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The Times from London, Greater London, England · Page 7

London, Greater London, England
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Wednesday, January 13, 1897
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8 THE INDIAN FAMINE FUND. THE TXMES, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 13, 1897, DONATION FROM THE PBDfOB AND PU1NCES3 OF WALES. The Lord Mayor has recoired thai following lttr from General Sir Dighton Probrn, V.O., Comptroller and Treasurer of the Household of the Prince of Wales ; " Sandrirtghua. Norfolk, Jan. 12, 1897 " My Lord, I im desired by tho Prince and Prisoftsa of AV&lo to forward your LonUhip the . accompanying cheque for 250 guinea m a donation from ,tbetr Royal Highnesses towards the fund which they are glad to ree haa been opened at the Jlaniuorj - houio for tbo relief of the distress caoscd by the famine in India. " I harp tho honour to bo your Lordship's obedient serrant, D. M. Pkobtx, Comptroller and Treiforer General to ILILH.the Pnnce of alos. " Tho Lord JIayor laat erening received from Lord George Hamilton, the Secretory of State for India, the following statement, which he haa prepared, of the grounds on which tho Government of. India a ppeal to the generosity of the public, and t which he requests the Lord Mayor to giro circulation ': ; Anra asm KcMBnts Arrrcrxo bt Faxxx - x. Ee far a a forecast can at present be formed, it appears that districts. having a popolatfoa 'of about 37 million will be visited with famine, which must last. to the end of March and may continue in parts to the end of Jane ; white parts of other districts, having a population of tome U million, will be subjected to distress, which rosy ia some localities deepen into famine for a shorter or longrr time. In the districts' of the first cklegarj, relief, operations under the Govemxent , Fa&inf Code are in full p. - ogree', while ia the others relief works bate been, or will be, opened where n - cessary. In sedition, the population aSectedby famine in native Stales nay amount to six millions of people. The density of the population in the famina districts of British India Tarirs f - reatly .ranging from 902 per square culo la Moziffeqore :ja Bengal' to 122 per square mile in DhsJaat m the Central Proriaces. Daring tho first week in January 1,200,000 persons were ia receipt of relief, and 'it. is expected that these numbers will rise certainly to over two millions, and may exceed three millions at the worst .time, It is estimated that the famine will ecst the Indian Treasury (in relief expenditnre and loss of rereoue) from 10 to 60 million! of rupees (4,000,000 to 8,000,000) ; and this estimate may be exceeded. PnorosAu or mi Isdias Govxbwsix5T as to tbx Sccrx asd AsMixsTsa.Ti05 or Pbivati Chasitt. As Government ran only accept responsibility for supplying the bare necessaries of life, the experience of past famine has shows that there is a wide field for the exercise of prirate charity. The Government of India, after very fuU consideration, hare recently defined the objects to which prirate charity can best be devoted, and the organization they propose for the administration of the funds receired. The purport of their s:heme is as follows : Objects of the Funds. Prirate charity should, daring the famine, be mainly devoted to supplementing the subsistence ration allowed by Government with small comforts, especially ia the case of the sidy the aged, and the infirm ;; also to providing for orphans, and to aiding in all suitable cases those who are struggling to do without Government relief. Towards the close of the famine charitable funds will r of ths greatest value in helping sufferers to make a fresh start by pro riding them with the stock and implements' by which they obtain a lirelihood.i Administration of Funds. There will be a central committee at Calcutta. who will receive and administer, ia communication with the Government, the money subscribed at home, in India, or. elsewhere. This central committee will apportion the funds between the' several ' provinces, 'in which provincial committees will be ..formed to act under the general .instructions of the central committee. Throughout the provinces, local committees for towns and rural districts will be formed, as provincial committees may determine, and will act ' under the control of the' provincial committees. The' detailrd administration of relief funds will Le in the hands of. the local committees in communication with the authorities of the local Governments. Periodical reports will be prepared concerning the expenditure of charitable foads a&d the results which tbey have achieved. Down to last evening tho Mansion - house Fund for the relief of the sufferers by tho famine in India exceeded 28,000, This includes a large collection which is being raised on the. Stock lixchangO; by Messrs. Sheppards, SellysL Scott, and Co. anil Messrs. Mullens, Marshall, and Co. and which already amounts to 7,003. Among tho principal sums received yesterday wore : Mr. James Xooreo, 1,050 : Messrs. J. !. Morgan and Co., 1,000 ; Messrs. Coutts asd Co., HjO ; Messrs. Wemher, Beit, and CoJ,' 500 ; Messrs. David Sassoon, and Co., 500 ; the National Provincial Dank, 262 10. ; 'the Commercial Union Assurance Company, 250 ; Messrs. Stern I Brothers, 2i0 ; Messrs. Bullock Brothers. 250 ; Messrs. J. H. Schroeder and Co., 250 ; Messrs. Samuel Montagu and Co., 250 ; Messrs. T. de la Rue and Co., 210 ; Alderman Sir Whit - taker Ellis, 105 ; Messrs. John Swire' and Sons, 105 ; Messrs. J. Hubbard and Co., 105 ; Mr. C. A. Prescott, 105 ; Messrs. Stuart, Sons, and Co., 105 ; Mr. Theodore Lloyd, 105 ; Messrs. Henry B. Merton and Co., 105 ; Sir Charles Tennant. 105 ; Messrs. G. Yule and Co., 105 ; 1 Mr.'T. J, Lipton, 103 ; the Agra Bank, 105 ; Messrs. LonJon cndKyder, 105; Messrs. Pinlay, Campbell, and Co., 105 ; Messrs. Levita and . Co., 105 ; Messrs. T. Hubbupk and Son, 105 ; Mr. D. C. Stiebel, 100 ; the Earl; of North - brook, 100; Captain J. Cuady, 100 ; Miss Dawson Lambtnn', 100 ; Miss. Elizabeth Dawson Lambtbn, 100 ; Messrs. Martinez, Gassiot, and Co., 100 ; the " London and Lancashire Life Assurance Company, 100 ; Messrs. Cunltlfe Brothers, 100 ; Mr. El L. BaphaoU105 'i. Mr. J. Worrall, 50 ; " D.," 50 ; Mr. T. - P. Black - well, 52 10s. ; Mr. G. Armitstead, 50 ; Messrs. O. and W; Gibbs, 50 ; Mrsl A. 11. Creykc, 50 ; Major Bell, 50 , Mr, Samuel Bird, 50 ; Mr. , N. Cohen, 50 ; Messrs. Price, AVaterhouio, and Co., 42 ; Mrs. Elliot Macnaghten, iXK) ; Lord Harris (first instalment), 50 ; Messrs. Antony Gibbs and So'ns, 250; Mr. A. M. Keiller, 105 ; . Messrs. Marshall and Snelgrove, 105 ; Mrs. Graham Piobertson, 100 ; " iIarrovJa:i," 100 ; Mr. H. F. Baxter.. 