Daily Republican-Register from Mount Carmel, Illinois on November 5, 1955 · 1
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Daily Republican-Register from Mount Carmel, Illinois · 1

Mount Carmel, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 5, 1955
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V... . ;,WATHa ' ' ,; , v Illinois t Fair, Warmer toolc tit, . VrUy cloudy Sndy. Lew tMlicbt . i. KJver 4., up Temper. ' tor M St. Tl Community Ntvtpoptr -Serving Wabash and Edwardi Counties on J Ports of Whit, Lawrenct, Knox and Gibson Counties VOLUME 56, NUMBER 55. MOUNT CARMEL, ILLINOIS, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 1935 PRICE: FIVE CENTS Z3 n ytx nn la 3 u 1 0) m EM? f7 u uwiyju mm 11: WJ Big Four Ministers Scatter For Recess By JOSEPH W. GRIGQ ' I'nilcd Prvs Staff Correspondent GENEVA (UP)-The Dig Four :' ' .... . i vioreign ministers seauerca across Kuroiie today but speculation in creased that the Soviet Union may come up with" a new proposal on Germany when the deadlocked onference resumes Tuesday. The ministers took a three-day recess after the -West put the Soviets "on the spot" by proposing that free and,, secret all-German (lections , be held next year. The proposal received a cold reception from Soviet Foreign Ministe Vyarheslav M. Molotov. At. .1. n . .1 l'.i Hiuiiiiuv vwis iiying uuck io J cow today. There were hints that he may return with a new pro posal. U.S. Secretary of State John Fos- Mitchell Hits (ton For ToliRoadProgram cairo; iu. (UPi-stdphen a. Mitchell, former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, firedanother salvo at the Illinois toll road program Friday, Mitchell, who said he is "exploring the possibility" of running for governor next year, criticized Evan Howell, chairman of the State Toll Highway Commission Mitche'l told the Alexander County Democratic organization that "during he 18 months as chairman, Howell spent over $5,000 lor travel expenses and over 16,000 Nfor hotel bills. And Howell bought ...an automohile, paid for with toll commission funds, he said. Mitchell, speaking of the National Turnpike Assn.- that Howell organized, said there were, "big initiation, fees and dues from the .people who were road contractors and bankers. But the protests were so loud , that the association collapsed." But, Mitchell 'said, "the man who fostered this brazen idea is still running the Illinois toll road program'." Mitchell also criticized Gov, Wil-J nam airanon ior saying - me ton . Iroad is his 'greatest "achievement anu nie nepuDiicans snouia Drag about it'." " ' " ' , "If this is the Republican gov-rrnor's 'greatest achievement'," Mitche'l said, "what kind of mess has he' made out of the rest of the state government?' Two Sections Of Nation Hit By Huge Rains Cold Autumn Rains" Slash Nw England And Also West Coast By UNITED' TRESS 1 1 Flood dangers cased- in ,the mi-; lion's northeast and northwest cornets today, but not before taking a heavy toll In lives and damage. New England was pounded by up to three inches of cold autumn rains and. two inches of snow. The storm was blamed for five highway deaths and four men were feared killed when an Army C47 transport plane crashed during a rainstorm into the swollen Connecticut River. More rain was expected on flood-lands in eastern Washington and British Columbia. But key riycrs were tailing, leaving damage estimated in the millions of dollars And thii rinncpr rtf untrr T.ilnti,.n Dulles, carrying the ball for thejm k,m(. areas. ter Dulles, Pritish-Eureigrf Secretary Haro'd Macmillan and French Foreign Minister Antoine Pinay also" took advantage of the three-day "holiday" to mend some political and diplomatic fences. Dulles was leaving by plane for Belgrade and confetences -with Marshal Tito, The meeting Sunday in Brionl, Yugoslavia, will be Dulles' first ith, Tito. Pinay was to leave this morning for Paris tq. help negotiate the return of the exiled sutan-of Morocco, . Mohammed ben Youssef. Macmillan left for Londn Friday night to facea hot parliamentary' debate over the Guy Burgess and Donald Maclean spy case. ih? ministers had little to show alter seven sessions of the "acid test'' conference. Western diplomats believe that Mcow- is not ready to agree to German "reunification now or even in the near, future. Where Voters Cast Ballots - ' -'".' ' - I jT "1 I. ...... 