The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on December 19, 1969 · Page 5
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 5

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 19, 1969
Page 5
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Hints from Heioise Yuletide tree trunk slices I I i osets and drawers Ik-ar \Vc always cut our own Christmas li'ee, and many times after we gel il home, it's still several feet too tall. This year, I had my husband cut several slices, an inch or so Ihick, off the leftover trunk. I wrapped these slices in little ba^s of nylon net ami hung them in°my closets and put them ii drawers. They smell wonderful Wish I had thought of it be fore. Mrs. K. W. * * * Pear Ilcloise; At last, I have found a use fo the small plastic fasteners tha come on loaves of bread and ro' cit. My husband wears white shirts ir work as well as for dress. do my own laundry, and after ·oiling the shirts. I put them on oat hangers. So. . . 1 put the initial "W" on some f the plastic fasteners and "D" )n the others. "W" is for work shirt and "D" is for dress shirt. Then I place the tags over the neck of my hangers. Tins also would work for boys shirts by using each boy's init- al as well as for lillle girls Dlouses where Ihere is more lhan one little girl in Ihe family. Agnes Miller Agnes, I'm sure many a moth er will save many a fight it many a family because ycu took the time to write in I-is wonder ful hint. It's women like you who keep this old world going around. God bless you always. Heioise * * * ' Dear Heioise: Miners with children under 5. sl year, 1 look 2 eye-screws put them into the bottom edge of our molding. Then I put piece of kite string around the Christmas tree, ends onto the etVcr of our astening both screws. It would take a pretty strong year -old lo pull thai Iree down. Kilecn + ·* + .ETTER OF LAUGHTER Dear lleloise: When your daughter gels irmr- ried, you nol only gain a son and lol of exlra closet space but an extra bathroom! Mother * * * Dear Heioise: Here's a little hint that might benefit anyone who has to keep a close check on their scales. We really can put away a lot After a Fashion I've found tliat when I brin Ihcsu foods home from the groc cry hlote that if I divide 1h« cheese into 100-calorie chunk or put UK other foods into Etna portions in bags (and limit m self to one bag when snacking it's much easier lo keep Irac of those calories. I also keep these goodies in an opaque container in the refrigerator and it isn't such a temptation each lime I open the refrigerator door! Miss B. Habcock + * * Dear Heioise: I Iwughl a market cart, but the handle is metal and pushing it in cold weather made my hands co'd. I cul 12 inches off an old garden hose, slit it lengthwise and slipped it over Ihe handle of the (Jte In of Ini opes to link o est ppte, usmessman ol extra calories when nibbling on cheese, raisins, cherries, and other goodies. We just seem to lose track of how much we cat, With Clirislmas just' aroundjespecia'ly when munching away the corner, here's a hint for j while reading a good book. See a doctor; Lord knows what else you're missing! carl and taped it on with freezer tape. Now I have a comfortable grip. Ardent Admirer Our Town since remarried. She hasn't missed a visiting day in 2 years. The kids are always thrilled to see her. These youngsters arc a person should use discretion and not blab lo just anybody. But a close friend can be a godsend when a woman is having Dear Ann Landers: I am 23, gainfully employed, fairly attractive, and single--but not by choice. I should tell you, Ann, 1 have a slight bearing problem but not many people we aware" of it. I fake a lot and am good at lip reading. The man 1 am going with at present is attractive, intelligent, and soft spoken. That's my problem. He is too soft spoken. He has perfected the executive whisper and I often lose part of what he says. Last night at dinner I thought I heard him ask me lo marry hm, but I'm nol sure. I was loo stunned to ask him lo repeat. Now, of course, I wish I had. What should I do about this embarrassing silu£ion?