Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 15, 1895 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, March 15, 1895
Page 7
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-* ttl'd "CWBBIOB CmuV oltt,eCltjOf oi Filth rtreet and between th« rtver" fte and the name are hertjbj declared to be rto2-Sv>ry owner or real ertatewltbinjhe territory dtwcrlbea In Section One of this ordln- anoe W Dtrrty requited and ordered to thoroughly clean out. m.HlnlHCt and abandon all privy vaults and ces» pools now located on tbe premises ot »uch euld owner, unle.s *uch prlvr v*nit» and cess pools lire properly connected. M t"« tutclni; elMt o(tt)I.HOrdl(i;i»™ wlch thti Ki.-wer w.stdn erf said city presided. ttmt »ns Mich owner or ownnrs, who u;w upon tiw -aid premises any nrlvy vuull or Yanlt.'torcfi'S rx>ol or cess pools which itrenot oroiicrly connected with uuld sewer »)st«usball Save tnrcc (3. m»ntb.s from th»-<nteof ihnpims- - -fibkoidlMince. In which to make <.ucJi eon•is; nnd provided further, itiiit the owners of ta'i- In said territory, where tbe watt>r ainst of mild eliy Imve not been ex troUd nlrniK any »trecl or »llf!y upon wlinh suld rea en file abutH, art, not required to abandon their S'»a nrvy vault- imu tw-» pools mi said pwnliM'8. until said water mains urn cxtnnd-d atone said streets or all-ys, bu : si all c!«m UIB samn out and proporty ilMntecl the sume. Secilon K-No sewer shall tie tapped, or ucinnec- tlon marie therewith by any pwsmi until sucli person shall have o; tamed the nrltren permit of tbe city civil engineer arm compiled with nit ny- uulremenu of rii.'or.miances (if the city for th« ' renulatl-notdlKKlriK up streets (.mi ullf-jsiind tn §e'('flfin7-- t '.uiy and all Pfrwmor corporatlo-.s vtoliitlnit any of the provlnli.ii.> of i his urdlmmci- sball for each oflcnsii, upon convict on ilifireoJ. forfeit a- (I pavtyiLoc'ttor Unsaii'P rr.anyjium not less than Ten Dollurs nor more than ilftv Action S—This onlln»nef Midi h* In force froniMn<Jarirrl[.s JJMSBHKB and |iiil)llciUlr>n In u dally iii-WMiiipcr publlahud m said, city for two weeks, once each week AdopUd Ituich Cth, IS)'. <!KO. V. Mr.KKK, Miiyor. Atte«t:--J(nK n. WTNTKHS. Cl'y Clurk. Aoticc to Cor.tractors Sealwl prooomU will b? received by tl-.o Common Council »t h» OI1I.-H of lli« Cl y C.-l«fJ'; apto12 o'clock noon, at April ISili. IMij. ror DHVlnKWlttic^nionttlie aldcwiilk In front of nnd abutiliiKwliiit Is known iiitlin CoinniO'lore Bnr- S«ttproi.*r'ron'niuiortti.HldMor n.wneo Jtreot lntlin<Urof l.i>Riii-.iiiort. liuiscouritv, Indlimii. necordlni; to tlift oidinnnccs of th.« Uty of LQK!iiii>lxin nnd accordlnif to protllw, plnii.s nnd •pkcinratloni on I'.lo In tile nnice or tho Lit/ I Civil KiiKinci-r. J'lOposftls rnnMb" slcri.d mid InclOdPillnni'fiilKU'iivi'lopp nmriifd, ••P.rotjn.siil.H for cement wnik on pH»nn<Mr«-t" nnji mldrHss- ed to itof City Clerk. Tlin MICI oss-hil hldder will bereqnlrcd '0 execute contrnct nnd five bimil to thf npprovnl of the Council 'or dhlnit Um »orlc. TliH common Council rt»o:ve!i tti« rlBlittoi»]«ct a.Vnndi.UbKb. Joll ., B . WI.NTWW. ' City Clerk. LoKim.iport, Inu Marli 7,18M. TRAINING NATURE. How th* JftpitneM M»k« M»rvel» for th« Murkcu At Jarnrach's in London tho other [jjy, says the New York Journal, some lusked tho fircat nniroa.1 catcher and orter "if ho hud mn out of mermaids?" "We used to keep them," he answered, "when they fetched four pounds apiece, but now we can't get more than one poiiod for them. Frank Bockland burst up the trade when he exposed the method of their manufacture by the Japanese from a fish and a monkey skin cleverly united; so wo no longer make them a 'leading article,'" lie smilingly added. f "The Japaneso turn remarkably tn- . "Not only that but they possess Infinite patience. The telescope fish is a case in point. It is a fish of immense lenpth, with a double, fnnliko tail, and produced by breeding on tho principle of artificial selection. However, they