The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 18, 1947 · Page 19
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 19

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 18, 1947
Page 19
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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 18, 1947 'Strikers' Work Need Cited Assurance of No Stoppages Sought By Commissioners WASHINGTON, Dec. 1«. (UP>- A.omlc Energy CommlMloneri and ^preservatives of the National Defense Department told Congren yesterday that complete assurance Is needed against work stoppage in certain part« of the atomic eneny program. Thts was disclosed by Chairman Bourke B. Hlckenlooper of the Joint Congreulonal Atomic Energy Committee after a closed two- hour meeting with representatives of the two agencies. The Republican Senator from Iowa mid that the committee had asked the commission and the National Defense Department to canvass the labor situation and make recommendations for solutions aa quickly as possible. He said the report ana recommendations were expected before Congress reconvenes Jan. e. The committee wants to begin considering action on that date. Hlckenlooper said that the committee's concern over possible Interruption oj work on atomic programs was increased by the near- strike recently at an 1 atomic plant »t Oak Ridge. .Tenn. Cites Near Strike He said that "we came right up to the threshhold of a strike" there and the full committee agreed such labor problems must be met In that threatened strike, a CIO union postponed at the last minute Its strike deadline at the request of the Federal Mediation Service. The union finally settled the Issue after the original strike deadline had passed. There wa s no Interruption oj ivork. •JfUckenlooper said there was no «2cussion of solutions to the labor Problems at the meeting. He said the committee posed two major propositions and the answer to each "was unequivocally yes." He said these were: 1. "Whether there were fields of operations In. which a work stoppage would vitally affect the national security." • 2. "Whether It was necessary or desirable, that the joint Congressional committee find more satisfactory means than presently available to ensure uninterrupted vital production." Hickeniooper stressed that thf committee's concern was with atomic energy programs, and not with the labor philosophies of the nation. He said the committee desired to ensure continued production against work stoppages, whether by management or labor." With the Courts Chancery Martha Gordon v«. Eliga Gordon; suit for divorce. Gereld G. Costner vs. Roland ^Odam Costner; suit for divorce. ^LYTHEVIU.E (ARK.) COURIER NEW* ! To Be Erected In Washington PORTLAND, Ore.. Dec. 18. (UP) first unit of a plant In which It will build a combination automobile and airplane, the firm's president, M. B. Taylor, announced today. j Taylor, an aeronautical engineer i snld the company will build lwo-i place flying automobiles which can be converted from aircraft to a motor car In one simple operation He said th e wings of (lie plane are designed to fold buck into a trailer towed behind the car which has space for three persons when the machines is on the ground. Taylor said the company hoped to market it.s combination plane- car for "less than $3,000." Toy 'friendship Trains' En Route from Memphis To Fiye-Year-Old Briton MEMPHIS, Tenn., Dec. 18 <UP)Two toy "Friendship Trains" left here yesterday bound for Swansea, Wales, and a five-year-old British boy whose war veteran father offered In exchange a collection of captured German war medals. The two toy trains weir, mallet! to D. M, Jones, a postofflce em- ploye In Swansea,by Harry A. Wentzell, Frisco railroad engineer, and R. D. Greer, owner of an i>!cc- trie irnin hobby shop. Jones wrolc a loi'M newspaper lhat he wanted a train for his young son and said It was impossible to buy one in Britain. He offered to swap his medal collection In return. "I don't want hl« medals," said <!ol His Tar/rcl MOULTRIE, Ga. 