The Times from London, Greater London, England on December 7, 1906 · Page 8
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The Times from London, Greater London, England · Page 8

London, Greater London, England
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Friday, December 7, 1906
Page 8
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PUBLISHERS AND THE PUBLIC. 2li only juion armtw &ttn T7te !Twne niA pKHwcrs ia a to vhether the Book Club shall or shall not be alloicecl to SeJl seccndJiand net hooka It fort they ere six months old. The Times Book Cluh maintains its rigid to sell bona fide tecond - hand books xchen it likes and at ichat prica it - likes. The Publishers try" to prohibit this, and to enforce their jjrokibilion by charging higher prices to The Times titan to otiier purchasers and by icithdraicing their advertisements jrovi Tits Times. TO HIE EDITOR OP THE TIMES. Sir, Tim Publishers' AiwocUtlon (or mora properly the Book Trust) say thai TfcXi w Book CI ttb is hurting the booksrllers. Let xae tell jou what tho largest book seller in this town aava : TeTicet Book Csabdoee not hart 01 si all. Itmsy hart the bookseller in Loudon, but of coarse !t does not hart tho coantry bookseller. If - the publishers wut td herpas boofatellen, why don't they pTe lis discount, so that. tre. may moke a profit ? Take this book (i fa. novel) ; it.cosUme, if 1 order a. single copy, 4.t - Sd. aad 2d. booking fee, so that it outs me 4s. 4L and the carriage. J hare to sell it for 5a. to make any proftt ; yet a London bookseller can sell it for 4s. Cd." The President of the Publishers' Association, Mr. Edward Bell, in his letter to you published in your issue of the 4th, says : " We hare no desire to crash The Time Book Club . . . wo only ask that their business shall be so conducted as to civo a reasonable chance to their nrala in the retail trade," Now, if Mr. Bell is so anxious to give the retail trade a chance t6 compete with year Book Club, why not sell te a coantry bookseller at a price that will enable him to compete? 1 f I am correcUr informed, you and the London book sellers only pay 3a. 6d. or 4s. M. book, so that yo u, ia elia at 4s. Cd., make afprofit of S3 per cenU, and yoa are not allowed by the Book Trust to rednce this profit br making any re tarn to the porchaser. . Bnt the Book Trnst compel tho strnxgling bookseller in the cocntrrto sell at 5s. before be can erea earn 6d. on esSd. that is, about J 1 per cent. How long are tab booksellers coins to stand this PubHshers' Book Trast ? Yoors truly, Folkestone, Dec 5. " TOURIST. TO THE, EDITOR OF THE TIMES. Sir, The impressrre list of ncnatnres to yoor memorial proves a point that has sometimes bees suspected tamely, that a large proportion of eminent respectable people dearly lore a bargain, aad would rather pay little than much. . ,. - - . Personally, I " tiink that the latter - day worship of diespness Is not wholly lo - rety; I do not; appreciabs Shakespeare Xipon curlpispet. Bat I do admire sad rerer - ence the ConserraUsm of TX Timet in adhering to its ancient published price of 3d. rook of ages in the turbid flood of the halfpenny daily Press L " I approach, this subject as an outsider. I am an tvrtbor, but ioy books are not of library calibre ; 1 hare never published book costing more than Is. net at home or abroad. I and my publisher make it pay because I hare a yearly circulation of over 100,000, and because I am a sure card. When I commecee to have failures, the game will not be worth the candle. Two qocstioas strike me in this eontioieisy. What affect would unrrersal cheapening exercise upon good, solid, lUMBul literature ? And who is to pay for any crjncc'eesfal cheap books ? Yoer memorialists the liring material out of which biography is made. Bat what proportion of their memoirs, would command a sufficient circulation to pay at Is. ? No doubt good, current, solid literature would com - Iliad a slightly increased sale if cheapened, but our; free libraries hare prored that the public taste is light. Upon the business side, publishers axe reproached with the honourable name of tradesmen. Honest tradesmen pay their bills and make ends meet by. balancing profits and losses ; I think that greedy authora smaetimes forget that successful books hare to pay for printing the books that are failures. Publishers would be only too glad to secure the services of an infallible M reader," but the Row "is still in search of him. 1 foresee a future of the book market wherein - we shall enjoy the expired - copyright - classics in editions cheap and nasty ; a small very small percentage of caref ul current literature published by subscription; anda large increasing flood of popular light work. Not necessarily objectionable, but light ; safe and cheap to publish and to sell ; the type of our friend " Elixa," of the immortal Captain Kettle," and the type of theV still more ephemeral booklets written by Your obedient servant, ONE SHILLING NET. TO THE EDITOR OF THE TIMES. tsir, The unselfishness uf tba publishers has been manifest throughout the - controversy. Every more has been made solely for the protection of the bookseller the poor bookseller that might be devoured by the voracious Book Club. Your crime is that having boucht and paid for books yoa 'demand the right to resell them at your own time and. price. So The Times Book Club is boycotted. The enclosed paper from the Cottar Gentleman sets out; a scheme, not of selling, but of giving away new books this year's books - rto new subscribers to that paper. This generosity can be of little help to the bookseller, y it will be interesting to observe - the attitude of the Publishers' Association towards the" proprietors of this PP. Perhaps Messrs. H. G. Wells, Rndyard Kipling, Maurice Hewlett, Stanley Ueyman, and. others whose works are to be distributed gratis may also wish to be heard on the question. Yours truly, CHAS. H. S. ELLIS) (R.309T). Ncrttlaads, Haywards - heath, Dec. 2. TO THE EDITOR OF THE TIMES. Sir, When Miss G. Atherton writes that ( There was great rejoicing when the ' Book - LoTers' Library ' went to the wall " in.the United States, it was' the rejoicing of the publishers, not of the public. And the 'txamn of its failure was that, instead of restricting itself to a well - conceived scheme of book circulation, initial successes enticed it upon a mad career, in which all sorts of . refreshments and cottage bric - a - brac were speculated in within its offices under the designation of "Book - Lovers' Erpplies," whstererinthe world those word might mean. Sincerely, G. WIENER, Captain. 