The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 24, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, December 24, 1947
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V Blyihevllle Courier Blythevllle Dail Newt VOL. XLIV— NO. 230 LLK. ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, DKCKMBER COPffil OTM CENT* | Pope Pius Gives Solemn Warning On Christmas Eve Sinister Lights Ffash On World Horizons, Catholic Leader Says By J. Edward Murray United Pres* Staff Correspondent VATICAN CITY, Dec. 24 (U.P.) — p ope Pius warned the world today that the "sinister light of new conflict' already was flashing on the horizon and deplored the failure of the Big Four conference in London which he attributed to internation- a! insincerity and mistrust. The Pontiff in an ominously solemn Christmas Eve broadcast said Europe and the world were at a turning point of their destiny in a crisis whose gravity was unquestionable. The world is further than ever rrom real peace, definite recov- JK *"? overall justice, the pontiff tatd. He indicated international deception and iyinr as dignified to a new strategic system. Nowhere did the Pope mention Communism diiectly. But he did say that his strong words were intended for those "denying the doctrines of faith in God" an the 'propagators of falacious tentions" studying to Trumans Plan Yule Holiday In White House Smith and of For the first time since the death of President Roosevelt, the White House was readied today for real family Christmas celebration. «ve Christmas trees twinkled in colorful splendor. A sprig of mistletoe hung from the huge crystal chandelier in the lobby. Cooks were busy In the kitchen getting a fat Iru- key ready for the oven. And for the first Urn* since the Roosevelt grandchildren celebrated Christmas In the White House, youngsters were snooping In <tfd corners of the residential quarters •i search of mysterious packages. President Truman, surrounded by his family and staff, will lead off the national Christmas celebration this afternoon when he lights the big community Christmas tree on the South grounds ot the White House. To Broadcast Mc»sa e r He will broadcast a round-the- world holiday greeting over all radio networks on a program beginning at 4 p.m., CST. He Is scheduled to speak about 4:16 pm CST For the past two Christmases the Truman family observed the holiday at their home In Independence, Mo., with the President's aged mother, Mrs. Martha E. Truman. Mother Truman died during the past Summer, and the family decided to assemble at the White House for this Christmas. The President's daughter, Margaret, was home from society founded on disbelief and violence, who have turned themselves into sowers of discord." The church, he said, cannot but tear th e mask from the "forgers ef lies who come forward as wolves in sheep's clothing-, ^ founders and pioneers of a new gulden aee." Again without naming the United Nations, he said in deploring the titanic struggle between "two opposed spirits who dispute the worry" ttiat:' '=:,.•• "If;:haftred Is enough "to gather around. the spirit of evil-m,=aiwhich his boy and girl. Today the president and his wife ' HOUSe i.1 I jr i, -.--— »lvJU3si fllttla, including the clerical help, the police and the Secret Service agents ™,T* ? P*"" 500511 holiday greetings and to hand out their annual gift The nature of the gift was kept a closely guarded secret until the presentation ceremony. To Attend Church Service After the'itree-lIghtinK late today, the Truman family will dine together and then attend traditional .. ^ , . - • - . — -•«-,..