The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 25, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 25, 1952
Page 2
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WEDNESDAY, JTJKK 25. 1952 W-TTHETTLLE (A-RK.) COTRTS* 'KVW9 Much of Nation Gripped by Heat By The assnc'lated Press 4> All early summer heal wnve held a sticky grip over wide areas of the country today. There appeared no immediate relief from Ihe hot and mugigy weather. New heat records for the month T *ere repotted toppling in June's collar-willing weather m many parts of the swelterbell in the Ka.stern hair of the nation. The torrid extended from the Giilf states northward to the Southern Hreal Lakes region and the lower Missouri Valley. Violent rainstorms, strong '.vmds and showers brought temporary relief to .some sections but in others there were no signs of rain j Crops were burning badlv in Ark-1 ansas. whirl] hasn't liad a heavy j rain in more than a month. i Temperatures soared abmp 100 in many cities atirl readings \\eie In the 90s over most of the Miii- I west. Nighttime broiiRhl little re. [ lief from the httmirliiy. An estimated 70.000 persons jammed beaches and parks ;n Chicago outinp rhe niu'ht To seek relief from Ihe near fUl-floctee hor.l and humidity. Thousands stretched mil. on blanket? while hundreds spent the ni^ht, fishin;* frnni rocks and piers. Cars were parked bumper to bumper throughout the beach and park areas. fi.i fn Chicago Tt was 95 m Chieaao yesterdav. the eishih day in June with temperatures of !iO or hipher. But in Jacksonville. Fla . the mercury climbed into the 90s for the 21st strait-ht day, breaking a 55-year-old record for June. St.! Louis sweated nut its 19th day of 90-dcKree weather this month, with 8 high of 39, a record for the dale. > But thei e were hoirer spots yes-! terday. IT was 107 at Hill City.! Kan. Nashville baked in a reading: LONDON '.n Russia has protest- J I C1 ' cy ' S l ° P JUIW mnrk - ! " d '" ""' u - s - a " d Britain that the From the Nebraska pi-nine lands Western Powers' plans to "ive Italy Grand Island reported a sizzling ' wider admmisiralive powers in 1 . , [ their zone of Trieste violates tlie High marks for .lime 24 were[i 94R Italia,, Peace Treaty reported in Little Rock. Ark.. wnh j Thp British Foreign Office an- OSCEOLA NEWS By Met lye Nelle Slarr PAGE THREE llo *; n B Fol t* "f Jackson. Tenn..|naUw country, the Arabian MC- and Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Hathorne! tlon of Jerusalem Tlie government i ol Memphis will be house guesUs of j Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Hayden. Mrs. Hathorne is a sister »\m ni Mr. Visilurs F.oter(.i[ned line Campbell anri Mrs. J W Eri- Mrs CliRrline Watson and. Miss . rinpton spent the weekend in Ann Massey entertained informally Friday night tor several visitors who are home for summer vacationing: Mrs Reid Prisby of Columbia. Mo., j r , visit ins her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Benton, III. Arriving in Oscpoln Julv 1 will be Moore. Mrs Rock Hams and other relatives. there has changed since Tauil arrived here seven years aco and he is taking out hi* American English Reds Insult- Dean Ruliy Davidson of Ml tip i stiest of Mrs .1, L Wil- i nip papers HP ivas a classmate at Baylor with Mr. V)orrll. Jr., who i< a cousin, of Mrs. Sanders. , Mr. and Mrs Frt MrCorkle are Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sanders had j now located in Barllesville, Okla as thru Bursts [or the past week, j wheer Mr. MoCorklc is