50 ; Mr. Alderman Bell, 23 5s. 31r. Herbert Lloyd, 521 10a.: ; tho Clockmakers' Comr - anv. 21 : the Hon. Alban Gibbs, 31. P., 25 : and Sir Georgo Lewisi 25.1 .'iciiin s'.icoq company naye piaccu iw cases pi Mclliu's Food at the committee's dispof&l at 1 Bombay or Calcutta. ar.d tho formal Powder Syndicate (Limited) havo offered to er.d 20,000 ot their sportit g cartridges tuitablo for Iiidia and pay freight, ic, to be realized in India for the fund. 31r. Arthur playfair will give a maftne at Terry's Theatre on the 22ud insti in aid of .the fund. . , The following names have been added to the Mansion - house Committee, Viz. j : Viscount Cross, Lord Harris, General Sir Hepry Norman, General Sir Owen Bumc, Sir B. Sassoon, Sir Andrew Scoble, M.P., Sir D. II. Macfarlar.o, Sir Lcpcl Griffin, Sir Thomas Sutherland; 21. P. , Mr. Stuart Gladstore, Mr. John Sands,; Mr. Hugh Matbeson, Mr. W. A. W. Scott., and Mr; R. Ay. Pnckie. In addition, to the Bank of Encland Messrs. Glyn, Mills, and Co., Messrs. II. S. King ! . j if . 3 n .. c: o .1 illos'.rated Irclure at Dorrr on Bombay, the proeeetU to be applied 00 behalf of tee Indian ramiae Fcad. The offer as aecepted. The lad 1 an Cotton Duties' Joint Committee have resolved to boll a meeting in Manchester on Friday, aad invite all the cotton manufacturers aad eottoa opera - tires to help the Indian Ksmise Fund. A circilar was issued last uigbt urging the paraoooat importance of Lancaahire belping the appstl to the utmost. At the request of the Clumber of Coomeree, the. Lord Mayor of Miaebester Las called a public meeting for next Tuesday., . I THE FLOODS JX MOXTSERRAT. The Lord Mayor of London has received the following letter from Mr. Chamberlain, Secretary of Sato for the Colonies : ' Dowsbg - itreet, Jan. 11, 1837 - . My dear Lord Uayor, I have receired from the Governor of the Leeward Islands two drspatcbes, of which 1 enclose copies, reporting the occurrence of a. dtsastrcus flood in the Island of Mo&tsrrat, causing considerable loss of life and destruction of property. 2. This calamity haa come t a time wheu depression of U:e staple, iudustry had seriously crippled the resources of the cciouitts, who might otherwise hare bem able to aid ths more indigent suiTerers. I, therefore, venture vo hope that your lordship will think, that it ia a case ia which the grr at weight a&d influence of. the Lord Mayor may properly be brought to bear ia the collection bf a fund for the relief cf the poorer sufferrrs. 3.1 Your lordship's intervention ia this matter would be most gratefully appreciated by the people of Mo&t - serrat. 1 remain, my dear Lord Mayor, yours very truly, . J. CriAUkKLAl. P.S. The. Governor reports by telegram that about 2,500 are required, in addition to the amount locally collected, to provide for sufferers aad destruction of property. The Lord Mayor of London. The despatches referred to by Mr. Chamberlain' as having been received from .fcir Francis Flemiag, Governor of the Leeward Islands, and Mr. Ldwaid, Cummissiouer at JIuutKrr,t, show that during tne latter half of November the raiutail at Muittoerrat justly considered one of the most healthy and Icautiful of the Antilles surpassed anything ever before txpeti - eaced'in the island. From hovemoer 26 the downpour became incessaiit, and it cntminattd on the night ot the 'JSlh m a perfect hurricane. This, coming on laud already completely, taturated, produced the most disastrous results, htreams overflow eJ their usual channels and flooded the surrounding country. Bridges were swept away, scarcely one remaining throughout ILe length and breadth of the island. In 1'iymouth, the chief towu, not only did roads and bridges disappear, but some of (the bouses were carried away by the toneut a&d their inmates wathtd into the sa, sacritie - . ing 31 lives. At Kintals nine lives were lost, and at Webbs and White River three each, making a total of 46. , The mischief was. largely aggravated by the waU - r supply being cut off owing to the destruction of the pipes. Cultivation naturally suifrn - d greatly amid such general havoc. Steps were instantly taken by the authorities to relieve the distress acd wants of the houseless and destitute, and a hasty survey made it clear that an expenditure of at least 10,000 would be required to repair the damage done. This rendered the outlook for the inhabitants gloomy to a degree, seeing that the debt of tho ialaud is large and the revenue falling. In the face of such a calamity, it would be extremely difficult to provide for ths charges of a new loan, and the principal residents accordingly memorialised the Governor to appeal to the Imperial Government, " in order that the circumstsxees of the disaster might be brought to the notice of the generous liritish public, tad especially to that of the Lord Mayor cf Loudon." Although not asserting that the eo&sequences cf the floods have been so disastrous as those caused by the hurricanes at St. Vincent and Mauritius in 188(5 and , 1892, Kir Francis Fleming dees not hesitate to say that many' roi Je deserving ol help and sympathy have btu left destitute, and he urges the (Secretary of State to concur iu the tuggestiou that the ue ot the sufferers thou d be at once laid before the Lord Mayor Ol AiOQdOQ, . FOREIGN MARKETS. THE PUBLIC HEALTH. The weekly return of births and deaths in London and in 32 other great towns, issued by authority of the Registrar - General, shows that the deaths registered last week in 33 great towns of England a&d Wales corresponded to an annual rate of 1U4 per 1,000 of their aggregate population, which is estimated at 10,&32,&24 persons in the middle of this year. ' Tho desths regisieied in the several towns, alphabetically arranged, corresponded to the following annual rates perl.000: - - 1871 Liverpool ... 21 - 41lAjndon 222 Manchester ... 232 j Neacastle - on - Tyne 17 6j Norwich 1 2 'bf Nottingham... 21 - 8 Oliltam 19 - 2 i Plymouth ... 1G - 9 Portsmouth... 