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Harrisburg Telegraph from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania • Page 2

Harrisburg Telegraph from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania • Page 2

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:

THE TELEGRAPH 18 rCBLHHID a rzx excepted THE HARRISBURG PUBLISHING ClUb. II. BHUUMEU, TII03. Y. WILSON Makassb. Xoitob. Otnci l'oror of Third and Market Streets Til ONLY KKPUKU JA.W PAPER AND 1I1K OI.PKSr KVV81' A tKR PUBLISH KO IN llAlilllSUUbU, AND THKOK ITICAI. PAHKli Of THIS CITY, COUNTY ANII STATU. ONLY KVKNINtf PAPSi UKCKIVINQ A3 HOC1ATKD I'KKSi DI3PATCUKS. SraH'irnoii raica Uany edition S7 00 per nnr 3 B0or Omontlja; 1 75for3months; 0 MintH per month? 15 centa por rootc. Wwkly edition, VI Co" por year, la Diiuphlu county, Dully we 00 per year, Woostly 60. Dally, Uollvored In thU city by carrier, 10 COnW por woofc. Kntared at tlio Postonca at Uarrlsborz, a awoond clotu UARUISpURQ, PA, TUESDAY EVENING, JUNE 20,1832. I'JNNSILVANIA'S SBNATOBS. Ponasylvan aldtao pivot for the Presiden ttaUloctloniiUSl. If wo win now we will win thorrcitdentnoxttlaae. It Is not aflgHtbe twean and anti Cameron men, or be tween lnrioa and their enemies. There nothing so small In it as that. It will be a great Strujwlo lor tho Jlnal succoaaof elthortho He puhUciia or tlio Democratic party, and I hope you will nan) this tact thus early In the cnnrn. I tlrmly bellovothatll the Kopubllcan parly goes down In this light the tariff and all onr Interest! go with It. We will win, however, If the bujtnesi mon of the state are with "jsjfiToa Caw brow's' rimarki to Phila. DKL1II A llUilKlH MM AT TUB COSTISBXTAL IIOTIL. 'Political war is Inevitable. It was Cameron's on rontion, not mine. I do not partlcu larly oll to tin mon the ticket nominated, however honorable and repntablo it may be in in per tnil, mutt he btaten, or bosslsm will Win." 1BMAT0R MITCHBI.L IW AW IWTBRVIBW with a corrkspojcokxt. Tub Government of Great Britain, that paternal Government which snob3 aflect to adrulro 83 much, not only evicts Irish tenant who, after luflering for years from English rapacity and robbery, cannot pay their rents, but actually prohibits the Land League from erecting temporary huts to shelter tho homeless women and children. English fair play, indoed! It is a scoff and by word. An Englishman's fair. play in Irolund always plays into his own hand, and robi tho Irishman and makes houseless and homeless the women and children. 1NDKP SDKNTS AKEt UBHOOKAT. Chilrmai M'Kee, of the Independents, is represented as saying that the time for compromising wllh tho Stalwarts is past, that If Beaator Cameron wishes to see but one ticket in the field ho oan retire tho machine ticket. Tee impudence of M'Kee in suggesting that tho ticket of tho loyal Repub licins la the State should be retired to plcasa a disaffected faction is only equaled by his base treachery to tho Republican party in placing tho Independent ticket in tho laid at all. If the Republicans of the Stato want to retire tho Republican party their ihortest way is to voto Mr. M'Keo's Independent ticket. That will retire the Republican party not only this year and next year, but for years to come. If tho Republican party wants to go out of business M'Koe is the man to help them. If they want a Democratic State administration with the almost ccrlauity of a National Democratic administration, then voto the Independent ticket and assist M'Kee and his gang in producing this result. Chairman M'Kee says thoy havo nothing to regret in placing their Independent ticket in tho field. What would ho havo to regret if the Democrats aro brought into power? Republicans would have something to regret, but M'Kee and his Independents would have nothing to regret, because they have nothing at stake, they prof or Democrats rulo to Republican succob3, unlosa it is their sucsoss, and they do not hesitate to say bo. Senator Mitchell telegraphs that the Republican State ticket nominated at Harrisburg "must bobaatoa." This wai beforo the Independent ticket was nominated. The Philadelphia Inquirer, the organ of tho Independent, distinctly declarod that tho Independent fight was "got up with the intention of beating the Came roni or p'acing the Domocratlo party in power. 