arc quite common \n Germany now." "And tlo you know how they get white Juva sparrows?" "They select a pair of prrayish birds and keep them in a tvhito cafre in a •white room and they uro attended by a person dressed in white. The mental effect on a scries of frenorations of birds results in completely white birds. They breed the domestic cock with enormously long tails after the same principle. They first select a bird with a good tail, giving him a very high porch to stand on; then with weights they drag tho tail downward, carrying on tho same system with the linest specimens of his descendants till a tail almost as long as a peacock's Is produced at last. And how marveloua they ore In the fertilization of plants! Did you ever see one of their dwarf ireca, perhaps fifty years old, and yet not more than an inch or two high?" a A WONDEBFUL fcECOBD OP A WONDERFUL MAN. HUNTINQ THE GIRAFFE.^ Krone a«n* for Which On* Man D«trmt* D«n»« »ntl Thorny Thlemu-Q W1 ._.._ busb Is horribly dense and thorny, and tho thorns are of such a matore that^ho-strongest cord-bi-cotthq* etn scarcely withstand" their assaults. The old giraffe bulls, with hides nearly •n Inch thick, care for no thorn in the forest, and plun^o through the armed thickets as though they were black currant bushes. There is only one thing i done—to forjjet the sickle thorns ^follow them. The spurs go InMhe gallant pony springs forward and the .begins. It is truly headJong, Bays £a«vriter in the Saturday Review. Crssnlro the tall giants, their long necks rising and falling rhythmically, their heads sometimes bending low to escape a bough which all but scrapes tho withers. . It is wonderful how such monstrous game can evade- branches and tack this •way and that among the interruptions and obstacles of the forest. It is a tough gallop, indeed, but in ten min- •utes the hunter has driven liis pony right up to the tail of the nearest bull, and, from the saddle, has fired his shot. He falls behind a tittle, then closes up and fires again. Both bullets, planted 'close to the root of the tail, have plowed deep into the short body of the giraffe ;vnd done their work. The painte.fl giant v falters, sways and thon in an instant, falls crashing to earth, carrying with him in his ruin a stout sapling• Dark chestnut of coat (almost hlack with age upon the back), this old bull, measuring nineteen foot from hoof to the tip o' the false horns, forms a noble prize, indeed. As .he lies there in the long yellow grass, he looks, surely, the Strangest of all survivals of tho fnuna ' i the dark nges; a priceless and pa- eti^: relit: loft to the modern world by the ravages of l ,imo. A Btvolntion In MedleUe That Will Increase «he Average 10 Three Scoie Year* «n<t Ten. A lUtle over three years have passed away since Pro!. Munjon started the public by his d«clarat!oa that he had made a aUcovery wbereby he could cure 96 pe • cent" of all diEeatea and positively reduce the death-rate one- third. That his prediction hos beep verified is amply allotted and proved oy the thousands of people who have been cured. His new eysttm has been discussed by the medical fraternity of all BchooUaDd has been subjected to the mostjsoarchlng investigation by the leading papers of the Doited States. Every opportunity has been afforded physicians acd scientists to experiment arid teat the efficacy of his remedies. As tbe profc-saor saye: "Life and death are serious fub- jecis, and tbo greatest crime ma" can be guilty of !s to deceive or trifle whh human afflictions." The professor bollevee lhat the average human life should be three ecore years acd ten, and that by the use of his little sugar pellets people can ward cff die. ease and die only of old age. Tho professor believes that by this method ho will eooo bo able to overcome prejudice and bigotry, and that his remedies will become as universally used by colleges and physicians as either or any ovber patent medical