'UP)—Alfred Alsop, out hunting, opened fire on a white-tall deer In the woods. Al- Wcnlzrll. "I'll be glad to send along (lie train to mnke (bat little Brlllsh kid happy, . . . if h« wants to »end my duughUr a Brlllsh itoil, that will be nil right." Oreen, father of two children, said "Imagine a klrt without a train—It Just Isn't rljht. I'll 11* him up a humdinger." The "humdinger" Included four freight cars, extra track, and a locomotive wilh » whistle. 8. >. America Krrfi Buijr NEW YORK (UP>-The United has completed Us first lull year of post-war passenger service. The 26.314-ton luxury liner, reconverted after the war at a cost ol W.WX).- 000, carried 32,000 passengers on 17 Atlantic vims during the year, At I he transport West Point, It carried troops in both the Atlantic anrt Pacllic during tha war. Steel Oil Barrel Racks An? Stic T. L MABRY 42S MISSOURI ST. PH. 3621 NOTICE David T. Cooly Builder & Contractor \ Has Opened a Cabinet Shop With Russeff Musick In Charge DIAL 4357 for FREE ESTIMATES on Work 213 North Franklin Blytherill., Ark. Dance Nightly In The Chick Room Say, fellas, here's your chance to really get the Bang together. The Rustic Inn Is opening Ihe Chick room for dancing nightly with no cover charge. Come In any night «fter mealtime. (8:00 p.m.I New Hours: 11 a.m. 'til 12 p.m. Rustic Inn Walnut at Division Buy Your Plumbing, Heating and Appliances From An Old Reliable Firm . .. The Wm. Frasi-i- Numbing- and Heating Company has been In business In Blytlieville for the nail 23 years anil have j> fine slock "•hcrr^Stre "'"'* °" **"* '" lmm ' akte dt| lv"r »l ««» E»«t We Carry Weil-Known Brands Such As: Smithway Electric Water Heaters Arvin Electric Room Warmer Evans Automatic Oil-Fired Heater Smithway Butane Water Heaters d your * • • ALSO— WJnkler Perfection I>el.u« Oil Sp^e Ileat*r,, LoMrjan DtLm thi J.u1 " CalC 7' a '«* usci1 OH Burnlnf Spac. Heaters an the well-known Iron Fireman conversion Oil Hunter for you present coal furnace. * Delco Water I'ujn,,.,, Peerless Water Kin* W.ler Pumps. E»ton Beverase Coolers and Home Freezers anil Wilson U,,ri(e Freezer,. Gllcor Floor Furnaces, 50.000 BTU cannclly Kohler plumblnir flxtures-also some jood used water heater*. Hliy b« satisfied vrlth anything short of the best ... Be* (hl> Stock of Equipment before you buy! "We Service Any Equipment We Sell" Wm. Fraser Plumbing & Heating 2 blocks east, 4 blocks south, Blythevillc Hospital 401 East Cherry p ho ne 2422 THE STOHY, II nil .t.rtr* .„„ I k»d »«c« In Holljw.nd three month!, wrlllBK lb«r movie script' lor one of my oivn rn.Nirr, book. —sind lelllnjr JelT HairrjtoB fc p j p me RM over O.o.r Crntr;. Jeir tvnw dirriTlor on My picture «n4 n ver<r M<t*c<l»e „„,. Ho wfc ,, , ,„ I.i-jJl'n, n. T »n l .lr>.»,,c coll.l,- tirntuir. Informed me vindictively tbnl Jeff had oerB married tnr •Muni- lime 1» AT!