10fFrtstoa 15 - 1 Salford 201 ! Sheffield . 20 - 1 Sunderland ... 200 'Swansea 15'S'l West ham ... 12 2 Wolverhampton death - rates per 1,000 living, as week's jnortality, were : From Dirkenhead iiirmingbam... ... Dlackburu . Iiolton ... . Bradford Brighton ... llribtol ... ... Iiui&lev ... n. Canliu ... Croydon ' ... Derby' Gateshead Halifax lluddersfield Hull ... Leeds ... ..; Leicester ... The highest annual measured by last aee 23 - 6 18 - 5 22 - 7 22 - 1 18 - 5 W'J 18 - 2 23 - 0 18 - 3 222 19 - 6 207 1C - 9 172 171 203 and esers, Coutts and Co.. Sir Samuel Scott 'and Co., Parr's and the Alliance Back, 3Iessrs. Cox and Co.. the Chartered Bank of India, the National Provincial Bank, Lloyds Bank, Messrs. Grindlay and Co., and the Agra Bank hare consented to receive donations in aid 'of tho fund. 3Ir. II. M. Eyndmaa has addreased the following letter to the Lord Mayor of London : " It is my intention with tout permission to propose m resolution or amendment, a copy of which I enclose herewith,. at the .great meeting of the citizens of London, which you hare called for next Saturday at 12 o'clock. For the past 20 years I have - done my utmost to convince our fellow - countrymen of the fatal results which most follow upon the policy that has been adopted in India since that great empire came under the direct control of. the Queen's Government in 1858. The inevitable eastropbe. involving in the near future the downfall of our roJe. is now, I fear, open us ; aad I venture to think that the meeting ahould have the opportunity of votinv for a measure of real relief to the famine - stricken rjonuJation. As I wish to avoid erea the semblance of disorder on such an occasion, I shall be clad if you will inform me, as aoon as possible, at mhiA mint of the DTOceedi&cs it would be coavetiient that my resolution or amendment could be moved and Lord Harris. ex - Governor of Bombay, in a letter to iha Mavozvoi Dojw - JtsrdjjfJ.tpciye aa measles, 10 in Gateshead, 1 - 1 in West Ham, in Ports mouth, and in Bradford, 19 in Newcastle - on - Tyne, - 0 in Nottingham, and 37 m Flvmouth : and from' whooping - cough, 16 ia Swansea, 11 in Birmingham, 16 in Blackburn, and 2 0 'in Nottingham. , In no case did the death - rate from wrsrlet fever, from fever," or from diarrhea reach. 10 per 1.0U0 in any of the 23, towns. The 103 deaths from diphtheria' included 71 in London, 7 in birmingham, 4 in Leicester, c m Bitke&hcad, 3 . in Liverpool, and S in Leeds. No death from smallpox was registered in any of the 33 towns. In. London 2,717 births and 1,580 deaths were registered. Allowing for increase of population, the births were 238, and the deaths C35, below the average numbers in tho corresponding weeks of the last ten yrars. The anneal death - rate per 1.000 from all causes, which had been 172, 151, aad ?08 in the preceding three weeks, fell again . last week to 185. During tho four weeks ending on Saturday last the death - rate averaged 179 per 1,000, bein 54 per 1,000 below the mean rate ia the corresponding periods of the tea years 1867 - 90. The 1.580 deaths included 12 from measles, 21 from scarlet fever, 71 from, diphtheria, - 31 from whoopiaj - cocgh, 9 from enteric' fever, 11 from diarrha - a and dvsenterv. and not one death from smallpox, from typhus, from any ill - defined form of continued fever, or'jfrom cholera ; thus. 155 deaths were referred to these diseases, being 80 below - the corrected average wnkly numter. Ihe deaths from measles, which had been 15, 9, and 14) in the preceding three weeks, fell again last week to 12, the corrreted average bein? 73 ; 4 cases belonged tojLimcbouse sanitary area. Tte deatLs from scarlt't fever, which lad brea 19, 12, and l'. in the j - rfcedicg ihiee weeks, further rone last week to 21, but were 2 below the corrected averape. The deat ? fr'"i diphtheria, which had been 58. 38, and 49 in iho preceding three weeks, further rose last week to 71, ana wer 30 above the corrected average ; 0 casts belonged to Islicgtoa, 5 to Shureditch. 5 to Poplar, 5 to.Wands - vorth - , 5 to Cambertvell, 4 to St. l'ancras, 4 to ililo - end Old Town, 4 to Bermondscy, 4 to Lambetb, 3 to StL Maryletone, 3 to Whitecliarel, 3 to N'ewington, and 3 to Woolwich sanitary areas. The deaths irom whooping - cough, v.hicb had teen 2C, 14, and 40 in the" preceding three - weeks, fell - again last week to 31, aaJ were 40 below the corrected average ; 3 cases belonged to St. 1'ancras abd 3 to Islington eanitary areas. The fatal cases of enteris fever, which had been I. 7, 9, and 12 in the ireteJing tbreu' weeks, fell again last week to 9, scd were 5 b.low tne corrected average ; 2 cases Lclongo.1 to St. PanrrsS sanitary areo. - The deaths from diarrhoea, which had been ' - 9, J an4 15 injthe precedieg three weeks, fell again la Steele to II, ; tbe corrected average being 13. The deaths referred to diseasis of the respiratory orcans, which had bceu 302, 2S4, and 348 in the pre - craing tiiccc weeas, leii. again lati vets w ws, wu , were 79 below the corrected average. The dratLs attributed directly to i&Sucaza numb red 12, having been . 8, 10, and 14 in the prece Jing ttree weeks. Different forms of violence cacsed fc9 deaths, ebneern - ' icg' all but 2 of which inquests were held. Of - these. deaths, 1C were - cases of tuicide, 3 of homicide, ard 1 of execution, while tLe remaining C9 were attributed to' accident or liegligecce. Nine ot these were referred ta vehicles in; tLe street. 