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FRIDAY, JULY 27, 1934 "A A MOC RAT-1I A A A OR EGO PASE FOUR CSUIND THE SCENES IN DR. JEKYLL MR. HYDE ii LATE EOOHS AND THM(IPNTS hlnwlmt iltinim Hiwnw WITH RODNEY DUTrg Filalfcaal Daily luM Batten tit. J1r i -n nan PnbiuiB a. Im.

LIFE WITUOl'T EXI By (iraham ftUton ad JPablW at tho boiling point and hts bm 1,1.1,1 J- I a tl T. poatafflaa Setaa. Spm iork: Karrar Rise hart, imMishers: 18S4. $2. Kevlewed by Frtdtjof Michelson a concern here.

He micht lmv. uil. United Fm ana oil upon the waters along NBA Mm ImtIm. Eatablbhed 1IM. "L.ife Witnout End is either a youthful novel rescued from the re- UBScurnoM katu SXUVCBSD BY CABRIEl Jectloa fcinw land resubmitted for tlie uKiueu lumen: Anyway, he hajg.

unbroken record ot never admittw a mistake. Nobody felt very badly about tha Incident. Privatelv. nriu depression book trade, tor it is a novel Mr. la advaae from the pes of an author who has Om ataa.

In tawanaa ft.1t aaBtaV Ml IffMII BT HAU. one in the department thinks tb mkm. Folk aad Lfaaaela Mm: grows owned with, writing masterpieces for a poverty-striken public. It it impossible to evueeive how an author of Graham Setun's experience (he is the author of eight books, including Dovek, viiil tire tales, a spy story and an autobiography) could under Marina aat aoatk jj, Turner Um "sssssrz in iff rri Om mt, la aaVMiea a untf. ttnm tl Om Buta, la attvaao A rr MfV.

taiat and amataadi ta faWrlpg rtaif a I Ilium awria-an aaaald ataai si aa wall aa tw take to preseut witbiu the covers of one sark many unrelated subjects. Mai OM Btz OM Pot 44 One gets tbe distinct impression that Bet on is a diuu of intellectual liowers wbo has bee robbed of the intuitive sense of a story teller. Again it might be tiist be hss attempted CROPf THE FCITHB more than he can deliver. ew oerinauy JS just so mad sauerbraten. Another nation and it migw have been different.

When John, son iii- a recent speech referred to "semi-barbaric atrocities of hau. civilized Russia," the Soviet tin. bassy took the matter up with Mot. cow. But Moscow decided to 1m it ride.

CONFIDENTIAL reports from out representatives at Berlin elude few predictions beyond the 1. Hitler will take a more "mod. erate" course and swing to the caa. servative side. 2 The big flareup came witi the "purge." which was directed it attaining national solidarity and eliminated the most dangerota trouble-makers.

No general revo. lution is to be anticipated. 3. Germany will gradually mora toward a rapprochement with the rest of the world, upon which the is dependent for economic improve. BY H0DNEY DUTCHER AiEA fceevlre Blaff C'orreMpondent WASHINGTON Tbe dignified "diplomatic corps is still tittering, It's that Immortal line of Secretary Hull's in dismissal of German squawks against General Johnson's comment on Hitler's massacre "it was to be regretted that the posl tion in the government occupied by the speaker made it possible for remarks uttered by'him as an individual to be misconstrued ab official." That's the best gag in diplomatic history to a diplomat.

The oftener you read it. the better it gets. It's a great victory for free speech. And a staggering blow to oertaiii old State Department iussies who think an apology and a reprimand for Johnson were In order But the inside story is that Hull felt he had too many important things on his mind let him go fooling around with a nest of hornets somebody tossed him. If he lost any dignity in donning a mosquito net instead of tearing the thing open, that doesn't worry the courtly mountaineer from Tennessee a bit.

The State Department suspects nine out of ten Americana feel alioutrHitler just asJohnspn does. Any attempt to rebuke Johnson would have brought out a terrific roar. Hull knows it's just such silly little international incidents that lead to disruption of relations. Nationalist feeling in Germany is so hot and German leaders so anxious to capitalize it that Hull felt the situation was distinctly explosive. rpHEM there was Johnson to con- Neither of these judgments seem fair in view of the fact that he in the author of "The 'W Plan," which, by competent critics, was called the greatest spy story yet written.