•« viauinuiiHi Christmas Eve church services at views, sufferings'- have'- "festa them ties far stronger~Md Ughter than divergencies which might separate them? * . " :t ..i s to millions of men ready to adhere to such a. world league whose foundation is the Bethlehem message whose indivisible leader ^ the King of Peace who appeared In the manger that in this hour we address our fervid exhortations. His indirect reference to the failure of the London Conference came when he s pok e of the split continued: 01 ' 1 " in '° fiCti °' 1S and -Bach of the opposing sides believes ifeelf constrained to this mistrust ax a duty of elementary precaution. Obviously (his very fact a e *n S "! the buik " ns of a " immense wall which renders hopeless every at empt to bring back to the bewildered human family the blessings of true peace. _ Challenge* Honest Men rt,,, ve We/ 10 * nad Cession even during the past few weeks to experience the tangible results of this mhtrust? Have we not seen a most important conference of the great powers adjourn without having taken those essential and decisive steps along tne road to peace for which the world in its anguish is waiting?" tl J h ™ v° Pe h<?!cl up tne s P ectre of tne 30-years war of three centuries |?f n ° BS £ n example of what was f facing Europe unless Bethlehem's message of i ove and brotherhood Trumans have enough turkey to last them through the holidays. Several big birds have been sent to the President recently and most of them have been put in the White House freezing locker. Funds Needed To Combat Tuberculosis Mail sales returns from the Christmas Seal drive in Blytheville; are coming h, slowly th f s the"' MI i nd Gree "' Patent of' he Mississippi countv Tub,,,-.,... losis Association, said today Of the letters mailed to Blythe- T £"* Nov - 24 ' 6I8 "*ve j,«t been answered and Marshall Faces Tough Selling On Home Front Members of Congress May Have Own Ideas About Aiding Europe •>' John I,, sieele Unllerl Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON. Dec 24 (UP) Secretary ot State George C Marshall faces a tou(jh posl-Christmas 5?i!SSj2, b on lhe administration'* fl7.000.000.000 European recovery program. ' A survey ot congrcssiona) opinion—based on one week's reaction lo President Truman's Marshall plan mesaee—made It clear that Republican leaders will need a lot of convincing bclore the full four- year recovery plan can be enacted. Faces Difficult Task Marshall's Job thus may be more cllificult than any he has faced since he became secretary ot state Here Is how the situation Is shaping up: Total amount: Chairman Charles A. Eaton R., N. j,, o, the Housc Foreign Affairs Committee doubts that congress will authorize a $17 000.000,000 program, although he Is ready to back the plaji. Speaker Joseph W. Martin. Jr., i,u said that House Republicans may write their own" spcndm, program. A prominent Senate Republican member said his parly "had belter" forget tax reduction if that much is spent abroad. First installment: Mr. Truman asked Congress for $0,800,000000 down-payment to run the plan lor 15 mouths. Sen. Robert A. Tnrt R O., a party leader, said this figure "looks too high" and would push prices up at home. Long - term commitment: Tlie President asked Congress for a four- year authorization. Tall and other key Republican say, in cirect "one year at a time." Senate GOP floor Leader Wallace H. White. Jr has oberved that Congress "reluctantly" might write a four-year program.. Vandenberj Emphatic Marshall doubtless is keenlv Interested in the position taken by Sen. Arthur H. Vandeuucrg, Senate president, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee and a leading GOP spokesman on foreign al fairs. Vandenberg is "emphatically" committed to the objective of "sav- Europe on a self-help basis." he has reiterated''as. emphati- th^t.; he had no part^ln • draft- details ot the plan »nd that he not committed to amounts, length of the program or its administra- no not the e rive is scheduled to end tomorrow. Mrs. Green said. Mrs. Green pointed out that tion. It is to these Republican leaders —Vandenberg, Taft, Eaton, Martin and perhaps a few others — that Marshall must sell his program ir enough Republican votas-are to be garnered to push it through Con- At the same time there have yet, been no down-the-llne assurances of support from such Democratic leaders as Sen. Tom Connally Tex and Walter F. George, Ga The** ranking Foreign Relations Committee member.? in the past have Indicated preference for considering the Posroffice Plans Parcel Deliveries Tomorrow A. M. Postmaster Ross S. Stevent,, u>- Preparations for Christmas Reach Peak of Activity Across the Nation By United Preparations for Christmas incnl stores across the nation and railroads reached their height, today. Depnrt- crowdctl wllh expected to Extra trains ami extra nights were*- schcduled by railroads and airlines ' to accommodate thousands of New Yorkers who were "going back home" for the holidays The U. S. Weather Bureau predicted Generally sunny, seasonable weather for most of the country Su! %!!?