Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon on March 2, 1931 · 6
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Albany Democrat-Herald from Albany, Oregon · 6

Albany, Oregon
Issue Date:
Monday, March 2, 1931
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. - r, ..'A "' t mx a r b b to o wf . r e l'o , art fe t tt r , OREGON r it ones r 'i ji : : . - I - --. y and Robin Reed to Battle iii Moose GymTkkt r h . a" " " ; ' i - - ' ' " " ' v v - - ; - : r . j HAT CLASSIC TO BE SEEN BY HUGE CROP "': . ' " ' jlMMit in the annual turn allow and Arrangement were complete today military toiiriinnicnf which will takej for tontaht'a bin Kohin Heed-Henry place on April 10. She is fin of five. Jonea wrextlina matrh. j w omen rider who cniiieted iu th With toe wrewtline. roniniiminn pick-' hon,e Khow here laMt year. Two year ; ins Matt Mat hen of Albany to re- ao die won third place in the four It-re the bout, the final- bit of pre- foot open jumping elae. ' I paration waa done. Mnthcny waj Knch tpriiiit iImr event hu been! drafted over bin own pmteat, after he gaining in popularity. I,at year th' hid submitted the name of five pro-' program nimitcd of a mow-Hi ride. Oiinent refereea and wreKtlera to the.nten'it and women jinnping. parade ciHnisinHion. (of prize utm-k. hiIo hciidine. infantry 'A apecial event between lie Net-; maxa calimt i.n. and pair jumping. sou. clever Albany fireinnn. and lr. : Miw Hemii'tt is Ibe ireidcnt of Kbuinan of Vinniiea, will add to the IMta Zeln, tuilinmil wainl sorority. wreNtlinR menu wbieb the - manage- 'vice-president of the Th.'ta Siicmti I'lii. mimt ia diabiiw ont for tlie enjoyniene'womeii'ii journalism honorary, and of th mat fana. Thin will lie a 4.V 'wcretary of lie'euor clasn. aiinute bout nnd it will iminiKlialely i , prwMle the bin event nnd will start a mun aa the preliminarily an' over. Itoora will oh ii at 7 o'clock iirMcad of J.'itO aa la the UHiial tiraciii-e in onk'r to facilitate the handling of the crowd. The Sfctoae lodge ia ercctin( a liune block of extra bleachera in an effort to xive aeati'nf aei-oininoUationa to the (una. The bleacher luiilcr the balcony and the firat two rowa of ritiKxide rata have beeu reaerved and are being aold by nuinliera. . Judieationa that the affair will he enmnlere ticlrnt Udll.nttt were evi-i.1- I lent Ihia morntnn, aa order continued , ,'n,"1""l,1,,"l'- j to iMiurn from the ouUide, from Sil- 1 IliiKKie. winners of the norlh-verton. alem. Kugetie. Corvallia. 'liviwon tille with 14 victories Ubanou and other point". Albany!"1" "f 1,i tanies. will meet lb- I ni-( fnna begatr buyhig rapidly this morn-, 'rs"y f Cnlif. mia at Seatih'. llarr li ing. too, and reaerved seals were go-;' 1 n'"' i Jllg like hot-akea. I California is the., favorite. The ,, lWith principals In the main event ; Hears, timb r C.iach Xibs Price. Kti rt-1 were here yesterday. Henry Jones "I slowly and disastrously, -but i-hm-1 ame up from Eugene, where he bat-i"' the season with a slushing offended In a mixed event last Friday j t''"t snatched the southern divi-1 night and today he was resting for, sion title from Southern California.! Ilia big effort. Robin Reed cans. itrjTiie Hiars won six and lost three. from MeeilsiH)rt wltb Mrs. Rwl and! In 1!2S Washington lost two ( Ibe two left late in the day for l'ort-1 land. They were scbeiluled to return : to Alhanv earlv tiulnv ho thnt Itohi-n i can snatch aoine relaxntiou before he rliDiba through the ropes shortly after 0:15 tonight. ISoth gladiators are in the pink of condition aa they have been wrestling regularly for mouths. Both an- ready to deliver all they bare and tonight's match will be a battle between two of the fastest, most scientific and heady Vrestlers in the game. J Kana are asked to reinemlH-r I lie early nietiing of the gym, 7 o'clock instead of 7 :-'), . rtU:!