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Albany, Oregon
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FUL' '-EASED PIRE l'n' ress Service Conmlet ti my, State. Nation- nl and News ilu day it happens. 5 8 "II I.inn County. DEMOCRAT-HERALD TELEPHONE NUMBERS News Call 16 Advertising and Circulation 13 The Albarv VbV. LXVI, No.

222 ALBANY, LINN COUNTY, OREGON, FRIDAY, MARCH 31, 1933 The Albany Herald, Vol.JLV'Hh No. 212 HOPE TO STABILIZE STRAWBERRY PRICES CANDIDATES BUSY GATHERING VOTES SPRING GREETED BY ALBANY III STUDENTS BAREATTEMPT OF iS. JUDO EEDIN JEW BflYCDTT WILL TORNADO KILLS nouns nioo Plane Falls, 6 Die On Anniversary of Rockne Air Crash Two Pilots and Owner of Ill Fated Craft With Three Basketball Players Meet Death Eight Others Hurt, Some Seriously Story Told by Survivor Scene Near That of 2 Years Ago Weather Bad. TO FLEE EEI I Prison Officials Admit Condemned Woman Tried to Saw Bars in State Prison Death Row. 7 ESCAPE FRUSTRATED Warden Tells How Slayer Made Futile Effort and Then Threatened Suicide Pardon Refused.

STATK I'RISOX. Florence. March Wimtio 1 i It condemned murderess, made im 1 fill attempt to escape from h-r cell in death row here three weeks ago. i-i -m officials admitted today. With pieces of a st I'd saw sin' flit through one of the bins of licr cc I window, Warden Wiilker said.

She iidmilteil the attempted escape the warden reported, and hnnii-e I its failure she has Ihrcati'inil daily atti'iuit suicide. Kind Pieces of Saw The warden earlier admit led piece of a saw were found in Mrs. Judd's cell Init he denied then thttt Judd tried to sever I he liars. "We wanted to complete our invcs ligation before we revealed the lairs had been cut." he s1(id. lie described Mrs.

Judd's plan as "completely fa I ile." "Even cntild she have sawed lier way out." he said, "she nicely wniial have found herself in a eoniniuiKl from which she could not have e-caned." It was rumored that the hack saws had been Riven to Mrs. Judd hy her hrother. liurtoii McKinnell. Ueorls were that Mrs. Judd mail-' a fmile iirteuipt to saw away the hars of her cell, intending to even hefore the prison 'hoard ruled.

Warden Walker declined to confirm this immediately, stating he intended to withhold information until an inves-tiEii'lon was completed. Movement Is Launched to Organize Growers in Sales Effort March stahilizati ci. and tin-- -ales program in la-n-rii markets will he souahi -1 industry of WnvhiiiLion hvg.m. according 1-iu's worked out today hy die tiruuil Mt nut I'lllil Growers' I'oopciatiw of central district. il.iKi'ls c.n.pi rnlivos IIVl, slates have liceii i in i.i cooju-rative organization l.aine acreage gn.wei Salem.

I i have indicated ihcir j. the liiov. iiieni; V. H. lemon i the local c.opcriitiic.

I. l'rici dropped lo recti! luring Lumper crops mi ltumit of sn.nvli.-1'ly land in Ori-gnii Washington last year. Karly l-rri. fl led Oregon marked aid market Washington i. s.

Market conditions ami iiii. oriaini of eastern sales prevented canning, ate! barreling Il.ceni heavy rains renewed hones here of a crop this year, although I it ptohaldy will he slightly in-low nor-1 man. Heavy ioes iiom freezing of! plants were suffered in the lirand Moiilnl, an a tieae In-r. and in i Clark coiiiiiy i Tli lM'tition 1'. IWn.

W. .1. K. IV It miJ (V(Hittir. i.f the iVfuin-r liank of liu luiiJ their rit her hy iiin'' -hvl; lo tin1 slu-riff (r tlie shcriJf'N iiiI tax fmil fi linvc piiymi'iifs ml pr-fi-rifd trhiXy! tiji lnk Wi.s yrsi nlay.