123, Pall - mall, S.W., Doc. 3. TO THE EDITOR OF THE TIMES. Sir May I, as one of tho signatories to Mr. Henniker Hcaton's memorial, say a word with reference to F.Hs Wter in Tlie Timet of to - dsy ? I entirely agree with him in his objection, and the point he raises occurred to me before I signed the memorial. But though I disapproved of its wording in this respect I j - j . .l. y.:a:a.. i. r m.;L : . : to justify me in withholding my signatnrei The point i, not that the publishers sell books LCheap in the Colonies, but that they combine, to the injury of the public and without benefiting Uhe authors, to keep op janrcs.sonable prices at home. ; the fact that the colonial prices are much below the homo prices showing that (he latter ire unreasonable. The publishers have a right to do b, no doubt, but the public have also a right to protect themselves, and that there is need for them to do so I ia more than ever convinced after reading Mr. Murray's article in the current Contemporary an article which begins with, abuse and ends - , with an, appeal ad owcri - coriiaiA. Yours faithfully, Decembers, R.36595. imiii mm TO THE EDITOR OF THE TIMES. Sir, Tbrooghout this controversy there jis one main question which sticks in the mind of the public : "How is it that the authors and booksellers do not make fortunes and the publishers do.t " It is the answer to this question which will decide the whole controversy, so Jfar as the general public is coa - cerned. Yours faithfully, " K.dOS8. ' . . TO THE EDITOR OF THE TIMES. Slt, - - oT thb last SO years I havo been Ukinx ia The Tlnii and fct night sendlng'It off to a friend In the country , who jieys mo half - price, I'fear thai, my action, hw caused ycu 4nflnite daratge, and most a& youto accept my ologies. - Yours faithfully, . Decembers:; r .R.W50. a : - Th nam of the IfonlAdy Barrragton was accidenully oelad - d ia tbe list of signatures' to Mr. ilenniker: jleatoa's memorial publiflted on iMondar instead of test t the 1 loti. Mrsvr Bernard Barrington. - ' The - llotb Lady THE LORD MAYORS WtPXLES ' FUND. The Lord Mayor rece!tred.yeterday;.the follow - inK letter from, Colonel tho Hon Sir William CariDxtott . - . Marlboroah House, l'all - mall,. Dec C. My Lord Mayor,! hare; the honour, by the direction of the Prince and the Princess of Wales, to forward you tho sum of 73 guineas a a con tribution to "The Lord Mayor's Cripples' Fund " from their, Jtoyal Highnesses of 50 guineas and 2j guineas respectively. . Their Koral llishheHses ab direct me to convey to your lordship their best wishes for the succc! or your tottebing: and timely appeal. I beg to remain, my Lord Mayor, your lord ship;s Yerjr obedient servant, Wiluam CAr.ixfiTox. Comptroller and. Trcasarer to H.K.IL tho Prince of Wales. LORD ST.,ALDV YX OiV THE LAND TENURE BILL. Among" recent donations wjived at the Mansion - house for the 'Cripples Fund are the following: Messrs.. N. M. Rothxhild and Sons, 230 ; .Messrs. Wernher, lteit. and Co.j 105; the' Carpenters Company, 105; Messrs. Frnhling and Gtwchen. 2S 5. Mr. D. L. Beddmgtonr 10 ; Boot's Cash Chemists, 105 ; Sir John Burt, 10 10s. ; Mr. J. V. Parkes. 5 5s. ; the Bishop or Bath and Wells, 5 ; Mr. Alderman llowse, 5 5s. ; Mr. Benjamin Newgass, 10 10s.; IJeiitenaut - CoIonel Raymoml Paley. 100 ; Messrs. Pontifex, Hewitt, and Pitt, 10 10s. ; . Sir John end Isdy Runts, - 3 5s. f Mr; Wtnnt Rnrenecroft, 25 ; Mrs. Josch Potlak. 10 IOh. ; Messrs. Ilarrild ami Sons, 10 lfts. ; the Hon. Dudler Fortescue. 10 ; Alderman Sir Walter "Wilkin, 10 10s.; Mr. and the Misses Snowdcn, 15 ; Mr. T. F. Blackwell, 25 ; Messrs. Bcssler, SVaechter. and Co., 50 ; Mr. A. K. C. Trotter, 10 10s. ; Mr. E. Cliaplin. 10 j Sir Frederick Milner, 5 ; Mr. R. A. McAndrew, 50 ; Mr. Benjamin Carver, X'Jf) ; Mr. Peter Heid, 10 10s. ; Mr. V. F. Fladgate, 21 ; Mr. C C. Wakefield, 100 ; Messrs. Ilelmuth. Schwartse, and Co., 25; Mr. F. 8. Isaacs, 10 10s. ; Lady Rodd, 100; Mr. Arthur Ilawleyf 10; tho Qpeeu's Westminster Lolge, 55s. ;' Miss E. Wood, 10 10s. ; Missra K. and A. Henrique. 10 10s. ; " Frances," 10 ; General Knight. 10 ; Mr; F. Walton. 50 ; Mr. C. T. Towell, 10 10s ;! officers of the Statistical Office, his Majesty's Customs.' 0 ; Horlicks Food Company. 10 10s. ; Lord St. Germans, 5 5s.i. Messrs. Stephenson, Clarke, and Co., 20 5s. the Hon. Walter tininness, 5 &s. ; Sir Alfred Wills, 5 5s. ; Mr. L. M. Rodoca - uchi, 10 10s. ; Mr. Spencer Morris; 55s.;Sir Cecil Trevor, C.B., 5 5s. ; Colonel Hon. W. Coke, 5 ; Mr. Marcus Van Raalte, 21 ; Mr. J. Jacoby - lkle. 10 10; ; Fir Fowell Buxton, 5; Mr. F. Cox, 10 10s.; Sir Vansittart Bowater, - 5 5s. ; Mr.: Theodore Pirn, 30 ; the Mayor of Westminster, 5 5s. ; the Innholders' Company, 52 10s. ; Mr. C B. Brooke, 10 10s. f; and Messrs. A. G. Schifl and Co..X265s. The .Mayor of Camberwell has made - a preliminsry appeal for the same' object, and a meeting at 'which the Lord Mayor and. Lady Mayoress will be present will be held: in the. council chamber of the town - hall. Camber - well, on Wednesday, December 12, at 5 p.m., to further tbe movement. It is honed that residents in the boroueh will forward their contributions through the CMnberwell fond. Among the subscriptions received through the Camberwell fund, which yesterday amounted to 133 7s are t The Mayor' (Mr. W. Lane Mitchell), 21 Mr. C. T. Harris. 