The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 18, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 18, 1947
Page 6
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Iff \ '•"» ' \' fcv/efs Show Disappointment Over UN Achievement Because Of American Foreign Policies __ ', 9r -Xvkeri Manning VmHf4 fnti SUlt Correspondent HKW YORK, Dee. II, (U.P.)—Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei A. Ofomrt«'of the Soviet Union ,s*ld today the people of Russia, while «ta»ppoint«l with' the United Nations so far because of American peMcy, still believe 'th« UN can become "an effective Instrument in tht struggle for pre»«rvation of International peace »nd security." Oromyko declared In an'Interview • with the United Press that the UN's future hinges on the willingness of the great-powers to cooperate. He uld .however, that the breakdown of the Council of Foreign Ministers In London, would "not BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.) COUIUEU NEWS autke the work of the United Nation* »ny easier" and warned . in fffectlve system of world a •ncrgy control may be Impossible unless the United Slates alters its position.In the UN. Oromyko »s«erted thai ''somebody" hu been inciting lh« Arab people dnce the United Nations decision to'-partition Palestine, but he, said Uve vlolthe* securing there was to fc* expected following the UN .acU ion. • , "Somebody U Inciting the Arab people in Palestine and not only in Palestine," he said. '^Byt I do not believe this is in the Interests of either the Jewish or the Arab people." Later,- In checking over his ans- w«ra In the Interview, the Soviet diplomat added that the current bloodshed In Palestine "must be stopped in the Interests of pence. Including peace in the Middle East." To recent charges by unamed American officials In Washington 'that Huasia >uppor(ed partition to (at. Soviet armed forces Into the 'Middle East, the permanent Rus«i»n UN representative replied with n reference to his last speech In the UN General Assembly. "The Soviet Union, ns Is known, has no direct material or other Interest in Palestine." he said in that address "and Is Interested in this question as a member of the United Nations and as one of the great .powers." • • . Charcet V. S. With Double Talk Oromyko granted (he Interview at hli unpretentious Manhattan headquarters In » bullt-over apartment houM on the ev» of a resumption of negotiations in the UN Atomic Energy Commission. He loosed a new attack on American opposition to Russia's proposal lor scrapping atomic bombs and said". . . . The United States does not wish to establish effective International control over atomic energy although its representatives apeak a* it the government of the United States Is willing to establish luch control." Gromyko underscored Russia's determination to boycott the American-Inspired "Little UN Assembly," th« Balkans Commission and the Korean Independence Commission— an established at the recent General Aaaembly meeting over Soviet bloc protests. . ."Our position remains as stated." .he said when askad if the Russians might change their mind and sub. ••fluently participate in the new UN agencies. He was asked to' comment on recant unofficial suggestions that the Western powers were trying-to force Russia, out of the UN. . "I do not know what their inlcn- ttoru are," Gromyko replied. "It would be better to ask them." House Group Investigates 1 Na-l i ff , j . . ICfi ArL Musicians WASHINGTON, Dec. 18 (UP) — A House Labor Subcommittee Is Inrcstigntliis James C. Pctrlllo's American Federation of Musicians to find how many members actually make Ihelr living from music, It was learned loday. Subcommittee Chairman Carroll D. Keariis, R., PH., sntrl "some quiet Inquiries" are being made 'under his direction. He explained that the Investigation wns motivated by Pe- trlllo's claim that new Inventions are displacing musicians. . "I have an Idea (Mat the si-cater number of his members arc, at best, only part time musicians," said , Kearas, himself a. member of the union. "Many of them probably carry Ihelr union cards for sciHlmen- lal reasons only." Petrillo claims approximately 250.000, Kcnrns said, "but I have an Idea that in terms of working musicians he probably represents only a fraction of that ntimlier." Petrillo lias stated Hint lie will bar his members from making musical recordings after the end of the year. In addition, he has indicated that he may Impose a similar ban on network broadcasts after Feb 1 ' ' U.S. Agrees to Pay Entire Town Lies to Sick Girl Laraor S line A r\l • A . . -****t f Makes Last Christmas Happy Larger Shore of Occupation Costs WASHINGTON, Dec. 18 <UI>)- TOKT PIERCE, fix., Dec. 18. t _^ ^ f (UPj—A whole town lied to a little The United States was committed glrl lod!l y- I illt It 'was the falsehood ever told. They told her It was Christmas. same period the equivalent of $121, 000,000 In goods and services. Winter Wheat Outlook Report to Be Issued WASHINGTON, Dec. 8 The nation gets its first forecast today of next drought-shortened winter (UP) — official S'car's wheat Farmers. Rrnln brokers, government officials and hungry peoples the world over have ll vita) nicinhn-ihi,, n l ! '" tlle rC|10rt wlllch " 1C Apiculture nioniucishlu of Dcpnrtincnt will Issue later today. Officials agree that next year's It is s:\id thati Napoleon had a dally bath In which cologne was mixed with the water. wheat crop will probably fall short of this year's record production— which In turn failed to provide a big enough surplus to keep Europe from hunger. Today's report will be an estimate of 19<8 Wlnler wheat production, the crop that normally provides three-fourth* of all the nation's wheat supply. Wheat seeded in the Spring supplies the rest. The department will attempt no estimate of Spring wheat output. Read Courier News Want Ads. Read Courier News Want Ads. Swing Music is Heard in Palace As King, Queen Hosts to Servants By Robert v. United Prew Staff IV.rrespundrril 1/3NDON, Dec. 18. iUP)—Swing It, snld the King, and I lie orchestra rlld," loning it down n little lest the dlu offend the royal cars. The occasion was the annual servants' ball W Siickiiiglinm Palace last night. King George anil Queen Elizabeth were there, and Princess Margaret, and some 400 palace servants with their wives, daughters and relatives. Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip were dining out with a sroup of friends, so they missed the annual ClirLstma.s ball which brings the staff itpslalrs with the royal family as honored giicsls. Lou Praepcr and liis 18-plece dance orchestra from Hammersmith Palais were playing old- fashioned danrex. The King anrt Queen and Priiu-ess Margaret came along. The king asked Pracger whether he played any old fashioned dances at Hammersmith Palais a public dance hall. "Very seldom arc we asked for this sort of number, your majesty," Praeger conlc-ssod. The QUCPJI nskcd what the or- clics'ia usually played. Margaret probably the hcppest member of tho royal family, whispered "swing music.'' "We should like to hcSir sonic swing now," said [lie King. A little ftustered. praeger su?- costcd it might be too loud for the palace dance room. But the Kim; Insisted. Stlli not. convinced but bowing to I he royal wish. Praeger Instructed his players to use mutes! Tt wa* tamer ihan the usual version*'of "The Woodchoppcrs Ball." The supper room was used last at Elizabeth's wedding breakfast Nov. 20. when it was 'gilded by the presence of six kings and eight queen.*. -i Dancing started at 6:30 p.m. to the music of Lou Praegcr's band brought to the palace from the Hammersmith Palais de Dansc. King George VI danced a fox troi. with Elizabeth's maid servant Margaret MacDonald. and Queen Elizabeth danced with her page .Cyril Haylcy. Princess Margarel Rose stepped off a foNtrot with Elizabeth's footman. Cyril Dick man. After th» rodeo enjoy EARIY TIMES Fifths Pinfs . Halves $5.45 *1.74 EARLY TIMES KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON , c s Dec. 18,'niid did their Jamb-up best bilng lUba N C )| Bowmnii the na'.t slorlpiw Christmas she's evor lad, because tlic doctor says It will if hnr last. Today happens to be Hcba's sev- •n'.h birthday, but her father, an today to bearing seven-eighths of the costs providing the Hrltldh-j -. — — -.>•- ~...... ^. American zone In Germany with the ^.'""''J 1 '' 1 ^^calendar, which said "ini|X)rt.s nece.«ary to prevent dls- ™~~ '" ' case and uni-eNl." By (luicniiient signed late yesterday, Britain and the United States shelved their previous accord under which they shared 50-50 the costs of maintaining the British-American occupation zone, known as "Blzonia." Under that cqiwl-xpllt arrangement (he two nations were estimated to have spent $400,000,000 each this year. Under the new agreement—designed to sive Britain a lift In her dollar "crisis—the United Stales agreed to spend—if Congress approves—some 1800.000.000 between Nov. I, 1947 and Doc. 31, 1048. On her part, the United Kingdom promised to expend during the , , ncmployed carpenter's helper, has- 't told her why her two favorite days are coming at once this year. He hasn't, explained why there was inch a big party and so many prc.v snu that she won't have to share K-Itli her six older and younger brothers. As the surprise party got under .ay today, in Rcbn's room In tin: tumble-down house at the edge of j "Remember the little gin ivlt.'i j ihe piping voice who used to sin'" noblest, ] the hardest In the Sunday School Junior Choir nearly a year ago?" That did the trick. Illch and poor alike (rouped In with gifts, like the Magi In the oldest Christmas story of I hem all. Among them was Ihe wrinkled old popcorn peddler who brought In a gallon Jug of Ills' street corner wares, drenched in more butler than he ever gave a cash customer. Stratojet Termed Wonderful Plane After Test Flight MOSES LAKE, Wnsh., Dec. (UP) —Pilots who tested the radical new Boeing XB-47 bomber said today THURSDAY, DECEMBER 18, 1947 that It is "a wonderful airplane." The big plane was designed to carry more than 10 tons of bombs, equalling Hie payload of the 13-23, at