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Harrisburg Telegraph from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania • Page 4

Harrisburg Telegraph from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania • Page 4

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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DAILY TELEGRAPH UARRISBURG, FA. TUESDAY EVENINQ. JANCAttY 80, 1S91. TO DAY'S WEATHER REPORT. Indications for the twenty four hours commencing at 3 p.

Tuesday, January 20Ui Generally fair and warmer weather, westerly winds. I.ecal Weather Report. U. S. Signal Office, niaaiSBURO, Jan.

Harometer Temperature llumldlty.percent wina Wind Weather I Night's Speetaale. 23. 8 p. ir. A.

k. 12 MOON 90.18 30.18 30.10 38 34 81 BO 90 80 N.W W. W. 8 6 4 Cloudy. Cloudy.

Cloudy. Mean barometer, 30.15. Mean temperature, 83.7. Mnitn Uumldlty, 88.7. Maximum temperature.

M.S. Minimum temperature, 80.5. Maximum yelooltyot; wind, 10 mUes per tour, occurred at 7:10 a. m. Precipitation, trace.

Leeal Fereeaata. For Harrtsburg' and Tlclnlty: Generally fair and sltg Utly warmer weather. Store Micellny D. P. 8.

Items We think the ladies' muslin underwear we're civine is something: better and nicer than you'll look for at the prices. You have a good idea of the coat of ma ter al and know a eood deal about the worr Hence we conclude that you'll not look for at eood in both respects as we re giving, That's why we want you to see want you to look the whole stock over and get your iuiDressioni. Compare prices with your own notion of value and see bow much better we do than you expect. Take a 50c garment, figure up the cost of material alone you'll make it more than the price. You've no chance to make your own underwear without considerable loss yon buy It better and get it at less cost There's a long list of prices and each price covers a great variety of styles.

It's at SSc, 39c, 50c, 69c and so on up into the dollars beautiful night gowns at a couple of dollars' cost; skirts, too. There's no other stock like it see it while all the lines are full. Dives, Pouirot Stewart. JOTTINUS. Anthony Kobe is in jail charged with as naulting and threatening to kill Martin Orunngel, of Steelton.

There was only a fair crowd at the Allen O. Thurman Club ball in Kelker Street Uall last evening. A valuable English setter dog, belonging to John Lett, of Fine street, was poisoned very recontly. The animal was valued at Proprietor Newman's large ferry boat was carried down the river to Goldsboro during the late rise. Christian Keschner, a brakeman, had his right thumb amputated at the hospital yesterday.

Warren M. Thompson, a P. K. It. fireman, and Misb Nettie Schaffer, both of this city, were married at Camden Sunday.

A valuable horse, belonging; to Dr. Hugh Pitcairn fell on Market street last evening, but escaped injury. TO NIOHT'S Outral Demooratls Club Haa Made All Its Arrangement. Governor Pattison is announced to lead tlie grand march of the inaugural ball at the armory to night at 9 clock. all prepara lions have be in made for the event by the Central Democratic clnb.

The armory has been elaborately decorated and the attend ance promises to be large. When a Tileobaph reporter climbed the step loading to the club headquarters in the liroitinger building on Market street last night, he found the Invitation and ticket committee yet busy sending out invitations, "We huve sent out 2,000 invitations," said one of the members, "and propose to have this one of the largest and best conducted inaugural balls ever held in this city." Charles j. beran win be master of cere monies; Samuel Kunkle, John A. Fritchey and John lv. Jtoyal, grand conductors.

The genilmcn who will preserve order on the bull room floor are John Morganthaler, Harry Young, Edward Wagner, Charles Hoffman, George Ililler, E. Wnrster, Samuel iteed, I. C. Fink, Fred. Essig, Sherman need, Al.

Jv JMnuey, James Kob erts and William Marks. Music will be furnished by the Commonwealth orchestra. HAKE HAM, LEAGUE. Mix ('lube Included la the New Stole As sociation. Yesterday afternoon the new State base bull league was organized.

Six clubs were represented, the delegates being as follows Aituonn, a. j. uonohue; Lebanon, Andrew urauy una James II. Kandall: Uarrisbure. Dr.

C. Westbrookand William C. Aldinger; wuuamflport, James Harrington; Lancaster, i.uKe ioaerman; iteading, G. W. Car wan.

N. riUharris was present as a delegate from Johnstown, and he filed an application for a franchise for that place, but as the League bus lelt two open places for Scran ton and Wiiltes Barre, the Johnstown appli. cation was tabled for the present. Wilkes uarra is already organizing a club and will be represented at the next meeting. no presiueni was antnorized to take en tire charge of the circuit, and to investigate the financial standing of all clubs applying jor nuruission.

A guarantee fund is to be established, and oucU club will be required to put up $500 in caau as a guarantee or good faith. Tuo new Pennsylvania State League will be helped by the National agreement, which provides a salary limit and a classification lor minor leagues. The penalty for the violation of the salary limit is the forfeiture of the club franchise, and as this clause is to bo rigidly enforced it will save many a minor leugue club from bankruptcy by keep in; uown rormer exorbitant salaries. The uqnatic spectacle, "A Dark Secret," was presented for the first time in Harrisburg at the Opera House last night. The honse was packed, snd expectation was on tiptoe to see the much spoken of scene, "Henley on the Thames," where 1,400 feet of the stage waft Hooded with 50,000 gallons of water, nils scene was the great feature of the jilay, and during Us continuance the river wos enlivenod by row boats, steam launches ami sbclU passing and re passing.

