The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 22, 1947 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 22, 1947
Page 15
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MONDAY, DECEMBER M, 1947 Chemical Spray Aids Corn Yield Farmers in Flooded Areas Used 2, 4-D To Prevent Crop Loss By Vincent Burke. United Press Staff Correipondent ^. WASHINGTON, Dec. 22. (UP) — •jpundrcd? of farmers who couldn't ^get Into their flooded fields with cultivator Weeded their com with" a chemical- spray this year. The chemical. 2, 4-D killed the weeds and left the corn undamaged. Even the Agriculture Department Rcientists were amazed. They had reason to believe It wouldn't work. An Agriculture Department scientist who told the itgry .today said the farmers may have been officiating at the ."birthday..of a revolution in farming methods'." "The, results almost knocked' us off our feet." said Dri L. W. Kepford. "If aHopted on a. wide .scale, It will mean a new step in farming techniques." • -. He said many farmers In the years to come might be able to throw away their cultivators and plant their rows of corn closer together! That would -mean higher yields. The rows now are 3S to 40 Inches apart to leave room for weeding by cultivators. "rile -chemical -was discovered three years ago. Scientists who worked, to develop "plant growth regulators" .found that 2,4-D worked only on broad-leafed plants. It made them grow themselves to death. Dosed with 2.4-D, the broadleaf- ed plants grow so fast they used up all stored energy. Tlicn. they turned yellow, wilted and died. But the chemical weed-killer had no affect on grass or narrow-leafed plants, so, it went Into commercial sale for use on home-lawns to I (ASK.T COURIER NEWS Hey, Sarge, Lay Off—For the Kiddies Truman to Hear Daughter Sing on Concert Stag* For First Time Tonight WASHINGTON, Deo. • W.— (UP) —President Truman tonight—for th» firat lime—will »tt«nd on« ot hli daughter'a conceit*. • Mr. Truman listened In last Svuii- mer when Margnret m»dc l|pr professions!'debut In A radio broadcast from Detroit, but lit hm never heard her slug from th« concert stage. Margaret knew. It would be like that. She explained recently that since he would not be able to travel to hear her In some other city, •he arranged lo conclude her (our with a concert In Constitution Hall Recruiting Sgt. Jam« Kerper, of Sturgis, s; D,, ji doing his best to •rgui Santa, into enlisting in the Army, But Santa just smiles because. h« knows that he is booked solid, until, after the Ynlellde holiday. The two met at a toy show in:Naw York's Museum at ' Science and Industry. official seals. her*. Wllhln a tew days after her local concert was announced, It was a »ell-out. Concert manKgera aald it was nn imhravd-of ri»i>onse to a new soprano, especially In husy Christmas week. The demand for Uckels wns «o great that ninny of the capital's eel were unable to get But Mnrgnrel'K most turnout critic and first accompanist will be In the presidential box when die steps out onlo the staRe, in a new full-skirted off-thc-shouldcr drew of white brocaded satin, to mnkc her rnpllul debut. So will Mrs. Tnmmn. (She attended one of MiuRnrcl's concerts for the first tlmo Insl Pi-lday In Baltimore.) Others In the prcsldenllnl box will Include Mr. Truman'i «!«Ur, Mtsa Mary Truman; Mr». Trumnn'i mother, Mrs. D. W. Wallace, and Mrs. Triimtm't brother and slst«r- In-lnw, Mr. nnd Mr«, Dnvls Frederick Wnllucr, 1 and their children, David, 13, and Marian, 11, Tr*e< Stricken INDIANAPOLIS (UP)—me teletype machine nt police hcadquiir- ler was In a tricky mood. One ro- port concerning an accident said the car "ran off the road Into a ditch, continued on lo strict n trcet and ended up against tha southeast end of the brldo." The Chinese used silver in making ornament* more than 4000 years ago. id golf links. Agriculture authorities went Congress Heads Toward Record Number of Probes and Prayers ork to find field crop uses for it. They soon reported that it could be used as a weed-killer for several kinds of wheat, oats, barley and sugarcane and rice ,and others began using it that way. But the experts warned that it would kill By George E. Reed;, Jr. United Press Stalf Correspondent WASHINGTON, Dec. M. <UP) — The