The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 18, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, May 18, 1931
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Served by the United Press LYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS lle Daily Neiva ' ••--- - ----- -. ._-.--—= pi Valley Leader. ______ MIATIIKVIU-K, AHKAXSAS, MONDAY. .MAY 18, lit;!' BlythevlJle Courier, Blyllievllle Herald, Bl/lhevllle Daily Mississippi Valley Leader. THE DOMINANT OP NOIITHKA8T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOMEEDmON ERED BY SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Gcrmlcn Is Elected, Wilh Sillier Joe Chapin or Rob Robinson. John Bearrton and either J. C. Chaptn of Manila or 11. H. Robinson of Kclser are the new members of the county board of education, chosen al Saturday's school election. uiiolTicinl and incomplete re- turnc avail able today indicated. Hoarden appealed today to have n safe lead, but the race between Chapin and Robinson was so close that while (he latter appeared to have a slight margin the winner will not be known until after (he official canvas of the vote by the board of education tonight. J. B. Bnnn of Osceoia and E B j Bel! of Bassetl were fir behind. ' Rlyflifvillr for Heard™. An unofficial tabulation, compiled from Informal reports received from all but about a half doz»n boxes, mostly small ones, showed 1 the following vole: Boarden, 1113;' Robinson. 1IM7; Chapin, 10(14- liunii 493; Bell, 330. School district Two Perish in Texas Garage Fire Early Today ,. ,„ • Tex. May 18 lU i >— I wo men were fatally burned and a (loan ucrsuns Injure;! hero oday alien a wall ot (lamina ,1^.. bris toppled about them. H. C. Tallcv. 38, |ii u . tori'man'fnr the rcxas Power and Lirjht com- l''iny._ was almost instantly killed v-.lrn red hot beams trashed upon him in a biaxe that de.stioyed n intilor company an.l a h;irdwar;' sloie. Wayne <,'.'illhims. ,,^'m |' ic .'. k'-t agent for the 11. K. T railroad was fatally injured », lt . n „ •••Hie wail crat-liwl .suddenly when Ihe names ate a\iay iu stumori The lire started i-ariy iod:iv Enrage. In Red Cross to Honor Last Founder Price Stabilizalion Sought for Several ImporlmU Commodities. ty west of Big Lake went generally for Hearten and Chapin. while i>. number of districts in the south part of (hat territory won Lc! pin and Bunn. as did Osceola Wil- 1 •son Is reported to have cis! "its vote ' lor Chapin and° "&IS1"' B°, l found most of his strength in (hc extreme south end of the county bill also receive:! a gocd vote al Ar- mni-el. (By United Press) The world, facing one of the worsl and most prolonged ei-onuiii- ic depressions in history, has Turn- eel to conferences on an unprecedented scale in a searching effort lo find relief. In London relief for wheat farmers is being sought as delegate:; from 19 nations gather for a work! wheat, conference. A wheat surplus (his year of over 1.148.000,000 bushels is anticipated, tin: United Press reported. A solution will be vital not only to (ho fanners bill to the whole economic svstem. experts agreed. • In Geneva the council of the ... . . . • OH i I.eaj;ue of Nations is openini; its Mississippi Outlaws Fol- G3 "' SCKSi011 - A l' la " fo: ' ' il(1 economic federation of Europe is the major Item of tbc agenda. Would Fix Cuffcc I'rice's In Sao Paulo, Brazil, a world cof- fc-c congress is mectiiii! today to consider price stabilization o! 'this vital commodity. Overproduction asiiin lins foj-crd the price so low plamcrs are burning thousands of sacks of coffee in an elfort to stem the declining market tide. In New York Thomas L. Chad- Fcclei'al Drive Opener Missis lowing Killing. . BOONEVILLE, Miss.. ,Mny 15 | (UP)—Outlaws who terrorized small S. deputy marshal! got'under way The man hunt is under th? c'li- ,„„,;„„ ,, „„ ,. . ........... y L ' 80 "' de|nl15 ' " la ",p , , It0a * , J °, i| lvers ' of ^"te^. Sla '" W '" ic hc a » c «<Pl«l to The vole in Blythcvilir. as gen- t.villy throughout lhr> county was very light. Blytlieville cast '.p votrs for Rearden. 