- Portland Girl Betters Own Record for Outside r Loops in an Airplane j ,, ,r HI HilANK. r.i I.. Man h . oinen'a record for outsiile, loopn an Rirninne nwil at a tl. The ! liark waa ti at a Red Cri. air Mr-1 r.i. here Hnmliiv !. itlie. ' Ihinithi ' lereu iter previous reennl of five .w Blade a week ag. She . the first yuiiian to liinke an outsUie loop. j Brushing Up Sport ASEBALL'S 1GGEST ONERS ' 3 'V- - -. t : - n '.ONE1LL- ' ' " - - . . -KaaA cloT X SOUL IM HP I :5sV7 N? -.-PARK. HoTCBO it'..... J0m-: ' .... v. ; ..; : ( REACHES J : rfl "' AST ( , "JAW --sO Gets AIL liC & I,? r,CCUf Whe" h ,mi"ed Mri ont- cond. A base hit then scored both and Cleveland apparently won, 5 to 4. The two illegal runs were discovered that night by a Chicago newspaperman, going over his box score. The Sox protastad and IVfiident Ban Johnson ordered th game replayed. Albany Girl to Take Part in Annual a S.C Horse Show April 10 OUKtiOX f TATK CIHAMIK. 'orvallia, March 'i Mary Hetmeli of of Albany, itenior in vocation educa- itinii at (treanii Hlate rolle, will iiar- HUSKIES WILL i BATTLE BEARS (Br IlnltrJ ftn, Unri Win.) ! t roliTI.AMt. .r.. March i The j j I nivcrsity of WashipKlon tislny pre-j (pared for the fourtb suci-ssive cffti't j to win the I'acific const basketball , straight to Southern Califon-ia ir playoff nt I,os Anael-s. lie follow iinr 1 venr the Huskies drointeil Iw-i slrailit to Ciilifornin and in 1!M0 lost two out i of three to Southern Califoriila. j WashliiL-ton closed its sca-cn at Moeii w Salunhiy uiht by di fi ri'iig Idaho. 41 fo .'. (Iregou Slate colbye j defeated Orecon, o(i to JT. in III" linal game n( Kugeue. The teams split ia four-game scries. BOBBY JONES IN PICTURE LAND (My I (aim rM I ! Win.) nm.i.vwtioii. i iii.. .Mincii I lHrt re .Iniic. the wurM s ire- mier aoller. mn in llillywnid toihiy reiolv to lo uhllt he cull!!l lite - TefnMivi o keei his i'liiiiitr.vniru tul i Of Itw. hllltkcrM lltlli :lll lr:llN lu.vt ' Ktminwr." .1 arrivml vc-oci-.l.n I., n,t- 12 rt nii 'uris for' .Waruei ' Hi .Hi. rs i 'lie -"( The xlitdlo plan, tc coiM,.-i, seri.'e within six weeks and ;tie ( nlil lie golfers ..r t!. TWO UMPIRES, two managers and 58 on a very stmple pay m Chicago on the ijio season. As a result the ... j . , . . a mi vui vi iin records and the two teams had to play a double-header on the final day. With a runner on first and one out, Steve O-Nailt of the Cleveland' club struck out. The final strik u,. . .im ti.. first galloped to th rd anrl nM;n HORNSBY ANDSONGET CUBS STARTEaBJQHT j z v. i " V-J j I-i v --7 "O - Si 1 1 If yon don't believe that spring is just nlsoit iiere. glance at these pictures the photos from big league spring trainiue camps, 'lliev were token at Cutalina Island, off the isiast of ruiuthcrn t'alifornin. and show Manager Rogers llonisliv of the 'liicn ko Cubs gettin-; ready to put bis charges through their paces. At the left. Hornshy is making the iicqiiaiiilance of certain wild goats that have the run of the isjaiid. At the rfght he and his five-year-old son Hilly, the team mascot, disensw (lie matter of ba Is and base hits. try can have the Jones' j . i.t i n for the price of a theater ticket alsnit the time the golf season of S starts iu earnest in the khow Ih-H. , . . , inn (H imt n. He shifted inrvtnisy wlirii i r- ! jmrttT iiskfd ,tiu if h- ilfsircil ,i f I - hiK ld.v ti culm fm:n thi- M-mdc hnnttlli- in- riMl-lit-iiilt'il ti-niit .tf 'iii-i 'lifjiiiiifs. "They couldn't wt mi' ti jthiy in on- of tlmsi Invt- pirtHi'o." ! viid. 