21 Mr. Fml.Hall, 10 10s. ; Mr. H. G. Kleinwort, 10 10s. ; srd AlrR ichsrd St rong, 10 10s. LONDON OVER THE .BORDER. TO THE EDITOR OF THE TIMES. Sir, :May L ask - you kindly to allow me Once more, as Ursbop of St. Albans and therefore responsible for tho needs of the Church in East " London over the Border," to make known the following facts ? Tho council of the Bishop of ot. Albans lund met to - day hoping to renew for six months), as usual, tho grants for 192 clerical and. lay mission workers and 18 grants of rents for mission and refuge purposes at a total cost of 6,397. But all that was available for this, after counting all promised contributions, was 4,575, which leaves a deficiency of 1,822. This deficiency is partly .caused by the adverse balance of 820 with which the year commenced ; partly "also by the great and successful effort Ln tho Diocese of St. Albans to raiso funds for tho proposed new Essex Bishopric But, whatever tho cause, the Church cannot afford to let tho work of the Bishop of St. Albans' Fund be stagnant foreven for a single month. The clergy in many districts are confronted with the gravest difficulties arising from chronic want of employ ment around them, and it would add greatly to their anxiety , if there was any uncertainty about tho stipends of their mission workers. These devoted men and women not only visit, but actually live among the poor and, in addition to their spiritual work, are among the best almoners that - could be found. This appeal is made for a district which has the closest connexion with London itself, containing its greatest docks and gasworks and so many of its poorest workers. Contributions may bo sent to our honorary secretary. Canon Procter, Thorley Kectory,. Bishop a btortford, or paid to the account of tho Bishop of St. Albans' Pund at Lloyds Bank, 72, Lombard - street, or at the ofQce, 28, Great George - street, Westminster. lours faithfully. EDGAR ALB AN : Highsms, Woodford - green, Essex, Dec. 4. TEE SECULAR SOLUTION. TO THE EDITOR OF THE TIMES. Sir. - The collision between the two Houses on tbe subject of the Education Bill brings the menace of the secnlar solution nearer. 1 write as representing those Free Churchmen who feel it their duty to strain eycry nerve to avert that calamity. Free Churchmen are all agreed on two points (1) they desire religious education m the: schools ; (2) they object to Church teaching being given at the cost of the State. The only duTerrnee in their ranks is a difference of emphasis ; some lay the stress on (I), others on (). It is in the name of those who lay the stress on (1) that I venture to claim tho hospitality of your columns. Wo believe that secular schools cannot eiv such an education as is tho birthright of children in a Christian State. The recognition of God, the spirit of reverence, the habit of lirayer in every undertaking of tho day, and the praise of the Invisible Friend who cares for the children are in our view necessary ingredients of a trud education, We think that tho experience of tho United States and of our Australian colonies is a warning to this country. A popnla - tion which has no common stock of religious ideas and associations is on a lower plane than a nation which has grown up in the happy posses sion of great truths concerning God, and. man, and the; world. And we believe that the secnlar solution is not only disastrous, but quite unnecessary, because the vast majority of Englishmen are fundamentally opposed to it. If Parliament, in a lit of weariness or irritation, were to propose it, in that moment the hearts of Engljshmen would be as stone to even the strongest of Governments. Tho reason why we have welcomed Mr. BirreU's Bill is that its fundamental principle is to retain, the religious atmosphere of all tho schools, while it endeavours to dpal generously with the de - nominationalists, who regard the great .common possession of all Christians as a new religion." Of course, in oar opinion, tho House of Commons expresses the mandate of the people. The Commons, fresh from the constituencies, in which the question had been fully discussed, agreed In their first Session on this measure. Tho people of England have spoken. The House of Lords, however, believes that it knows tho will of tho people better than the Commons. And evidently there is danger of a deadlock, in which the Bill may perish. And then the next nicasuro may be what some of. us most dread, tho secular solution. .Is not. this a case in which thecountry might be expressly consulted by a Keferendum ? A dissolution and appeal to the country by a new election are out of the question. But a itefcrendura asking the view of the electors on - lhis definite issue might save the situation. It must be in the simplest form.. Do you desire (1) Bible teaching, (2) denominational teaching, or (3) 'secular teaching only ? The answer, coming straight front the people, would decido tho issue. No party, and neither Housed Avould venture to resist it. I .do pot . disguise, my belief that 90, per cent, of tho people would reply, Bible teaching." But j if I am wrong, I should bow to tho verdict of the country. y t I am yours obediently, ' - ROBERT F.HORTOK, 1 ' TO THE; EDITOR OF THE TIMES. ' Sir, In iyour summary .ol the debate House cf Lords on the Land Tenure BUI I am represented as " strongly' complaining that the Bill was utterly different from the measnre which was Introduced to the House of Commons', for It now nroDosed to dcorive landlords of the control I ol 'their property as the landlords in Ireland had - been deprived "of iC I ihink I have some reason f to rouplalu of this statement, for a reference to your own report of the debato will show that it li a complete misrepresentation of what I said. Bat", as yonr summary is much more widely read than, tie report, I trust ypu will allow me to say that my condemnation of the Bill referred, not to its present ruoTisioris.but to, the form in which it was introdaced Into tho House of Commons. I remain your obedient servant, ST. ALDWTJf. 81, Eaton - place, 8.W., Dec. 6. Wo regret the mistake to which LphI St. Aldwyn calls attention. UNITED HOSPITALS COXFEREXCE. The United Hospitals Conferencji of Great Britain and Ireland on the Abuse of Hospitals, concerning which an article aprteared in Tae Titsf of yesterday, was held yesterilsy afternoon at University College. The chair was taken by SIR WlLUAU Cllcr.CU, and there was a large attendance of, representatives from ail parts of the United Kingdom. Out Of 272 hospitals which replied to the proposals of the committee 149 appointed delegates tho number of delegates so appointed being ISO. - Fifty - six nosiHtals still have the matter under consideration, and 20 state that they do not propose to take action. FT n . . . 