--Please I'lay It Again, Sam Dear Friend: If Mr. Executive Whisper wants you to be his wife, he'll ask again -- but by all means tell him about your problem. And get your hearing checked. Chicken. Lord knows what else you're missing. * ·* * Dear Ann Landers: Several months ago I married a divorced man who had custody of his 3 children. (They are -all under 9 years of age.) Ted's ex-wife has badly spoiled and 1 cao't handle trouble with her husband and them. I don't feel about them as needs to tell someone. a mother should. Even though NOW and then you change your I'm a great actress, I'm afraid advice. I hope you will do so one day 1 will betray myself and ] this time. -- Pro-Friendship the truth will be known. How can I suggest to Ted that he let his ex-wife have the children? They seem very fond of her new husband and he seems lo en;oy them tremendously. When Ted and I discussed marriage he asked if I could love and care for his children. I said yes, but I didn't know what I was gelling into. Hurry your advice, Ann. The situation grows more tense every day. -- Hie Substitute Dear Sub: The prime consider- Dear Pro: Too many women are unable to distinguish between a friend and an acquaintance. I agree, a friend can be supror- live in time of trouble, but when it comes to unloading marital problems, I draw the line. The bcsl person with whom to discuss marilal problems is Ihe person with whom you are having tl'e problem. The second best candidate is a counselor, clergyman or physician -- someone who can ation should be the welfare of i^ professional, objective and si- the children. Judging from your | lent letter, they would probably be better off with their mother and stepfather. If my arithmelic is Ann Lander's book, "Truth Is Stranger", a collection of her correct, you are facing at least best columns over the past 14 a dozen years of unwilling serv- years is ava ji a ble at book stores, ilude. Children know when they It also cw are not loved. A stepmother who j n g feels as you do cannot conceal it, no mailer how good an actress she is. Level with your husband and let's hope he understands. * * . Dear Ann Landers-. I do not A paper, "New Discoveries about the Star of Bethlehem" was presented at a Yule luncheon for Sacred Literature club II. The event was at the University United Methodist Church with Mrs. Leslie Sloan and Mrs. E. P. Gilberg, hostesses. Mrs. L, H. Hammond presented the paper on a study of the heavenly bodies surrounding the Star of Bethlehem. Program leader was Mrs. W. H. Cannon Guests were Mmes. Dwight Mitchem, Robert Hoisington, William Anderson, Edith Barker and Jerry Heidrick, Glasco. The group will sponsor Terri Caldwell, piano and violin, and Kathy Leach, voice, in the 6th District music auditions. _,,* a*-Mrs. Elmer Gerard, Salina RFD 2, was hostess for a covered dish Christmas dinner for members of the Neighborly Neighbors club. Mystery pals were revealed with gifts arid new names drawn for the coming year. Mrs. Elvin Gerard, NEW YORK -- Michael Kirk Douglas, 25, is a spitting image of his famous daddy -- actor Kirk Douglas -- but he exhales his own personality. The man is contemporary and snappy. He admits to living with a girl in a one-room, ^apartment on East River Drive, tears verbally inlo the negatives of a "structured, automated society," can't decide if his semi-Jewish upbringing is religiously motivating, scorns "couture" clothes in favor of Army-Navy store purchases. Mike, who prepped at Choate, is the rich hippie personified. He hasn't had a haircut since his favorite barber, Jay Scbring, was murdered in the Sharon Tale massacre. Last year, he was graduated from the University of California, and no one »id much atlention to him -jut in the last few months, he has clicked into prominence. Partly because he's Kirk Douglas's son and partly because he's talented, Mike has starred in a TV special, 2 plays penchant f u r leather clothes, fe's intellectual and "thinks" jut fashion. Lcalher jackets and cowboy boots into which jeans ire carelessly stuffed are rem- niscent of the frontier and the agrarian ideal. "It's an outward projection of an Inner rebellion against mechanization," says Mike. Despite his disdain for fashion, he often visits Log Angeles boutiques where he splurges on chic silk shirts, at $30 apiece, with welt seams that curve toward the body and define the physique. And, to keep in top shape, he practices daily Canadian Air Force calisthenics before drifting into his favorite relaxation -- yoga. Before he discovered exercise, Mike admits to Fri. Dec. 19, 1969 SMJnr, : rjrnal Pg Club News New officers chosen i national officers til the Hotel l'ie.siii;iil. Kansa.s City, Mo. 