The race for (ho diamond sculls was participated in by icors llosraer, the professional oarsman, an a lively race it was. This was in the third act, and the immense mass of water wan a factor in the fourth act in adding in a highly sensational scene. A lllll for Disabled Firemen. At a larroly attended meeting of the ex fontivo and special legislative committee and aavisory hoard of the State Association in the parlors of the Park Hotel yes tercluy it was resolved to present a bill to the legislature at the present session, looking to the organisation of a Firemen's Relief Asso ciation in the State, for the benefit of (lis nuieu ininoorH. nepresentative ilerr may prenetit the lull.

A special committee will to appointed to meet the Legislature. A Hnrprlse. Tho puutor of Elder Street Presbyterian ciiurch, lieuDen it. Armstreng, was airreea My surprised on Monday evening by a num ber of lils congregation and friends. After rervice they went to his residence, 712 Penn nylvunia avenue, with baskets and bundles filled with groceries and provisions.

Some of (hern, by blinking the pastor's hand, re leimlei him of the silver bill. Hit Her Wllh a Bottle. Tom Johnson hit Ann Adams with a bot tle out in Sihletown early this morning, cut ting her hrt'lly. A number of other colored people were implicated in the fight. The interested parties wore arrested.

They Oet Peoalona. These Harrishurgers have received pension certmcateft since our last report: Original Henry (J. Winger and James Stock. Julia Maloney has received an original widow's ceriincate. CoaSrined aa Notary Public.

At the demon of the Sonate last night Artn if. lYnisaiy, ox nne street, was con hrmed as notary public. Captain Thomas F. Maloney. OAPT.

THOMAS F. MALONEY DEAD HIS BODY FOUND IN THE RIVER THIS MORNING. Sad End of the Popular Commander of the City Grave Supposed that He Fell Through the C. V. R.

R. Bridge. Great Shock to Hie Fellow Citizen Sketch of Ills Career. There was a conspicuous absence in the military division of the parade this afternoon. Captain Thomas F.

Maloney and his company, the City Grays, of Harrisburg, were not at the head of the Eighth regiment, their usual position, neither were they ia the line. At the very time the marchers were crowding into the city Captain Maloney, who had arranged to be with his command to day, was lying cold in death. When the nsws of his drowning in the river, at the foot of Mnlberry street, became known universal sorrow and sincere regret was manifested over his sudden and unexpected taking off. His command was much affected over the captain's death. Finding of the Body.

A number of boys were walking along the river bank this morning about 8 :30 o'clock when they discovered a man's body lying face upwards in the water almost immediately beneath the Cumberland Valley railroad bridge and about eight feet out from the shore. The theory is that he walked out on the railroad bridge and fell off into the water beneath, breaking through a thin covering cf ice and floating down until the body lodged against the Mulberry street sewer. The boys were xrigntenea ana ran for assistance. Mr. Zimmerman, Mr.

John W. Bowers and another man came to the river and drew the body ashore. They at once recognized the well known features of Captain Maloney. There was a deep ecar nnder his left eye produced, it is supposed, by the fall from the bridge. Cap tain Maloney was attired in civilians' dress and his appearance indicated that he had been in the water but a short time.

His watch stopped at A. m. The captain's pocketbook and a lot of papers were found on a near by cake of ice, while his derby hat rested right side np.on the fifth or sixth girder of the bridge. Captain Maloney was seen by several friends as late as 3 o'clock this morning. Undertaker Boyd was sent for and conveyed the body to his rooms, on North Second street, where it was dressed and prepared for burial Coroner Shlndler was immediately sum moned, but did not empanel a jury to sit on the case until later in the day, owing to the great excitement over the drowning.

Coronor Shindler has empanneled his jury but will not sit on the case until 1 o'clock to morrow afternoon, when the excitement attending the inauguration will have sub sided. At first the friends of the popular super intendent of the State arsenal refused to credit the shocking; news, but when it be came generally known throughout the city, as it did in a wonderfully short time, the ex pressions of regret were heartfelt. Captain Maloney was a thorough soldier, a fine tac tician and conversant with all that constitutes a military education. He was the very life of the City Grays, which company, through his efforts, has maintained for several yeais high rank in the National Guard. His place will be bard to fill.

Last night a Telegraph man talked with Colonel Magee and Captain Maloney at the Commonwealth hotel. They were warm personal friends and when Colonel Magee was apprised of his senior captain's death this morning he was completely over come. Out of respect to the memory of their commander the City Grays were ex cased from participation in to day's parade. Sketch of III" Career. Thomas Francis Maloney, son of Daniel Maloney and Mary Homan, was born 19th of August, 1843, in County Tipperary, Ire land.

His parents emigrated to America in 1347, and settled at Harriiburg. Thomas F. was educated in the public schools of Harrisburg, afterwards at St. Michael's Seminary, near Pittsburg, and St. Vincent's College, at Latrobe.

He learned the trade of a machinist with W. O. Hickok, at the Eagle Works, Harrisburg. Duiing the rebellion he enlisted as a private in company 127th regiment I'ennsyivania Volunteers, July 22d, 1862 appointed corporal of the company July 26th, 1862; promoted sergeant August 1st, 1862 promoted first sergeant August 6th, 1862 and to adjutant of an independent battalion November 4th, 1862 mustered out with the regiment May 8th, 1863. He was appointed conditionally by Governor Curtin second lieutenant and mustering officer United States Volunteers August 4th, 1861, and upon the organization of the 201st regiment Volun tears, was commissioned captain company August 27th, 1864, serving with the corn many in the Army of the Potomac until his muster cnt by reason of eeneral order No, 94, A.

