The Courier News from ,  on December 22, 1947 · Page 16
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The Courier News from , · Page 16

Issue Date:
Monday, December 22, 1947
Page 16
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wuar BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION ;UtiT> lA- PbMB* lOo i umm pM UM ISc i riMM p«r Uo* EMC <Ur I2o I Um« p«r Un* p«r d*r ftc 4 tim.u p«r tin* pet d*y Tc U UBBM par lie* p«c d*f to MOAtb fMT On* «0c Count flr* ivr-KMi* word* (o th* lint. --. Ad onUnd lor thr** or *U iJmw »nd •topped befar* *xplmioa will b* charged for tb> number ol Umc« th» ad *D- •»r»>d KHvd adJUBtment of bill m*d*. . All ClM>tU>«d AdT*rtUin« COPT «ut>- •Utt«d by pttmoxi* rMtdlmc out<ld< of th« city mutt be kccotnpaaled by c»*h eft*t«a m*y b*i xillj* computed, from tb* »bOT« uble. AdTHtlsltiff ord«r for Ur lOMr- tlon* tAkec the ont tlm* rat*. No rMpoultolUty will b* ukt:. <or mor* dun on* Incorrect ln**rUo* of AOT ClWftlflwl *d. A^ &d« »re FMtrieMd to their proper elutlflxAtloD, «tyl» and typ*. The Courier recervfM tha rlcht to *dlt or njcct unr ML Apartments Wonted r»mily of thiee wanu a or J room ep«riment. Phone 953, between » a.m. ana 5 p.m. !2|i9-pit-27 Apartment 'For Kent Fireworkg FIX! WOBJU. til kinds. CHRISTMAS trve*, nut*, /rulu. add csadr. JOB HESTER'S GROCERY A. Hlghwsy >1 . •View Swift Oil Mill llil-pk-113 FIREWORKS and CHRISTMAS TREES Carter's Grocery N. Highway «1 SANTA GLAUS HEADQUARTERS for FIREWORKS is at Die Buchanan Grocery this year He has a very wide selection of firework*. Also plenty of Xma» candy, fruits and nuts at the Buchanan Grocery Highway 61 N. Just Across tils Railroad 12 IS-Dk-30 Four 4112. furnished house. Cull 12;20-pk-?4 T&Tte room apartment, 1125 Syca- BOt*. Ui-pk-29 timall apartment, neat nnd clean. •17 Chlckaaawba. Adulu only. 12|18-pk-23 Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services We have plenty of permanent ANTIFREEZE. Farmers Supply, Cooter, Mo. 12-20-ck-25> W* hav* recently Mlvsged ser«r»l on. We hue a stock of RADIATORS. ORIIJJ, FENDERS. DOOHS. WHEELS. HUM, BEARINGS. TRANSMISSIONS AND DIFFERENTIALS. Mlscel!»neou» paru and acuwcrlea. GULF STATION A: GARAGE. Highway 61. phone 02. LUXORA. ARK. 12|19-pk-H2 Just received new shipment ot ZERONE ANT1-FREEZE Blytheville Motor Co. I2-16-ck-22 QKAPMAM 8ERVIOZ STATIOM llatn 81 DlTlalon Phone 2543 Don't endanger your r»n]lly with faulty tlre«— BUY LEK TIRES. 12|18-CK-tt Wanted: Wrecked or Burned Automobiles Wade Auto Salvage >. Hfhwa; Phone TliJ IlU-ck-tf Jeep parts now available »t ; POOLE MOTOR CO. W« can fill all your n«d» Qetj gemilna part* .from our eom- plrt*» line. tKKv-"' KLLTS POOtK. OWKER A OPERATOR . femtb Hlghwar flt «t ateel«. Mo Phon* ate«l« 40 , . Utia-ck-ti We guarantee RECAPPING WITH HAWKINSON TREADS Let your next tires be GENERALS COST MORE—WORTH MORE Modinger Tire Co. «*:>. MAIM PHONE noi ius-ck-tr Expert Radiator Repair for Less Ws h»te the b««l In rmdlttor repslr eq\Upm«nt. Let our trUnrt men bou •ut ana rep&lr jaur ntdlstor for you. Quick Service Pickup and Delivery Russell Phillips Tractor Co LAWSON. Uf, Phont Jn B» ck U Building Material O* youz OWD coticr«t« work and. MT* fc«nt a ooi.cratr sutler by day hour PBon- «W Box ta Blytuert **• »IH-«* Business Opportunities MR: MERCHANT One of- the best OPPOR TUN1TIES for increasin BUSINESS is the regular ui of Classified Advertisin Readers in a buying mow turn to the Business Servic Directory for the names o reputable firms. , Foods Crappie and cat fish. 24 our service. Simpson Oil Co., taleJine. 