The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 22, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 22, 1947
Page 10
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TEN BIATHEV1LLE • (ARK.)" COURIER NEWS Weekend Brings Many Fatalities Thirteen AHtansans LOM Lives in Series of Accidents Br United This was K tragic week-end in Arkansas. At least thirteen persons died violently in » series of cataslro- phies ranging from suicide to au• tomoblle wrecks. ; .-Three persons, Including a three- •^yeat-old boy,' were killed when two ."truck! collided on Highway 63 near ,, (Jonesboro. The victims ivcre J. T. : -Williamson, 66, and his wife. Mat- 'tie, 68, «rtd their grandson, Danny . .p«l« Newby, all of Lake City. , Two automobiles collided at Con. way, killing Loyce Dillon MeDon- viold, 20, of Vilonia, In ?aulkner ^County .and Alvin Clinton Hawkins, .21, ol Mount Vemon, also in Faulk- ;,ner County. Four others were in' jiirtd in the collision. ~., At Paris, 36-year-old M. L. S\veet- 'en shot ard killed his 34-year-old 'Wife, Ruth, a7id Ihen took his own ; life as their six children looked on. In Little R/)ck, 48-year-old Charles 'Robert Masterson was shot to death in-what oificcrs described as a drunken brawl at a filling station. One man is retried to have admitted the shooting. ../Billy Miko Kolb, 30, of Nashville, Ark., was drowned while on a fish' ing trip in Red Lake near Pulton in Hempstead County. He is said to have stepped off Into a deep hole. Mrs. Charles Quillan, 18-year-old ... Port Smith matron, wns killed mid three others were injured in an automobile accident at Coal Hill. A 15-year-old Negro, Identified • « Tommy Disnew of Crawford. Miss., was drowned when the car in which he was riding plunged Into one of the bauxite pits between the Confederate Home and Sweet Home OR the Pine Bluff pike ju»t outside Little Rock. Five other Negroes and a hite hitchhiker formed a human chain and climbed to safety. Alvin Davis Foitst, three-yenr-old »on of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Poust ol Whitehall in Polnsctt County, died after fire destroyed the family's farm home Friday night. His was the seventh death from fire among Arkansas children in the 24 hours ending Saturday. And in Little Rock, 73-year-old Alfred E. Beadle was lound dead in his home, the apparent, victim of asphyxiation, ' OHlcers said they found the windows and doors of . Beadle's room closed and » gas Jet open. Southern Waters Again Lure American Tourists With Airlines Vieing With Ships for Passengers MONDAY, DECEMBER 22, 194T Livestock ST. LOUIS NATIONAL, STOCKYARDS, Dec. 33 (UP) — IUSDA) — Livestock: Hogs 11,500; salable «,500; fairly active, 180 Ibs. and- up 50 to 75c higher than Friday's average; lighter weights, 2S to 15c mostly 25 to 50c higher; sows, mostly 50c higher. Bulk of good and choice 180 to 300 b.s. »27,50-»27.75; extreme top $28 for about two loads. Few 325 Ibs 027.25; 160 to 170 Ibs. <2625-$2S75 ; 130 to 150 Ibs. »24.-»26; most 100 to 120 Ibs. $21-|23.SO; few $2015 down. Good sows 440 Ibs, down $24.60, S25; few choice to f>525- over 450 Ibs, 023.76-$24.25. stags Cattle 5.000; salable, 4,500: calves 1,200, all salable; steer supply fairly liberal at about 45 loads these medium to average good In flcsli Little done early, but buyers unevenly higher asking prices, Heifers and mixed yearlings as . we ii as COVV5 opened fully steady and moderately aclive; bulls, firm; vaalers unchanged from Friday. Medlun) to good heifers and mixed yearlings, sisso- S27; common and medium beef cows, largely, »15.50-$17; odd licad Ai cruise ships call again for souChern ports, the Hie tourist Is back in this souvenir market picture at Nassau, Bahamas, far the first time In >ix years. By James Tlirasher NEA Staff Correspondent ABOARD THE S.S. EVANGELINE, (NEA)— The American tourist, beached high and dry throughout the war, has gone to sen again. It was a long wait. Never, since the first American tourist packed his sea chest and voyaged forth, had the high seas been off limits predicted a post-war decline of the' for so long a time to civilians who ' cruise business everybody wanted to sail off to foreign lands just for the fun of it. European tourist travel wns shut down for eight years, and the Carri- bean area wns closed to seafaring pleasure-seekers for six. Unhappy Europe probably won't be a mccca of American tourism for some time to come. But the cruise into Southern watoiB is once again a festive occasion complete with baskets ol fruit, noisy farewell parties, anil ' lo tnc clcrtl "'"I salti . " u y ' lle t™V "Anchors Awelgh" by the orchestra as the ship pulls nwny from the pier. While the old spirit and the former trimmings nrc back, all of the prewar ships that used to still lo the West Indies nnd the Ciirrlbcun nrc not. Many of them ivcrc lost In the war. Others are still in the process of being rclusnrlaled nftcr their drab, roles ns \vnrtiine transports. • Bicentennial to Feature J733 Lincoln Shrine 'READING, Pa. (UP)—National interest is being revived in one ot the'^least. known Lincoln shrines of'Oils'country as Reading | n Berks County: ; prepares to celebrate in 1948 'the Bicentennial of its found- Ing. , •_• •#• a Even bf(9«>-Thomas and Richard Perm,. Sons of William Pcnn who eave "th* state the family name, founded Heading in 1748, ancestors of the Great Emancipator had settled near this modern industrial city. The home of Mordecai Lincoln. the great-grcat-grandfnther of President Abraham Lincoln, built In Berks County in 1733 still stands. It: is on a mile traveled gravel road In the village now called Exeter. The home will be featured us part of the centennial Not far from the Lincoln ancestral homestead of gray stone Is the Exeter Friends' Meeting House, established in 1725. Here Lincoln's family worshiped together with the family of Daniel Boone. the pioneer American scout and Indian fighter. Rural fire» destroy four farm buildings an hour and kill about 3000 persons annually In the United States. to go to sea. she was laid up for ad-(Grace Line ships and one each dltionnl weeks until the locks and from the Furncss and Alcoa lines door kncilis arrived. j running cruises from New York Such experiences ns this were the .United Prult has four ships and rule rather Mian the exception. As ' Standard Prult and Alcoa two apiece ft result the airlines got at icusl a jonl of New Orleans The Seaway year's start in cashing In on Amcr- line has a cruise ship sailing from leans' pent-up yen for travel. Dill \ Jacksonville, and Canadian Nn- ship owners nnd others who had it tonal Is running two ships between —•"-•" -" " -'Boston and British West Indian ports. . Before the war there were 20 llnet or more competing for this winter trade. Every trans-Atlantic line used lo -head some ships for Southern waters when the summer vacation season ended. This season, Cmiard's Mauretanfn and the Nieiiw Amsterdam and Veendam of the Holand- America Line have, announced cruiics beginning in December and January. With -few Now York-to- Europc bookings likely Ihis winter, there is a possibility, ihnt French nnd Kalian liners might Join the Caribbean fleet. But nobody seems unduly worried about competition. With thousands would be traveling by air found that they were wrong. A few months ago a man mailed one steamship line hi New YOrk a check for $500 with these instructions: "Dook-me on the first ship go- Ing out and mall me the change." A girl who had booked passage with another line came Into Its office to collect her ticket and baggage tugs. As she was leaving she turned where Is the ship going?" Now that n few more ships arc in operation tourists are buying with more discrimination, ft's .still a much harder job to buy a steamer lickcl to a Ciirlb'can port than jot American', landlubbers eager for It Is to get plane passage to the the sight of Southern seas, travel same destination. Yet the Evmigc- agencies nnd the steamship people line's passengers Include men and'seem to feel that there will be plcn- u'oinen on business trips to Nns.snu, [ "ty of business to go round. Miami or Havana who have waited ! turn for a chance to go by' The Evangelhie has only recently resumed peacetime operation. Llke| sea ' her sister ship, the Yarmouth, this I They could hnvc flown from New vessel wns built for the Easlcrn York to cither of the first two cities Average u. 8. Army parachute good for 100 Jumps. ••. WARNING OKDKK I . Ihe Chancery Court, Chk-kasaw- ba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Curtis Clark JFieeinan Plaintiff. vs. No. 10,299 Mildred Louise Freeman. Defendant. The defendant, Mildred 'Loulsf F/'cctnan, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days In the court I named In the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plain- lift Curtis Clark Freeman. Dated this 14th day of November, 1947. HARVEY MOKR1S, Clerk By Betty Peterson, D. c. Gene Bindley, Ally, for PUB, Arthur Harrison, Atty. ad Litcm WARNING OKDKR The defendant, Paltye Marie Bunch, Is hereby warned to appear in the CJinncery Court for the Chickasawb.i District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, within thirty clays and answer Ihc complaint ol the,plaintiff, Glenn Wallace Bunch, filed against her in said court, case No. 10.303, and upon her lailure so to do; said complaint will be taken ,as confessed. Witness my hand as clerk of said court and the seal (hereof this » day of November. 