The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 20, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 20, 1947
Page 9
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SATURDAY. DECEMBER 20, 1947 Classified Advertisements TOP ^SALESMAN WANTED Holly wood Touch NH'jM 1 ™!. °l >w « tor wanted on new m ??; Pe ™«nentli- looted. 1150 n«r MT ' o2" r i' me ' Phone 3ra L™o P r" 0«ceoln. H;20-pk-JS Personal ll«(le trip okiy. So tons everybody. * c "- 132-Position Wbltt lady waau to work for i*t- lled I.mlly/Phon, « M . Ill w Rote Prhatt Rooms lt? t 2P K l?'i " elm hnt phon » "2S 911 w. Main. ll!26-Dk*lli2J smroom 314 N. Pth. vnaat 2334 ___ ____ Comfortable bearoom. Close to town Men only no W. Walnut. 2839 houKktepInt rocm, phone 11129-pk-1113 pl£n2"«o? •'"»>>>*• room, ma. As h. Room and board, 915 per week* jleeplng room« (7 p«r week, dty »i 50' dMilred ""I*"- lunch.s picked If !!•«««. -Armorel. phone 3935. 12jl9-pk-27 to Buy »,"? , BUY . FUB AND PECANS 10? Bell " Mla - SM U " befo ™ JOE HESTER'S GROCERY 8. Highway 51 Below Swift oil Mill fc mmchlnes. 12!H-pk-25 . ..?*« I,*" 1 °' Bal 'toore In ««rcb eJ ^ir,5 J . »P rcu Bln« »" unable to a»?^ u , he wln "><l In hi. own ~ w 1, Bl * CKl aa «d»ertlsenient In T.. w ""lngton newtpiper. Within a »x , k" 5 " 11 the "Overtlstr got )u«l »n»t he wanted Irom a reader's ne- Phew In dlatant Vermont. WANTED SO.OOO PODNDS~ PECANS Don't B^U till you _, . Oet Our Bid Blytheville Curb Market 130 Ea&t Main 3t, Phon» 973 „ ' laji-clc-tt Ph«Tmaci*t want* to pitrcii«V«* rt7« «,°r2^ ?. r « l ? niond5 for «™°"" nsdr ;; JTu ree Christmas present. Must be real buy. Call Courier omce. phon, «6i 1211»-pk-12i21 Uood used baby bed. Write Boi AP ..^Courier Neg,. H!l»-pM« S/iei-f'« 'Arrests' SM/ As Hit-and-Run 1 -,i • . .. •_.. :i Homecoming Queen Maxine Ewart presses the shoes down as cleats of All-America cnrf Paul Cleary are preserved in concrete slab on Southern California campus. marshal or the Admiralty "ar noted" the Swedish motor.hip Dagmar Salon, here and charged her with injuring a Vancouver wo- mnn. *• Sheriff Moodie made his.arrest by hanging a writ, of damages on he vessel's main mast. Three days later the wilt came off, when the Dagmar Salen's owners posted bond n»d the ship was at least temporarily freed from the law's clutches Ihe procedure is a hold-over from Average Family's Fire Destruction Share Is $26.42 Direct losses by fire In 1917 will piobnoly *oar to an unprecedented $100,000.000. or 23 per cent hlBher t^anjast^.rear's S5iil,000,000 losses. Mistletoe u a paraslter^ildi •teals tin food of the tree* on which JLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS British admiralty law, which « gmre, thai an action or dam,."; by a .hip-, puwnger be directed against the vessel Itself tto "" The paBinsr Salen i s | n i e , ftl h t water because the Vancouver wo man claimed she WM m urLfw en fe^ Chlno* '" C °"' S " m *' th «» Th« first ( months of l»4i already " ' Tills «700,000.<XW flrg loss, if al) . portioned equally amon. America's «0 million Jobholders, would cost each wsge-enrner »!] «. In U. s. cities fire protection costs about J3.«9 per capita, according lo the President's Conference on Fire Prevention. Thus public protection against fire would cost each family of four a total of |H.1«. AddiiiK tu.66 to »M.1« equal* $26.42. tlie average family's slime in the direct cost of lire and the protection made necessary by the thren of fire. This only covers the direct costs of destructive fire: the Indirect costs, which include'lo&sfs of business, credit, medical'expenses, and other factors, which can only be estimated, CO st (he nation two to three times the direct property loss PAGE KINK FRECKLES * HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL, BUKSEft Buy Your Plumbing, Heating and Appliances From An Old Reliable Firm ... "» "«" We Carry