second session of the 80th Congress bids fair* to/carry,-out the Republican promise of opening each day with a prayer and closing with an investigation. Nearly a score of full dress inquiries have been Authorized or promised when the legislators re- tiirn to their posts Jan. 6,'The major targets are grain speculations, biack markets and oil shortages. Grain speculators, brought into the limelight by charges and countercharges over the causes behind rising food prices, will be studied by a special House committee and Senate Appropriations Committee. -The Senate comiuktee'has already opened hearings into the Brain transactions of Edwin W. Pauley, special assistant to the sec- potatoes, cotton, tomatoes and oth- i f? tarty , °' * rmy - The grou P u on | the trial of other government offi- i cials who may have traded In the commodities markets. The House committee, headed by Rep. August H. Andresen, R., Minn., was authorized in the closing days of the emergency session. It is er such plants, ai well as such broad-leafed weeds as ragweed and the cocklebur. Desperation Brought Trial Their experiments and theories indicated it would Injure corn. But a group of desperate corn farmers, faced with a potential scheduled to go into action as soon crop disaster, proved they were i * 8 U« members return - for the wrong. Kepford said. I opening of the regular session. It happened late this Spring down ' The investigation of black mar- in Kentucky along the Ohio River kets will be conducted by the House opposite Evansville, Ind. Heavy i Public Works Committee. It was rains flooded the lowlands. The I prompted by the belief of Rep. W. Kingsland Macy, R., N. Y., that weeds grew as high Farmers couldn't get vators into the flooded lands..They figured the crop was doomed. In desperation, one farmer rigged up a home made spray and shot a dose of 2,4-D on his corn. The weeds died and the corn grew. "He literally threw his hat into the corn, their culti- shady business transactions are increasing the cost of federal construction projects. Macy has declined to outline the ^specific industries which he thinks should"' be investigated."' But 'He claims it is common knowledge ill the business world that scarce ma- the air^pWd Sa^nT ; ^± S3,* "L™« paying bonuses to salesmen and distributors. The investigation, he said, will probably fail to uncover transactions that are actually illegal. However, he said there are plenty ot practices which increase construction costs and are questionable HAVE THEM TABLE TOP OIL STOVES FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY car load of these fine Table Flv« LONG, EASY TERMS ARHANGED. ALSO FARMERS TERMS. from an ethical standpoint. Inquiries into the oil situation are scattered all over both houses of Congress. The Senate Commerce and Small Business committees and the House Public Lands and Interstate Commerce committees have already started formal investigations. Other committees, prompted by threats of fuel shortages in the winter months, have promised to go into special aspects of the petroleum situation. The Senate War Investigating Committee, which held the front pages in 1M7 with investigations of airplane builder Howard Huciies and Mnj. Gen. Bennett E. Meyers, is expected to .'bow out gracefully at the end of January. The functions ot the committee, which was founded by President Truman when he was a senator from Missouri, are scheduled to be taken over by the Senate Executive Expenditures Committee. It still hat several reports to maks before it folds. "Santa Claus" Slain LONDON, Dec. 22. (OP)—Christmas won't be the same in suburban Staines this year. Santa Claus was beaten to death. His body was found face'..down in a brook yesterday. 