Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 29, 1891 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 29, 1891
Page 3
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The Soap that THE EAMBLEE. Clea ns Most Observations lu HI* Tramp* und IWoral Izlnsr Tliereon. the IS Leno x. D. E. PRYOR The Druggist handles the purest drugs which the market produces.— PRESCRIPTIONS A specialty. 516 E. Bpoaday st. The bright and. sunny days, which are so meagrely scattered through the month and which makes March storms additionally disagreeable by invidious comparison, tempted the Rambler from his winter haunts. While the /ee- ble efforts of the infant spring to appear cheerful and attractive are calculated to tempt from the reveries occasioned by the blue flumes of the natural gas, • 'the grip" lurks in the air and the Rambler fears its insidious attack and hastens. * » * The Rambler notes however the army of men employed in scraping the mud from the thoroughfares and he wonders if a city election is coming on He is inclined to follow the loads as they are hauled away to see if thev are dumped in Riverside Park as an order of the council requires. They were not hauled that way before thd Trades Assembly looked into the matter. Perhaps the Assembly has voters whom it -will be profitable to meet the approval of. Real Estate. POP Sale orTrade In all parts of Logansport. Residence and Business property. Sole Agents for the "West End Addition." And Johnson's Riverside Addition. Vacant Lots, on Monthly Payments. Bargains in lands close to city. E. N. Talbott & Son, Real Estate Broker, St. Elmo Bloek. Broadway Daily Journal. SUNDAY MOKNING. MARCH 29. The Rambler has occasion to smile. He has heard of the statement of the great Barnum that the American people insisted on being hum-bugged and that he was pandering to that weakness. As he walked carelessly along the street he was amused at a sign reading "We are selling to-day below cost." The generosity of the proprietor in squandering his substance for the public good thus instead of endowing a chair in some college was praiseworthy if the statement was truthful but did any one accept the hyperbole for truth? In Paris custom is different. A merchant, who had evidently been in the United States, advertised -'The best five cent cigar in the city." On the complaint of other vendors he was brought before a magistrate and, on failure to prove that the components of his cigar were of a better quality than any others of the same price, he was fined. The American merchants are so given to extravagant statement -in the praise of their wares that people expect it and, with a full knowledge of the untruthfulness of the statements, are influenced by them. Barnum was right. City Coav.-ntlon. [Official Republican Cull.] The Republicans of the city of Logansport will meet in primary conventions Monday evening April 13th, 1891, at 7:30 o'clock at the places designated below to select one candidate for city council from each ward and the following number of delegates to the city convention the representation being based upon the vote for secretary of State in 1890. WiltDS. DELEGATES. PLACE OF HEJSTIjra. First Ward 12 Engine House. Second Ward. • 10 Council Chamber. Third -\7ard. (I McKInley Club rooms Fourth Ward. 12 Court Room Fifth Ward. l« Engine House. The delegates selected will meet in the Council Chamber Tuesday evening April 14, 1891, to nominate candidates for Mayor. Treasurer, Clerk, Marshal and for such other offices as the law requires to be elected at the city elections. The committeemen of the various precincts are requested to meet at the rooms of the McKinley Club Wednesday evening, March 25, and also to send to the Secretary at once names for a sheriff, polling clerk, judge and election clerk at each precinct. A. R. SHROVEK, Chairman. S. B. BOYE.K, Secy. Logansport, Ind,, March 20, 1891. RAILROAD BUMBLINGS. It«m» Iroiu the Note-Book or Our Kttilvray Reporter—PolutN Per- xonal und Otherwise. State Horticulturist*. The executive committee of the State Horticultural Society, consisting of .Prof. Troop of Purdue University, ex-Senator W. H. Ragan, of Plainfield, ex-Representative L. B. Ouster, of Logansport, and Ellsba Rowland, Sylvester Johnson and E. Y. Teas of this county, met here yesterday and completed arrangements for a summer meeting- and display at Blooming-ton in August. It was also decided to offer-$250 special premiums at the State fair next fall.