing the President's ac- i surveys, and lion. They were members of the i strntions at committee for amnesty. There was no disturbance and 'It didn't seem It too well" and matters "Just ( much" for him, Wlnkler said. Police said that Winkler told them he decided less than a week ago that he "Just had to get rid of her." That was when he contacted several underworld characters to To/o Explains Wearing Of String on His Finger TOJO, Dec. 26. (U.P.)—Ex-Pre- The President granted Christmas pardons to 1,523 persons convicted of draft evasion, most of them conscientious objectors. The pickets complained that only about 10 per cent of the total draft act violators were granted clemency. mier Hideki Tojo took the witness stand today at the war crimes trial wearing a string around the middle finger of his right hand. Through an interpreter, Tojo explained to a questioner, "I'm inclined to lose my temper. Whenever I feel my anger rising. I look at the string and remember I must keep calm." Don't Waif Until Spring Planting REPLACE OLD, WORN PARTS RIGHT NOW! Don't wait 'til the last minute—get our FREE estimate first . . . then have us pre- schcdule your farm machinery for repair! 3/2 SOUTH 2»°sr. PHONE863 gave many demon- j range for her elimination. Word of various community: bis Plot, reached police and he was gatherings. met last night by the detectives In- The 4-Hers feel that through the stead or the gunman he expected safety — nition have reached almost all families : Trackless Trolleys Replace county and made th^m m^vo f. . ** _'. _ 1 in the county and made them more aware of safety hazards. Members receiving a county medal in the 1047 National 4-H Farm Safety Award program are. Emma Jo West. Diaz; Ellen Virginia Carlock, Newport; Mary Baker, Seift- ton; Glen McDoniel, Tuckerman and Bobby Joe Edmondson of Newport. Kiwanians Hear Singer Jimmy Callihan, young son of Mr and Mrs. Fred Callihan, sang several Christmas songs at the weekly meeting of the Kivvanls Club Wednesday noon in the Hotel Noble Richard Day was inducted as a Christmas Bonus Takes New Form for Motorists LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Dec 2G- <W>— Parking wns on the house m Little Rock the three days. Patrolmen issued tickels for overtime parking as usual, but pinned lo them was this message: "You are overtime parked. No penalty. Merry Christmas." Street Cars in Littfe Rock LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. Dec. 26.— I (UP)—Little Rock's street cnrs hauled their lost fares Christmas night and rumbled into retirement as a fleet of trackless motor trolleys and gasoline buses went Into operation this morning. O. H. Holcomb began the final run of the last car nt Sixth nnd Townsend streets at 11:45 pm and ended his Fair Park-East Ninth street trip leas than an hour later. Street cars have been In operation here for more than 70 years. Trackless trolley coaches went Into use 6n the South Maln-Pnlaskl Heights and West Ninth Street runs, while motor coaches replaced street said they planned to convert the Fair Park route to trackless trolley service early next year. Horse-drawn street cars were placet! in operation in Little Rock in the 1870's. and by 1888 four lines were in use. The cars became steam- powered on July 3, 1888. and were converted lo electricity on Nov 22 1891. Read Courier News Want Ada 16x48 Army Surplus Building SECTIONAL See Our Demonstration Building Erected In (I.) PRICE $365.00 F. O. B. LOUISIANA Much less (han th« cost of material alone. These hnildinjs made of pre-war lumber, have been used as barracks. They come (o TOM complete, roof, floor, door*, windows, over 75fl M,. ft. f|oo r sp:u , e roiir men can erect In two days. Put Up a Home for Little Over SI ,000 USE FOR HOMES, WARKHOUSK'S, FARM BUILDINGS Also Availahle --^.L 5 i'L ldinKS ' price $195.00 with floors SPECIAL OFFER nw (o Ihr limited lime we have lo fnlfill our irovernmenl conlract. we will supply enough NKW roofln* and NEW asp halt brick sldimr to completely rover tllher of the above hulldinjts a< absolutely no e*<ra cost. MARION SURPLUS SALES Wayne H. Duncan: Company Representative. 