'I'm K-iiiK to ftick to HtniHiliinn 1 know a little about." 'The first ifutt uiI lie nln;t litniiK." .1 ones explilihril. "Tiiev '11 Ite ilt-MKiM-tl us in.sti ut tive, wt I hey won't in' so eufiipiieuti-d thiii :i immi- : K'dter cannot iinili-rMtieii tin in. T!)-j first mie will open with ;i l'l'lhrV on i(h creen. When, tie iimknVs a pull I wilt kid hlit. Jiinmi it and M ihim he ii'eds more (tntet i'-f. Then Tl.i p ive i h tin n little iti.ti tn tinn.' SPORT TAIILOIDS 1 AT Mftil'M ('ill - Wmll wehcr ccni.'ii!. eiKhl. ( 'Ii.iihi.Umi. K 'CievelaiM!. l.'feate, All'icil., Mexico. ( Int. 1 i .Milan, ltah. M ain . r,..-ic. Kiro:enu and Italian middic wei;i,i l ipiolt. defeated Kli.n l-'ieltiioiih-. Italy. ( ."il. By Laufet players all were fast asleep day before the close of th ,n.. !. . . W, Jv . - 4 .iWe( m.V,av1 v ? lvJzlt, A BURNS LEADING MISSION TEAM " training hen, was .split intn two . ' j jE""eiipK Sunday for a nine inning Kitme (Ity I Hited I'rss) lt. retilnrs defeating the Vnnnii;an . The San Kraneiseo MiNnitiiK went . (i tu 4. iuy lilili anil Charley Ko-it through their paees nt StiM-kton twhiy ; empofrd Pat Malone and KSb Smith on under the leadership of (IfHHsje Knnis, Ithe moiiiid. Ilaek Miller and lhm Tay-firnl haseinan. who has heeti npjiofnt- lor lined .tit three hits emu. ed nianar for the eoininy Keason in ptaee of Wade "Heir KiUefer. Kill- ,,ASn K(i;i,KS. Cal.. Manh 2, efer is eonfined tj. H Los Angles h j K.ldie Phillhw. former Detroit Amm-pital after a serums ahilonilnal o-v - ,,.. rat,h. .ml i.. tio ii lion anil will not li ahle to work for several months. linrns emlcil n vni'icd entitle llliljors Ity siKllillK with tin it with Reds in I !!t.'!0 as a free itjient. Menu hile, the Saerniueuioc Urn-illnl-s slartcil Irniiiin tit Kich.-i rilsnn SriNL;s. willi little coitiieiti.tit le-(wtcit placers nut it ipatctl ltc. iiii;.e of the suiall siw of the k.ii.-iiI. tiitly lilawrs arc wtikin ton at the Sittin citinii. ( leni ('oc. first sackcr lai year, was relented and .lick t'osla. who playt'tt this tti.iiion in the stale It iti;'!'' last si akuti. fi.ts it sisue.1. 'J 111 1'nl't liihtl l-;(Vffs. ylarlili kl iu' nt San .!isc. wiil ivi tiv-niis t lt Sun .lsi vHmNti'i. lloii Xfiftft. liist h.tM itiiiii ami Wrfviif . t ishttnif. .'ij;ht-li,in(iti 4iit;!irr. I-'iifhi pitrfu'is,. AU'xhuiU'W IJuiim-. I.nhti. INjM'tlcIl, Sntiili ami Minis himI Iwu rafchiTf.. I ii.i'atrii-k tint! VtMlaII. wcif st-hi-uImI t train taitii.v, MniN. lt-vfVfir. : uiav bt!l out. llo litis not Ikvm hii;iicu j I Hint it wns rcMirl'(l Manat r Stu-m'? i t)huit. hat! rfifivVd offers tor Iks iy- i In HiPtitnliy, Manftut r .AI'Hctt H'P-j !.'i'-ts thf t liiii will finish in Iht fti') j 1 i v Wti. 1 1- -a h will li:ivi the lnlm i liiihs.'if. as I'ltv-i'Init "I" i Tunit r Jkih j ' art't-fl (m it'l'M1' liaii'ls off policy. - .itltt siyiHMl Tail Kimli.tlt, risht- h;i imI i piiclit-r from Vnlb jo. us o.m nt' j j fin first mi vi's of the season. t l tuiv live Oakland - .cniu-. were pui llii'iHiiiti n-ut in.' workout tmlay in i pn p;n .ii:n for an - hiltii inn u:um ;ui(ti t tit hctroit '!'