O. O. War Department series, June 21st, 1865. Upon the reorganisation of the first City Zouaves of Harrisburg, Captain Maloney, In 186'J, was elected first lieutenant, and December 16th, 1870, commissioned captain of company A of the Zouave battalion When the National Ouard of Pennsylvania was established the company became known aa the City Grays ef Harrisburg, and on the organization of the Eighth regiment, Penn sylvania National Guard, was attached to that command and mustered in as comnany If. lie was recommissioned December 14th, 1875: December 1 6th, 1880, 1885, 1890 and his last commission was issued only a few days ago by Governor Beaver and was cap tain at the time of his death.

He was one of the senior captains in the service, and repeatedly refused a field office, preferring to remain with his company, which has no su perior iu the National Guard. On the 1st of February, 188S, he was appointed arsenal keeper of the State arsenal at Harrisburc, a position he held at the time of his death. Cap tain Maloney married, in 1863, Ellen Casey, daughter of John Casey, of Harrisburg, and they have one child living, Lllen. It may be stated in this connection that Captain Maloney is the author of a military manual on "Guard Duty," which ia considered au thority on that subject. Captain Maloney was formerly a promi nent member of tho Citizen tire company, being president of that organization.

lie always took a great interest in the welfare of the companv and of the department. The surviving members of his familv are the widow and one daughter, Miss Ellen Maloney, who have the sympathy of a lame circle of friends in this great bereavement. Cleneral Haatloga Much Affected. When General Hastings was notified of the death of Captain Maloney this moraine: be was greatly affected and could not restrain his emotions, lie called at Undertaker Boyd's to view the remains. He will issue an oinciai order regarding Captain Maloney's death.

All But Three Members Present. The City Grays held a meeting this morn ing, after being excused from parading, to take action relative to the death of Captain Maloney. Committees were appointed on resolutions, etc. Ex Lieutenants Rhoads, Reed, and Lawser were appointed to take charge of the ex members and committee at the funeral. The Eighth regiment and all officers of the N.

G. P. are requested to turn out. Another meeting will be held to morrow evening at 8 o'clock in the armory, when fuller details will be perfected. The badge of mourning to be worn for the next thirty days is a N.

G. P. button with two pieces of crape attached. Lieutenant Governor Watres' Bright Boy. Dr.

William II. Ele entertained Lieutenant Governor and Mrs. Watres at his home on North Second street during the in auguration. 1 he Governor was accompanied by bis two little sons, Harold and Lawrence. Last evening Dr.

Egle with his guests. Uovernor Watres and General Gobin, re paired to the capitol, where they remained daring the earlier part of the evening, Meantime the Scranton Democratic club proceeded to Dr. Egle's house to tender his guest, the incoming Lieutenant Governor, a serenade. In response to the stirring music the Gov ernor's little son Harold hastily donned his overcoat and stepping out to the balcony of Kr. house addressed the club as fol lows: "Gentlemen of the Scranton.

Democratic Vlub: I thank you very much for your music which we have greatly enjoyed. Papa is not here to listen to it, but I know he wonld like to hear von. He has crone to the CaDitol and I thank you forliira and say good night. The members of the club recognized the little man, gare his remarks respectful at tention and at the close burst into a ronndof applause. The youthful orator is but 10 jeais of age.

An Incident. ''Let thy blessing rest upon him who, in the providence of Uod, has been a second time elevated by a vote of the people to nil the responsibilities rnd duties connected with the oflico of Chief Executive of this great Commonwealth, said Rev. Dr. S. C.

Swallow in his prayer during the inaugural ceremonies to day. At that instant the sun, which had been hidden all dey, flashed out from behind a cloud and bathed the vast assemblage in a warm burst of sunshine. That it was noticed by the new Governor was evidenced in the deeper bowing of his head and the reverential look that came into bis face. Black the Nominee of the Democrats The Democratic members of the House and Senate met in joiut caucus last night to select a candidate for United States Senator. Joh Donohne, Philadelphia, nominated Senator George Ross, of Bucks county, and Senator Brown, York, named ex Lieutenant Governor Chauncey F.

Black. A secret ballot resulted iu the choice of Black by a vote of 51 to 30. Eight Senators and ten Representatives were absent. A resolution, offered by John II. Fow, which was unanimously adopted, called on Congress to drop partisan measures, and pass laws that are really needed to foster the impoverished business interests of the country.

The caucus Uieu adjourned. Cabinet of Ilia New Governor. It is pretty well settled that Governor Pat tison's Cabinet will he constituted as follows: Secretary of the Commonwealth William F. Narritr, of Philadelphia. Attorney General W.

U. Hensel, of Lan caster. Deputy Secretary of the Commonwealth A. rilden, of Iiirie. Dsputy Attorney General James A.

Stranahan, of Mercer. Kevlrul on Dcrry Street. The United, Brethren at Derry street church have been having during the last few weeks a woudeif al stir. Seventy two have been converted and a number are still for ward at the altar. Forty one have been re ceived into church fellowship as a result of these special services, and from the crowds every evening in attendance and the interest manifested it may be predicted that there is still more to follow." From Mr.

pyuria hhaner was the victim of a highway robbery Saturday night The vil lains got $4 from Mr. Shancr. 1 he remains ot Mr. if rancls Ivlester were interred yesterday. McGill Powers, confectioners, have dis solved partnership.

