The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 20, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 20, 1947
Page 10
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PAGE rax BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.)" COURIER HEW! SATURDAY, DT5CBMBER 30, 194T Atonic Materials f*** «•'« I-JA • ii- Explosion of Aid Agriculture CottU FteJ Mystery Solrad by UM of RodioocHvt Cobalt Harwr United Pma Staff Conapondent Auburn, : A1 a., Dec. X. (UP) — Atomic - produced materials can »olve th» mystery of why a tiny fraction of an ounce of chemical cobalt I> necessary for a 1000- pound «t«er to reach normal growth, a Florida biochemist said here today. Dr. O. L. Comar, biochemist at the Florida Agricultural Experiment station,' read a. paper at a conference on the use of radioactive materials In agricultural r«- »earch. It has long been known that unless cattle,get a minute amount of cobalt in their food they will not grow properly, but the reason has never been learned, Comar said. Florida Is particularly Interested fa the problem because natural lorage in that state seems to have a peculiar lack of cobalt. That makes it necessary for Florida livestock growers to see that their cat- tl« get cobalt from some other •ource. Scientists believe they could find out why the trace of cobalt is necessary if they could find out where It goes in the steer's body. Finding a fraction of an ounce of a chemical in the body oi a 1000-pound steer was almost impossible by ordinary analytical methods, even for a chemist. But use of an atomic by-product seems to have'solved the problem, Conmr reported. Traced by Radioactivity Now the research men have used radioactive cobalt — made In an atomic oven—to find out where the 1 chemical goes in the anbnal. Radioactive cobalt is Just llk« ordinary cobalt expect that it Is easier to find in the body of a big animal. Method* have been developed, Comar explained, so that even the smallest part of an ounce, distributed over a cow's body, can be found in the liver and other organs of the animal. Further studies seem to indicate, Comar aaid, that only cobalt eaten with the cattle's food does the animal any good. Cobalt injected into th» animal's blood stream appears to go to different orgnns, where it Is hot needed. As a result, it will be possible for feeds to be produced including the proper amounts of oobalU This will help farmers to produce more healthy and hence more valuable cattle for food pur- Ammunition BERN, SwltKrland, Dec. 80. (OP) —At least eight persons were killed and several Injured In tlw explosion of an underground ammunition depot In Southern Switzerland last night, authorities »aid today. Eight bodies already have been brought out of the wreckage and It is believed that others All! are burled. A great gap wa» blown In the mountainside by thc original explosion and the blasts continued without interruption today. The railroad station at Blausee- Mlttholz, on the Slmplon Line, was demolished by the blast «nd six houses burned to the ground. In habitants were evacuated to the nearby village of Kandergruntl an- the whole area was cordoned off by police. Eyewitness accounts said the explosion demolished two thick armored doors and blew out wall of solid rock. Rescue worker* ex- iwrlenced difficulty In approach ing the depot because of the continuing blasts. The depot was constructed in th side of a mountain near thi Bliiusse-MlUholz station. Londlords Have Only 12 Days To Execute Leases • Only 12 more dtiyg remain during whtch landlords and tenants may Jen. Meyers May Je Tried Jan. 7 Ex-Air Force Officer Indicted for Perjury; Lamorre Also Charged B? Jam* T. Dohovan United Preu Staff Cnrretondent WASHINGTON, Dec. 30. (UP) — Government prosecutors today tentatively set Jan. 1 for the arraignment on perjury charge* of MaJ. O*n. Bennett E, Meyers who faces a maximum prison sentence of 60 ar* if lie Is convicted. The 62-year-old retired Air Force procurement officer was Indicted by a federal grand Jury late yesterday on elx counts of perjury and subornation of perjury. Ha will be arraigned here. Government prosecutora Indicated they would try to clean up the case as quickly as possible. They intend to press other charges against Meyers later. The Buffalo-bovn general, who was retired two years ago, already has been stripped of Ills W* monthly pension and his service medals In addition to the pending court action, he also faces possible court martial by the Army. Lunure AIM Indicted In a surprise move, the