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Full Leased Wire mm UNITED PRESS Com i 1 county, DEMOCRAT-HERALD TELEPHONE NUMBERS News Call 16 Advertising and Circulation 15 State onm 4 w' th. pn. The Albany Democra srald, Vol. LXVII, No 298 ALBANY, LINN COUNTY. OREGON, SATURDAY, JUNE 30, 1934 The Albany Herald, Vol.

LIX, No. 283 REV. ESSON NAMED FLIGHT TO WARSAW THREATENED TRADE. Hitler Suppresses CONFLICT AVERTED ENDED BY ACCIDENT DOCK SHE rain DEADLOCKED LABOR DISPUTE BOARD NAMED BY PRESIDENT OFSOoffoED DANK DODDERS Brooklyn Bottlers Forced Millersburg Man Is Elected by 'Progressives' for Campaign in Linn Unexpected Compromise Ends Anglo-German Debt Dispute Down in France Far Short of Goal Nazi Storm Troops At Mutiny's Start German Chancellor With Clever Coup Quickly Nips Uprising Against Stahlhelm Organization Seven Leaders Executed Wife of General Victim Suicides and Killings Abound. PARIS.

Jdue 30. Benjamin and Joseph Adaniowii-x, Brooklyn bottlers. landed at Flers near Alcu-eou today far. short of their goal, which was Warsaw. Attempts to Bring Peace in Pacific Coast JVIillion-Dollar-a-Day Walkout as Yet Fail.

LONDON. June 30. The threatened Anglo-tierman trade war, due to begin nt midnight, was believed a vested today in a last minute compromise. After a jiessimistic session In which the British and German delegates i-peared farther apart than ever, the parley suddenly took a more cheerful its three days' labor appeared to have been successful. Executive Order Creates National Relations Commission Under New Congressional Act.

Outlaw Identified as Leader cf Gang That Slew Policeman and Escaped With Money. Neither of the brothers was injured. although they were obliged to make a forced lauding and their plane was damaged in the descent. They had left Harbor Grace. N.

ARMED STROKE NEAR yesterday, their Kellnnea monoplane, "The City Warsaw." DESTINY IS OUTLINED DESCRIPTION IS GIVEN 1 he fliers were fyrced to land be INN Si cause of gasoline shortage. The fliers were helped by villagers. Roosevelt Says Trio Will Vice-President Recognizes Itev. Albyn Ksson of Millersburg. was last night to head a campaign in l.inu county in behalf of Senator Peter Zimmerman, independent whose candidacy for the governorship of Oregon was launched at a "progressive" meeting held at Salem Monday.

Itev. Essen was named county chairman at a meeting of Linn "Pro-grissivcs-' held last night at the city hall to organize for the ciimpnkn. Representatives from Albany, Seio, Lebanon, Peterson's Butte, ltiverside. and Millersburg testified that they and their communities were strong for the progressive ticket. 1'.

A. (lalleghly of Scio. secretary of the l.inu County Fanners' union, announced that Senator Zimmerman is scheduled for his first public address in l.inu county. July 14. at the Salt Lake school Lacnnib.

The morning will be devoted to a business meeting of the Farmtjs' union, picnic lunch at noon and an address by Mr. Zimmerman in the afternoon. A. ('. Hey man in Chair The meeting last night was called to order by A.

('. I Icy man, who stated its piii-jsise to the effect that since who found them wandering in the San Francisco Ship Owners Plan to Use Force men after the occupation "You may ace some disturbance during the day. You are advised that they are not to be published in Germany." Ordinary storm troopers, the men who took Hitler to power, knew nothing of the turmoil in the upper ranks. Tney knew there was an argument but they did not know Hitler's political life was at stake. Occasionally one of them would fields.

The Adaniowicza explained they Investigate and Control Criminal Two Officials (Br Uniu4 Prat Leu'd Win) BERLIN. June 30. With crushing severity, reminiscent of the 'French reign of, terror. Chancellor Adolf Hitler's government tonight crushed an incipient revolution and summarily executed seven of its leaders. After the killing of Kurt Von Schleicher, militaristic leader of the Ueichswehr, who died, with his wife in bis home while resisting arrest, Ihe nnii high command lined up seven of its enemies unci put them to death LOS ANGELES needed gasolilie.