Adam Lutz, an employe of the tubewerks, was injured vesterday. Mr. Henry Claster married a Philadel phia lady recently. Mr. Oeorge lunkle was beaten by Huns on baturday.

Took Out iUnri Iage License. Franklin W. Kendig and Mary A. Leigh ton, of this city; William Watts, of Middle town, and Bertha Harvey, of Linglestown; Peter Ileyler and Jane Orris, of York county, had marriage licenses issued to them to day. UP TII5VALLEY.

There was a light freight wreck on the G. II. railroad yeaterday morning. Mentzer Blorfer, liverymen, Carlisle, have sold out to Adam feller. Mr.

John Z. Paul, of West Pennsboro township, Cumberland county, is dead. Mr. John II. Cornraau and Mist Annie C.

Hassinger were married in Carlisle last Thursday. Carlisle fancy poultry breeder, M. S. tjprout, carried oil a number or preuiinms at the 8. poultry exhibition.

There wt re 1,753 entries Mr. John Coffey has sued Messrs. George Clever and William Russell for cuttlnr tun ber on his land in Cumberland county. A fine set of harness and three robes were stolen fro'n the Htable of Joseph Elcock, Mecljx'ictburg, recently. The stolen prop erty recovered in Carimle.

ur. utiorge isrown nas registered as a veterinary sargeon in Carlisle. He will lo cate in Sbippensburg. Dr. Thomas T.

Blair, of Chambersbnrg. was thrown from his sleigh the other day and paintully injured by boy waving a shovel in front of his horse, frightening the animal. Mrs. Sophia Earhart, of near Chambers burg, is dead, at the age of 7 5 years. Chambersburg had a heavy, damp snow fall Saturday night.

Shot Rxehaased with Burglar. jAncastbb, Jan. 19. uurgiars on Saturday night entered the storo of M. Wiesr, at Shoeneck, which is connected with Mr.

vviests house by a burglar alarm. Wicst aud his clerk. armed with started over, but the thieves took to their heels. Wieat and his clerk fired at the thieves, who returned the (ire, and iu all sixteen shots were exchanged, but no one was hit. granted.

Funeral To morrow. Mr. George Haas, aged 80 years, who died at his late residence, 515 State street, yester day, morning, will be buried to morrow morning at 10 o'clock. Alleged Tampering With a Jury. Rbadivs, Jan.

19. In the case of Win. F. Miller against the Albany Fire In surance company, the jury to day brought in a verdict in favor of Miller for $1,080 67, tne mil amount ot his claim, A year ago Mr. Miller and family moved to Reading irom Albany township, where their house had been burned.

It was insured in the Albany company, but the company refused to pay the amount of the insurance, on the ground that Miller had set the houss on fire. or procured some one else to do it, ia order to get the insurance money. The trial lasted several days, and, while Miller and his family claimed that they had started from home to go on a visit at 4 o'clock in the morning, there were witnesses who tes tified that a man who looked very much like Miller was seen leaving the house shortly before the fire broke out. Before the verdict was rendered to dav counsel for the insurance company filed reasons for a new trial, on the ground that several of the jury men had been tamoered with. It is staled that a detective had been shadowing the jurymen, and the court was informed that two of them were seen entering Mr.

Miller's honse at nizht while the trial was in progress during the daytime. The court immediasely granted a rule to how cause why a new trial should not be Shot at Iter Babe C'brlatenlng. Altoona, Jan. 19. While a Polish christening was in progress at the honse of JOhn UarlicE, in Gallitzin.

ten miles west rf here, last evening, MikeTernski, aPolander, walked in and shot the mother of the child The ball passed through her longs and she cannot recover. Teruski was seized by those present, and a rope was placed aronnd his neck to lynch him, but officers appeared on the scene aud he was Bafely placed in the county jail. Confeaaion of a IHghwayinan. Jan. I9.t Itis said that i.ei arrested for robbing the Cornwall railroad station, the offices at the Coleman furnaces, and other places, has ac knowledged having held up John McDermott on the Cornwall bridge and robbed him, and said that he intended to hold up Manager lacxson ana me agent ot the Cornwall and Lebanon railroad company.

Notice. ueorge uostman, 2013 street. nas been engaged to deliver tin elegraph every evening at East End. Persons desirinir A 1 1 me paper can leave tneir order with Mr. Dostmao, at the above address.

dec6 tf CARD OF PRICES. iue puoiisners oi me undersigned news papers of this city, adopted December 1st, 1890, tne loiiowinz card of prices: Marriage, funeral and obituary notices, 50 cents; each additional insertion, 25 cents. Card of thanks, calls for meetings of lodges, societies and organized bodies, to be placed in the advertising columns, half Ave cents per line. Local noticos for church suppers, for all festivals, lairs and similar entertainments and enterprises designed to make money, ex cept such as may be purely for the public benefit or for charity, to be inserted at half rates, five cents per line. No free notice will be given in the newspapers to any entertainment or enterprise, religious or otherwise, designed to make money, the job printing for which is not got ten at one ot tne newspaper lace a.