1 .. . L . L" L id led to that meet in j. He thoueht thevall agreed that the present conditions in our ereat hoepitals were unsatisfactory. On the one hand we had. hospitals appealing for funds to support the work with which they were dealing, and on the other hand there was a widespread - feeling that there were many evils connected with hospital practice., He thought, that feeling was well founded. The out - patient system as practised in our hoepitals was very different fmm that which was anticipated or wished for by those connected with hospitals during tbe last CO to 60 years. As early as 1682 St. Bartholomew's Hospital had to face tbe question of the growth of.out - patienu. From that date until now this question of out - patients hed been a burning one. Now the difficulty had become greater from the extreme complexity of. the matter. The hoepitals appealed for increased funds to meet their needs and for. extension to do more than they were at present doing, and he could not help thinking that many of the advertisements which one saw J mm hospitals were anything but dignified. (Cheers.) What waawanied was co - operation between the hospitals, not), competition. The great body xf the profession felt that there was a grievance - in connexion with hospital relief. He had always been struck with the. difference between the relation formerly existing between the family doctor, and the beads of .families and ,that relation now. Formerly the, family doctor treated not only the heads of families, but also their domestic dependants. One found now that it a dependant was ill the first thing that occurred; was that an appeal was made, to some one for a letter to send top patient ,to a hospital, generally to some special hospital, when very often the patient was suffering from, a? disease - which might just as well have been treated in a general - hospital. He concluded by expressing, regret that Lord Cneylesmore, who took so much interest in that question, was prevented from being present. on that occasion, and announced that letters of regret at inability to - lie present had been received from; among others, Mr.'H. L. ;Bichoffseim, Sir E.Cassel, Lord Clifford of Chndlrigh, Sir Donald Currie, the Hon. Sydney Holland, .Mr.. Timothy Holmes, Sir F. Lovell, Ixird Sandhurst, Baron SchrOder,Lord Spencer, and Lord Wolvcrton. . Sin Hccitv BcnDrrr moved the flrst resolution : ".That this conference of representatives and supporters of hospitals, medical practitioners, and others interested in hospital administration in Great Britain and Ireland approves generally of.the principles contained in the proposals drawn up by the Joint ifospitals Committee and circulated to hospitals in August, 19QG." In the coarse .of his secch he gave figures to prove that' the growth o the number of patients admitted to free medical relief was far in excess of what it ought to be in the interests of all classes.' Excessive free medical relief must be an injustice to four classes Srst of all, to hospital committees, their - officials and supporter'; secondly, to the honorary visiting medical otneers of the hospitals ; thirdly, to tho general practitioners ; and fourthly, to the patients themselves: No hospital, in his opinion, was justified in asking the public to give it generous pecuniary support unless it could show that every penny entrusted to it was wisely and economically expended in promoting the objects for which it wits establifhed, and .those objects alone. He had had exceptional opportunities of knowing the views of many of the most liberal supporters of the great hospitals, and he was' confident that if steps were not taken to reduce the .volume of free medical relief now given the contributions to those - hospitals would tend certainlr to diminish rather than .to increase. The view taken by the general practitioner. on that question was justified by that conference? They wer injured directly and indirectly by k tho - abuse and misuse, of the facilities granted to the public. The number of new cases should be limited, no one able to pay. for adequate ' treatment, no one already provided for under Poor Law relief, so one unless really ill should receive free medical 'relief, except .they wrcre sent to a hospital for purposes of consultation. That step was especially proposed to be taken to secure as for as Eossible co - operation, and co - ordination between the opitals. In brief the true principle of admission to n voluntary hospital was that all such hospitals should be free, that they should be conducted on business prin - ciples, under a system which should render it practically impossible for the funds to bo wasted, in providing free relief to any but those who could and did prove their claim to be - entitled to receive it. The remedy for the present state of ' things was to be found in organization,' which, would gradually knit together all the existing agencies. He looked forward .to the time when the hospital out - patient department should be used mainly for consultative purposes. (Cheers.) Dr. Ffask M. Porr, chairman of the Hospitals Committee, British Medical Association, seconded the resolution. After some discussion the words " welcomes the further consideration " were substituted for "approves generally in the resolution. Dr. 11 EBON said they could do very much to remove the prccsure on out - patient departments it physicians to outpatients in hospitals - were authorized to tell people who could not be usefully treated in out - patients' departments that they could nut so be treated. "Chronic, dyspeptics and consumptives wonld be eliminated in this way from the out - patients' departments, which would thus relieved. (Cheers) The resolution was carried unanimously. Mr. IlinBE moved the 'second resolution, " that it is advisable that an annual conference should be held." Dr. Macpoxjlld seconded the resolution, which was carried. Mr. Lrrros moved that Ta 'committee be appointed, hot exceeding 1j in number, to act in conjunction with the Hospitals Committee of the British Medical Association, with instructions, to communicate to all hospitals the result of the present conference to arrange for the holding of a conference in .1907, and in the interval to exhort the hospitals and kindred institutions carefully to consider tbe suggestions laid 'before them; together with tbe reports as received from the' committees of various hospitals. This was seconded by Dr. Robertson - Shaw, and carried. " The committee was then appointed as follows ; Mr. Walter Bailr. (governor, University College Hospital), Sir Henry Burdett, Mr; W. jO. Carat (secretarysuper - ; intendent, Derbyshire Royal Infirmary, Derby), Mr. Neville Chamberlain (governor, General Hospital, Birmingham), Mr. A; W. Davies (secretary, Hospital Saturday Fund), Dr. Dinwiddie (Dnnifrjes and Galloway Royal lnormary). Sir Charles Gilman (governor, Norfolk and Norwich Hospital), the Hon. Sydney Holland (chairman, London Hospital), . Lord Kilmorey, Sir Riley Lord (governor, the Infirmary,. Newcastle - on - Tyne), Mr. Charles Lupton (chairman. General Infirmary, Leeds), Mr. Herbert W. Mason (chairman. East Suffolk and Ipswich Hospital), Mr. Mansfield, M.P., Colonel Monte - flore (the Charity Organization Society), and Mr. Arthur Napper. It. was; also resolved to make an appeal to hospitals to contribute towards the expenses of carrying on the work. RUSSIAN THREE per CENT. LOAN of 1882 (TRANS - XV CAl'CASUN RvAILROAD). Tbe OOCPONS sod DKAWN BONUS fJIIn do on th Vih rwrmberiMXtot thl Loan - tbouMbe PRK8KNTKD on Xb or itij orceedlnt day txtvaeo th hour of It aixfi (SatuptarIO amiil, a. uia ooks 01 oarini nrawn na ux, luuho, o, HltKotwc' - "" within, where ilU tny nsunl b oMilnL ARGENTINE GOVERNMENT FOUR per CENT. ADVANCE. 