The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 22, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 22, 1947
Page 8
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EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1947 THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS : THE COURIER NEWS CO. M W HA1NE8, Publisher ' " JAMES L. VERHOEFF, Editor PAOt D HUMAN. AdvcrtUicc Muii(ei °6ol* Nitiocwl Advertislni Representatives: WalUc* iyiuner Co, New Vork, Chicago. Detroit, Atlanta, Uempbl*. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class matter at the post- office at Blythevllle, Arkansas, under act ol Congress. October 9. 191T Served oy the United Freu SUBSCRIPTION RATES: B? carrier tn the city ot Blythevllle or any main- mburbaa town where carrlei service is tained, 20c per week. 01, 85c pet month 8y mall within a'rallus o( 50 miles. 14.09 per •MI 1200 Jot six months, *l.OO foi three montlu: bTmali outside 50 mil* zone. «10.00 per year payable to advance. ___ _ Meditation John answered and said, A man can receive nothinj, except it be given him from heaven.— John 3:21. ing note which charged mistreatment of Uussian citizens in Fnuice was made doubly insulting when they broadcast its contents before they delivered it. This naturally injured French pride and helped solidify anti-Communist feeling. All these recent actions have shown more clearly that it is Russia that insists on a divided Europe. They must have discouraged any lingering hope that France, particularly, might act as n go-between. Russia has pushed both France and Italy definitely to the side of freedom, and of America. Now it is America's job to help these countries quickly strengthen their gains and prepare against future attacks. In doing this America, of course, will also be helping herself. GUU come from above form. — Goelhe. In their' own peculiar VIEWS OF OTHERS Forest Primeval Members of the United Nations secretariat were confronted the other day with this question, posted on a bulletin board at Lake Success: "How long since you were last in a forest?" The question was put by the American Youth Hostels, as an invitation to hikes and travels. In view of the vetoes, boycotts and other, troubles that these UN workers must contend ' with, in addition to mountains of just plain, ordinary work, it might have been more appropriate to ask them: "How long Before you are going to get out of the woods?" End of the First Round America was in tlie comer of the French and Italian governments during their fight with the Communists, but her support was moral rather than active. So now at the end of the first round—for surely the present lull is no more than that—this government is probably reviewing the results and figuring ways to help its fighters finish off the opposition. The French and Italian governments showed surprising strength in round one. But the Communists, though short of breath and prestige at the moment, are certain to try again. Their communique, culling off the French'strikes, promised as much when it said, "We must regroup and rally our forces for future battles, which will be bitter." • ••••«••••••••• It now seems imperative that Washington speed up the .appropriation machinery in its final job and get this much-talked-abottt 'assistance under way.-The Schuman and de Gasperi governments may display courage. The Italian and French police may handle violence with assurance. The workers of both countries may show good sense in refusing to follow the Communist leaders. But, in the end, America probably holds the most potent weapon in the fight. That weapon is food, and its target is the Communists' strongest ally, hunger. Food shortages and outrageously high prices must have won a bigger audience for the enemies of the Marshall Plan than would have been possible otherwise. When a man spends three-quarters or more of his pay in trying to feed his family—as workers in French cities are reportedly doing —he is ready to try desperate measures.. A greater burden has fallen on the American aid program, with the Russian government's spiteful breaking off |l of the trade talks which would have brought Russian wheat to France in exchange for machinery. An added burden is the loss in production which