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JM QZFull Leased Wire I DEMOCRAT-HERALD TELEPHONE NUMBERS Newa Call 16 Advertising and Circulation 15 Coavleta County, fS'X. SUU, Nation! A worta mn uw WV OMI MM kPl. 4 1111 1 11 i i i i mi i a The Albany Democrat-Herald, Vol. Lj No. 136 The Albany Herald, No.

12o ALBANY, LINN COUNTY, OREGON WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1933 DR. BIBB; ITS U.S. LINN STREAMS RISE. SINGER'S SLAYER TO BLANKET CODE NEED CONFIDENCE FACE MURDER TRIAL HALT, BUT MAY FLOOD FEAR FAMDUS STGGK WIZARD IS ABDUCTED CAUGHT SPY EXTENDED FOB TO! AGAIN HPS COAST; llEGlli High Water Danger Held Over District While Rains Continue v.v Emilia Charged With Murder; Passions of Mob Inflamed Business Better Too Little Money Is Being Used by Investors. (Bj Unlt.a PrM Ltuti Win) ItEDWtMU) CITY, Uw.

After sudden rises that held threats of flood water yesterday afternoon Death penalty will be asked at the and evening. Linn county streams were Jesse L. Livermore, Noted Strong Gales Lashings Pa trial of I tuberto (imsti. toriner oimtb Although business is actually better and is in a fundamentally sounder condition as evidenced by various factors, thesis still lack of confidence among nionied people of the east, said I)r, Thomas W. Bibb, president of Albany college, speak President Signs Executive Order Perpetuating Re-Employment Agreement for Industry.

singer, who yesterday shot and killed Emilia Da Prato, 2d, radio and opera sopnina. District Attorney Edmund Market Plunger, Reported by Bride of 1 Year to Be Missing. cific Shores on Heels of Two Preceding Winds-Rain Falling. U. S.

Couple Arrested in Round-Up of Ten Persons Accused of Having Participated in Plot. THINK WOMAN LMDER Scott announced today. ing before the chamber of commerce- stationary today but the dunger of high water had not passed. With mild weather overhanging the "valley and with continued rain, there is the possibility that melting snows in the hills may swell the rivers wtih new torrents that might 'reach' flood stage. Furthermore the weather Jforecast is highly Advertising club of Albany meeting at the Albany hotel today.

lr. Bibb liaisli, who was unaware that the girl liail tlied as the result of his frenzv. was held lit it'iil liei-e Under a ESCAPADES RECALLED hlT0 'AVERT RELAPSE RELIEF NOT YET NEAR has just returned from an extended trip through the east where he was in contact with a large number of people of wealth and hud an oppor lvsterdiiy the Willamette river tunity to study their reactions to the Roosevelt Wants to Avoid Youth of 25 Starts With Series of Low Pressure climbed from 7.2 feet in the early morning to feet last evening. Roosevelt program at first hand. Karly predictions yesterday Were that A type if fear has developed in the Areas Hastening East tne river would rise four feet, but it Madam Stahl, Famous.

International Operative, Is Believed "Brains" of Group Teacher Held. last few months, said the speaker, ward Toward Northwest Let-Down in Midst of Winter Urgss Employ ers to Co-Operate. $2500 in 1903 and Amasses Millions, Winning and Losing. exceeded predictions' with a gain of and this is prolonged by the silence of President Jtoosevelt regarding his feet. Moh Spirit Rife KOl'TII SAX KRAXCISCO, Dec.

20. passions were inflamed today by the slaying of nit attractive young radio singer Whose rejected lover, sniilrlnsl once from an angry crowd, was placed in a strongly guarded prison to await arraignment on murder chtii-ges, Mntterings against I'mberlo (iittsti. Son KraiicistMt. cclus'it in this stile-nrlinn 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i where the musical progress of Emilia Ia Prato, 2(1. was Floods Menace.

And when the Three Wise- Men were come Into the place -where the Christ Child lay, they gave greetings to. Mary, his mother-" and straightway fell upon their knees and worshiped Him that was to be the Saviour. SHOPPING S'- DAYS kJ CHRISTMAS monetary policies and Has Drought Early this morning the river was just over the 14 foot level and this about debate between the advocates toreuobii reached its crest of about tin of the theories of Prof. IryiiigFish- er, which the administration seems to inch over that stage. At noon the river whs stationary and predictions (B.