'i, Now we will meet the issue just as it is. Wo will elect the regular Republican Stato ticket if wo can, and we believe that thcro ii no doubt that it will be Should it be defeated, the Independent movement will do it, and tho so who voto tho Independent ticket will do so knowing that thoy aro voting for Democratic success. Ciiaiiiman M'Kee, of the Independents, invites tho regular Republicans to retire tbclr ticket and come over to the Independents, whilo Chairman Heath, of the Greenback or invites tho Democrats to endorse tho Groonbaok ticket as a sure measure of success. Would it not ba bettor for the Independents and Grcenbackers to unite and socuro that puro and upright states man, prophet and roformor, the imported Smith of tho rrat, to become their champion and niako the JVesi the organ of the united factions? Smith, thoVes, tho In dependents and tho Groonbackors, with tho women rights party thrown in, would make a delightfully harmonious political gathorlag. They should all go together. Tub Philadelphia Prca says "TIiofo fi lends of General Heaver who dcclaro that ho is the choice of the Repub Horn party, as wo believe ho is, ought to bo tho last to obloct to a now convention. A popular favorito would not bo hurt by a popular convention. And then. If tho work of the convention were acceptable to tho pnrty, tho ticket would be elected. As tho lines are drawn now, the election of either Republican ticket is not to be seriously oi." Tho 2V is fully aware that tho regular Republicans aro perfectly willing to submit tho wholo quostion to the peoplo in their primary capacity, the election to bo gov ornod by tho laws applicable to primary elections, where thcro can bo no moro cheating than at a regular election. Wo had oro fuir, opon Republican convention on May 10th. Tho Independents would not submit to it, and thoy would not sub mit to tho decision of any convention. Wo challenge tho 1'rmio get the Independents to submit to tho arbitrament of tho peoplo under tlio primary election law. If the Vcjm believes in tho will of the people, lot it and tho Independents appeal direct to tho triple. There is no necessity for tho Intervention cf a now convention. Tho people iu their primary capacity is tho con vention tho Stalwarts are not afraid to submit their caso to. Will tho and tho Independents agree to that; and if not, why not Fir ic Orconsburg Herald says: Wo tbluk our eenlor Senator probably did not accord tho junior Senator a fair aliarn of tho olllces in this Stato. If he had we think Mitchell would have been a regu Inr to uay mntoau or a KicKor." Is a regular because he is so gorged with ofilcs that ho cannot kick, al though ho upp.arontly would like to? The nlllco of Doputy Secretary of tho Common wealth ovldcntly curb. him. Let loose, Ma, with both logs; wo can all stand it i jou cm. Thb city passenger lines of Philadelphia, which have reduced the fare from six to five cents, have increased their conductors' wages from $1 85 to $2 .00, the increased receipts moro than warranting the advance in wages. TUE GAUSS OF IRELAND. ilichael Davitt, the Irish leader, on set ting foot on American soil, at ones de nounced and denied the rumors started by the English press that he had turned Communist, and emphatically squelched the report from the same source that he had differed with Parnell. On the cortrary, the two are in substantial accord, and both are too sincerely devoted to the cause of reland