The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 24, 1947 · Page 19
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 19

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 24, 1947
Page 19
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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 24, 1947 BTATHEVrLLB (ARK.) COURIER 1947 is Aviation's Biggest Year for Technical Advances Since Wright Brothers' First Flight 1947 I f • IB AVIATION 3-14 By DouflH Lanen NEA staff Corrnpondent WASHINGTON, (NEA) — The year 1947 produced greater technical advances In aviation than any year since the Wright Brothers flew their first plan* it Kill Devil Hill, North Carolina, In 1BOS. That Is the claim of Admiral |«red M. Pride, Chief of the Na? Bureau of Aeronautics; of Gen i'l Spaalz, commanding General ! of the U. S. Air Force, and of a ipokesmnn for the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics ] which Is the government's top air I research outfit. t Here, in lae appropriate order of their Importance, are the big achievements — practically all In military aviation — of this momentous year: The world's speed mark of 650.C mlles-p«r~hoiir set by the Navy's Douglas D-558 Skyslreak at Muroc Air Station, Calif., Aug. 15. Th» experimental flifhla near the' ipeed • ef Kiund — 7«1 mlle.- Ber-hour at m level — hy Hit AJr Force'n XS-1. Developing a practical military UM for the jet fighters which fl> in the 600-mile-per-hour range. The successful flights of Jet bombers. Proving the value of the twept- back wing. Other history-making accom- • pllshmcnts in the air In 1947, according to the three experts. Include the pilotless, push - button flight of the Air Force's C-54 across the Atlantic and back; tlie muss nights of B-29s from the U. S. lo Europe and Japan; development of thermal de-icing, adn the Air Force's development of accurate navigation over the polar regions. The experts are ready to admit, however, that-perhaps any one of a thousand less pumkiizcd accomplishments in aviation during 1947 might later prove to have more significant. And pro_ . i in the gulded-mlssile fteld wasn't included in their analysis Chief reason given for the past year's achievements is the billions of dollars poured into aviation research during the war. Tlie revolutionary planes which made the epic flights of'1947 were (Irst put on the dy.« ig boards then. With the possib. ^xception of atomic energy, ncv^r has so much I scientific talent been concentrated j on one field as it has on aviation j during and since the war. ! The amazing speed record of' the Douglas Skystreak. Isn't in itself why experts consider Its performance so significant. According to Adm. Pride and the NACA spokesman, it is the first aircraft which Isn't showing the mysterious "yaw" and "flutter" of control surfaces when It approaches the speed of sound. It Is believed the information gathered from tha SXystreak will give the answer to flights faster than the speed of sound tn 1948. The lessons learned from it have been built into the newer 13-558-2, Skyrocket; which has both a jet and rocket motor. It will be flown soon. What Is true of the D-558 can ilso be said for the Air Force's XS-1, which has come very close to the speed of sound. An XS-2 with Improvements learned from flights of the XS-1 will be flown late In 1948. The Air Force Is still confident that the XS-1 will be the first aircraft to reach superKnit: speeds. As far as practical operations go, both Pride and Spiiatz list tlie performances of the Air Force's P-80's. and P-84S and the Navy's FH-1 Phantoms, all faster than 600 mph, u 1B4T> top accomplishment* of military aviation. Bquadrona of F-SOs could go into action tomorrow, and the jet-propelled Phantoms are now successfully operating from carriers. The newest Air Force tighter, the Curtis XP-87, li the first plane ot lt» type to be powered with four Jet engines. It is .till In the experimental stage. Whether jet power would be practical for giant bombers was one ol the " big questions of 1948. The successful 1947 nights of experimental jet propelled bombers •nd of the YB-48 flying wlnz. all at speds over SOO niph, gave the answer. The Air Forces experimental XP-86, XB-47 and XS-2, and the * T Skyrocket, have s we pi-back: js. This type of wing Is said the experts to be the greatest single design development proved this year. Chief advantages of the swept-back wing are tlie reduction ot "drag" uud a postponement and lessening of the smashing shock waves encountered when the speed of sound Is approached. While 1947 produced great technical developments, baffling new problems arose. Increasing the range of Jet plansc and Hndhig a metal which will withstand ter- •dWEr •< ?