close to the speed of sound. The stratojct made a 50-mlnute maiden flight yesterday. "It's a wonderful airplane." Uob- ci t RobWns, 31, one of the two pilots,' told officers, "it's no work to fly a plane like that." The six-Jet experimental bomber with sharply awept-back wing and tall surfaces, covered the H5 miles from Seattle In 27 minutes, although it did not land until after a series of maneuvers and banks over the field M.LY .TiMlLLMY Co«v , IT,, - °" IPA '' VlLOUI »VILH, town, she was the only one unaware that she Is doomed by Incurable cancer and may not live out the ,'cck. Ln-sl week her doctor called her parents aside and gave them the awful fact. "I huvc done all I could," he said, 'thtrr. is no hope." W.L. Bowman saw his daughter's wan face, framed In yellow curls. He heard her laughing and chat- :cring to the visitors around her bed. a;; though there was nothing nl all the matter. He made up ins mljid then that neither she nor his other children would ever know, and the secret was kept successfully untji word somehow got to Douglas Silver, owner of a local radio station. Silver culled on the Bowinans, saw that they were living on a lean purse, and noticed the hard-scrubbed shahbincss of their old house. Then lie made a plan. Stalls Radio Drive Armed with a microphone, he launched n "Christinas for Reba" campaign on the air and strummed a thousand heartstrings with H-ords like: . "For Rebn." he said In an Ellis Island accent. An old time, M K league pitcher' now a lining station owner dron- |icd in with $5; and the Fort Plcrco cojis, reputed t o be some of the toughest law officers In Florida chipped In for a blue silk frock, size Uy yesterday, "Tile Day Before Christinas," the front office of Silver's radio .slation wo., buried under n snow bank of presents, sonic cheap, some costly, but all with the r.S it ingredients for a little girl's Yule holiday. Today Reba was propped up in a while hospital bed, a mysterious donation, and as she peered in excitement from the depth of the .siiotvy pillow behind her head, th-* gifts were brought in. Her family, and a small crowd of her Sunday School classmates the!-voices raised In the carols Reba had learned with them, gatHcrcd around and watched the small white hands fly over the bright wrappings Helping her was a Santa Claus with a lump In ills throat, Jack Harrs the real estate man. " ' In the midst of all that wonderment some one came in and announced that there was to be a turkey dinner, donated by the Elks Club, later on. It's the kind of faro that's been missing a long time from the Bowman board and the doctor said Reba could eat all she wanted. Read Courier Nexs Want Ads. AUTOMATIC BLANKET Perfect gift for anyone! Blissful AUTOMATIC SLEEPING COMFORT C-E AUTOMATIC BLANKET will be warmly appreoau,! all winter lorn:! It'j downy-light, but war/u as ihrec l.ljnkcls! Btclside Conirol (sj t once a season) keeps sleeping temperature '|u!t nghl" aHtom*licall)—no mailer Iiow ihc weather change* d,,ri, 1B the night. Choice of blue, rose, green, cedar 72xM inches. Put one on your silt lisl, now. Uuiulers beautifully. Carefully n«dc In rigM O.ioriil l-lcc- trrc lafety, and approved hy Underwrite^' Laboratories, Inc. Use Our Easy Pay Plan appy C, oliday Year Round comes but once a year? Don't you believe it! Not when you can travel in style that's bright and »ny as a holiday wrapping — and just ns sure to bring a sparkle to the eye. Not when you've a big Fireball straight-eight with which to explore those pleasant little roads that arc as /»J1 of happy surprises as a Christmas morning. Not when you've a car like this, that can he snug and cozy as a scat by the fire when the weather's bad — yet wide open to the sun, the sky, the stars and the moon when the season's right. Not when every mile you travel is cradled on four soft coil springs that give your car a gait as smooth and flowing as its long and tapering lines. Not, in short, when you've a Buick Convertible, with push-button top, self-adjusting front scats, and electro- hydraulic door window lifts that are more fun to operate than a new toy train. With this one, the holiday spirit lasts all year. With this one, that happy, contented, at-pcacc-with-thc-world feeling knows no season. It's too late, of course, to put one in your driveway for this Christmas morning. But why not see your Buick dealer, and fix things up for a future time? Just the news that you've got an order in for a sparkling new Buick Convertible will be enough Uv give your household its merriest Christmas ever. ONLY BUICK HAS ALL THESE * AIRFOU. FENDERS * FJRHAU POWER •*- ACCURITE CYtlNDER BORING * SUJCO/L SPRINGING •k FUTEWCIGHT PISTONS * SltENf ZONEBODf MOUNTJNGJ * PfKMI-mM STCIKINS * SAFfTY-KIDf KIMS * fULL-ifNGTH rORGUf-TUBf DMVl * STffON PARKING BRAKE DUPfLfX SEAT CUSHIONS * CUfiL-AROUND BUMKftS * TEN SJMART MODELS * BODY tY FISHER BUICK i will build them 'f/L^ 7^. in HfNUV I. TAVtOK. of Ntfwort, Monrfoyi onj fn , LANGSTON-WROTEN Walnut and Broadway (0 Telephone 555 1

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