1 J ' - , II TOMMY Rrmo, star of the TV .Ihow "Lnsdi," enaps Vice President Richard M. Nixon at a conference In Washington aL-hich Treasury and tat offlclsli planned '56 bond drive. flnUrfitional) Big Three Western powers.-slapped down, a three-point plan for German elections in front of Molotov Friday night. It had the full, backing of Chancellor Konrart Adenauer's West German government. But Molotov renewed demands that East, and West German repre sentatives be called in when the Big-Furbegiadela tf edcuns i d e r a fion of the Western plans and "oth er araris. borne sources saw in Molotov's use of "other drafts" a hint that he will have some new plan himself. Bar Group-Say s Congress Right In Security Act Israel Claims Elluja Attack Justified UN'ITEID NATIONS, N.Y., (UP) '- Israel contended -today ; its attack on EH Auja" w as a "perfectly just fied opeajjgn'' because Egj'pt had refused to .withdraw its troops . f'rem the .demilitarized zone. ' United Nations officials feared if would be several days before results could be expected from diplomatic activities; aimed at curb1 WASHINGTON (UP) The Amer ican liar Association has told the Supreme Court that Congress acted within its power and -wi thin- the Constitution in cracking down on the Communist Party'rwith the In ternal Security Act. , The association, in a 20-page brief filed with the court, Friday backed the government's claim that the act is valid. The court has scheduled two weeks of arguments on the party's claim that the law is unconstitutional. v "In the light of existing condi tions." the brief said. "Congress wouia nave, oeen oeieuci in us duty had it not enacted legislation withm-its power deemed by it ade quate to protect the national wel fare. "The- truth ar.d the fact . . . is that the petitioner, the Communist party , . , is a foreign dominated group posing as a political party for subversive purposes. The 1930 law requires the party to register with the attorney general as a Moscow-controlled organ ization. In- another development Friday, 27. persons., tried under state anti-subverisve laws told the Supreme Court -that' the state tatutes offer "a potent wt-apor. for a serious attack upon trio democratic process." Only four of the, eight occupants of the crashed C47 were able! Ui swim to shore through the racing currents of the Connecticut River late Friday night; ;,: ,., ,,; . In the" Northwest1? where ixxls forced hundreds of evacuations, police checked homes for pollution and downed wires before allowing heowmf.4o- returru- Ike Enters Seventh Week Of From Heart Attack Recovery In westejjT Washington, highway travel was disrupted by flood waters. However, the yveather bureau said the worst of the flood was over and the Skagit River was falling after cresting at 25.5 feet. Flsewhere in the nation, a cold wave- sent sub-freezing temperatures as far south as northern Florida. It was a chilly 24 degrees at Huntington, W. Va., 27 at Pulaski, Va , and 29 at Greensboro, ' To the west, mild Pacific air raised temperatures from the Mis- Mssippr mver io me ockics. Four Men Missing In Plane Crash IIOLYOKE. Mass. (UP)-Four of eight men .aboard a military trans port "plane that crashed .into the Connecticut River .