Mr. Heton hiinxelf has been nn adventurer, soldier, journalist, historiou and secret agent. "Life Without Km!" is the story of a minister of the gos lit the soft reading lamp, set bureau and chest tons in order, laid out night clothes, slippers, dressing gowns. All these intimate things joined in reassurance. "We are here," they proclaimed, we have not moved nor' changed.

We offer you the comfort of our bumble stability." Commencement in Marburg was always strenuous. There were so many established customs, besides the annual Class Day, Founders Day, Commencement Day, so many returning 1 ii inn i. so many graduates' familfcs, that the faculty was in constant flurry to keep it going. This year, outwardly, was like other years. The president gave his garden party for reception for graduates and visitors.

The juniors had their firefight. The glee club gathered he-fore tbe Museum for their twilight concert of college songs. Tbe sophomores and freshmen played their annual baseball game and afterward the freshmen tore nil their caps and went the rounds of the faculty houses cheering and The seniors held their luimpier and dance. Through all these rsiu.l festivities there was a of c.i.lers, parents looking li" over lo. next year, old grads vvluJi rinj about in an expectant daze an.

I i atuoiically delighted when they found anyone who could recognize them, distinguish! guests who must be kept from being bored. Amy was accustomed to the routine from her childhood and had heretofore gone through it easily enough, constantly amused by its endless small importance, emergencies, pomposities, and naivetes. But this year, though she went the round conscientiously, keepiug tea table hordes in order, duty-dancing with sieechless, awkward youngsters, standing in receiving lines, smiling until her face was stiff, and listening to dull comments until her ears felt stuffed, she did it ouly with her surface consciousness, beneath which lay the dread she must enter as soon hh the week was over. She saw little of Howard except at a distance, on the speakers' rostrum, or piloting somoMlistingiiislied visitor's wife toward the refreshment tables. All their talk was of the little day-to-day happenings "Howard the president telejihoned.

Call him hack right away." "Howard, Professor El-let's luncheon is at one, but he wants you to be there early," and "Amy, don't you think this dress shirt will do for one more night'" or "It looks like the usual thunderstorm for the garden party." They spoke in casual easy voices, but their eyes avoided meeting. (Copyright, 19S4, by Sophie Kerr.) (To Be Continued) pel. It is more than probable that Mr Ketoa should have stuck to the fields he knows best. Yet, this last offering is not to be damned with a single breath. It has.

any novel must have to be pub lio by be. sid the Km Nbc the R4'l llf'l th. tb- ci lished, many redeeming (futilities There is some clear, and often pro found, thinking some clever quips. and some excellent descriptive work i It 'scSr a-js. but as a whole the facts are not sufficiently correlated to he convincing.

mcnt. Informed officials here insist that Hitler has represented his country', emotional reactions, embodying the popular aspirations for emotional and physical release. The question which most inter ests Washington Is whether Hitler, who has proved himself a great popular leader while making "cam. palgn promises." can now hlnaani Tbe piece is concerned with Hugh Richmond, patrtor, who diserts tbe cburcb enter the World War. There we see, him hurdling the wounded and dying bombshells shriek overhead.

We are to assume tbut the horrors-of war out as a guiding, responsible states completely changed a devout pastor man. ICopyrlght. 1931, NBA Service, Incj eider. The general is usually i Disastrous the drought bai been American houae-wlvee. eiuae for "worry abbot empty flour bint or noareity of bread.

While the estimated 1934 wheat crop baa been reduced 483.Wi2.000 bimh-ela drying wind of tbe middle went there still remain a sarplua of which tbe department of agriculture assures to imple to tide the nation over until tb 1835 Crop is ready for delivery. Only recurrence of catastrophic drought next year would be eause for concern, for even this year's yield is more than 0 per cent 6f the needa of the American prPle for seed; food and export. The situ-Stioa aa to Wheat is approximately paralleled by other erHla and live- atock. it With' harveatlrig 1 progrea throughout moat tbe nation the present statua of wheat and kindred products' isl definitely determined, bat what about the future At xtrcTHina rates of production veritable 'mountain! foodstuffs were being piled destined, it seemed, to te ultimately The people of the T'ulted Bfatei eould not possibly consume their stored foods even bad the eurplui been released to them free of tost. Had the excess been destroyed overnight little would have been accomplixbed, for the aew each year was greater than disposal.