2:14 for Robin£«•.•. and JS or 20 scattered amo'lp the other !hree candidates. Osrcnia for Kunn, (Jlianin OSCEOLA. Ark.. May 18.-Osceola voted unanimously for the" 18 machine near here. More ;Agents Comin? Ligon numbered cmon 1 . today 23 federal agent here from Clarksdale, his force brought Aberdeen and Birmingham. In addition he deputized ten county officers and expected momentarily Ihe arrival of department of justice agents who mill school ta\- in school election Saturday.' polling 'a ; capacity and tni^l nt •>rm ,.„!„.. i T ,,,,,,, 5 : < - a l''"-ny ana 1Tmi . ; « j •-.... .^...1, ]ui^-ju<.-ts were , °,?i!;T 0 -: c ? lo thc Tui^'o »"d Clarks- total of 209 voles. J. L. nnd W. W. i-revitt. were unanl-'dale nils ~ Scrs^^s^Sooi! - ™-»-*«district No. - ' bourne, attorney and author of a plan to stabilize the price of sugar in world markets, predicted higher sugar prices in the United States as a result of the recent, accord signed in Europe by seven sugar producing nations designed to "fix prices and end overproduction." Itamnmic Union Halted GENEVA. : 18. ..VVV .rrj,? proposed economic union of Germany and Austria was lemporariy t halted at the opening session of the were ordered here from New Orle-j Ici "!''e <*°'mcil today, ans and Birmingham. i Joliann Schober, Austrian foreign 'minister, after o show of meek resistance, collapsed in the face of stubborn insistence by Arthur Henderson. British foreign secretary, thai. Austria suspend negotiations' on the proposed "anscbluss." Schc- ber agreed the parleys with Germany would be halted until Hie council can act on Ihe basis of an opinion by the Hague court of in- Four arrests occurred'today swelling the number in jail to 28 and officers said they expected to arrest as many as 50 persons. The the annual, lluic city jail here was filled to some prisoners were Rivers was shot and killed Satur- night when he attempted to 1 and the following- ! d . v ' votes were cast In the race for i r> membership in the county Ixrard of •„ , .^'7 . on ' "'"'Ported leadeducation: j. B. Bmm. '202- J C i . i "' ltol ! s sang" under arrest | H was construed Chapin. |7G; Ed Be " ' Robinson 9 and Jol; ternational relations, probably September. as signifyliij GIRL LEFT ON Companions of Injured Girl 1'lec Scene; School Boys in Another Cur Hurt. Ollim.s today arc si'ekln? Cecil James, young lluirman lunurr. wlnjso reckless driving Is allege;! lo have resulted in V lirad-on <'ol- llslon nn Highway IB lx-twcen Uly- Ihi vllU- mid Armorc! Saturday nlghl. resulting In I lie crllU'al Injury of Oliv Hrown, 18. occupant of Ihc car .luines was driving, ami riHght Injuries to two young fdiool Negro Is Shot Down On Street Cliff UadtfeU, 2'j year old nearo. was shot down on Ash sired early •Saturday nlglil hy Porter Thoinp- ion, negro, who fired three sliotsj Lviichin" Fe»l'0cl by Boli- it Hiulgelt and (hen puisiied him „. .,. • . var hhnriu as Angry . Crowd Gnfhers. at Hudgelt and then pin down the sticet flrlnir until Mart- Belt fell, mortally wounded, while pedestrians and cur drivers sought shelter. iiartgcU died nl the lllythevllle hospital about 10 o'clock Sunday morning. His assailant tinned and ran as Ihe tu'firo loll and imulr tooil his escape. A ncrjro womnn wns reported to have been struck In the leg by n stray bullet from Thompson's cun. Officers were confident today that Ihe nccro killer would be cap- boys in the machine which was lured soon. Thompson was said to .