ITnitoi Prra Uued WIra XEW YORK, Dee. 20. Xew York imlice and federal agents of the de be follow-in and the opposed views were made thot it would begin tiillin of James P. Warburg, vice-president partment of justice today centered by evening unless the continued warm of the Bank of Manhattan, X. a inn Iter of local pride.

their investigation into the disappear (Rv United Prw Iiw4 Wire PORTLAND. Dee. 20. Strung gales were whipping the coast again this aftertusm, Mackay Radio rriKMled here. The wind at the Columbia river lightship was southwest miles an hour, and at Kw If (sure Hunks lightship, 58 miles an hour.

Haiti was fulling at both stations. (lius-li was accused of killiui her on lains shoiilii add new impel us to til' freshet. ance of Jesse Iv Livermore, noted stock market plunger, upon two the eve of her depnrture fur Xew York. There she ws to receive a try- Prof. Fisher's theories as to the cause of the depression, include iline variables, such as debts, circulating media, velocity, price level, and he Today the Sanliam river was re GRiSlS FACED theories.

They were 1. Thnt might have been kid out with the Metropolitan Opera com ported to he stationary at Jefferson after reaching the 10 foot stage. To pany, the coal of the itulian girl whose believes, that the over-indebtedness of -overflow the highway on the Linn singing had won her an audience with the people in 10211, although reduced couhty side the river must attain PORTLAND, Dec, 20, The from about 2i0 billion dollars to 200 has really increased because level of feet. Weather Observer the president of the I'tiited States, musical scholarships, priges and a radio contract. i loiies nt Jefferson said curly this of the depreciation of the dollar, Dr.

winter Rolstice will arrive tonight to find the. Pacific northwest still in the grip of storms which have lashed the coast and laved the country with After Ihe shout iug iu the bark yard iiftfrhoon, that the river would prob Bibb said. The. government is how PARIS, Deo. 20.

Five men and five women, including an -American couple, wore nrrestcd liy secret police today in the must sensational spy case since lie world were accused of having military docmnonts mid photographs beariug on French defenses, 0' The Americans wore listed as Robert (lordon Switss, 20." of F.asf Or-ii nee. X. nml Miss Murjorie Tilley, 22. of New York. Also arretted were a famed international spy known as Madame Stahl, young French woni-ii it school teacher and tin" littelrprettfr nt the navy ministry.

Afler eight months police raided various small hotel in taking the prisoners, whose possession)! vvero packer fn' valises as I hough in preparation for flight, l-ouis Martin, the government in- terpreter, fainted when he was arrested. He hud 27.000 francs (ahout Slt20) in his possession. The two Americans had. 31,000 francs about JSlJSliO) of which 12,000 franc was hidden in the wom'tiu's underwear. Switz from Wisconsin ably begin to fall late today, unless (Bv tln'M Press LtaT Winl WASHlN'tiTOX, Dee.

20. President Risisevelt, it wns announced today at the White' House, has signed nn executive order extending the president's reemployment agreement for industry' for four' months after January 1." The president's reemployment agree, incuts originally expircti December XL Discussing approval of the document, Mr. Roosevelt said the midst of winter and with ni tin HrsoiiH out of work, it is essential that the new year should not bring with It any let-down iii the recovery program in the trades (mil industries which nt that time have not come under approved codra and to Which, therefore, only the president's re-einploymeut agreement applies. "I am therefore inviting every employer in those trades and industries to join with me in an extension of the president's reemployment agreement for four months, lty that time it is exiected that, the pfis-ess of code-making wil llmve heeft virtually-completed. weather conditions add to its volume of lite Ha Pinto home, Ciusti wns taken to the local police station, A mob quickly formed, will Prestco Da Prto, unprecedented rainfall since Decem trying to get this value back, he add ed.

Warburg's 'Theory Hacked XK.W ttULF.AXS. Dee. 20. Sena today. ber 1.

High water in the Willamette wns tor Huey I. Long today faced a political crisis iiftifr the (lid Kcguro, The storm center which was off whose theories are back her brother, in its forefront. "I'll see yoti swing," shouted the infuriated brother. Cries of "lynch beginning today to back up the San city orgaiuzatKiu ot Xew llrleans. limn at its inonlli, though the effect Vancouver Island Tuesday had moved to the Mississippi Valley today but iinoiher, of even greater Intensity him" arose as determined peace au nf this had tint been apparent nt Jef- ed -by -people of -nicalis, says that if the currency is inflated only a portion -of the people will benefit," Or.