-were m nosing Just Give Thought To Big Turkeys Hy .M Kit HIM AN SMITH Jl'nlled Iref Staff ('imM)ndetit DKNVKH (UP) -President Elsenhower today entered the sev enth week of recovery, from hii SiHiUlhtiar.Latliu:kj.vitloll. yj-denee from his, hospital room point ing to an increasing'y successful recuperation. In this seventh week after the initial coronary thrombosis, Mr. Eisenhower hoped to leave the hospital here and fly to Washington, probably next Friday, He .was ex pected to rest in the While House over the weekend, then go to his farm at Gettysburg, Pa., in time Irate Farmer In Offer To Benson To Make Farm Pay AUGUSTA, Maine (UP)-If you think things grow big in Texas. I By HKKNARD BRENNER cons aer me case oi Uic turkey United ITe Staff Correspondent Gov. William G. Stratton of Illinois invited Gov. Edmund S. Muskie of Majne to enter his state in a "heaviest turkey" contest at Chicago Jan. 5 but-warned him: .'Officials of the Illinois Turkey growers Assn. assure .me that unless the monsters we have been feeding break out of their 20-foot corrals, they will meet all competition." Muskie sadly renl ied rthatMaine would have to pass up the contest. "Our turkeys are ju.st too larce to ship by any means of tianspor-tation known to man," Muskie lamented. "A full - grown Maine turkey won't even fit int a box car and no transport plane coulrl lift even a drumstick off the ground. FORT WOUT11, Tex. (L'P)-An irate Texas farmer today offered to give. Agriculture Secretary Ezra T. Benson his 610-aere irrigated farm "if he will make it pay under his slidin-scale program" of farjm price bupjxiris. Jay Boston or, Hereford, Tex., made the offer In testimony prepared for farm price supports before the Senate Agricultuie Committee here. The committee is on a nationwide tour to find cut what if anything farmers want included in -a new farm bill , next year. ' With other witnesses. Boston for Mrs. Eisenhower's 59th b'uth-day Monday, The final timetable on his movements nnd"a more detailed plan of recuperation for the next t w o months yvill le 'worked tKif. Iiere Sundywhrn 1 rr Paui Hi44ey-W hite, the eminent Boston heart specialist, is scheduled to return to Fitzsimons for a conferiec with the other physicians handling Mr. Eisenhower's case. ..FYoni the. consultation will come a blueprint for Mr, Eisenhower's' immediate future .-.at least until the fust of the year. Pending this review" there has been' no chunw In the expectation that it will be Jan. 1 or after before the President can return to anything resembling a tegular, working schedule af the White House. Montgomery, the man who ' led the rogt of the-Germans in tho African desert, has visited Mr. Eisenhower In this country some-what regularly, since Mr. E;sen what regularly since Mr. Eisenhower gave up his NATO com mand tc(run for President in 1952 Monty expressed some riisnp- IKJinimeni at not being ante to visit the Gettysburg battlefield, but lie promised to do so on his next trip io mis coumry. 'But I shan't be comini? year,": he srfid. "I wouldn't come near, the States on an uon year.' ! t Those In Now Eight . Precinct Will Vote ' In Parle Building ' Atw-nti.tr. is i-Ailed by County Clerk Alfred Harris to the fact that, voters-in the general election Tuesday wil-T-tHH tlieir ballots in la precincts. This was brought nUmt hy the cVeation of Mount Carmel District 8, on the north. . lie also calls attention of voters the fait that the voting place Is located" In the nuincipal park. Voters in this new district will cast then- Ballots in a room In the building at the swimmThj; pool. The district embraces that ter-" i-itory Imunded on the east by 'the Wabash river,, north to the Wa-rash precinct and .Frlemlsville precinct lines, then south along Teachers Issue Statement On .' Report Meeting The welfare eommitteTof tho teachers. in the Comunity I'nit 3-18 school Ny.stem tinlay tssueil the followim: htatemynt. whtih. was signed ItHi jmt cent by the hienV? Iters of the committee-: ,v As, I'diii aturs iio hv ' that truth should bo presented to the Lawrence Back In Top Place With Permits the Maud road to the .Southern "re Committee Hailioad and back "to town, then Nellie Thornton, memtter of Wei Wobash Hat Total Of Seven In Week's Group Of 11S l . ' ' lJitrncc wnr wny out In frtint among counties of the 'stntnAc-ith peie, not .just school pupils, but1 the largest number of oil wpil drill-to all (wvple In the community. I jW. I4""!' issued the . past week We feel that the account of the ln Ingheld. sMe. h made on Tuesday evening L., j , Ul? WPIT ,ssupa Ior - "- r.tA"iwf!!. itf teaohei,s, .board' members and 115 for work In 31 counties, xm the the Admiihs! ration of the Com-' "s'x 'he weekly retxift made by munity Unit Schoiln by Assistant! ,,on Shull, director of the de- Maie Nipt, or Public - Instruction Mr. C. ('. Byerly, as published In the Paily Republican- Hegistt-r on Wednesday, !).'ovemler 2, did not misrepresent that speech cither In spun or letter. . Kujh Tehhes. President of Wa hash Gumiiunity, Unit .3-18 ..Teach ers Ajiftociatton, Orval C. Floyd, Cliairman. Wei on the north of what wag the old city limit on the north. All within this are-i who cast their ballots Iuesday m the commissioner elee Hon will go to the butlding at the swimming pixil K) vojc llierehas also been a change in me pomng place . at Bancroft school, It was stated bv the clerk .J.UsMiiJLt!LyotinK . in.- thtM tancroft school annex, the polls will be in the Millhorn building adjacent I his was-brought about by heut promems for the annex building, Other voting places In the coun ty remain the same as they have nerciomre ueen, Clerk Harris said. Not only Is there to be an elee- lion on Tuesday but Circuit Court is to oe In session that day also. jikikp iiiswell J. Crcbs will be hero from Robinson to preside at a session of court. There will be no jury. Accidental Death next Returned In Death Of Two II T uneasy, i ruce Settles Over Accidental death duo to asphyxiation by carbon monoxide gas was found to be the cause of death- of Jlmnile D. Sales, 19, of Cowling, ann wuy jvicuonnid, 13. ctf Gray-ville, who were found dead In a parsed cur tww- mi es norih f M.rayviiie on a side road off the highway Friday morning. That was the verdict of a corner's ury at art Inquest conducted Friday night In (Iriyville under direction of Edwards County Cor-oncr.Don Reld. . This mowing plnrfs had been cnmpieied ior me funeral of Betty fare Committee Harriet Stelzer, member of Wcl tare Committee. - Joy Z. Johnson, memler of Wei rare committee. Marie MUlspaiiKh, member of weitare'trommittee narenee C. Kelsey, memlier of nCIIHIF VM1MIHU'C. Wabash Allotted Its Share from Motor Fuel Tax JERUSALKM i'jD - - -Israel and J-K'Pt gathered up their dead to- also urgeJ the committee approve a "soil fertihr5-'"""TjTink'' program 'day and soldiers in slit .trenches unuei wntcn o to Z per cent oi i watcneu u-nseiv over .an un the nation's 3.l million harvest- ,,,,, , , . ... , -.- -ti-iu . tn 1 1- imiui'i w juineu i -us.. wL,c;Mar'c.8r f cuib .surplus production. 1 Kirvot- chtimi, orv in .he Farmeis who divided sharply in i fierce two-day battle for ioses.sion their views on. the price suiivrt 1 of 'the Kl Sahha outpost in the Kl levels were agreed on the sod j Auja demilitarized zone. " t. oanK plan. A ds.snalrh ft-.m Cairo oiioti-rl Teen-Agers Get Terms For Their which will be held from the Sturnii DI J.. D..MM!MM Funeriillfome In Grayvllle SundavnilOflfr DUrnillO-adernutn at 2, In charge of Rev .VllU)J' UUI,IU,!I Ihvight Hazlett. Iiurial will l in Oak drove cemetery in Grayville. Plans for the funeral of Jimmie had not been completed' this fore- Allotment of their share of state gasoline tax funds collected bv the state hna'beerLjovnde at Springfield io various counties.. ... . . Allotment nf rurutx la mnHa monthly. The total amount going io counties irom the eo ect on n