the Communist-inspired strikes caused, even though they were broken. A possible- future burden is found in the prediction that the Communists, after They catch their breath, will try to tie up key industries, one after the other, by strikes. Yet America seems to have gained •s well as lost. She probably will profit from the fact that the Soviet government—which was, of course, in the Communists' corner—lost its temper in dealing with Fiance The French may have lost much of their strength imd importancie in Europe, at'least teniporanly. But they still have a traditional finesse in diplomacy, and they clearly c«taeoff best in the flurry with Moscow. '->\ - The Soviets' angry ending of the trad* talks was clumsy. Their insult- ,„••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••*••• Time For Tax Reform It is inevitable Hint a grail many Arkansans will disagree with some of the criticisms and conclusions set forth in the no-page survey ol state tax resources approved lust week by the Board of Directors of the Arkansas Public Expenditure Council. The Arkansas Education Association has already done so. expressing "keen disappointment" In the tax reform program it recommends. The report, nevertheless, should be of paramount interest to every taxpayer in Arkansas which means every citizen. However they muy disagree as to Its details, most, of them cerlatnls will find themselves In accord with its majo premise—that, our present tax structure Is sho through with ••Inconsistencies, maladjustment and inefficiencies." Arkansas Is not unique in this. Tax legislation Is subject to terrific political pressure always, with Ihe result that in most slates the tax structure is hugely dictated by expediency year alter year leigslatois, faced with tile need for additional funds, cast aliout for sources ol revenue that will produce the least, damaging political repercussions. And, of course, once a tax luw is on the books It is not li!:cly to • come oft again regardless ol how it works out in practice. The council plans to present its program of tax reform to the next session ot the legislature, and in the meantime to conduct n pro- ginin of public education in a effort to build sufficient political pressure to insure its serious consideration. Certainly that effort deserves support. There will be plenty of time and opportunity to debute the specific recommendations set lorlh by the council. But there is no reason at all to question its argument that the lime for a general overhaul of our state ture. —ARKANSAS GAZETTE. Santa Didn't Forget' Othman Accuses Scrooge of Taking Over Our Government THE DOCTOR SAYS PSORIASIS, pronounced with silent "P," is a common skin disease. The skin lesions are most common at or about the elbows, knees, and the scalp and lower back, Although the skin is disfigured, the disease Is relatively harmless as far as life and general health is concerned. The affected areas arc usally bright red. Hat with the skin, and scaly on the surface. There is sharp dividing line between th normal skin and that which is af fected by the disease. It may start suddenly, or grad ally with only a few spots scat ered on various parts of the body , can cover only a small part By Frederick C. Olhman (Dulled Press Stuff Correspondent) WASHINGTON, Dec. $$• IUP> — Old Man Scrooge, himself. V>as taken over our government *nd the season of peace and good wiv f'"d all hands sore enough to Christinas tree lights. Those who aren't angry are gl like secretary of State George Mai shall who flew home without holly in his lapel to explain why the Foreign Ministers' meeting In London fizzled. Tlie boys over there In thc striped pants also seemed to be thinking in terms of arsenic and shooting irons. It pains me to report It when I ought to be humming about good King Wenceslas and hoisting mistletoe to strategic chandeliers, but the gloom stretches down Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House to the Capitol. Take one thing: President Tnirnan's 10-polnt he skin, or spread to a great dea anti-inflation program. f the body surface. In those cases where It starts uddcnly, acute itching Is common, n the more chronic cases, which are lore frequent, there is little or no tching. Those portions of the skin vhich