Biub snid. 25 per cent of the fersoji. terimsl the Hall of the refused to endorse his candidate for district attorney in the city election next month. hail taken its place ttnil beyond it a imped, asj his wife believes, by a gang thnt had knowledge of recent successful stok mauiiHilations. 2.

That his disappearam was occasioned by "business activities r'ad-ily explainable when he returns to his accustomed haunts. Although the best brains of the Mnnhnttun detective force were working on the kidnaping angley Inspector John Francis Keir, who has charge fit the investigation refused to list the case definitely as a and expressed the he will show up and explain his absence." Francis Fay. iu charge of the fed' eral investigation, Haiti that the government's inquiry hus tar surrouuds duly Livermore's market activities, iii the possibility that they might provide a clue to the disappearance. -1 l)n the hooks of the police, Liver-more was listed as a missing person kinhinpv.tfrtpni IIctelH All Before noon tolay the. police had covered every hospital, sanitarium and Lowlands iihmg the banks of the thorities, swinging heavy clubs, foitghi their way to Oiusli's rescue.

Prisoner Whisked Away Angry hands siuitched at the fright farmers are greatly in debt, for in series of depressions stretched across the entire Pacific ocean moving swift two rivers are under water, but no The; Old controlling tin- damage- bus been done. ly eastwurd. stance. If this country is unable to manage the gold standard, it will have much more trouble with the more ened prisoner us lie was led, behind a Workmen scheduled to begin im vote in Xew Orleans which holds about on third of. the entire Louisiana vote.

Gales which (K) wiles an wedge of flailing clubs, to tin automo provement work in Hryant park un complex commodity Warburg hour blew on the Coast again last has been one of the most powerful af der the CWA were forced to abandon believes. Xo currency will work except night, but had diminished to 40 miles bile to be whisked vny to the stronger Redwood City prison. A special guard wits set to prevent filiated groans in. the Long the project on account of high water nn hour nt North Head and Tattsish permanent, loss of this support in conjunction with a banking sys tern, says the international financier in the Willamette and tijiapooi; rivers. -1 Island ut a.

m. i would spilt the powerful political em pire with which Senator Long has Switz was described-us the son of Theodore A. Switz of Madison, ami was born at Fast Orange. Police said Mine. Stahl, also known an Lydia Techkiiloff, was IWilUftussia and Cooler wea-ther in' the n-iolititnins violence, for the jnil'Vilj hut miles from Sun where another mob had hanged two kjdunp-slityers a mieith ago, What is ''Reeded in Warburg" opinion is it modernized gold standard.

Thus fur no highways are under Vater; in this -vicinity and none am dominatid Louisiana politics. Lou had hulteil the danger of floods tn Inost of "valleys, biii'ln mi- likely to be unless continued mild operated in Russia," Finland, Nug- merous pnrts 'of Oregon' and Wash weather the volume of Warburg's recent Philadelphia speech shows that the economists-attached to the administration have not been able to predict any better than the Ituid and ington flo danger or actual flood has asked that State 'Senator Cbni-les A. Hyrne be endorsed by the Old Regulars for district attorney instead of the incumbent, Eugene Stanley, a persistent political foe of the Long machine. i water. Other prisoners included Brnj4- conditions still existed.

1' 111 i it Rerkuwitk. described as a Ron- Huinfall was auinewliat heavy hotel in the Metroiiolitnn area and reported no person answering his description was nt any such institution. iiiHiiian-born Canadian vommuntst ngitatnr, who polio belie'ved shared tlii'oiighout the region, Portland with 1.12 inches topping all stations prim ELECTRICITY IN All HOIS GOAL TO STERILIZE bankers and have also made statements that 'will not hold He points to Prof. Fisher's statements in that the stock market had reached a new high plateau and that The chief basis for the kiililaiung The reipiest came as compromise after the city 'Organization refused to accent several other candidates ad ed on the government weather map theory was regarded aa the statements leadership in the plot with Mine. Stahl; his wife, Clara, described as of his the former Harriet Mets vanced by- a painter; a young Polish -couple.

today. The Urund Rotide valley reported more than two inches and frulii that it was believed-TillnmooU at Monrne, mass meeting of -citizens jKissetl resolutions GERMAN I Xoble, who confirmed reports that. Livermore's- fortune had hit the upturn, anil that he was well on his way to amassing' new wealth. county probably received extreme demanding the resignation of ruyuitors heavy rainfall. The telephone lines I'rges Co-operation "I urge all employers iu trades and Industries uot uovceed by codes to tie operate-hy comttittlng to maiutniu higher-witges and shorter' hours.

