Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 15, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, March 15, 1895
Page 5
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New Spring Styles of Hats Arriving Daily at LITTLE BABY DUMPLING. THE ASTONISHING FIND OF A EMPLOYE. A Pretty Boy "Baby Abant. month* Old and RIchJy Drcaaed Fcnnd A.BHI SilRht bjr. FrancU SI. Hamon on the Doorfetep of Hl» KeHldenre. 1OO Bate* Street— So Cine 10 Thone Who Abandoned tile lafknt—The Ml tie Foundling Cared For La8t Xlght, DEWENTER, THE HATTEB and FURNISHER, Save This Coupon ---- our gi^No extra charge for it, but it is valuable. It bares names, and that will remind you of: the necessity of a New Spring Suit. Present this coupon with a nominal sum of, money at our store and we will make to your order the handsomest suit of clothes that ever adorned your body. TUCKER &YOUNG, THE, PERRL 8TRBET TAILORS. MONEY TO LOAN. Personal, Heal Estate or Collateral Security. [ Anj Amount. Any Time. E. B. Oycrshliicr. 327 Fourth Street. DAILY JOURNAL FRIDAY MORNING. MARCH 15. Drink McLin's Kolatona. Zoa Phora brings health and cappi- UnOB8. Additional Local "5 Page. should know Delicate girls made strong by Zoa Phora. See the new men's tans and paten, leathers, also Rob Roy ties at Otto's. For Bent—Two or three rooms unfurnished. Inquire at 226 Market street. All new shoes at Otto's, also sample for sample boxes; your choice at half prloe. Tonight the water works board will open bide on street sprinkling for the coming season. Prof. Gardner of Indianapolis completed repairs on the Broadway M. E, pipe organ 3 esterday. Her Majesty corset at less than wholesale cost at the Trade Palace. Five and a half dozen left. Mrs. Lena Tuttle has been legally appointed administratrix of the Mothers of daughters Zoa Phora. Mrs. N. W. Cady entertained at tea 'last evening. ; Mrs. A. Wller entertained the F. B. j j^'pf ; ho laTe"oi"iv"er~Tuttle. S. society Wednesday afternoon. Juliet, Prince Alberts, laco and but ton ha'.f shoes, all new, at Olio's. See the lovely now prints at the Trade Palace; 3J cent yard ginghams 4 cents. W. H. Brown moved into his new room in the Justice building last evening. The home of Joseph Heltemoer of !fa. 216 North street, is being remod. and improved. e school north of the oity known i Ten pie," has closed for the iMon. The teacher was Ed Metzger. The Dumas Club wanpleiuantly en. ned Wednesday evening at the iOme of Mrs. Maggie Brooks of West lroad*ay. And still they oome. more new silks and fine dresa goods at such prices that everyone can get them. Come julck—Trade Palace. r John Boerger is arranging for a natch game of billiards with Mr. Smith of Plymouth to be played in the illy tone time this week. ; Miss Emma Gust of the North Side, Mtertalned a number of young people 'it her home last evening in honor of bar cousin Miss Gust ol Wisconsin. We've got some special things in railroad shoes that are tbe best and itoapest you ever saw .—Boston Sample Shoe Co., 822 Fourth street, >Ht tide. H»nl«y the HUrmit. = E. B. Hanley, a oashful citizen of the'clty, Is seemingly wrapped up in the free and easy life of a hermit, and may be found nt any time in a can • vas covered nest in the woods souih of ihe city. The police have vlalttd him at his winter residence »nd report Dim as being comfortable, but longing coming of the wild flower Born to Mr- and Mrs. J. W. Coffey of Champaign, a son 111. Mrs. Coffey was Miss Rosa Guy of thle olty. Col. S. L. EosmlDger of Crawfords- vllle inspected and Installed the officers of Logan Division No. 26 U. R. K. P. last night. Next Sunday night the third anniversary services of the railroad Y. M. C. A. will beheld in the Broadway Methodist and Christian churches. Everything guaranteed as represented and -your money back if you want it la our rule — Boston Sample Shoe Co., 322 Fourth street, east side. Ihe death of Mrs. Mary Gelger, wife of Frank Gelger of No. 227 Osage street, occurred