11114-ck-tl FRKSH COUNTRY EOOB Wholesale «nd retail. Tree JfHv.rv. Hone 3113. LAYLOCK HATCHERT, Hlghw»y ^ Narlh. U[5l)-ck-30 'resh Florida Juicy Oranges Oozon or by the cu«. Bp.clH price " ichools. LEWIS POULTRT OO, tone M9 410 », n»i n Household Goods •cetl&u .bllnda BOW In itock' - mide K. u. ailnaa. D»i] Store 1W B Utln 81. phou «M. il3<-ck-ti Haviland CH INA A gorgeous Christmas gift. Planters Hardware Co. EUREKA Vacuum Cleaners Upright cleaner, complete vith. tank and all attachments. $149.50. Blythaville Sales Co. Telephone 8616 We have •efrigerators, electric ranges and washing machines (aii- >omatic or conventional twin tub), irouei-s, G. E. radios, ill si7.cs kitchen aitiks and cabinets, G. E. electric blan- cets, G. E. automatic cofl'ee makers, G. E. vacuum cleaners, G. E. clocks. All for immediate delivery. Easy terms and quality merchandise. See u a at Hubbard & Hoke r or > 'Chriatmag grift that astt. ' 12-18-ck-24 XMAS SPECIAL i 30 Gallon oil hot water heater $85.48, » 30 Gallon electric hoi water heater ?88.12. EARL WALKER Plumber Phone 3553 Tired or making the other fellow's "V"?' start profitable business by •atablkahlng your own Red Ball route The» new electrical scoring games are real money maker*. Investment of fi to J3.350 reqnlrea. For complete eetalls and demonstration give address and phone Box AJ c ;o Courier Newa 12;22-pk-30 "No rattles ... no rags, no flaps, no sags" explains why owners appreciate the permanence, all year usefulness and long life of SLATS - 0 - WOOD AWNINGS. They provide maximum comfort! DEAI/S PAINT AND WALLPAPER STORE 109 E. Main St. Phone 4469 12;i8-ck-23 Coef and Wood COAL YARD •ml KU8H COUNTKT CAWD1JTD SSS^« * n . T dmntlty »>nt«l. How open for uuilness. Loculed Jnst ncross «rett_rrom Armor? »»ll on 8. S«- e«o4 8t. We deliver. C. D. GEAN CO. W30 Jirkhurst. Mf-r ' K> h v k 't •; COAL "If rt Is coal you want" WE HAVE IT. Also H«y—Across from Blyth«vilte Compress We-Deliver Ideal for HER XMAS Thor Automogic WASHER Satisfaction Guaranteed. Onl\ ?219.50 Installed BLYTHEVILLE SALES CO Telephone 3616 Laundry Now Is the Time- To re-check and re-service your wheel and tires and put them in tip-top shape for snow and icy- weather driving BRING YOUR FORD BACK HOME TO 5th at Wain in ompany Phone 4453 CALL 2089 Your Kerosene and Fuel Oil Dealer G. O. POETZ for Quick, Dependable Service OFFICE R. R. AT CHERRY Insurance Protection against all INSUKABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Insurance OLENCOE HOTEL BLDO. 12i W .ASH ST llU-ck-1217 Musical Merchandise Piarios NEW AND USED MONDAY, DECEMBER 22, Services WASHING MACHINES and Electrical Appliance* repaired. Blythevill* Machin* Shop Phone 2828. RADIO REPAIR BT EXPERT RepUrmin. oil Brook. uu»ta store """'^ S f- Tll «» ho « "I Pianos d cold. ll|5-ck-lf Trees and Shrubt Our wlectlon .peclil for January. U apple and pe«ch trew. Urge nlzes. /or J!0m« orcfurd. 