1305. The COCTONS fal!!r doe an tb 15th Dcro3brr ttrit on eert1SrWbaaldballlESENTKDon Ut or any tvcreedlnr dar tcfwMnUMboanotlllDd2 (Satsrdar U and Ul. at tba cJhe of Birinr BroUiers and Co.. limltMl. b, nihopjjiW - itrrl viUtln. wber luto may a mmi rm nomnn. HUDDERSFiELD CORPORATION TMREE per CENT. r.EDEEMABLB rTTOCK Ucrdr Daak limited a nrtir that lh TSANSTSR BOOKS et ui aloe Block will be .CLOSKU from the 10th to um 3!t both dara ieehtaiva., Sor l vorru of preaanur tbo dividend doe ! lat prox. Xa.?!.- tWlaea - Mr . r..i. jm immi,i:in. SCARBOROUGH CORPORATION THREE per CENT. KEDKEMABI.K 8TOCtT. . . litrrdt Baat IJmtted aononne Uat to TKA XSTTB BOOE8 of tb - anove will ba CLWED Irom the 21t to Joe lltX both days lorhiatrc, for uw rorpoe et prepariar t dividend due fioTtu Iowitrd - "trVet. K.C - .7UI Dwmbr. POS. XORK CORPORATION" THREE per. CENT. RFTiCSUABLK PTOCr. "Uoydf Bank Lhattod stve not If that th TRANSFER BOOE8 t too aboao etork mill be CUttEU. from tbo Uth to tax flit both daya iBcIuaiTe,.lor tbo parpoM of prepariac lb dlvidenda ciea tat proi.' NcwU. TOTibH - trt, E - Clh Dwitbr. UPS. . TPSWICU CORPORATION THREE per CENT. BZOKEMABLE BTOCaT. ' " Ltoyda Bank LInHt boroby rironotiro that la oW to prepare Mo half - yrmrly divhtrfxl A' tho abotOHiamod 8wk, datnllw tUh ItnV. Uto BALAC1S ef .Ute.afreraJ AOCOUSiTn wUL bo HTBl Cvnn the ntr or ifxitn" - mt. 7n mettvuu uaufer aMa.'Otdivi!(ad,oaaodaftctboiOUiaU . - - i - .f, - - .Ul - tw&ci', BTBCZAt, CHSBTltAB ArrKAI mHE POOR. CLBBGT RELIEF CORPORATION, JL . 3&Taviatoei - aTavbtok - MnfLmdm. WC XaMhod tffo. Iww - ortU - l by JUyal Charter. 1J rtrtJ :TboABCHBISHOrrCAXTaiBCEr. 1 TboABCaBWnOf'of'iOaK. . TiW : Tb BI?llOPof IXJSUOy. HIT. OSVT X3ICTT OP THE. KISD WHICH CIVTS IMUKDIATT A&OTtTANCC IO THE CLKKfiT. THWR WIDOWS AMI OBPUAN DACUHTEKS IS ALL. TAKT9 OT TRX&MriOZ. At eorh TortntcbtTySIwltsy ot t!BItUjwioTInareJ of roauda andtetribii(WJn vabiabU ciruof OothJair.and a largo fund. i io.alxed toiftthoer - iacrMjiarPPeb) Jor half. 1 tm tat ARCHBISHOP of CANTKRBCBT. at the ih Amoil Onrrel Uctla of Ketabm of tho Cbrporii.aaidr is mathrrflociotrjo far i I am awara.irhich deah uiamxCitly and Ithix - 4raro wlih mns tho Sind." . : ,.; DONATIONB aad ANM'AL, 8CBfCCJPTIOX8 aiiCITTSof CLOT11INU of rrrrf - Wriptko wi'.l bo tnmt frmtfiiUT,rcld by MAAUKVIUX B. WULUFS. 8er!Ttry, 3B. Tavutora.pueo. Taioe - or. ummmn .v Tbo floeJety hat. aided, to JUy, 1J00. ow iwoo ca ot Oenc a! Dulroto. tits Tons urr or NETf BOOKS and NEW EDITIONS. V Thia eo!na U rottrieted to boota pwbilahoi durUr tho Urt aa aioDtbc THOMAS DE LA RDE & CO.'S LIST. Eceoad Vdltlm. Cap: (to. Cloth. - C.Vtt Eitra. - Bandwaaalr printed la Brd and Llai t. Coatuea 1W ratioocea. mrt 7. ca. wi. PATIENCE, GAME5 OF. By "TARBAMV JUnatratod by cnBeroua DUcraoa.' riftliT'dlte. Cap - Sro, Cloth. C.Ei Extra, rrteo Sa - Btt. BRIDOE, LAWS & PRINCIPLED OF. By ' HELLESPONT.'1 IHaatralodbr Baada lyd ccap!tl j tkrooih, la Bad aad Black. Sixth Edition. Cap. Fro. Oorh. fillt Kxtra. Prteo Ja. Cd. not. DR1DOE ABRIDQED ; or, Practical Bridge. By W.DALTOX. Illaxtratcd by Hindi fma Actcat Hay. Second ZdltSon. Cop. (to. Cloth. Gnt. Trico la. td. not. BRIDOE AT A GLANCE. By W. D ALTON. Ca - tvo. Oofh. CUt Extra. Frit 3a. L aat. BRIDOE, DOUBLE DUMMY. By EIINEST BERG HOLT, A Byftemaue Ocrao of Endirn andCeeiplete Banda. by variooa Abtbora. fully iltattratinc tbo litlir of tbe Ganw of Brido hn all tour Uaod aro KipoiL Witn tbo Lwt of xtridja (lU?laodl9MI. . : : Cnlarm with the Elxpraay Forkct Sorlo. THE POCKET LAWS OF BRIDGE. ntcriaM rXrt). With Ilintl to Brtlnnm. By W. H. WBTTTIXZ). Frloa 6d. net. " " : Cap. Eve. Cloth. Cut. rriee la. ed - pot. BRIDOE MAXIMS. ByJL F. FOSTER. f Cap.fvo. CJoth.Gnt. wTko la. not. PRACTICAL POKER. By R. F. FOSTER. TWRfSilBrvJoFATfVCACKof IlEKMAJESTT aboQCBX? - - ; Thotr Baytl BJttim tho fBlNCB and KBrNCJBfijof JALJi. H - E - H.Tho rKINCHW CHBI8T1AN of K.1ILWWIG - HOL8T H. JUJt.H. Tho PRIMm UHlSRIircBof AKUVIX - : K.R H. rKHtCESS HKSU V of BAmrSBKICO. H.O DJJ.PKINCES9 LOCIS ofUATTEMBERU TWir ZUccSrarin Tbo BCSSUXBAPaAJJUttaod - COt'XTEWt BKNKTXlVJKrr. . Tbo rsnrcx d tv. rsiNCBes aukxis dolcoeockx. Ta UCC11E38 of BtXCLZtyCH. The UeoaoTaMe tADT HASVtNGE. A SALE of RCSSUOiUif.INDCSTRlES (Laers. Emb - r!. Carrw! Wood W - k 4c). orxanixed by HEit DIKltniAL HIOHXEBS TbcnAXDntcniELtz.iBrrnrEonoROT.'tA. iU tax piaro at e.LYpr Giwtwicc - itroot. - th Hooao being kifuuylmlby ibo Priocoaad trincw Atexio IUenakL . On Mooday; 10th beccmtwr.BOE. from 3 to SJO. AdmlnHt : TorHlay. Wjday, and Tbartdar ina 11 6tt admloitoe i 1 TOrAL C.LEDONLN ASYLUM, jXV Brsnrr. hects. . P. Irm HIi 3fot Craciwa MAJtSTT The KUCC. fler Meat Cmtoca ilAJ ESTV Tbe QCZZS. Vi - - raroa. ir.E.rr. The rerscx of wale?. PrMxWt. .HU Crac the DCCEot DCCCtXCCU aad QCEE58B EBRT, K.G. Tb" Balf - Teertv drrticn of Cb?Mrn tor a4ml5on Into thft - Mobo took piati to - dar at tho eotHh Corporation IlalL 1. Crane - rourt. 1et.treet. 