Gendarmes went to the field and in in Schism Develops Ranks of Workers. All Wage and Employ ment Disputes. Wounded Shooting in Center of Town. spoeted the plane. "You were lucky to escape," they said.

"Only the best of piloting could have averted a serious LOS ANGELES. June 30. A bar accident." The fliers said they believe the dam rage of protests against the announced intention of a medical journal to recommend that tourists avoid I.ns Angeles during the current infantile par walk in the crowd In his uniform aqd give his Nazi salute to a state police age to the plane could be repaired by SOI'TII ltEND, June 30. In-formation supplied by the department of justice today made it almost certain WASHINGTON. June .10.

Roosevelt in an executive order this evening, but thnt they would not man on guard. In many instance, the police did not return the salute; alysis epidemic was filed by health that John Dillinger headed the pia- attempt to fly to l'aria until tomor row. today created the National Labor Re-latious board under the labor disputes Around the streets patrolled mora and civic leaders today. clune gunners who held up the Merchants national bank here; killing a and more Reiehswehr men. It waa ob Ilr.

George M. I'arrish, city health The brothers were forced to descend nt 3 p.m. In the landing which officer, A. (J. Arnoll, secretary of the vious some had been imported for the emergency.

policeman, wounding two bonk officials and escaping with $1.1,000 to handier of commerce', and others pro was in a small field in the coiuiiiuut- tested against any such suggestion ap Goering In Command Supplementing them were the Stat statewide expressions of dissatisfaction with the candidates for governor pearing in the American Medical asso 23,000. Leo Berner, assistant chief of po of Saint Andre de Messei, near Flers, their rear landing carriage was broken. They hope to proceed to Ee Hourgct field in Paris, tomorrow. ciation's journal. police and the crack 8S men.

These I'arrish. in a telegram to Dr. Morris lice, said he learned from federal agents that Dillinger was seen passing had rifles slung from their shoulders. of the two major parties have been voiced by a large number of Oregon citizens, their protest resulted in the progressive convention at Salem on Fishbein, editor of the journal, urged through Gary this morning. He was They are not supposed, under the Versailles treaty, tu be armed.

that no such policy be taken because in one two carloads of gangsters the epidemic "is "extremely mild witti Goering, war hero like Hitler Wa Tl headed toward South Hend. by shooting. A firing squad traditionally is reserved for "traitors." Among the seven high officials executed were Edmund I clues, storm troop lender, anil Kuril Ernst, commander of the storm troops at Brandenburg. Thi other five officers who were shot to death nt the end of a bloody day, were August Sclioidhiiber, chief group leader of the storm troops at Munich, Wilhelm Scliinid, group leader at Munich. Huns Peter Heidebreck, group leader at Puinmeraniii.

Count Sprete, sub-group leader at Munich. Wilhelm Ilayu, chief group leader of Snxopy. Ernest Roehm. chief of Btuff of all Reiehswehr units, the roinmnnitu said, conspired with Voh Schleicher and representatives of a foreign power unnamed and it was intimated they hoed to overthrow Hitler. Von I'lipen Watched It was reported reliably thnt Baron anil tile ununinious noniina-liou of Peter Zimmerman for govern only'10 deaths." put in supreme command here.

Hitter C. W. Coen, vice president of the bank, said he recognized the leader of was at Munich, directing operations. or. Itev.

Albyn Ksson of Millersburg CHICAGO. June Morris As it seemed that the still-born the gang as John Dillinger'. Fishbein, editor of the American Med tiny was over, Goering announced; was elected county chairman. In his at ptantv speech. Air.

Ksson declar GETS 575,000 icul Association Journal, today reu The occupation cam like liihtnin. "If Dillinger loaks anything like his pictures," Coen told Press, "he was the first man to walk nited his advice to tourists not to ed I hiit the method employed by the without encountering resistance any Kike children into California at thr progressives nominating Mr. Zim where. The rank and file of the storm into the bank. net, composed of Lloyd Harrison of Wisconsin, chairman: Henry Alvin Mills of Illinois and Edwin S.