_?/ " le co " n ^ ""I have 13 Per cent Increase. ... - , ^^.linj T» iM lltLV white Christmases due to previou snowfalls but the only new snow few fiurr/cs expected was fron In the Northern Rocky Mountain nnd Great Lakes arei forecast for the Paci In. "Chicago- the Club predicted \that ' War Contracts Under Scrutiny Houte Committee Fean Overpayments ,ooo,r - 000 weather, Chicago' Vri daj- would exnerie'iic_^ .,„„, ocal traffic of any. day preceding a holiday. Charles 'M. Hayes president of the motor club, said last- minute shopping trips would C o»: stitute most of the local travel sm>- citizens can assist greatly by ing it a point to SM fha, . • Stevens also stated'that patients I, due, Mrs. Green said, e spoke ot the present crucial second and third delivery at ten to the case-finding work done by which Europe and the en- The National Safety Council predicted that 400 persons will be killed m traffic accidents during the four- day Christmas holiday. Ned H Dearborn, council president, warned drivers to slow down or stay at home ir the weather Is bad. A_s the nation prepared for the holiday, these were the sidelights: Columbia, s. C.-Five-year-old Johnny Robertson, a leukemia vie- Im who Is too weak to ride the red tricycle he got at an "early Christmas'- Dec. 5. will have „ second Christmas this year. But doctors said that while he has Improved, he has not long to live New York-The towns O f Blng . ™Y." l ° n ' Jt *"<son City and Endl- cott, N. Y., have Invited 176 United Nations workers from foreign ,,a tions to spend Christmas in private lomes. Thc plan was sponsored by notary Clubs In e.-icll tom , T ,,£ best represented country was guests. England 1 with 20. The guests arrive in Binghamton Wcdncs- on n special train, nnd Saturday morning. Colorado Springs. Colo.—Soldiers of the 15th Airforce cancelled tS : . Christmas party for orphans after the superintendent of the Christian h, .. themselves at the turn of their destiny, whose gravity Is doubtless, whose toward good or evil : whose .consequences i development ncalculabli unpredict- At^another point he observed: will be made on all ^^^-c^d^sr----^ ~ ]t ev «r was before, she , The Christmas Seal funds ndigent patients by providing -^ "^ '" = a se-flnding, ice undcllver- aids free ,,—_ r —••" "Si wot.1 >CU. .__ . The supporter, of falsehood and , P^ff"" °' case-finding in c om- of discord with all ranks of prof- b . attln S tuberculosis in lt« early teers whom they carry behind stases - ih,I"'. tS! i e re J' olct ' n ? at the illusion that their hour Is near." Stores Lick of Sincerity After speaking of the world lea- the Pope said: on tne brow o { for "The t ru n pt!on n «nd decalence Is'Intend! tnrrt S'f* d , ay ruore odious toward Insincerity. The lack of hon- f 7 ^w^sSo'^ssri 1 ex - Smpty Hotel Burns , Ir "V ANTI C CI TY, N. C.. Dec. 24. n i H~ A * 40 ' 000 gcneral * 1arm fire damaged the 500-room Merlon Hotel l n the Absecon Inlet section ii clly early today The six-story frame hotel was closed at the end of the summer season and ihere were no occupants in the building. Stage is Set for Snow Even Though Weather Man Doesn't Predict It Weather propheU of this area ~;« n .!!«_ to <?' 'he possibility of remained cold and before Christmas v nd t and the d»y of Winter. . The prediction from the Weather for Orphaned Children In- them that thc chi believe in Santa Claus." Thc had planned a gain party 5-pound Staff Sgl. Philip 'ling playing Sanla Clans the soldiers will take the orphans to see the circus next Summer. Pearl Harbor, T. H.