1.. I. I. -w'Hiiis in Nn. J.

riieu't Milt I-iuii utiiitty. The juls tin.k i In- umlcr is-iii'nt, at U'T a hy aniniy for Kit pet it ionr and Hip stat bank upiTinti'iiili'iit. wlf ir's to Mi-i t'pt i he i-laints, pi ffrrt'd tiaiiiK. to May 1MI. ho iiaiiK I'M'i'M lis

a niniit'r -yij paal ilirii- taxrs ti s.inn' hy mil ini; lyir checks lin' -ln'i'ifl and sonic hy 1 1 I he. whii niain--laitM'H a ax rnlh-rt fnnd in fa'vi'i-nf ihe h'ritl'. Tin- -ilfnt pain-nt hi ks tt'inaiiM-ii in tin- -hri tft'ii utiti lai't'-r thp hank vhcn jinfntfit fn' pauiii'tit vmv runil pla-i-il in vpt-rial lank wcri' by the sheriff the hank siisp- mb-il. J. K.

and .1. II. Va-t aiijM'areti for the pel ii ioaer- an! A. K. nf Albany ir ihe hank stiperinn' iHiVnt.

Mr. and Mrs. Widmer WiU Cdebrate Golden Wedding NextMondav ami Mrs. C. Widimr.

prtinin-enr eitiz'iis i.i the Xuri'li Alliany iieihhii iiatives if Switzerland, residents (- l.inn r.eltn 4- nmt i near Aihany far the last years, will relcbrate their we.ldinc their hi-nie ic-xr Tli will a family r--niiinn iih all rtieir -Hiblrei Krandi'hildrf present lite i-v-eiiT. A family dinner will he servt-l. Sunday April fn-m k. will 1- open h.ill-e j.all friends the family. Mr.

and Mrs. Widmer were married in 5 lx zerha'id. April 1 Mi. idmer's nutideti naui heins Mi Harhara lth. They arrival the iiited StaTe May fdhVin; tlt-v editing Tiitd l.K-ated a farm in H-rry eouiy.

la. Iler they livVi 1J yenrs when ih'-y dd fu. and eani' tit in lVd. l-iiJiUii; "ii wha: thr-IMrk- Warp' some i utile- ea-t Albany nxhele they lived for i-nr jmts before l.ieat-iji at I'lteir pres-nt hoiii' in wliert- they haw e.nt: iu-ied. to Mr.

and Widimr hnw Kmi lh. in-14 iiihlren of whom f5v son- utiti i hn.f da'ili''t. are (Pias -Turn to Pace 'Two) First Dry Candidate For Repeal Meeting In Oregon Announced 1 SAI.KM. Or Mar-n Kilini: of 1 h- ri date fT d-! taf' (The -Tat pr-d, b.T ij, I i---'d t.wirty hv Smt" T.iry of S', 11,1 II. IV John of tUn-mah ewilit EOUOFHS OIK DISPUTE Sig Increase Expected at Next Count Stores Reap Benefits TO ISK THKVlr.l.

This is eatijlidaie night at ihe Ventian theater and all canci-dates in 'he liny paign will he guests of l-'iviik llorrigan. manager. 'andiilates In- introduced from the -lage after the ftist show. This wiil give i he piildic an iipimr. i unity meet the girls working for a nip Honolulu.

On tonight's program will also he the lteverly 1 1 1 1 1 P.illys in addition lo a strong program of pictures. i 'nnfidales are on tip-toe today am ticipaliui; the eounl if double vote day ballots which will be pnhli-hed every girl in tin is bit-y av a hi-e cdiiMting these from her friends and from the Vi'hlic at laVge. There should hv some gotxl io-laN in tuniorrow's count. intere-t in the contest i iM-eom-inc intense lines of sttpHtrt are being more cloxelly drawn. Some pnt-pie hae been holding their vt's back to dt'teiniim' the- strength of various candidates ami now that the nieiat of the various jiirls has been these ballots being re-based to favored ones.

Saturday will end the fourth week of the miite-t ami marks tin point. A month of solid effort is left and there plenty of time for any amhitimu girl to get in and win the trip to Honolulu. liesiilts in tr 'Ihe re-ults of ihe double vote day were grat ify ing to many local merchants connect eil with the contest. In spite of the fact lhat many who would pay bills (r make purcha-es arc handicapped because fund are tied up on re-t rii-t tons of the nation al bank act. many goo sales were re pot-i ed every candidate profit e-1 from the double earning power to vVe money.