'Some" of his clothes- were missing, -along with his jewelry and a bundle of banknotes he always carried. Santa Claus — the people ''of Staines called him that because'Sf; his many rgtfts : to children an'd'-old" folks—was \yilliam Bissett, 71. there's jist M end ti wonders RaiyaaA «ait«n ihcfl iip« off for ilrT cleaning- Inner werminc pkcet ratilj" wathed, K i r> ^ Westingharse Ektio Cowferter i tfc* A»U»«*lc Wa*ehman Cwterol Now.aM yov need mn o* Ifee nip^ti fe or* K«t*- wvi(M; We*tingbotiiK Electric Comforter. It give* you rectful •Iccp in mcHow warmth wkhotM. Wright. Plug* into any .vc outkt- Come bcdtinw, you merely »rt the control for nn* • de«rc« of warmth you tlcsVe. Tbe t>ed«itlc control, datiHy •• • powdtrr box, Ihcn nwtom«tk**y nwiotoint tWa gentle, re* kxing warnMb rojardirM of chuiigea in room tercifXfMur^ THc VtMh. rayots satin cover come* «i tbrte rich, gorgeou* eoton: ROM, Blue or Gr«erx >t'« eMtiy dry-cleaned tnd tha LCMMT warmwe ijh^et 1 *• enitty removed for bumdcrinft. A boon tx> penotW'tftcrvic to Miim*i fiber •, not n ownc« of wool in tlic entire comforter . . . completely mothproof; too, 72"x*6**, lurge enough foe nmpk tuck-in. Approved by Underwriters' L^iboratnriet, Inc. Come in to M< the !•*••( io ' modern bedcovcrings, Ark-Mo Power Co. ed to tell his neighbors." The word spread. In one month 80.000 acres of watery cornfields in Kentucky, Iowa and Nebraska were weeded with 2,4-D. From that land, Kepford said, an estimated 2.500.000 bushels of corn was harvested which otherwise probably would have been lost. . Kepford believes the chemical' weed-killer will never completely' which must be mixed with about replace the cultivator. The princi- ! three gallons of water per acre, pal weed covering more than half. Farmers who used 2,4-D this year °V> 5"i p *'* grass which is not ' i r «POrted yields of' corn'• per acre affected by the spray. Also, In dry that were higher than in previous areas where water Is scarce It may I years. They credit 2,4-D but Kep- iwyer be economical to use 2,4-D, I ford says it's too early to tell yet Wade FURNITURE COMPANY "More For Your Money All tht Tim«" ANNOUNCEMENT' TO THE PUBLIC: 'A high standard of quality—and fine, enduring workmanship have built (he recitation we enjoy today. Here, at the year's end, we would like (o re-pledge ourselves to thai same high standard. We feel that our customers would like to know our plans for the future. They are, as (hey have been in the past, to give quicker, better service on our fine quality products. We would like to thank our customers for their past patronage and promise the best for their accounts in 1918. The Carney Awning Company is truly—growing with BlylheviHel Mrs William Carney James R. (Bob) Reeder Co-ownerr Carney Awning Co. 113 South First Street Blytheville, Arkansas YOU DON'T HAVE TO LEAVE BLYTHEVILLE TO GET THE BEST! WE PRODUCE CUSTOM-BUILT GOODS THATS GUARANTEED TO SATISFY: • AWNINGS • TENTS • TARPAULINS • TRUCK COVERS • PICK SACKS Phone Your Order 2972 AUTO UPHOLSTERY SHOP '„. At LEi MOTOR SALES, Inc. \ 307 East Main Street HIM* 519 Yes, we do all kinds of auto upholstering, using only UM ox* durable and pleasing materials. W» make teat covert UUond to fit your cushions. Also door panel«, back panel* and arm rttts tltst will bring added comfort and, real charm to the interior of your car, We also do headlining, sedan top-decking and eonntti. ble tops. Wo rebuild truck jeata, fit rubber mats; nut. flt and bind back scat carpets, We also do heavy duty custom aewlM. l/el your Auto Upholstery troubles-be our troubles Our annual Chriilmas and lio'lday special: Price re4«ciiM •• all Mrvlccn and materials. Come In for estimates. It Is a pleasure to s«v« you aj our work will be a pleasure to you. Thomas J. Lilly & Son For the Best in Tailored Auto Trim BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 FARM (Jp LOANS Home Office, Ntwark, N. J. LOMO T»U( PROMPT CLMINO LOW KATB CAI.!., WRITE OK SIX RAY WORTHINGTON lit 8. Third St., Blythevflle, Ark. Senrlni .ThU Section 2.1 Yean AultiortMti Morijfag* Loon Solicitor for THE PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE COMPANY Ot AMERICA S TUDEB AKERS CHAMBLIN SALES Ial« * STUDEIAKE^ • Enjoy safety end peace of mind Ihronfli refiilar «*r inspection. ... • Put in Good Running Qrder « New I'nlnt. Job • Check Kloclricnl System Brake Lining and Steering A eood Mtoottoai tt D*W and wed trek*. Abo.* ot UtU modtl iM*d o»r» . . . i B A K £ R STUDEBAKE RS KaJlroid an4 A*h Itneii ' UK GhMtbliB DU1 KM Bin ChaaMta D E 6 A K E R — "You'd think the boy voted most-!ikely-to-succecd would b« smart .enough to take his car to SEAY MOTORS for check-ups!" Pride & Usrey Genera/ Contractors DIRT FOR SALE Phone 517

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