(:' rs. Th' 'riKT ni-ikt' Hie tvip ffoin iht.-ii . i aiup at S;n lam-'iiio innf Safnnl iv or Sun-'.ia poyvdifv iM-xt '(vk i'M'I r'r iit'liy ; ("JuiiJ i tin- o 1 1 1 ri'iMMtiiin; Aovn l,uhlout, j I'lio Siin Knmrix'o SaN capf-iriMi ' a ' pr.aT i"1 K'iiih from the (.!tib tf!m ! of tl;f Arizona Stuff h'HiiU" Sunilay, . 7 u -I- nlitioui;h thf liurlitm of "Si'i'cH" I Ftalii. il. onna tt k I ;i 1 1 I piti hcr i-laj-in fr ;l-'h.-. font.) the S"jils to i-x-; (t'tnl ( hraiM ! -s. "Iop " iVitc! -k ( itt'i-tt Mh a (turner in tiie tenth. jMifrittjff lalan and Kecs- aliea.l flinl liiviikms tip tuc Kaine. At Lw Atmeles. the An w l. ami IItll wM'd Shieks continin-.l u givr tryouts to ia4aris munlH-t of rr-fruitfc AT THE LEAGUE TRAINING CAMPS IT. MV. KKS. Kla.. March M t'onitie Mack divided tiad into two groups toda) :i td. has ordered two practices ilnilj. witti the first iiitor-sqi'.vl tame lieduied on TueMlay. llinK Milhmr. .Iio-k ll.dey and lih Williams reacheil tamp esi,.nl and the luilnuce of the ini'ieiders and outfielder are due tMla.v. I'KNSACi LA. US.- Man 2. -ritchera Jerry 'Krilllieart. K't Kline and Krtink Milliken hive be-n mitled to the list of primib-iuc )irosiiets for jj'Kitlar bi-rtbs with 1be Imvimh1 Itil Six, The. three yoiiiissterw mrliNi for t: resuTar in ct en lay's Tinntlcel tauir. n'iiinina S to 2. SAX ANTON It . Tex.. VaMi J. The Xew York tiiauts' trainiui; camp aKsumed a mre familiar atmosphere tndav w ith the arrival of iufirM mil outfieKI n'u!an. Mel tti. llaehie rit. Kthan Alien and Tlin- Rick-iMiure ia eterla,.' and 'ie- are dxie toilay. TAMl'A. Kla.. Man h 2. "hrle rirt-wen. Joe Stripts llonre Fonl. 'rank Sif.wr. ticne M.t.h- ami Waller Itoettfer tuere the only ah-wntees i jf fm .."4 as the Ciiicinuuti Reds opene'l the hcoikI week of spring training. All tile absentees except Sigafooa have siguetl. AVAI.ON. Santa Catalina Island, Cay., .March '2. The 'hieaj,o Cubs, in 'day for the job ns second string Itnck- stop with the l'ittsbursh Pirates. He made a good impression on Matiai;"! Kns during it stiff 2J hour workout Sunday. ("l.KAR WAT-KK. Via.. -March The Rrooklyn Rollins slartetl w.ok t. ilay lintler a new training program for two workouts daily. Manager Robinson has divided players into two squads putting the second sipuid under the guidance of Coacli .lininiy .lohnston. The two sqiutd will wnri( separaiely in lite iiiorniiig and nice: in a IMntiing game each aflernmttt.- FORD BOWLERS REACH CELLAR The Albany Knrrl bowli'iiir (piint tnmblefl inttt last pltu in the Val-h'v liowlinu leaijlle yesterdny wIimi Uic.v dropp'"'. thref sames In th: W-1 vnllis Chryslers by clnso innrcin. Tho tt.tal si-ore was J7'!t to! in fnvr j of Corvullis. TIh Ueilif-s f Kucpiir inen'asc j their hohl on top inrv hy 'defeating the Salem Sotos in two nf the three sanies piling up a tctal scon1 of .S'l to Salt'in's ;71t. The M-orcs : Albany Fords . Collins IU) V.HI lis -iss! lionwell I .VI ir.T 177 -tS4 j Oil, In . st 1 1 Ml 1711 Itll I!U j l.unis . .. . 1!M 1st! -Jll.-, .VCi Ikiizler ..... '.Ml 2-.'.'i 17" titH S.-.S tr.1t st;s assa i (orva'.lis t'hr4ers : Milte l!Ni IS.'! -Jl: r,io ' Crawford .... t7li 1 Hi ")1S I liroenini: 1:il -.HI -.IKI TiKl I McKavidson .. 17J 'JLll 10:; . .V.Hi I Wuutliuan 17.1 IV. HIS 1!I7 St is jh.