Resolutions, except those of a public or enaritabie nature (such as actions of public meetings on matters for the welfare of the city, county, State or nation, or on the death or resignation of a person occupying a public office) will be charged five cents per line. The avove prices will be strictly adhered to. Daily Tklegkaph. Patriot Publishing Co. Dailt Independent.

Daily Call. Daily Star. Thb IIarrisbuko Telegram. Thh Sunday Capital. FATHERLAND.

Charles A. Gardner can be highly praised lor tne enterprise be has demonstrated in arranging and presenting to the public so good and pleasing a play as "Fatherland, that will i3 presented to morrow night. It is uncommonly interesting, because its idea is new. The scenes are picturesque, and will ne laminar to those who have traveled in that portion of Europe, in the mountains in the Tyrol. Reserved seats should be secured at once.

ONE OP THB BAT EST. Charles McCarthy's great firemen's play, "Une ot the Bravest, will be presented complete riday evening. The fire engine. hosa carriage and three horses will positively be nsed, which, together with the car load of special scenery, a sterling production can ba looked tor. I he reserved seat sale com mences to morrow morning.

KUN1NKSM LOCALS 7 Uew Departments. 7 Basement of DlVCH, POMKIlOY STBWABT'S. IsOsts aoout 3 cents, sells for 25 cents, is worth 50. Used by everybody. For rights and arliciss address "Good Patent," Motter House, Itoom 4, Harrisburg, Pa.

jan20 5t Pkof. J. D. Holt, of Lancaster, who has opened a Children Select Dancing Class in Barr's Hall, is forming his second quarter Saturday, January 24th. All those wishing 10 join win please bo present at 2:30 p.

Iteferences necessary for strangers. Will give half hour extra every day in fancy dancing to those wishing same at $0 per quarter. Adults can secure a day or night oy calling on Prof. Holt at Barr's Hall, Sat uruay, p. m.

in20 3t Rubbers. Ladies' rubbers at 35 and 45 cents. Misses' rubbers at 25 and 35 cents. Children's rubbers at 23 cents. Men's rubbers at 45 and CO cents.

Boys' rubbers at 35 and 40 cents. Wool lined overshoes and arctics at aU prices. Williamson Fostkk, tc 318 Market street COMB and see the beautiful Chripfmas goods at Clark's drug btorc, 1111 N. Third street. Usb Gastrock's $4 25 No.

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J. S. Sible has 2,000 tons of the largest Pea Coal for sale, $3 50 per ton; 1,000 tons No. 2 Nut, $4 25 per ton, and about 4,000 tons Nut Stove, Egg and Lnmp Coal which be has now etoreJ in his yard at Forster and Cowden streets, and is prepared to deliver to any part of the city in large or small quantities both Coal or Wood for prompt delivery and clean coal go to oct20 tf J. s.

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and be convinced. Brisk, thb Baku, IT 226 South street. Photographs. Cabinet size, 91 per dozen, still taken bv J. D.

Lemeb, 1213 North Third street, near Broad street market, Uamsbnrg, Pa, DIED. BROOKS. On Monday, January 18th, Hannah 31. Bbooks, In berS4ih year. Funeral Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the residence of her son la law.

Fred. 8e hoe maker, aos Liberty street. Relatives and friends Invited without further notice. lanso tt. SPIElElt.

On January I8ts, 1891. TH BO. H. Speisb, aged S7 years. Funeral on Wednesday forenoon at 10 o'clock, from the residence ot his father in law, William Wolf.

Third and Herr street. Friends are Invited to attend without further notice. HAAS On the 18th instant. 1891, Gko.Haab. aged 79 years, 6 months and 7 days.

Funeral on Wednesday forenoon at 10 o'clock, from his late residence, MS East state street. The relatives and friends are Invited to attend without further notice. gt NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. 17 AT) 17 ITT Two a. MAI a rooms.

communicating Jiarlor and bed room Urst floor. PETERS. aniMf 10 N. Third street. OST Between Market street snd Boas i ana mass, lady's GOLD WATCH, main case, luuer wm do suttaoiy rewarded if re lurnca 7 "intra street.

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Lot It suffice, when we 8v. thev can be found here In variety good styles and at nrtcea an low as sold ANYWIIEKK. Plush aohets. Saoques, Sec Are supping away rapidly at the present cut I CHILDREN'S COATS. Many pretty and trood ones left, and ata in ino J1AM Al.non FURS! FURS! If you want a cheap or flno cape or muff at price, visit us.

Capes and muffs In Persian ueacr. on Key. wool seal, Astrakhan, Baltic Seal, Marion, Krlmmer, Mink, Coneys, Shattuok Witmer, 412 Market Street. tc RENTS ap2l l.3,5 ly collected and properties rented through R. WILSON nOFFMAN.

S3 North Third stroot are about through selling 60c snd $1 Caps for 1 5c and now have clean new stock of Hats to show yon. Bear in mind we won't sell vou a Cellu loid Collar at less than cost and then sell you a $2 Hat for $2 50, but will sell yon 50 for S2 50 and everything in like pro portion. We are devoting our time and sttenticn to securing the best things for the money that can be found in any of the lines of goods ws offer to the trade. We are siill selling some Underwear at cost to make a hole to put Straw Hats in meir places. 1 he trade Is gradually tumbling to the fact that we meant what we said about selling Trunks and Satchels cheap.