agent. :• Ooe of the strongest recommendations for his little sugar pellets is that they are absolutely harmless and relieve almost Instantly. Over 3,640,000 vlala of Prof. Mun- yon'e remedies were sold last year. KtieiminilMni Cured. Munyon'a Rheumatism Cure is guaranteed to cure rheumatism in ary' part of the body. Acute or muscular rheumatism can be cured In from one to five days. It speedily cures shoot- tog palna, sciatica, lumbago and all rheumatic pains in the back, hipe and lolnn. Jt seldom fall* to give relief after one or two doses, and almost invariably curves before one bottle has been used. Price 2' o and 50o. Mlooiacb and DyKptpftla Cure. Munyon'* Stomach and Dyspepsia Cure cures all forms of indigestion and stomach troubles, such as risicg of food, distress after eailng, shortness of breath, loss of appethite, falnt- ness or weakness of stomach, head- ftobe from Indigestion, soreness of the stomach, coated tongue, heartburn, bhooting pains of the stomach, constipation, ' dizx'ness and lack of energy. Price 25c. Tifr\6 Cure, Munyon's Nerve Cure cures all the symptoms of nervous exhaustion such as depressed'plrits, failure of memory, restless and sleepless nights, pains In the bead and dizziness. It cures general debility, stimulates and htrengtbecs the nerves and tones up the whole body. Price 25c. K.ldnry Cure. Muoyon's Kidney Cure cures pains in the back, loins or groins from kidney disease, drops; of the feet and limb*, frequent desire to urinate, dark colored and turbid urine, sediment in tbe urine, and diabetes. Price 25 otnt*. Catarrh Cnro. Catarrh positively, cured—Are you ,wllllng,to ipwnd ;-60: cenu /OP a cure th»» permanently cures catarrh by removing the cause of tbe dlieaeeP If (to tik tour drupgUV for a 25 cent bottle of Munjon't Catarrh cure and a 25 oenV • bottle * of' Catarrh ! T»ble\».' The cure will eradicate tbe disease from (he system and tbe Tablets will cle»n«e ana henl tbe afflicted part* and restore them to a natural and healthful condition. "'- , Munyon'a L>v«r Cure corrects headache, blllousoess and • jaundice, constipation and all liver disease*.' Price, 26 benin. Munyon'sCoJd Cure prevents pneu- muuU nod breaks up a cold in a few uuuro. Price 26 ceuis. * Cuugd Curb stops coughs, -seuH. niU>o soreneso una heals the luLtfo. Frice 25 >'« Hsad&che Cure etous in tn ee nUnmea. Price Muoyon'» Pile Ointment positively I oureo oil lorino yl piles. Price 25 MuuyonV Asi tna Cure and Heibe ' are Ku-'tvu^cd to relievo antbma. in ir,rt!f M.iuuif 1 "HO cure In five days- Pn<-(» 60 -•< o'S, Mum"! 'f H ooci Curi- eraclcaus «D iiii(juruie- of ibe dioou. Pru-e 25 , Th» WMttb of £llm D«mldoff Ik B«.TOD<I CalcolBtion. Like the English millionaires, those of the czar's domains mostly derive their revenues from landed property, says the Kew York Tribune. While the Briton, however, devotes a large part of his gross income toward improving his possessions and to the amelioration of the lot of his tenants in one •way or another, the Russian, i on the other hand, extracts every farthing that he can from bis property and spends it upon himself, the result being that agriculture in Russia is going from bad to worse, that formerly fertile and productive estates have now become barren and impoverished and that, while the peasantry are in a state of misery bordering- on famine, the nobles themselves have been obligud to mortgage or sell their lands and are at the end of their financial tether. Of eoiirse there are soms exceptions, sucli as, for instance, the YousoupoiTs, the Duroidoffs and the SehcrcmetiL-iTs. The wealth of the Demidofl's is so vast that it is beyond calculation, and, strangely enough, the fortune is of relatively recent el-cation, its founder having- been a. country blacksmith in the days of Peter the Great., it was while traveling in the Ural mountains that the latter broke one of his most valuable English pistols. A village smith mended it so quickly and so well