The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 22, 1947 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 22, 1947
Page 17
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MONDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1947 Classified Advertisements For Salt or Trod* I93» rord. l ttoor. will trade for e«Hle or liosn. Harry Swain, ulunc 62 Luxon Hus Suulon. lin«-pic-i|i 'I'*™ «* Junior >|7.« boyi blci'cUi 10 «na 24 . Booker* acactry. Holland. Lost and Found 7in!l tu university etudenti lost their Oks containing their year's •otk Exams were approaching In d»p«r>tlon th»r plictd > clo»l(le<t *d In the local p»p«r. The all-lm- porUrit booki wer« returned the next dty. tiring the l»<t« t "dunk" In their final «amj, Loet: Change purse in post-office. Thin pur»e represented two years' savings of » widow. Person kind enough to r«iura win tM r« warded. - I2i H«/p Wanted, M«/« TOP SALESMAN WANTED. to handle complete roofing and paint line. Sales directly to Urge volume consumer*. Previous sale* experience •uentiBl. Territory 1* In need o! dl- •trlst- manager. Pr6motton within « w«kB U fitlra ar* utltftctory. Writ* me Electric Paint & Varnish Co Cleveland, 2. Ohio. 12!20-pk-21 Dragline Operator wanted on new PNH 255. Permanently located $\ 50 ner ftour. it', overtime.'Phone 3*13 xAivora Or 387 O«ceol» 12120' ' Wanted to Buy i«« l 4247. . lJlll-Dfc-35 A rwldent ol B»l(lmor« la March ,1 to ssss WM , un»bl W""" 1 In hl» own »n «ST«nl»em«Bt . la "akssafc •*««•}„.? ' WANTED 20,000 POUNUS PECANS Don'l g«» till you _, ,, . O«t Our Bid Blytlieville Curb Market 130 East Main (t. Fkiou* »73 Oood uud baby b*d. «|o Courier K.w.. Writ* Boi lI.ll-plc.J4 JKATHEVILLg (ARK.) COURIER NEWS h*r father iinc* iht w«i II. Brother Arrrttri Barbara's brother William was arrested some time after her ar-1 iurf^^v'otn^utVni^i, Ti r "r"""°" " -" "«* - ._-_ , .".' "'?.>!'"« ter heating system In tlie Legion-| Osceo/o Legionnoitfs Install Hut Heating Unit e cr n«v«r ha* been revealed publicly. Ther» vu no mention of William in Miss Robert*' confe.ssion. According to Barbara's version of the quarrel with her father, he came Into the kliclicn and berated her for not meeting him at the •tation. Sh* Mid >h« never received U telegram to that effect. "My father told me previously if I failed to pick him up or meet, him at the tmln he would kill me," authorise* quoted her as saying The aUtement went on to tell how <h* »hot her father with two gun», "drained him dlrwlly to the barn.... then put him down through Into the pen. • Communlty Hut In Qsceola completed last weekend, It waa announced today by D. Fred Taylor Jr., commander of the Mack Grldcr Post 150 ot (he American Legion in Osceola. The heating plant wa§ Installed »t a co«t of ,3,500, Mr. Taylor stated, mid Includes two large bloweri ' Installed In Hie main auditorium I mid radiators In other ronu. Finns are being made for a bnf- let supper for members of the Post and the O.sceola chapter of the Legion Auxiliary to be held Jan. 21 he said. FRECKLES t HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BL06SE1 You're It, Jasper, Read Courier News Want Adi. Personal Made trip okay. Jack. 80 long everybody. Positron Wanted H" !?** w " u " «o r «<=rk lor a«t- lamlly. Phone 4260, 111 w. ROM ' Private Rooms . a •U W. M.lB i. >tum hot Phone 3323. Btdrooro 314 N. llth. pnonp S33» . ll|3«-pi-12|W Comfortable bMroom. Clot* to tavn r in only 310 w. w.inut. Lithe J6ZO. Furnished sleeplnt room, ill K. Ash. phone 4605. __ lJ]17-pk-M by'A life dependHl on getting milk. In frantic h»st«. the allrt dairy niter dairy. No one - A bi •osf« rather , ___ ____ Knew where the mi-important milk could tw obtained. D«prtrate the rather placed a Want Ad In « Kaiiims Cltl newspaper. Kelt, morning the phone rang. The voice at the other end had the goat's milk. Eight person* responded with offers to save the ha- by'i lit*. Room and ooard. $15 per week- Hfepln* rooms |7 per week, tlay $1 SI) Homtcooited meals, lunches packed If desired. Steam heat ami other privileges. Armorel. phone 3835 12119-pk-a? Girl and Brother To Be Tried For Father's Murder LACONIA, N. H. (UP)-An attractive brunette mlllworker and I her 16-yoar-old brother »o on trial I I for murder In superior court here Dec. I, accused of tlie Christmastide slaying of their father—a crime that remained secret nearly nine months. Barbara Roberts, M, and her brother William face mandatory sentences of life Imprisonment If convicted jf second-degree murder as charged, In the blziare killing of