veiterday afternoon at 1 o'clock, after an illness of loig duration. Thomas Wilder has succeeded J. D. Turley a* secretary of the local civil service commission, in compliance with an order forbidding mall carriers to act In that capacity. Just received another large ship. ment of sample shoei in men's, ladies' and children's, that will go like the rest — at about half prloe — Boston Sam pie Shoe Co., 322 Fourth street. Railroad men are requested to call at our store and look at our elk skin railroad shoes. Lots made that cost you more, but none as good. — Boston Sample Shoe Co. , S22 Fourth street It was a curious find that Mr. Francis M. Hamon, the Vandalla car inspector, who lives at No. 106 Bates street, made last eight. While sitting at home with his wife about nine o'clock his attention was attracted by a noise that was an unfamiliar one in his household. It was the cry of an infant. He could hardly believe bia tenses and called his wife's attention to the nolee. They both listened and heard theory distinctly. Havlcg no children and knowing that there were none in the house they were astounded. At last Mr. Hamon went to the door to Investigate. Ou the doorstep he found what at first looked like two bundles of clothes. Investigation showed, however, that one of the bundles of clothing contained a wee bit of humanity. The truth then dawned upon him. A child had been heartlessly abandoned by Us mother to the mercy of the world. The infant was carried into the bouse as was the bundle of baby clothing that was found on tbe doorstep by Us side. The baby proved to be a pretty boy about two months old. He was .warmly dressed in clothes that were of fine material, while the bundle of clothing found bv his side was found to contain everything that a baby requires In the way of wearing apparel. All the clothing wa snuch as only baby's of,well-to-do parents wear. The clothes were looked over carefully for some note of explanation that might be attached thereto, but none was found. There was nothing whatever to lead to the discovery of the child's iden. tlty. The morsel of humanity that came to visit them eo strangely was well taken care of by Mr. 'Hamon and his wife. It was nearly frozen when found, but changed Ita cries.to.agentle cooing when it was made warnx Mr. Hamon went out and notified a patrolman of his strange find and the officer came to the house and took a look at the baby and tho clothing. Mrs. Hamon offered to care for tbe infant last Bight, so there the little one remained. What will be done with the foundling today cannot be stated. Tbe person who left the baby on Mr. Hamoo's doorstep probably knew tLat he was childless and hoped that be would adopt it Into his pleasant borne. If be should do eo the pretty little foundling would be Indeed fortunate. CHARGE 0 WlI'H LARCENY. New Spring Suits.. Ask to see the new Tariff Suits for Men, 34 to 44, $3,50 $4 and The celebrated Clay Worsted Suits, Imported, worth $15 for $7,50 ; Boys and Childrens in proportion, Otto Kraus of Course, who else has got the nerve. lo be OTTO KRfMJS GREAT EXCITEMENT! AT DOLAN'S OPERA HOUSE. LOSES THREE FINGERS. Veno Gives a Cripple Use of His Arms.- For Tlie First Time in Months I. >". Wood is Able to Put on and Take off His Coat. Veno Will Lecture and lleal Again Tonight at8 p. m.—Veno and Staff Can be Consulted at tho Murdock Hotel. an Awarded HifhMt Honors—World's Pair. DR. fur tne «eason. CREAM BAKING POWDER fe MOST PERFECT MADE. ;pW« Gnpe Cream t' Tartar Powder. Frei : "Ammonia, Alum a my other adultcram Tke Sodera W«y Commends Itseil 10 the well -informed, 10 do plea»anily and effectually wbai »aa formerly done in the crudest man oer and disagreeably as well. To cleanse ihe system -mid break up colds. headaches and ferera wlinout unpleaa- »DI after effects, uco the delightful liquid laxative remedy, Syrup of Figs. To maiden, wiu or, jfnora is a trusty friend. •. IT» mother, The Caie of tew Is Porter, Accused of