that the ezo.r was delighted and asked the man's name. "Demidoff, I shall remember you," said he, as he rode oif. The poor man was beginning- to think that Peter had forgotten him, when there came an^official document adorned with the imperial seal, granting him tho freehold of a great tract of crown land in the neighborhood of the Tillage. DcmidofI went to work on his new property and found there inexhaustible mines of iron, silver and malachite. Young Elim Demidoff—he does not bear in Russia the Italian title of prince generally prefixed to his name by foreigners—is at the present moment the richest man in the world, Princess Yousoupoff.with her great tnrquoisc mines, coming next in rank. Fortunately both of them are more free-handed and generous than their respective Immediate predecessors as head of the family, the late Anatole Demidoff and the late Prince You- soupoff having been alike renowned for their meanness and avarice, of which almost incredible stories are related. ABOUT ICEMAKING. OXKN uod sheep futton better in company than when kept alono >1.ir.yi>n'i H iice.'a'hlc fifli «i > "I'' 51 ' f -p-^'tii:^ f " r nmr.y v^r* rii^fH- 1 iiKiMiy 'or 25 cetus n i,'.-rt S .in h> n 1 (I'-tiSk.' 1 *'*. Or sent by ,r on ft c-ft'' > I •*••«!! price M r O .•-•- HI H'.VH II. Remedy Co.. -i'o S . Pr>il«rtfiphii>. P»- The Plftte frocanit Said to Render I<Je Entirely Free from Microbe*. A very novel combination of interests is now being- consummated in 'some of the western cities in the union of plants built for the production of light with plants for the manufacture of ice, the same companies intending to operate the two plants as a. joint enterprise. This idea has also taken root at home, and the plans for a gas and ice plant in a near-by city are already in aa advanced state of preparation. This new development of the artificial ico business has been brought about largely by the improvements made in the process of its manufacture, which have not only materially improved, the quality of the product, but reduced its ' cost to a point-which seems to assure a very large profit even at a price much below that possible to those who get their supply from nature's stock. It is claimed that the "plate" process enables the product to be made entirely free from impurity of any sort, freezing from a plate outward, tending to expel all the impurities which by the "can" process of freezing from' the four sides of the cake are lodged in the center of the block. Tho "plate" process obviates also all of the necessity for raising tho temperature of the water before it is frozen and the best results so far gained by the "plate" process indicate a product at ten and five-eighths tons of ice from a single ton of coal where artificial heat is demanded in supplying power for the manufacture. - < ^In tho "can" prbcess the results are .•aid to have neyer v exceeded seven tons^ of ice to a ton ol coal and the average product has been much less than thia proportion. The "plat«" process neees- gitateg a heavier investment in the original plant;,b'ut gives a h'igher percentage of return upon Ite cost when once in operation. A Thraih'i Odd Tmncf, A young Wilson thrush taken from 'the nest 1 last summer and raised' by hand has a bath and" a run. every morn- Ing on my floor)ivitb ; allthe other birds, saya a •writer in' Harper's Young People. A few days ago-he-had his freedom, as usual, while I was at breakfast. On my return a" glance tit Specky disclosed something hanging from his bill on inch or more in length. The bird was caught, examined, and it was found that the little scamp bad swallowed a piece of elastic cord vvhich it had foiAd in the sewing basket. The rubber was covered with white cloth, and I suppose the foolish bird had mistaken this object for a fine big worm. Even the short time it had been in the bird's stomach the lower half of it had balled, and only by careful management was it -finally extracted. It measured six inches in length and was as big- around as the coarsest wrapping twine. It is pleasant to ndd'that the \Vilson thrush sang as usual next morning. Conrit^'on o:> tli: 1 F:irm. i \Vhen any kind of contagious disease ' app-.