associated Mrs. Sanders' parents, Mr. and Mrs. I »ith Plnlllps Oil Co. Mrs. McCorklp lown elgns lit quicfcly as they vert ds- covered. One slogan was slapped on « building al Wadham College, wher» Acheson dined lasi night. OXFORD. England 'f — Big while signs reartiiiR "Acheson Go Home" and "Yank Go Home" i _ . _ were found plastered on streets' Breaks Out Anew and buildings of this umversily Jewish-Moslem Fighting rf .. nl ""« N , ls ' B Angeles, Mnore of • Mrs. W H. I) llaldi idee, ner Krandmothe , . A. Webb of Conway. Ark..: Calif, and their; Mr. and Mrs William Dotrlil, Sr!!andMr. Vmronte l)e.,;repo Mrs. Dfirtill, ,lr , " le former Miss Kate Thoinason. Miss, Anne While, clauehler of Mr . Godfrey While lefi Friday retirv ' Chester Dauchower: Mrs. Marshal i ''auehlci. Kline of Memphis, visitiiiR her par- i of M™" 1 "!"- Columbia, South Amor- l-'m'a'i Tawil of Waco, Tex. Mr, i a six w -,, pks sum)Wr fnwsr cuts, Mr. ond Mrs. Sponcer Driver; [ ica. They will be here i«-o wreks asl T! "*'' "'aduatcd "us month from hcr return shr will (.moll in ni' Mrs. Gerald Barnes, of Couway. who-j,, 1( , s , s of Mr. Moore s tunlhor Mr , - naylnj Unlv<1:si 'V "> Waco Through Mls ,. Miss' White is maiorin- • the former M,<, vi,- a inla Lee ; fmtna R, Moore and h "i ,V. M "' . S,.*™ 1 * 1 ?. ™™ n ™ r>- ,'""" w »" > - latigu« S ™ and Best; Mrs. Ednie Pharn and Miss 1 Martha Ajm Moore r „ , ['auline n! Ritmini\ham, : j Ala., who are visiiinc ihrir parents, i ' Mr mid Mrs M. Moore. j 1 „ \ . ',. ., ' • "" While they '""'"f s and ( for the University of Colorado foi t!|>. 1^ [III Mil 11 [mill I, „_ ,-.-,. .,-., ..V,,, ..,.11 _,. Baylnj University in a woman misslnnnry from Mr. Tawil was allowed in rome tn arc i ihf- United stairs to receive his ed- .Irs. neaumi providing he return tn his oday bin thp US ihem. Cleaners were r.tilrd om pflrly Lo reinovc flip wliirpwash-painrpd TUNIS. Tunisia '.^_N e w JPW.-S m rhe Jewish quarter o/ Tunis ] asl mt<ht bin FrfinnhtroopA mMorrrJ order before anyonewan injured. nomic Read Courier News rl.v-fidert Art! CO\ni)K\T — Rrn, Robert A. T'rifr of Ohio smilirs )»-ondl>' iJunp 21" n?= he prrdirt*: hP'il win thn He pisbj !c;-<n pnMciential noinina- tinn mi rm parly ballot in the nurcy'.': L-om c niton opr-iiine in Chicago on .Inl\ 7 Tlif Ohm >fn- afoi 1 »lsn inrdrcfrri :ir a nfv.r r;on- fprr-nrc in Wa^hinaton itut hf and his rhk-f rival lor the nominal i in, Ocn Dwight D Ei^eii- hnwcr. v:ill aer^e on a foroi2ti poliry plank at Chira^n ' AP \Virephoio' Russia Pact Mixed flov.ers from tlie Mas.sey Rjrrien were used throughout, tlie bouse and on the sun ix>rch where the yixins enesi? cathered fm cards At a late horn, the hn-tcsses set\ed an assoitmr-nl of party foods and if id drinks. Celebrates HirllidaT Cnmine all the way from Oca la. Fla., to crlebrate ill"; sixth hirlhrlay with his erandpnj-ent.s. >fr. anr! Mr?. Jolm \\ r . Eririnoton, was John Allan Kdrin^toti. Th^ pl^vmaies he left l>r'h;nd when lie rnnvi d to Acala were iiiviu-ci Friday to help John celehiate Home movies wr-tf. sim^-n rlnrine tile Hftrrnnon, foMovfn bv cake and ice iT[';.rii. The covl>-)'.