'llm and 3 movies, portrayal, in H f s last screen "Adam 6 AM," N by writ- Hall Englewood $4 95 dughler-in-law of Ihe was a guest. All officers unanimously. was so successful that the producers agreed lo let him have Ihe car he drove in the film -a bright orange Porsche with black leather upholstery and all the expensive trimmings. Mike the actor also is Mike the businessman. Instead of sinking his year's earnings into a posh pad, Mike has formed his own company, "Big Stick Productions, Ltd.," which has bought the rights to the Floyd Kropp book, "The Drift." Mike is working on a screenplay, based on the book, which he will produce in 1970. And love, without benefit ol marriage, means "divorce 1 merely is walking out the door as opposed to an expensive cour action. Mike says: "The only question I haven't come to grips with is the matter of children." were re-elected At the moment Mike, lik many of his contemporaries, ha dabbling with drugs and swimming naked. The leather jacket syndrome can cause headaches. The St. Regis King Cole bar manager had reservations about Jelling Mike into the room because his gear rubbed against the grain of the room's image. But, upon hearing the name, he was only loo happy to oblige with a choice table.. "Utterly Insane" Mike's theory: "Possessions, particularly expensive clothes, complicate life because they become burdens one has to take care about. The world is utterly insane. The only way to survive is to boil down the things one owns to simple components." Mike hates to admit it but he does own 2 very expensive Italian-made suits, double-breasted with nipped-in waistlines, which he wears when he lunches at Sardi's. The bare truth is, 'after all, that Mike comes from an ffluent family and, even though lis' parents were divorced when IB was 6, he has lived la doke 'ila existence in Manhattan- Vcslport circles wilh his mother, buwjuul will be at 6:30 pm. -. ._ Mrs. ('live Dunn finve a rcsii- »W' "f Hie history of Kla chapter sorority nt «t her New officers of N'u Ta Si^mn so/only of Brown -M at kic s-hofjl."' '$cla Sigma Phi of business were elected follow-^ meeting of the Ing a jwt luck Christmas dinner', 1 '" 1110 , Gal Allwl. at the school. i 'Hie Uuiphtr was chartered In Chosen were Jolanna Kllard.' 0 c t o b c r ' lj:i2 - Kllbworlh, president; Neva D a - 1 ( -'°;»cstcs.s was Mrs. Robert vis, Salina, vice - president; Ju-. C ''" h ' nc ' tlith Roberts, Wymorc, Neb., sec- M r s - H 'fhard Mackender pre- retary, and Cynthia Simon, M a n - j s c n l c ( 1 lhc rc Eu |ar Program, and kato, treasurer. Christmas gifts were exchanged. Following the dinner, a social'. M r S ', , G a r y Shc ;. rcr was evening was spent at the C. «· '^Pointed c-.rrcspondmg score- ophy revolves around love and peace as a life style. But the hippies say that the business world is corrupt. And the 2 fac lions struggle. My dream is to bring together the deal that links the best of each party." And Mike, determined and ambitious, just may pull it all off by the time he's 30. Carlsw home, |31 Overhill Road. Verna Mae Johnson is sorority spcasor. --,,· S-Mrs. Dean Heine narrated a ' Christmas story. "The L i t t l e ' Mixer" at a dinner meeting of Sunflower chapter of Ihe American Business Women's association at the Howard Jchnson restaurant. I Mrs. James Farrell II gave the vocational talk on her work at the city's Central garage. ABWA members and their hus-i hands are i n v i t e d to a J a n . 2 4 ; banquet for the new'y elected ; , rcp . lilt ;° f s ' I ! clcvn w h u l °' jk a lcavc of "^ A couples' Yule dinner-dance will be at 7:30 pm Saturday at the Elks Country club. Classified ads get results. r · i actress Diana Douglas, and her 2nd husband, William Darrid, a screenwriter. Salina, hostess, But Mike is interested in carving out his own status. He has bought land near Grafton, Vt., and owns a trailer. Spring-summer 1970 will find him stashed away in Uie wilderness working on a play. This winter, he plans a ski trip to Stratton mountain with his gir! in tow -- something that shou* turn off the ski bunnies. Mike knows he is a cross be- Iwean hippie and businessman He says: "The hippie philos For the bride Susan Rivir The home at Mrs. Ron Lull, 1200 Roach, was the scene of * pre-nuptial covered dish dinner and miscellaneous shower for Susan K. Rivir, bride-elect of Donald J. Hart (U. S. Army). Co-hostesses were Mmes. Jack Stithem, Greta Martin, James Neil! and Robert Crank. Accenting the dining table were a bride and bridegroom standing under an arch of flowers and surrounded by taM while tapers. 