17,30 plui express or postage. Guaranteed to Dleaie The G-HALIN LEWIS NUHSERf, Pigeon Chrl«lrn«» tree» and holly. Delivered to you, tor •!». order now. Phone Static Nunerr Order* taken for ornamental shrubbery, rose bushes, eTergreene FlowerlnR peach tree'* Phon« Mra. J o. Droke — 3874 Hi20-pk-30 Typewriter TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS Th* Typewrit*! alia 110 K Second St. pn™« 3J82 19 rk II Used Cars See us before you buy! We sell the cleanest used cars on the market, and you'!] find the price right too! POOLE MOTOR CO. Ellig Poole, Owner and Operator South Highway 61 at Steele Mo. Phone Steele 49. Wheel Goods SANTA'S STOREHOUSE for children's toys, wagons, tricycles and other wheel goods! Shop now—we still have a good aelection. HUBBAKD HARDWARE CO. Phone 2051 12j212-ck-24 Dogs, Cats, and Pets Blonde, rea. and hlack nntl white cocker puppies. Make wonderful Christmas ttlfl>. Mrs. N. O. Jerome, phone °^ 12ilO-pk-2« for Sale—Two beautiful red cocker puppies. Registered. 2 months old Hays SulllTan. Burtlette. phone 181 I2|19-pK-2l' C«niirte«. Mra. MIXe Buchanan. 3439 12[22-pk-30 Lost: TWO bliddogn In Flnt Lake Community. H.W. Mahaii on eollnr. Phono 3S60 12 2fl-pk-24 Loans FARM LOANS •4% • Prepayment PrlrHc^« No Inspection Fepi Ho Cammleslons A. P. NEIFIND Insurance Agency 106 East Fourth St CAB.UTHERSVILLE, MO MONEY TO LOAN We loivn money on farm land »nd :lty property We *IBO buy nol«s CONWAY & HOUCHINS Glencoe Hotel Building 8,21 ck tf Music Instruments JF<?r " ie " Column BAND AND STRING Radios & Repairs WESTINGHOUSE RADIOS COLUMBIA AND VICTOR RECORDS BROOKS MUSIC STORE 107 E. Main. Telephone 811 There's a reason why KO many inrms can not openue wlttioui a Jeep! Ask your frlenns mui incya tell you why—the "intyhvy Jeep" aee^e no road, Wllh Us Lower weltjlit, luaimverablllty and grade climbing Bbtllty Its ludtspensabJel See It In action ut dLIS POOLE MOTOR CO. Ellis Puole, Owner & O|ierator. South Highway 61 nt ateelu. Mo, Phone Steele 49. l^ ; 22-ck-30 Attention Mr. Prospective Builder: Are you having tiifricnlty rinding good construction man? Would you be interested to find one trmt lias over 40 years experience In building construction nnd wll give ou R guiirftnlcctt cost of your building ocfore he starts? If BO, call or sec David B. Anderson, llO'.i Davis. Phone . I2j22-ck-',i Notice Why spend money- Swap with ui Blbf-rt Huflman'a Swap SJiop 4D« E Main. Phone 85&. 10|22 ck U Outdoor Supplies Money to Loan Dp you nffrt m loan lo repair or M- iodcl? No down payment, no mor- §e, no r«S tup*. PTtA APPROVKD RAT» ftt% ASK FOR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor For hla Christmas, nothing better tlmn a Shnkespcarc Bntnboo Fly Rod or R castlnp Rod and Reel. You'll find them Bt Planter's Hardware. 13ilO-Cfc-tt I For HIS Christmas nothing setter thaA" a Shakespeare Bamboo Fly Rod « casting Rod and Reel. You'll find them at Planters Hardware. 12-17-ck-tf Two me third boltoma. 10 and 14 }ne 11B disc. One 3 bottom IHC ?low one late model 3 bottom CMC plow J. W Wlflner. pnone ««9. Tnrbro. Ark For Sale, Cars & Trucks Phon* 3034 Lyncb Build In* . Ark. f-OJ-ct-tf Musical Merchandise PIANOS: NEW AND USED at Brooks Music store. 107 Bust Main. BljthevlllB Telephone 811 iln- slc Instruments pinrt suppUcft of all klnclj. Guaranteed radio repair. 