have been Involved for a long hue generally become covered with a thick scale. If this scale is scraped off, tiny points of bleeding appear underneath. Unfortunately the cause of psoriasis, like so many other diseases of the skin, is not known. The condition frequently occurs in several mem- j bers of the same family anil this! familial tendency has been noted I by many doctors. Also psoriasis is 1 frequently associated with certain kinds of arthritis. People ljetv.'cen 10 and 30 years The Senate made it a three-pointer, passed it over the wails of the Democrats, and rushed it to th* House. This made the gentlemen of that deliberative body unhappier still, because they'd already thrown a similar bill out'the door, like a Christmas tree |n February. The lawmakers worked themselves into a Yntetidc bubble bath lather, trying to knock off work for the holidays. Their critics were snarling at 'em for taking a two- week vacation, when they'd Just come to work last month. The Army was angry with the State D«i pai'tment for trying lo give back I to Hungary thc 135 horses tt cap- lured in Germany. Rep. Earl R. Lewis of St. Clairsville. O.. charged that thc Chinese government was manned by crooks. Owners of Night Clubs, Swanky Bars Now Have Plenty of Time to Dream About the Lush Days old are tie most likely to bo at- Flanders of Vt, (ected. The cause is almost cer- ht to k dowu the MMns tainly not an infection. There isi « h d $I5 for ft ktgs et a tendency for the skin lesions of I ,...',„ psoroasis to come and go over a period of time. Temporary Kelief MANY treatments are being use*l for psoriasis. Most of them bring ISy Duugtas Larsen i NEA 'Staff Correspondent ! WASHINGTON. <NEA1 — The town's night club proprietors think Lhat they have discovered what has happened to their business. For the past several months, the buy my liquor from you when I can get it here free, 'and with tonier drinking companions than the ones you furnished." "But how did you get invited?" asked the bar owner. Invited? Say, von are slow. Like capital's burs tind night spots have everybody else here, I just walked " about good results, at least temporarily. However, it is very common to.- people with psoriasis to get better for a time after treatment, then to get worse again and. if the treai- ment is tried again, not to improve 1 The remedies most commonly used war with Peru,"or something equal- i by skin specialists for psoriasis in- ing their invitations. And if you make one mistake and keep out ah Important guest, it could mean ly as serious. elude coal tar ointments, exposure And. even if the embassies would |'J ultra-violent rays and sometime.;. hard to keep th e crashers out,! x -™5'- In s » ite of favorable reports '' been emptier than the halls of Congress the week before an elec- j tion. Lonely In their own joints each night, depressed owners have had to nniuse themselves by dream- ins of- the good old days. Tli c mystery of thc slump was that there seemed to be just many persons around who ned exposure to entertainment as there had always been. Hotel rooms were harder to get thnn during the war. hi." try it would be difficult. There are In! fallible methods of getting In without having been invited. Follow The Crowd to Free Drinks The best one used by many persons, is to linger at the outer en- has come lax sti'UC- BARBS A bore Is ft person who talks when you want to. A deer crashed throuph the window of. Pennsylvania luimc and Ihe family frightened H away. They should have chased it Intii Hit oven. , • • Now comes the time of year when everybody loves a fat man—when he's dressed like Siuita. • • • Keep young folks busy, advises a judge. \Vheil there's nothing lliry should ilo Is \vhen they do something they should nut. An ad offers a woman a Job In a band playing second fiddle. They don't, come that way. Commerce was still 1) C. residents were out In front n the yearly race to drink more liquor per ciipitu than any other group In the country. Then one night, ns the story goes, bar owner with an urge to talk to somebody, decided to use an in- ] vltation to an embassy party he had golten from a fourth secretary who owed him "0 bucks. Tlie first thing that surprised him was that they didn't ask for his invitation at the door. And, inside, he recognized several persons who luxd formerly All This, and Sllvovltch, Too Here, it hit him a flash, was one answer to where his business had pone in the last few months. Next duy. he spread his discovery among i t|!j' n j e un til a ~car with a diploma' as t his distressed competitors. They de- j tjc n ccnse drives up to empty its , j : cidcd to sec if it was true that the passcn g c r 5 . You sort of'get in the lr ....