—Indianapolis Journal. head d6t and Liver eod*w the rink by Beecham's Pills cures sick ache. Use J. B. L. Blood Tonic. Grand May Day ball at the B. of L. E. E. Winter is still making- a gent's good shoe for $3-50. All wool pants, $S to $5.—Thomas Manufacturing: Company. Bed lounges of the best make and very reasonable at Rodifer's,- No. 316 Broadway. mar29d6n&wlq All wool pants from §8 to £5, at the Thomas Manufacturing Co., 3d floor Justice block. . Rodifer's furniture store is full and complete. Call at No.'SIS Broadway, and see-his stock. mar.29dGt&wlt Make your arrangements to attend the annual ball of the B. of L. E. at tho rink, May 1, 1891.' George Rodifer, at 316 Broad' way, has just received a .floe line of baby carriages at reasonable prices. mar29d6t&wlt Miss Flora A. Jones, South Bend Ind., manufactures famous "Blush of Roses." B. F. Keesling sells more than any other druggist in Logansport. 5— Among the Washington notes in the Indianapolis Journal is the following: ' -Mrs. Owen continues to improve. Mr. Owen was at the White House to-day." There will be a meeting- of the blacksmiths, horseshoers and wagon makers at the council chamber tomorrow night at 7 o'clock to complete . their union. On Monday, March 28, the Chinese Laundry on Third street, cjmmenced cutting prices on work as follows: White shirts, 8 cents; collars, 1J cent, and cuffs, .4 cents. mar29d3t Christian Science services at the Universalist Church this morning at 10:80 o'clock, and immediately after sermon Bible lesson. A cordial invitation is extended to-all. Rodifer, at 316 Broadway, is rapidly g-etting to be the people's outfittir.jp store. Baby carriages, bed lounges, furoiture of all kinds,- trunks, valises, and anything else' you want -at very reasonable prices. •: Call and see. mar29d6t*wlt The Rambler, reflecting on this Parisan incident, reealled other peculiarities of custom. The Mexicans •are slow and laboriously polite, So are the Turks. Should you admire a horse in Turkey you are told that it is yours. If, however, you chance to be unfamiliar with the customs of the country and possess the average American greed you will discover the difference between tho nationalities. The generosity which prompts the tender must be .met by an equal generosity in refusal. If you accept and lead the horse joyfully away,you will not own it long. It is probable that you will have an opportunity- to admire it again in the same stable in which you first saw it, the next day. What a strange difference is thus occasioned by .a mere form, but how much more admirable is the'apparent generosity of the Turk which after all has its ( existence only because of the absolute A Creditable Fubllcnllon. ~ Pharos: The Journal issued a very creditable boom supplement this morning. It is handsomely illustrated and contains an excellent review of Logansport's varied industries. Such reviews are of great value to a city, and Mr. Pratt deserves credit for placing before the public so valuable a narration of the'progress that has been made during the past few year ; . One scarcely knows how good a city we have until its resources are pointed out in detail. protection the custom, of the affords! A Cat'* tons Journey. Yesterday afternoon, relates the Columbia (S. C.) State, Mr. -Kiukead, at Cingsland & Heath's was unpacking a barrel of crockery which, after a -journey of eleven days, had arrived ; from Trenton, N. J. When the bar- Tel was nearly half unpacked the .mewing of a cat was heard by Mr. ;Kinkead. He proceeded a little further and discovered wrapped up and lying between some crockery, a pretty •gray cat. It was immediately taken out and cared for, and to-night was .doing well. How's Till*: We offer One Hnndred Dollars Reward for any case ol Catarrh that cannot be cured by taking Hall's Catarrh Cure. F. J. CHENEY & Co., Props.,.Toledo, 0. We, the undersigned, have known F. J. Cheney forthe last 15 years, and believe Mm' perfectly honorable in all business transactions and financially abla to carry out any obligation made by 'their firm.' : WEST & TRUAX, 'Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, 0.; WALDING, KINNANi MARVIN, Wholesale :Drugglste, Toledo 0. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is tafcen internally, acting Wab.ash Plain Dealer: The building of the Detroit division of the Wabash into Peru has not, it is said, brought more than sixty people all told to that place. As the road cost the town about $90,000 or at the rate of $1,500 for every new 'inhabitant it has brought, the investment can hardly be considered a very profitable one for the Peruvians. Harry Miller, of Ft. Wayne, whose name has been on the pay rolls of the Pennsylvania longer than that of any other man in their employ west of Pittsburg, on Thursday evening celebrated his seventy-fifth birthday. Grandchildren and great-grandchil- dren'were present at tho family gathering, and presented the old gentlemen with a fine watch and chain. Mr. Miller is employed in the company's machine shop at Ft. Wayne, and is said to do as much work in ten hours as any of the young machinists in his department. The project to build, a railroad on the tow-path of the Wabash canal is again being being agitated. The people behind the scheme say that Terre Haute is to be the western terminus of tho road. So many times has the road been built (on paper) that but little credence will be given to the reports until the road is completed. Within the last two years Indianapolis men were to build the road, and stated that they had purchased the rails and cross-ties, but the scheme fell through, for some never- explained reason. "The impression prevails that the Wabash Railroad Company pursuaded them to abandon the enterprise. A company was quietly organized, a few days ago, at Gallon, 0., which proposes to parallel the Pittsburg to Chicago. The road will start at Beaverston, on the Pan Handle, and run west through New Philadelphia, Galion, Bucyrus and Lima to Fort Wayne. It is proposed to run a branch from Bucyrus on a direct line to Lafayette, Ind., thence through Paris, III., to St. Louis. It will be seventy miles shorter than the Fort Wayne route between. Pittsburg and : Chicago. The officers of the company are as follows: President, John Lee: vice-president H. C. Carhart: secretary Jacob Riblet: treasurer, M. Deal. Ji/st the same, AND 50 DDES MADE ONtYBY N.K.FAIRBANK&CO. POSfTIVE FE SOME SYMPTOMS; ^n knverpartof bowels. Great soreness in region tions, Leueorrhcea, Constipatio feBllnfris experienced by tl)Q pati. these oy a thorough process of ateorptiou. CURE FOR DISEASES reness in region < 1' ov.-irles. Bladder difficulty, Preouent u ion of bowels, and wirh all thesu symptoms a terrible ner atient. TUB OKAKtlK HLOSSOA TiiKATMKNT remox f ateorptiou. ruaui A LOCAL APPIIRATSHN • P?rfeet \ yha . 1 ' mless>wbicheveryl:ld 5 rcanuse . herself. H LUUHL KriLIUHIIUJj 1C mes Ukea internally will never relieve the icaoy fo urina- — . mauy forms of female weakness. The remedy must be applied to the parts to obtain permanent relief. A PIASN TAfK Tfl I AniFQ inourcIrouJltr - Ask y ourdru K(d8tforone,orsendtwo H ri.mil IKLI\ IU LHUIi-Oeent stomp to home office for sample box and circular. EVERY LADY CAN TREAT HERSELF. 8: : J. A. JVScClLL, ft/S. D., & CO., 2 &4 PANORAMA PLACE, CHISAGO, ILL FOR SALE BY B . r . KJEESLIXG and JOHXSTON BROS. countr The Bambler dropped into a strang church last .Sunday. The usher re ceived him politely as a fit subjec for congregational concern and led him to a front seat that his present might be fully known. As he passed down the aisle he could read plainly in the expression of • some of the faces the mental exclamation, "Well, if there ain' that old sinner,"- The minister prayed at him and the curious starsd to see the effect of his words but the Rambler was meditating anc wondering; how long the Pharisee would so strongly mark church organization>and when broad and liberal views would cause the religious belief of every sect to be honored among all. It seems to him that some time mankind must recognize the fact that the mysterious and uncertain creeds of religion, as the tenets- of humanity, received coloring and cast from the prejudices and weakness of humanity and that no one belief authorized its' acceptors to sit as 'judges upon the rest of mankind. The .Rambler could not but think, that, the truest religion was not necessarily marked by a ritual nor the absence, of it nor could he realize .that there was any striking difference between the daily prayer of his old school teacher which every boy in school could repeat and