Tim need for their help Is still great. Kmployer joining with me in the extension of the president' reemployment agreement may continue to display the Hlue Eagle as a symbol of cooperation and those few employers who have nut heretofore signed the agreement may sign it as extended, and tipnu delivering a signed certificate of compliance to the postoffieita may obtain a blue eagle. of the blue eagle on or after January 1, by an employer whose business Is not entirely covered by -an approved code will be treated as an acceitice of the extension of the president's reemployment agreement and a rVprescntnlioti that he is complying with it ofr that part of his business not covered by approved codes." lty the first of the year, President Roosevelt believes, permanent code of fair competition will apply to Approximately 70 per i-enti ot alt employes who eventually will lie cov-i ered lty codes. .7 (Br United Pnn UuH Wint YVAK1IINOTOX, Dee. 20.

Rapid Umg and John H. Overton, Coventor "Mv hiisbund's business associates. I'O. K. Allen and -other state, officials were still down, to Tillamook.

The forecast was for rain but with elfetrifientiiiii of American homes and liERLI.X, Hec. 20. Medical ex Mrs. Livermore told detectives at. the there was no danger of a setback.

At the same time Warburg's father, then president of the Bank of Manhattan, warned the country of over-speculation. Psychology No Factor. 'J Psychology has not been a factor in the business cycle, said President Bibb. There was no fear in 1112!) and now. in v-itlv psychology in a bad way, business conditions are getting better right along.

Funds- affiliated with the Long machine. lierts announced today thut 400,0011 104th street station, where the in farm nt low cost wns the gout of the government today. Although Monroe is in the fifth congressional district, the gather was in diminishing- The latter were marked trcsh to strong" however. persons half of them men and half vestigation is centered, "assure me that his financial condition was Housewives nml farmers throughout women, would be subjected to steril protest of the election recently held in Most roads were passable today the Tennessee valley were offered fed ixation soon under the nu.i law for iMr cent sound. the sixth congressional district in eral credit to buy electrical appliances but danger from fulling rocks, 1hk.u-ed by rains, still existed.

Mrs. Livermore, who untitled ine prevention of diseased progeny. which Long forced the successful can and equipment. The plan wns to sell police of her husband's absence only Fifty per cent of those nffected didacy of Mis. Iiolivur K.

Kemp for were said to be suffering from on- inexpensive equipment to utilize cheap power devlopuint nt Muscle Shoals and the congressional post vacated by her PtIUTLAXI), Dee. 20. A siic- a few hours after his disappearance, was renorted on the verge of a ner- (Please Turn to Pace Two) genital fccbleniiudeduesB. husband's death. ct'SKlnu of storms nppeincd forming on anil t'hana Saliuan, 'medical students; Dom-han Xaruiulish, Serbian journalist, and Marie Madeleine Mermet, 23, Paris, teacher.

Mine. Slahl, who is was to be the real brains of the plot, police said. They seized important sums of money, get-rot documents, photographs and radio apparatus in possession of all the prisoners, and also captured a secret radio broadcasting station. Police said, their- suspicions were nroused by Switz' movements and his secret with two Russians who fled the country "when shadow-ed. Switz increased his vigiloncd but remained, enabling detectives, to trace his accomplices.

Mine. Stahl and Martin, police said, made reeated voyages to Finland, while Mile, Mermet, living in the outskirts of allowed the plotters to use her. home for a secret radio station and a laboratory, including film equipment. others projects of the Tennessee val breakdown. The farR Avenue Total exiienses of (he sterilization ley iiutlinrify.

were estimated at murks apartment house in which the Liver-moves live wns closely guarded, and the North Pucitii." tudity to tiarrnss the flood and wind duniaged Pacific northwest further, according to the If tlie plan succeeds in that section IDT costing 20 murks for Officers Installed by it is intended to seek to interest pri none but detectives or police were each man and oO marks for each ther bunslu. vate capital iu miking it nationwide. permitted within hailing distance of woman. i Calamette Grange at The 'wind blew )I0 miles an hour The credit will be made available the doorman unless tney conni prove 'Ihe exjerts contended the money a tain last night on the Oregon and they were tenants. cno a i Grand Prairie Meeting Washington const but was expected by the Klectrle Home and Farm Authority.

it bus been, organized mider tiie terms of th- recovery act by president Roosevelt with enpi- Telephoned oiten Mrs. Livermore explained her early soon would be repaid, as Lcnz estimated the state was HMnding marks annually on the care of the mentally afflicted, while diminish at least temporarily during the day. notification to the police by the fact that her husband, whom she married talixiitlon of 1,000.000. RIVEUSItlE, Dec. 20.