Just reccivod, a big lot of Gloves made to order for Railroaders' nse. Genuine Magnetic Insoles, ft per P'r. manufactured BELTS IF Iiri Company. by the U. also CAPS.

JACKETS, Ac. For Sale by I I IMPAV Chiropodist I. J. Manicure, NO. 400 MAKKRT STKEBT.

40C onireoiM Sal unlay only. Ordera lakrn SI i.uu North blxth btrvvu svpus i.s ur HENKY J. DEM MI NO, Stenoin aj.her, All klnns of work by Typo wrm nt. Tele. pliinnconii'ilin.

No. il Norm Third ntrrwt. AirxfttlVMntl ritniisyivs.niA for standard Tpc. wrlUtr. Intil iy want to insure your rniturc or Home go to I'ETERS, 1 6 North Third s.rect.

JTI MARION 80UKBEER, tescoer of JL I'lANO, t'AUINKTOKUAN and VIOLIN. No. itu KI1k' avenue. llarrlsOurjf. I'a.

Orders can alho bH at No. isui IUiIm JUJO lV I Prices. AMUSEMENTS. Q.RAND OPERA HOUSE. WEDNESDAY.

JANUARY til. The Jolly German Dialect Corneous, sxd sweet Dinger Charles A. Gardner, (KARL) Supported by a talented company, producing on a grand scale the new romantic comedy. FATHERLAND. An Idyl of theTrroL HKAR GARDNER NEW SONGS.

Including his great hit. "The Lilac" TYROLEAN OCABTRTTBL Special Scenery earned by the company. Sale commenced Lhia norniuc. Janl9 3t "TTANTED AN TAILOSESS. FOSTKH.


A production never before exjua'ed. O. B. Jefferson and 11. 8.

Taylors great aquatic spectacle. A Dark Secret, With the original cast. AlagnlxioeBt scenery, acd ucuier urguM FrfDt. Jtvai Beats. Kaan Bhella.

steam Launches, on River of Uaal Wafer. The realistic drowning rcene. Terrtflc rata storm ot real water. rrloca SO and 73 cents Reserved seats, without extra aM A. WANTED.

EXPERIENCED Address WILLIAMSON At office. JSUB WANTED A first class rake sad pastry RAKER wants ell nation. Add rasa. "BARER." mm i. rl BAKER.

cars Dailt TsussAra jani si "XTANTED DRIVERS for Herdics. No' 18 VonXk Blt. WANTED Type writing and Pen copy FANN1BM. BLESSING NcCMNolTUrieS street. JAAII tw WANTED A bright young white girl as cook.

Inquire at Dailt Tblm bats office. jevusy vi WANTED SITUATION. TTTANTED By an old gentleman of ex. Pnce. a situation as Janitor or care of furnaces.

My health and age are such that I casnot work at my trade sucoesafullr. Inquire at the Dilt TauMBAra office. deevtf WORK WANTED. A reliable white woman dealraa war hntiiin.i.. wanhlnr.

etc Is a rood urn, mrut children and a sick husband to support. Arlr I at No. 10 Market street. odiJS FOB RENT. FOR RENT No.

1841 Franklin Place, from February 1st. Uonse la good condition, conveniences, furnace. Inquire on premises. FOR KENT House No. 36s Ilerr street.

Das all the conveniences of Orst class reaiarnce. inquire of K. FKALKT. MS Ilerr jinU tf omc OI capital Uty OU Company. tfOR RENT OFFICE ia College Block.

ju water, steam neat and closets. Apply at uuat.iu own as n. i oira suweu Janii TT'OR RENT Several "C' OR RENT From I 2 Locust street. lion arst class. Locust street.

three story trick jl. aweiunn on Crescent street, one fear nil. annaM from Mulberry street bridee. rn mama tux ttp wm water, oain room, rarnace. Kent.

sis. Xmll'j are alwavs readv to Dim evtra t1iMl i iuiu una iui lv. I 1V11ZWV jAUftBis uouoie oreastea Reefers, with large square collars, extra weight In chevrons. April 1st house No. All oonvenleBeea.

tv a. inquire or UKO. bailkt. set )aaiO FOR RENT Large furnished FRONT snd Kit A ft ROOMS, second Coor. Also a suite of rooms, first floor, uaa.

beat sad baih. One square from capitol anl post omce. No. sue North second street. Janft FOR RENT Two handsome offices (two rooms each) second floor No.

17 1. Third. All conveniences. IoeaeexloQ given April issi. Also, one large well lighted room oa tAdrd Door, espedally suited topboiograpsio purpnoea.

IXJCK. 1001 N. Second street. 170R RENT House and Store Room. JL uood location for Drug Store, corner Itrosd aim MamrctU street.

BOV84 street. Apply 1 at sat Broad UfvOIUiK 1L BOL'KBIKK. FOR BALE. FOR SALE Five Shares East burar street Car comoanv HLock. box ws, uarrisDurg, I'a.

Harris. Addr 3t 17IOR SALE A new. well built 3 etorr AS frame Ilouse. with mansard root.rornerNlne teenui ana aiaie streets, containing nine rooms with fine store room. Also stable, were room.

pump. on premls. A very desirable prop Apply to J. may be bought cheap sold 1 P. KELLER, No.