Several repohed collecting bills that had been the books for several months. Other- told of sellin: merchandise in st cable quant i ties. The erui-e to Honolulu is a trip that will live forever in the memory of the b-minate girl winning the tille of -Mis- Albany" in this "Ituy Albany" camiKiigu. On hoarding the luxurious S. Niagara" the Can- udiaii-An-traliasian line or one of the liners of the Canadian l'acilie Co.

"Miss "Mis MetlfonP ami their gay companions will.wtle them-Nelvev eoinfortj'ldv for -even days of crui-imr over J40l miles 4if blue l'a-cific waters frotti delighiful. bustling Victoria. 11. C. seven days ()f thrilling lige.

aboard -hip: and "tlien Honolulu I And then nine days of luxurious -ightseeing in aiid around tlie i-land pb nty time fnr this nn-t enchanting JM.t on earth to weave its cft'ective -pi'll of (harms. It i som'-thing to look forw.ard the girl who takes this trij will be fortunate i in teed. And it is rily tbromih her own hard work ami the help of inter-e-ted friend-- and acipia i nl anees that victory will be Kvcryone -huld iiiten-st him-elf or herself in some candidate, save vote and help Iter along, tor a rip like his ma never available for her atiaiit. Votes -are. given at 4U places in Albany on purchases of 1.10 or mm-" on p-tyments on accounts.

ft VnUr4 Prmm m4 Wir WASHINGTON. March Pr--i dent It.tosevelt today invite the Sen ate Acricititure -mniiti''e to conter with him jjiis aterioH-n a heated committee eollt rovei over the teiui-of the administration fa rut program. Meanwhile the committee it-third hiy of revision of the voted iiuatiiiiioiivly to include in the repitrf on- the (an. 'Imt tit in n' measure it-elf. a reeommenduH eurrency ti ennua price- ti tlieir UO hel.

f'iiteen of the rs present. The adfmm-Trat ion I it i i I Uy ha- ote- in tie senate to pa-- tbe bill the ee is eHVolTed in cio currents -e titer ins in 'he tiuinU'r of to be'ilieiuded. the liceitsinj: ptovi-ioii-. the piaii. and a proposal to give S-erera! of A till 1 1 re Wabaee jMier to iiforce a mijitmnm price oh doin cot-um'! commdit ws.

The White Ho.i-e contepme wjll be at 4 p.m. Usitf Prr Lae4 Win) lms Mar- S'(li An is iil at Naples lal. Patol be hti-bafid amiouh--! nft'-f' inc a fi? A'lgein tu l-U bite niiif. lie ui is fore 1 f- tr jiud- ha yd1 to pMid Il-'iy Iimi. the jbb zn v.i Fn BELIEF PARLEY NEAR ILL AGAIN HHEU ILL Young Folk Don Fitting Girb in Honor of Day Carnival Tonight March! nt to the applause and com tucndaiion of hundreds of people who gathered in the husines sin-tion, the student 1 I of Albany lush school eelettralcd amn her "I.oud scM I by parndina iliion-li the streets if Al bauy at 1 o'clock this afternoon.

The entire enrollment of Albauv high. narU'ir in weird, fantastic, and comic allircs, was in the line of march, as a prelude to the "Notes of Nations" carnival at the school build ins tmiight. The carnival, an annual affair for the local hih schooler on the first of April, will hi' better than ti-ual this yt'ar, according lo those in charge of the product ton. Tw main show at and k. ill be behl.

rnd ihe u-ual sideshows ami recreation booths will be placed in the spucjott-hatts of the building. Led by George Hikman. represenl ing Kranklin I. Uoosevclt and he return of prosperity, the parade presented the humorous features attendant upon such rasions. Kspecially prevalent were allusion' lo the event of April T.

in ti beer becomes htial. The Order of A. leH. rinan's siw-iety, was in charge of ihe litie of march, which included the carriage of the rubr of tonight's pet forma nee, France (lihsoii. College Polyphonic Choir to Give Third.