-.,;.-.- —< ~.™ ^. owctp6b( , tnlkmg to one of the legitimate guests and be a part of the entrance 'confusion. Nobody's going' to start matching noses with invitations at such a time. Trie most popular method of crashing, however, and the most simple, is just to sweep in with of one or another type of treatment for psoriasis almost every year, there is as yet no single treatment which brings about good results in all pa- tlents without failures. free vodka, slivovitch and rum, which thc embassies poured to uninvited guests was cutting in on their business. Their fears proved well-founded invitations at such a time. Mrs. H. Saphiaii ol Cape Girar- TC»u'"oFly\i»r"'stiit'i!iics said" that ' Distraught social secretaries for- q^- e - ^t, popular- method of deau. Mo, is here for a visit, other businesses wcro making more ! the embassies say that tlie problem : crashing . however, and the most Mrs. Paul L. Tipton, director of nonev And the Department of j of crashers is Indeed intolerable. slmp i (!j i s just to sweep in with a ! the choir of the First Baptist — saying that In the past In Washington, the |v rand a |,. an< j don't give anybody I church, was the guest of honor at ' '-— -' ' "s was a calculat- I a chancc to ask for an invitation. I a party given by Mrs. Tom W. 15 Fears Ago In BlythevUle — ed risk. Today It Is the frantic hope of hosts that at least a few of the invited guests would arrive early enough for a couple of drinks and a sandwich beforc the hoard of Ulc uninvited took over. Only the British and Russian embassies don't have this problem, it appears. They have such a reputation for invulnerability to crashers, nobody bothers to try it. If you don't have the pasteboard, you don't enter. The current party fare building nails. The Justice Department was investlgaitng the dress industry, including the new look. Were Ion? skirts a plot, the G-men asked, against womankind? Then they clammed up when asked about this by a conscientious (adv.) re- iportcr. Unnamed federal employers presumably shivered in their half-soled boots over the possibilities—now excellent—of being revealed as the grain gamblers denounced-by President Truman. Ed Pauley. the millionaire Democrat, was bitter about being the only government official so far mentioned as a commodities trader. If there was anything bad about, trading in wheat, which he didn't admit,- then he said he'd move over in the paddy wagon to I make room for a few congressmen. Also unnamed at this writing. John L. Lewis had no use for . Jingle Bells, except to throw at Bill Green. The steel industry was boil- Ing at the administration for charging it with being short-sighted. Mcrriner Eccles and John Snyder, the government's top money experts, couldn't agree on what kind of controls to put on bank credits. The Republicans said they both were wrong. The Washington Board of Dental Examiners issued a ukass • against false tooth and bridge-work bootleggers. Clinton P. Anderson, the Secre- c , . .. the li»itiniate guests rto this, Jackson, Mrs. C. E. Wilson and tary of Agriculture, was angry with beeu Ills best customers. He pushed | at these two places Is pretty lean, up to one of thrm and asked i however, where he had been lately. The tipsy, pairl frankly: With the cost of But. at the other embassies, it's o late to do much so it's hard to pick the "phonics. But. according to Sam Schanker. manager of Washington's Club Cairo, said to be the city's only 'real" night club, something can! be done about this problem. He's one of the few proprietors who is' trying to attract the customers with first-class entertainment and good liquor. He says: "If they'll let me. I'll tell - them .how to make theiv joints crash- Mrs. Marray Smart; ior the choir ten of clubs, play a diamond to the Jack, go back to thc ace of clubs