October--has been Jinnounce. iNorton II. HolllnKsworth. stattev fi nance director, as J2.533.695. The money so allotted to tics is to be used in tho ImnTove- mcni aixi upnecp or . roads. This- county by countv renort shows that Wabash countv is to re ceive mc sum of $5,371 for road work. Other neighbor counties will re celve these amounts: Richland S.IW7? Saline-$7,H04, Wayne $6,880, I-klwards $1,301, Gallatin $2,319, Lawrence $3,798, White $8,511. tom -turkey weigh more than a ton." considerably Suit Is Filed For Closing On Mortgage EAST ST.' LOUIS (UP)-A suit in? the horder wnrfarp in - PaIpvP". me . rain-swuuen Mream - ioua . . The . fixrr suniv.(3rsjnanae:edto . wifrrlnrr-Vara 'IA Hrtri'-ftArVihir w r:"c'4' . M- . ,""?- Air Force C47 plunged- into the narsKjoia nas receivea no reply a, 1t.Jfi n m .rrifiai. H,,r. Similar jproposak.sqme involving paymeiats to farmers for idling their land, have been endorsed by-most witnesses in eight earlier hearings on the committee's tour. Committee Chairman Allen J. Ellender (I)-Ijll .h saiH a nlan The homes were huilt;hv RvetP1 aK)n8 mcse lines "may be worke-1. 'llnvestments Inc. as housinz for our make Benson to the secret proposals he made Thursday night to Egypt and Israel td averts new Frontier flare-ups, such as that which took a re-4VJrted.270 lives in 'the demilitarized zone at El Auja this week. Israeli Ambassador Abba ST Eban, however, told Ilammar-skjold Friday 'nfeht that the Is- .lat-ii auacK on Egyptian iroops ai ing a Jashmg rain storm. Police and volunteers searchrl Mhe banks of the river for the miss ing men. ' , . i . i he two-er.ginea plane .was en routeto West over 'Arr .Force ?Base atnrwarTy"'' CnlcopSe ' f WfnBo1rrrTg- Air, Force Base, Washington. D. C. Military officials at Westovei awaited better visibility to send and planes over the El Auja was a perfectly justii-! helicooters aoie opei at ion. ne sma t-gvpr nas i scene. - - 4 refused five separate appeais frorr,! Police boats were ordered-off the the U.N. -to get its Iroops out of ; river early today because of the the demilitarized zone. daneerous currentJ in the river Israel-contends, that It has r,o' which is 1.200 feet wide at the forces stationed there are police sefif to protect local farmers. Eban and Hammarskjold did not discuss Hammarskjold' peace pro- point of the crash. Counting If Close TALLAHASSEE. Fla. (VP)- posais. It was taken ror granted , Florida State Road Department that the replies, both from Israel , praised its 'woman toll bridge col-and Egypt, nvou'd come through lectors todav far making errors to-3Maj. Gen. E.L.M. Burns of Can-ltalint; only " $5.34 . while taking in ada, thieh of -the- U.N,TPalestine$l7.20S. - truce supervisitwi organization, who) Male, collectors, during the same was scheduled to return to Jeru-' period last month, took in 524 046 saJem Sun. lay from a visit here to: but made ernrs totaling $14.15 the report to H'ammarskjold, J department reported. at East St. Louis ' to foreclose mortgages on 40 houses in a. subdivision at Metropolis. -'. d I truce which settled oveMhe-bloody n,M,n ,u,,1 W('r?. expoctc4.4o.ije.ar. oUwder battlefield;' i ' ranged this afterruxm. . Federal Grand Jury Returns Bills To Court me errjp.loyes at the Jorfa plant of El-tric Energy INC. At that time,- the plant was3 employing som,e 20OO 'persons: Now 4he employment figure is down to 200 and many ofthe horrjes are vacant The Federal National Morteaee .Assn... filed - the , suit Tnday ( in Juage. rrea L,. Whams court Wham seF Dec. , 1 forT a Keafihg on the appointment of a receiver for the Eoestel firm. in ornciai KpoKC-sman as saying nn Israeli, denial that the Egyptians recaptured El Sabha w as - "completely untrue':" : "Egyptian forces; cleared the Kl Sabha position of Israeli troops and completely occupied the a rea . ' ' the -spokesman said! " A dispatch1 from El Sabha