Concert Broadcast Albany college's polyphonic choir will give its third concert over the air loinoi tow morning at o'clock over radio Malum KOIN in -l'orthtud, it was announced today by Nancy Thielsen, li rector. Forty ntlMrs of the chorus and Fred Neal. accompanist, will make the trip tomorrow. Following he half hour's enttcert. libit is being sponsored hy the Port land KedTti rtmr rf Chnn-hs, lunch eoiv is to be given at the I for the choir.

The i hoir will give two selections following the luncheon, which is heiiiji given by the blanch of the American Associa ion of Fni'versity. Women and the Women's Albany College League. 'Ihe following program is auimun-eed by Miss Thielsen Cherubim Song lbu tnyanski I Hymn he Trinity iretcbaniu-offi: tiallia i SimhhmI i toty tair-by Harvey (iault; i'luisi Is lLsen iKapolyoffi; Leyeud Tchaikovsky Moitiiiig Hymn Ileiischel Downy Hop Mildew Starts Inroads of Destruction Early SAI.KM. Or-, Mat-i-h 1 1 nv iiiiiih-w. whii-li cut pri-nt inroailf- intu I In Orison Im.i ii Id Ihsi i-ar.

has nl liKiih" its in mhim' arU iii-iir Siili-ui. Till- tliM-ll-f jiJH'M ri-il iiinnil tw wisks ial. MflJimls uf i'lllil nil tain. IIAKIUN. Man-li The inierna lioiial hiildei Uoueeli So ii Hilssin rind Maio ho.ukuo was'l today, liije.a it hoi'-it ies-were in coliflii over seizu re h.v Uussia nf ruilioiid iituiplneiif rlainil Maio hoilkilo.

'Ihe only Mains 'tniit ted to cross I h- iMifder ciia riuitei through expresses, passnie l.v liitei national railway i.ffi. aN on tin till 1 1 a i.sii.nt ineiital YailwaV lito-ijtroiuh Sib. ria l.uce oinphuned re-ii-ntly that the Soviet has te en-w h-iliawing for months the lnilk of ifs in ner rolling sin. im Eml lo IlloliVes: J(ld l'leiylit. pasS.f;e i a i s.

'J'he tow mi has lo offiitals. atnl finally, when pn. tests were not h.i-i!ed, tin- Jiounileil- cnllsiilei able eqli ptio'lil on he a guaid of Man. Im auesc troops. Whole Train Is Held An e.iiutiinat ion freiiil.t and ttain tr-on ll.iikal is heid.

hookooan guards said to have seized Iih utnot iVes at Man-. hooli yesti rday. 'pn vent lltluili tin thi-Hi mto Sox i'ei t.rrjtoM. Japanese charge that w'lhin the l.isj m.jnr bs. ihe Smj.i has seized uo.ti than Tl.iMHt- eats and 11 loe.

itimt i io. in. IndioK the train on lit. licneral Su I'nic 'i and hi fled into SilM-ria. It is also that the lio siaus ref'isisl tn le-ttu't eamiiiai ion of cargoes en through tiaiiis ft.

to i.n h-I loii'-se Kast. rn railway. a pr.o 1 1 hi Sinu itt ainT.uiculs. I ln than trt- uii'-iT JAPAN HALTS SOVIETTRAINS LUST ONE OS! Hitlerites Complete Plans to Punish Hebrews for Spreading "Atrocity" Tales Abroad. WILL POST PICKETS 30,000 Men to Stand Guard Over Semitic Owned Shops Customers Will Be Photographed.

Vnitti Prru Vtmri Wirt) ISKK1.IN, Manli 31. The mi-tidiwitlr heycall against Jrws in (ciii'any which will Mart at III a. in. tomorrow will last only one day. it was annimiici'd iifficially tonight.

IIKIM.IX. Miiivh Twenty fnnr hours bi'fme (heir seheduled nalioii-wide boeott of Jewish intbi-liv and i in iiHTi-i'. Nazi htm in 1 roojHM-s inoh-ilizetl tiMiay aethm in every tlx of Cermanv. In la minute inst ruct ions i-sned tlirmiiih bo vent eoininittiM's set tut by the Hitlerites niH.niie the it va emphasized that tomorrow action is not sovenimeni but a part a rivity.