> VaBirbii, oar Kltinor mtmr, I nmm *l«mned. • * * VII J^IZ stood there cackling laughter at me until his ugly face turned ja vivid red. i "Get out," I hissed. "Get out!" j He got out then but not before [he managed to get across a smug ! feeling of self-saiisfaction at my 'dismay. I walked over to the window after a little while, and stood 'Staring through the Venetian blind slits at the street below and the wall of the yellow building opposite. I don't think I was feeling 'very much of anything, except a cold sick emptiness as if someone had hit me in the stomach. So Jeff Haverson was married. And to Avis Vaughn—of ai! women. I don't exactly know why the fact that it was Avis affected me so strongly, except that she was so—well, cheap. Somehow I would have expected Jeff to have had .more discrimination when he picked a wife In my Own mind I had been building him up to the stature of a very special sort of guy, as a woman always does before she falls in love with a man The afternoon was half gone before 1 could force myself to «o back to the set where Jeff and the others were at work. They h»d progressed to the scene in tt« library where Jimmy Peters—he made a swell-looking detective- was doing his stuff. I sat down in a chair and watched the rehears?!. It didn't thrill me now. Avis Vaughn, Art Cleves, Madge Narney and Jimmy OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Peters might have been so many robots moving around under the bright lights (or all I cared. The sound of Jeff's voice, curt, assured and impersonal, giving directions was like Ihe prick of a knife in a fresh wound. To shut It out I picked up a newspaper that happened to be lying on a chair next to mine arid tried to concentrate my attention upon it JJUT I wasn't really interested in the day's news. I wasn't really interested in anything except thinking up some plausible excuse for leaving early, when JefT turned to me and said we'd go over lo see the rushes of Ihe morning's take as soon as they finished the scene they were on. The entire cast troupeci along to the projection room. The lights were on when we went in. I sat beside JelT. and Ben Morgan, pufT- ing a cigar, came in and took the seat on the other side of him. The lights went oft. There was the whit* rectangle of the screen for a moment dazzling our eyes and then it was filled with the scene filmed that morning. There were Avis Vaughn and Art Clcves — Avi« walking across the room—and the shadowy body in the foreground. Avis and Art registered their panic and confusion and Avis went through her hysterical denial. Strange how much more real it seemed when! seen on the screen than it had lhat morning when they acted it before Ihe camera. The door behind them opened and Madge Narney came into the room. She paused just inside the door and stood looking at Die body of the man on the floor and then she lifted accusing eyes toward Avis. I think it hit me almost as soon as it did JelT, and I wasn't surprised when I felt him lean forward In his seat and stare at the screen as if he couV«-. b«li«ve his own eyes. I could hardly believa mine either. The last foot of the fllm flick- eivd from the screen and the house lights came on. Jeff turned to Morgan incredulously. "Did you. see . that!" he demanded. "S EE . whalv " Morgan jrowled, shifting his cigar to the other side of his mouth. Hen Morgan's a big rough man who made his money in Texas oil and went into producing movies as a hobby—and to make more money. He isn't what I had expected in a producer after all the jokes J had heard about movie magnates who couldn't speak the King's English. Morgan could speak English nil right. Plainly and profanely, too, upon occasion. nstead of answering him Jeff called to the operator, "Run It over again, Mac . . ." He wanted Morgan to sec for himself. The room darkened and the seine began again and we all waited—Jeff and I tense with th« excitement ot discovery, the rest alert wilh mystified expectancy. The preliminary action of the scene wound off und there was the final moment again. Avis and Madge Narney staring at each other across the width of the room and, at lhat distance, looking 99 much alike ns sisters are supposed to look and seldom do. Bleach Madge's hair and