1947. Christmas Trees j> Holly & Mistletoe ! Cedars—Any Size jSfttM Price* to Business Firms, *: Churches and Schools Werce Your Order Now! Moreland's MUSIC STORE 31S Sc . Znd -THE BEAUTY BAR- "Your Beauty Is Our Duty" WELLA MACHINE WAVES . . $8.50 up OIL OF TULIP WOOD $750 SANDERS OIL ' $7.50 FREDERICKS "—^ $5 up Complete Line of Programmed Dermetics "Give Beauty for Her Christmas" Glencoe Hotel Bldg. Phone 3202 Steamship Lines' overnight run between Boston and Yarmouth, Novn Scolln. or St. John. New Brunswick. During the war both of these tn about four hours Instead of taking two and three days, respectively, by ship. Havana is n five-hour flight from New York. The Evauge- Buvlal services were conducted yesterday at lo a.m. in Eumvood Cemetery, for (lie infant daughter coastal steamers sniled nil over the j line, with leisurely stopovers, makes j born to Mr. and Mrs. Ernes " '" ••'- -' — • ' c "' ...... — ..... . ._. ' . ' world as troop transports. Reconversion of tc EvniigcUnc cost $1,900,000, and was delayed repeatedly by strikes and material shortages. it In six days. Eaturda-y night. The baby died ... ui..i «.•«.•_.,.. j — uit;iiL, inu uiiuy tiieu At present 20 vessels are currying? three hours after birth at Blythe- passcngcrs from American ports to!'villc Hospital. Bc.sidc.s her parents Cnvibbcim wnlcrs nnd the North] the is survived by three sisters Vi- Dress Wins Prize When she wns finally overhauled, I coast of South America. Besldps, Ernestine and Sue -Fran-cs repainted, refurnished and rca,-|y i Eastern's two ships th'ore are five 1 Holt Pnncrnl Hoine -was' hvrchar' LAND FOR RENT | Miss. County, Arkansas I ' {' Bids will be accepted December 29th at the jj Shawnee Agriculture Building at 2:00 o'clock I for all or part of School Section 16-10-8, near (S v Denwood. FOLLOW THE CROWDS TO PLANTERS GIFT and TOY CENTER! Better Than Ever Before Concrete Tile Sewer Tile Sizes 4, « and 8 Inch I Culvert Tile SIMS ID, 12. 15, 18, tl, 24, 8» and 36 Inch A. H. WEBB Hwj. «1 at Stale Line Phone Blvthevlllc 714 WATKINS Now Available A Complete Line Famous Since 1868 Mrs. H. Justus, Dealer 1411 Ash St. Phone 3115 City Radio •Service- Dial 2407 For Enpert Repairs 324 East Main St Felix A. Carney RADIO REPAIR 1 AND 2 DAV SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MODEL. RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP PHONE 2642 We calf for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Electrical Appliance Co. Authorized Motorola Radfo Sales and Service 106 South First St. FOR ELECTRIC WORK *Call 2397* -FOR— • Bob Powell • T. W. 'Hop' Neil VVe specialize in house wiring, farm wiring, mo- lor repair and appliance installation. r^ BOB'S Electric 500 N. Fifth St. Bl.vthcville, Ark. Urs. Loui« D»ni e i o f f olt or models a dress made of split beans which won first prize Iri the N»- «on»TFruK, V«getabl« »nd Flower Sbow lit Weslaco, Tejris; The dress w»s m»de by v Mrs..Louise Clark Huchingson, also of Fort Worth- Tlili i* the 12th consecu- «»t jew tor Mrs; Huchlngson to •atertbe cosiest, »r.d each "»«r -•"! h»» won prize*. <NEA Tele- ^ 64 unc .encua/i Sot, Damp ferM. ak • result <*t ihin Ihoos and soles, invites had colds. Protect your and your children's health by kccpm| •hoes in eood repair See uv H-flLTCRS QUHLITY SHOC SHOP 121 W. MBIN ST. FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aqueila Water Proofing Paint 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS j plain or reinforced Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver T'lTone 691 Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY I'hone 20-13 1014 Cliickasnwba BOB MALONE Plaster !if and Stucco Phone 2029 ..5 Is This the Day After out that wet \v;ish? Dues your |;j Wash Day? Did you cittch a cold lui hack achn from ironing? Save yourself hnurs of discomfort and doetor bills. Send >»ur l;iundr> to us. Finest service— prompt deliveries — easy on the budget. Call Us For Both Laundry and Dry Cleaning HA LAUNDRY CLEANERS Phone 4474-4475 ; SEAGRAM'S 7 CROWN BLENDED WHISKEY. 65% Grain Neutral Spirit, 86.8 Proof. Seagram-Distillers Corporation..Chrysi.f Building, Hew York see you* Still & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury Deafer Phone 3479 Blythetille Ark. 112 Walnut St.

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