Thousands of civilian party members were Mimnmm'd "dui" dress-d Jin liiiifit but wearing di-tinyni-h-inu armbands with the party's swastika emblem, to take ihe phn storm tr'Mpers wh-t are office hohler-and who will imt be- able to. pariiei-pate in the piekHinfi of shops. Tumps Oc iipy oun Si.r.l storm troopers ii-ij)tied th first division of the lierlin eriiuinal eourt today and askd jttdues. lawyer and ehrks of Jeih oiiyin to ipiit tlndr posts. The enstiinjt rsnMwl in fPWM Turn to Par Two) WASmNV.TirX.

Mar -Ap: propria i ton by eonaress of a billion doMai tor uiiemfditynM'nt relief and inaunralioij of a hupp publie work-prorun was reeoinmtnb'il today so S- retary of I.alwir KraiHi-s IVrkins by Wiiiiam president of the American Federation of I.ahr. pre-ented his program eeollollli-ts. labor leaibr- and soeial workers meeting al Mi-s Perkin-' retpiest ti? diseis mi-employ mejit relief. "lltinuer and distress have hei-onie so ide.pread and Ikivc increased (o tho point, where we Vdieve that no should ap-proftiiat'tl relief purposes." he said, his amoutit should be made available the states iind eom-muiiilie- at tin1 earliest tosihb- Wants Quick Action said a hu ptibiie works "-hoiild bf latinehed and inaugurated as (ptiekly possible." Stni; a pt-oraHt. lie said, should be Mtppf1: mentol by em-mtrnKnit of sidl'-rnptidating projfnts, as slum elea ranee-, housing find eiui-t ruct ion of tutineU and bridges.

Thre va- im apparent di-play of animosity on he part of the. Vader he walked in the secretary's office to meet the omau whom had oppoed Jot the cabinet The American Koderation of program als included adoption of a shorter working- week, restoration buying power through, unemployment iniram--. hom. relief for wage earner an-i unemployed workers, enactment of the ehiid labor amendment th' con-tjT and rigid enforcement td iiiiini t'riitioji law-. It rf oiiiinewh'd "nntioiuil econotuic jdaijiLing-.

directly aimed nt the tis-ing of -Tandard- of livius," and of fed ra I crefltt to Mates and "to Pliable tlelll maintain thir. public schds. Historical Exhibits From Linn County at Corvallis Attract "Tbe cdbions made hy Pr il. J. Crafori.

K. I. Aii'lcuy. W. Wright Albany aiid i ooj the nai 'itn of t- ttegon St.ite Agricultural ml-i- ia--ti! with me Ml at iitor rt ov to I r.

U. oriicr. nasnnan of the i r.uri ytujy itavr th' iti it? r('w tfiarTer- t- av.t,l- itiOii- Tt tie pre- nt ii "I ii arranged 11 i i. -urn i-irors '2 to 4 si. every tlay in tke wevk.

PUBL1CWDRKS Relief Works Penetrate Districts of Eastern Texas and Northern Ixuisi-ana to Aid Stricken. ROADWAYS BLOCKED All Lines of Communication Cut Cyclone Kills Two More Today in Mississippi. 1'nitfJ PmR rard Wirfl PAI.LAS. Texas. March lielief workers today penetrated the districts of Kastern Texas and Northern I.onN-iiMia here a tornado left dt ad.

in-jnnl and hand hundred destitute. The death toll was est imatisl al approximately L'O a mid inoruing after a check of hospitals ami relief Ma tiotis. Five the known dead were killcld Hall Stimiuit. near SbrcvejMirt. v.

her L'lt other piu-on- were in jit nil. A woman was killed mar Mount Ilol-ley when ihe tuui struck that a ea. The injured loll was upwards" or KtO. Kelief workers said disrupted systems and road- made impn-able by rain obstructed their work. Cvrkinr Kills Two r.r.lHlKIl.WKN. --Mrs. 1'ukin. hT ihiUKlil.r. Mrs. CntiHTun.