1 00 don. HC, Sir John It. Uerro - MaxvelU Bart, fa tbe Chair. tvn boy applied for five varandet. and rovefe foe tbrre vacaoc'. After a very heavy poll, the foilowinsCHILUltEN eretly ELECTED, vlx. i BOTS. - Aert P TV - r', f f - .. nf Rt..rMr. be LTT7 voea. Docald R. KIpc. father a native of Blacktlack. Strirheo. By Lusvotem. - John r. fart, father a oitite of Edioborch. by IJSU vote. TtoM. W. A. Don. father a native of Crie. br L0 votea. John D. Jloe. father a native of Aberdeen, by L1S3 voira. GIRLS. . Bastna 7raer. father satire of Aberdeen, br fJ930 vote. Alexainlrina Nodder. father a natito of Lof1r - lrr, Koss - itlre. ny .ja tnre. Marr M. McDonald, father a natire of Oban. Arrynrt br to! TnM. CorcHal vote of thaak were tnren to the Chairman andtotfco PerBtlneera. Mr. J. Scott Ealfcor. J.Mr. K. M. Ilnater. ana ar. James Strxnao. "Uer. ' Cap. o. Cloth. CUV Priro 2a. net. CXLL - ACE EUCHRE. By R.F. FOSTER. The Standard Work oa WLIiV. ilth Editicn (Xth tboonndli Cap. Sto. Cloth. Gilt Extra. In Bed and Blaek. PncoU - ne. WHI5T, LAWS AND PRINCIPLES OF. By "CAVENDISH." Ninth. Edition. Cap. tea. Cloth. Gilt Extm. Baadaomaly; printed in Bed and Black. Price U. set. PIQUET, LAWS OF. Adopted by tho Portland and Turf Crabe. With a Treatlae en the Game, by CAVEXD18U." Price 6d each net.' CARD O AMES. By " CAVENDISH." Pocket Serire 1 WMI (5 Goidet). PoetL Brrime. Babieen Beique. iemrtf. Eachre, le. Abo Doaciuoee, by JAB," and Bridre by BOAZ." DE LA RUE'S NEW DIARIES FOR iw Condeneed Olariea. Poruhle Dtariea, Calendar. Ae, on TIabj Taper, in reat tariety. - Bay now be had - of !i Book aellera and Ptationera. Alo Tirter. - Thiimb.: and Talm " .fihaped Diariea. Tra? elier'a Index Diary." cwtaiiHn Special lafonnatloa oacful for IiaveL'era ; and tbo ew Quarterly Diary. .6.1. r. D. GTtAHAlf.Seeretary. TRIENDLT FEMALE SOCIETY, for the Relief of JL rmr. IBCTB. A cod WUnn aad Etnclo wenne. or pooa character, CO years of s - have mob better daya. ami vino realde - vtthoi neren ml'e of Pt. I ll . l"atmr - UKR MAJ ESTV QCESS ALEXAXDSA. PrreideitlllVMAKa.lCIIUJJa!ONDSLEr. Treaeoree Mbs Charlotte rpicer. Woodtont - tTeen, Eaeex. rVrretary Mia Cordeeax. Woarifordreon. Conertor - lCsa Amy G. Theobald. The Uavthorna. Homaey - laae. N. . The ANN CAL GEXEBA T.MEKT1N G of Snbsertbera aad Frienda of the afore Charity vlll be held at CanDon - atreet lloteLm FrUer.Satfa Derembn - . IfAi. TheCfcalrwm tm taksa at llo'eloek. by C.fcOKGE 6P1CES. J.l - .. mini tbe ajeettBt will be followed by the half - yearly riectica. tbe poll t kmt at Doctt prrchely. The noti - o of the pchlic la partlcobtrtT' rtqaeetod to tho object of llu Eorioty. tlie ceceraity for which ia proved by tbo many and birreaeinr applieatiuna fr - r amlataoee raade to the Cota - mittee. who meet the rt Thnnday xn tho month at , Chartor - home - aqeare. Dorinr tbe pait year the Society, haa aastahsetl mu7 aoa neavy joaaea. cvmf to too onus ok ee.eiai oc weir larreat eabacribera. To meet expeneea tbeCoouaitteeearDeatly anltrit f reeh eopprrtera, perwwa rnhacripinff before or on tho day of elect ka hare the pririlece of rotior. ' E. COBDEA CX Secretary. PKSCT DRESS RALLS, COVENT - G ARDEN. GRAND FANCT DRESS BALL. TO - NIGHT, at U pjn. Sit apecial and ten other vahiable prixee will bec - tren. Box - oiSoa, lOtoG. Telepbooea 223 Gerrard and 7.KB CentnL THEATRES. GARRICIT. Mr. ARTHUR BOURCHIEB, Ijeaeee and Manacer. TO - yfGUT. at A30. mHE MORALS OF MARCUS. X A plav In focraewi. byWilliem J. Locke. UATTXEE ETTRT W fcllX FX DA V arvf HATCgDAT. at IS. Wboleeale col y of the FnbUahera. TH0H1S DE U BUE t Cm LtrL, Baaim lev, Lostf oa.LC. SWAN SONNENSCHEIN & CO., LD. NEW LIST. XZWXXD WPORTAXT WORJT BT PBOFESSOB SHIELD MCUOLSOX. THE RELATION OF RENT. WAGES, AK9 PROFITS IK AQRICTTLTirES, Crown 8vo la. 6J. ANCIENT LEGENDS OF ROMAN HISTORY. EXT0R PAIS. Professor of tbe rBlTertity of Ktplec Trxnalated tj BIARIO B. COSEKZA. With Ktnaoroua Illaalrntiona. Demy tro IS. THOUGHT AND THINGS, Vol 1 ; or. GEKETXC LOGIC. By JAMES KTABX BALOWDt. PIlDl. Hon. D.84. LL.D. DICTIONARY of POLITICAL PHRASES. By HUGH MOSTtrOMiiited by PHTT.rp 0. Literary Secretary to' tbo Conaerratiro "Central OBcea. Small demy 8o.. it. 64. HISTORIC LINKS. Topographical Guides to the Reading of Hlatcry. By. DOaOTHT.A MAO0IX2. LL.A. With a Preface by Hubert Bill, of HJd Public Beeerd OEea. With IS rull - pace Illaatrationa. Crown 8to, 6a. life and: manners. A Volume of Storlea raitahle for ttio Moral Inftroetlon of Children. Iaaued for tbe Moral Inattuctioo Learue. By r. J. COULD. Crown Sto., 2a. 60. net. MEDALLIONS FROM EARLY FL0REN - TTKE HISTOaY. By EMILY UNDERDO WN (Norley Cbeatrr), Author ofStoriea from, Dante, lc, Ac Imp. ICmo., 5a. net. MAN ; or. Problems Ancient and Modern neiatinrtoHan. w'lh Uuesae at Solution. By WILLIAM T. NICHOLSON. B.A., Tlear cf Eg bam.j ;Demy 8to., 3a. 6d. CYCLOPEDIA OF EDUCATION. Xew Edition, thoroqihly Eerbed. by if. E. JOHN. LarrwSve. . . FAIRY TALES. By Lillian. Crown 8vo. Illuitrated. Ja. SWAN SONNENSCHEIN k CO., Ltd., S3, Hi'gb - t trcet, Bloomt - bury, W.C. Priceea.nct, Pottage AO. extra. " THE TRADE MARKS ACT, 1905, with Kotes, Crota.Sefenxteea. and a CommeaUry. aad tho Bale, Forma. Feea, and ClaaaiSeation of Gooda nader the Act. t IV S. UI1T asd F. C. OKDDtBAY, BarrtAtn - it - Liw. SWEET t ILiZWELU Lit - 2. CaA - rciRT - LiVK, Loxooir.W.C THE TIMES . . AND THE . . PUBLISHERS. A statement of the real points at Issue in this dispute wiil be sent post free on application to - " Mjnb Chatto dt Windusj Ml, iST. . MMTIWS LANE, " London; w.c NEW TTIEATRl St.MarUa,Ians V.C. AMASIS. Proprietor, Sir Charlee Wyndham. - . TO - auaili - nd performance). Mr. LOUIS CALVEBT3 r"tkool a now eomle opera. AMASIS. AMASIS. Ttnok by Frederick Tt nn. " Uaate by rhilip Michael Faraday. " MORE DELIGHTFCL THAN EVER." The Time. MTS3 RCTTI VINCKN - r. ilr. Batland Barrintton. . IVwa open at P. on wet nichta - at'7.C MATINEE EVERT WEDXEPDAY and SATCBDAT. at t3S. Bo - oae boon 13 tola. TeU 2,U and frrard. fWTERION THEATRE. riceadilly - cJrcoa, W. Leaee. Nr Charles Wyndiant. TO - NIGHT and EVEllT EVENING, at S, TUB A .MATED U SOCIALIST. Fy W. Kinralev Tarprv. Mr. ERIC LEWIS aa THE SOCIATXTT. An eveninr of wilt hilarity. Daily Mail, PTeeedrl. at BJO. by TH T. (TlLLABOKATORS. MISS LILIAN BBAnilWAirEinbothpieoea. MATIXEE EVERY WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 2L3S. Box - oJce. 13 to 10. Telepbaoe. XU Gerrard. W YNDHAM'S THE - VTRE Charing - cro&s - road, rro9rietor. Sir C!harlea Wrncfiiara Po!e Leaanr and Manayer. FRANK t CK70.V OTUO STCART - S SEASON'. CLOSED To - nirht, owinr to BoraJ Commaod to SandrinrliAm. TO - MOBBOW. at S aad 9. PETER'S MOTHER, A Comedy in Three Acta. by Mra. Henry de la raatnra. 