—Two Christmases will be celebrated aboard the Navy oiler Ashtnbuln, and both will be on Dec. 25, 1947. The Ashlabula will cross lhe international dateline on Christmas en route from Kwa- Jalein to Midway. Thus, there will be two Dec. 25lhs. Sailors will get turkey for lhe first Chrlslmas dinner and steak for the second. Plane Reports Trouble GANDER. Nfld. Dec. 24. (U P i --An airplane, Identified only" a<, "an American civil aircraft." lures subcommittee has round' evl- I dencc of almost »1.000.000,000 in overpayments to wartime 1 contrac tors by Reconstruction Flmvnc Corporation subsidiaries. "We're not saying that there ! crookedness in all this." the Oiiio Republican told the United Press bill Ihere certainly is evidence o gross Irregularities." , His subcommittee Is charged will watching the activilie.s or government Procurement agencies. Bender hatl said previously lhai his subcommittee would prcson evidence showing that some Army and Navy procurement orticers wore "unreasonably enriched" while in their wartime Jobs. He said Ills Investigators now are gathering Information on contracts between Reconstruction finance Corporation subsidiaries and some 17 corporations. Among these firms, he sairt, were Mathieson Alkali. Works. Lake Charles, La.; Springfield Machinery and Foundry. West Springfield, Mass.; Andrews Steel Co.. Newport, Ky.. Pootc Mineral Co., Exlon Pn and Houston-Gulf pipeline. "Tlie biggest offender." said Bender, "appears to be the Defense Plant. Corporation. This RFC snb- sirilnry appears to liai-e entered Into some weird' facility and operational contracls." Bender said his subcommittee would hold some hearings early in January but that there would be others later since thc Investi<">- ii'jn into the Rcconstruclion Finance Corporation would continue well Into the new year. He said some or the wartime Army and Navy olticers involved In the Invesligatlon are now employer! by private firms. In a number or cases these former officers were said lo be working for firms with which they hod olllclal dealings while In thc armed forces. "But they are not the only ones Involved In what appears to us lo be unreasonable enrichment," Bender added. "There are many other individual* and companies that are going to have a lot Of explaining to do." Legionnaires Meet Goodfellows Distribute Baskets to 225 Legion-Sponsored Event Provides Christmas Dinners Christmas c»mt a day early for *pme KS needy families of aiy- lii-vllle lortay who, h»d It not been [or the kind hearledncss of members .,r (hi) American Legion's Oood- fetlow Club and other citizens of tli« community, might • hav« been forgotten on (Ills d»y of good cheer. Representatives or famine* bosiy; rillnn Uiiough the Legion Hut shortly before noon today to receive Christmas baskets purchased for llicin through donations from Dly- tlicvlltc citizens solicited by the Legion's Goodfellows, and these baskets will enable them to enjoy *. Kooit Clirlstmns dinner along wltli the more iortimnte families. Distributions or the baskets bc- in nl u o'clock this morning and will continue throughout the afternoon, .stated Hosco Cralton. publicity director tor the Goodtcllows. i Eni'li sack contains approximately 50 pounds or rootisturr and cost j between $7 and $8, he said. KrefplcnU Grateful Many receiving the bankets led (lie Hut with tears in their eyes, grateful because they hud not been forgotten this Christmas. • OHiclals ot the ABC Cab Com- \rnny took care ot tho delivery of tile baskets by furnishing transportation lor members or the families who hi I] o red under the weight ot the sucks or food. Several of the company's cabs were kept busy for hours driving members of tlic ram- ilics lo their homes wltli their glfU Distribution o[ bnskcU to needy' lamilics nt Christmas time has b^«u the main project or Die Guodfcl- IOWB Club for the past rtccude. Hcre- tororo thfi Legion footed the bill, except, for the MOO donation miiilc to the club annually by Hie Community Ohi'sl. but this year contributions totaling $800 were asked from the public due to a luck of finances by the club. "It looks like the program was a big success this year," Mr. Crafton slated. "Members of outdrive team* hustled up the additional tlM needed to fill the ba.ike(,i yesterday af- ' " w* are extremely "Speaking in behalf of the Lcg- ~ i.,*,ait to express bur sincere to the Courier Neva'for •ration in our drive, Jor 'tfni'tori said, • "and want to thank the r making a good Chrlstmaa dinner possible for the needy." Fund flitti Over Top Final contributions reported tills morning totaled »1'J8.55 but Mr. Crafton pointed out that the needed »180 was raised and that several of the contributors a.sked that their names be withheld from the list. Today's list of conlrlbulors Include: Red Top Gin Co. Tom A. Little Sr. Wickers' Machine Shop (by Spec McGregor) L. L. Ward Jr. C. F. Tucker Courier To Oburvf Holiday .h i« MO IWay * ott >orrow and no edition of the pan*r will hi published. PublteatlJn^wW n•urn. wllh Pridar'. «HtloB, Market Probers To Call Stassen Home Committee To Invite Pretence Of GOP Candidate WASHINGTON believ ---- - ••*"• »CLC»YCU. If ho 1ms Information which he es will be helpful and he d"' Slnsscn. a Republican preMden- ratt ""',"• ," CC " W(I <>'« «<'minls- ii niton yesterday of suimrcssW ™ ports which be snld would I ,«!l?i t J" ! i,,R nv " 1 ' ll ." M;ia o'nclnln ))a°vs Ten-Year Leases ToBeSoughton ' Bases in Panama DiplomoHe Quarters -i Hop«f u | in Spite of J Edict 1 > (U.P.)— Diplomatic quart*n beheved today ;.fh e . Unit^ A State, might yet obtain a 10 J year least on panamaniail busei to replace the Whit* Imnllcd that members ™ •0«P«rtmenl o" tta wcre ln ternoon and grateful." n H A "c. Bo h Andrescn and Son. William F. Knowland. R.. cnl.. a member of »« Senate .subcommittee on ape c- ulntlon Indicated they would **+. wrve Judgment on Stassen'., ,tat«- rnent until they «e the udmlnlsfr". flfirreement rejected by Pan* ma's National Assembly. In th« meantfme, howeve* tins government accepted th« Assembly'! edict and begai immediate abandonment ot the 14 defense installationi on Panamanian territory aub side the 10-mile wide can* Jjone. The Army said with drawal of the 2,000 ground and Air Force personnel in, voived would b« complete as soon aa possible. Tlie Panamanian bases fig ured prominently in Amwicai plans for protecting the stra, tegic Panama Canal, and th< Assembly's action caused considerabl« concern here Government officlala b*Utved that an Important factor In th« d«. Andresen snld his committee d not Intend to "l mve nllmM ^ about" without proof, ™ na " w , e » re "ot going to smear anyone." he wid, ",,or are we going to »P»re anyone Involved. We are g" HiK to let the chip, fan where they **»« h ° y hBl " )m to >* . m ;* ri IW *' of that', tod the SovernmerTt >. a itartlni point »nd no on from there," The nrst Installment, whloh mndc public Monday, con » b, Commu- agitator, to whip .up anirnoal- T against th« United 8Ut«, p«r. tlcularl}' amon« Panamanian «tu- dcnti, . , Diplomatic quarters, however did not believe the door wu clowd -to a substitute agreement. They cited Panama city dlspatchea which »ajd «*«mbly leader, blaraed tht nftZ t on on tht state Department'. lh- sWence th»t th« big bomb»r hue at Bio Hato-,trat«gk«ilr mo«t important -of the H-4, leawd {„ » year. Instead Of 10. ., Authoritative quarUn in PWMIM Olty were laid to feel thtr. wu etui » powibUlty of MiMouaf.-ou • T 10 _ ""* for ' would be nn ned that withheld. *" f any names are belnit The list, art being* re- tllc >'«» be corn- n • Piled, he snld, adding: "They will spcuk for themselves." Aubrey Conway John CiuKlill H. W. Mahnn George Hnrhnm Fletcher Fisher Total »2S.OO 25.00 25.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 [> oc 1.55 $128.00 lemperature. change in erdly wenl and i ported today that It was having! Finai P'»'™ for the distribution oTn, iTlnS^^^^r 01 ™ — --- 0 -' ^ '° n " rty fan " Weathe7~ Hies by the American Legion Qood- fcllows today were mndc at the weekly meeting ot Dmi Ca.son Host 2* In the Hur. last night. The Legion Post also accepted an offer of the ABC Cab Co. to provide free transportation to their homes lor persons receiving the baskets. General Holiday Tomorrow Although a few retail stores have Indicated they will remain open mill about 9 o'clock tonight, all vlll close tomorrow and re-open ^rlilay. The greater majority will close