vcp killtl iind si'vitiiI HM-sctiis in-juii 'l wln!) a ryrlniic swcpl llii-'iimh fnriTiini i-oiiimiinilv omh nf llii Local Folk Warned To Keep Dogs From Destroying Plants The ordinance, -w hereby all owners of dos within the city limits of Albany are required to keep their on their 'own property is atiain a live issue as spriii advances. i twiiers of property bavin; flower garden, and variou- kind- of shrubbery and ho-e plant ins early uardeu-are tnakinu numerous complaints the last few da s. that he ot di nance is being openly violated by aMowitu; to roam at la me bothJ day )nl nisht which is resuliina' in damage that can be avoided by owners of dot's complying with this ordinance. Those, in official authority a-k tie- cooperation of al Icoiicerttcd in I he ordinan'-e. Tho-e being infringe! on an urged ttotitfy the city police are a jcx peeled to ma kc he roods of the at indrval- in.

the 'enforcement of thi- ordinam-e. Halsey Man Places At Top in Poultry Feeding Contest Wintbrop Thoms'Uj, Ilobcy. won first prize and Mrs. Sally MeMalioti. Albany.

K'-ute 4. was second in tie-NI'o xx- Katiih Tet (oudm ted by th Natiotuil Oii TpHlncl- tnatiu-factuT'er of Nopeo poultry feed formula mring the th ueuith-. Ioth were presented wittr-fte- feel cert ii'iciites. In addition to the fir-t two prize wiiniei the following W(n award-- fltid pK-'-ent! feed eeflificat'- Mrs. Louis Thomson, Halsey W.

K. I.ycit-. A. T. Au-tin Albany, route Mrs.

Ottis F. Ne.if llal-ey. and Mr-, 1-atiieN. Albany, route. te-T conducted tY a large potilt-ruti'-n their ov piat-e with tleir and in their own way.

At ih' end of the period on Feb. 'J each coiite-i ml wrote a letter teiiim; of their c-s wih NofM'o xx and deserihin-; tiovv hey hatHd: thi ituitiy fec-d. The award wew -made itom the re-ult- outlined. ly hen ee entered in thi conlcM by poabry iio'ti tltrough- out the vi-t'tti state- aiol rain, he were preenier Th I etnocrat ra id a ml ot her per-lave lid many b'tiers Hi nf of ti -plendid obiaim-d ir)i thi-. poultry f-ed.

Permit Is Issued for First of Four Houses To Be Built in Albany Ttie titiilinc of the i st.v imiii.i Im a H-nitit l. W. .1. to h.iiid a frame tomralow n' Ka-t Knurl street. The ill he L'J i fii-t. r'stiiis. ilh foil an il.oil.le i.itae. The i-si imatiil i n-t i.f is Mr Tol s' th.s is tie- first of f.oir housi's of the sum. tu whii'Ji Ik win twt ia ttc ncsr future. iottsly.

when a chartrrrd crashed six miles from NmdrttBa to. day. Th" planr was branny thr Winni-pi'B tiiiliTK bnskrtboll team northward irotu Tulsa, whrrr it had playr. a sanic last ni-jht. The plnnr went into a niwrdi an it sniiil northward through rknidr weather, and crashed on thr ( Kami noar Xeodrxba.

The dead were identified A. K. I licked, pilot of the planr, M. J. Shf.v one nf the Winnirte(r playrm and Har.

old KKan, the mechanic. Most of those broucht to the bo pitiil here were unconscious. One of the numbers of thr Wintii- pec team aid lhat for a few nttnutM before the crash, the motors of th pkine seemed to lie in trouble. Altitude Is Lost Suddenly the craft started to tout altitude, and the pilot Kbo'uted "We're eniug to have to land. Erery one look out for himself." A ninment lalT it nosedived with a terrific crash.

The plane was badly crushed by the impact. The plane was a tri-motored craft beHriiis the designation NC3S87. The craft id not catch fire after' the crash, indicating that tlie pilot was able to turn off the ignition before it hit the ground. Virginia Miller, living on th Hrd Tank farm five miles north of Xeod- 1 eslm. witnessed the crash.

Her little sister heard the noise of the motors of tlie plane, flying tow through the heavy clouds. The sister called Virginia to look at the plane. Ah they watched, it suddenly dived to earth, and struck io plnwed field. I'ersnns living near the scene of tbo rrasb ran to the spot to aid in extricating- the injured and removing boilies of the dead. Some of the injured were pinned ao firmly that ground had to be dug out ariHind, them to permit their removal.