to allow personal differences, even were there any, to be thought of for a moment. Davitt proposes but a short visit of two weeks to the United States. In that time, however, be expects to speak in sev eral of our larger cities. He has a great cause to present, and a sympathetic audience in the American people, and he who has done so much in Ireland will doubtless acquit himself with equal credit to himself and his cause in America, and we therefore look for more than mere Irish eloquence and invectives against England. The friends of Ire and expect from Davitt a clear and intelli gent statement of the evils from which Ire and is suffering, and lawful remedies pro posed by the Irish leaders for the redress of these grievances, which will attract the support of true and loyal Americans. The cry of "land for the people," should be sustained by pointing out, not only a clearly egal, but an equally just way for the peo ple of Ireland to acquire an equitable title to the land they till and covet. If Davitt will do this he will win many and substantial friends to the cause of Ireland in this country. It is his and Ireland's great opportunity." STATS NBWtJ. A pi laoner escaped from Bedford ji'l one night la at week. Saturday the Philadelphia treasury con 68. The United States Circuit in ses sion at Willlamsport this week. R. C. Williams is a candidate for the Legis lature In Northumberland county. There are thirteen Democratlo candidates for Assembly In Lycoming county, and more to follow. Among the graduates of the high school of Carlisle, are two colorei girls, one of whom stool high. Three counties Luzerne, Lackawanna and Carbon have Instructed their delegates for Coxe for Governor. The Cochranvflle, Chester county, cream ery Is making 700 pounds of butter and 900 pounds of cheose dally. Two thousand one hundred cords of wood wore accidentally set on Are at Pine Grove fur aee and all consumed The Democracy of Clinton county will hold their convention on the 1st of August, and a red hot time is expected. The United pipe line company is preparing to pump and stOro thirty thousand barrels of oil per day in the Warren field. The Sellnigrove Times says that the First National Sank of that place has $234,000 of Individual deposits lying in Its safe. fa irber has been discovered In Willlams port who refuses to talk to a customer while ho is undergoing the process of shaving. The earnings of the Pennsylvania railroad for May will, it Is said, exceeded those of the corresponding period last year by more than Bradford "An umbrella has hung in the postomce over a week waiting for an owner. Who says Towanda peoplo are not hone3t? A man named Jake Clark, was seriously stabbed in a disorderly house in Willlamsport by Pickoy II dL All the parties present have been arrested. Mr. W. U. Ilensel, of the Intelligencer, is prominently mentioned in the Democratic State press as that party's most available candidate for Congrossman at Large. A blackmailer who rented a box In tho Willlamsport postofllce and then sent out a score of threatening letters, skipped the town just la time to save the county a year's board ing and some costs. A circus rider at Alloona was arrested for knocking his horse down with a loaded whip in tho ring. lie was released on explaining that the animal was subjoct to fits, and bad to bo Corrected with a club. Inaac Jones, who has charge of the rolls in a merchant mill of the Phoenix iron company, at PhccnlXTllle, rolled a throvquarter of a round bar of iron in a nine inch mill that was one hundred and thirty live feet long. This is claimed to be the longest Dar of iron of that slzo that has over been rolled. 