1115-ck-K NEW SPINETS EAST TERMS. TEARS TO PAT. LONO AS TWO • Decca Records • Sheet Music • Estey Organs 190 MII.IS FRKK DELIVERY MORELAND'S Music Store 315 S. Second — Phoue 4222 Blytheville, Ark. 12 13-ck-tl Men are sUractod by beaiillfnl women. Customers nre altraclrrt by the Business Service Directory. List I 11 •> e your nnme and Business todsyl " Personal A rouiiK womnn leu » sm«ll illl- In the north 'of Enslund to come to Amerlcn qticathed Her srandratricr hud hc- larRe 5"m ot money o money o I lc , r i' sl ;'«" >' cnrs P»»scil. Her urnnd- fathpr died »nd the lnwyer took stcoi to rind her A personal ad In «, Ca- nnrtlnn nevispnner found the missing legatee In poor circumstances. Plumber For ft licensed nhiniber or for pert Btovc repair work cull Harry Hubbard Hardware. IJIH-ek-tf Meier* Real Estate If so desired your is not divulged nnd talk with us find it worth your For «Ble 200 tons Rood teiUv lespp- I<-7J» hay. Call Knys Sulllvnn. Hurclrtte. ihone 781. l2:9-pk-25 For Snle—Team .\ixorn Rt. 1. tools. .Mm Orr. 12jlS-pk-25 FOR SALE: — One A-modol Ford, i perfect shape. Call 193 alter 4:00 One 1937 Ford pickup with cutle melt M75. BUYTHEVILLB 1IOTOR CO. New Dodge I'.i ton heavy duty short wheel base truck. BLYTKEVILLK MOTOR CO. IJili-ck-Sl For Sale, Farms 40 ACRE FARM with new modern home. Artesian hot and cold wiUcr. :*vo small barns, poultry anrt brooder honac.i. and over 200 fruit trees. See L.Q. Bruce. Kelser.. Ark. 12|20-pk-23 Having Trouble Appropriate Christmas Gifts? We Suggest "Something for the Car" Seat Covers Fog Lights Sun Shades Here is a Christmas Bargain! Save Up (o 50% We Have Reduced Prices on Our Entire Slock of Auto Seat Covers. "This Offer Expires December 24th" For family and friends who drive a lot, these gifts are both attractive and highly useful. See our big stock now! LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. We Never Close 301 Walnut Sales Dept. Open Until 8 p.m. Phone 578 ;^-§^- re CHEVROLET! FOR SERVICE PARTS ACCESSORIES For Sale, Farm 1,440 ACRES of very: fine Pemiscot County land for sale located in a good community, good schools good churches, and on a good gravel highway. ' This is strictly a good farm and priced below its value. Can still give possession for 1948 Price §165 per acre. Call Telephone No. 33 New Madrid, Missouri. Fred M. Copeland Homes in Cavuthersville AREA 108 HOOMS. FARMS IN Pemiscot County, 80 — 320 ACRES. BUSINESSES. AND BUSINESS PUOPERTV. CARUTHERSVII.I.E AND POKTAOEV1LI.E. GI LOANS And FHA available. List YOUR PROPERTY WITH US Lester Wyatt CaruthersTill,. MO. Phone. 580 B for Sale, City Property TRACTORS And Machinery JOHN DEERE FORD FARMALL "We Sellfor Less" ANDREW JENKINS Highway 61 Holland, Mo. For Sale, Misc. 6 (i. Electric "ScEar" Ice box, 596. (Joorl condlllon. 12;ltf lilntlniini wedding bnnd, seven lids in flshtnll mounting, phono llnvltnnd china, Jan pattern. C»ll French Import. Ra- 355S. 12.22-pk-25 Arsue C-3 camcrn with coated lena bainc us new complete with carrying case, flashgun ana reflector. Prlceb for quick snle at S60. Also Federal J15 cnlnrgcr. New jio. Call 2717 and ask ror Wi. Howard. 12j20-pk-30 Kroll child's hed. and mattress. Good condition. Call 2565. 12jl6-pk-33 One small concrete mixer. 