their merchant-seaman father Sylvester, 52. Roberts was shot to death last Dec. 31 at his Gllmanton iron Works home, and his body was hidden In a sheep pen where skeletal remains were foun, Sept. 5. Sons Suspicious The discovery was made after ma ok us I ™ be r t *' two o'her sons, also mer- llU-pk.il3tch.nt seamen, bceame suspicious, about his prolonged absence «nd allegedly forced Barbara to confess i the slaying. | In a purported confession read at,the girl's arraignment in muni- ' cipal .court, Barbara claimed she! room, phone tllU-pk-1113 fo. Buy WE HOT .FUR AND PECANS HlRhest prices nald. See TIS bttor. you Hell JOE HESTER'S GROCERY S. Highway 61 Below Switt OJJ Mill J Dance Nightly In The Chick Room Saj, fellas, here's your chance to really Ke t the gang together. The Rustic Inn if opening the Chick, room for dancing nightly with n« cover charge. Come in any nl»ht after mealtime. (8:W p.m.) New Hours: 11 a.m. 'til 12 p.m. Rustic Inn Walnut at Division ., e se self-defense that cold and i wintry night, when her father, en- • raged at having had to trudge 11 j miles home from a railroad station, I burst Into the Roberts' home. i Barbara, according to the statement, said sh e shot her father^ when he seized her by the throat ; because she feared • for her life. She told a tawdry tale of abuse by Buy Your Plumbing, Heating and Appliances From An Old Reliable Firm . . . The Wm. Frawr Plumblnr and HeMIni Compinv „», been »"»>«• l» Hljrlh.vlll. for the P .,l u ,«.„ «/h.« . «M .^ or plumb to, need., o,. hand /or Immedl.t. delivery »t 401 K viicrry Direct. We Carry Well-Known Brands Such As: • Smithway Electric Water Heaters • Arvin Electric Room Warmer • Evans Automatic Oil-Ftred Heater • Smithway Butane Water Heaters ALSO— P «i/"! ion " c l- n " 0" Sp.ce Healer,, Loner,™ DeLuxe ace Heaters, a few used Oil Burning Space Heaters and n Delco Water Pumps, P«rlM.< Water Klag „, , p BeveraKe Coolers and Home Freezer, and WII 50n UpriU FreeierT Gllcor Floor Furnace., 50,000 BIU capacity »rc«m. Kohler Plumbliig fixture,-.!,,, , ome „,„ „.«„ waler ,„., Why be satisfied with anything short of the beil . . KM thla Slock of Equipment before you buy! ««»... see tnu "We Service Any Equipment We Sell" Wm. Fraser Plumbing & Heating 2 blocks east, 4 blocks south, Blytheville Hospital 401 East Cherry Phone 2 422 THK • fter I STORT, It k«< bee. I. .11 „.,,»« Hollr^ „< , br '„„,. nlcio that he- • nr llnr f Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any 8lic T. L MABRY 4tJ MISSOURI ST. pa. J«27 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. »"• • .tnK-k 1. I,. ber» n.rrlrd Cor **!!" .^"""t*' •"' * nno (ftar ••* rcfuM«d t« dlvor^v him. JetT nanicd HndKe VameT wko l*ok*4 like Avt,. i. p\, r "„ *'"" '» «»« •!•«. b»I Ikr «t»T In^Utcd •• 4oln K hoik ralMt krr- "n" i. 1 ' 1 * '•*»*«»• "? »»l»l.n.«At Fnllnhvralor. snc^citled • Knmll "A 1 ^ right '" ' >aid sullenly. I didn't like the idea of playing up to Avis, but I knew how Jeff's heart was set on getting rid of that double role business. "It might work. I'll call Avu, now, and invit«.her . . ." Liz shook hi» head. -Leave that to me. I'll have her there this evening." That war. th« way we planned it. It was wh«n I was crossing Hollywood Boulevard on my way horn* that I remembered the lipstick Ravelu was to have ready for me. I looked at the address on the card she had given m«. It was only a short distance away, so I turned down th« boulevard •nd drove until 1 came to it It happened to be closing time and Ravella was locking the front door of the shop when I came up to it. She recognized me, which was almost more than 1 did for her. She had changed into a dark street suit and her hair was simply done under a plain but smart little hat. "Ah—Miss Donn." "Yes. I stopped to get my lipstick. I'm afraid I'm a little late." She held the door open for me to enter. "That's all right. It will only take a moment to get it for you." We were alone in the shop. She left me wailing at the counter and disappeared through a door at the rear of the shop and came back in a moment with • tray holding a number of .ipstick molds, each one bearing a small paper tag. She looked them over, pickec one out T'ow what kind of a case do you want. Miss Donn?" She indicated the lipstick cases on display under the glass top of the counter. My eyesight is very good and I read the price tags plainly I chose a plain gold one. "I ! ^ EAR they're making changes in the casting of your play " she said conversationally. • The studio grapevine -erUiinly worked