5 to drowning, and 15 (including 13 of infants under cne year'of age) to suffocation in lei. , According to returns from tie Metropolitan Aylum. arid London. Fever Hospitals, and from the fligbgate Smallpox Hospital, tLere were 2 cases of stnallj ox, 3,537 of scarlet fsver, 8C7 of diphtheria, and 118 of ealerie fever imdat treatment in theae hopitals on Saturday last. The admissions during the week, as com'iared with th6r in iho preceding three weeks, were as follows : Of rmallpox, not one case, sgaiust 0,: 0, and 3 : cf scarlet fever, 290 cases, against 291, 219, and 271 ; of. di - hthtria, 104 case's, against 125, 129, and 115 ; and of enteric fever, 17 cases, against 20, 9, and 21. In Greater London 3,701 births and 2,064 deaths were registered, corresponding to annual rates of 312 and 171 per 1,000 of the estimated population. Is the Outer Hing 8 deaths from measles, 5 from scarlet fever 14, from diphtheria, 13 from whooping - eoogh, 1 from " fever," aid 5 from diarrhoea were registered. Six deaths irom measles, 2 from scarlet fever, 3 from diphtheria, and 6 from - whooping - cough occurred in West Ham district ; 6 deaths from diphtheria .and 3 from whooping - cough occurred in Edmonton district. NOT YORK STOCK EXCHANGE. NEW YORK, Jaf. 12. Dealing at the Stock. Exchange continue on e very restricted scale, to - day's transactions being about 129,000 listed shares, cf which 13,000 were Unions. The market has ruled doll, the financial community being busied all day by the annual bank meetings. The openmg was steady with a slight upward bias, liumours that the settlement of the Cuban. diBculties was well under way had a goo effect aal caused the list to rule fractionally hiher during most of the session, with Grangers, the faiustrial group, and a few specialriea the chief features. The movements from Lour to hoar, however, were of little importance and enerilly narrow. The only sensational incident . was a sharp decline in Wheeling and Lake Erie stocks, dus to rumours of the imminence of a receivership, the Common stock dropping to 3X. against CJ at the end of the year. Insiders, however, denied the stories circulated acd said the situation had net chtn,ed since, it was outlined la President Blair's recent circular. The late trade was dull, with little change, aad the close steady'. The chief favocrable movement to - day las been in Tennessee Coals, wfcicn were bought oo reports of the infusion of new blood into the management. On balance Lake Shores are advanced 2, Ten - nesses 'Coals It, Big Foars, Unions, and Tobaccos 1, Burlingtous j, itock Islaods, Manhattans, Nortteras, Cotton Oils, and Sugars , Atchisou Preferreds, Dela - wares, General Electrics, and Chicago Gas J, an! Southern Preferreds, Wabash Preferreds, aad Leathers ; but Baltnores a&d Canada Southerns fell 1, Pacific Mails J, and Southern Fives J. . : The. money and exebsnge markets remained unchanged, calf loans remaining at I J to 2 per cent., acd sterling paper maintaining previous posted istes. The silver market hat been a little more active, and rates have stiffened somewhat, commercial bars closing C4J bid, C5J asked. To - morrow's exports to London will amount to 391,00Cos: of bars. The Northern PseiQc Itailroad baa purchased the Cceur d'Alene line at the foreclosure sale. The management of the Missouri, Kansas, and Texas Railroad says that the increase in the gross earnings during the last ealeudar year was the largest in the hitory of the road. The Nashville, Chattanooga, and St. Louis Railroad has declared a dividend of 2 per cent., which covers the last quarter, and ako the quarter's difide&i omitted in November; It is announced that Mr. Charles M. McGhee will succeed the late Mr. Inroan at the bnard of the Tennessee Co.l and Iron Company, and that one of the present members will resign his seat to make room for another strong min. The following statements of earnings have been published' for the month of November ; Norfolk, and Western, gross, $li04.000 decrease, $19,000 ; net, $243,000 increase, $17,000. For the first week of January Denver and Rio Grande, S 103,000 decrease, $15,000 ; Cheapeake and Ohio, $184,000 decrease, SB.IHW ; Louisville and Nashville, $357, 000 increase, $3,000 ; Mexican Central, 214, 000 increase, $30,01)0; New York, Ontario, and Western, $46,000 decrease, $4,000 ; Southern Pailwav, $339,000 deereae, 810.000 ; Texas and Pacitc, $125,000 increase, $1,000. Moxit aim Kxcnaxaa, Call money ... ;.. ... Exchange on London, sight... Do., cable transfers Do., CO days sight Do., Berlin, short sight ... Do., Paris, do. . To - dar. Prer. day. li to 2 1J to 2 487i '487i 487i 487i 484i 4841 95j 95J 518 518j Closins Prices B.J. liuslneas I)oca T - tUr. In Mew York? ; I i - l80' a,du.lTi1' - l 4ar. I I Niw Yobk.. I U.8.,4p.o.Bds. 114, 111 g 111 . Do.,New4pe 12311 120 120J 120i 120 AUhiso. 14J Hi 13 14J 14J 10 Do., New... 62,, 80J 7tli Do.,l'ref.... 24A 23J 22J 23J 23 20 Bait, and Ohio 15 15J 16J 16 14J CaaadaSouthn. 45i 44 45 Canadian Pac. l7fi 5Si 55 Cent. N.Jersey 103H 101 1002 Central Pacific 12,, 12 12 Chcs.fcO.Com. 17H 172 "i Vi De.,New41pc 7th Chic.,Brl.,&Q. 73ii 72i 71 J 72i 71 60 Chic. kCLWi... - IA i f . Ch.,'Ml..&8.P. 76li 74J 74J 74J 74i 80 Do., Prof.... 133H 130 130i Chicago&N.W. 105J 103 102 103J 1022 9 Do..Pref.. 156H 153 152 Ch.,Uk.I.,tP. CO, 67j C6J 67i 6CJ 20 Do.,6p.e.... 104J 102J 102 - - - Cl.,CnltS:St.L. 23,i 28 .27 28 28 10 Del. aad Hud. 114 A "U 1"! 1W Del.,Lk., kV. 158J 165 155 Dcnv.i: li.Gr. - r . Do., Pref.... Erie 16J 11 Hi 15 13" 10 Do..lstPref. 33H 33 33i - Do.,Gen.Ln. 63 Illinois Central 95 92 92J . Lake Shore ... 164, I5l 143 LouisviUe ... 50 491 493 Manh.Elevated DO S81 87 8SJ 87. Michigan Cent. 02A 90 90 llis.,Ksn.,lT. . 14A 13J "2 Do., Seconds 62r. 61 60J 61 Ce - j Missouri Pacific 21,". 20 20 20J 201 10. N - Y. Central... 95H 93 83 N.Y.,Ont.iW. 15 I4fi, 14 j 14J 14 - Norfk.iW.,Pf. 1CH 161 16J NorthAmer.Co. 4 . 4 41 North. Pacific 14 14 131 14 13f Do., Pref... 331) 33 33 331 3 - i 10 Oregon Impr.... . PaciaciMail ... 243 24 243 PhU. icRead.... 27 A 26 2G3 27 2C8 40 De.,4p.c.. 82 S0 0 Do.,lst5p.c. 47iJ 4CJ 47 ' Southern ... 9g P 9J 9 91 10 Do., Pref.... 27 27 26 27 26 20 I)o.,lst5p.c. 91H S9 896 . St.P.,Min.&M; 114 112 112 i lexss&Pacige 9 f3 Union Pacific:.. 7,1, 7 61 7 6 130 Wabah ... CH 6 Pi 6g 6 Do., Pref. ... 1611 16 15 16 10 Amr. Cotton Oil 13U 131 12J Amr.Sugar Kef. 1151 112 11.13 112 111 Amer. Tobacco S1A 79 78 79J 7S1 ChicagoGasCo. 77A 761 11 Gen. Electric .. 31, 33J 32f 33 33 Nat. I - ad ... 23H 23 23 Ten.Cotl&Iron' 29 A 2S1 2GJ ; V.6. Cordage 10iJ 10 10 U.S. Leather... f)i 9 8 W. Union TeJ 85g 83 J 83f 83 83 20 ItALTIMOSR. Bolt.&O.S. - W. C7A 95 95 Pnii - anrr.. hch'igh Valley 30J 29J 30 ' : Pennsylvania... 53 A 612 51 Bostox. MexicanCent.... 7 7 7j IC'Jt. - w maloa. MM; Feur sed t - UaJ if Or. rrta - (ritraa. liiVlttt moan. 13 H . Tartlak. Grv - t IV - aeorxia. 21 AaswiM Crait. aaaraa aaeMnt. l b I,: tmuctM Baa a starw. a - eoav W ; tritiMia ,, ikutumu. 