grand Jury also returned a three-count perjury Indictment against Blcrlol H. Lamarre, the jDlf-styled "dummy" president of Aviation Electric Corp., Vandalia, O. It was he who told Senate investigators that Meyers reaped a 1131,000 profit from his alleged ownership of the war sub- Charge Guards At c ""9 Namwf *° H « arf Army Prison Camp With Brutality execute a voluntary lease running through 1948 by which rents are Increased not more than 15 per cent. Mr. Cunningham, area rent director, reminded today. "Such leases already approved by this office numlier approximately 36 or .0065 per cent of our 5,21* registered housing units In this area," Mr. Cunningham said. "For the nation as a whole the percentage of registered units covered by leases now !» about » per cent, he pointed out. Such leases, In accordance with the Housing and Rent Act oi 1947, which was enacted by Congress last summer, muat be signed on or before December 31, 1941, and must run at the agrced-upon rent at least through December 31, 1948. They cannot decrease the regular services or facilities, and they must be voluntary on the part of both landlord and tenant. AFL Building Unions Termed Monopolistic WASHINGTON, Dec. 20 CUP) — contracting firm. 'Lamarre's indictment stemmed from his own admission that he lied to Congressional Investigators at an earlier closed hearing, In order to cover up for the general. After the indictments were returned, U.S. Attorney George Morris Pay moved swiftly to clear up all technicalities. He received permission to issue bench warrants for the arrest of Meyers and La- mnrre. Government prosecutors Indicated that the court trials will begin within 80 days after the arraignment. It was believed that the perjury charge against Meyers would be the first case prosecuted. Fay said the bench warrants probably would not reach U.S. marshals In New York and Dayton, O., until Monday. There was no word from either defendant as to whether he intended to surrender to federal officials voluntarily. Meyers was reported at his Halestite, L. I., N. Y., home. Lamarre lives in Dayton. MIAMI, Flu., Dec. 20. (UP)—The Miami Herald published charges today that brutal conditions exist at the Army disciplinary barracks at Camp Gordon near Augusta, Ga., p.nd thnt prisoners there nre sent to solitary confinement for such "whimsical reasons" as twitching while standing at attention. The rcjwit was prepared by Louis C. Harris, managing editor of the Augusta Chronicle, member of unofficial civilian team that ve.stlgatcd conditions at the camp following « previous "expose" in the Herald. Louis D. OUverou, head of an Augusta American Legion i'ost who was also on the investigating group, said he was preparing a report on findings for submission to the Army. Harris said the group talked to prisoners "picked at random" am: found that virtually all complained ol receiving brutal treatment from guards. Most of the men, he said, "were suffering from aggravated fear psychosis." Harris compared the system at the Augusta Camp to that in the , Infamous wartime military prison !!«, at Litchficld, England. • >} Col. Hugh Adnir, Commandant of ' <-' the Barracks, was said to Imve (le- ' nled to the investigators that any tuutnlity existed at his place, lie was quoted as saying "the men here are well imbued ivilh respect for authority and discipline." The Herald account said several prisoners reported brutal treatment from an unidentified cell block of- liccr. "At least two men said they had been butted by him nnd one said he had been kneed hi the groin after the officer used his head to drive the prisoner over a chair." It was reported. Pood rations In solitary confinement at the camp were said to consist of 18 ounces of bread daily and "all the water they can drink." Insurance Institute )* NEW YORK, Dec. V>. (UP)— Kdwln w. Craig, President of trie National Life and Accident Insurance Company, Nashville, 1< th« new board chairman today of the Institute of Life Insurance. Cr.ilg was elected yesterday to succeed L. A. Lincoln. President of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, at the Institute's annual convention. The Institute 1* made up of most of le country's life Insurance companies and In effect Is the public relations voice for the life Insurance business. Craig joined the National LJf« That'll Married Ufa MADISON, Wis. (UP)—Two police officers, Ray Case and Donald Hades, took a lot of joshing when Ihey returned with their wives from deer hunting in northern Wisconsin this. fall. Their wives