and run the rest of the diamonds. But he would have found himself in trouble for discards. East and West would make three tricks in the suit South discarded from, and the ace and king of Ifte j other. Mr. Ashcnhcim gave me his sollution: Afti proof. The quickest way to keepllution: After the ten of clubs holds the floaters out would be to stop • tlie first trick, come over to the serving liquor for a while. Then South hand with th e Hvihcre It Is why 1 1 guests aren't In the habit of bring- I enough." patrons back, fast IFF HOLLYWOOD BY ERSKINE JOHNSON NEA Staff Correspondent SO THEY SAY The U. S. authorities together with the cooperation of Hie Japanese themselves have in a short, lime laid the loundution lor a government based on the rights and dignity of the ] individual.—Rep. W. S. Cole (R> of New York. People must not become slaves to a system of laws.—Dean A. C. Russell, University of Louisville Law School. T can't help Newark on strategy. I don't know a damn thing about petroling channels. 1 pa- trolcd oceans— Adm. William Halsry.' U. S. Navy. Ret. The word security in essence has no place in any language, since man's life is never wholly sccuic, economically, physically or spiritually.— Secretary of Dclcnse ForrcsU). Pood, fuel and credit are weapons hi a told war that can be transformed quickly into a hot war. Let us use them as weapons and quit pretending.—Rep. E. M. Dirkscn (R) ol Illinois. " * * • Meatless Tuesday and chickcnless and egg- less Thursdays never did make any scnsr. because everyone ate chicken and eggs on Tuesdays and meal on Thursdays.—JScn. Robert A. Taft {R} ol Ohio. 11 seems the President wants us to iitimda.te economic freedom In America In favor of saving it In Europe.^Sen. Joseph H. Ball tR) of Min• nesota. By Erfkinc Johnson NKA Staff Cm-respondent HOLLYWOOD (NEA) — Dear Santa Clans: For several years now. I have been warning you about the dancers to expect when you arrive in Hollywood. Diirinp the war ycarr they were acute. The war i novv, but you still must be fill. I suggest you ivatch these: 1. Skywriters. They're all over Hollywood, putting the names of asciit.s in the sky. 2. Used-car dealers. Don t try to trade in that old s'cd this year. Keep It nnuiing as long as you ! can. 3. Efficiency experts. Hollywood is culling riown and they may over | care- I out for I office ratings where she belongs. Clark Gable: Thc negatives of "Adventure" and "The Hucksters." to help start his winter fires. Bop Hope: Two hours of uninterrupted sleep. Linrla Darnell: Thc negative of "Fcrcvcr Amber," to help start her winter fires. Maria Montez and Jean Pierre Aliment: A baby. Errol Flymr. happiness. MCKENNEY ON BRIDGE diamonds, discarding a small club, a heart and two spades. Now lead a spade from dummy. You have taken five diamond tricks and two club tricks, and at this point Mr. the distillers for not agreeing to slash their grain consumption as deeply as he insisted. The d!stiller« were sore at Clint, at Canada for not even slowing down Its whisky making, and at a tax law which helps make bourbon liquor too precious to drink. The WCTU didn't help their holiday attitude when tt issued a recelpe for kicklcss eggnog. Harold Knutson, the tax-writing Congressman from Minnesota, introduced his third tax cut bill of the year with his usual blast at the opposition. And I'd belter chop off his gruesome dispatch In thc mid- take to my bed with chill. last evening at the Smart home. Mr and Mrs. O. P. Moss havs Ash^m'savs that'kTl the'oppo- j as their .guest for the holidays^irs. nents can do is to cash their two Moss' sis er, Miss Betty Vomack, aces and kings. j of Nashville. Tenn^ However, if West hangs on to the quccii-nine of clubs, and wins the first spade lead with the ace, he could lead another club and ' South would have to win. Then no'. want you to deliver M of thelhing* ] homo ^.^""^"^ c £ bmel I Wilde): A career. Thc old look. By William E. McKeuncy America's Card Authoriyt Written for NEA Service I had an interesting visitor from tli e west Indies recently. L. E. Ash- Complete marital c ,,h e im of Kingston. Jamaica, prcs- ! ident of the Jamaica Bridge Asso- O-son Welles: A pos;o stire. He j elation. He went over our Master ncsds one to keep up with himself, i Point plan very carefully In order The Mrrx Brothers: Another co- ; •-••'•-•- •• starring picture. 