31ui3lterstown, Lebanon county, has tho oldest public water works In tho State. They woro tho gift of Alexander Shaelfer, founder of tho town, to tho inhabitants of Market street, in that place. They have been running since 1775, with slight intermissions, when repairs were nccesmiy. It is also tho most economically conducted corporation In the State, the total revenue from last year's water works being about fifteen dollarj. All tho Ulcers serve gratis. Kaisers of small fruits and vegetables are now boasting about tho amount of "truck" they have under cultivation. liobort Simmons, of Phamlxvllle, says ho all and goes one better." lie has growing on his "truck patch" 1,000 hills of lima beans, 1.800 tomato plant3, 10,000 early cabbages, iy acres of early and late beets, or about plants, over 1 acre of peas, over 1 acre of string beans, 1 acre of potatoes, 2 acres of sweet corn, 1 acre of strawberries, and largo patcbes of cauli flower, raspberries, blackberiles, horse radish, ihubarb, parsnips and all kinds of herb3. He has also hot beds 1,000 feet long, in straight line, and 500,000 celery and lato cabbago plants. PERSONAL MOTES. When the Rev. Henry Ward Beecher was preparing his famous "Lectures to Young Men," he held a long interview with one of tho most notorious gamblers in tho country, and then used the information about gambling and gambling dens obtained from him in his wonderful realistic discourse on that subject. After the delivery of tho lecture previous" young man triod to turn the laugh on Mr. Beecher, by asking him how ho could describe a gambling hell so accurately, if ho never had been in ono. "If you never have been In ono yourself," retorted Mr, Beecher, "how do you know my description is accurate Thews has just died in a misorable gar ret in the miscrablo Ruo Mouffetard, at Paris, a woman aged sixty, of whom nothing was known by her neighbors, not even her name, although sho had occupied the amo room for a number of years. She was believed by all to be miserably poor, and the landlord, from charity, baa allowed her to occupy tho room rent free. Her death was only made known from suspicions aroused in the mind ot the concierge, who had failed to see hor leave tho garret for three or four dayB. When tho room was broken into, she was found upon the bed in a Bcmi nudo condition, and the doctor declared that tho had died of starvation. But an examination of her bod disclosed boDcath tho mattross in notes and in gold and silvor coina. SPIRIT OF THIS l'RKBS. Tl.e Heine Itallota Are Ready. Chirleston News and Courier, hem The whole South, excepting hapless Virginia, 13 in splendid fighting trim. The Democracy will repeat in 1882 the victories of 1878 and 1880, knowing that in obtain ing a Democratic majority in the House of KeproBcntatives is the only hope of securing justice in Washington and peaco at our lire ides at home. A Conundrum They Won't Answer. Ureon Tree Item. "Tho Independents do not want Don Cameron. If Cameron were to turn Demo cratic, would the Independents growl? If this noblo party does not endorse free trade and if it does not endorse Cameron, wl.v did its members growl when Cameron, as is falsely assorted, said he would oppose tariU?" Don't Olvo lilm Chance. New York World, Dom. "It is to bo hoped that any member of Congress who may be inclined to appoint a negro to a cadetship hereafter will reflect upon the experience hitherto undergone by colored cadets, which indicates that to appoint a negro to a cadetship is a cruelty to him and an injury to the service." But Two Masters tliocee! Warren Mail. There are but two political parties in this country. All others are but splits and bolts from the regular party to help one or the other into power, nothing more or nothing less. Understanding this, no good Republican can join a side movement to bring division and rum to his party. Ttlthcut Independents. San Francisco Chronicle. Those who expect a sweeping victory for the California Democracy on the Chinese issue will be sadly disappointed. Let the Republicans conduct the campaign properly with a good ticket