North Hrcoad street. Iani4 iw FOR SALE That large dwelling boose, with modern Improvements, iocs North Second street, formerly the reaidenos of the lata Craighead tttewaru This property Is very desirably located, with a One stable la the rear o( resiaence. 1 uis would make a desirable boms 1 ror a paysician. FOU bALK At a meat barrala. two lrwr brick houses, located on ilerr atreeUnoar becood sireeb.

kok SALE The residence Ridge avenue. djktjihj 11 noiu auon. KOK SALE A nice 7 roomed bouse oa Fif teen Ua street, corner av fout alley, price only 1.500. Fort SALE A two story frame bouse on Bailey street. Iflce only 1 1.100.

To LOAN asoo and upwards oa first mort ago ciiy property. lau on or addreea. W. II. THOMAS.

Advertising. Real Estate snd Investments, 1909 uroeu street, or uie facriot omoe, uarru 1 aunt. ia. TT'OR SALE The three story brick boose. no.

1017 North Third street, late the property ot Caroline al. Denning, deeeaaed. In good ooouiuoa. Trrnw reanraauie. immediate poa session.

Apply to tor. No. 4.M Market street. UAItNlTZ, sdinlntaira 1 aorzs THE PEOPLE'S New Neckwear. lildUStlial lOWO For your Hats, Caps snd Trunks snd Ocnts' Furnibhings call and see us on prices.

aaa. Itt7A.THfffD ST. dccS3 i.a.s io MONEY np2I iy Made by placinR your properties tor sale Willi K. WILSON UOrPMAN, 83 North Third street. Keep the Head Cool and the Feet warm by using COMPANY, of Norwich, conn.

An Attractive Policy. From too to 13.000. Premiums rollerted I monluty. bi moutbly. quarterly or annually.

Kull Immediate beuetlts obtatneU oa tale plan. Cash Surrender Value. The poll i lea bare a cash surrender value after live eara. which are aa good aa I ollxl stales bonds and may bo uej a collateral fir aecur Ins ktsns, etc. Paid up Policy Value.

A treat advantage of this policy Is that aner threo years' promluiua have brea paM II toay be surrendered to I ho ouuipaay fur a paid up put Icy. Tho amount of raxh surrendor sad paid up policy value la entered on each policy, ao that there la no at eculailua or eves ooed to depead upon any atatement or agents. iieain Claims are payable immediately SDes I aaiuirctry ruur.i of Koa al the Home unv of lie company, (ccirral aeents wanted, limit be Drpnared lit (ivn Huniw'iurr mrnir. ann IXMK Apply IO W. ralllDANaS, Vine ITraldeat.

Nora let. I tons. TJUHUC SALE of Valuable lUal Folate at the (Vturt Houmt. ha (unlay. January Siat.

IHtit. at o'c lurk r. Ibrea I and ba aiory lirvx itwfiiibtf ioua wilb brhrk bacs bulldlnirs attached, al I be curtaer ot itace and kltn lH. Kour to an a hair alory Prame Itwetllac llouwts, tut fratuo klicbcas alLacbed. oa Naras btrcri.

A double wA aad a half star Fraajte Dwelllav IIoue. with frame fclicbt.a atlacbexL ttm lUa cor lit ot Natfte street and Showers aveaue. I I A II. II AM SMC Kxeculur of Oeorge Ulnale, doaraard. JabSts IF you want any Coal or Wood go to PETERS.

1 6 North Third street. CORSETS! Skates, MISSESajo CHILDISH. THB COR8CT OUOOTITUTE, made opoa eras SS. hygleala prlnct ptm. vita ill i graceful fimrt advaataceof the faabloaabl Modeled eonM.

A perfect atip port from the ahooldera. dle tflbatiag the ciotblnf atrata aodwvlfta. THREE GARMENTS IN ONE. Corset, waist. wuwni npptas.

aHowlae tl Luther R. CORSETS! TLe sxtettioa cf lalie ie r4 Cm sal reliaUs fittisx Cornets it cell is cer ftee Use lie rU 4ee CORSETS. KcltiagEqiUfatj "P.O." Is DerAbmir i a Other reveler CVw4. SirrM. H.

a la Spinta. tx iUiMc all aies a4 leaettw. I. VTaraar 'a K. aaj palest taeeUeA ferrta teaai feces' Waist tterirk a4 Loals Uarsasaarf UotSrry.

Etrjfraeaatst4 sacrx or staia I fee fert or adarwesr. LeiSet. Grata aei CbUdraa's Uaaerewar at rreaUr reJaraJ tirioes te tasks raota far Sfrief Good. A larrs sasortsaeat ml Itaal Hale Mml boa1? ux Grey a saataaliv. a wh, atTir aaa run.

wwn uaa iatAOM BJa H. COHEN, 2QMarketStreet. BARQA MS! FIRE SETTS, UDBBELItA 8TAIJDU. KETTLES, THERIIOIIETERO, OTGPI DOBESs BAIX HACKS, in Braca and "V7rouclit Iron, AT COST. A Foi7 Sciscora and Eozoro in Co03 at Hodncod Rales.

Chimes and Sleigli Bollo. elker, Hardware, 8 1 8 Harket Square. THEY MUST GO! The very few Holiday Goods that we have left over must be sold within the next few days to make room for our regular Housefurnishing Goods at less than one half the regular prices. For instance All tho 01 Gaznoo and Blooho nox7 4Do All tho 50o Blooho and Toys nox7 2Lo. All tho 40o Blooho and Toys noxz ICo.