NVe/f-Known Brands Sue/. As: • Smithway El.ctric Wot.r H«at«rs • Arvm Electric Room Warmer • Evans Automatic Oil-Fircd Heater • Smithway Butant Water Heaters ALSO— Heaters loner , in Detuit "We Service Any Equipment We Sell" Wm. Fraser Plumbing & Heating «r cEk : s ;s«,v iocto " nlh - "*""^$? VANCOUVER, B. C (UP) _ Sheriff s. P. Moodie," provincial Dance Nightly In The Chick Room Say, fellas, here's jour chance to "ally get the jan s together. The Hustle Inn ii opening the Chick room for dancln, nightly with DO cflTer charge. Come in .ny night after mealtime. (8:00 p.m.) New Hours: H a.m. 'til 12p.m. Rustic Inn Walnut it Division £ SteeJ Oil Barrel Racks Any Size T. L MABRY 43J MISSOURI St. PR J«Z thn>c "olljvrimd month*, vrriilnK the movlt> - t n,| tor one of «»7 own mymttry H^?!M,l£?lfl;§ ormor. infitrrncil IMP rjndicilvrly <hn; JrrT hm been iu:irritd lor • nme t(m* Co AT(« Vaughn, our ft Mlimnrd. .icfr : for IIB ni'trrM* und "ho l.lny "IJ t ,„ Avi , l OB, ln c: , s , Av | s ,„ S! role.. Tk.l dnjN rnshc. .honed blt-plnjer j| n ,| K , .v,, rnrT (o he Ihr rrrfrrl doul,T« f,, r \viti. , IlHT the jilnr dlrln'l like thp Idrn | and thrpntrnril Irnahle. Jeff v,:,:krd mr h«rk lo my o ai,. e nf(iT«:ir(I«. ndmlltrrl fc[« ninrrl^Er »«iU Ailii rrfnjiril lo divorce kirn. ' * * * IX JJ1S voice was a monotone. He deliberately squeezed all emotion from it to keep it from M- Iroying him. "It's hard to believe now," Jeff said, "but I was in love with Avis when I married her. And I wanted to make our marriage last I thought I knew how, too. The bright boy from Brooklyn, that was me. I knew all the answers. Work together! Tiiat was it. Never give other actresses or directors a chance to come between us. "I had an attorney friend draw up an agreement and Avis and I I began to understand » lot of things. Jeff wai a good director His pictures made money. He didn't have to worry about whether or not his contract was going to be renewed by the studio While Avis would have hit the skids long ago if her career hadn't been tied in with his. Ensy to see why she wouldn't divorce him As ong as she was married to him the studio had to give her leading part in his pictures Bu "But you could divorce her Jeff. I couldn't keep all the eagerness out of my voice. "You'd have plenty of grounds. | 1EFF shook his head. -I can't ' divorce her, if she wants to contest it YOU see—I left her first the signed it. As long married to each other, we were I was to , o direct every play she starred Inand she was to have the feminine lead m every play I directed Fixed it so that neither of us could sign a contract to work in any picture unless th« other wai included in the deal. Any studio had to take both of us— or neither. Or face some pretty expensive litigation. It was an air-light agreement, all right." Jeff laughed. "That was to keep us together— and happy forever It lasted three months. Oiir living together, I mean.- And I haven't been either." , angel I never answered that. The door of the office opened without warning and Liz Leyden oozed Into the room. He ignored me and gave Jeff a disagreeable look. "Well, you've fouled things up haven't you?" Jeff looked at him but dicin't answer. He continued to look at him. It was as if | le didn't see him or hear him, cither. "Have I? ' he said finally. "Have 1?" His face changed. He got to his feet. 'that Vm • S °' d slowly ' straightened out." ''Look here, Havcrson," Liz decided to be conciliatory. "You know Avis was only blufling." heel. "Was she?" he said -wen ™ yb '.