'Attending were the honoree's mother, sister and sister - in- law, Mrs. Keith Rivir, 2100 Hasett; Mrs. Robert Griffin, New amoria, and Mrs. Ron Rivir ssaria, and en - rmnloves ol usan at the State Soil Conser ation Service. The prospective bridegroom' parents are Mr. and Mrs. Olin Hart, Deposit, N. Y. An 11 am marriage is plannec Saturday at the Hurich Mecnor- al Wesleyan Church. Pollock subs for haddock agree with your advice to "The Lady Next Door." What on earth is a friend for if not to confide in? Every woman needs a shoulder to cry on -- someone with whom she can discuss inti- male problems. I concede that ELMORE ON EAST CRAWFORD (C) New York Times NEW YORK -- Boston bluefish is not a bluefish at all. It's a relative of cod and haddock and commonly is known as American pollock. Although it has been caught off Atlantic shores for years, it has not received the recognition it deserves. Now that haddock catches are small, the large muscled flesh of the pollock can be a salis- 'adory substilule. Many potential purchasers are dissuaded from buying Ihe 4- lo 12-pound round, grcenish-linled fish by the pink color of the un- cook flesh. However, filleted end skinned, baked, broiled, poachcc or fried, the fish turns snowy white and has a delicate, swec flavor. Because of the large muscles, it flakes easily to provide flaked fish for cakes, croquettes and casseroles. Here are 2 recipes for American pollock: Pollock Provencale 2 pounds pollock fillets cut inlo serving pieces /3 cup olive oil 1 small onion, very finely chopped ,i clove garlic, finely chopped ti cups chopped, skinned and seeded tomaloes or chopped canned anchovy fillets, chopped 2 tablespoons chopped parsley teaspoon thyme salt and pepper cup pitted olives Preheat the oven to 350. Arrange the fillets in a bullerec shallow baking dish; heat the oil and saute the onion and garlic until lender. Slir in tbe lo matoes, anchovies, parsley anc thyme. Bring to a boil and sim mcr 10 minutes. Pour over the fillets. Bake for about 20 minute or until the fish flakes easily Garnish with olives. Yield; 6 servings. Poached Poilock with Crab Sauce rounds pollock fillets, cut inlo 6 serving pieces tablespoons butter tablespoons lemon juice ;alt and pepper 2 tablespoons chopped scallions 4 tablespoons flour ft cup fish stock or light cream 1 cup milk 2 tablespoons dry sherry 'ew drops tabasco sauce or to taste Vi pound flaked crab meat, preferably fresh V' cup buttered crumbs Preheat oven to 350 degrees Place the fish in - a bullered baking dish in a single layer. Moll 2 tables"oons of the butter and mix with the lemon juice and salt and pepper and pour over the fish. Bcvvc fish until it flakes easily, about 20 minutes. Meanwhile melt the remaining butler and saute the srallions until lender. Stir in the flour and Till H Kvn-y Nitr BE PROUD TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT THE CITY YOU LIVE IN Excellent Christmas Gift "CITY ON THE MOVE" The Story of Salina by Ruby PhHlips Braimvell GET YOUR COPIES AT DOWNTOWN NEWS 225 So. Santa Fe SALKV.VS MOST COMF1.KTK NK\VS DKALKR /t.\l» SFKCIAI/TV SHOP gradually stir in fish stock anc milk. Bring to a boil, stirring and cook 2 minutes. Stir in the sherry, tabasco and crab meat. Season to taete with salt and pepper. Pour crab sauce over the cooked fish. Sprinkle with the buttered crumbs and glaze under the broiler. FAMILY RKSTACRAXT STEAKS - SEAFOOD COMPLETE DINNERS HOURS 6 - 10 B R E A K F A S T S K R V K D 24 HOUKS TIM (taffy DouMt Gift S« In » ntfMiiM ftrtwwri MX. *5.00 1 think MM* are fctMtiM. Fre tAwtrs thought M. Even when they were mfcM to me. Ikrt ·*· ** men. An4 they need wh* wt CM girt the«. They l«ve, they need «Htentra«iif, md th«y nnrrrrrnnrnnmirrniiintTnn FREE TRIAL VISIT Good Dec, 10, I I , 12 Only CLIP THIS COUPON And Bring It To Our Salon At 1014 E. Prcscott And We'll Give You A FREE TRIAL VISIT And Figure Analysis 171 · T| FIGURE Llaine rowers SALON 1014 E. Trescott Rain-Paka coat in CiiV printed Acetate reptile Pattern. Belted. 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