Smith of Massachusetts. The existing national labor board, beaded by Sen. Robert F. Wagner, N. was abolished, effective July by the new order.

President Roosevelt described his action as establishing upon a firm statutory basis the additional machinery by which the government will deal with labor relations, and particularly with difficulties arising in connection with collective bargaining, labor elections and labor representation. "This Mr. Roosevelt explained in a statement, "is given the power to make investigations, to hold labor elections, to hear eases of discharge of employes and to act as voluntary arbitrator. "In addition, the board is authorized to recommend to the president that in such cases as they deem it" desirable existing labor boards such as the industrial board already created in the cotton textile industry or the petro-Iviuu industry, and such as the various regional labor "Boards, should be reestablished under the authority of the joint resolution just passed by congress and approved by me on June and also to recommend that nil- present time because of an infantile paralysis epidemic. "Apparently they didn't notice me troops knew nothing of the cam that was being played.

They remain loyalv to the leuder Hitler as before. PORTLAND, June 30 In as they passed by and I ducked be Dr. Fishbein said he had received a conjunction wilh the niilionnl forest hind my desk. Hut I didn't get excited merman was entirely legal anil absolutely in accordance with the Oregon primary law. Mr.

Ksson depicted in concise terms the unsatisfactory conditions at the present time. He said the people of Oregon and the na protest from Dr. George M. I'arrisli, service and the federal bureau of pub The leuder has shown treat pa and I recognized Dillinger positively. Los Angeles health officer, against up lic roads, the state highway commis I got a good look at tience.

But he also hat demonstrated that be can be hard when it I neei editorial in the journal issue of June sion has tentatively nlhitted the Policeman Howard Wagner, 32, was tion are passing through a process of sary. 23 itr which tourists were warnc against visiting the city. shot to death by the bandits us he ran change in thought and ideas and out "I think you gentlemen know me toward the bank while they were com of this change mustoome some changes Fiuna Von Papcn, vice chancellor and like Schleicher former chancellor, was under surveillance. ing out. that I do not use kid gloves.

I say that the rank and file of the storm troop, are entirely loyal to their leader. The Cashier Shot Down in government. Others Speak Other speakers were: MISS DELED Inside the bunk, the gang shot down Police were detailed to the vice- storm troops never bare been; and chancellery tin occupation in fact if jiwos oen, casiner. and son of tin1 A. C.

Heyman. who that he vice president, and Perry G. Stanley, not by official udmissiou, never, will be an end. In themselves. They are an Instrument of the prin could not conscientiously cast a ballot for cither of I he old parly candi- another vice president.

Neither was Thus came to a head in a series of ciple of national socialism. wouuiIhI seriously. sweeping and bhsiily maneuvers the AT LAST TALKS Our task now Is to replace those Caught in the cross-fire on the street (PImV Turn to Pa. Twni unrest anil sporadic grumbling which has tested the strength of the Naai (Bt T'ntteJ Prm Uuti Win) SAX FRAN'CISCO. June Negotiators attempting to bring peace in tin' Pacific roast's million-dollnr-n -day maritime workers' strike wen- still a deadlock today.

Little hoe of settlement was s-en before when San Francisco ship owners, whose coastwise ami oriental commerce lias been tied ii since workers struck May planned an armed attempt to smash the waterfront blockade. A schism broke out in the ranks of the longshoremen leaders, stalemating farther the efforts of president labor Inward to bring peace between embroiled workers ami their employers. failure of the board to fin.l common ground for a settlement, and the strikers inability to agree among th. m-wlves, snarled the situation. The mediat.on board was- not expected to meet today unless union leadcis solved their internal disagreements and decided definitely on their demands.

Vote Considered the board, headed by Archbishoj Edward .1. Huiiua. considered a general vote by districts on the cpiestiou of giving the board powcr-tii arbitrate the longshorcim ditfi-etillies. The.board asked the Jntercia-tiipiial Lonichoreni'Mrs Association's xcciitive committee to put the question to a lint I lit- eii.ioiiittce i- fllSCll. It was understood, however, that Hie committee agreed to allow Ihe hoard to tae the initiative in ir -Mutiny Ilie' question but was unwilling lo assume 4lie usponsihility of placing the longshoremen's fate ii, I ne board's hands.