Bo* Stealing, Was Ilea d . Yetterd* r. Lewis Porter of Clinton township was yesterday on trial in the circuit oourt on a charge of petit larceny: Judge MoConnell and a jury were engaged far into the night hearing the* evidence and the argument of counsels. Tbe twelve were sent out for dellbera- tion at 11:10 last night. The follow, ing men composed the jury: William M. Helvle, Tipton .township. Chas' T, Sheets, Noble. Chris- Heber Eel. Jacob Samsel, Jackson. John W. Freshour, Harrison. Godfrey Twells, E--1. Henry Chllcott. Harrison. William Fidler, Miami. B. F. Hopper, Tipton. S. Lemlng. Eel. Willis Graham. Eel. A. J. Shafer. Ed. The complaining witness, Jonn 0. Tyner, alleges that tbe night of Dec. 13th, two hogs were missed from his drove; that he, Tyner, found next morning that Porter, tba defendant. And John Stumbaugh, who is awaiting trial on a similar charge, had just dresned two porkers, which lyoer alleged resembled bis misalng pets In form, size and featu'es, and even ID the color of tbe bristles scraped from tbe carcasses Lewis Porter has bpen defended by Willard Fitz^r, A. G. Jeoklnesand •George G»mble, and Pansier & Mabonev hare been assi'siloe tbe State's attorneys. Hale & Walters, in the prosecution. A. H. Lindley. bptelal advertising agent fur the DOW celebrated MUDJOU remedies, n anufacmred by tbe Mun VOD Household Remedy company, of Philadelphia, was in the city yesterday, preparing to .push .the goods in Uiis market: ..-•-.." ^' ' Dolan's opera house was packed to the doors last night to see and hear Veno, the Great Healing Power. A few minutes after 8 o'clock, Veno stepped upon the stage and introduced himself and work to the audience. Stating his presence here was to cure and heal cripples and that he would begin bis mission in this city by curing some , citizen of Logausport. He then called upon any one in the audience who might be crippled from rheumatism to come forward upon the stage. In response to his call Mr. I. N. Wooc of 412 Clifton avenue, came forward and stated that for the past thirty years he had been afflicted with rheumatism. • For twelve months past his arms •were.BO stiff and sore that any move inent was,painful to bim and during the pa.st three months he has been unable to put on and take off his coat. During «H this time he has suffered greatly, the pains being at times extremely severe. 'He stated that during this time he had tried doctors, sugar-coated pills and .linamenta without experiencing any relief. Veno requested a committee from the audience to come forward and asbisc in tbe treatment of Mr. Wood. Messrs Cbas. Klenk- ner of 105 NqrtbVeth street, Cnwles Baker,' 713 Linden avenue and Daniel Or.. Gallion of 508 Clifton avenue oaine forward and Mr. Wood was taken to one of the dressing rooms and two bottles of Veno's Electric Fluid was rubbed into bis back and arms. After forty rainures tre*t- uient he came upon tbe stage and after stating that he bad noc beeu able to put his coat on without assistance for months, he showed his perfect exemption from pain and stiffness by raising his arms above his heed repeatedly and then took oft and put on his coat several times. Thi<- in the presence uf seven bandied people. Tbe gentlemen o' the committt-e then stepped forward and sea ed j that tbiiy bad all kuotvn him for years and during their acquaintance with Mr. Wood be bad been afflicted. Shouts of applause for Veno rang through the hoa~e wben Wr. Wood declared., himself fre<; from paia. Touight at f p. w. Veno will lecture "iKl bear again at Dolan's opera housf a:; S p. m. • Veno ij.ud staff can be consulted at the Slurdoofe hoiel;froiii 9 n. UK to 6. p. ui',' -AdTice, arid' contultation Connorn Meet« TTllh 'Accident at » Chair Factory. Dr. Stevens was yesterday m:rning called on to dress an injury to "Paddy" Connors, an employe at Ash & Hadley's furniture factory. Connor's right band came in contact with a moving saw while his attention was cal'ed in another direction, and three fingers were taken off and tbe member lacerated badly. Connors Is tbe well known base ball player and the Qloss of the fingers will probably to some extent interfere with his future work on the diamond. HAVE YOU CATARRH? "Thu: Is Buiwcr in Detaj." Since 1861 I have been a great sufferer from catarrh. I tried Ely's Cream Balm and to all appearances am cured. Terrible headaches from which I had long suffered are gone.