211 S: DneiMT Baak afearM. attMv Ui afc ehesaar saaraa. tuatr. Mo U : liar - tow aham. tsca. US : Caaadiaa rastSe aaates. aarwsat, U si : imrjerao - vaaauaa Baav sbana. aanp - aas. 0 a : rrtvaM aiaaoaar - ift . hor mmj.js tr kl ; axahaar ea Loeiaa. ai 4 yr aiht. X) 3t: iitiu,. a Uaiea. ikt taeatas. W)i i axtaaaa oa fans, air hi Ur alLC. to ti , aiutasc oo lfia. loaaeasaa, J W: eachaaa,oa Xstawnlaaa. two taaa'Ju, 11 13. sxehasr ea Saanartl.ra. . at da,a. naa. Id f0; Kaaaiaa rtr inWa, Bvtwjr. lis 73. dria. Jaaauy aoai.r, Hi M ; ioUew. twas V' 100 IWtJw. Jti aO ; Saueual Baak tat beeurel - alaad. IU A nUKKIX'RT. Jaa. ll - To - daji 'it oek uariat coatasoeail wiih a rilixr hosr7 ton. : Larer co. 4ralaf - i ta aosw Isal aluna. ana ranie - ilarlr ia Tnrxlaa Laxity tniM, aasuncd lam srepcrboCM. aod the naeral Ira laoev twieataa trrnt. Amviicaa txeafuirt re ftna, aid la hum IsCaiUM qnataLlooi banleaad. Frlra dtfovast was H tv eon I. raskr atiHper cent. Cl'l ematailaaa ISO p.aj., - or rarCaoc lmlaa Callad. 1C4 SC:awf ptr C. Uraak Moaail.v 11 25; Your pmr laat. iisxculaa Ooid Kaaia. iOi.t: tire par Oct. luliaa Eaoia.ll 11 ats tor leak Mattaaa. IStltrt Ui Ihn rar laat. diuslatarsal. H i: lti. - e ler I aoL rpetat - sra. 23 10 ; tnnr tor Cms. paaUh Knavter. 62 0:O - a raaa Uaat ttarvs ICS'S; rur per Ca a. Coatollaa! rhioari U.lraaka. arxl m. haul V - wta H Kl : la tar Caat. dua - fn. lloea lalaal Ua - la, liO; raor aariCaak XUiaaia Caalral taala t1 nr.ntaea liXS7 63 : Four pr tVBULoaUT.Ua aad Naahvil a. Lwvda. 75 75; rlt par Caak Be - uttara rad&a at Caatorata, l W I aicbaara ou Laadoa. aaan. 23 it i setTau dia.oaatb VIKXIfA.Jao. 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Tba aitrua price of wbeai lor toe aooaou baa iocruaaaJ a. tor buabal oa laat auaaa, whilst ccrrn haa declined fc. an I oa:i 3 - . per bntbaL ; ViiSATroi.or JuaetntrnU attba opontrf 6a better esblss thin ex; cted.aud tben t - ' a..l.u: ar.uu moted upwarda. owinx to adeaira to tperatalor a reicti.Ji lrxlucadDJ "bulUih "Art eatia crop neat, tbo market cliatu tttadj at Vi - tJ c aJiauce. Mills adranoed !W for May at flrat. and afiar ton: sllj tt Irrem - larity auenfUuBad owing to aboria " cotar.Of. doaiaf auady.'.,. to'.i - eP - , ' ' 1 u ts stoa Jy. c n p. r. utBU opened uoebrcej. and tben far way, and kept eaiirr. all ikrouah. the r.eay wetti - rn h.g ttoe ptt; Inducisf Iiaidauaa by Io!ieia, and the isaik - t ilod auady, 7S3. dowo. latb auid tJly. after ruoderatcly nnctoitlnweakened oa ae'lert oatnaialer - Inj bujerN cluing stesay, fco, uown.f , . Tone rosi lor - M ay ct the first call, then jrivtnf wsy.and tep ing easy all dfy on " bet " realiring. elvt lef steady, 10c down.' . Jan Jasyi 1 July. i Bept Cloalnf iricca. r - VTbaat 4:ia Uata . . lArd .. Kiha .. l'ork .. Ta - day; PrTTday. l"r.;To - day: lraT.JTo - day.; Prer, :.9) . j 4.00 ..! 7.t5 to ; Kit 24 tis: ICTii; 4.CS 4.12, 1 uj i a '.'ra.ri'irs 7 - , - f 71; i2 75 V 75 .; stts 1 74V, IUcok tljadf at K!i. a'drar.oa. llots nnctinjel Tha raoeiyu bare and at tl a irnctpal Wea;ara oaatrta - unco 3i art 1 tatal 3.72,8j0, agaiiilt 4.1EJ.Ou31sstyear.i Ilcg. Iecei5!i, idea, lexaj. Ur ht - - IlsaTj. vr.nwrns. Ta - day . - - 4.12i 3.35 125 83.WI .. 4.0; 3.35 2.2i. 12 000 aaaa ay lt taae 45 3.70 17J U.103 CbUto. 32.0C0 1COU1 POBL10 INCOME AND EXPENDITURE. (Troza th London Gsttti.) The follomtijr aro the receipt! into thd if sou oat of tbsj Excnequer Utweea April 1, 1806, a&d Jan nary 9, 1897 : BXTZTCX A5D OTHZS UlCXim. Balaoces. April 1 : Rack ofEfiflandi JJaox ol ireia&a atTrr;i. Castoms w21,020,000, t XMimMtm tort ta vear ifje - 87. Tatal Caewlpts' Total IteHett tatataoXa - I iiuatboEa - caaqaar trass I aettMr froat April 14231 to - Aprti 1. to Jaa. a IXH. Jaa. IL1SH. 27.000.000 6,7oo,oeoj 2,175,000 Excise Eaute,Jte.,Datiesj ptampa La&d Tax sod Hotue Duty . PronertT and In - ? come Tax '1 6,200. OOtf Post OCow flI.6W.000 Teleirapa Berriee 2,940, OOOi r 1 I a i it nnn Soes Canal hare ; KeoaipU 695,000; Jrliscsllaneons .1 1,700,000' IUvr - i3 100.4r0.000! Total, incladigr balance OTBXJt TttC - firTI Kepayraent of Advancea foci UoJJioQ, e Under Barracks Act, 1890 .. Telearanh Aet. 1S92 ,, Naval Works Act,l?95 LTranda Railwav Aat.i 18 - J6 lr,000j Casual Beeeipta DeacicncrAd ran ces (uurr paid ) 1,000,000 Totals n84,0l7,S49l 7v,Vd,4l EzrooiTiru AX9 Otbxs Issru. t 1SJ7. c 8,163,964 811.237 t,9730i 16.600.M 21,634,0001 8,47,0OO" 6,758,000 sio.oooi 5,953, OOoj 8,900,000, Z.330.0W 325,000j 694.075' 1.572.33 5 - 5,516,1:5 784.473 nBiTrn 580,824 547114 6JC0.827 t801,000 31,277,000 8.873,000 6,3ev,ooo 533,000 5,025,000 8,640,000 2,270,000 325,000 673,418 1.266.815 71J33.235 78,25o,0S0 773,893 500,000 85,000 375,000 3,465 ,Ztiaat for UwToar 13it - 97 (lncludiag Sapplo - meaary TCaUma - Ml. Tntml Tuum 1 TrXl Tim.. (oat ot Uk Kx - ,oot of tbo Kx - cnaqoar ta 1 en qaer to rueat pay - I . moat py - nxaurrara I aaeDUfrooi Aprd L tft. to' April L IS96. te Jan. 9. 1Ej7. Jan. IL 1S96. !25,000,000j l,660,00ol BtrZ5DITCRE Perniaaeat Charge ot Debt OtherConsolidated Pond Services Supply Sexrices .73,434,0(W lOO.oy 4,0001 Expenditure m. otuzs issuu. For Advances for bullioa, tc For Supply purposes (netj amount) . Under Imperial Defence Act,! IMS .. Barracks Act. 1890 Telezraph Acts, 1892 an.i la6 Naval Works Aet, 1895 Publio Omees (Acquisi . UonoISitelAct, isyj Lcanda Kailway Act, lsi6 ... ... Surplus Revenue of 1895 - 96 applied under tha Kara! ttorka Act, 1836 tt it Balances in Exchequer Bank of England Bank of Ireland ... Totals Treaaory, Jan. 12. 22,7),533 1,494,929 M,1L2,391 78.437.So3 710,000 1,735,000 320,000 98.0CKW 55,000 278,000 1,036,590 82,720,143 21.341,975 1,467,819 52,446,171 645.0C0 39,000 58,000 500,000 85,000 610,000 1,009,713! 287,393 1.297.10CI 84,017,549 "77,192.965 2,539,294 261.159 2,800,453 79,93,413 OLD AOS PENSIONS. Unquote L CONTINENTAL AND OTIIEIt EOLT.SES. PAE19. Jan. 12. Realization sales aero ttr or 'er on to - df's Tlm r,. 