5 foot Ten solo, largo and frtrong onongh dx any JPicturo. nox7 75o 81 Boohing Chairs, squaro arm, noxz 41Co. All Christmas Goods at the same low prices. ROBINSON'S HOUSEFURNISHING STORE, decsS tc 9 North Third Stroot. THE RAGE I Fashionable Styles, Ladies' Over Gaiters The Prettiest Styles Full Dress Shoes, Best Fitting Working Shoes At tho "Livo" Shoo House of 214: and 216 Ilarlrot Stroot.

BUY A HOLIEI Hake an Investment AMU 8AVI: PKOSI Immediate Benefits. U5 f0 30 cr Cent, T) purchaatoe aosas of lbs following real JJ eat ate. wblch la aw. welt tntVt. aonated la deatrabte abd atitataUaJ parts erf lAda csty aa4 coataiaiac Btordra MapnMeeartiiav 11 avlll acad al fair prtom sad oa naay larsaa.

al a Marine ptirnm ra tm tram I io a per eve, aa ia prto. ibe property tVl cC i baud a iie EIUIIT I101VK4. lhree44ory react aaa saory back bulldlaca. Noa. ai WJt, lOAfiv row: n.iaw rwa ei a in'i bbbv larne'eMvy irnri aa4 lae Mlcey bark balldles.

Nm. UL hrikrr Mlwt. ItMSetrk. Kluil tbrve lory bvk sKwaea, saavbtrs 1st to lie 4Mer sarrrt. trjMatarb.

Kl Uuxewtnty brv a koaana. Mas. 8S7 le tsaMrrma arrawe; ft uaa naciu IX ibree ajary KV bovaea. Noa. xt is int Til EE irw aturt leva Smaaea.

Xoa. tnrr ir mia ioa auw f. ai aaea. HoL reoat aM tare. story uars baudiacs.

ixn, tm in ihree atory Vk lr.e. No. vet rjerr M. uuai iagj lV Skmhkhl Nua. Ciauraaila aveava, lkmwx.

laadditsua to I be atatxa I raa k) aooai Slaty Olber SalfiUi Moprrt Vw la aV parts lbs cPy aallabM ur ail claaaee Star lratnea. Improved propertlca wU bt SuiJ SiiiaJfe4 fur dnarabto vera mr Ma. Cwdea Sor reatit( aat lb atale aa patvaia nHt euucuaigi aw ii Maaey swvatiaihtte aaado for Mnwrfi aad ktWm. fur prior sad intaa ea turn. ta la tbsernlacm.

II. UIILER, 31 North aerS Sm SJ SL Iti taarU UanUtarf. I'a. J. T.

ENSMINGER. Aictionecr i Connisslon Herthst Sa. sua. ist ad in a. tttreit.

HAKTZELIj Cs unanaaar U. llitar), BROKERS, ji Nuftrn rnitu trksxr asart tiAHsiustiia. VJTOCK. GrsJa. Ir iUa.

00. i VJ boacta aa aa ts ra svat rranuosud mtw wm auaane. a siaee auenra seraat awvamralneba Kew Tut at (UnM n. cMia.ra. a xu five rued amra ai at.

tKvatia Maunawsita. mSIii Tie Kartsa taj Euteni totsi IX XNi3k, aej New Toti, OrHIU fee aK ilraaci IW la Udscsiyi IKJTUUS UK tt lbs bperg af IIOIXESXOIT, VlixaUa btra laoat4 aa tb aaama lwtk Oa KUW abH nerr. sailtow mat jMMtulSL. ts aaS auas anifeMiaartaal fasri ara'iailaavtie twa a ttxA tit Knw'it a tie. I nwiyMel artts S.rTuia.

a. tf IW ria tnaa kaimwl aaS ataa, aaiUe raU ai4 artar laiSUuea. II rxtmtotm a Saia mt as suomi Hini! la rwiS lul tuia rH rt.if imtkmh1 frwaa leewitaviea4'i4Mla'' Ilea Umurf tea. 71 riT avtwajtis. ia cwat, area.

Uay. Iaaiar.kc aaiwel atale ro4a. A caiiSus euul la ocmI aa Atuf baa tmas uuurmtmt lur. la aaia. r.i4 aaj aevwulMea.

abS aitnua aaber SMaa ratacatra avaS uS uK' aee tnjAint baits Ur. aauaac I4wa ttumHUtg avNa. Stat. fay. a ae li nlassias til taari a a aut tmu saattutauoa aas wH twaUHwa analaa I4au rt rf1tnni alii 1 lie aaaa i ttS iua aS i toKwrjHHmt 4fa i iMu.uiitia arnars.ipiaad Am aaa a aaaan'a im axwtk.

aiat atiai Si law ataea al IMaa a AmtymMm. is S)aMM t4wwaner tally w.iS, wtikita 1U u)iir lt4 ia.e tf lltaa luur wjtuaaa, ea ISwaaUaa MhritiK4 ana ab. aaaaa faS aM ta Uwl uaua. ail auie eaaaS Sa aaaaaaasa iire Ia4i4 iKV la Vwth aajaafaua laortiL tt.M tat nanttt tmmjm ear aaj iam aajau4ta mutm. amy aatatf mcuw a anaaf aiaaaaa w.

lartUT rmm aa IH lltiaa ta)eawa If SU raataaaaa mu I lawraauua aas ca H. UHLER. AgutU st tmk Tui stmt rbenaat riuan abU las atamaDurc. ra..

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