••truck by James' car. | have been nngertrt by TODAY Mrs. Emma L. DeGraw, only survivor of Ihe Rronp of women who founded the American Red Crotu in I8B1, will be a guest of honor at the ornanizalion's Goleieh Jubilee dinner at Washington, May 21,at which President Hoover will speak over two nalional radio networks. She is shown, upper lelt. as she appeared at the llrst meeting and, below, jis^ho,. Is todrj r '.. Mrs DeOrnw, who lives in Washington, has seen The Red Cross grow from fii charter members to '1X0 chapters with 11,000.000 members, hi connection with the 50th birthday celebration. Uncle Sam is making 59,000,000 por- liails of Marie Bard. N'rw York model, who posed for last [all's EC.! Cross paster, shenvn hi re, for reproduction on the government's Re-d Cross anniversary stamp issue. Brothers Travel 11,000 Miles Alone in Tiny Boat Ed Bell.'20-" n'H 1°", ch: ."' ses llc wns n federal ]«- Austria accepted the councils tern" :d John Be'arden 8 ! J,£ vlolator - Eaton's brother, his porary injunction against concln- i lather and several immediate mem- s'un cf the customs union and such Ibers of his family were played un- US?. ^r-'volcrT of'fr^tY'" 1 5 " bmltM '° «"H C01 '"' any S?™;, a matrR^, &.±! . «:£ "»™ en.isted Ihe aid ' action likewise tied the hands of •WHIM ui Kiiii.iuu:!. iiiL 1 \uie was i- E. T!. Bell, 137: John Bearden, 15; j qilor i lwlrtll "S connections. J. C. Chapin. 9: J. B. Bnnn, 42- R. II. Robnson. 8G. The vole for directors of the local district was: Leslie Speck. 138: Dr. n. M. Hfsey. 117; S. E . Harrison. 117; L. R. {iron-nice. 102: i tllcy c "Pfctcd to'arrest romn 5'J E. B. Bell, 100; John Wilson, 9«-1 I 1 " 50113 living in the Dr. R. L. Johnson, 89; W. B Bur-! Crcck section, near Federal officers, congregating here from all over north .Mississippi, intimated that Ihey had evidence of a wic'OEpread plol against government prohibition forces and that remote Dry the Eaton M-inila \ames Board McmlKTS MANILA. Ark--At the school election Saturday, II. W. Cowan and C. W. Tipton were elected to the board of the Manila district. Oilier members of the board are Raymond Fcx. Ed Johnson. E. L. Caraway and W. L. Thompson. 100,000 French Textile Workers Out on Strike ROUBAIX. France. May 18. (UP! —The textile industry in the Tour- going region was practically p.ira- lyzcd today when a strike of 100.000 workers went Into effect in Houbaix and vicinity. Trc.-ip? reenforced the police in maintaining order. Twenty-five thousand workers refused lo slrike. The strike was called In protest aaninst the suppression of a bonus, equivalent to a four per cent salary reduction. French Wife Kills First American Wounded in War SA'M"- 'an acy. kell. 41; E. M. Norton. 43: J. A. j Homestead, on charges ol coiispir- Musick, 35. Thc six highest were ciccteel. The IS-mill school tax was voted, 80 to 3. Creighton Fined $100 for Liquor Possession Ernie Creighton was fined S100 by Judge W. U. Gravcttc in police court (his morning on a charge of posscbHiij intoxicating liquor for the purpose of sale. About live full pint bolder, of liquor were funnel In his quarters in a Broadway street building. live, mcn wire fined'$15 each on charges of pi'* Me drunkenness. Charges of *.o;.il possession of intoxicating liquor lodyed against three women resident.^ of "Spain row" w'crc dismissed by the court Ihis morning, because of insufficient evidence. Failure to Prosecute Associates No Defense LITTLE HOCK. May 18 <UP> — The Arkansas supreme court today held lhat persons charged with criminal olfiiise cannot escape p;:n- bhineiti by showing other persons •xere also gnilly. In Iho cas« of Oscar Barnelt. Jr. on an apr/e.ii taken from the Hot Spihrjs circuit CO'.il't. Barnett was fined $100 for trans- parting lititior. It was proved in the lov:er court that four others were alcn* at the time of Ihe arrest and Ihc prcwrutor elid not brini; charges apuinsl them. in anclhcr decision the higlur court upheld the Arkansas statute providinj recovery of wages due and penalty for non-payment in (Sic case of the Cyprc.-s lank company against A. Weeks on an appeal from the Union cov.niy circuit court. Weeks was awardcel judgment for $121 in a suit for unpaid wages. Meanest Woman Exposes "Deaf Mute" PAI'IS. France, (UP) — A draf and dumb shoestring pcddlar in Paris named Clement Bordet, for- i I n i T? 