(Special) Alfred Bates New Worshipful Master of St. Johns Lodge No. 17 Prof, l'tiigdorfer estimated it at Rainfall again was heavy but mic.i kiiigerotis st renins us the Cowlitz mid Llei'trniil mamifactnrers reported only a year ago, habitually telephoned close to l.OOO.tKMMXX) marks. Officers for the ensuing year for Callamette grange were installed at a joint ceremony held -at the -Grain! (Br Cnlt Pm Luc4 Winl Dee. 20.

An oversup ply of hfgs flooded the I'liion stock the Sniitium (ipis-grcd to' be falling to-day. he sterilization Inw will bo en they were ready to assist the prngrum throitidt price reductions. her every two or three nours, wner-ever he was. The E. H.

F. A. was established by forwfl from January 1. liefore then 1,700 special courts will be estab Livermore, who gloried in the names Prairie grange hall last Niturday yards today, bringing threat of the executive order. It is a corporation with Iter! ha lteck.

state secretary, as lowest prices since. Inst January. Washington Kuakrd SEATTLE, Dee. 20. llain-ladcti lished 1,000 of them in I'russ'a huder the laws of Delaware.

The gov For the' second consectit ive day re alone and 27 supreme courts. will bi Wall Street attached to him. xtie Boy "The Cotton King." and "The Wizard nf Wall Street." was an unknown and unheralded fac installing officer. he was ussistci by Winnie Ohling, Ellen llelise. An erning body will be a board of direc gales persisted in lashing the storm charged with ruling on the stcrilizn Alfred Rutes was unanimously elected worshipful master of St.

Johns lodge No. 17 A. F. A A. at the lust regular meeting of the year, TucKdayjtighLJllJiejL elected tors of three member.

All will be di nie Westcott, Lola Juiikin and Lillie bound North Pacific const today nml itiereioed lie flood menace iu. miii lion of the diseased. The cost will ceipts were alarmingly heavy. To a carryover of from yesterdny's hogs, today's re-eipts addeil nearly 4UHH). tor in the financial worm iimii om.

rectors of the Tennessee valley authority, wilh whom rests the gigantic plans for development of the vulley's hydro areas. lie borne by the public health- iusur mice and irther similar state instil a the panic. Quiet, unostentatious, and playing and appointed for -the yenr uri tions. Prices yesterday dropped to a overage of 3.13 per hundred James K. Weutherford, senior S.

Surprised Dec. 20. State department, officials expressed surprise, today when informed by news-paier dispatches that two Americans had been arrested on charges of espionage in a general round-up of spy suspects in Paris. AH passport information was held confidential by the state department but it was learned unoffocially that passports have been issued to tile Americans named in the Paris dispatches, Hobert (Jordon Switz of Kast th-ange, X. and Miss Marjorie electric resources.

no favorites among me Sterilization of (he diseased is not warden Karl Horning, junior ward hmis'-s with which, he dealt, he felt coiinwtcd with the law against sexual North Ilend, and Tatous'n Island weather bureau stations re-IHM-ted gules nf 00 miles nn hour with freh, strong southerly winds and iii-tt riiiittent rain forecast for the next 24 hours. The rain belt extended from extreme en will Jtiirrtll, senior deacon: his way cautiously whn he came to weight, only a nickel above the January low point. Top prices wfi $.3.30. Karly top sales today were made at sf.3.2.-.. irimiiials.

which provides for the Wall street in 1003. Then the fnm castration. The date for enforcing the latter law has not been decided (Pleas Turn to Fi Two) W'estcott from Western Star The following officers pledged their siipiMirt for the locul grange: Master, William Kreerkseu; overseer, Orris Carnegie; lecturer, Vivian Freerksen chaplain, Itertha Heck steward, Everett At keson assistant steward, Elwyn Shaw; treasurer, Iiob Aldrieh; secretary, Viva t'ar-negie; keeper. Howard A keson Ceres, Virginia Miller; Pomona, Agnes Ponsford Flora, Mrs. Roland Allen iady assistant, Mildred Campbell.