*. h f b '. ulT ? d oncc Io ° o'lcn. pushing me his "Well tired of her pusng me around, and I'm going to do some- thl "« " b . out lt Hii face was ugly and stubborn and deadly H * wa ' ked P«st me without a word and went out and slammed Ihe door. Hard. I gu e ». « was the *,"" affected »«• played hi le-and- seek up my *pin». Liz, of course, was undisturbed oy any such hypsei sensitivity He said bluntly and mallor-oMactlY "Well, it's up to us." I asked him shortly what was up to us. He said to put on Ihe peacemaking art I still didn't see why it was our affair. This was strictly be- fween Jeff and Avi«. And 1 was beginning to gel an idea. It Avis stood pat on her refusal to play the part of the wife unless she played the sister also, it would mean the breaking of the contract between her and Jeff: and if she lost the hold on him which made him her meal ticket, she'd divorce him fast enough. And Jcrt would be free to marry again. U it wai T IZ read my mind as an open book. "And don't get any screwy ideas, sister," he said. "Avis will never let this part in technicolor get away from her. Or Jeff cither She'll stall and scrap »nd make difficulties until everybody is in an uproar, and then she'll turn up at the sludio sweet and meek and ready to go on with her part And the contract will jtill hold! ««e She's done it before. And she can sic her attorneys onto Jeff and cost him a lot of dough If doesn't lei her play the part of the sister, too. You see, it's already been assigned to her." "1 still don't see what we can do about it." "I think we can fix it so that Avis will lei Jell cast Narney in the sister part—which is what he really wants. And then everybody will be happy again." lie >aused hinking it out as he went along 'Whnl about you inviting Avi« and Art out to your place for a few drinks this evening? I'll com. along and we'll hash over the script and make Avis think we've re-written the part of the wife for icr and built it way up to here—" Liz gestured at his chin. "That way she won't feel she's losing face when she agrees to let Jeff cast Narney as the sister." 1 was beginning lo see why the studio heads valued Liz Leyden. He was liltle Mr. Fix-it. (To Be Continued) Q^y^3^ra^^^ %3l££-2?g^W3F) /'.™7r> BETTER ^-s t ^T^,^, g .^ : '' _„ , DOS GITS TAMGLED ( W TH' LAMP WIRES SO I PUT BARB WIRE ALONG'EM.' WHY HE EVEN DRAGGED ONE LAMP OUT TO TH 1 KITCHEN THAN HAVIN' ME DRAG ONE UP THROUGH TH' CEIJJM' OR OUT TH WlM' ACH.' MIT SUI-H <«oices DEV SHOULD BLKY DEE. . DRUMS UNO LET CAROLS ALOW6 ^eT/—«.BUT PEOPLE iss FULL MIT I oti -THE •FSAST a= ST. sreP THE SMOUJ ROUND ABOUT CRiSP AMD SOOMOS UKC WHKT , zo Mf\vee DEV tX3M v T GET SHOT TMUCrt HARMONY, SOT " OF SPlRiT Hoople Colonel'a Cape . GRACIOUS A NO CHARMING. M XirHEKNERS,' owp ssrj^spUSIfcVo . or OLD owe ! HIT PRISCn,I,A'R P01 <w i^staif^\/Brother?^ dear It mil \been ^/eea } stittbt herekfor hours!/t tomorrow/ \^^^j£ What shall I do, Waldo? She's practically out on her feet, but won't Taking Inventory By MICHAEL O'MALLKY and RALPH LANE .«~V UMf ^M WTWOWONUWTAIWAND ^.?;r^r 1 * Mwwv - ivwN ' T8e TMiRS'S A 5U<HER AT TME BAR WHI, rtt SOT OVER Y NOT no MUCH »N HOOB BIK»HOn \0006M, T»Ar* TO WWK.( CAN«t IEAST)0«VK)U1 BUT IF GIT TH( (DUNtWTIONS r\ CAN Wit (TOFF MID AW IfARN IH* jWAHUdlfy, rtlHIR PHONE NUMBER.^HAVE TIME TO HOOK ANOTHER TOM6HT, By LESLIE TURNER !/ THR6WU4GRU(3FB.'] DR. nwiws otjce / SES.HE'S uNtwwicttt 1 TOLD MC THE MOST BUI <K\ NO MERMS IRItllANT BIOCUEWM HOMICIDM... Ht'P EvER WORKEP ! SO BIOTIM CAN VP05S1BLN. BUT1HEUNSM.AHCED . 5TRH.N6EW Mf ECIED B>( MEWS .-„ „ — ,v,,, IIKE WE SEt IH1HE (M\)IE5,14 MlHEBCTTOMO'ffllS? ?u R ^.l S iL??!£ SI OT m WEFL^NDMrtRVWIDS _..._ - —• I -' "•»- •"*•! itunnu n< itrvnnni/z TSSML32!"} /«¥»»w««sHSifflifv«Ho ^M»£,£.i L^nsM^mmssft THM WAKE HOUSC IOOUBT IT! SilEMTtMS (kRE TOO P16SUSTIWSIV a flt " «i OIWUCM SCHEMES! ^ [ J| B j, BUI THEM, I MM W- ^rSMOMs DISTRICT! Belter Laic Than Nevei By FRED BARMAN SHERIFF/ RED RYD6K THIS BAM M*Y BE TOUflH AN'SMART. ' NOW ILL JUST 3TOBE BACK oven IN TH'BRUSH FOB. 5AFBKESP1N HAPPEN TO TH' Lua « JUJT TOO AWFIA. **um& BOOTS AND HER BUDDIE By EDGAR MARTIN

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