'J leot to be dumb when Ihe worlds at Lone Uak rriaayj.ncaneft woman touglit one shoestring lor her onc-l.'gccd husband According to remits James, his brother. Lawrence James, Iwoolhcr lieu urn! three women who were rldlirj hi the small roadster with] ho Brown y'rl. lied when (he ac- 1 chlPtil ncfinred, leaving their com- iianion lyiny by the side of the load, with n splinter of glass through her back. I.arrnce James, who wus arrested by deputy sheriffs last iilulil, declared his brother was driving Hit our and admitted It was on the wrong side of the road when" the collision occurreel. According to reports the; elriver of the James car 'old his companions just before Ihe accident occurred that he would make a car approaching from direction "take the intentions lo a nc-Rro girl. M'CILL SILENT E nOMVAFt. Tcnn. Mav 1R (UP1 ; — A rcpro holinvfi([ (i^n sliver of. ji ,- hile nlntl^tlon fireman was. : ii'romnleil In n thlcknl. in tbe--" Plcnv linUn">s near lir.rn this aMrr>'00» mvl lOfflrwi feared lhat n n'nb wlrlch assemb'od would do., violence. A !*"rl of x ^he ^"if 1 r^ob fiUnw'/?'^, • Siioriff T.. N. Ncln"i fo'- Fevnral inilnij car3v toclnv w^r;n Ihpv be.-.. l'nv,->d n neero Ihe sheriff had In h 1 -! nuln was thrr.slaver of -B"n Rndlev, M. fru-eman on - tho J. W. .I"" 1 '; itlnnlitlnn. T^in sli^i'iff snlrt he has Uiifruct- •••i h's nffl"".^ in -Mrnt to kill ns . The nccro Is Will Morgan, 50. • ar pulled Six Received Diplomas Six graduates of Ihe Lone Oak school were presented diplomas In the annual commencement exercises Friday evening. George \V- Barham and Miss Willie A. LawsDn were the speakers for the program held at the 'cliool auditorium. Mr. Barham's NEW ORLEANS. May 18 (UP)—I Edgar Bou'.lgny, hero of the I^r- . cign Legion ond tho first American | wp'indrd In the World War. was killrd nl his home here today by his French bride whom lie wooed in Paris. Ifined. was Miss Lawscn's theme OUriMNS GET GAME and tried to pay for. It. with a Loses 25-ccnlime pi;ce—in other wordr. a no csunt penny. "Shai'.ie NIC npposite ditch". The approaching car pulled close lo the ditch but not entirely out of the road nnd tho two cars collided. Young Tull Johnson, 11 year old school boy, driver 1 of the second machine was cut about the arms and one of his two coni,Vin- lons, Carl Crowclcr, another school boy. suffered a slight knee Injury. Their car was practically demolish- cd. A passing negro motorist brought Mie school boys and (he serlouslv injured girl, who had been deserted; by her companions, lo this clly. The school boys received first aid treatment at the Dlylhcvllle hospital. The girl, daughter of Dob Brown, was carried to her home more than an hour ador the accident. occurred. Sunday she was removed lo the Blythevllle liofpllal. Her condition was considered critical, a splinter of glnss havinj entered a Inng af- tir puncturing hnr back. Lawrence James was released on bond today. The charge against him is rer-klrss driving, which will probably bo dismissed 'since officers HOLIVAP. Tonn.. M-iv 18 (UPl —A i>ir>b wlilnii foll""-cd n sherlft - nnd ]iii denutlrs when it was IhoiiEht tl'.i; IWA wero taking a hron! slaver of Hen ___/nlantfttlon fare-'/ 1 I,oss of Car Prior to His Disnnpearancc ''Partly By Accident" He Says. RTUTTClAnT, Ark.. Mav 18 (UP) —n>i?cllnlni! to tell anvihiiu: aboyt hlmrelf since his disappearance last week, A. U. McGlll. 10. wealthy rice mill owner, appeared here today with his attorney C. W. Mont- crlcf. McOllI who was unshaven and,'inhls. Tlie mob,.outwitted »byVthe .,_. nnr'Tarcd disheveled .said he-wan-! officers urcunm i.enraEed 'and : ?»ye'•:%,-; dcrcd about the White River'bot-i chase.. Outside Memphis city.llm- '•''' loms several davs. He wag hunteit 1 its the neoro convlnccrt -"•—"---•-•-• after his mnchine was found suh- was no' Iha man they. x ._ merged In,While \niver last -*'fr:l:.'l-n,ivns frp_e,d. ."The oH>Vrs.thenjj*j.