at the usual hour tonight. Both banks ticre and the Post Office will be closed tomorrow. The "osl Office wlli deliver gift pnr - cls tomorrow morning but no let- crs will he distributed. While municipal offices in City lall will be closed tomorrow only ounty and state offices closed yes-' crday afternoon and will not re- pen until Monday morning This ncludes all orriccs In the Court louse and the stale Revenue Department orrico In city Hall. Mrs. Lillie Dew Dies Suddenly in Luxora funeral services will be conducted tomorrow at 2 o'clock at Zalma Mo., ror Mrs. Llllte Dew or Luxora, who died last night at her lioiur. She suffered a stroke of paralysis. The Rev. Louis Dobbs pastor or the Union Hill Baptist Church in Zalma. will officiate and burial will be In the Zalma cemetery. Mrs. Dew was born In Marble Hill. Mo., and as a small child moved lo Zalma. she has been making her home in Luxora for the past 20 years. , She is survived by «. daughter, Mrs. Gladys Hanr.on of Luxora- a wn, .lames Hew ot Luxora; three skiers. Mrs. Mamie Wilson of Holcomb. Mo., Mrs. Ludcma Wright ot '•aima. Mrs. Grace Wilson or Edct- yllle, 111.; two brothers, Henderson Williams of Zalma and Dan Williams of Piedmont. Mo French Adopt Loan Policy to Curb Inflation PARIS, Dec. 24. (UP)— The S±2 ""S?. 11 ^""y <°<^™ ! budget of lor to Paaama. A 10-year leaju woujd nearly sa desirable u not b* 30-year u *2,049,609,ooo and a "forced antl-lnnatlon program " rich Frenchmen to Invest from 25 to SO per cent of their profits in government bonds. The assembly adjourned for two-day Christ,™, recess after ap- , i r ,, ~ —-j •vibutio by a ote of 414 to 183. Communist* voted agntnsl lhe military budget. Oovcrnmcnl spokesman disclosed been?, 8 r" ml " tnry dcbntc th ^ because or recent call-ups France e Communist Deputy Alfred M«i ' •erat said the government W M «policy "which corre- rying out U " of thl! lhe Pierre Henri Tcitgcn. minister £?S f ^ r ' f ™--- , h, to his military science. One of Twins Dies fo th* Ihe noon. to Mr. f r vic " WUI ** nf " nt at u a alls Hospital yesterday afternoon. to Mr. and Mn. Ry Hon, this a temoon at Maiden, Mo. Th* ' » her . Home I., In charge. by a twin sister parents. Cobb Funeral The cotton spinner, a curious a animal, defends Itself or «pin- Cobb Funeral Home Is In charge, i enemy' UClCy thwtd< to "*"' «• Hffreejnenl (rom tnl»' country'a point of Tlew. But It at least would M- »ure detent* of the'. canal whilai alternative measure* were being ^ken. Sen. William F. Knowland, K., Cal., plans to *eek congressional approval of a bill providing for construction of a new sea-level canal acrow Nicaragua. "It appear* to b< foolhardy to malca further Investment* In n«w locks for the Panama Canal if w*> ,VM i ot ", ble to "dnjuately defend It," Knowland said. State department officials said the United states had a Jegal rt«ht to continue use of the bases under a 1941 agreement. But • American force* were ordered out a* a'dem- onstration of this country'* good faith toward a sovereign, sister republic. Th« i»42 pact, It was «ld provides for American occupation until one year after final peac* treaties are ilgned-and they hava not yet been *igned. ETacnailon* Begin PANAMA CITY, Dec. M. (Up)_ w" 0 ^ 0 ^" 11 u - s - troops to th. big Rk> Hato Superfortress air base «nrt jj other lesser sites prepared today to pull back into the 10-mile- wide Canal Zone, evacuating all outlying canal defense bases on Panamanian territory. Orders for withdrawal for wartime bases In the Jungles and height* of the tiny Panamanian r«- public were Issued before dawn oy U. Gen. Willis D. CrittenbergeV chief of the Caribbean Defense Command, on Instruction* from Washington. The withdrawal starts immediately and will be completed as aoon as possible. Pardoning of Draft Violators Criticize*/ , Dee. __ President Truman's pre-chri»lm»« v 1 ' SB <Jt * ft violator. by . PKU1X -day a. '.'» sorry substitute for tr» eal act of Justic* he might h»r* >criormed. ' • The Wasjiln«ton Pooliirt ftllow- hlp said the president should h*v« granted a general mmne«ty to «o-

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