and they will sweep the Sta'e. The Fox's ova for the Lamb. filchmond Whig.J Nothing can possibly be more ridiculous from a Funder quarter than a warning against political interference with the schools, when Readjuster interference is all that has saved them from Funder hate. A Hoopskltt Reminiscence. Lancaster Examiner It must give Jefferson Davis a vivid re collection of an episode in his own career, to read how a Brooklyn man charged with burglary donned his mother's nightgown and made a bold dash for liberty. "Not Every Inch a King Beading Times, Kep.l Thia PennsvlTania is not flverv inch a king, but in dividing his party allegiance between the Cameronians and the Independ en la ne is iiKeiy uuu a vauuem iu una uuu a Regan in the other. A Sharp Scent. West Chester Eepublicm. There are Republicans in Pennsylvania who are so fearful of doing something that would give the advantage to Cameron that they would cent danger where there was none. Perhaps Be Is an Cider berry. Will'amsport Bullelin.l The Democrats of Arkansas have nominated, a Berry for Governor, but whether he is a huckle berry, black berry, a strawberry or dew berry, is not stated. American High Pressure. New York Independent. The great American question nowadays Vinw tn run at. full sneed nine months in a year, and then make up for the overstrain by a three months resc WOOD CARPET, PARQUETRY Oii Ornamental Wood Floors, ARE USED IN Parlors, Drawing Booms, Libraries, Dining Booms, Sitting Kooms, Halls, Bath Kocms. Bed Booms. Nursejles, Baeemonts, Kitchens. Vestibules, Hotels, Offices, Banks, stores, Restaurants, etc. SAMPLES TO BE SEEN and for sale at HERSHEY'S, NORTH MARKET SQU ARK. 2,4 1 S9 GROCERIES. JUST received, this morning, a very choice lot of Havana Pineapples, extra large and nne. SHISLBR'S Grocery, ii North Third street, near Walnut W. T. SOLLERS, nOBNER 11 Idee Avenue and Belly Street, Ky dealer in all kinds of Groceries, Canned Prults, Smoked Meats, invites the public to an inspection of his stock of iroods which is fresh and selling at bottom prices. Goods delivered free of charge to any part of the city, Call and be convinced. FRESH GROCERIES AT CITY GROCERY: Choice California Dried Pea, Peeled Peaches, ccuntry dried, at 20c, Fancy Evaporated Peaches, Sliced and quartered Dry Apples, A fresh supply of Fresh Baked Crackers and jmcuu received to uay, Strawberries received daily, also A stock of Go ill's Celebrated Beef Bologna, chlppol or by tho piece. Respectfully, DOCK CO. A FrNE WHITE NO. 1 MACKEREL AT PHILIP WEAVER'S Casli Ghroceryf NO. 3 NORTH MABKfcT EQUARB. TRY THEM. GIVEN AWAY AT KERPER'S NEW STORE A UUP or Coffee and Tea made by the new process in tho IDEAL COFFEE POT. Bayers cndjudgo3or good colfeo and toa are invited to cad at onca. Receiving daily Pine Apples, and a largo lrosli stock of Fancy Groceries, at KJCKPJfiCS, 308 Market stioot. BAJJY OARUIAGES, BABY CARRIAGES, BABY CARRIAGES, BABY CARRIAGES, BABY CARRIAGES, BABY CARRIAGES, BABY CARRIAGES REFRIGERATORS, REFRIGERATORS, REFRIGERATORS, REFRIGERATORS, REFRIGERATORS, REFRIGERATORS, REFRIGERATORS, WATER OOOLER3, WATER COOLERS, WATER COOLERS. ICE CREAM ICE CREAM FREEZERS, ICE CREAM FREEZERS, PICNIC OOODS, JAPANESE NAPKINS, JAPANESE NAPKINS, JAPANESE NAPKINS, WOODEN PLATES, WOODEN PLATES, WOODEN PLATES, CROQUET, FOLDINO CUPS, CROQUET, FOLDING CUPS, CROQUET, FOLDING CUPS, FOLDING CHAIRS of every Style, BASKETS, HOUSEKEEPING O.OODJ, of every description. WHOLESALE AND 11 ETA I L. GRAND H003EF0BNHHIHG STORE, LODGE ROBINSON. 