1 Rita Hsyworlli: A real romance.' Larry Parks: A good movie. I Dc? Durb'in: Ditto. [ Peter Lawford: A home, sweet ! the opponents would still cash the (king of spades, ace-king of hearts ] and queen of clubs. Self-Surgery Fails SPRINGFIELD. Mass. (UP) — Physicians sewed up a four-inch slash in Joseph Jaciow's abdomen after the 60-year-old man had operated on himself with a dirk U> cure a stomach ache. Aussie Official to establish it in Jamaica. Mr. Ashcnhcim gave me today's hand, which at lirst jrlnncc. especially with 3 club opening, docs nol they ordered in July. I. The "New l.nok." THose "things" you'll sec on Hollywood Boulevard arc \\onlfll. What. Reel? Also. Snn;a. you'd better leave your red suU at home. Wear a blue one. or a while one. any color except red. Things misht be vassing. at the moment. II you still plan lo visit Hollywood, Santa land I know you will), here is a list ot things 1 hope you \vill leave some of the boys and gir's: Betty Grable and Hiirry Janice: A portable house to install in the Mnrlene Dietrich: Those Ic^s shouldn't be covered. I He<iv Lamarr: Another movie ItSe "Algiers." Jimmy Cagney: A sailboat trip without a mishap. M.'cDonald Carey. The brst roles Paramount can find Ior him. Judy Garland: Good health for a change. Hollywood in general: Gona slorirs. new faces and a ban on popcorn and candy eatlnj In tli caters. Mr. and Mrs. Moviegoer: Good Infield at the Santa Anita race track. Joan Fontaine and Olivia de Havtll.ind: A pair of la:o-liimnicd boxing gloves for each of them. Liziibolh Scott. A diction coach. Spike Jones: A couple of atom bomb-, lo complete thc string section in Ms orchestra. Rosalind Russell: An Oscar for her performance in "Mourning Be- co-.ncj. Elcctr.i." Gregoiy Peck: An Otcar for his performance in "Gentleman's AplC-CUlOIH." ) Lima Turner: An autographed' picture of Tyrone Power and a recordiuR of "Memories." Grccr G^rscn: E^rly release of thai con.c^y sh:'s ir.r.khig for M- G-m, lo put, her back In the box- |sion . pictures 52 weeks of thc year. Hollywood Co/umnist, Movie Producer, Dies 1 V J76 1 • A K Q ~> 5 3 * ATS VK943 « 82 * A 10 N W E Dealer A K9S V A 105 » in n r,-i J.876 A Q.I in 1 2 VQ82 * J *K J53 Rubber— E-NN Soolh Pass 1 * 2 * 3N T vu\ West North East Pass 1 « PaFS Pnss 2 * Pnss Pass S » P.nsr Pass Pa ss Pass Opening— +2 22 HORIZONTAL 58 Vatican chapel 1 Pictured Ails- SO Large city of Iralian immi- his country seem to present much of a prob-1 1cm Declarer should have six dla-| luuuv. t »t u flen t nit*, in- " «*'" i "" -• , . , David O Sclinlck which would have (he ten of clubs in dummy, cashed I made him one of thc top men In the] the see of rliibs, and led a sjiaae i motion picture Industry. ' East won this wit , the king and , Hctlingcr, \"~ first man to cover returned « club, which Son th *oi. New York's brondwav as a news, with the.kins. H? icu Me jack of boat w?s stricken with n heart at- diamonds, overtaking in dummy = "ck ",ae S Saturday idght while and hoping for . diamond break-i watching the private .hewing of' but East had four o th c ten 1-is btcst nwvlc in his Hilltop Man- I Another line Soutn inislit ime 'tried: Win fo« first trick with the( gration minis ter, Arthur A. 8 He hopes to his country's population 14 Interstices 15 Portion 16 Persia 17 Domesticated 19 Bristle 20 Tear 21 Hosier 23 Thus 24 N'e\v version (ab.) 25 Tellurium (symbol! 26 Type measure 28 Old Testament (ab.) 29 Number 31 Aches 33 Also 34 Free 35 Light boat 37 Puff up 40 Comparative suffix 41 Railroad (ab.) 42 Steamship (ab.) 43 Area measure 44 Girl's name 40 Fabrics 51 Winglike part 52 Detergent 54 Beloved 53 Pieces out 56 Commission 61 Self-important scholars VERTICAL 1 Stone mounds 3?ump 18 Doctor (ab.) 4 Was victorious 21 Translates 5 Hebrew deity 22 Hold down 6 Tardy 7 Conduct 8 Woody plant 45 Length measure 47 Whirlpool 25 Singing voice 49 p^ 1 ' 27 Posts 50 Great Lake 9 Sun god 30Foreguard 51 Related 10 Belongs to it 32 Cretan mount 53 Cooking vessel 11 Pastries 35 Stops 55 Greek letter 12 Ointment 36 Heraldry 57 Compass point 13 Makes into 38 Ability 59 South Dakota law 39 Expunges (ab.) IT'

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