Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 30, 1897 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 30, 1897
Page 19
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To go below us in price is to go below us In quality. Thanksgiving Offering. Again we fulfill the Big Store's promise.to give its patrons lues obtainable nnder tht sun. Lowest prices quoted "best values America. the in Every Department Adds Its Full Share -of values to the entire store's offerings for the next week, making a .solid share of bargains that will proved unmatchabie. irresistible, not the offering of cheap, worthless merchandise, for there isn't any here. but the values that result trom careful buying in large quantities. We are manufacturers of a large share of our clothing and are willing to • be content with small profits. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS We are oflerino- for the next week, Suits and Overcoats for $5, the kind others ask G.5<) for; 7.00 for the kind you see in other houses for 10.00; 10.00 suits in Scotch, Tweeds, Satin Black in coat, others -call them cheap at 15.00, our priee 10.00. ,,11 The most tender spot in a mother's heart is to see her bey look better than some other boy, and if you can find a place in the state of Indiana where it can be done, it is at the Children s parlor or l±Ui BLOB where you will find novelties at prices tnat will open your eyes, •Suits and Overcoats 2.00 to 5.00,-Don't forget that you can save 2oc to 1.00 on each hat you buy at The Hub. Novelties in shirts, neck•wear, and underwear at a big saving to yon. THE HUB, Harry prank's Old £tand. TRY Al Young, THE MERCHANT TAILOR .THIS FALL. Por A. Suit or Overcoat Makes Stvlish Garments. All Work Guaranteed. 304 Market Street, Over Coulson's Drug Store. W. R. HENING & CO. Successor) to; Che Equitable Produce anil Stock Exchange. Capital Stock »100,00l), fully paid. Members ofConsolidfttod Produce and stock Exchange, WmrniBh our customers dally market re- Anortg over our private wires in this city, we •ra^ctrullj solicit your mtronaRO through our local correspondents . W. Milner <;. A. B. Bnll<UnK. l>o«nn»p«»rt. In*. Bell Telephone 260, Mutual Telephone 213, Insurance and Loans. All kinds of Insur- «noe and Bonda written In first olass companies. Money to loan 6 per cent. S. M. Closson,3l9 Pearl St. C. O. Heffley, Insurance, Real Estate And Loans. 308 Fourth Street. Kroeger & Strain. - 0»08. «8. Kroeger, KB W. 5ETWVELSEY Loans Money at C per cent. Makes Abstracts and Writes Firo. Tornado and Plate Glass Insurance. GEORGE W.'BQDEFEB. -^•^ •fteal Estate, Loans, Fa p^ty 01 - »nd Of iMMket street bridge.. HENRY WEBER, The Merchant Tailor, does first class work. Stylish and well fitting clothes made^ Cleaning and repairing neatly done. tee Him. 324 PEARL STREET. INSURANCE Of all Kinds Written by GEO. GONSER. DR. F. M. BOZER'S DENTAL PARLORS. Over City National Bank Corner of Fourth md BroadwuT -Contral Telephone No Office S6S, residence 34S D. E. DELZELL, Dentist, 416 MARKET STREET Opattln oTer Bruggeman'a Millinery Store. OITY NRWS. Wanted—Good girl at 2114 Broadway. Will Ayers haa returned Jfrom a visit at Kolcomo. To George Proaat and wife, of ] Shultztown, a son. For rent—Good house with all modern improvements, also two fiats. —G-eo. W.Funk. Eli Hughes of Hartford City, is in Logansport, called here by the death of Marion Leonard. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Rosier of 1S25 North street, spent Sunday at Wabash, the guest of friends. Mr. Jonesrepresentsng the Columbia chalnless bicycle, Is in the city calling on his agents the Uhl Bros. 3ee Walter Moore and John E, Hayes, the favorite comedians, In the Elks minstrels next Tuesday night. Willie, the yonng son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kuhn, of Chicago street, is dangerously ill of lung fever, Mrs. Henry Clay, colored, who has been visiting the family of Charles Parker, returned yesterday. to her home at Cincinnati. Kokomo Tribune: Mrs. Dorsey Mahin went to Logansport today, where she will meet her daughter, Mrs. Khetta Mahin-Beeching. One of the handsomest delivery wagons ever seen upon the streets of Logansport, was made by Joseph Aaan for M. J. Bligb. the wholesale liquor dealer. There Is a movement on foot in Logansport for the formation of an organization to.be known as Associate Charities. The objecD of such an organization is to