fast. I thought. Evidently everyone connected with the slu- dio knew what had happened that afternoon. ,-: "Mr. Haverton wants to," I admitted. Ravella'i bright ey« flicked over my face. "Wants to you mean, it isn't anally decided then I understood ..." If thii was goini to ^t repeated she might u well have the straight of it "Avis Vaughn is kicking up a row about it," t •*- plained. "Naturally she doesn't want to give up the double role All the big stars have been doing double roles lately, Bette Davis Olivia de Havilland. And that's just the reason Haverson doesn't want it. He thinks it has been overdone and that the public is tired of the trick." "Oh . ." "We're having a little conference at mj house tonight, Avis and Art and Mr. Haverson and Liz Leyden We're going to try and work out compromise. Leyden thinks we can." "You mean get Mr. Haverson to give up the idea of changing the cast—and having someone else play the part of the sister?" Ravella's face was bent as she fitted he molclec lipstick into the case had selected. There it wai again. Everyone •o mm that Avii would (tt h«r way. "No- I said shortly doubt t he'll change his mino about that He'i been wanting another actresF for the Bart of the sister from the beginning, and now that he's found one perfect (or the part. ' don't think he'f suing to change his mind. We're going to have to convince Avis Vaughn that the part of the sister Isn't worth bickering about- It's unimporlanl renlly." "Is—it?" "Definitely." J^AVELLA had finished inserting the [ipstick into the cate. She wrapped it now and handed it to me and I paid her for it Then as 1 turned to go slie hailed me. "Wait just a minute—would you do a favor for me?" "What is It?" "I have lipstick here'for Miss Vaughn. She always wants a new one when she starts a picture Thinks it briiigf her luck." She laughed lightly. "I suppose she is blaming me for all today's trouble —becau«e ; was to have had it ready for her yesterday and didn" It would save me a trip out to her apartment if you'd give it to her. Tonight, I mean." , "Of course I will." She took a small package out of her purse and gave It to me and thanked me. It was 6 o'clock when 1 reached lome. Without bothering to change 1 went down to the kitchen and whipped up an egg omelet *nd made a pot of coffee. I ate and :ook a hot bath snd went to bed. loping to catch a little shut-eye before my guests arrived. . felt had an arduous evening ahead. 1 woke up at 8 and it didn't take me long to dress. Thal'» the only advantage of not being beau- iful—you don't spend much time Tliimorizing your face. I was in the living room check- ng to see that there was plenty ol ce in the freezing unit of the bar when the door bell ran(.It was Liz Leyden. Since it was my house, I tried o be cordial. I laid, "Hello," and 'Come or in," and led Mm down he shallow steps into the living oom. (To Be Continued) WAIT NOw--rr C.OES MUMDER THISWXy FIRST. WE JOLLY RITUAL OF VbLE L06/-~-DOM-TVbO ANCIEKST TOAST Of SIR 30HSS BELVEDERE EMKOMCeo IM HIS CASTLE WITH WASSAIL. r'- 60\WL AND BOAR'S HEAT SAID HE: ' LET THE. Vote LO6 BURK) AWAV ALL -S< UKSDERSTAMDINGS/' I GUESS L've. UNDER A UDlslG, AU_ .'— 1 THOUGHT THAT WAS THE YULE LO& THEY WERE INTO HOUR HOUSE LAT& SATURDAY MIGHT/ .. WITHOur THOSE COSTUMES! SAY, &6WANY. IIOWS FOO. US OAkKMC ALL DANCES T66SWEK? So WHAT? TAIL TWB DANCES I ] in. TAKE,oven. • rW^n;—vr^T^WAnv «/>//>, rf^;™' stui -' iln^uTT^w^ "What did you mean by telling all those people, 'A good disposition like my wife's it more Important than good look* in making marriage a success 1 ?" PRISClLhA'S POP Something HHS Itecn Added How Interesting By MICHAEL O'MAU.EY and RALPH LANE DRINK UP. WILLIE. MIKE'S SUPER-SPtCIAlS ARE GUARAN THD TO CURE WN4TAII.5 TOO YOU'VE ONLY HAD THREE SAY.' WHO'S THE CUSSV CHARACTER WITH THE DAMS 1 JHIEHPS Of VOURSi I CAN'T StC'EM. ROOMS WHIRLING. MAVBf IT'S THAT GW I'M SUPTOSf t> TO MEET HERE ON BUSINESS., „ WASH TUBES A Girl knd a Crat« By LESLIE TURNER BOS HERE, C«TWW\ ANAIETYAFrER THEWAPEHOUSC EASV. SORES I I THEFT...BOTH CRIMES AUJEADy '£UNKEP^8y A SIMILAR UMOt" J — HtWVOBJECl THM'5 MEN PftWMD | WOT'S lift OF TH'OfJE TUEW INTO Pi WAD! LWKi \ DRIED KffVOtXS W^SW!! , Welcome, Old Timer By FRED HARMAN AHD KeoAup nme BfA^HKeraKH Hone' ALTHOUGH ITS KlSWUnC . 1 ttt fou.-fou SET rtiyep UP IN SOME ricxs- ' REDKfEER KWIt>)UI> is LOCKED By V. T. HAMLIN VOU SEEN 1 BUT VWW SfflWtfSP 1 ! ^S£! or BOOTS AND HKR IHIDDIKS (itiilty Conscience By EDGAR MARTIN

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