9 North Third Street. Seasonable Com DIVES. P0MER0Y STEWABT, 35 NORTH THIRD ST. nave just received a full line of NEW STYLES FOR LADIES' SllAIMBR DRHS. ALSO Bargains in Laces BLACK SPANISH CREAM SPANISH. AMD EVERY VARIETY OF TRIMMING LACE FOR SUMMER DRESSES, At our uniformly LOW PKlOf S. Divix. Pomtroy Stswart. DR. DAVID E. COOVER, PRACTlUBLIBflTBD to diseases of the Eye, Ear and adjustment of Glasses. Office, 21 South Third street, between Market and Chestnut streets, Harrisburg, Pa. From 8 a. v. to 4 p. m. Omoi Hocus: I 6 f. m. te 7K p. v. (Sunday 9 a. K. to 12 V. SUCCESS OF THE NEW STORE, SI I Opera House Building. LRGE STOCK OF LlDIBs1 FANCY COLLARS AND FANCY NOCKWBAR, LATESTSTYLES. ive TJs a Call uo si 3a OPERA HOUSE BUILDING. HENRY GREGORY, PROPRIETOR. GEO. MEM, 214 AND 21G MARKET ST. IT may be Interesting to thoae who have not yet seen our Spring styles of Hoots and Shoes to know that we havo never oponod so large a variety direct from tho lninufacturor as shown tho present season. THE CELEBRATED Jno. Kelly's Ladies' Fine Dess Shoes. $2 75 TO $5 CO. Every pair solid. In widths It, and F. LADIES FINE" DRESS SIIOES, GOOD STYLE, ALI, SOLID. $1 85 TO $2 50. MISSES' AND CHILDREN'S SIIOES, Vest makes, prices low, including tho CELEBRATED ROCHESTER SHOE O. BURT'S LA1UICS' FINE SIIOES IN AL.L WIDTH. LATEST Hand and Machine Sowcf. TRY A PAIR OF THE SERGE HOUSE SLIPPER, 85 TO 40 CENTS. GENTS' AND BOYS' WOKKINCl Olt DKKH1 SIIOISS, COM FOItTAICI.K, IHI It A ttl.K, STYMK9 Cretonnes, Foulards and Momies Mb, BLANK OF ALL KINDS BIRTHDAY CARDS. LARGE ASSORTMENT, Paper in Boxes 1 LINB OP STATIONKRV AND iCUOOL BOORS. ALL 7 HE LATEST PUBLICATIONS OF THE DAY. ANYTHING YOU WANT IN THE STATIONERY LINE YOU CAN GET AT BERGNER'S, No. 6 N. Third St. 1882 SPRING OPENING of new and extra WALL PAPER WINDOW SHADES Received everyday for the Snrfnsr season. Paper HinKlnrr dono on short notice In city or co nq try. Samples sent to any distance on application 163 HO.O WHITE. RED, CHECK AND FANCY kil CARPETS. OIL CLOTHS C. SEEGER, 211 MABOTTREET. MANUFACTURERS OF BABY CARRIAGES, AND REFRIGERATORS. IMPORTANT NOTICE. Tliis is to certify that Mr. J. P.Keller has been for many years, and still continues the ONLY AUTHORIZED AGENT WO haYO in Hartisburg for the sale of the Whitney Baby Carriage, and, as such, we do not fill the orders of any other dealer in that city. (Signed) F. A. WHITNEY CARRIAGE CO. B. M. Frost, Secretary. WATER COOLERS, WATER COOLER STANDS, ALL SIZES, STYLES AND PRICES AT MANUFACTURERS' RATES, And Slimmer Goods, IjyCATALoauKS sent froc on application and All Warranted. KELLER'S, (OLD RELIABLE.) Second and "Walnut Sts. Iftrge Assortment of Birthday Cards, 11N Kit CAUDS, VISIT1NU CARDS, Whittier and Emerson's Birthday Books, SCRAP ALBUMS, PHOTO. ALI5UMS, AUTOUUArit ALBUMS, Poetical Works, Writing Pesks, It LA NIC BOOKS, TUE LATKST STANDARD PUBLICATIONS OF THE D.W, A FULL LINK OF STATION KRY AND SCHOOL BOOKS The Land of the Midnight s3nn LONGFELLOW'S POEMS. S. W. FLEMING, 32 N. Third St N. It. Will clone nlaon of hwdmma it o'clock r.w.tinni mrtlmr wotlc.Hinrvnlgl SPRING WOOLENS. OF KT OW UfTOITAYIOB, IST OW 03PB3SI JOHN W. CLOVER, NO. 320 MARKET STREET. DR. WARNER'S CORSETS FOR SAI.K BY HENRY GREGOUY Si Nortn Tlilnl Btroot, Onorn Hon no Itallillng. C. L. GREEK CO. Oornor Stato and Oanal BOTTLER AMD WHOLESALE AGENTS QlOK llrtholomjr'c KochMUr and Mil. wftukon iUwr. Bott'orn of Hols Harxapa i llla. Ulngar Alo anil Birch Beur. al I on Ion ttlvon to alilpwwnl. DR JOSEPH H. COOVER, IJII VMIOIAN. Ppeclal treat intuit of llaM or tlio Kar anl Throat. OftU 2fJ North econl Htn i', HurilxImrK. BOOKS AND SIZES. FRINGED AND PLAIN. ar, All Prices choice designs in by H. HEHbrlM, KOUTU MAKKKT iW IS 9 OUR REFRIGERATORS. wo do. Terv much the lore est stock of theso goods, and having of courso the largest variety to scicci irern, wn nrn brat nrepircd tn meet VOlir WAhtS in this line either in stylo or price. Wo are tarnishing dealers at less man maouiaciur era nriftAii hasiilaa savini? them frcicht and draysge. Price list sent frro on applica tion. ICE CREAM FREEZERS. "Wholesale and Retail. CITY TAX. WATERuRENT. PROTECTIViTtAX, 1882, AN ubatamnlor ptrrml. rlil al lowtxtctn all City Tatra, Vatr Id nt an.l lrnUctivoTaxai lor tho yo.r 11, pill on or In foro JULY 1. 