1 nt itm ernpral tendpuc, mi rather S m allthaaauie. Tian actions were, on ths i hols, le i ac Ire. mi itteruttiui al iccki is. euially uffered tbereb, wbil th 1 re, an Uinua stow.ed a urn r (rout. Italians u tried weak and aniMied acmewtatliaproied. eiunith l our, aora tieafy. Turks bcefer, were in favour, atid ; altr a aiifht reiotion tbiy marked a further rue.. liloTiii.o abarea wra iu good demand tn the rua in tha metal price. De l eeis i alo attramrd aiunti ic. whiia r nth Airicaa tlarra in ceneral e.o i ei:atedand f!niiid traty. Tlie Tnrre hi Cent, irrnca K. - tile lillAZILIAM MARKETS. IHO DB JANEiUt). Jaa - 11. Exabanga oa I.audon alrmrej .14 a Pt.l 1t:l 'iirrc, rrarae rn!:l erjler with nrto - s IA3 ra orr. Ko. 7 'aw Yerk type. lLt&a. KseeKu. U(t0 ban. mskins total for the reason '2.2t3,0C0. against l,o&i',Vjy last year, y.xpirt - tra rurcdwd t - G lot, (or tba Lniml huoea - and LC - jC f or k.c'ro(. - (toi. 3HD33. lbo SASTt'S' market contiuo - t cjuiet a: a .'nrtber d.u ine ot re'a, good avtrtuta now. being 'noted tl;VC00 - i lla - ce'iti. 2.CCJ tgs. tnatinj teaa'a Wtal 1193.050, aaixut 2,kj3,icO laat jetr. BWek. S91.00J baa. Fikes. A firo broke, out yesterday at C9. Blount - f.treet. Lifaehoase - fit'Us,; on jiremisee teninteil ty ilr J. Coul'lcrstock, anjachild named Louisa CoiJer - i:nrt . vih'j was nine Ttars" of ace. as ternUr hurnt about the facei and lody.i an - l died shortly after; her i annuitant depositors in tha Poit Offico 'L4.t0 ...tleUo! tny money drawn oat to tide o. - er v resulted in & cliij namva;Annnvt.oocn, co was ne biTsnoei j - ,o. xor racney ana ic ir uiz toon:. uio a i.r crauu - - - xet.TH Ol age, uciug wnj l;uiui. uu. - iur iw tuu atiua, Halt per last, advano.d 2V. - for.tb abtaunt, Tt ," - 1ie - i in! she hd to bo removed to a hospital. An oil fire . V - ''V. - Ai" ! th rTtrokt, out on ilondir; nieht on the banks oC tte TrntolU - andKibfliont old U Onlheotler hai ' rtanub Four drcliced j per trn - Kuwisnt lCe.'Portutu - a jer 'nt, Argautine 1. Ohek 3, Cbar.ared 1. GclcO'lla IU. Kaet lUod 1W. Kcrreira 3, F.anch Knd 1. Lanwlai - o 2. MtiaaU'.t 1. LanJicn.aln Jtollncn Batsk 1!4. nd Trsnisal L on London wre V - Boibt easier at, 23f. H - - loini (j.ioiancni. 3 iOp.m. - : Tbteorer tent I'erpetual . eme money. lO 'l. 30c. : lbre - and - lia!f jer Cst - L Hente. monsv. UsI.Osc. ; 1 brea per Cent, lorittaal Heme, acitant, iC2 . JSo - : bree. and a - llalf ir Cent. Kent. o.ennt, 10 f. 7H - : n,aperlnt - lialiaas, scoocnt. i t. 'ibo.i lour per Cent. Erypt'an JUr beo, oc ,udU fi't. : Inrtiih. Gronp lit, account Z't. cOc. ; Torkiah. ripiMin IV irrtnnt 2 f. !!.'ie. Four tier Cart. fioacUb r:i - terior. aoconnt. tin: lour i'r t'ent. l.iitwan oatoliaied. ISefl, mnuBL IJtl. 40c.: IBriie rr "Jnti. I encttoaa. accouni, i. Tux Ahzbica Likxr Paris. A Renter tele - gnxa from New York says that the agent of the American Line baa informed iatendiar lassenrers try ths Paris, which leaves for Rncland to - day, that the Teasel trill steam under one ccrine, as the trained the other o ber last westTsrfjjassaee, 1 ot.r rar Cent. Brazilian. IKS. account, til. ;io. : ArgenJoe. IiSj. I aooounf. 4lbf. ; fite a - r - tVW. 4,rts. nf. aetoui . 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The area involved wtj a. very large :one, en t at one tirce no fewer than 4,000 Larrela, cf - ahich 1,000 were full of oil, were involved,1 as well.asithree large Luliias. The fire was caused in;the first rnstaneo ly the Taj - our of naphtha1 coining in contact with a light. Tie river Coating enf;iars.reqnLMtionrd frori the Metropolitan Fire, liricale arrived oil tUo wharf about 10 o'clock, bat tho fire laied for tnany hours, m spite of the efforts cf,tbe Loridon and, local nrcrnen, assisted by soldiers trcta the Pnrfieet; Garrison. The IjABOtjB Diipcis at 'Covi:sTitT. - T - ?The managera of theiDnclopComraliy at Coventry yesterday received a deputation of J.2 wortoen to discuss the grievances of tte operatites; The managers nltimately zratf a mat tne (TutsuoE a .iasuc mcocu iu TO THE EDITOR. OF THE TIME3. Sir, With a view to elicit all the criticism forthcoming on my practical scheme for old ago pensions, I haTe delayed replying to your various correspondents until now. Those who procure the scheme in its completed form will realize at once 'that several of the criticisms are doe to the circumstance that the authors of them. had not read the whole scheme before they put pen to paper. Mrs. Tabor, for instance, has not fully grasped tho bearing of the proposals in the scheme, 6eing that she is wrong in stating that " it makes absolutely no provision for the old ago of womeri beyond the term of their husband's life." Pro vision is made for those women in the third Eortion of the scheme who commence to save, eforo marriage, and in the second article the plan suggested provides for the women throughout the whole 'period up to the pension age of the husband, in the event of his death at any time during the 40 years, by leaving the money and tho interest thereon at his disposal as a provision for his w if o and children. Mrs. Tabor has done good service, however, in calling attention to this point, because tho scheme does not sufficiently cover the contingency of the death of the' husband after entering on his pension, and' this contingency I propose to provide for by a joint sur - vivorshiD policy, making tho whole pension payable to husband and wite or tho survivor of them throughout their lives. The additional cost of such a policy would cot exceed 25 per cent., so that an extra saving of 2d. per week on the part of the wife, taking the difference in the ages as shown by the mean ago of marriage in the Registrar - General's report, would enablo a married couple to secure the annuity to both and to the survivor to tho end of life. Again, it has always been my intention to make tho pension inalienable by tho terms of the contract issued to ovory person by the Government when commencing to pay into tho Post Office as annuitant depositors. An Ex - Poor Law Guardian " raises - some interestinf' poiuts which I will take in order. I t - co no objection to arrangements being made. lor exempting married people ol the humblest class altogether from payments during the years thoy are bringing up, say, more than three chil dren, or until a certain proportion of the family are self - supportm;;, should such a courso bo found necessary in practice. I would point out, however, that a large family is an immenso help to jersons of the humblest cla?s after the children have attained 12 years and upwards, and that tho increased earnings thus available for tho purposes of the family would, I am scr;, from the inquiries made, prove sufficient to enable, the parents who have found it necessary to suspend their weekly deposits daring a term cf years to make up those deposits to the required amoant, with the aid of the earnings the children would bring in so soon as they are ablo to go to work. ) Again, 1 balieve it is essential that we should ' trust the people