-.Se- He said the car got awny from him i turned to Bolivar* rh?efin'g"1'rie';T*i8b*-*.'''S on the bluff above the "partly by accident." McOill owner of a big rice mill | lowlnst a here nnd prominent In that busi-; nti'l " i. In Meniphl? for safe'krej*)fr,!r?. tidav lurnod Its n{[ort5''to ttftd|n(t •-;" fhe. killer MIcvca In .hiding in the : H^tiihli* river bottoms...;: ; •''.••';• Ra;'*er died after behiK'shot by.-'-' Will I/wan, r.r-qrn tenant:-on tlie" J. W. Jort>a plantation. 1 The-^officers arrc'ced a neffro helleved U>;. be Loom and after. .aucstlbrilris .<••.• him tirleflv placed'"him In an % automobile nnd besan'a drive river] en route bock. Sadler won shot early todav fol- . quan-el between himself tcmint over crops. ' ' low-hi ness hyithe south, was said to have carrleei a large sum of moirey with him when lie dropped from sight. The mill, owned joinUy.iby his brother, was thrown Into receivership the day McGill dlsap- Petition New Trial for Nine Alabama Negroes peared. In M I r Cl, l_ C I mrs.Jx.Lnambers, t.ooier, in Mpmnriis m mempnis NEW VORK, Mny 18. (UP)—. ! Theodore Dreiser, noted ' novelist, and several others Interested in criminal reform, iiavc addressed an oocn letter to Governor Miller f Alabama asking that a new trial be [granted to nine minor negroes .who were seui.ared lo death nn n charse COOTER. Mo., May 18-Fimeral! of „,,„,„.,, assaiilHipnn two white services were held here yesterday nj r ] R afternoon for Mrs. J. E. Chambers.; Tn ' c MMk KmmA a [tor.Uionc- . certain Cecil .lames, who is 47 ' wll ° °' cl1 '" " M c")|Jhls lios- j s lm} • • - • With 11,000 mlln of hi-1, n ,lvrnt.irc behind them ' ns ' V " inNn> ' Y " r - lurbor: aiid i n » ,, cn, hou Wallers, 23 "'»:l), anil his Aliio, tic iver tn.ict). . . . llir lidle sloop s (wo rt:iri "' >' min s is. ytar-old brother, By NEA Senlcc oo r sl ">Ucred off Funchal. but that. A ttny .,-.oot i too, was "Just a minor accicdent." ,1 hv • ' 5 «s * mnor acccen. sloop, bobbing hke a toy ship on And oh. yes.,t Kou being swept the waters of New York Harbor. ra» 0 JT the deck three times by high brought two modern-day advetiinr- seas-well he was v, "r'n- a [ti- - * »E..rm = a me ers of the sea Into port after ll.OM reported to have ncd to Tennessee. was driving the car. Youn? Johnson was driving his school friends to their home nt Anuorel when ll» Wreck occurred. Many Arrirtents in Stale LITTLE ROCK. May 18 (UP)— Automobile accidents over the week-end in Arkansas resulted in Injuries to twenty-seven persons. nine of Ihcm being seriously hurt. Five were in a hospital at Arka- delphla and 13 others were, treated here for minor bruises received when the Body of a truck carrying 23 persons to church yesterday slid from the chasis. tossing 18 occupants into a ditch. The five most ln a with pltal Saturday. Services were con- „ lllnnber cf wnitc mcn wl! on) ductixl by the Rev. E. C.. Steven- ns (ounrt ln „ frc| hl citr w | th seriously bones. Injured suffered broken son and interment \vas made at Mount Ziou cemetery. Members of Ilia local Ladles Aid society served as the choir for the funeral services which were at- Uriccd by numerous relatives of (lie deceased from Tennessee. Arkansas and Missouri. The deceased was prominent hern In social and rell?fmis circles nnd had resided in Cooler 15 years. Fcon nftev coming to Cooler she was appointed postmistress, which iwslttoii she held several years. Mrs. Chambers was a member of the Methcdist church and of the Royal Neighbors. Besides iier husband the dcccas- Sheriff "walteT'HarrlsT'hU :™wife. two daughters and Mrs. M. P. rot- ter. Tcxarkana. were painfully hurt when their car plunged into a ditch en roulc to Hot Springs. None was critically injured. State Senator Roy MiUim and three others were hurt when the bus In which they were riding from Harrison to Roach overturned near Marshall. W. S. Martin and his wife were seriously injured List Jiight near Lake City when their car collided with a (ruck. "Kidnapped'' Tot Found Abed RITZVILI.E. Wash. (UP)—Search of a posse for "kidnapped" Marvin Ward, C. ended abruptly when Marvin was found In bed with two playmates at their home. After hearing bear stories, he was afraid to go home, he said. tlficates from mayors, all of wncin their high adventure. DYERSBURG, Tenn. (UP)-All had testified that 'liordet conlrti ^, tu u,s,. , [lr rr WT: im- umi- di'l-lct "h^ 0 ' "T 1 /," twi ! ncllh " <** "° r hrar ' Kcrc mi - "^ tet «• ™Sl in « ™«cpng lUM.ICt IS tllrllrfl nv.