The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 18, 1947 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 18, 1947
Page 16
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SIXTfiKN BLYTHEVMXE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Cheese andCrackers Go Modern When Preserves Arc Added to Provide Quick Holiday Snacks When the te«n fcge Ktnz congregates and the college crowd comes Hinting home with holiday vigor, the eternal question about youth irtws, "Whtt to feed 'em?" • , With' these hearty youthful (puelUcs aiiri with your friends loo, rou'll find th»t quick, ready-to-serve snack food.', rase the efforts ol entertaining and satisfy almott uplverstlly. So you've got a crowd to feed!*AH right, 'get out your favorite i need now are a pint* of varied tray and put on It four matching bowls or glass dishes, along with spreader* all ready for use. Now mi two of the bowls with tempting: 'jelly or preserves and the other two with Urigy cheese or cheese spread. The next step Is to pile the other .end of the tray high with ah- assortment of fresh fruit. With your tray ready, all you'll crackers and a pot of coffee or a pitcher of milk or cocoa. When you bring In this templing army, you can be sure that your guests. young and old will be more than happy serving- themselves So snacks. You'll be happy too. It's so quick nnd easy! you can gel nil Hie necessary Hems—Jelly nnd preserves, cheese, crackers and fruit—at your Simple Menus Help Save Time For Hostesses on Busy Days ' By Oajrnor Maddox ON a busy day, you want an easy- to-hoolc menu. Creamed Ham and Cltlrkrn (Srrrrs 4) Three tablespoons fat. 4 tablespoons flour, 1'i cups milk, '. c teaspoons salt, dash of pepper. 1 oup diced cooked ham, !-j cup diced cooked chicken, '.i teaspoon Worcestershire sauce. Melt fat, stir In flour, Ilicn milk, salt, and pepper and heat until smooth and thickened, stirring constantly. Add ham and chicken and cook until throughly healed. Serve on fluffy mashed potatoes. Frankfurters are a thrifty buy and are available In small and large sites. Small ones average about 10 > to 12 to the pound; large ones about f eight to .the pound. Barbecued Frankfurters (Serves 41 Two tablespoons fat. 1[3 cup minced ontcn. \ teaspoon paprika. ,Vi teaspoon pepper. 2 teaspoons granulated sugar, -i teaspoon dry mustard, 1 to 3 teaspoons Worcestershire, sauce, 3 tablespoons cat- jup. 2 tablespoons vinegar. 4 frankfurters. . Melt fat, add onion and simmer until tender. Then add paprika, pepper, granulated sugar, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, catsup nnd vinegar. Make a lengthwise slit 3 inches long, through the center of each frankfurter. Arrange In a, baking pan, slit side up, and pour sauce over all. Bake In moderate oven CMHISTMAS MENU BREAKFAST: Orange Juice rendy-to-cat cereal, baked baby mitagta. .scrambled egK*. enriched toast, butter or fortified margarine, coffee, milk. DINNER: Grape-fruit, roast chicken. glblH wravy, cranberry Jelly, candled sweet' potatoes, Kree/i beans with almond*, buttered white onion.s, celery and olives, mince pie, cheese, toffee, milk. SUPPER: Tomato Juice, creamed liam and chicken on, hot biscuits, butler or fortified margarine, currant. Jelly, tangerines, grapes, apples, otrt-fnsblojied jrllv tails, tea, milk. ] until soft and smooth r'noiigVi to I THURSDAY, DECEMBER 18, 1947 * •"•vs« . ; i -w- « finu omuULU PIlQUgn IO I A I (Hi' H.^nt- * nr i • ~ Cinrnnl Jelly and chi-rfdar chcow,; spread, spread on round crackers' sauce• Gradual!v 11 w ° 1fccs , tc . rs ' rn ' cd bacon broken Into small Mis. Some hostesses prefer to mix and place 'i teaspoon curranl Jen ' P«m o} cl errv h, i i, *"*! "' C " ri tOBCl " cr """ s " rra<i °" lon S their own spreads If they have Die ! In the center ot each. Makes work mill »LSih = Jell! i' """ crMl( <™ Enough tor fi double or time. Here are tome hl.Hs for dc- ! enough for 12 cracker*. , toasted rr»,v « t Prcati °" 12 s '" 8lc «™cKc«. llc '™. e "S" to -™ k «-«P'«'»« . . SMACK8:-a»le (i Ib. o. ched-1 M tua £*£ £.£""• €n8 " sh Ior i _.£?™9S CRACKEHS: - on . BITS:-To one package (3 on.) cream, gradually blend In I *--W ! crisp _ . fffw vt biivu*-' i^ r>quai> crackpr* > E j -•-•-—...~.....<. — ^.i* dar cheese (about 1 cui> grated) I FiNOKn<; • v ii , ' , ' , p or l ast cd crackers, llgh'Jv as. i.Ks^js;-^H, •«; 5-«?^>^. 