1HARION TERBY HILDA TBKVELYAX FBEDC EEBR A. E. MATTliEWS TO - MORBQW. at 2.3J and 8.30. "TCBTLE DOTES. W YNDHAM'S THETRE. MONDAY NEXT. December Kth. CUABLE3 FKOHMAN will a rawest QYRIL MAUDE and COMPANY In TODDLES, traoafrrred from the Dele of Torl'i Theatra. MATTXIlE EVERY WEDNESDAY and 8ATCEDAT. it 125. Box - cfSco oowopeo. ' rAUDEVILLE THPATRE. MANA;ER3. A. and S. GATTL ETEBY EVENING, at &10L THE BELLE OF MAYFALR. By Chariea R.E. BrooxneUI and CcwnviHaairitoa. tho Rnuie by Leelie Stcart OTQRD PERFORMANCE TO - NIGHT. V O niLIJK BURKE ARTHCRWILLLUT" CAMILLE CLIFFORD FARREN EOCT AR IKVU BOYD CHARLES ANGELO LOCIEPOCND3 COCRTICE POUNDS. MATINEE EVERT WED, TB CR.1.. a nd 8AT iW. SAVOY THEATRE. TO - MORROW EVENING, at 8. Ie - n arxl Vanirrr, Mrt. D'Oyly Cxrte. TUE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD. By W. S.Ubert and Artbar ttaUlraa. Eeprodaced onder the peraonal direction of tho anther. FIRST MATlNliE 5ATCBDAY. DEC. 15. at 2JDL 1?I'ECIALM.T1.NEE8 DEO. 28 and JAN. 2nd. Bvx - oajre 10 till. COURT THEATRE, SLOANE - SQUARE, S.W. PROPEI ETOR, Mr. J. H. LEIGH. TEDRKNNE - BARKER PERFORMANCES. EVERY EVENING, at 8.15. MATS. WEDNESDAYS. at 120. jyAN AND SUPERMAN. Bernarrfsiaw. "VrEDRENNE - B - VRKElt MATINEES T EVIEY TUESDAY and FRIDAY A FTERXOOX TO - DAY and Dor. II. 14. at Zo'clork. TUX DOCTOR'S DI LEMMA, by Bernard iaw. TERRY'S. Prop.. Mr. Terry. THE CRICKET ON TilE nUAIiTll. lCiatratinr bow a very yooneaa.1 tboncht - Ies.bil really, tender - hearted., wnraan crew more and mora to lota a man. as ahe appreciated hit worth, and what a Vrrabfe girl wwM fr for a man by whom ahe waa really joved. At 9 JO. mERRY'S. Brilliant success of THE CRICKET ON X THE HEARTH. "A thoroughly erijnjaMe and aeaaonoble ectrtainment." Tribtme. In ntany reapeeta worthy of all Praia. Sunday Tinea. "Shoald attract ail whoenjoy tbeatory on which it ia ao admirably founded." Weekly Tines. I bopw Mr. Nation will tod it a fnritfal en twrpriae. Modern Society. rflERRY'S. AH L LOVE HE IS A ClINNINQ X CHILD. The Srtooltirt of tho rariod, and A' Vitlata Koundelay. by TT. fL C .Nation, "nar In A RESTLESS X1GHT and rrrcted with rapttimra applanse. At OJ. R YRIC THEATRE. Mr. LEWIS WALLER. I Leeee.Hr. wmim Greet. Under the Manaxement of Mr. Tors B. Da'rla. TO - NIGHT, and EVERY EVENING. 1 I OBIN HOOD. By Henry Hamilton and Willltm Dereresx. MATINEE EVEBY WEDNESDAY and SATCBDAT, at t SPECIAL MATINEE THURSDAY. Dec 27. at 2. iTIAIETY THEATRE. Manaser, Mr. Georee VT Edwardea. EVERY EVENING, at &0 fDoora open THE NEW ALADDIN, a musical ettrararaaco. For caataeo Under Cloci.) MATINEE EVERY SATURDAY, at 2.0 (Doora open I.4CI. BotKigiceopen 1 tHI 10. DALY'S THEATRE. Produced br Mr. George Edwirdea. EVERY EVENING, at '8.1S (doora 7,aJ), MATIN EE EVEBY SATURDAY at 13) (doer 2.C. tho no Comody Opera, In Enx'.leb. entitled THE MKRVEILLECSFS. The Book by Vletorten Sardoa. adapted for tho EncUah Stafo by Basil Hood, lyrica by Adrian Kora. and the MoaicbyHaxo Fellt. Forcaataee Under Cork. Box - office 18 Mil 19. A POLLO THEATRE, Shi ftesbury - a venae. J. Henry Lowenfe'd Sole Propr'etor. Tom B. Davia twle Lessee and Maaaive. 8. LAST MATINEE TO - MORROW, at 2. Mr; ROBERT COURTNEHGES prodcetloo, THE DAIRYMAIDS. Box - o&ee open 19 to 10. Tele 3C Gerr. LAST - 2 NIGUTS. A POLLO. Monday Kett. D RrjRY LANEyTKEATIlE JROYAL.. Manayitr plmiur.ArtNwr C - 4W. On BOXING XlbR'r owd TWICE DAILT. . , . - Tho Childreti'a Faatoraaae. " iXDBAD. . . By 3. ITf lory Tfotyf a art Artior Colltna. ' Walter raiaanuiu. Harrr Harvuall. Harry rrarvwa rrwi Artbar Conaaeat : Qoeenio Mchttm and Marieorra. Uoi - esnf open au day. 13 MAJESTY'S THEATRE. Mr. Tag? To.xicirr.ata. Shakeapeare'w - (Latt2aIckU.r XING RiCdAKD B. fLat Z airtuJ LAST MA TIN KB TO - MORROW BoX'offleetMr.WatuiopewMtoU. 'tL,UTJ Cerrart H AYMARKET THE.TRE. U m amiManater. Mr. FBEDKIUCJC HAJtBISO, THE MAN FROM BLANKLEY'S, by T. Anstey, TO - Veloer. fR. CHARLES HAW TREY., JXM Mr. IIPSRY KEMBLE. MISS FANXT BROCRW. Mr. DOLMAN GL.A P. VK. Mr. ARTHUR PLATE ABt . and Mr. WICEDON GR08g3lTH - AtSJO. COMPROMISING MARTHA, by Xeblo Howart MATINEE EVERY WEDN EPD AT and SATURDAT. at tti A DELPHI. Manager, Otbo SteaK. Foe a Km tea irrmVer of nirhtx. EVERY EVENING, at fUi. H.TTDSCMMER MGITPS DREAM. ItX MATINEES SAT WED, and THUEJi. tt ZJX Box - officwiatoia. TeL. IMS, Gerrard. ST. JAMES'S. Ki - ix - ret,rIl - ina2 TO - wtuhT. at FJ5 B3th time). IS HOCSE IN OkDER. br A. W. PIXERO; Mr. GEORGE ALEXANDER. f By arranxetaent with Mr. Chariea Frohtnanr MATINEE EVERY WED. ad SAT., at 2. TeL, W Grrrtrl H yalT TO - NIG EW ROYALTY. THE ELECTRIC Max I (Deaa - ak. ShafteaborMvenceJ Solo Proprietor. - TVs'TVs' T Theatre (Ltd.). General Msnacor. Mr. k B. NIGHT, at 3. THE ELECTRIC MAN. br Oiariet BawST MATINEES WEDS, and SATS - 230. Tee Xo5S - Ge. AtUi TBE 8ETTlNtJ OF THE SUN; . lUrry Nir.n, M - a. Oarti Calvert. Ac Pn - raw - st PUT ia IchinK. rTOWTOW." VARIETIES. 4LHAMBRA. "T7AMOTJR." GRAND BALLET. SIGN. MA HI A BORDIN. AGNES and JCLITS ZAXCJlL PROF. TnERiKS. "DON JUAN CAICEDO. URBANOEA. " II) ETTINGI:." U FARLglAXA. - lc Manager. Genrwfag; I EMPIRE, Iiceeter - sqrare, TIIE DEBCT.VNTE. a Zi new balt. MdUa. GKNER. Premier nsa.rmm. ARTBCR l'lUNCE. VenHVmTiirt. BA KC, FOX - HUNTf NO OX THi EKV GRAPH. BURNING TO SING. THE BRITTllSSuiad aaketad varieties - . EVERY EVENING. atL Manager. Mr.JH. J. HltetS PVLAC.Ua.TEA, MARG.VRET COOPER. PRINCE8S TRLTIE. JOHNSON aad DKANv - NRTA) JACK PON. Ae, Tho tha Traaa - raal BKXOJfr - EVERY EVENING, at 8 tdoora IAS). Sl'ECIAL - PlUau KATTNES EVERY SATURDAY, at 10. Maaariaj Djactor. Mr ALFRED BUTT. ma tAJi"s'r i s ths.tjixl Mr. rO - VTf:TTT - at fL .KING RICHARD IL r Mr. GUL Mr. Lyn HaHlat - jMr. J. Flehw WhiaOtr. Chariea Oaww. mame, Mr. jiuu 1. eiranr - . .air. nooeca Atxxoa, aar. u. w. Anwu. Mr. IWteatd Owen. Mr. CUra C - trrio. Mr. S. Talea iat rate - Mm Viola, Tree. Mjaa'HiUa IaVnre, Miaa Foraaee WaCa, Miaa Evelya Boaomrait, Miaa JOaabeth Cilacts. - TTiwiijrTrr TO - TCIGHT. at THE MAS FROM mAfXLZT9: Mi Chariea Hawtiwy. Meesra. Henry KetuMe. Artirar FlayfaoL iioisaaa uartta. U. unwfora. wet too irajo. IV. iarav. aaw WeerHsn Groes - nith : Maadaraea Dacmar Wiebo. A boa leaafcid. C BwelL Lydia Rachel. Maod Wynter. Gwratoe Hertwn. . Winter. M. Ahano. LeaUe. and iG - Fanny Breor. At UL COUIBOUISING MARTHA t Mr. V W. Tarver. Miaa EtM Omrol, 3dias Rachel. Miaa Elsie ChrcKr. GARRICTTHKATBE. Mr. ARTHUR BOCRCHIXR. Leww aod Maaem; rTflSBVENING. at J0L THE MORALS OF MARCCS x Maaart, C Aabrey Smith, . Dennis Eadiav Chariea V. Fraoea. WBf - ad - Forater. aadSydney Valeotow: Urmt Alexandra Cart atia.) Jeroojo, Boo.. Sadie CaldweiL Olivu Glrme. Acbrey. Gordon Walker. VaJerte Salberr. and Mahal Hacxney. Man; eyri . ADELPHI THEATER THIS EVENING, at USi A IJIDSUMiUni NI(.UrS DZZAX: Lily Brayton. Nita Fayden. Thrrxa Norman. Berse. Itoterwa - a. Jamea.Law. and Qixabeth Parkino t Oacar Aacho, W. Hams saw. A. Brydone, C Bock. BlsscU. PtXLBJ.XitU. Sonpor. Aaaon, rortar, BnaeeiL Ac ' ' .' - ST. JAMES THEATRE. TO - NIGHT, at 115. Hid BOCSB IN ORDE2. br A. w.Pxaarf Mr. Georre Alexander and Miaa Irene Vaabroyh; Meaara. Berawrt Warinr, E. LyaJl Swtiaa. C M. Lowno. Dawson Msswmrd. E. Viriaaj Reynolda. Nicel Ptayfair. Robert Hortoo, Gorald Jaiaaa : Mae - damea Bella Pateman. Bervt Fahe. Iris - Hawkiaa. Mataaila Caevalier. EWTHEATR St. Mai'a - tataa, W.C THIS EVENING - aa 130. The .New Cotnio Onera. AMUS: Meaara. Bntland Barriarton. Norman S - JmraLBotaad Cwnwa - affcaaw, Whitworth Mittocv Lanri do Freoe, C. Whiut. 