$ <•-»•• lii ] Skystreak: II set aviation's for 1D47 speed. pace riflo heat are the two most !•- portant. A recent Air Force announcement of progress in developing atomic energy for aircraft power It considered llu most promising solution to the problem of increasing rang*. And men In the labor torles are working hard MR High School mad* and «entl Christmas gifts to the children of Europe, and have received an answer of thanks from a group of children In France. Floretha Blackburn U prwluenl of th« club and Oarrl* B. Anthony, the sponsor. PAGE NINETEEN heat-resisting alloys. Next, year may see these new problems licked, Gifts to Be Presented From Center for Negroes | The N«KI-J children of BlylhevUl* or ._ I will receive gifts Ohrlilmas Eve «t on new I 1 I" 1 ' 1 ln 1>le N'Bro Community c«n- viation closest to supersonic*. F renchmen Send Thank* For HomemoJcers' Gifts During October, the Negro Homemakers of America Club of Hurrl- ter on South Second, when W. T McDanlel, superintendent of the Federal Compress Co., will present tin gifts from a brightly lighted Christmm ire«, This it iponsored by 111* Royal Brotherhood Club composed ot Negro Federal Compress employees. Read Courier N«»'t Want Adi. Phantom: It helped prove of power for fighters. XH-4S: It helped prove Jet power practical for bombers. 5 - > L XP-86. It helped prove-the value of swept-back wines. Buy Your Plumbing, Heating and Appliances From An Old Reliable Firm ... The Wm. Fraser Plumbing and nesting Company his be«n in business In fUythevllle for the pasi 23 years anil have a fine ilui-k of plumbing needs on hand for Immcdl.Ue delivery at 401 Kast CliE'rry Street. 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Somewhere down the hill an automobile horn was blaring blatantly as if signaling for help. STOUT; It a«d !><•<• i, I. HollTnoud tarcr amnlh*. nrlllnK. tfce movie •crlpf for omt ol at? vvrm mymtfry buok*—null Inline JrS IInvrr*o» • hrlp ' mr xct over OjK-nr CraEfi;. JrlT «:,.. tlirt-r[or op my piclurr • utl a vrry anriirllr* naaa. It wn» a *hnrk in lenrn (Hit ac hHU he*n nr fin lo Avin . . nd Ihnl «hr r<-ln»rd ID riivorcr him. Jeff wimlcd >lnit£r .\arniry. irho looted Ilkr -Vvl*. lo plnr ker titter la lar fllni. hal far- Mar In^Uicd OB do- inx bolh rolra htrfttlf. Lli l.ry- •>n. my •nplrn»anl collaborator. •nKBrMlril a Mmnll parly al my vine* thfil rwnlnit when h« YTuuld Irr to 1n!k Avla Inlo chanKinK brr Blind. On thr «rny aomr. I alopped al Rav«lla r « *hop lo ptck • p thr •r.ecla.l llpKIIrk iae had made for me. HaTella a«d >il«a miide one for AvM nntt nakei! 1C I vrour,! mini] Klvlnic It la her. l.lx. Avl» And Art IAV|N' leading nuin nnd currrnl flitjne) came over and I.ts iicrKuaried Avl» to Ktve • P the double role. We nboned Jeff t« jnlM Hi. • a • XII \1AYBE Jeff was his usual self as he sat there sipping his drink and listening to Liz Leyden —who was still doing the talking. Or maybe he was tired. Anyway that was the excuse he gave for breaking up the party Said that he was tired and that he was going home and going to bed. That he'd 'lave to be at the studio early to make tests of some other actresses for the part of the secretary, now that Narney was to do the sister role. "What about me?" Avis asked sleepily from the divan. She was getting quite a glow on by that time. "Do 1 have to work to- norrow?" "Yes," Jen* told her. "Go home and get some sleep or you'll look like the devil." Avis hiccoughed. "Thash what I like about Jeff—always nish and gentle—always the gcm-mun." "Tnke her home, Art," Jefl or- dcrud. He asked Liz if he wanted to ride back with him Li/, had come by bus and was glad to accept Jeff's invitation. 1 followed them to the door. "Sorry about Avis," 1 said in a low voice to Jeff. "We had to sort of tank her up to get her to agree to things." "It's all right," he said. "She's used to it. She'll be all right In the morning." Jeff and Liz went out and I went back into the living room. Art was helping Avis into her coat. They smothered me with their farewells and went out together I turned off all the lights except UIEII » pm point or ngnt-proD- one and walked down to the end , ably » flash light—began to waver 01 the room and stood looking | around. 