The schism in the ranks of the longshoremen negotiators developed around Ilnrry Bridges, "left leader who has aete.l as chairman oi the longshoremen's strike committee. Members of the 1. 1.. A. executive committee told Bridges definitely to "shut tip and stay shut." Crisis l)eeios The crisis developed at a meeting with the mediation board when A.

M. Peterson, San Pedro longshoremen's executive committeeman, told the general assembly thitt Utilises had no right to speak for the district and he was 'going too Archbishop Ilannn and other labor hoard members asked strike representatives to refer the lti agreement, involving control of hiring balls iiiul union- recognition, to its membership again. The proposal was rejected definitely by all except Bridgis, To the amazement of others, he approved the plan. Other members of the longshoremen's committee charged Bridges deliberately was obstructing negotiations and his approval of the proposal- to refer the June lti agreement to the rank and file was prompted by his desire to again lead i I'isJ't against it. misguided with loyal ones.

was Jacob Solomon who was shot in the back. He and the two wounded dional boards of a similar character "Hitler hopes to speak to the nation chancellor's regime in recent weeks. bankers were taken to a hospital. Storm troop headquarters all over SANTA I5AKI5.MIA. June SO.

tonight, It he ran not he will do so tomorrow. should be newly created." The president explained in his statement that the existing national labor 'They shot them down in cold Marie Dressier, beloved veteran ot "Perhaps you have noticed that to 134 forest highway funds provided for ill the Hayileli-Cartwiight bill recently passed by Congress together with an additional savings from last year's allocation. The allotment to Individual highways is as follows Alsea, oiling tl.ti miles Siuslaw, oiling 10.11 mili-s liainroack and Junction wilh Oregon Coast Highway, Willamette, grading .1 miles. Diamond LukeV surfacing 11.4 miles, (11.1,000; Saiitiain, grading 4 miles North Santiam gradiug 3.5 miles Weston-Elgin, grading 7.3 miles, bridges between Castle ltock und Dolph, For surveys and maintenance is appropriated. Owing to the fact that Oregon's npimrtionincnt of forest highway funds litis apparently been reduced from 11 per.

Cent to 8.7 per cent of the total national allotment the highway commission has decided that before definitely adopting the above forest highway program it would file a protest against the percentage reduction. blood," (he elder Coen suiil. 'They the country were occupied by State police or gendarmes, HS troops the picked, hluck uniform bodyguard unil.i tage. and screen who lies dying here board was abolished, effective July the man in the street nothing has hap- didn't have a chance. They offered no lieued.

Thnt shows you we resistance." in the cottage of a fr.end, emerg-d today from the. coma of the past three days. i "but the new national labor relations board will have the benefit of the ex of the storm troopers and Reiehswehr soldiers. II SHOE quickly. The bank is located in the heart of pert personnel of the old board and of We proceeded simultaneonsly Following what her physicians de There were reports from some places such of the subordinate regional labor the South Hend business, district and South Rend is only a few miles from Crown Point whence Dillinger fled in scribed as a restful night, Dress of disturbances, which meant fights hoards as it may deem necessary." ngoinst mutineers and reactionaries.

We have known for weeks that a small clique of the storm troop gen- if the mutineers to resist arrest. Ernest Roehm, Hitler's close friend. "One of the most important features ier awoke to recognize attendants and whispered a word of greeting, the first word she has spoken in 10 days. his sensational jnilhreak last March nil staff was attempting lo mislead If the identification of the outlaw chief of staff of all N'nui storm troop of the new arrangement," the president said, "is that the national labor rela the men and effect a second Nasi revo Her. return to consciousness aston as leader of the gang is correvt the units, was dismissed from the party indicalioii is that he has relumed In and his post and was arrested.

lution, overthrow the state and establish their own little ridiculous government. ished her physicians, who had feared that she would not from the coma into which she slipped last the midst of highly armed sector to Also arrested were Karl Ernst, com tions board and all subordinate boards will make regular reports through the secretary of labor to the president." "This executive order, I believe, perpetrate a characteristic bold conn mander of storm troops in Branden Hitler decided to make an example The bandits curried machine gun burg state, mid others. All face couit Thursday. The "gram! old trouper" is dying of Roebm and bis satellite at Munich. marks a great steo forward in and flourished automatic revolvers martini.