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Clara Greet. Mary Hamilton. THIS EVENING, at AUTmAN aad SUPERMAN t Messrs. Junee Hearn. Edtirand Owsjnn. Hubert BarbetvEdnrond Gttrsey, Iwis Caaaon. Graavilla Barken - MeatmateaTLlUah MrCanky, Grace Lose, Floreaoa Haydotv Afnea TVaTnaa. Mary HamilVat. ' LYRIC THEATRE. TO - NTfTiTT. at S. ROBIN HOOD: Meesra. Lewta Winer. JL X. Georre, William Deewreax. Philip Oinioxxm. Owen ftooxirwnosl. Shlel Barrr. CkwU Cameron. Frank Wool fa. 8. B. Brereaos. R. J. CarvflW. M. Irvine. Herbert Vyyyan. Frank Coeijnne. Hrrtert Jarman: MJaaoa Evelyn MSlard. Dorothy Minto, Gworyie Tna - od, Helen Lcyton. - . GAIETY THEATRE. TO - NIGHT, at 8. THE NEW ALADDIN I Meadamea Cemnw Ediaa. Adrieane Ancarde, Olivo May. Jean - Ayrwm. ElttyMaana. D. Bereaford. Mdlle. Gabr DeaTra. and Gertie Millar - . Meaara. Georre Groaamithv jnnr.. Harry Grattan. Robert Najaby.Attawr Hathertcn, Alfred LeaterC Brown, and Edmwnd Payne. DALY'S THE.VTRE. TO - TIGHT, at 9.T THE MVEILLKUSES : Meaara. tcr Evott, W. Lonia Bra die Id. W. H. Berry. Larmox Pawle. frad Eaye. "Willio Ward. Seott Btusell. 0 1 Vmnnr.tlea Uer. Er - cytll Miawea Dents Orme, Elixabwta Firth. Caroline Hatcaard. hUada Farcival. Eleanor Sowray. Nina Seweoin. and Erie Greene. APOLLO THEATRE. TO - NIGHT, aa 8. THE DADtYMAIDSsMdrnea. GracaaLwx, PhTlIla Broarntoo. A xaea Fraaer. Mabel Green. Carlotts ZartaK. and Carrie Moore: Meaara. Ambrose Monainy. Horace Lna,Aa Fraser, W. 1 Rirnold, and Walter PMsmore. DUXEOF Ttrcrs THXATEE. Leasee and Manaeer, O ar!eFrobman. rO - Nimrr. at S. TODDiXS: Mr. Cyril Maude. Mr. flf Biishop, Mr. Kr - meth Dowajlaa. Mr.Iro Dawson. Mr. Cfcarlea Mania, Mr. Allen Tbomaa, Mr. Ernest Gotham. Ac. : Miaa GenrwaV ,loo. Miaa Iottie Venne. Miea Nancy Pnco. Miaa Helen Farrarj Mha Alios Crawford. Miaa Madjre - TUhaa - adfs. As. At &2,7IU SCAPEGRACE, with Paatine Otsa. COMEDT THEATRE. TO - NTnrrr. at SJO. RAFFLES. Tho Amatewr Cnu - laasia - Mr. Gerald da Maorier. Mr. John L. Mackay. Mr Gjataat Browne, afr.Laareoee Irrior. Mr. Frederick Volpe. Mr. Cbarteaay Foo : Mia Hilda, norpe, Mian Klise CUreoa. Miaa Jaaail i Baie - wtin.' M!aa Sarah Bmoke. Miaa Florence Sinclair. - ' At C3t a, TV IRE I1N TAN CLEMENT. ALDWYCH THEATRE. THIS EVKMNG. at 8. THE BEAUTY OF BATH I sXTJXXTI TEKRIfS: Miawea Uoaim Fflippi, 6ydne Fairerothae. FJewae Lloyd. Barbara Deane. Mandi Darrell. Topay Smdea; JfJ - Stan'oy Brett, Wiaiam LajyT. Murray Eutc Itrraor Cairtl Tom Terriaa, Will BiahOaV CotsU Cinnaird. Albarl aaatx. IL Eenaath. E. . Eoyoe. WALDORF TO-NIGHT, at f.15. - JCLIB BOIC - BON": Meerra - teoia Mann. Robert Cenroea. Georre Paoncefort, Martin G. Wf Albert Lateeha. Anthonv Aabcr. John AJolf. Maurjco Bwy.. Thorn low Simpaon; Meadamoa Clara Lipman. Ida Lewia.Jainie Latnout, Ada May Talbot. Muriel MeArttmr. Cornelia tvafla, Madeleine Dallas, Beatrice Bextraod. Leoo Sutsoir Fcarnley. . . THIS EVENING. at tJ, anSatnrday Matinee. af2A GjUATX. Maiaret tnver.Princees Trilie, Joltnaow and Dain. Nf"0 ,T aon. Tho Flrmaaa. Richardaoa Taylor. Solby asd Myers. f Richardson. D'Are - a Ma nonet tea. 7 he Mea - !rMs. r "V ' Clariea Manew. Tho Doxoooda. and CHraiit in tho Tranatatisa XilGWSOTW. PETER'S - MOTHER. Sowvenlr I?IH. ETER'S MOTHER. APOLLO THEATRE. MONDAY NEXT lCIa PSKFORMANCE. WRITTEN BY MRS. UENBY DE LA rASTCBZ. OUVENIR NIGHT MONDAY NEXT. MONDAY JTEXT. MONDAY NEXT. M'nUAr KJtT. I DUKE OF Y0R1PS THEATRE. Lessee and I Manarer. Chariee Prohmaa; At CHARLES FEOHMAXI present C1TBIL MAUDE in TODDLES. At i2 TUB ' SCAPEGRACE, with . PACLIXX CHASE. 'MATINEE TO - ! MORRUW (Sstardavl. at 2JS. iriOrEDY. "So!e - i fessee, Mr! Arttmr Ctadleiih.t Chariea Frohma a prewnta BAFFLES., too Aaaatcwr Cractwnea. i AtSJO, A WIRE ETAGLEMT. MATTNEE EVERY VTWl. tU SAT - at ?.n. ALDWYCH, A LDWYXTi THEATRE; Stranjf . . j ,kj.o,M wmssasv ' TO - NlGBTaiwI Erery eIi. at 8. - .CHABLIS FROHMA N I ..rreeenta , t ta a r. xzuccios ana AMwyca Theatre Cok. t ymvoux oxMumj orrra. iw irm suv - ieaaiu ptay - THE BEAUTY OP BATH. By Sepwcwr Hirka aad Coaano Hamntl Lyric by Ca. H.Taj lor. Jtaaic by Herbert X. Harass. MATINEE SA TURD ATS, at 2 Tele. 2S Gerrard. WALDORF THEATRE. Aldwvch. W.C. Sole Leaeee. Meean. ejbshert. TO - NIGHT and EVERY EVENING, aa - AJa, Meeaea. Sb - , present Mr. XULTS MANN ana Mljs CLARA UTMAN sod eM.etAdcanCx7as A play in Foar Acts, by Ml Clara Llpmxa. ' MATINEE SAT - afta. i Box - e&et QtvI9 a 13. JiiUatJlKmi. NOTICES. The Times will be forwarded to . riiicriler rit the. United Klasdom oa paymeBt of XI, aad jJ? Posial Cnloa . oa rAjment of 16. fkL, qnartarr m advance. Tbeae Tatea :giT ananal tabxzS' privileges of The Times Book Oub,t Oxforl - treet,W. - Subscribe r who fail. to. receive Uieirciearts1 tie post and persona who cannot obtain ThxTiMS at all railway bookstalls for 3d. per etrpj aro patoccuxlT RKjcrsTXD to commtocatx with. tie.PabhjSer. Adrerliseri are ierbested not to aend atampa. PostoSc . . ' m' Tb A afaaBf na orders to be raade payable at the uecerai roi to Ms. Georgb Edward Wright. THE TIMES can be obtaiaed abroad la Tn! Times Ofice, XjSf'v d'Aatin, 31. CtatiteBis, - lUhees, a at the eoF. Uosrmesv Si. MonUsne de I Gntr. IlxasUinaadVosler. r I Radolf Mocao'a AdvertaxiaX Aey iSaaxbach'ascwa ExckaBie. . S - artach'a Newa Eicbaajav Merndawfs Cbrarr. . Galicaani'i Library. rbacii'a Newa ExcBfafft i F. S - WrUt,VTi Thus Ajrr 23. TotiTA - aTSaawaV ACXw PAEL3 w BRUSSELS VIENNA BERLIN'1 MAYENCE BOULOGNE 'ICE 11LAS . CA5ADA TTXTTTT) STATES

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