-ars on ;v farm no- o::e should (TO 1 into the yards or pens and thon iutothn adjoining farm, as t'.ie'sraullest par'.iclc of dirt or mnnr • may serve to carry • the disease tc • .ie neighbor's (lock or herd. Even ' ie waltcm? across a field upon which disoa-.cil cattle or sheep hiivc ncecss may be the deans oi 1 .sproadinq- it to ot.xcr Hocks or herds. All diso.:tsc-i animals hhonld bo scpar- pi-vl from t'-, ••'• lh.it ;:!-0 •••:-.ll?iv _-p;,.. n . v.^.-i no'.ile way. in forinsr tiin,... •:' .: • t.i .I-.TS -'!•'!' >l.v, and yet ^.. :• .,-• ...- .a.ilv.—Irviusr. Ari! Iowa Colony That Has Been • Dissolved. Established by French SoclallnU » Cen- turj ACO—Tbe Property to Be Divided Ainnog tbo Member*—.llodo Of X-lvloJ, The members of the Icarian cominun- itv, three miles east of Corning, la., have mutually agreed that a division of their property and a dissolution oi their society is to the l>c-st interests of all concerned, and steps are now being taken to that end. The interests oi heirs of deceased members and other legsJ intricacies have rendered it advisable to appoint a receiver and put the matter into tho hands of the- court, though no animosities whatever exist among- the members of the cornmuD^y. This community, says a recent dispatch, is socialistic in the extreme. Its founder was E. Cabot, and its inception dates back to a period just, previous to the French revolution when about, six- tv-nine socialists embarked from Havre, Franc.e, for Te.xu.s and located near the lied river in Vanin county. Internal dissensions and outward privations dis- coi:r:iged the baud and they removed to New Orleans:. As soon :is Cabet. who was still in France, lenrned of this cha-age of base he sailed for *'uw Orleans" and immediately assumed personal supervision of the colony. Under his leadership they migrated to Nnuvoo, 111., which place had just been deserted by the Mormons, after the killing of Joseph Smith. Here the Icarians engaged in various pursuits and were successful in their enterprises for a time. Additions to the society made the total membership about two hundred and eighty persons. However, internal dissensions created division ana in 1SOO Cabc't and about one hundred and seventy of his adherents left the remainder and went to St. Louis, where the founder of Icaria died of apoplexy In the same year. Meantime, the other faction had settled in Adams county, la., and were incorporated under the laws of the state as "learia." They have resided there ever since. In 1870 the liabilities of the community were about four thousand dollars, while the assets were computed at about sixty thousand dollars. However, another rupture between contending factions occurred in 1ST!), when the property was equally divided and a considerable portion of one faction departed for California. The remaining members continued in the original communistic manner of living. During most of the time from 1S70 until the present date Jean Bettainier has served as president of the community, and the duties of his office have been very efficiently conducted. This community is perhaps the only one in the United States,-if not in the world, which' is conducted upon such ultra-socialistic principles. A German community at Anmna, la., is similar to Icaria in some respects, but its citizens are far more conservative in many respects, la Icaria departmental heads have always been chosen, and the entire business of the community conducted as though it were one vast family. A common table furnished food for all, one person purchased all sup- plies'for wearing apparel, another per- formod a like office in sxincrintcnding- agricultural operations, and ;;O on. At one time the settlement published an official