^r In tho ru-_ 1 ficn.jfrH ill Illn ll^ln/i nt lit f. ^..K ...... - ...... Of course, there was (hat time is turned over , 0 the ,' s home here and the hunlers n ,c name of Ihe 'b- , KcS. ^ lie and place,, on n,e, •:,, torto one." Tne:i, too, a rudder was . BLACKBERKIES LE.\n CROI'S NEWBERN, Tenu. (UP)-One of Ihe best blackberry crops in recent years has been reported here, however, fanners say the peach and npple crop will not be up to expectations due to the late cold weather In this section. the commonplace stones of their cxcltimj voyage the Atlantic for Miami, Fid., and which they told on thru- arrival after leaving Miami, toured the here. Doth are expert navigators. Caribbean Rea before warmer tiairied for Iho merchant marine wcalhcr permitted them the north- scrvice. They sailed straight across ward Journey to New York. rd is Mary survived \fartlra. hy one daughter, and two sisters. . Mrs. Susie Little and Mrs. Beatrice Jones, both of Finlcy, Tenn. St. Louis Fire Fighters Are Now Ultra-Modern the girls. Returns to Italy To Salvage Mine IRON 1 RIVER. Michigan, (UP) — After 20 years in America, Jc'in Prandi. 43 of this city, is cn- rnut? to his unlive town in Italy v.-hci-! he b'.irbd SO quart bottles of wine in '1000. "After oil these years in 'dry' America the pro^jvct of digein? up '80 quarts of 22-year-old win'j back home appeals to me as sort of a Ircasurc hunt»" Prandi told friends here unon bis departure for Italy 'recently. "Of course, I also plan lo visi!, my parents and relatives." he iK'ticd. The wine cache. Prandi revealed, is in' a wooded section in the province of Sondoria. ST. LOUIS. Missouri, (Ul'i— On the 82nd anniversary o( Ihe mo^t elestriicllve .fire In the history of •St. Louis, the conflagration of May 17 and IS. IR'D. th? cily today boaslcd on? of th: most modern fire fljhtinj departments in tin United States. When that ' disastrous fire started nearly a century ago the city fire department consisted of 100 volunteer business men. Three men were killed fighting the fire which raged for two days; restroy- inc; 466 downtown buildings. 23 steamboats and caused millions of dollars In property damage. MADRID. Spain, (UP) — Bullfighting slang has a new word added to its vocabulary — monarchy. and Its derivatives. Fire on Ash Street The residence of Jac'i Spndlov, ICO East Ash Etrrct. was slightly damaged by fire about nocn Sunday. The blaze originated from an over-heated oil stove. Cliy firemen used chemicals in extinguishing the blaze. Sell Old Jillhouse JACKSON, Miss. (UP)—For salJ or." jail and n courthouse. These two bui'dings '..-ere put en the block here recently by Hindi county au- when it wns decided to build uew ones. The buyer, however, had to tear them down. WEATHER ARKANSAS — Thundershowers, i ^ „« vii coo!t: ' f " northwest portion tonight; .u ,, g Tuesday ihunderctiowtrs, cooler, the "fan"! Is entitled to yell at him, "You're i H was "2 here yesterday for the wore than the monarchy." first s,ur.-"[-r weather of the y«ar. Recently the moUd bullflghtCirlThe minimum temperature was K "GHanlllo do Triana," whose real I degrees. Tovjay a year ago the max- name is Francisco Vega tie? los'lmnm temperature was 73 dejr:c5 Reyes (Reyes means Kings) ap- .ind the minimum 64 degrees, cloudy pearcd in Valencia, but the posters j with .3' inch of rain, according, to read: "Francisco Veca de la Re-'the cfTi-M weather observer, Chos. public: | Phillip.; jr.,

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