hv United Press Con espondent 'ilt(r a Texas farmer after complaining 1 Collins, who went there from 'Cai- aooui me secrerary s action in reducing supports on grain sorghums from 85 per cerit of the "fair income" parity. leveUnJ954 to 70 ier cent this year. . . Trench Test U.S. Jets Thief Got There First -t, . .r . NEW. YORK (UP)-Gloria Gallo, 30. ran toward, a nearby automobile to ask the driver to help her catch the thief who snatched a $3,040 payroll she w as "carrying. But the robber be a.t," her to the automobile, which was the get-awny car. All Inharmonious ANN ARBOR! Mien. (UP)-Orien Dalley said' today he resigned n director. of the Ann Arbor Civic Symphony because of "inharmoni ous cuniiiitons rtetween, himself and the orchestral board, f '.EIMS. France, (UP) French flifrs tcxlay tried . out the first American F84F Thunderstreak let anes handed over to the French Air Force by the American Mili tary Advisory Group, ' - In ceremonies here Friday, U.S. Ambassador C. Douglas Dillon said the planes "enter the service of France and of the free world the defense of peace." in Embarrassed Officials MEMPHIS, Tenn, (rpjTjjm" Walden. wdio advertises "'all types of service" for Mississippi river-men at his general store, todny was getting a set of false .teeth mended fqr a towboat skipper. - The skipper said he would pick them up on his next trip upstream- " ro, reporhnl tremendous military activity all a'ong the Egyptian side of the line. f. In the Israeli sector of Jeru-slem, a foreign office spokesman charged Egypt with continued violation of armistice-irirovi'stons lim- DANVIIXE, 111. (UP)-A Gibson City couple- was'" charge.l with making false loan and Felerul 'Housing Administration credit ap plications. A federal -grand jury returned the indictment Friday against the couple Astrid and! Monfile Wagonseller, charging they applied for the loans for fictitious persons. ... - Astrid Is former, secretary ' and managing, -off leer of the Federal SPENCER. Ind. (UP) Two teen-agers were sentenced to re formatory terms of 1 to 10 years Friday for setting, u bridge fire which caused the death of the Gosport, Ind., fire chief and In jured nine other, fiiemen. Judge Frank M. Martin fixed the sentences after Dale Morgan 19. and William - Pack Jr., 17, pleaded guilty to charges of sec ond degree arson. They said they set fire to the covered bridge Oct. 28 as a Hal loween prank. Bert Dittemore. 32 was killed In the -eoWapse of the oriuge. - part.ment of mines and minerals at Springfield. ' Wabash was about midway in tho field with seven. Crawford and White in second place with 10 each. Then came Coles and Gallatin with eight each and Wabash with seven. Other counties had-these totals: Jasper and Clay; sLxach; Wayne, fivie; Washington, Hamilton. Madison and Marion, four each; ""d Christian, three each: Richland, llond. Clark, Franklin and Edgar, two each; Jefferson. .Shelby, Macoupin, Effingham, In-huyler, Edwards and Clinton, one each. Quite a number of those In the list were water fl.xvt nr.na , some for drilling out plugged holes i ermns aumorUing work in Wabash were: a h ll- 5?w2;cr' Mount Carmel, to" $ Z : Sohio Petroleum (V rntraK- to driU D. c;. tlr.rwr.raff m.. 40 in 11 3S .14W to McCloskcy. Also the same operator to drill No. A-41, same lease. Illinois Oil Onmnniw r ,,ln . . ... "?, io ann iiowe No 2 aii io joraan, in ating-thc.jiuinbfxoftrri.,psnn(l -Savings an Uan Assn., Gibson types of equipment allowed in liie border sector. - lnR false, eHtrics in the as.socia- Thn ,rrni.li cnlr.m, ' bon S TCCOrdS. . - "v ii 'i'i- 1 1 1 a 1 1 1 jJl 1 r Tekoa, said the EI Auja sector was! quiet. He sakl the onlv Israeli! forces there were poire and sol- obtaining F1IA loans for fictitious. diers area. Immense Suit Is Filed In Court ROCHESTER, Ind. (UP) - .A suit seeking; J200.000 damages In coroiectron with a" traffic arrest