80S War* Ave. rhone S*6 C»rul!iersvllle, Mluonrl or n new abbey. Trnpiiist Vrccri'Vorbids speech exi aucl decreci lhal seven lioiirs cacti day be spout hi i and seven hours in mainml Inbur. Women Are Necessary, \ „,.,„, ,. -_ / * I UH'Wlllmir U'miin Boston C. of C. Finds BOSTON illl'i — The Doslotl ' Chamber of Commerce finally lias conceded Hint women are necra- sary. Alter (he [•hamlier voted In break a bnrrk'r of IOIIK stamlmfi invvfiillnn womiMi froni <ili.||n K on thi- hinnil. Mlclmul 'I'. Kcllelln'. lireslilcnl, ncldrrased Ilic nu'inljm lie sulil: "I know of i,» venture cnllln^ for I'mnpli'lf i-rniunllnlt.v i'ti-opernl!na (tint nclilcvi-s siinifss wlltiout [hi' siipiiDiL [uul help or women." FARM LOANS SERVICE THERE IS A DIFFERENCE Nol all fiiriti loans urn nlil<c—niul there's no othor fiirm loim HH go la the 10(|tiil!iblc Society's !onn. K instance, i here's l.ho PREPAYMENT ..,-, PRIVILEGE i .'(••' ivliich means thaf, you dun'L mive to wait, 5 or more years lie fore you :an pay your loiin off. Tnkc your farm income urn! pay off liny imouiH »t any lime—ynii don't even nnve to wait until n regular interest pnyintf (late !!! TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY CO. 213 W. Walnut Phone 2381 Three Tennesseani Asphyxiated in Car NEWI'OItT, Tfillll,, Dec. 26. fUP) •Three youths from Wolf Creek were round ilnul In Ui 0 | r nutomoblle on (hu highway near here laic yesterday, victims, police believed, of cnrbon monoxide poisoning The Southern Railway, went for • "Christmas ride" yeste<ir»y «ft«r. noon. !u>rin c. D. Fisher Hid tM believed they stopped by the roadside to make minor repairs to their car but led the motor running t« keep a hot water heater In operation. Tlip. three young men were John D. Hudson, 18; Richard L. Ram»«y, I, . + |. ,. , •• —- -•••"•>"»«, iu, rvii_ji«[u lio^tliicM^jiMjjiiiploycs of the 19; and Joe Rogers, 32. lust ask... w0 like to say "YES" to LOANS • AUTOMOBILI • SIGNATURE • CO-MAKER • FURNITURE Quick, t»rlvot« S.rvlc. . P.r.onallr.d Attention Coin* tn or t*l»pttQn+ 2928 122 W. Ash St. BLYTHEVILLE DAVID B. ANDERSON MASON CONTRACTOR Brick Work of Quality Holier Work nml Remodeling a Specially 110'/ 2 E. Davis St. Phone 4641 A NATtJH.M, All) POK Ml . Rhumatism Kidney, Bladder Tills Natural Mineral Water from Hot Sjirlnjn, Arkamai, Helps «o— / 1. Stimulate Mdney (unction. W hy not flvt 2. Soollie bladder Irritation. Mountain Valley a I. Neutralize urlc-aoldlty tl ' 1 " 17 »han helped t Di.n,. sys tem, 0 SHOP CROSSTOWN WHISKEY Main and felvfelon Hlylheville, Ark. READY-MIXED CONCRETE Speeds work-saves money-helps farmers get quality work FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION ^ree '• Estimates S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. • Qhane 3646awt2525 i Prompt delivery. > Concrete delivered to any job which is accessible to our trucks. ("Mix" accurately propor- tioned for your job. • Full strength, reliability and uniformity in every load. • Let us quote you on this economical way to build. If you need help we can put you in touch with competent contractors. HUGHES & COMPANY Ready Mixed Concrete — Building Materials South 10th at Railroad Phone 3531 FOR SALE TRACTORS end Equipment Now On Display At Our Lot JOHN DEERE FARMALL ALLIS CHALMERS FORD All Sizes and Models We can furnish equipment for most of Ihrse Irxetorn. If we <«n"t havr whal you wiinl, we can scl It for you . . . THESt.' TRACTORS ARE TRICF-I) FOR QUICK SALE! See Us Before You Buy BUD WILSON AUTO SALES Corner Main & Franklin Burl Wilson - .Jess Horner Phone 203/

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