'Who . . what happened?" My leelh chntlered. "A car went JEFF was married and there " didn't seem to be much chance of Avis ever turning him loose and that meant 1 could only have him on a part-time basis, or I could start leaving him strictly alone. I thought I was going to leave him alone. The motor of a car was started in the driveway directly below the window where 1 stood. Its lights went on and it moved out into the n out of the window for some time. My thoughts were gloomy. street and I realized that Avis and Art must have ^een parked there in lis darkened car all the time I had been standing at the window. Making love probably. Love. A shiver of distaste ran over me. The Hollywood variety. The kind Avis and Jeff had. Maybe the only kind Jefl knew anything about. I didn't want that kind. I turned away from the window in disgust and began to gather up the dirty glasses and the overflowing ash trays that littered the room. And then 1 stopped abruptly. And listened. From down the hill came a wild screaming of brakes and the sound of a prolonged tearing crash. 1 thought of Avis and Art just turning out of my driveway. Starting down the steep, roadway. Ther* wai a white wool cost WHEN I reached the turn in the road, I jaw three cars parked with their lights still burning. One cnr was turned so that :ts lights streamed over the side of the road where a big gap hnd been torn in the guard roil. A woman wai standing then having hysterics. Probably a passenger from one of the cars. I came up beside her i.nd looked down over the side of ih« canyon. I couldn't gee very much except shadows down there and then a pin point of light—prob over Here—the driver muii have been crazy," the woman said. "What kind of • car?" "I don't Itnow. . . My husband and I just saw the lights when wt come around the turn nere, We thought the cur was going to hit us—it was coming so fast. Then it swerved and went over th« bank." A siren was walling its haunted song down on the boulevard. It drew closer. A police car came to a stop behind us and a couple of officers jumped out. "Down there." the woman beside me said, pointing. It seemed an eternity while we stood there on the road and watched the two policemen slip and .lide down the side ot the canyon; saw them moving around at the bottom with flashlights look- Ing like tiny unwinking nreniet. And then finally four or five men were struggling back up and they carried something among them and when they re.-icUecl the lop ol the bank the lights from the cars (ell oA the body of the woman they carried. Her face and the front ol her dress was smeared with blood and there was no doubt at all thai she was dead. It was Avis Vaughn. (To Be Continued) OUT OUR WAY By JR. Williams Our Boarding House with Ma jYtfoopfe ESAD,VAS? ! THE SHOES WERE PLfXCED VOGETHER CKRlSTMPvS EVE- 1£> BQlNSG HOME FOR iC.'/ -~ As! LAND, AFTER A HAD 1<D POLL MS VOL) SAID AM <1 THRILLER KOOPt.e-8 VOUR. BROTHER HELPED VJGlTE / JAKE. LAID FOR SANTA \MlTM A AMD TAPPED You i>i Al-lOWER SLICE }'{ THE DARK FRECKLES * HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLO68EI The Outcast . ," . • -. TH»T!I All BROTHER! COM* YOU ARfNT ' HOWL INS- AROUfOD Cur nj OM not. UWTH.' •we. new 00CO pU> TAG DAMCES ! THE OBJECTS \ GIRL GETS STUCK WITH WHEN SHE ISNT WATCHING PARDON we FOR. LIVING- / "Your father grumblei about all the fuss we go to, but be sur« to put Ida presents out in front so ho won't knock th« tree down eettlnz to them!" I'KISCIM.A'S POP '/ hear him on the roof! Ht'fore Chi'islmns / Daddy didn't really mean it. dear! G o {/e quiet! Don'teven breathe. 1 Sonya Slitvws Interest MICHAtil, O'MAU/EY and RALPH LANB 3 watched Sonyt's f*o*.Ht> *yei popped OOI1CHA UNDERSTAND EUGtISH? WILIIE iAYS «F DON'T WAN1 M Att THfY^RI AFTER IS DIAMONDS BUI Wt HAD AN APPOINT tH4MOM>lt I'll »UOW 'Iff SCWt THEN MAYBt went GO AWAY AND LEAVE Alt WASH TUBES LKSLIE TURNEH THMOKS, (IN FRJEWO...THOSE OFFICERS CNJ'T IDEMTIFS WE NOW! UL SO WHILE THEY'RE OUT Of S1SHT! OH, T BUT THIMtC *.B01)T CMTT I!! \NW COUSCIENCE! m WEUiTHKT'SlUE AWHKE NIGHTS, JUST WHM" I WNpEWNi \f I UNWiniHGLH HELPED WELL-. M1RWTWE ONE, OP COURSE. BUT IWi MSS6LF, r>NP HEED MOUR KELP! riLHrWETORISKHOU! I'VIE RACKED MS BKMN...PUTIT Off TILL THE LAST HOU'YE SIWI.S OPT TO HELP ME SELECT SOMETHING FOR. MINT N>NMM TENBtKLS-MJO WM.K KISHT OUT H6NW! And Many More By FRED HARMAN 'DID fell THINK 1'P HELLO DUCHESS By V. T. HAML1N Tl?ied T"IN7E«FE»-E\ you DON'T WITH OOOt.*. AN' /BELIEVt MB, HCR KIDNM>EB.. /JUST LOOKIT «H6 SLUSflSD ./ TH' BUMP ON The Ni.urlil Ucfnre Bv ED«AR MARTIN

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