they could pass for twins! It was one of those unexpected resemblances lhat the camera sometimes brings out, like the on« aelwcen Joan Bennett and Hedy Lamarr—after Joan dyed her hair, I mean. No wonder Jeff was excited. Here was (he double he'd been looking for—the girl who looked enough like Avis to fool any audience into thinking it was Avip in a distance shot. And he'd had her in the cast all the time. The others saw it, too, this lime. 1 heard several gasps back of us. "Doggone if they don't look like twins," Morgan said and took the cigar completely out of his mouth. Which was an exclamation point for him. (To Be Continued) OH. I'LL TAKE SOME MORE TH 1 NEXT TfME 1 GO ESY TH' SALVATION ARMY-- ITS HA.RP TD HANDLE ANY PILE "THAN THS. JANE . BRIMC- THAT ASH TRW OUT OF TH' FXRLOR THAT HE LOADED-SHOW HIM WHAT WE HAVE TO HANDLE.' tt Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople . I'D BETTER 66 UP AND A80UT If T.'N\ To DO N\V CHRISTMAS, SHOPPING EARLV.'-~- x WAOT TO BE SURE TO OSTAIM GIFTS OF QUPvUTY FOR MfXRTHfv AIOD Nbo LADS BEFORE Trtihies 6AKLY-? DOi^'T VOD WHAT AR&N&O GETTING FOR. MARTHA ? LOVJ 6RAOE VUL6 VJERE NEAR VOU WER6 75 POUNDS OVERWEIGHT AMD YOU SOOGUT HER „ LAST AUGUST ? LATHES ARE SHOPPING FUfflOOSLV FOR EASTER EG&S KlGHT 6UR6T OF 6P£ED PAGE NINETEEN KHUCKLKS & HIS FRIENDS By 'MERRILL BLQB8EB Downright Doggy ._ ir 6e tHAT LOCO'S BVOOOHOUNO foe. HE MASQUERADE PARTY IS TOO GOOO? rr) LEAVr our 9? TVUS RIOJ. L DON'T WANT T »s A DRY UP AND OC.T DOWI4 ON VWU, THE SIIOA MUSI 60 ON! ...- S(A£LL. You VARMINTS ! SIM ALWAYS GETS |US GAL I IMS, IF I even SA* in "Junior it «er!ou» about that new airl of his .*«! m. how about K ,ttin K .Wit Klvei away RISCILLA'S I'OP By AL VRRMEER took, Waldo! Jhe first snow.' And I'll bet you forgot to buy a snow shovel! f/i/s time / played it smart. I bought one last summer / remember ••exact/y•where--I My MICHAEL'O'MALI.HY and RALPH LANB IOOK,UB8Y,THI 1ITTIE Al&IBW 15 NO P1ACE FOR YOU, AND ESKCIAUY WHEN I'M ON A CASE. Wilt THIS Willie CHARACTER THINK If THS RICH MR. A6AT6 SHOWS UP WITHOUT HIS WNCt f ? REMEMBfR, YOU'RE SUPPOSED ID BE BUY IMG THIS fDRMI. AND DON'T THY THIS GAIMAD UNI ABOUT PROTECTING ME. WIUIE DIDN'T mVITE WU DOWN INTO THE CASBAH TO SHOOT VOU. HE'S 3EHIW3 \OU SOMETHING. But ff I could )MV« teen wh*t vat happ«ning * little liter, I wouldn't DON'T TAI NONSEN5C TO Ml. VK HINT/ NEVER CAN THl WHEN IU MHO THIS ROO.THt UTllf A16IERS AIH'T ANY CHURCH WASH TUBBS He Kvurvd Wliat? -KSSUE TURNER WELI...HE SAT STARIMS AT nr PAPER ALL DW HE SEEWED pRE'Dccwieo,. EVIEN A.8IT JUttPV AT Tlttes'. IMEE.WHIlf HE MS OUT, SOMJONE CAllf D TO SEE HIM, I CHATTED Y(UH THE VISITOR... lEHRNEp HE WAS A CHE OOIW EXPER.IMEMU1. VrORK: WITH BOTIN YYKEN DR RETURNED AND I HE SEEMED QUITE ALARMED!... UHTIL 1RECAUEPTHE MAM'S NOWEi HMD CfSCRIBEOWW! UUMHHENAP0AM5WM AFKNu OF SOMEONE. A WAW WHOM HE KNEW TO K EXPERIMENTING WITH— 8^ THE WAY. - BIOTIN?'' . AFTER HE'D READ IT. 5 HEARD HW *W TO THE NEWS O 1 TH»T KOBBEES, MISS CONNER.? . HM.F AIOOO-"1T CWJ'T BE 1Rt)6" Red Ryder's Arena By FRED HARMAN 0£Tt£R LAYOFf, RYDER-' WHAT I Dip TO YOU THE LAST THAT WAS M YOUR BLACKSMITH SHOP, DEVUN)-' TriE OPHiO TRAIL'S O, nnn'i Say Thai By V. T. HAMLIN Al-LEV OOP'S C1R.L. FRIEND. OOOLA, WHOM ~K>\1 SET OUT TD KIDNW» ONLY YOU OOT THE\v £ Otp. BUT WHAT~\ THt'oNLY'vwv HIVPPENED?) r HM> or= WHO HIT /3TRAfGHTEMr*3 MS? J OUT THE MISTAKEN IDENTITY FISHY ABOUT THIS! IFfM 4V • LOOK SO T«AaiC-l\vKEN IM UCKEO.' *Saia AM/*.AST THMK. \ EVERYTHING'S / TH' XlDNAPlMU IM OO.WA HME TO fiAY ^k *!.(_ BIGHT. } [S OFF.' TV6 r CUTE TO ssrtxjr _^l>x ^^ H*D ENOUSH.' BOOTS AND HKK IKJDDIKS Just Like Him By EDGAR MARTIN

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