Natnre has for the time accomplished more than the AlA-A. program could have don several years. The acreage redaction program can' be upeuded for a year, at least, but the danger of overproduction is not removed. Whatever may be doae' to facilitate distribution or improve economic emtditiona tbe rapacity of the Into a scientific freebooter, for that is what Hugh becomes shortly after he I the field trips and to start off with ty offered by the state of Oregon for the cougar. returns from the front.

He denounces religiou, i becomes surly toward bis bride of a few mouths, prates of sci-euctaud in general wakes of himself Rtl flU lie TJ tb KB Wl ra SOPHIE KERR'S GREAT NOVEL "STAY OUT OF IY LIFE!" By Sophie Kerr crop it is likely that most of the work will be done by local workers. So many bills are missing in some field that the total yield is certain to be below the average though pickers' paj will not he affected much. To balance a short yield to some extent, there are libertine odious to the people who once held bim in high regard. BEGIN HERE TODAY JANE TERRY New Ysrii de- Then for a space be flounders in HDP PICKING TQ SHI (II! 5 tenatn4 to thw Ker aai tows and vtpec- iallr AMY JACKSON that ihe c.n nuke a thought, trying iu vain to think through to a solution of his problem. Happiness, siloiig with all tbe mater ecss tier life.

Amy had ben her beat several new fields coming into bearing. There is also a large supply still in storage, so that the total number of bales under cover at the end of the season may not be much different from last season. ial things he once held sacred, has Mend until HOWARD JACKSON broke th enrartaient Jan foreed on him and married Amy. Uaabl to bear th iight of She wants to be home parly." So they left on this homely note. Itut out in the dark street Amy took hold of Howard's nrin, held it You want to go," she said sadly.

"I don't know. I'm cftught between the trnditional idea mid a sort of coimnoiiscusc. Kverytbing your mother said war is ghustly truth. There ought to be no war. It's an insanity.

Nevertheless, there's Aair aappintsa. Jane obtains a job in a deserted him. And iu the end he comes back on tended knees to embrace the Uod he previously denounced. New York real eatate offire. Libit, but di, what's the use!" "Yes, I know.

Y'ou told me once to deal with facts, not feelings and there's the war. and they want more men and Inre are you. And that's that! We'll take our little special va-cnti" through commencement and then dearest, we can plan. Howard, I'm glad it's settled. It's been so aw-ftil to feel your uncertainty and not say anything.

It divided me from you." Amy, you're never divided" from me. There's never been anything false or deceiving or untrue between ups and there never will lie. The only reason 1 kept still about enlisting was 1 wasn't sure, and it didn't seem fair to push my doubts off on you." He put his key iu the door and opened it with the last words. Instantly old Mrs. Peuree appeared at the head of the stairs, her bug iu her band.

"I'm all ready to go." she said in a loud hisper. 'The baby's slept as good as gold, only woke up once and wanted a drink of water. Now 8h ha an affair with ROGER THORPE who la msrritd bat tirva of him. When These is nothing wrong with the he often to hear tho expense of their Cougar Killed by Veteran Hunter in East Linn County theme Mr. Melon has chosen, in the bauds of a Galsworthy or a Uurdy It child the eontemtuoiralr diamiuea him.

might have been a novel -of the first magnitude. Hut the theme handled Mr. rkton. All tbe brilliant things be knew HARRISRCRG. July 27.

Special Hop lucking here will proliably start August lii, but the weather makes the date uncertain. As one grower says, this is an off year, and nobody knows what to count on. Some of the growers are talking a price of a cent a pound for picking but no definite announcement has been made, most of them waiting for a meeting soon in Eugene. Last year a cent was paid, though because of tbe high prices of hops then there was much grumbling over the price paid for picking. This year the price is much lower, ao well and wished to say, melted into Bhe ennfidea in Amr, realizins ahe ia her only friend.