It has been nroved that those who ministrative efficiency anil, more im of a malignant disease she has fought Coen said. Lutze Succeeds Roehm portant, in governmental policy raise their hands against the third Dillinger was the first man to enter Viktor Lutze wits at once named to with rare heart for the past two years. The end may be several days away. labor matters. It meets the universal Reich will lose their heads.

the bank, he so id. More than succeed Roehm. demand not only of employers and of Goering fur the occasion wore hi her physicians said, or less; hardly had been delivered to the hank just Hitler made emergency plans to ad- employes but of the public, that the more. Her friends, however, clung to Mrs. Coolidge Silent Regarding Rumor of Plans for Marriage lrcss the nation over a wireless hook before the bandits' raid.

Apparently steel blue flyer's uniform. He was accompanied, significantly, by Reiehswehr officers and his own men. the slimier hope that once again her they had been waiting outside up tonight. machinery for adjusting labor relations should be clarified so that every fighting heart might bring her through Schleicher was indicated to have the currency arrived. person may know where to turn for William (iiK'ppert.

a resident of Albany for many years, shot- himself through the bead, at 2 o'clock this morning, us he stood in his bedroom in his reside! at Last Second street. He died almost instantly. Ooeppert used a 3K calibre Ivor-Johnson revolver to fire the fatal shot, lie placed the muzzle in the middle of his forehead, equidistant and a little above his eyes. Hearing the shot, Mrs. L.

Martin, a nurse who is attending Goepperl's invalid wife. rushed to the room, where she found Goepiiert lying on the floor. She called the police and Coroner E. C. Fisher, who made an examination and removed Ihe body to the Fisher Hraden funeral home.

Gneppert'was employed as teamster by various Albany firms in his younger days, but more recently he lias been night watchman at several Albany manufact living plants. lie is survived by his wife, one daughter. Mrs. Bnslo Wells of 'Albany and several grandchildren. No arrangements lm! been made for Ihe funeral at all early hour th.s afternoon.

Also significantly. Dr. Paul Joseph as it did Thursday, when she fought down a seizure which had turned her tried to take advantage of a crisis in the troop ranks to effect a coup. the adjustment of grievances. Gocbbels, minister of propaganda, tbn fiery orator whose "anti grumbling face a deathly blue before it Ivas Involved also seemed those left wing The members of the board will receive a salary of $10,000 a year, and ill devote their full time to the work.

campaign precipitated the crisis, was Nazi leaders who slurted it nil by their criticism of conservative elements in not present, nor -were any of bis officials. NORTHAMPTON. June 30. Mrs. Calvin Coolidge, widow of the former president, refused today to comment on recurrent minora that she soon might wed again.

FORD ASKS FOR IRA APPROVAL tho country as grumblers. Hitler rap 2-Year-01d Boy Lost idly revised his tactics. Socialists to Hold He had ordered all storm troopers For 2 and Half Hours A maid at the Coolidge home, The to lake a month's vacation starting at midnight tonight, while lie considered Heeches, carried a message to Mrs. Coolidge and returned to say: "Mrs. Coolidge told me to tell you she had nothing -to suy." Picnic July Fourth In Park at Albany their reorganization.