-i silt) j KiiKetie lleiliis ! Mann . 1S1 r,tc. j.M. II inrl.r It L'10 VY2 .Vs:5 t'ral.ill IMS 1!Ki r.7." Rmlicott 1!1 ls:t lsl Km lllaney ...... LDl 1(17 174 . S42 liKM! ai7 ".HIS SSTil Sale4it le Sloa - ; Allen 1!M lis ls.i 4!--. I I!arr 142 1st 14S 471 , Kisenhraiid .. 14i '.111' 224 o72 ; ! .. 11 I 1S1I 171 ,VV4 Katttola ..... YMi 217 l'KI tKKl 7:!2 KM SJI2 2711 Edmund C Bechtold Of Portland Will Be Speaker Tomorrow Kdtnund C. Be.-htohl. prominent jlVrtland advenisins man. will be the shaker at the meetina nf the Advert isitu club of Albany oa Tuesday. Mr. Itechtold, head of -the Reehtoid , m i vit-u nn -AsH iairs, ain-erttsliif; & 11 i t . , . . airency. (rave the prtncital addresn the erenina the elnb was installed f.vur years ax.. and has apontretl here twice sime that time. He always brinrs an instmrti-e message and is an iitterestine sieaker. . Mr. Itechtobl has had a sreat deal of extwienee in both retail ami nations! adverti;te anil knoiv-i hii subject taoroishl. CAGE PLAYER DOES'REIGELS' Tbe blaet and white clad hoopalers of the First Baptist church Saturday night went into Portland Mi ueKt of further championship (laiiiis ami eani out with the Hinson Memorial Hiip-tint Hrali by a wore of 41 to 24. The Albany quintet was started on its road to victory when Commander to,k the opening tip-off nnd iinitat-in Koy Kc'fflea football, rsced down under t Albany hoop and before fiU teannnates couM stop him had ning in a counter for his opponents. This was j the starting signal for the locals anil a ! minute later Ted Butts sank one for j two more enmiters. The iHinsoii quintet took time out at this period and when the action startd again they made a desperate assault iu scoring territory and Terrell soon garnered two points to put his team iu the running. The boys battled on practically even terms from then on. The H in son boys were In clined to be somewhat over anxious and committed many fouls which the Albany team nearly every time converted. The tir-t half ended with, the score 14 to 11 in Albany's favor. The second half opened with a furious rush by the Rose City tea in. and they sron tied the score at l't all. Albany settled down then and with machine-like precision on fast-breakiiiK plays started ringing in points in rapid succession. The Baptists' defence was near iUiK,netrable and they forced the Hinson team to long distance shooting which accounted for the very few counters the I'ortlanders could loop in. Heside the close checking game of the visiting team the accurate count- ! ing of free throws accounted for 11 points out of 14 tries. The Hiuson team connected three out of 18 times. Tenuell was Unison's heavy scorer with nine points. Ted Butts was the sharpshooter for the locals with 14 counters. Saturday the locals return to Tort-land to pi i.v the German Baptist team, chaiupi) ns of the Hose City league last vear and at present Hed for this year's lend': The line-ups Saturday were: Alltany (.'Ml First Kaptist 1 tow. ( 1 1 f . CJ4 rortluud Hinson Baptist Hi ('(.mnniiider Arnold (CI f.. C2) Winkidnian XeuKart (."it .. T. Hulls. (Hi O. Kutts (.1) . . (f) Tonnerii . (.11 Rohb ( 1 I l'istole CM Cuiily 10,000 People Watch Portland Man Jump To Ski Tourney Title SKATTI.K. March 2 Nearly 10-(HHI peoitle watched (dill Klvruui o the ('a siade Ski dull. Portland, win the I 'lass A junipiiiit contest of 'the I'ltcific Northwest Olympic' tryouts and second mutual ski tournament at the summit of