that of the prayer book. Easter at Trinity. Easter service at the Trinity Episcopal church to-day at 11 a. m., children's services'at 3 p. m. The public generally invited to both of these services. directly upon the Wood and mucous surfaces of the system. Price 7Bc. per bottle. Sold bj all Druggists. ^ F. M. B. A. Convention. J The F. M. B. A. County assembly , : will meet at the court house in Lo- .gansport on the second Tuesday ic April at 11 o'clock. A full representation is desired. All lodges that have not presented their charters to the assembly are requested to present them at its next meeting-. G. W. ROBEKTSOX, Pres. G. W. DOUGLAS, Sec. [Other Papers Please Copy.] Newspaper Kthie*. A newspaper gains neither character nor-ihfiuence by abandoning good manners. It may indeed make itself disagreeable and annoying, and so silence opposition, as a pole-cat may effectually close the wood path which you had designed to take. It may be feared, and in' the sams way as that animal—feared and despised. But this effect must not be confounded with newspaper power and influence. Tt is exceedingly annoying undoubtedly to be placard ali over town as a liar or a donkey, a hypocrite or a sneak thief. But although the effect is most unpleasant, very little abJLty is required to produce it. A little pauer and printing, a little paste, a great deal ; of malice, and a host of bill stickers are all that are needed, and even the pecuniary cost is not large. The effect is produced, but it does not show ability or force or influence upon the part of its producer.—From the Editors Easy Chair by Geo. William Curtis in Harper's Magazine for April. Ladies' Cloth top Shoes And new Low Shoes. Come in. Popular Prices. WALKER&RAUCH, / 42O Broadway. Will Not Down. Richmond Item: Jack Pratt, who will be remembered by everybody as one of the most artistic paper hangers in the city, is now in business for himself at Logansport and doing splendidly. No keeping men like Jack, who understands their trade, in the soup long; they always come to ;he fore. Notice. All Daughters of Rebekah going iO Royal Center are request#d to meet at the depot to go on the 4:20 p m. train. The degree staff are requested to meet at the I. 0. 0. F. hall ,t 2 p. m. sharp. MraNiB EARTEL, N. G. MES. CONGDON, Rec. Sec'y. Excursion to Iiidlannpollw. On-account of State Encampment •. A. R., the Pennsylvania line will 3ll excurson tickets .to Indianpolis ad return for all. trains April 6th to th, at one fare, $2.35 for tha round •ip. Tickets good to return until .pri-110, inclusive. . mar29d5t The place in town to be suited in trunks, and valises, is Rodifer's, JTo; 316 Broadway, and don't you forget it. mar29d6t&wlt Old Xurnery JT There was Tom, the Son of the Piper, Jack Sprat, and Merry King Cole, And the Three Wise Men of Gotham, , Who went to sea in a bowl; The woman who rode on a broomstick. And swept the cobwebbed sky. And the boy who sat in the corner, Eating his Christmas pie. These were some of the old favorites, but they have been supplanted by the "Pansy" and "Chatterbox" stories, "Little Lord Fauntleroy," and "Five Little Peppers." The old-fashioned pills and physics have been superseded, and wisely, too, by Pierce's Purgative Pellets, a mild, harmless and effective cathartic. They are pleasant to take—so gentle in their action that the most delicate child can take them, yet so effective that they will cure the most obstinate case of coustipation, stomach, liver and bowel troubles. They "should be in every nursery. As a . geutle laxative, only one for a dose. Attention, Laboring; Men! There will be a meeting of laboring men at Union Labor Hall, 225 Fourth street, this (Saturday) evening at 7:30 o'clock for the purpose of perfecting .the organization. This meeting is of vast importance to the laboring men of the city. Come one, come all. 0. P. SMIMH, Gen'l Organizer, A. F. of L, THAT HACKING COUGH can. be so quickly cured by Shiloh's Cure. We guarantee it. Sold by B. F. Keesling 1 A Wonder Worker. Mr. Frank Huffman, a young man of Burlington, Ohio, states that he had been under the care of two prominent physicians, and used their treatment until he was not able to get around. They pronounced his case to be consumption and incurable. He was persuaded to try Dr. King's New Discovery for consumption, coughs and colds and at that time was not able