Jane inaiata on giving her dmthter away and Amy takes tho child, aaoamiaiog never to rrveal its parentage. The baby ia named NANCY. For two years Jane ataya away from Bfsrharg. Then, on buaineas trip, ahe roes to Amy'a home and aaka to aee her dsushter. Amy ia afraid Jano will inaiat on takiai the child.

KOW GO ON WITH THE STORY hodge-fiodge of unconvincing ver biage. Mr, Kvtou, it seems, wua experimenting, nd grew a little bored with tbe experiment before it was umpleted. Iteiug bored himself it is not likely that the sweat he poured lee Cream must he delicate in flawrSTkets'wturt trutWanilia countsXlurfs where Schilling Vanilla counts. Schilling Vanilla C. Keeney of Philomath, veteran predatory animal hunter, has received a $10 bounty from I.inn county for the pelt of a female cougar killed Monday.

The cougar was slain at Carpenter Mountain, eight miles south Prairie in eastern. Unit. county. Keeney also claimed a $2 bounty on a bobcat, killed in April. The hunter uito "l.ife Without Knd" will ruise American Beanie to consume food don't say you're walking home with except fm contracts, and doubtless mo Vf T.i..l-...,n the temiMTsture of hia readers to the point.

uiiiiiw.u, itu A won i iei juu, nS'iuotly going to run off with a eirl less will be heard about pickers wages. CIIAl'TKU XXIV "1 can't stand these laiys enlisting," said Howard. They're so young." "More thiin half the graduutini; class," said Professor I.owe gloomily. "Lord knows how many of the under Growers are registering pickers is also eligible to receive a $20 noun now. Hecause of a shortage in the cannot be stimulated beyond a certain point.

Tbe bind that has been producing wUl presumably produce again, save'for that strip along the eOKtern slope of tbe Bocky mountains whoxe war goin? on anil this country joined in. Ought 1 to do my part in it. or ought I to stand out and protest and refuse to fight, he one of those freakish martyrs you know. Amy, they nre freaks in a way! You never can be quite 'convinced that they're great souls suffering for a principle. You always suspect If 1 did protest well, look at it on the practical politic side- I'd be kicked out of my job here in two minutes and I'd have an nwful lime getting another.

And by IM rather go and fight and be killed than to refuse and protest, if it didn't oiini' from an overpowering personal conviction that would make me willing to lose nil I have or hoiie to have rather than give iu. Do you sec''' 'Yes. I see. I do see and understand, Howard. Only "Only?" "I love you, I love you.

I live and breathe and move with you. When I think of you oh. Howard, suppose it was reversed and I was going into the most horrible deadly danger how-would you feel, what would you doV" "1 couldn't bear it." She did not answer, except by hold THK graduates. They're afraid it'll be over before they get in." llollywood RonrMp (OwmH, 1M4. by DaM Praia) yields hare always been spasmodic Tiny were Kilting in Professor my age, not in Marburg, nohow, liood-uight to both of you." And she whisked past them and down the path before they could do more thau say goodnight.

They went up hand in hand," like children clinging together against impending danger. Yet there was a relief in sharing openly what had been hidden. The quiet, accustomed room resisted the trouble of their minds. Mrs. Pcarep had taken the day spreads from the beds, turned down the covers, and which may soon be restored to pasturage that the area to the eastward may" be protected from dust HOIJ.rwoOD, July 27.

Maureen Lowe's study. Amy and her parents and her husband. The Sunday ninht music was over mid all the others had gone. Amy and Howard had stayed on. for the two men had some ar mi O'Suliivan, film star, today was en route to Ireland for a six weeks' visit storms.

Elsewhere irrigation in being with her -isiix-nta and, friends luam- extended stin further to augment crops. rangements to make for the next week's commencement exercises. One taia, a weddiuif ceremony. Americas demand for whest can be The actress left for Seattle by plauy if the Kpeakers hud failed them, and satisfied by the cult i vat Uu of G0.U00, here were problems of entertainment be considered, but faculty duties 000 acres producing at an average on the first stuge of her trip. One day ahead of her was John Farrow, screen writer, who planned a visit to Knglnnd.

were shortly dropjiwl for the otic overshadowing subject. Miss O'Sullivuu's closest friends in Mrs. wax knitting a stocking. rate of 15 bashels per acre. I'nless the trend of exports and population growth reversed even less would suffice.