WASHINGTON. June 30. The Itoehni, their commauiler, demanded Rumor that Roehm had been killed or executed forced the bureau of propaganda to announce that "contrary to erroneous reports, Roehm it still alive." The exact number of arrest and suicides was not available, and it was not known how many had been, summarily executed, if any. "Those involved In the revolt," officials of the propaganda ministry in- (PUM Turn to Pa Two) Is Finally Recovered A tiny tow-hea ded hoy, not "yet two yeurs old, created considerable excitement in the south end of the city this Ford Motor company today sent a cer. a showdown lit a conference lit Munich yesterday.

lie got it. Hiller, hearing of their plan to mil Socialists and friends of the Wil morning when he toddled away from tiny specifically to suppress the Stahlhelm or steel helmet of war vet his mother and became lost. He dis lamette valley will assemble in Bryanl park in Albany for an all day picnic July '4. RAIN RELIEVES MID-WEST HEAT erans summoned ell storm troop appeared at 11 o'clotk and was not On Strike Left WASHINGTON, June Only "tie major strike threatened the nation's industrial iience today as conflict, all along the labor front reacted favorably to federal mediation. Mediators settled the Milwaukee I'tilities strike aftes several days of rioting.

The settlement was a complete A number of socialist speakers from restored to Ins mother until ufler 1 o'clock this afternoon. Mother and Members of Church At Crabtree Will Go To Turner Tomorrow leaders there. Coup Executed They went inside this morning over tne state are sciioiuieu lor friends searched in vain for and speeches. tificate of compliance to the national recovery administration, General Hugh 8. Johnson' announced.

The certificate complies with the automobile code which Ford heretofore had refused to accept. The certificate was accompanied by a letter in which Ford told Johnson he would comply with all code provisions. The letter has been submitted to Assistant War Secretary Harry H. Woodring. The submission of Ford's compliance certifii-ate brings to an end the long legal wrangle over the Detroit automobile manufacturers bidding on government contracts.

Reiehswehr and armed SS men quietly Free coffee will be nerved to those feared that be had tumbled into the Mountain States Power company can surrounded the building. Machine guns who bring their lunches. The socialist party has been circu CHICAGO. June 30. Scattered turned out toward the street.

It wis 7 rrf flllffs thiindershowers brought partial relief al, despite the fact that it is protected with a high, tight wire fence. Just before noon the little fellow IFIHm Turn to Psss Two) a coup, but by Hitler. luting a slate wide petition to get legal standing on the ballot and the re- to a sun-scorched nation today and He had foujid the SS men, the state checked a mounting death list. appeared at the home of Mrs. Otto police gendnrmes, as highly discip (liiired jininlier of names are now Light rains drove the mercury down LuiKe on South Ferry.

Mrs. Iniu-i lined as the army, and the army itself and nominating conventions will be in central Illinon after five consecu look him in and (and for him until were loyal to him. ailed soon to place socialist candi AUNT HET BY ROBERT QUILLEN she located the mother. lie ordered that the storm troop dates in the field for state and other tive days of 100-degrec temperatures. Springfield reported NO degrees wilh The mother is Mrs.

Hanson of Port vacations should start ut noon today offices. further relief sight. land, who is visiting at 1103 South Mislead of at; midnight. The wave was broken by thunder- At V2 p. m.

Hitler's new force, Washington street. The lad answers the name of "'Sonny." showers in Indiana last night aft Portland Boy Who Could Not Swim Is Drowned in Rapids cooperating for the first time in the ight deaths in 12 hours. Cooler 17 months of Nazism as a unit behind CKXRTRKE. June SO (Sieeiall There will lie no regular Sunday school or church services at (he Crab-tree Christian church next Sunday. July 1.

"ii account of ihe Turner convention. Those wishing to attend the conference having no way to go will be at the church by o'clock Sunday morning. A truck will be provided take those who to go. No transportation clmrges are to be made Women have Ih-ci, asked to take an extra siimiwich. Residents Warned to Cut Grass on Vacant Lots to Avoid Fires ROCK WRECKS SERMON GIVEN the leader, began moving quietly weather was forecast for the week-end.

Chicago wn overcast today with BY MINISTER AT IKABTKEIi through the streets here and in other towns to occupy storm troop bead- mercury at SO degrees and a cm1 week end expected. CUARTHEK, June 30. (Social) quarters. There was no relief, however, prom A farewell sermon was given Sun S. P.

FREIGHT lSy inid-nfternoon Capt. Hermann OREGON CITY, June 30. Russell Lutes, 14, Portland, lost his life iu turbulent rapids of the Clack ised for the eustern seaboard. day evening by Kev. Roy Isaacson at GiKTing.