- cnr:c decorated with pverythiiii: d"nr to a lit- tie rnwtviy rm.1 cowyirl liari "H Birihriay, John" spelled out a Persounls Bill Phillips, son of Mr and Mrs H. E Phillips, tef' Mnricirtv morn- in? for Mriinmtilli Spring where he will he in camp for 'u-n n-eek = . Mrs. Kate. Hale nnri Mrs. J. H. Lovevvrll are Ipai'ins by plane tlie morning of July i«( for si. John?, Newfoundland. In visit Mrs. Half's daughter, Mrs. Frank Critchfleld. Mr. CriichfieM and yvandson, FranV Jr. Mrs. Lmi».v?l] is an aunt of Mi-f. Ciilthficld. They will arrive m Boslon that niylll nnri will lake a Canadian plane out. ihe next. nmrnina. arriving in si J'lhn on play refreshed re a 98 and Cleveland wilh Sfi. In contrast, there were [pw need that Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Vishinsky handed new cor,! spots, such as Buttc. Mom., j Russian notes to British and Amor- i "'^i' where yesterdav's mnxiinum tern- i ican rr-nresemalives in Mosco' ' rerattire was -18. : !asl nishlt Fairly moderate weather pre-1 Th( , soviet protest lined Russia i a vailed in ihe. Northern New Eng-1 l]p wnh Yueoslavia her onetime!' land Slates and in the Far West. i satellite who broke from the Com-i A tornado struck in Northwest-! inform to become a bitter opponent ! e.rn Wisconsin last night, the sec- ; o f ihe Kremlin rule, in attacking ! onri m 24 hours. Violent wind and j tr ,e May 10 Ansrlo-American acree- eiectncal storms swept Minnesota ; meri t f for_the second consecutive night, j Ullder Hlis Rsrf . emml , Italy inrn lo the stales, they wil Boston for several Charlie Suilenoor Is home after spending two weeks vacalion- ine throiish West i'nsmia with h^r son Charles Hayties Sullenger. his wife and children of Little Rock. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Lawrence. Mr. and Mrs. L. C. B Youn? were week end miests nf Mr. and Mrs. Hale Jackson at, their hnmc iu Kan- The Bister. M, Ric, iW Ho- \ w ^ ^ Irn ^ ke v M?S' for ,,£ *** ™*' ^ ^ ^ ^~ moliAtiing nnri riRmn-me sPwral|u. Si an ri Briiish-nrcuptcd Zonp : ' - *?* ^ ^"^ WTrp plfl "- buildinffs. topplmp n 450-forrt rnd,o|- A -. nf TriPslc. which includes HIP M }*\ by '''^""j, nf . Ml \ anfl . Mrs ' townr nnd knocking out power hig mrm n at the hnari of ihe : il k ' " . fni J^ °" rP ° Ia VVf " n ™- One In linns. One half Ihe chy of population wa* blnrkori out. youth was innircfi. Six pnrson? wore Injnrpr] Cleveland, in ?mlfs son'hu'f^r nf • by (he tuo-po Minru-Rpolis. which appnarpd thp. i hardest hi! by the Xriniip5nta storm. Severs] fnnn btiildincrP were blovk'n riou'n. power and telephone linep knocked out anri several co mm unities flooded. Adriatic Sea. The acreement becomes effective July Jiv Yugoslavia occupies Znue "B" of Trieste, which is nol affecleri a rr ansement. Four Children Foil Five Floors Press Notes Birthday , Of Korean War Charges \ MOSCOW iff> ( — ThP Russian press observed ihe .=PC onri aniiiver^ary \ loriay of thp sfnrt of the Korean [ War uiih new attack. 11 ; on "Aiiicri- I can afferpoors'* nnri ne-.v charccs ' th^T Koiea is a ''general rphears-: al" by the U.S. for Worlri War IFT, ' The covRrnmcnt nrpan I7\ r esiir* \ said (lie Amcrirans urr THtempting j to expand the Km e^n War into: other partj; of the world. Pravthi, the Communist p .'ty pappr. ro- stntpd previous demand? for They roiurnrd home Moiuiny eve- nine. Mi? t-nlnh CoWf and Mr?.' David Lsincy visirpd with Mr- mid Mr>. Arthur Mo re an nvnr trip Momphis. Mrs Morgan is a hos- p;tn) parienf. Mrs. W- B. NRW YORK ',-p—Mr? Theresa Cadi?, went downstairs to a store yesteniay. Ipavm? her three m- fanu= In ihe care of their 14-year- old cousin. Moments later, two of (he rhil-' armistice based on "withdrawal "of dren plmmeri 10 Ihe arroimd from all foreign foice.sfrom Korea. the fifth-floor tnnenient apnrttnptit , Seconds afterward, the third child i - • and the cousin hurtleri to the \ eround. "Please help me.' 1 capped Ihr cousin. Rose Cadiz. "They foil out the window." All four were taken to a hospital, but Sncorro Cadiz was dead. Her sister, Rnmnmta. X. nnri hrother. Francisco Jr. 1. nnd the were in rrittra! condition. Police said txvo nf the infants. Apparently ptayins nn a hert noai the window, rolled out The 'bird leaned over the sill 10 look and fell with Ihe rniism. who slipped a.