Regulation of production was until recent time left to the lnw of sup first among thut deluge of amateur work which was done so eagerly by sisted that the two voyages would terminate in one honeymoon. COTY and BOYER women who longed to help and who Ueorge Bancroft, film actor whose ply and demand, but the expericuee kuew nothing else, and who toiled away at it to appease this longing, even when they felt sure of the re 17-year marriage to his second wife has been more or less of a model for of the last decade has proven Hint a lalssex fnire policy in agriculture will ing his arm closer. Presently he went on "Supopse we stop thinking about it until after t'ommeneeinetit's over. Then we'll have talk and decide. Something might come to change thiugs.

We can't, tell." "What's the use of pulling it off, Howard? You've decided now. You've decided to go. The only thing you haven't decided is how ami when." "I've decided this: if I go I want to try for the Aviation Corps, I 'may Hollywood, will confront his first sult's futility. Against the blind rhvthm of the needles her voice rang mate Thursday in an attorney's no longer stall. Nature's methods are harplv.

"This war tYuel. loathsome. too severe. So, while the problem at useless, stupid! People talk about the The strange meeting will come baud suay be solved the agricultural sacredness of mini life. There's about wbeu the actor and Mrs.

Kdua on Tire Sales adjustment machinery mny not luu( nothing less sacred, nothing more i. Ilancroft make depositions on court order. She charges that Ban 'heap today, lf we drove animals to be idle. aimless mutilation uud slaughter the croft never divorced her after their whole world would revolt against it. But these lire huintiu beings, so it marriage 21) years ago, and asks a mouth uliinouy.

KEEP THE RAILROADS loesn't be too old. But that's as far ns.lvc thought. We'll put all the rest off until after commencement. We won't of it. We'll pretend we don't know.

I'd rather have il that way. Oh. Amy. sweet, what else can I do? After all, I'm worth no more than any one else. If 1 don't do my infinitesimal share I'll always feel a dirty mark Amy stayed quiet, watching How Sol M.

Uistenblntt, divisionul nd- Recent application of the Southern ard, trying to keep nil expression from Pacifie railroad for permission to ah face. She knew that he had been miiiistrutur of NItA for the motion piitnre industry, is just "rheckiug things up" be admitted after his ar wondering, ever since America hud a noon tbe Toleno-iaqutna section ni rival frmi the east. its Albany-Vaquina branch has right joined the Allies, if be ought to enlist. He did not want to wait to be draft- ltosenblutt insisteil there was no ROUGES at LEE'S DRUG STORE fuHy aroused opposition here as well d. They bud talked about it very specific reason for his trip to filmhiud.

as around l'aquina bay. little. She had offered no objection. against me. You don't think 1 want to go, do you.

that I look forward to it iu any way? The whole thing gives me a curious- angry aniioyanei my work interrupted, submitting nnsef to tbe idiotic exactions of army disci-line which" are absolutely foreign to The proposal comes at a time when Uosita Moreno, film actress, is "do She left him free to make Ins decision. But it was tearing her heart to ing nicely." her physicians revealed Taquina harbor bids fair to undergo revival. Moreover an attemt is being agony. following an operation for the remov Mrs. T.owe went on "A war to end al of her appendix.

The actress con- natural living, nun worst oi all, to leave you. It was had enough to go otk war. What a ciitcii pnruse war made to interest the Southern Paeif in extending its line to Newport. tiuued film work for weeks deapili1 frequent attacks of appendicitis. breed war.