A fine basket dinner was served at noon and iu the afternoon a program by the" two grange was Ihe influx, nltliough tmexiiected, was explained variously by traders. In ma I hem Ctilifornia its fur north us Ketchikan, Alaska, and east its far its extreme northwest" Montana. It wns They tire Dr. Arthur E. Morgan, chairman of the T.

V. llarcourt A. Morgan, ind David K. I.ilient hiil. general V.

A. coiliSsol. The first phase of the T. V. A.

program is the development of power nt Muscle Slioals ami the new Morris ibitii on lie- Clinch river. T1h Aurora lUiin in Tennessee river is being studied as a possible futiite project. The second of the proiram is creating a ready market for the power gi'iierntiil at these dams. This is Ihe ptirpose of' K. II.

F. A. general, it was attributed to three factors: Tilley of Xew York City. Xo further First of Series of Christmas Programs Kie Itirclifield, junior deacon; H. Sidney Miller, senior steward Ciis-sius (.

Ilitilltiug, junior steward Albert ti. Senders, chaplain Sidney Klahii, marshal Olliver JJtitts, tyler: Fred Dawson, re-elected rustee for a three-year term; Victor Olliver, reelected secretary ami Klmer Wil-Williamsim. re-elected treasurer. The new officers were installed hy Past Worshipful Master Albert (i. Senders, assisted by Past Worshipful Master WUliaiit-S.

Richards. snowing at Winnipeg. 1 Liquidation bv hog raisers be (PI aw Turn to Pasre Two) cause of their inability to buy clieai MISSING NURSE FEARED DEAD Residents of (Irnys Harbor experi-emei a modern version of the deluge of "all's day vtith about inches corn as the result of government Is Staged at Madison loans on corn of minfitll in four days. 2 sales to obtain Christmas money The first Chrisiinn program of iltiiidreds of homes in Aberdeen mid HiMpiiani were isolated ami slab's and AUNT HET BY ROBERT QITLLEN 3 Fear of even lower prices iniMsition of a heavier high witter blocked highways. series to be given this week by the Albany public schools was given for the high sctol students this morning EIimhI waters isiver sections of roads PORTLAND.

Dee. 20. Fear Settle Damage Case Case Out of Court as tax on Jan. 1, In order to afford cash for the far r.wr and bolster the price of i-orn. tie Local Option Laws To Apply at Albany Pending Decisions in an offering of Christmas 'plays and (I'teaie Turn to Pure Blithtl that Miss liorothy FoUumi, 21.

student nurse at Good Samaritan hospital, missing since hist Saturday, fen tun by the members of the senior class. Programs by the other schools government -offered farmers 4. cents a buslwl on nil corn he sealed iu hh had met with foul play, was express Testimony Is Ended cribs. With feed sealed, the bog raiser Sidewalk to Connect Campus With Existing must buy feed for his livestock or sell the livestock. i In many cases farmers in desperate TIm in" nf Oiri'tlitTrf vs K.

KMr. in Mh Hit- phuutir Walks Hope of College will Is- given on Friday. Rev. II. C.

Messerli, pastor of the tjernmn Lutheran church, delivered a Christmas address and Ihe Christ-man play. "Mimi Lights the Candle" was given mider the direction of Mrs. Charles Chillis. A radio play "A Christmas Play," was also given. Laura P.ryant.

winner of the Whirlwind Christ mas s.ein contest, read the need of money chose fr ihs(Hse OI ed by police today. They were looking for Lawrence Morgan, alias Jack Peabisly, said' to be an er-cinvif-t' from Idaho, and an admirer whose suit Miss Folsiim rejected. Morgan bft three "suicide" notes at the Y. M. C.