—W. J. Hitchcock, late Major U. S. Vol., and A. A. Gen., Buffalo, N, Y. Ely's Cream Balm has completely cured me of catarrh when everything | else failed. Many acquaintances have used it wfth excellent results,—-Alfred W. Stevens, Caldwell, Oaio. Price of Cream Balm is fifty cents. Ctdeti Ch«o»« Officer*. The following officers have been chosen by the High School Cadets: Capt—Geo P Chase First Lieut—Fred C Thompson Second Lieut—Lawrence Anderson First Sergt—Melvln Gordon Second Sergt—Otto Tyner Third Sergt—Chas Sine Fourth Sergt—Wm Huffman Fifth Sergt—Wallace Routh First Corp—Wm Wilklns Second Corp—Geo Riddle Third Corp—H Bridge Fourth Corp—Sam Scott Every woman Zoa Phora. should learn about Joseph H. Stuart, of Argos, Ind., has located in Logansport, taking a place with W. C. Routh. D Ol.AN'8 npRUA HOCSK. S. R Patterson, Manager. ONE NIGHT ONLY MONDAY, MAR JH18 Watson Sisters Extravaganza and Specialty Co, All new people. Ten Fine TuodevUleacts. A- great sii^daltj bill. A meteoric Avaanche nt lumloarr stais—Siartllng, Dazzling und Bewltdi- Ing IA. thu gaze, produced «ltb new and elaborate scenic fffecLs. AJstrong cast, Introdaclng new and DOTP! features. New Music. NVw yongs. New Dances. A GENDINE IRIS - BAG-PIPE LAiER. -'. ;HEAR' ALL THE'^'.•;..::••• Then Read This. Part of the Testimony ot One Day. January 15, 1895. . Mr. Colman: — :">EAK SIR — I must have some more Petroleum Balm; I can't get along without it. It is the best for catarrh of anything I have ever tried. I had a thumping in my head over a year. That was the firel thing that stopped St. Since I began using the Balm I have not felt it at all, eo I am recommending it highly. Address MKS, NORA DAVIS, Box 20, Adams Maai. GARKETT, Ind , Jan. 15, 1895. Mr. Colman:— The sample of Petroleum Balm Emollient you Bent me has done nr great good. My throat Is better !n for six months before. I enclose? • for another box of each. MRS. CHAS. SIMMONC. CARTHAGE, Ind., Jan. 15, 1896. Mr. Colman: — Please send me two dozen bottles of your Petroleum Balm. I think I shall have no trouble in selling it as it has done my husband more good in one week than all the medicine he has used in years. MBS. CHAKLSS WILKINSOIT. HANDaom, Va., Jan. 15, 1895. Mr. dolman:— DKAE SIB— I reotlTed tbe Petroleum Balm all right Enclosed please find SO cents for,- a -box. It's the onlj thing that does mj leg any good. Fl»« months ago my l«g broke out with a burning .ulcer, ami our family doctor has tended it all the time, but It dally grew worse, -wHh no ease of life. Your medicine Is all that I can get . that eases-It, I think It will be sufficient to cure it I shall try to be of all the use to you I can in selling your medicine. Respectfully yours, L. JOYXER. HARPER, Mo., Jan. 15, 1895.^ Colman Bros. & Co. : — "v': DEAB ims— My husband has beet troubled with catarrh in the head for twelve years and has tried eevaral remedies, but reoelTed no benefit from them. He bought a box of your Pe. troloum Balm some time ago and has not used more than half of it and thinks he is well I would very much like to take the agency and think I can help myself and you too, by doing so. Please let me. bear from you at once. Respectfully, MKS. W. D. McCLAix. We could Gil this whole column with such ie:tlmonia!s all wrf.uen in one day. During oeat week you can get a free earn pie of the. remedies at the .--.,, .-ores of B. F. Reesling or John ConJson. D. B. Johnson and UnniceeptDg at No. ' ife have b-jgun. 361 Wheatland

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