0 bWi,v?,r i>i!c -«•«• ci — - - --• hvoj.rlhree.e.spoon; or cream Urd. ».t and cayenn'e'TCe^ S?^p."j1,,? an^^s o^oT pcadi or spilcot nrcscrs'cs. One cup 1 II).) Is enough for about 2" crackers. first Eggs of alllKRtx>rs have no hard shells. They are covered with a Rioccrs, perhaps you'll want to be prepared nnd keep some, of them on hand, strawberry preserves, currant Jetly, pineapple preserves, cream cheese, cheddar cheese and .wtss cheese. Then you're not only ready and willing, but well able to copr ivllh unexpected visitors. When preparing your bowls of prc.torvcs nnd cheese, remember (hat these combinations are especially Rood together In snacks: Pineapple preserves and cream and swls.s (350 degrecsF.) 20 minutes, basting Green's Dairy, Distributors Phone 2361 S«« that Santa gets, a treat with City Super good things to cat. HOME DRESSED HENS ^''??%- COUNTRY STYLE PORK SAUSAGE READY TO EAT HAMS half » r whole FRESH CREAMERY STICK BUTTER Hunter's Thrifty SLICED BACON Ib. Special! Juice Sale — for a Vitamin-Enriched Holiday Toast . .-. WESTFIELD MAI!) GRAPE JUICE (lt 39 19 NO. 2. CAN J'lNEAI'IM.K JUICE 46 OX. CAN IMNEAHM.E JUICE 49 .IACK SI'KAT Ifi 07,. CAN TOMATO JUICE 23 li> OX. CAN GRAPEFRUIT JUICE 19 NO. 2 CAN TANGERINE JUICE ci 15 Soy ... do you ute LIGHT CRUST?" 5 Ib. Bag 57* ANNHEUSER-BUSCH Syrup for Waffles BUD Pint 25* BALLARD 5 Lb. Bag ^ BISCUITS - - 2 for 29< ORANGES -.. 29< [GRAPEFRUIT - - so< SUPERMARKET —We Deliver Phone 2668 , - • .......u in uiiv: <^| LWU If; A* ( JIUJWiiJ|(i l» n MA fill _"-*._J_.". . S !'°°" s °' <=''«""•) Top each with! gives like rubber. ui very nry, .snt-ii.-'. iney arc covered wiui a or two tea-i yielding, transparent material that \ A TENDER TURKEY IN THE SIZE YOU WANT. PRICED RIGHT, TOO. PLACE YOUR ORDER AT KROGER TODAY. i. s ,65' 47 SMOKED HAMS ::.'. ,,, „; •Swifl I'rcmium—It). «!>c PORK ROAST I'ork Hulls—Lean and Mealy PORK STEAKS ,,,52 ).f;iJi—I'rattically l{orieles.s SMOKED PICNICS 47 Make a Fine Gift HEADCHEESE 35 Swift I'remium DRESSED WHITING ( 19 I'Yesh Delicate. (Jood Katinjf HOLIDAY BAKING SALE 25-11) hag CHEESE SPREAD 89 Wisconsin-Windsor Club MARGARINE 35 Eat more. Economical Spread EVAP MILK 3 "L, 39 I'et, Carnation, or Silver Con 1 EAGLE BRAND 27 Condensed Milk DIME BRAND 21 Condensed Urand FRENCH BRAND 46 Hoi-Dated Coffee — Ib bag- COFFEE VJJ 40 Hot-Dated—Spotlight i. T\v« 2.1-07.. Hots, phis dep(. KROGER COLA 19 Or Ginger Ale Gins , KROGER TOO °' Fruit AVONDALE FLOUR Plain or Self-Rising SWANSDOWN ;.::- 39 Cake KJour GRANULATED SUGAR 10 95 Pure Cane HUMKO ,;„' r Dalntv Conk in j; l''al PURE LARD ;;; i« I'itm White—I'ure Hog CRILCO ^ v Creamy Digestible SPRY iJ i 2 For Baking: or Frying VANILLA ,;„' 10 Avondale Extract Ib. No. 2 Can atettes Season's Best Buys In Canned Goods! PUMPKIN Ntan2 ' 23 Slokely. Fine for I'ies ' CRANBERRY SAUCE 23 Stokely or Ocean Spray GREEN BEANS 2 N ^ 23 Standard Cut STOKELY PEARS N V n 27 Halves FRUIT COCKTAIL ^25 Kroger PEACHES TOMATOES .T-. Firm Ripe Slicing Quality. CELERY Ss 1 \9( Crisp, Crunchy Pascal. ORANGES Sweet Juicy, Full of Vitamins. ADDIFC c " s P Tart Al I LC3 Red Winesaps Rome Beauties — Full Half Bushel $1.79 CHRISTMAS TREES Kroger Finer Fir or Spruce FRUT (BASKETS «- Full of fancy fruits — Guaranteed fresh TANGERINES 2 ». Popular, Juick fresh, a Christmas must COCOANUTS Fancy fresh, full-o-milk. ENGLISH WALNUTS In Fancy thiin shells. MIXED NUTS PECANS BRAZIL NUTS Cello-pack. Value-priced. No. 2'/j can Avondale Sliced or Halves CHERRIES Ncan2 Kroger Red Sour Pitted ASPARAGUS t, 1 Kroger All Green Cut 2(P.r fa. 59tf and up 4.50 J-lb. Bag 1-lh. Bag 39< Bag' I KROGER BREAD ft! Twisted dough tor finer texture. I GOLDEN-SNO CAKE & Fresh-baked, richly iced. CINNAMON ROLLS ^ 19c Spiced rig/if and featherlight. SALAD DRESSING - 19c Embassy. Priced low. SALAD DRESSING °£ 13< Kroger Creamy Smooth. Pint 25c. PEANUT BUTTER '^33< Kroger Magic Mix 1 Pound Box Kroger Assorted CHOCOLATES 2 Ib. box $1.19 Kroger's 9 oz. pkg, MINCE MEAT 1 Pound Can Prince Albert TOBACCO 85; KARO SYRUP No. 5 size GRAHAM CRACKERS ; Kroger, Fresh, Crisp, Rich. MOTT'S JELLIES f\||7 Smf. Pkg. Lge. UU£ 2 for 33c Pkg. Dux does everything in your wash. Crystal White Soap | vor y $ oap UfJ . Ivory Snow 39< VEL Lge. Pkg. DREFT 2 Small 1'kgs. M For Marvclovis Suds Pi's. 36(^

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