noutialinie lass yesterday. Warm weather had made the miow soft, and Klvrmu's winniiiK jump was only ISO feet, his first leap Itc-inp 170 feet. Second place was won iy N-o'da! K.'tlilohl of the Hollywood dull. Vaa-eotiver. B. ('.. with jtinips of KIN suit) ISO feet, anil Harold Belsvik. also of the Vancouver club, won third place with innips of II IK and 177 feet. In the Class B event. Bern Ofslnd of the Skyliners club. Bend. Or., won first 'place with an S.Vfoot jump. II. Smejda. Vancouver. B. C. won the 10-mile Class A cross country ski race, his elapsed time beinis 1 hour. 5 minutes. 1 second. He was followed by II. rSelsvio. Vancouver, in 1 hour. 10 minutes. 41 seconds. Portland added some more taiiuts when H. A. iM'rgiilunil. won the cIhss ft seven-mile race in 1 hour. 2It ir.'n-utes and .'! secoinls. second nlti'e g. ing to l. Mitchell. VniicouvarJ in 1 hnjir. 2." minutes and 41 seconds. Rlvriim. winner of the Class A jtinipttiK contest, won the ( le Kltiui ski junipitiK title a few weeks no. "OUT OUR WAY' I riSr- " " ' VrJr4- UA -GOV.P VeJHvY X DDva" MEAKl WAS " GOiSi' P?tGrvAT KlOvsll-X SE2,I '' ". -s ' j if TfAiKace oomV CHAuee. I ,j HI . AROUMO HEPE SOME 6' I i . ,. Tme-SE oaw, lb B& MiaSiM- 1 i NAJVLX. MEAKiT-lF IftiWGSjtr d i AiMT DlFFPUKJT BVTrAV J j ' cav' TiME. I'm -KMENiMvy OME:, ( j Sl'V gosha Gu'Y Oassem J millNtM rALLIMfT A FXLLlTF' timirHlMana. i ... . mi inw wi .-bj. mi i I., i ., . ..IiT i tntaf g'hooMlides william braucher- Hie Champions Sign pEN Hie lowly jPhili have had a number of holdouts to report (his spring;, such as Chuck Klelti. Pinky Whitney and the Teerult Tony Plansky: But every mad has Dome to terms In the camp of the champion Athletics except AI Sim mons, the business man ball player. The willingness to agree to sal aries and the speed with which contract negotiations were conducted by the A's bespeaks satisfaction on the part of the players. There Is something a little odd about It. too, as Tom Shibe and Connie Mack never were ones to burden their noble athletes with ponderous pay checks. Would the answer be that you have to pay players well to die for the dear old Phils, but there Is glory In performing for a two-time champion like the A's? If that be the answer, Mr. Simmons must remain as one not so particular about tbe glory. He will not discuss monies with Mr. Mack until the team returns to Philadelphia after tbe training trip. a In the. Other League RRANCH RICKEY has said that " he will have no trouble In Signing up the members of last year's champion Cardinal machine except Chick Hafey. Chick Is a business man ball' player, too, and be always waits for the last offer. He has saved what for him amounts to quite a little pile of money. He lives frugally and could saunter along for the rest of bis life on what he has laid by. But when roll call is sounded, the bespectacled Chick will be in there ready for another season. He happens to be a lad who gives the Cardinal front office Us money's worth of ball playing. ' Just Overlooked It CTRANGE Is the case of Richard Twilley Porter, the fidgety outfielder of tbe Indians. Early in WIFE VRITES LETTERS TO RIVAL FOR HVSBANP LONDON, March 2. The etranse tale of a wife, writing love letters for his husband to his bigamous wife because he could neither read nor ' write, was on record iu old Bailey court here today. . . In lil'Jti William Ceorge Chapman, married Miss Veuetia Stepherson. Four years biter