AY it hin a few minutes automobiles bearing doctors from Xeodesba began arriving, and emergency treatment: was administered to the injured as they were removed from the plane. At Ihe Wilson county hospital it was said that a complete list nf tho injured had not yet been compiledj Mony of the injured were uneonseioa. The hospital, a small institution, was pressed for accommodations to take care of the injured. Tlie crash occurred on the second anniversary nf the worst airplane disaster in the history of Kansas, that in which Ktinte Ilockne and seven other men were killed near Kan. is little more than 50 mile from Nendesha.

The weather today was almost idea-lien) ith that prevailing on the morning the famous Notre ln me coach and his unions on a Trans-continental air liner were dashed to death on a rocky plain near bazaar. l.iuv hanging clouds made visibility poor over southeastern Kansas. One of the regular air lines ordered its plane grounded this njorning at Oklahoma city on the northward trip Iwcause of the weather couditioos in this section of I I.AY BY TAI.UMAN (LI IS A((0K1K1 OVATION piny pt-enled in ihe Xonh lyu eoninninity club jiuditoriuw iu the Itnrkh.irt seh'xl buildinc in Albany hist eyf-iiing by talent from thrt Tallman eoinmtiuity club as rU re-mvm1 by an appreriativt audiene. The piny "Kr Ih Love of Johnny was presented in riiimnrr that eon-viiteeil the audiem that th performers were i.rtistH iu ability aboTd that nf tlie average hifih seh(Kl or 4oI-leRe sttnleut. The play was prewnleii in part as a return courtesy for play presfnted in th Tallman community elub hhtl some weeks ajc.

WILL ROGERS SANTA MONICA. Cl March VA: Ih-er is supposed to be com-i us. Kmm what 1 can read from all the slates, notssly knows vtho is going to sell it. where you are snpsised to get it, what ia will Wist or what it will taste like. The whole thing come up so quick that the boys can't, hardly arrange how the graft will he distributed.

All but New York. Tammany Hall, of course, fot the jirivilege Iherft I tell yon what I will lay yo' a Ihi on. I bet they mesa this ilniir up so that it will do away with tlie passing of the real prohibition amendment. The whore" country is buying a blind horse. -Suppose this etuff don't taste lik we think it will.

i Yuors, SOI Til An (litplnnr riili in l.xhiy on the vttl)il 1111-iiivei-in i.f Ii wir tiiiytily in Ih.1 thnl linnislil ilfii ih Kniilf km'. Niiiif I'iiiim' fiii.iliiill r.imh. Not iv inini' wori" ilinusvt'il t.nUiy tid a ri-qtiitni hith ma. wn lim-kno tin' Iti-v. Charlie h.

(''linn. in II. in'iili'nl 'nf thi' srlimil. NKDDKSII V. March SI.

Til iMinihrr of ili-alhi fruin Ihr iravh of ii pl.nip -iiiTi'il! Win niMR Toilrrx Itaskt-thall train if ai hit! six lalr Itodny. Jiip DiiiIiN, a nipmttrr of llif Irani diril in Ihr Nrodfslia iHtspilal a sIiihI timr aflrr K. II. Ilroniyngr. hu-ini-ss rriirrkriii'alivr nf llir train, lo his iniiirini.

Our uas killrd onlrichl in Ihr crash ami (hrrc difd ilnritu Ihr forrnmin. Kishl others wrrr injurril. somr nf I hem srrimisly. NEOKKSIIA. Manli SI.

Hurtling mil nf wi-larnl lciukn ky. Iri-nintiir iilani' ('uriying the Win-niti'i: T'uh'rs, Ciiiuiiliiin natiniuil has-kiMhall i liiuniiins. iiii.wi'il into a fit'lil near lii'rr IinImv. tin dentil nf four mi'ii nnil injury to ten others. The I't'iift whs sMfiliti; northward thri'iiuh the I.

Iniiirini; ilmnls from Tulsn. whiTf the Toilers play-eil Ihe Tulsa llilers. nnlionnl A. A. I'.

I'hauiiiions. hen it rrashrd. Miihael Shell, a ihi'IhIkt of ihr Toilers" team, in an iiinhuhiiice rn route to a hospital. II. (J.

Kuans, of Minneapolis co pilot, unci J. fl. O'ltrien. oiierator of the Three Hawks Flyinp servirr anil owner of the pliiiii'. iliiil nfler they were liroutiht In the Wilson enmity hospital here.1.