18SQ. L. 11. KINNAlilf, lllj TrMtarar. OMico hours from 9 to a. and JO in 1 M. ISf OPENING. SUMMER STYLES TRIMMED HATS AND BONNETS. MAT Uth, 12th. 13lb, MATHER'S MILLINERY HOUSE IK you want ImmI nlra dry klertiloc plutvrall al mv offiov Thli.l ninl nin iw. Itl.K. Boat Family Conl. 1r you want nlca tm ar coi Car.4 rail at my fllr Tlilnl and Ctimljcrtatul rcHU. J.s. WIBLK. WANTS. WAKTKU 1 Wrct ml tha llarrtstmnr 8 1 r.l Iron Mrr opposite um Faansy Irani lUJi: i rrr VM ucpou ZA WANTKD A Tboroacn Coicimoi nl Vp fcolater and man wboaia tuatv timtrit generally nvc fal about a Crl elacs farnusr etablUnmnU 8lca1y altuatton. rnw required. JSO.T. BNSUINUKU. Second and Lbettnut but AOBatTS WtXTCUTlM radrt orbrma or a lifetime: proaiaUrcrU.i.arrrx before male by amenta at any adr.ind for any ron iltioa or ate old aad jfunr, tnar ried and tingle, mil make money lxior luaa ever before, llotlnui tirU Uy LiaT'u! co rrmipilltV 8A capital raalrr4 thlf UOUDKN CltaNC Hhi auiv. Ad run (iKUIUiK UK LA It A. Er.tlnt, FOR RENT AND POR SALE. Eoctor'ii Enircr7 fnr i't! UCir. Inquire el XJIUM taa.K. A tre toy lilrk hee JD and two atory bntlainccn otMi near 1'me. Lot 38 feet 3 Inel Ly I i jv very desirable lccxilon. 11 jyi i Tm eagy. ty K. a lZtc a. FK SILK OK IX.lUSUr or prep." ertyln rtraliate latta cf Z4 acres, wit bin two rr.l ed a Tntoror YaUey. P. coed twury llouc Bank Para and all two a ary mrrt.rc jiFflia, fine otcuard, coed wa'rr, Ac. 11 i rrx t. By fC fcl. Kl.tU FOK BaLK. A Ooed (talldtrx lt 1 CiM UoU fronting oo BrUy atrt ei bc :x.n I and liaU and Pena tlrrcta. by B. K'NZES. FJR Mat M. Kd mw Uirre iy Urlck bonae and lot, 17113 fcU on tit above Nortn. Ten room. oj r. ater, Kb. range, etc ami wi II flalabcl asd in ccta order. A perfect bonae. by K. INZER. Xo. If3 Cameron lllftr llarriMjr. a. E.tlU BAIK a farm of arifaof rlrer bottom lanl on the rennrylrarta ranal and iatlroflL. two mlica from MUIltnwn, known ta 1 Lie Lock prororiy. oooi two atory bilck bonce and Lnk barn, tec ant bonae, pood atore mon, bta.c annitti i hop, totiwoo bol, Ac, iCI la loodcrden orcbard, good water, Ac. line lrion lor buln aa. By K. K. KINZK.U. FOB BlVt A new atere and dwalilec 114 South Second ttrwrt Cat mlnjrcr bnUi Ing) lweUlnir oontalra 12 room aU tbe modern convenier ona. fire of 'ote 1 tort 6 Incbee by 61 feet deep, anluiile It any kind of bnalnesa; will rent eeparala or toeiLer. 1'ossoaalon clven March 11. J.T. Second and Cbtnut irt. 17K BALK. AC tbe ftceblel YYetka i finely located twoatorr bonee nine room. Rood stable and all noeeti sry out bntldlaga. Let rrontlngroa tbe tuitpUe (r 2) feet, with bcanllf ul terraced law and groat variety of fruit and flowers, uo. iraxdew, water, etc. Alao, twelve rood lota, and as by ua aad I7i feet. Title pnlecu Terms easy. B. K. KIXZKiL A BARK CHAXCK ll a WCtlvtabUfclitd bnetnesa, where aa active partycinconf uience a profitable bnaleena at once. In I be beat locality In tbe dty of llarrubanr.ta the Uak. Injr. Ccnfectlonery and Ice Ctxm batlaeaa, with tbe eood wl and flttures ail I roxpMa oider, tot over fJ.uo capiul rrjuiii. at No 16 North TMr.1 airtet. ror paitlculrs Ic.jolre of K. K. rn Bloclr, I'Uibbatg, ya. TTOB MA LB Iwo escelleat irame boa tea on Broad and corn of I'mn nivet, lota liifO feet beneea 7 rcoira IK torv kit rbf ts and well arranaed. ffood otlbaf, bydranta and lots running to an alley. Aljot rv4 two atory frame hooo on l'rnn auru ar Broad, 7 rooms, IX atory altcLrna, aldeea tranco, hydrants, etc llUet pettoct. 