each bagged a deer. They got none. and Accident Company M an agent In Dallas, Tex., in 1813 and became company president 30 yeara later. H« helped organize and build radio station WSM In Nashville in 1926 and "organized the clear channel broadcasting association in 1834. Three Die In Fir* ' JT. SMITH, Ark., Dec. 20. (UP) — Three young children died lail night in the flames that enveloped their home following the explosion of a go* stove. They were said to have been alone at the time. The dead were identified as Louise Banning, 9; Msry Jane Milam, 8, and Irwln Duane Osborn, 3. Hilda Banning, 10, wa« critically burned. i» Bniplr* State building became it world't tallect carillon today, A -not* Ctrl lion le bell ha< be«n in- tall«d in th« 8Cth floor observation ung« and two concerts daily will b* played during ti» holidays. The muilc, amplified 100,000 timM rough speakers installed on the swer, can be heard from the j«or|!« Washington bridge to Coney land and a< far wect 'u Hoboken, . J. Install Carillonic Bells In Empire State Tower NEW YORK, Dec. 30. (UP) — LAND FOR RENT Miss. County, Arkansas Bids will be accepted December 29th at the Shawncc Agriculture Building at 2:00 o'clock for all or part of School Section 16-10-8, near Denwood. >:^^ The Powerful AFL, Building Trades will entertain at their home with an poses. Th« method outlined by Comar •will probably be applied to animals lnformnl .. drop ,„... Other than cattle with chemicals Un | on j wcre ncn ,,i e( i by „ House other than cobalt. It is a general technique which could lead indirectly to the improvement of many types, of stock animals. In another paper today, Dr. G. Harold Oopp of the University of Memeber yesterday of having reestablished "total monopolistic control" oer the "building construction of whole cities." Rep Ralph Waldo Owinn, R., N. Y., chairman of a Iftbor sub- California told how other radio- comm i ttee that lins investigated the active chemicals produced in atomic pile* can be used in "tracer studies" in other animals. Dr. Cornar's report svas the final paper read at the three-day conference at Alabama Polytechnic. Institute on the use of radioactive iaotope* In agricultural research. Rumor Results in Mob Rushing Freedom Train JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Dec. 30. CUP)—They had to call out police reinforcements yesterday to restore order as the Freedom Train was mobbed. Word passed through the crowd that lines were not necessary, it WBB reported, and hundreds of persons broke ranks and jammed in the railroad station concourse. A motorcycle detail of police arrived in short order to force the unions, claimed they have driven building construction costs up 25 to 40 per cent. Their monopoly, he said, \vas protected by special legislation. "It has become obvious that even ths good union leaders are hemmed in by the lawless and threatening acts of the bosses of other unions who exercise unlimited power, 1 Gwinn said. "It takes only one bad union boss to hold building operation. up an entire National Guard to Hold Annual Dinner Members of Company M, lB3rd Infantry of the Arkansas National Guard, will hold their annual Christmas dinner at the Rustic Inn Monday night at 8:30, it was announced today Capt. J. R. Reeder, commanding officer. All members ol the company and their guests are Invited to attend, Capt. Reeder said. President Unrecognized While Window Shopping WASHINGTON, Dec, 20. CUP)- Feiv of the Christinas shopiwrs in Washington's crowded business district noticed n slightly-built, grny- hnired man wearing glasses who strolled from storo window to store window on a recent Jnte afternoon. He ant! a companion watched the crowds hurrying in and out of the stores \vltli their holiday pur- clmses. They didn't do any shopping themselves, except the window variety. The gray-haired man was President Truman, his companion, R secret service agent. Mr. Truman told his news conference thnt he got a big kick out of going virtually unrecognized. He said only one or two persons, who knew him personally, spotted him as he walked' along the crowded streets. People, Mr. Truman observed, seemed to be buying themselves blind. He said he did not co into any stores becnust: he didn't want to upset anyone's tipple cart. the train's documents. •xhibits of historical Jean Nicolet, a lieutenant of Samuel de Champlain, Is credited 'With the discovery of Lake Michigan hi the- summer of 1634. •MUM"Tn i3_ mmeaasuKtHt/^ *B*AS3*£Kr*3*^ MSSSM33S; 'One-Woman" Publisher Puts Out Newspaper