to .walk across the street without resting. He found, before he had used 'half of .a, bottle, that he was much better; he continued-to use it and is to-day enjoying good health.." If you have any •throat, lung or chest trouble try it. .We guarantee satisfaction. Trial bottle free a B. i". Keesling's drug store. ' 5 Something New In Corn—Slew Kiln DricdJCorn Meal. This process retains all .the sweets .and nutriments of the. corn. It is this process that has given Kentucky and Virginia its great reputation for corn meal. To be-had at the leading groceries. We are also manufacturing pure whole wheat flour. This is also on sale at all the leading, groceries in one-eighth barrel packages. There is more nutrition iu this flour than in any other made. We are now prepared to grind corn for feed in any quantities declld&wtf D. & C. H. UEEL. A Fonl-TOouUicd Wnmau is even worse than a foul-mouthed man. But no one need be foul-mouthed if they will only use SOZODONT and rub it in well. Do.n : t spare the brush and spoil the mouth as some parents do with their children when they withhold the rod, . to29 Good JfuMturc. Good pasture for cattle, 75 cents a month, just east of Seventeenth bridge, south of Wabash river. Inquire at toll gate. marSSdot Miss Cora Annis has the exclusive agency for Memoirs of Sherman, written by himself, for,Cass county. Any other work than the one she has is not reliable. - meb24d5t CATARRH CURED, health and sweet breath secured, by Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price 50 cents. Nasal injector free. Sold by B. F. Kees ing _____ 3 Short breath, palpitation, pain in chest, weak or faint spells, etc., cured by Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure. Sold at B. F. Keesling's ' .'*} WHY WILL YOU cough when Sttilqtt's Cure will give immediate relief? Price 10 cents,. 50 cents and $1. Sold by B. F. Keesling. 7 • A TIMELY SUGGESTION.—Some folks seem to think that dyspepsia means piety, and others imagine .themselves good simply because they have .a bad liver. If. these .suggestions apply to you, gentle reader, we would advise you to get Dr. White's Dandelion Al-^g- terative at once. It cure's dyspepsia, *^ regulates the liver and oveicomes that feeling of weariness and lassitude. Very large bottle for a dollar,-' and every bottle warranted. Sold by B. F. Keesling. . .... to29 The ODDCC of Prevention. 1 The satisfaction of feeling safe from catcbrng^any disease from.-drinking- ' water, from impure air, from a sick . person, from contact with.foul clothing, infection ;or contagion from any source, is complete and all - aniiety allayed by the use of Darby's Prophylactic Fluid. A .bottle will give more safety, comfort and confidence than all the doctoring.in the, world. to29 She was Completely Cored. A daughter-of my customer suffered from suppressed menstruation, and her health was .completely wrecked. At m y suggestion she used one bottle of Bradfield's Female Regulator.' which cured her.—J. W. Heliums, 'Water Valley,- Miss. Write the : Bradfield Reg. Co., Atlanta, Ga., for particulars. v Sold by Ben Fisher. to29 Notice. On account of the State Encampment, G: A. R. at Indianapolis, April 6th to 9th inclusive, the Vandalia line will sell round trip tickets, to Indianapolis at one fare, $2.35. for round trip.. Tickets on sale April 6th to 9th. inclusive, good to return and including April 10th. For further infor-'-i.ii motion, apply to J. C. EDGEWOKTH, Ag't. . IMptheria. Mothers, this dread. disease is- so prevalent now that you can not afford, to risk your little ones to its ravages when a bottle of Pine-apple Syrup in. he house would prevent a severe case of it. For sale at J. T. Coulaon's. Sample bottles free. tol 4 h n For Over Fifty Veiw*. An Old and Well-Tried Bemedy.—Mrs. Soothing Sj'rup Eas been used for orer -Xlttj Fears by Millions <xt Mothers for their Children; While Teething, with Perfect Success. It SoothM the Child, Sottensthe finms.Allays all Pain; Cure* Diarrhoea. Sold by druggists In every part of the world. Be sure and aik for Mm Wlnslow'a S-xrthlng Syrup, and take n» other kind, Tnenty-ave cents a bott.]«. . 1une2r«J&wly THE REV. GEO. H. THAYJSK, of Bourbon, Ind., ' says: "Both myself and wife owe our lives to Shiloh's Consumptive Cure. Sold by B. F. Kees, ling-. 6 " 'A % j \ <4,

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