Here 1 am knitting lockings to put on ibe feet of oting man marching to bis death. We Considerable improvement hss been made on the bar by tbe government Bing Crosby's twins will be known TIRE PRICES have been so irregular and so abused during the past few years you hardly knew what to buy or how much to pay for a good tire GUARANTEES were used in an effort to fix tire values and how many of us were misled Guarantees never mended broken bones nor repaired wrecked cars, when these much-guaranteed tires failed they onl) repair or replaced the tire. J'ow all makes of tires are guaranteed. That does not make them any better. MILEAGE AND SAFETY are built into the tire and not on a piece of paiier you carry in your pocket FOR FORTY YEARS Kelly-Springfield has led the industry in giving you this mileage and safety.

Even back to the days of the rubber buggy tire, you always paid more for this Kelly quality. NOW TIRE PRICES have been stabilized destructive price cutting his been outlawed and you pay not one penny more for Kelly-Springfield tires than you pay for those tires that always sold for less. as Philip l.ang end Heuuis Michael. must keep bis feet warm us he goes. 1 am ashamed of myself and all the other women like inc." luring the last two years making tin harbor much better for boats of a commercial type to enter the harbor the crooner revealed today ss he practiced a few songs eu the fairly new arrival.

The buhies weigh within an ounce Amy kuew that ber mother was speukiua for her. ller mother felt all ord roues from the government of five pounds apiece. They knv heeu in inculiutors since their hirtn that she was holding back, wanted to give il expression, bring it into the light. Her mother, she thought understood so well, and never faib-d her. either by speech or silence.

engineers that further iuiiroveniesi will be recomniendod. The time will cojue when much of the products uow two weeks ago. T.UXMAN MAN WCTl KN being shipped out of tbe central Wil FROM KSTKUN OKKUON lamette valley to Portland and down tbe Columbia to the sea will go direct Frank McKnight of the Tallinan neighborhood who hat bTn spending "We put up statues of great generals- war memorials for their country." We ballyhoo patriotism and loyalty to the flag, noble nmlies. but il all comes down to old Sherman's wolds in the end War is hell." Hell for everybody concerned iu it." "My dear." said l'rofi ssor Ivvo. ly Tia the Yntiulna harbor.

Therefore the railroad should be inaintaiiwl the last I three months in Mai beur enmity, bis former hone, fm many years, visited Albany yesterday. even though there is but little for It now. He reports in the irrigated districts ii It i (I Mulheur county wonderful crops BUY THE BEST-GET KELLYS AND BE SAFE. wheal, com and alfalfa hay. In tin dry districts conditions are deplombb with tbe KtiM-k, men ineettus adwrs- (uuditioiiN diiiini the dry season and SEE THE NEW no feed for the winter.

There Are No Lower Prices Than Ourj Now Kugenr's h-egoa Trail pageant de-scree the support of Albany and her Bister towas of ta-cgou. It serves remind ua of what we have tbut our forefathers had not and to be more grateful to those who javd the way that our life's journey niay be the easier. IjrBANOX MAN FINFn FOR PLYM0UTH-fe5IX TODAY. r'IMUNt; WIT1I01T l.H EXSK your viiinKer ancestors are coming 0:11 strong tonight Of course it's the pageantry and the fake glory that keep war going' on. combined with the fait that the individual can make no effective protest.

Marching men hypnotise us. lf H'iice ever offers anything as rouMitg and as glamorous as a military parade wiih colors fhing and bands playing sod the long lines of men in time why, war's done for Amy could stand no more. "We must lie said. "Old Mrs. IVuroe is xtayiug sith Nancy and she hatis to be out Iimi lute," "I always offer to go home wit her." said Howard, "but that makes to bit at all.

$ke doesn't uu escort. usrreu Handle, l.ehanou servev station 0Mnitr, was fined f'JS ant costs yemeway aneruooti in justice With so many new boards at Wash court, after his arrest on charges Ralston Motor Co. i1 inttus, there shouldn't be aay trouble fishing without a license. Handle wa lit arrested at Big Lake, in the Caat-nd about plauki for platforms. by stale iire.

Hp plriideil guilty -J. P. ALYWARD, Proprietor aiMl prwtnptly peid his fiue after tb off Seventh and Lyon Streets Doilpo and Plymouth Cars- Thone 170 -Dodge Trucks PHONE 352 This country would be better Jvllb less liouor and more water. Kenteniv uuposed by Judge Victor Ul Second at Baker liver..

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