and put upon them tho rcsponsi - ' btlitj cf navlng control over the whole of the promiuisis they may put by in tho Post Office. I do not think that very many of them would ever withdraw the whole sum paid in and so cancel their contracts for 'pension. They minht bo tempted to borrow from the money standing to their credit in tho Post Ofiico Savings Pan!:, but tho erpericDco of tho urse3 Pension Fund is that these loans are faithfully .repaid, and I believe ia practice we should find that very strenuous euorts wouia oo made in the ess) ct to rc - mv any money drawn out to tide o;er periods ot temporary distress, or to enable the depos tor to apply tho money so withdrawn to better his or her position in the world. " An Ex - Poor Law Guardian," is wrong, too, in his assumption that nurses have not tho .same temptations to cancel their savings which are presented to the average wage - earning labourers, seeing that we havo abundant evidence that nearly every nurse who has saved money is liable tb become the prey of importunate friends and relatives, who make it their business to gt as much of hr money as poisiblo when they find themselves in temporary distress or difficulties. What tho pension fund has had to teach nurses it that tho money they place in the fand is sacred, and should be regarded by them as as much beyond their control for the purposes of helping their relatives as the money they have spent on cloth ing or food or other necessary objects. Other inability to xsaks ths naTTnenta rrrsanlrtul. mit , tha 1,UOO,000 which Sir iionry Longley states up ui uoics, tc, pcqueauoq Dy 01 ancestors to the poor, I rave to observe that tb million, as shown by. Sir Hsny IxcgleyVe - i uence, rougaiy ai vines ltseu up into twu portu (1) upwards of 400,000 a vear. which can made available by Parliament for such a schan ai this : and (2) the balance of uowarda of half , million, which the conditions of the trusts mifci render it difficult to appropriate for such aa object. As to the sick - pay allowance of 10. week, leein? that.the premiums to bo paid bv that annuitant depositors are based upon actuarial data of tha highest authority, there can be bo question that, should the friendly societies or other private associations decline to accept the business, the Government might properly and readily undertake to enter into such contracts and could ultimately conduct this business at a. profit. I do not think there is any practical difficulty, either, in regard to the savings which the young people are asked to make before marriage. The amounts'' set aoido out of the earnings of tha younir are relatively small, and should in no war Intert ere with their adding to those savinrs a sua sufficient to mako necessary provision with a viow - ttr provide the money required to establish a home in case of marriage. Finally, I would point out that " An Ex.Poor Law Guardian " is wrong in assuming - that I do not " reckon sufficiently on the diflicultyto be faced in training a whole generation to habits of thrift whom the past and a good deal of the present administration of the Poor Law hare educated the other way." - My critic forgets that Mr.Forster's Education Act has now been a'stsffi - cient number of yors iu force to provide that the majority of the rising gtneration .have received an amount of education which has quickened their intelligence and - made them fully alive to tha necessity for saving, whilst it has inspired Ihsra with a wish to protect themselves and .their families from ever having to resort to - the workhouse. I agree with tho lato Mr. Henry Pawcett that if adeauato.means aro placed Within the reach of the humblest citizens they will gratify the. wish to be independent, which animates the vast 'majority of young people of both' sexes of the English race. Ths most fatal error a parent or guardian can display in dealing with young people is not to treat them with Absoluts confidence. There is no encouragement so powerful on the minds of the - young as tho feeling that thoir elders implicitly belisve in their desire to do right and to help themselves. Of course, there will always be thrift less persons, but their number will bo relatively unimportant from the day that the. nation trusts the young and displays sufficient wisdom to place within their reach the means of being independent throughout tho whole of .their life and especially during the working period of that life. Tneso principles, rightly comprehended and properly enforced. would effect a social revolution in England, fraught with, good to all' classes, and especially to the humbler class of workers whose lot in the past has been far harder and less happy than it might havo been and. ought to be, it English statesmanship has not lost iu cunning, and the nation its desire tdo full justice to all. I cannot agree with " An Honorary Membel? of tho Ancient Order of Foresters that any scheme of old - ago pensions should be so drawn as to defer the commencement of the pension until the annuitant arrives at Co years of age. In my view and I have given a great, deal of thought - and time to a consideration of the point it is of - the first importance to place it within the reach of every'man and woman of the humblest class by tho exercise of reasonable thrift to put themselves in tho position of being ablo to discontinue work or to lessen the amount of work which they have heretofore undertaken on attaining the age of 60 years. An enormous amount of avoidable suffering and illness would thus be. saved to the wage earner, especially in rural distriefs. Few people have any idea of the misery and suffering entailed by. outdoor labour upon bid people in bad weather. .Besides, as a matter ol btate policy, it is of tho first importance that the well - being of each individual man a&d woman should oe considered in this matter, and that all should have the privilege of looking for ward to a period of restful contemplation and reasonable enjoyment during the declining yean. ' of lift. In my judgment, the nation which first recognizes this fact, and acts upon it by en conraging the population to exert themselves to bo in a position to givo up work, at their option, on attaining 60 years of age, will so improve the mnral and the charactor of its people that they will necessarily become the leading nation of the world. Who