^ she rushed to the window. makes &// your cook your fast coo It's so easy to find in so many places ... so easy to ire in a cooler for out-of-the-way places. 40TUED UNDEl *UIHO=ITY OF !HE COCA-COl* COMPANY »T COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. OF BLYTHEVILLE RCA Room Air Conditioner RCA ha^ Honf It again! Thie time with t wonderful air r-nniJilioner thai Rivr* you control of inside climftta . ; t nt thf Iwi^t nf a dial. Cools, nltprn. clcnn* the «rr- RemoTC* dnflt, potlcHK, lint. K«duceR kurakijty, A siw toe every room ., . nee il tfMiavl A »<zi FOR IVIKT ROOM! Priced 01 low of Campari*! fn/o/ RCA /«otur«<: « H HEART-OF-COLD" COMPMSiO* provjij^n top rooJinp r*p*aty. • "AIRFLOW" GRILLE pivr* you grntlr. no-drah nlr rir- culntinn tn all par I* nf tlif room. * fAMOUS KCA FACTORY HRVtC! ai'^iirft prrfrrt in^tfllljilion, r^rr- trft ptrfornianre, Low-eost tontrac.t availahlr. $229.50 Llbarol tofmi— Kik< up )• 71 WMki t« pay, COMI IN FOR FREK DEMONSTRATION Johnson Office Equipment Co. 106 So 5th Phon« 4420 One, Each, Arm: $65,000 .VKW YORK ,-r—Seatmn Robert 1 H R a wimp. 43. won a Frrlernl i Court lury award of J^S.nOfl vp.= -j terday h^cini?e n hippopor^mii- hf 1 ^ a? a?=iE;ned to feed hu off hi?' nchi arn;. i Thp mridcnl occurrpri siini | HIT uhen the hippo w a,= beine broueht hrrp from Africa for 'h^ Contra] Park 7.n r > Aboard 'he freighter Afnra pf ar. Ra wlin.^ sued the ship's owner. Farrcll \ I,mos Inc. i I I proves superior! NttChty man :•= only an in^-T from !Ho moment hp r^aiize.- 1 ran't ha\-«- R baby--a famm T i -in a I ly * ^a kr-r, ^hort er li v& "Thp Xartiral Superiority Women" in the Hie -Inly I,a,dif Homo .Inurnal eires all the ^ only." Reari it toH^j-. Hi"tr .Mill, rrnii '/ M yovr kufhwuil AND SLASH UPKEEP COSTS Whatever your r>e«d», Iliere'i a Dorigs (ruck that's "Job-Rated" to fit your job, JOVQ you monay. Every model--!/?- through 4-(on —1« engineered with tho right load-carrying units. Every model —4,250 Ibi. fo 40,000 Ibv G.V.W. — it engineered with the right toad-moving units. Better weight distribution enables you to carry bigger payloadt without overloading. Come in today for n Show Down of truck value ... a demonstration , . . ord a good deall The Righf Power. Wilh a Dodpft you'll enjny "•fob-tinted" power thp rijfht eneine for the jnh. You'll loxvrr npkrop C-OPI.S JxTnii^e of =uoh f P,T 11 j re? a « cli roino- pi ^ t r<f top p is ton r ing 3 aiif! nxhaimt valve srat in^crus. e»«*W^«(S»efi««ft^^!^ "We switched to Dodge and upkeep costs went down." ".Sinrf puttine nur first Unrip, inlo .=r.rvi ( -«. TIP havo Iwn mo--.! F.itisficd. As .WON as we switchi-d lo I),, ( 1 R0 . our upkerii crisis went d own. •AVr. havo found that Dmler :M-K,,!rf tn,rk= p.-rform M ,1 mm h hotter IrvH of r, onomv in o).<-rntin E and m,iintciiamr [larod Ic tl>t previous makes we owned." longer Truck Life, /','rry ui>il nf a Ofxigo "Jnh- Knlrtl" triu k i? PM^inri'rrri for low upkr-rp ruul long life. You'll H.ivr IM...HISO of a ripf>|) <-h,in npt-K-p^ fram^ 1 . ' -hot .period" rear 3x!f-"l.s, and r >!X!nal-alloy sl^i'i .sprmgfl. Ftvjid Drive Protection. Depend" on (ryro! 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