has been filed by two Illinois men agairisi.me..Jti)n.XAW.n!y sheriff, his father-in-law and a deputy. The suit was filed in Federal Both were charred with maklntn Court -at South Bend by William a pront of about $35 00" by J- vearney, jj. Maywoou, iu ana normally statkxied in the Started In Again ATI NT A (UP) - EdwaM'-'Seotf Holler, recently r e I e a s e d after serving a term at the fedeial rx-ni- tentiary, starts another term of twd and One-half years today. Federal agents said that when Holler was given freeikm'he stole nine pigs-from the" penitentiary Slade,. Oakwood iMjnor iarm ana paia seven men inicruic, now- serving a prison term bad checks to help haul them to; in Colrtado, for transportation of market. stolen cars across state lines, iMax H. Wagner Jr.. 37. Addison, ill. iney charged they were bru tally beaten" and suffered "severe and permanent physical and mental- injuries", during the arrest." Named as defendants were Sheriff, Laurence Js'orris, Deputy Dee Holoway and Leonard Sionaker of near Rochester. The Illinois men alleged they were beaten Sept. 11, 1954, when they were arrested for speeding near here.. They claimed that Sionaker, who lives near -where the and Earl It. ltod-jarrest occurred, came "out of his house and was -handed 'a "loaded shotgun" by the sheriff, apparently, to assist in the arrest. persons. Also indicted : Lester L. Week1, of Sheldon, charged with Illegal possession of a sawed-off shotgun. John B. Hawkins, Flat Rock, for mailing obscene material In the I'.S. mail. -. . Alex Dearthett,. St. Anr.e, for operation of fan illegal still. J.eph D. Momeault. 18. Cha-nute Air Force Hase: EVerett SklleS Oil Cnmnrat 1 lr,1 .Qarence Schmidt J. KEfllier Vinoonr. jm . . .ill' .1, 11 J (J! Ml Baurftgart No. 1 in ?n iv iow ll Biehl. ' " l" Bond Oil Comnanv TlieoneJ permit in Edwards untjrwas to SkilAi -on r,,-. fo4 d, Shelby No, 1 til XU. Sklles also has f"ls.flUKhton Na 1 l" Clay, the W, E. V1 son Nv 1 in rikkJ f. li , ' Phillip No. 1 in Richland. Other local onerators hnA mits: Francis L. Rearrf tn ririii - Grace Hopkins No. 2 and tho Vjr'rer,yenn No. 9 In Lawrence: R. VV. Kuzmlch. to drill the Harry I-ewls in In Clavr OIHa Hit Chemical Co., to drill" Edward uanr no. i n Crawford: Francis L. Beard, o drill the Harold MUlu man No, 1 In Jasper. ut Oil Under Waba-Kh Tho State of Indiana has tnir-ir off-shore" oil under the Wahach river. It was found In tec aiii- ed in the river along Posey county. Lynch Comnanv of Fvs and Mount Vernon, Ind., drilled the well from a barge. It Is under . contract to pay the state of Indi ana per cent or the Income from oil gross and Is reported to have 100 spots picked for other drilling between Terre Haute and the mouth of the Wabash. Bank Theft In Chicago Nets Over $25 CHICAGO (UP) Masked bandits, shouting "Trick or treat" and levelling a sub-machine gun and automatic rifles, cleaned out $25,000. to $30,000 in a smooth sub urban bank holdup Friday night. Three of the gunmen's faces were covered by blue silk stockings frhen they stepped into the May- wooa-rroviso state Hank. WhicJt was open for late Friday evening customers. '. , "Trick or treafV, they yelled and the man with the tommy gun took up. a station in the middle of me noor. j-ive customers and seven employes were told to turn around and .kneel on the floor. Outside, another bandit stood guard at the door and another sat at the wheel of a brand-new Cadillac getaway car. The other two bandits, bran dishing automatic rifles, vaulted over the counters and scooped up money from the cashiers drawers. Bank officials managed to touch off alarms which sounded Tn May-wood police headquarters. But tho gunmen had fled 45 seconds before police arrived. A squad car chased the gan!? car at speeds up to 100 miles rer bourl but was outdistanced. ' 7

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