DAWSONVILLE, Ga. (UP)—Mrs. B H. Howard, "one-woman" publisher of the Dawson County Advertiser, believes she may be the only female publisher of a country weekly In the nation, who still sets all her type by hand. She Is publisher, editor, writer, typesetter, priter, advertising manager and circulation manager of the paper, which has Just celebrated 1U 60th anniversary. Mrs. Howard, who started news- papering as a child, has operated the weekly for th c past 3« years She composes news items without copy as she sets the type, puts them in Hie form herself, runs off the papers and mails them to her customers. Mrs. Howard inherited the paper from her father, the late Confed- Southern Securities Corporation of • crate Capt. John B. Thomas. She Little Rock. I began setting type in his print Foxes Outfuxcd PAINESVILLE. O. CUP)—It takes .a fox to cntch a fox. snid Harry Ferguson, trapper. Ferguson uses fox glands to hire unsuspecting foxes to his steel traps. In 10 days, Ferguson bnpgeil 26 foxes. Votes Bond Issue PINE BLUFF, Ark., Dee. 20 (UP) —A bond issue totaling $360,000 has been formally approved by the City Council of Pine Bluff. The bonds cover the development of Gritler Airfield nnd the purchase of Davis Hospital. Thc 8275,000 airport Issue, was sold shop when she was nine years old. She says she gleuns her news items "just by talking to my neighbors/' Knows your Pontiac Best! BUMPER TO BUMPER CHECK Keeps Your Pontiac Tip-Top! Baby Born With Teeth 1 To Undergo Extraction ELM 6PEINGS, Art., Dec. 20. (UP)—Russell Dowimm, Jr., will probably have to undergo the agony o[ a tooth-extraction lor a second time, probably before he Is a week old. Russell was born Dec. 1«, with two teeth in his moulh. one of them has already been removed, and doctors sa.y the other has to go right away. FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION S. J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BIDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. • 9/wnz 3646atat2525 Blytheville's New Pontiac dealer invites you to visit his new shop for all your Pontiac repairs, service or parts. Take advantage of REAL Pontiac service . . . Bring your Poutiac to Smith! , Smith Pontiac Co. 126 South Lilly St. Phono 4371 ANATURALAIDFOR Rhumatism Kidney, Bladder Disorders This Natural Mineral Water from Hot Springs, Arkansas, Helps «o— 1. Stimulate kidney function. Why not give 2. Soothe bladder irritation. Mountain Valley a .... trial? It has helped i. Neutralize uric-acidity. many HlousandJ . t. Discharge systemic wastes.Delightful to drink. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division Blytheville, Ark. DAVID B. ANDERSON MASON CONTRACTOR Brick Work of Quality Boiler Work and Remodeling a Specialty E. Davis St. Phone 4641 First National Insurance Agency FOR COMPLETE PROTECTION Phone 2311 108 North 2nd St. BILL WILSON •. CHARLES BITTNER forming of orderly Alines leading to| to the W/R. Stephens Investment Company and T. J. Raney of Little Rock. The hospltnl was sold to the PERSONAL Ride a Special Train fro the DELTA BOWL FOOTBALL GAME Memphis January 1st Ajjfc cfcuiArdbf «r« T to. itghc » yo«f door tit* co»- C C. ELORIDGE Transportation and Ticket — — The DELTA BOWL SPECIAL will leave Blytheville January 1st at 9:30 a. m., arriving in Memphis at li:15 a. m. The train will leave Memphis at 10 p. m. and will arrive in Blytheville at 11:45 jx m. Transportation both ways and ticket to game are included in price listed above. All BI-« stadium tickets . . . no end zone seat*. This special train is sponsored by the American Legion. Send Requests For Tickets to FOR SALE or RENT WHOLESALE • PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEMS • INTER-COM SYSTEMS • LOUD SPEAKERS • MICROPHONES • AMPLIFIERS To Churches, Schools, Businesses, Clubs and Organisations BLYTHEViLLE RADIO SUPPLY Phone 4467 112 First Street J. P. FRIEND P. O. Box 2 6lyihev111« as the Moon! Sure SEAGRAM'S 7 CROWN. BUNKO WHISKEf . S6.S Prooi. 65% Grain Ntirtnl S(«ih. Seagram -Oislillsrs Corporation, Chrysler Building, NEW Yoik Barrett Hamilton, Little Rock, Ark., --- Distributors FOR SALE TRACTORS and Equipment Now On Display At Our Lot JOHN DEERE FARMALL ALLIS CHALMERS FORD All Sizes and Models W* ean furnish eqmlpment for most «f th«M tractor*, ff w* dotOI * have what yon want, we can ?et it for yo« . . . THESE TRACTORS ARE PRICED FOR QUICK SALE! See Us Before You Buy BUD WILSON AUTO SALES Comer Main & Franklin Bud Wilson - Jess Homer Phon* 2037

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