11 tors reasonable, liy K. K. KlXZgg, Citaeroajnock. REfVL ESTATE AKJY C. CUNZtlR. SUCCKSSOKOF KAKLi A UISZL.SU SakfKHUM BUHJK, Kew lOS Mortk I cowd a tree llarrtsbarc. will uy aad seU manner of Beat BU.te.xchsn?e city aad conn try property, 'nefrotiaie lon, adraaoa money oa aaios, Acj examine UTk prepare deeds, mort4ae, bonds. Act rent property, collect rents,; buy war rants of tbe war of IS'l aad war, atvd to thoae entitled to them, procure tb xa; alao, procure pensions. Fertons wUblng to bay, ell or rent town or country prorctfr wtd please ave me a caJL Betereaeva. to Wara. Geo. Belly. Prealdent Uarrtaburc a tonal Bank; J. I. Cameron. U. a. U. rieia First National Bank; IL Kby, trcrcbxnt, Ac Hanlabnry. 1'a. tSEGURE A IIOME tALUJLSH JLXJlTimil ICX txlL SPLkNUltl CUUKTKT IIOSIK stilt Btt on tbe Cumberland Valley rur.rrl. wrive miles from llanltnrr. at New Klnratoa nation, rontalnln atout I Si acres of exori eat lanf, wltb a twoiory bonae. eoiljgre wltb alteh liia ataciKvl; barn 21x12 feet, with lbreUnjr floor. A tv, rew wood and coal bonae, bo pen. re proof smoke tioate. never tAlllnn1 aUr. tao over BW choice trail trees, Ac. AU la pwrtert order. A very choice piopert c. Hie rlrc. By K. B.KINZEB, No. lwA CAtron Block, Harrisburg, Fa. A BOUT threw at lale ear Ttde fvet front on Male XV. teenth a tree sueut, by FB ULB, at a benralm, ratkerv Mltta, rrederlck county. Va, on tbe trpoqnon creek la Shenandoah Valley, Ove tnlla irom Winchester. A larce taorcbant mlll.wtih store and port nice, dolnir a root bulncnw; eisneaw mill, blackamiibabopaad two imod dwnllleir hoaaeaand outbulMlnr, Ane fraTWn fraiu Terms cajy; UUe perfect. By K. tcuiNaMtlt. LABtl W. BB A BTS mt tbe war 1K12 i or Mxteaa war. Fersons liavlns tbem. or to tbom eaUUeil to tbem. we Ul procure them for tbem and pay the bljrhesl cwb ptoe for litem: also, procure pension of eoMlers ot the war or 112. Cat I or address u. Ito Cameron mock, Uarrtfbnrp. rote. K.B1NZXIX. lioxl At uoe acucL TJOK 8AK.B.A farm ef 400 errea. wear While I'laina. oa the L'altltncreand I'oio tcae railroad, and near acvcral landlnrra. Over aw acne la cultivation, lal. anco irood oak and pine tlnler. lnvl bonae, Ac, null. One eprinjr. aiotifi, chaixitea aed acbool cnvenlenl. Aumlrable 'iprny. liy B. K. it I Kit, Cameron Blork. Hantii'nrg. la. AN KINO. $10 YOUIt CAPITAL nnictirw af a4a ilJ NXUttiq fAf anwantam titain. u4 Vfl as faily twL. i ra MMt WmW iniiurit n' (Mm. ur auorr.ful. fndj in, tai OKil pbm. ry 1 1. WHEAT aentwerlily nj.rj Ir. hx'lvl at ttnr ur i)iiitiy ciwwlr atMl pt mi li.ioa. Junnri'vrl ih Jt llh.uUta on Uitm Inia.l I mmr tmte. Ad lrr I r.fl NJ at a ev.ry niat Me. tittriuiiij; i.u, tiTUia. INVESTMEHT SECURITIES: SAVIKOH ItABKS, ISflUUtiin (XI M. 1AN1K, Trnsteen, and lnve ra aliy, arelnvtleil to oorrwn'l vlilt re Kant I ii Bond tbey may dst: i bell or Xdnnltipal Ilonda, Water Hrr6 Mrrry Loana, and loslrala atlrr.l s.r oriv. (J. ways oa band. B. LEHM A C' ra, V3 it Cerier si, Kw Vot lo7 JfiCR a. T. HereHty three teals Tttues Ibe leaa, wltboat the Italldlaca. Ir.U Tnt Mml Annual Nothtnir evtr len UtrU SiiM year of residence sail SUi Iu tbebwal neas. Beat of references. NnJ lor pr ticnlais If yon have money i M. It. Costa advanced, IniereM pt np.acd rrlnclpal fcuaranieed la oaee ot f.wncjosuro. i. a. B. JOHNSTON. IrpUxtor ef Bortrart Loan, ST. PAUL, ETSS iu WINTHR0P PERCY SHITH EOUTII TIIIHD STKKT, PEILADELPniA. I3AKTICVLAK ATTEBTION tilfr.B Ttl I Con tracts nuule and ftoe t. Onlera execait la New 1 out, tAtUn, more an.l baa rranrtacv 'i Ivate wire to Now totk. 11ATCU FOOTK, JtAKkELK, K0. WILL STUIT. SIT TCL KM I5BUS N. Y. httK KSHlMiR. BUW aad sell Ktocks, iuila a4trinra. weat MeearlUes and mnJ rro4rf. Bear fee Venu leleers oOawed en lirpewts. fart'km f. OCEAH 8TE AMS! 18. EUKiifBC Cook's llranrf seantoat leave New York, Aritl Jane Kun I July rull crttcular In PTxtlU l'rs lel, sent five oa app.tcaUan I lirkeie by all Allealle Hieemera. Pr eJ cniUSea for MTurlnff co4 bertha. Toerirl tirkrta lr IntllvMaal treveleta la rpe, il ixaU, at roiiuc ol laiti. tJookw Karatelanlat. with Mips 1 eenta THII.UHIHMIV,W N. Y. 311 Halnut lbllal Ipt.ia. fa. A. II KATTIMI, aiaaer, Unz II.

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