Nine of the renin iniiiK pnssen iters were seriously injured. The foitrteeu'h piisseiiRer eseajMHl with minor bruises. NKOIU'SIIA. 'March Thrw iiersons w-ri' killed and ten r.thers were injtireil. most of ihera er- T'lKIII, March .11.

The third datiiiliter of a pimr I ishei'iuaii, nf the family who wtls sold inlo ihe red l.ij;hl district nf To-kio, was paid ct riiordinary honors in (hath today. Shi' Was the Countess Tokiko Vamiiinii.i'i. 'iiulerella of tlrienlal till'. Sixty. eurs nun tip.

hronihi an csLtlilishuieiil in the Von-hiwarn ipiarter of Tokio. She- was' so nttrai-tixe that a youtii: natal officer hecalne eii-aluorisl. iiiihle to hrcak the con-troct hy which she Imd len sold into lilcloui; servit mil, (is a geisha girl, the naval officer decided kidnap After ureal difficulties lie succeeded in siuuu-iiity her ntvtiy. Alter their inarriuse. the 'naval of ficer and his hi iile ie-sahlislied a home Irotu which the htishanil it timorous political which hrotiht him I'l'insnitioii frotn the lie rosi' to potter, finally wn created a entini and eveniually Im-came Japanese premier -the most powerful man in the kindoni outside the total- family.

The titi. who child hail heen ulfeteil hy fate. Iie. the dictator of conn tiiiin aiol Tokio fashion, and for Mars matched Icr luishaud's political p.isitioti l.y- her charm. She died and the v.ill pa-y lo-r New Beer Law at Salem to Be Voted Upon Next Monday SAI.KM.

Muni, In-er oidinuiiof. 'wa iipl'fovtti a "l-e inl meeting of ih' riiv eoinieil lnr in-: It will eome for a i 1 ote Mt.htiav. let set for b- (lispprtsors a follows Sim-uiI ebtlts; jttid bois on whnse premise beer i restaurants, hoteK eonfet-t totiel iev, S.Vl e-rie. ih lt( jit's Tin and othT place selbue Iteer in ot JCW and Tn inttior- forbidden. Hhd pi tee" lo re ber i- reT.nib-d must h.tve HindtOAs the full h'ltfilh of the treef Ififb.

of nitlst rteste hM ersoiis lli'TlseiI. The eotmed re rv I he it! Id hi disap-liroe of tons for lHer The orditt.titee ri'riN the seetion tl.e j.rcM'ht Iiipmr Ijiws -vvhi'h pit-htbit A ulestit ute ordinane whi'h prohibit at inn" Ltvr-flgjia will bv oa Jul 1 CI DM I'HOKXIX March ol Winnie Ituth Judd's fading hopes of escaping Ihe gallow swere pinned on an insanity hearing today after ihe state pardon hoard denied or last pha for chmency from a conviction of iniinh'r. The "lilonile Tigress' was under guard nt Florence state prison to prevent a possible suicide attempt while her counsel sought the sanity test a one of the few remaining legal loopholes to avert her hanging April -1. Killing Agnes Anne I.eroi. former friend of the condi inned nurse, "was not killed in self-defense." Ihe pardon hoard' three members refused to intervene, on her Ih half except to set ahad the dale of her hanging one week.

The previous dale, April 14 Cood (Plee Turn to Pl Two) March "-suke Malstioka chief of the Japanese delegation to ihe League of Nations, on I'n-sident today awimpaiiieil hy Amliassador Iielun-hi. The to Japanese officials only five minutes will" the pfesidei.i nd explained thai the purpose of the calls was simply one of paying respects. Matsin.ka declared': "I can omy sa.v I tiok this occasion to pay my personal respects to your great while passing through your coiui-try." AUNT HET BT ROBERT QCIIXEN I don't know nothin' that wili take a woman farther in this world than bein able to squeal an rave when you give her somethinV NVOY TALKS TO PRESIDENT I Ilarrv V. hh-w. rhe Umi.tii.

lil to p.o rei.tii Ui U.S. sae dry ia- fi h- bril- h.t .1 -V w-t I i fioiii 'et oj- dry iitid b6V' Iiow fiieii..

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