can estimate the enormous influence for good which would be exercised upon our national character by a scheme which would place it within the reach of everybody to obtain freedom from work at 00 years of ago ? Patriotism, family life, individual intelligence, and tha. happiness of all must bo immeasurably increased by such a scheme ar this. Although I hare formulated my proposals chiefly a) a basis for discussion, 1 am. bound to state my conviction that no schemo of old - ago pensions or annuities will ever be satisfactory, unless the Government has the wisdom to determine that they shall embody proposals which will secure for ths humblest workers, and indeed for all workers, on attaining tho sge of CO years, an opportunity to secure rtst from labour combined with reason able comforts and repose ; provided always thai these workers, consent to devote their best energies to tho - work of the country throughout their life up to that age. I am, Sir, your obedient servant, HE.VKY C. BURDETT. Tha Lodge, Porchester - squaro, lY., Jan. 9, . OPJEVAXCES OF IRISH ROMAN CATHOLICS. t TO THE EDITOR OF THE TIMES. Sir, I have read with pleasure the able letter of the Korean Catholic Bishop of Limerick ia Tht Timt of the 6th inst. "iVita the opinion on Irish University education therein expressed every wise, just, and far - seeing Unionist will most cordially agree. If the" Government is wise, it will seize, without irocll f nrtber delsy the esrliest oprortunity of settling ones for all, and with no n't - gard or halting hand, this Iotx stauling and xcost reasonable grievance of our Botoaa Cathslie fellow - eountryicen. Yours faithfully, EDWARD THOMPgOX, F.E.C.S. (lata Unionist candidate Mid Tyrone). Omasb, Jan; 0. .rWtr - .tion! but! tkun - rh the denntation setmed favour - ablv disposed towards the proposal it was ; rejected by wise no nurse can ever hope to placo herself in a the mass of the workpeople ou the potinov ttat an(orit - better position than her relatives when tho time ren joined since by the bknds on piecwork. and also for work, and so'is in .need of an income upon by about .'0 men employed at the Cycle ConrponeLta which she can maintain herself. Comfanr in Raelan - strect.' The men from the latter ; As to the rents of cottages. I am advised that , company were em ploy 1 on work . eonnectei with the the payments vary very considerably in different ttr - i nnan ncien ue iinun ua wva rsrsmi. iuo . o i . t . . jj ... - . girls, tO'the number of between 200 and 300, who came out on Monday to express their sympathy with the men, have now put in a claim for increased wares equivalent to id. ier hour. They at present - receive wares ran - in - up to 12s. per week. Matters will be at a Seidlock until the directors have ajain met; . It is stated that the company have not yet refused .an increase to the men but ob;ect to beinz dictated to ElSsie respecting the r iris application. The manafer; Mr. counties : i a year, or, say, Is. Od. per week, seems to be an average payment for a cottage in rural districts, and that sum should prove remunerative to tho landlords, so I do not think that in practice much difficulty need be feared on this account, especially as the county and district councils might easily build cottages of suitable character and let them out at this rental, on a Sinclair, said tte company had been very pleased with business basis, to the classes in question, in places them, and would favoorablyv conaider their application j where they may be needed, aa I have shown in the if. they would return to work i once . The jft - j detailed scheme I submitted to the Commission wards held a meetm and decided not to return until it.:, r 4K T ; soar. tasa seoelM u sua ui nta i ," . , as to tne provision ot xuno to Beet tetuoorarr their application had TJE BcRNTlSLXaD' RAILWAY CoLIISIOS. Major F. A. Marindin. K.E.. haa reported to the Rjird of Trade the ren!t of bis inquiry into .the ci - ramtaoces attending a collision which occurrea f Deceinb. r 9. at Burntisland, on the North BntUh Bail - way. In this ease the 4 5 p.m. np r - assenjer train frcss Dun lee, when pproachin'r; Iiurntis!arJ at about & WpJtu, c - ure: into collision with tbo tail of an up mineral tram, which had ien standing for atout ten minutes !J the np "hon - .a - signal at Burntisland east, and had ja stsrted forward upon the hone - signal teing lowerrf. All nhre! of the er gine and tender of tha pasen5t train left the rails, and the train was divided into twe portion, tut alt the vehicles remained on the rails. Tha brake - van of the mineral train was nearly kroltaa th - own off tha raiJ. The enjioc and six vehicles in the rowseriger tra'awd the brake - van . and nine wagons in tne mmr were darraged. Twenty pauesger aad the fTiard the nasaerser train were injured, this latter some j - badly. Msior Marindin says that the person fsv blame lor L.e acciuens was soe wigu"vjm : island junction eatin, and that tho whole f the pro - evedings slow that a very loose system of obtains at that rlace. Eeferriag Uf the use. ,. block signal on the occasion, soys :'' As has ceva freonentiy pointed out. and as the aorta, vnwu way Company onght to have learned by .this time Iroa their expt - rience in previous cases of accidenti tha of this block - iignal is far too rTeralent. It is in soma placea no doubt, but it should be usea a seldom aa rossible, and certainly not for tra approaching a block - signal cabin at tha. foot cfaa incline. Acxrdicg to - tie evidence trains sre very often sent forward, from Kinghom taler this signal, and the sooner the practitre is put a stop to the for tne safety of the public using the Una." He " At tha tune ot the accident the ragnalman at Bisland eaat had been cm duty f or close, upon. 13 Mors, which is too long for a man to a "r and this may have had something to do with tu caw - leasness." A, 1 Paoroszn Nsr Patus Horar - - - Uride; aaspiees of Sir Fraaei Eraru, K.C.M.O., J J. fcmidell Maple. MO., M. O. U Kfr" Yicomte da S. Lamoigaon, the twu WtrS directors of the Compagnie Internationale (fcv Wa Lits and tha International Grand Hotels' UK?!?, preposed to erect a large hvtel in tieCh KTQ Pans. Tho site had been seeured, and it iJ that the hotel will be cjaedecplete Vr" years. It will be calledtho Hlrsia Palace HoaeL n iS if.

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