organ caiiea La uovuc roanen, and numerous other industries were engaged in besides farming. Thci objects and tenets of the community are well set forth in a few paragraphs from the constitution, as witness the following: "It is established in the interest of entire humanity, in do-- votion to its well being, in order to present to it a system of society capable of rendering it happy, and to prove by experience that communism based upon complete solidarity is realizable and possible." ^common fund supplied the wants of all ana ; a common treasury received the'.earning* attd savinprs-of all. A" general assembly of all Icarians over twenty-one years of age, irrespective of sex, constituted the legislative authority while executive powor was vested. ba^tbree-truBteea. Withdrawals were- permitted'by the person desiring to sever his connection with the society giving one month's notice of same, whereupon the general assembly took into consideration his circumstances and the value of his services to the community while a.member, and paid him- a reasonable compensation ror same, m addition to two-thirds of the amount of his original investment. Members were free tcTfollow their inclinations in regard to 'religious dogmas and exercised the greatest liberties in all matters which did not interfere with any of the socialistic tenets. \bout, ten thousand dollars in realty and one thousand acres of land will be • divided among the members. Bi-cwnse If* Ensrlwn. Vo:i K.HOW. "We have tried hard to get our children to say papa and mamma," said the i father of a family, "b\n it doesn't seem possible. Sometimes they think of it, and perhaps you hear one and then another say: 'Good night mamma,' or •Good night, papa-," but usually it is popper and mommcr on all occasions. I must say that I like 'popper and raom- mer a:n everlasting sight better than pa^a and mamma; and 1 believe that the common use of the familiar popper and mommcr is due to the fact that those words are simpler nnd more' melodious, less formal and more affectionate: and I look for the time when power and momraer will Irokl full sway no-caly in the hur»n Iv.r.r:. but in the " for Infants and Children. I OTHERS, Do You Know Batonan's Drops, Godfrey's Cordial, many so-called a«rt most remedies for chiWren ore composed of opium or Do You Know that opium and morphine are stupefying narcotic poisons f Po You Know that in most countries dnjggists a« not peroxituxi. to sell mrcotlo. without labeling- them poisons J Po Yon Know that you should not permit any medicine to Ui given your ch« UEL.-SS you or you • physician know of what it is composed ? Do Yon Know that Castoria is a purely vegetable preparation, ood that a list ot Its ingredients is published with every bottle ? Po YOB Know that Castoria is tie prescription of fiw famous Dr. Samuel Pitches That it has been in use for nearly thirty years, au<J that, ino:e Castoria is now sold UMB Of all other remedies for children combined f Po You Know that the Patent Office Department of th* United States, and at other countries, have issued exclusive right to Dr. Pitcher and his assigns to use the Tvorf " Castoria " and its formula, and that to imitate them to a state prison offense ? Do You Know that one of the reasons for granting this Bovi-roment protection m* because Castoria had been proven to be aoiolutoly harmle"? Po Yon Know that 35 »V«r»g. doses of Cnstoria are furbished for 36 o6nt% or one cent a dose t Po Too Know that when possessed of this perfect, preparation, your children m«r be kept well, and that you may bavo unbroken rest ? Well, these thing* are worth knowing. They are fact*. The fac-»lmll» Children Cry for Pitcher's Cartorta For k'eeplne the System In a Healthy Condition- CURES CURES ConstlDatlon. Act* on the Liver and Kidneys, Purme» »™ ,3 Slood. D?spe" P Cow"'and Fevers. Beautifies the Complexlor.and IT P easing and Refreshing to the Taste. SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS. ^A *«£ itiuftraied ci/hty-p^e Lincoln Story BooU (rivcu to .very purchaser of r tackle of Lincoln Tea. Price 25c- Ask yoar dru KC U>t,or LINCOLN TBA Co.. Foci Way* For Sale by W. H. Porter. •$• "A HAND SAW IS A GOOD THING, BUT NOT TO SHAVE WITH." SAPOLIO IS THE PROPER THING FOR HOUSE-CLEANINO. THE PASSING OF STEAM. Likely ro «e Supplanted by Electricity Within thn Xcit T«n Ye»ri. It is confidently predicted, and seems self-evident, that the complete disappearance of steam, both as a motive power and as an ag-ent in the industrial arts, is a question of on)y a very short time. It is probable, indeed, that a single decade will put It upon the retired list, so" far as" machinery is concerned at least.. The-,problem of Vhe •laof&i* stands -directly opon'^lh'e threshold of success; a year or a mouth may suffice for the one step in advance. A single happy Inspiration upon the part of one of..the many, clover^minds actively' 'e'rig-ak'ed 'In searclilhg for the last link, the ultimate touch, would do it- Among- electricians, says, a scientific exchange, the question is considered to rest upon the perfection of the storage battery, already - Eo.^neajcly perfect. With,a. g-ood storage' ')£$$£?; steam,. os'^the active, principle .ltf ri "»H; engines, must be abandoned, because in- the prime essentials of economy, energy'and safety steam, with its cumbrous mechanisms, its, costliness and its uncertainty, could not compare with electricity. This is amply proved even in the present state of electrical applied science. Enough has already been accomplished to show that investigation is proceeding upon correct lines, and that the' results aimed at are not utopinn, but quite agreeable to known prinsiples. Indeed, the one short step, the one small discovery which vet remains unaccomplished will certainly achieve the end. Any hour, as we said, maj- \vitness the relegation of steam to the rubbish heap of worn- out and worthless things. A correspondent of the'Ximcs of 1 ( dia, who vouches for the truth of..the ( Btory tells how a lady travcling'-be~; tween Kurraehee and Muluin with two . tame squirrels was stopped at:a-statioa and told sh« must take a dog ticket for each squirrel, as squirrels were "dogs, and was further compelled to put them in the dog box. Railway natural history in India would seem from th« above ,to .differ trom that t*ught**a English railway lines, where, accoftt- iDg'to'the famous classification,"*** is dogs', *nd rabbits is dogs, and pw rota likewise, but this yer tortta IK » tnsec 1 , and there an't no charge." j MERCURIAL Poison ^JS^^^SSKS^SSSSgA pot^^tu^^^to^d^^thjn* iTHE STRONG POINT about i I the cures by Hood's Sar>aparilla is ! that they are p.- -«i " " ! the solid found;;.:.-.— r - " • Not All ITollt. A New Yortc paper ffives a story of a. man who is very careful of his dollars. He i.>> a fanner in comfortable circumstances, thrifiv and lionest, and is re- specwtl novw'ahstanding his painful c-'x:).-'ncs.s in money matters. ue cuarriwl u v.-idow jvorth ten thousand doll-r-, ;:n.l shonlv afterward a friend mot 'iii-i "Allow me to congratulate v..u'.".^iitl tho friL-nd. "That marriage v.-a.- w,n-;!! ;i clo:ir ten thousand dollars tJ'vou" ' ' :s ""-"' replied .-•'the farmer; ..„,,;'...,,;.. ;;,:,; ir.-.ich." "Indeed? I th. <••••••.• .'.i-.-n- \-^s eVL-ry cent often ;!-,'.- . ! in i:.." "•<)!" DO'" and the '.;'.'.. • •.;...,! u litUe: "I uad txs pay a ()..'.'•: f,n i.-it; marriage license." •nd tcbing joinw nutce »ue mn™u««!. =.«A IT j t reUablO CUT* (or mercurial rhcumaliim, «o« •ffordi relief even niter — — -~~ ' all etae him tailed. Ufa guaranteed purely vege- uble, and -*—»i"»i» A LADY'S TOILET Is not complete •without att ideal Combines every ei< I beauty zsd purity-. It is ' ! fyine, soothing, healinr. t j ml, an^ Harmless, anH \ rightly used is invisible. I delicate and desirable :• to the face in this cH^.r

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