2 *llp scrapers, 2 Fresno scrapers 1 Corse cana 7 ft. grauer and ditcher. 1 five blade stalk tutter, 1 fonr wheel trailer 2 bale bed. 1 four, wl.eel John Ueere trailer, l bale bed. 1 AG combine. 1 grain drill vlth grease attachment. George F. .Oreb. phone J27« BlythBillle. Art. 12[22-pk-30 Rear! Courier News Want Atta. (Continued on Next Page) Ask us about SELLING your business. identity Come in You will while. We havn several nice homes and businesses for sale. JOHNNY MARR Heal Kslate ...econd ... Phone 4111 T, HUBBAKD, Salesman There were the Seven Wonders I Phone 4129 of the World. And then camel 19 17 ,,1,0,1 OourlK N«wi Cl»*siliedil | i&-il-CK-t<) I have a few farms well located nnd highly improved. If bought in next few days can give possession. 80 acres in Stoddard County on utate highway. School hm route, electricity. Price »T,000. $4000 cash* All In cultivation, level tractor Innrt. well drnlned. Have a nice farm located close to Blythevllle. Mississippi County, highly improved. School bus route, electricity, running water. This la aood black sandy loam soil, all tractor land, and priced to Hell. If you need a good farm sec or call Luther Gray Realtor outre with Marlon wmiAmx Insurance Aeency 115 S. Third st phone 2751 MOVE IN FOR XMAS This bcautllul new thre* bedroom home Is located on center lot Holly ana IJlvlslon streets. Large living room , with, aecorallvc gas heated (Ireplace. mil sl?.e dining room with the latest corner china cahlnets on Cftch nlde ' of a bcnuuiul plcuirc window. Mod- 1 cm Kllchrn. bcatltlrul bnth. Inrcc Bna tloor (uriiacc. Thermostnt control. Attic ran with time clock. Lots o. closet anrt storage space. Hard- wtjori IJOOM. Best or maccrlnl used throughout. Price $M.500. Johnny Ma IT REAL ESTATE 112 B. SECOND PHONE 4111 DENTED FENDER? E. T. Ihiblinrd. Salesman PHONE 4129 For Sale, City Property ' Smnlt B'occry and mar t c i w | th rmlr large rooms ana him. Hot »n<t cold water, screened back porch i\nfl storage room. Fruit a.irt herrlcs. Fcnee«-ln tot. One block from city bus WouTd consider sellinc Iirnperty without stocK an<l llNturc. 1 :. nu>- :hls clirap rrotn The 0 ; vn Sr, "P. 11 Earr S50 ° realtors fee. Sec »t 812 Lilly St. 12tl!l-pK-23 One two room house- !t1[)O for this month onlv. Sec Mrs. Salic Wicker. North Tenth St. 12 20-pk-24 For Sale, Misc. For Sale OT,D NEWSPAPERS COURIER NEWS OFFICE 10110 tf One 12 paupe pump gun 535. one 410 gaURo double barrel no, can be seen at garage In rear by HarfB , Bakery. 12;i7-pK 24 While kitchen cabinet, plrls bicycle In good condition. 421 E. Short Ash. 12 16-ck-23 Frlgldalre S75. Can bp used for home or cafe. Phone 792, Lewis Crxte 401 W. Ash. 12 19-pk-J7 ANNOUWCTIMBNT Or THK Of KN1NO OT TnK DR. J. F. BROWNSON Physician and Surgeon ASH AND DIVISION ST. Offic« phone 4622 OFP1CE Or Residence 2991 12:iJ-pk-25 WE DO EXPERT BODY AND FENDER REPAIR! •You're proud of your car—you want to be sure that i all dents will lie completely eradicated, that the touch-up matches the original finish. Turn it over without qualms to our skillful painters and dingmen! Guaranteed Work Immediate Service Low, Itemized Charges EXPERTS DO OUR WORK WALNUT AT BROADWAY * DIAL SOB FOR SERVIM

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