he alo married Kthel Frame's Tal-IkiI without the lorinality of di-vorciiiK his first wife. "Best love forever, until we re turn to aehes," said one of the letters fiss Tallwit receiveil dtiring the iourt.ship. The two women, it developed, had been good friends tind when wife No. 2 learned that wife No. 1 had written her husband's love notes, she collapsed in the courtroom. Chapman pleaded guilty and was seiiteiiii'd to nine months imprisonment ou a tiixunty charge. Albany Delegation of Students Home From Y.M.-Y.W. 'Retreat' Two carloads of students returned lute Sunday evening from NcwMrt where they attended- the anitnalU''-ireal of the Y. W. ami Y. M. C. A.'s as delegate of Albany college". Kour M DID YOU KNOW THAT T-AREL KOZELUH eats 10 meals a day ... being pro champion of Europe, however, he manages to Tun most of It off. .".'Jack Curley, promoting the pro championship matches (on tour) between Tilden - and Kozeluh, should be able to keep Karel -from eating the door knobs, lace curtains, etc. '. . because Curley has been dieting carnivorous wrestling behemoths for years . . . Kozeluh, native Czecho-Slovaklan, learned tennis caddylng (or a rich tennis devotee' in Prague. . . . Karel made a wooden ill. , n 1. 1 IIMUUIV 1UI UlUiOOIt BUM B MX 11'. fd batting; the balls bacVV after retrieving tnem . . . be is a son of a working man who toiled about his benefactor's premises . . . when coaching the American Davis Cup team In Paris a few years later, Kotelun used to beat Tilden. Hunter and the rest of them between meals. . January he was sent a contract by Genera Manager Billy f v a n s. Weeks passei) with n.0 word from Porter He had been offered a substantial boost lb pay and officials of the Indians were pnxzred by bis silence. Finally It was announced in several newspapers that Dick was among the holdouts. ' ' Porter runs sausage factory near Baltimore. When he read tn the Baltimore Post that he was one of the Indian holdouts, he rushed for a mailbox with his sighed contract "I have been intending to send in my contract all along," wrote the twltcny one, "but have simply neglected it." A lot of holdouts are like that colleges were represent?l at the Retreat which included delegate from Willamette 1'niversity, Univeniity of Oregon, Albany and Oitgon State eollege. . . . , Delegates from Albany included: Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hayes. Charlotte Isaacs. W. Shearer. J. Hutchinson, W. .Johnston. I.. KustselJ, ,W. Bear, B. tiillette and I.. Taylor. Irfadera of I the conference at wliich religfoiiK and .international problems were discussed were Tr. Bossing -of the Diversity of tireson. Ir. AV. Warrington, Ore-!rn "State Coflege and Tr. R. Culver. Revision of Rates on M.W.A. Insurance Gets Approval of U. S. Court WASHINGTON, March 2. TV revision of insurance rates 'in- Ifi'Jll by the Modern Woolnien of America which aroused a storm of protesta among a million of its members, was upheld by the supreme court today when it dismissed an appeal involving the validity of the Illinois atatute under which the change was marie. FILE DIVORCE COMPLAINT R. W. Foss nit Lebanon: filed a divorce loiniiluiut this morning iu circuit court against V. B. Foss. Tic plaintiff charges that the' defendant with desertion on August 20, 1!2S. The f-,iiitt!p u-:i iMiii-ricwl at. Ivetwi 'WbsIl. in January, l'J28. - BY WILLIAMS El A

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