Hitler's chief aide, was able to announce the church services. Mr. Isdavson bus asked for tbre amas river near a 'Hoy Scout camp late Friday because be couldn't swtm 'The second revolution bos begun and ended. Hitler is stronger than months' leave of absence in order to BANKRUPTCY The youth waded along the shore to gA to California where he assist Bt tTnited Tnm Vtmm4 Wif KI'GKNE, June 30. A South i ever." It all happened so quietly that non BEVERLEY HILLS, CaL, June 30.

And they lay to rest Jimmy Wedel), He died as a sol- dier iu the discharge of hi duty, for be was teaching somebody else how to fly. When you realixa aviation is the greatest advance-" ment in our times, and America is spending the most money, yet our whole government, whole army, whole navy, bad to wait see how fast they could fly, till -Jiminy Wedell (through bia own personality and personal honesty got financial hacking from a generous and public-spirited Mr, Williams) would make the plane. Who knows but what aviation might not be permanently set hack 100 mile an hoar, throush Ihe loss of this fellow with the knowledge that was buried with him? Such men should be grabbed up at once and put into our government service. He had one thing that was in keeping with all great, aviators and that was his modesty. Yours, i ul sSJH I'tflttH.

Ua. Jj his brother wilh some carpenter wors cm Pacific freight train, en route at Stockton. 'al. Mr. and Mrs.

I-nn in the streets of Berlin knew what it smith, was wrecked near Jas r. son and children eiM-ct lo have earfy was about. earlv today when a iJO-foot boulder this week. Children played in the streets just Albany eitizens having vacant lots and other on winch there is toppled on to the track. ward the camp's awiuiniiug hole until he apparently became confused ami ventured into deeper water.

The current deposited him ill a pool and he sank. Edward scoutmaster, and fNcnut Jay Elbert, 10, attempted to rescue Lutes almost at. the cost of Elliert's life. The body was recovered, but efforts at resuscitation were futile. outside the cordons of the new Hitler Fin-man J.

K. Collier was reported DEI.INQI K.T 1930 TAXES a growth of grass ami weea. with the city ordi- men around the mutineers' headquar injured when the engine struck tb' NOW BEING DISTKllU'TEI) ters. Townspeople passed by on their U. older.

Four car in the train were i io.vir.2 the same removed from the property before it Ironies damaged, although the engine did not leave Ihe track. Distribution of V.KH tax collections way home or to the country, wondered mildly and kept on. It did not b)k like a mutiny. It might have been Just on.) increases the tire mizan. and payment on deliniiueiit The block signal system was not ia' ihe 'city limit.

The city council nt to discommode any taxes was made yesterday afterioxm another of the many mysterious Nazi damaged by the impact of the btiolder by Amy Ross, deputy sheriff iu'ehag moves thut do not reach the news and the signals were not act against WASHINGTON. June 30, President Roosevelt tislny signed the Fra-Kier-Ijchinke farm biinkriilcy hill, di-signed io aid insolvent farmers in sent, ing down their tremendous debt burden. He also signed the measure pr vnling for uniform pensions for railroad workers. The president at the same time named J. A.

Moffett as administrator of the bousing get, "I ain't no doctor, but I believe most suicides could o' been prevented by a dose o' liver medicine." (Copyright, 19S4. Publishers 8jndiet) of tax collections, to Grover 1'. papers here though they are known to it. it was- reported. one insists that this ordinance be complied with for the common protection 'i vear.

it is alleged, GRASS FIRE PI T-OCT A grass fire on the old Albany college grounds at Ninth and Ellsworth streets called out the fire department at 5:1.1 yesterday afternoon. The firemen put out the hluxe before it spread fur euuugh to do any damage. Two trains from the south, the Cas the world outside. (ioering Talks cade limited and No. IS, will be de entirely disregard this Xnm-c, county treasurer.

The tax distribution was and Ihe collection amounted to plus interest. It was typical of eondilions that laved until about 7 p. as the track important ordinance during the dry will not be cleared before toca. Uoriii( said in hi talk to newspaper aeasoa..

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