A. lu-t Friday. One was aihlrej-sed to Miss Folsoii. one to Mrs. I-ttie V.

(jood. of the Oreaon li Aid "i ty, and wan KiiitiK for XUTtAH) tlmmiyci ilhi'ii i livestock rather than j'tprlizea thei government loans. The mayor and other member of the Albany city council are Irf-ing be sieged since the close of the recent special session of the legislature, tn what will be the apphi-nlion of tin liquor'taw contained in the Kux h'l ill -Albany. In answer to tl(e-e tpics-t ions the mayor and iu general auth'iriz'd the following siat- A tnoretscut is" on four among tb- uitl'i car xrrtirk lir it wntcb-iu the HpmiN priiriini nt tht stnilints aiul tneiiilieis4 the FALSE ALARM SOI NDED of Albany college to iieiitiuti the city A false ii la nil turned in from poem and tne stun nt lusty san Fourth and Mmlison street last eve i "I i- i DitHH III 1 1 H'M 1 ll II ll'I'nniK UUIIT lllOM fHlf tfii'i'KK ill i ii- vi.i 'imirs, ning called out the entire fire A part men t. The person who turned i ItEVERLY HILLS.

Dec. 20. 1 see where Jesse Jones and his RFC (Iteilistriliution corporation) are net with the way the banks are just. sitting Ci-tintitig their -money, si ntsks JIk' ashamed of themselves the RFC is Ruins nutlie" hatlis" industries. The banks will about Is" so humiliated that they will be the first om to borrow all that Jesse has.

Jesse, you been a bunker yourself. You oiniht ti, know you ciitf shame a hunker, especially a big one. 1 The plaintiff's nse had been pre the Spanish classes. The schied or- We l.ive but one course to follow! i ''hestra and a uuartet. laying brnis sented to the jury and the ilefendit tit's the alarm is unknown but -Urn fire fiimislH-d tin niuic.

I'tiiciiHruiM flrlivprtnl tUt iiivm-iiT inn fln'l I Mm, riiililn Ihe' Ntory of the ntivjr imo mat is ue taw Ms III lie higher courts when a decision is given init. Albany has onlinate es curried over from the itays of old whereby it men and police officer are looking for him. Some day wine chap will -le caught in the act. is unlawful to sell li.pmr with a higher T1(, (M)(. (f a)dudie content than t.2 jst cent and I al-o an irdinat(-e tovering the stile, one to "cips." In all three he said he was going to commit suicide.

The girls' parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Folsom of Pilot

had arrived here today to ait in Ihe search f-r their daughter of whom nothing Ijns ls-en heard since she left the hospital Miss Fidsom met Morgan, whom she had known previously, when he was in the bwpitai from Xovcmlwr 27 to 20. Il'ispital officials said lie called her repeatedly after he h-ft hospital and asked her tog i his hotel room. connecting the college lamjilis with lln Said walks alretidy built along two or three bb'j-ks, tetnlitig nort ii friiln the coilegf lillil' lliei(i-e txtst to a willl tbl present side whIks. I'tuler present condition those on fisit generally follow the highway for several IJim ks where the road i wet ami muddy niurh of the time mtik ing it difficult for the girls, espccinl-ly. to nmk the tltp from the cidlege to town.

There Is another class wh i make the llnilv front -nine seetiou of town to the college and find it difficult testimony was partially given, when tieifiitinlieiis for the settlement bignn. With the stpldett ending of the case, the regular ttisil term of liepurtiiient No. 1, circuit court for Linn county, came to an end ittnl the jurors were dismissed subject to ret-all in shotild the ease of Seward vs. Goodw in come up fop trial. This Judge McMnhntt eavti his instruct inns to the itienile-rs if the new grand jury, drawn yesterday, fur the March term of court.

1 mns 1'ritlsv MfterniMiti with the sing id" tl.e content. Albany and Linn county nls4 voted dry wi.ich -nai may Is of any coitqueni-e in tb- "Poor old Ben! There's nothin in the world that looks as poor an' forlorn as an ex-postmaster unless it's white cotton stockin's." rutlisliir- 'Sj ing or i hrisitnes song4 iu tlte ito-ner hull under the direction of Mr. MILL CITY MAN' OIKS MILL CITY. Ix-c, 2H (SeM kill The Ixsly of James Oajvlc. wbo-ilie' at the 'local hospital following an op1-prat ion for (leniiicitis Wedlie-dav: was to 4lrtm Cit.v where funeral scrvic! were hi-hi and wa-then taketi Cove fir hnrinl.

Otijrie was cnpb-yed at the CCC mp. LuiM-r, will lie followed by games an I entertftiiiment. A Cbrist- final of the law. All. laws ner nn tire statute Is oUs will be enforcejl until the Knox law: is '-tablifhil.

I at lime Id trmvl over roads. (l'kiwe Turn to I'ag Two).

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