bring the various charitable organizations into closser communion and better effect their object. This is a move in the right direction and the organization should be effected. It is learned that a family living at 320 High street by the name of Adamson is in very destitute circumstances, The father, Alfred Adamson has been employed at Fernald's sawmill and had his right arm broken a few days ago. His wife has been confined to her bed for some time ith dropsy and _the family Is now an object of charity. The proper authorltes have been asked for assistance and any offering or assistance ill be gratefully received by the family. FERD BO£GES' Theatrical Venture Prored a "Frost" at Cincinnati. "Ihe Sleeping Beauty" Did Not Draw and an Army of Creditors are Clamoring for Cash. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer of Sunday, Ferfl Borges' theatrical venture, "The Sleeping Beauty," proved a. frost at that city and he is unable to meet his obligations, Concerning Borges' movements, the Enquirer says: '•Became to this city about a month ago, and la some manner secured the intluence and financial backing of the various local Turner societies. The latter also entered into a contract with him agreeine to aid him all they could ia the enterprise, provided that one half of the receipts would be turned over to the various charitable Institutions. "About two weeks ago the Turner societies, at a special meeting, decided to withdraw from the movement, on the ground that they dirt not think it would prove to be a profitable veoture. An announcement to this effect was published, but Borges, after being dropped decided to try it on his own account for what there was in it. As the Turners refused to patronize the play, and no one else appeared to be Interested in it, nothing could be expected but what occurred. ".Last night a crowd of about 75 girls and young men thronged the corridors of the auditorium waiting for Borges to come and liquidate, but he failed to put in appearance. The doors of the theatre were not opened, because there was no one there who cared to to go in. Mr, F. Schwlrz- schina, the costumer, says he loaned about 160 worth of costumes to Borges, but he expects to get them back today. "Mr. Borges says he will square up all accounts that he owes just as soon as he can get certain money due him from another source." Little Ellen Rehwald. Farewell to little Ella. The sweet and .ovely child. So dear to all that knew her. To everyone so mild. Thou art prone in childhood beauty. And free from sins dart stain. To dwell among the anirels, No more to suffer paid. Oh: do not mourn dear parents. Your darlinir Ella's gone— To Hea7en to wait your coming. And bid you welcome home, She will sing- the song of angels, Ann guard your footsteps here. Until you are cahed to meet her. Your little Elladenr. —A FRMXD, FOSTER SAYS Decembsr Will be a Month of Severe Storms; PRIMROSE & WEST'S MINSTRELS At Dolan's Opera House Tomorrow Night—A Splendid Show. "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men." This is a true saying;, and when men and women too, for that matter, are seeking nonsense of an amusing and refined character where can it be better obtained than by witnessing Primrose & West's minstrels, who play at Dolan's opera house tomorrow night. Primrose & West come to us this year with what is claimed to be the best company they have yet given us, both as j,to comedians, dancers and singers. Mr. West is ll known as a dancer and Inventor and arranger of marches. He will contribute something entirely new in this line said to be more magniflciently produced than anything ever before jttempteri in this line, both as to costuming and novel electrical effects, He will also act as "Interlocutor" in tne first part a position which he invests with dignity and picturesque- ness. Ezra Kendall the well known comedian is one of the most prominent members of the company, and should prove more than acceptable In this new departure for him. He has a new and comple stock of entertaining stories with which to captivate the smiles of the audience. Carroll Johnson, a blackface artist of reputation who has been styled "The Adonis of Minstrelsy" will be welcomed by his admirers. KLOSDIKERS. GoTirnor Brady of Alaska Sires Some Yalnable Pointers. Governor John G. Brady of Alaska, a former Tiptoe resident, writes a long letter of advice to prospective Klondike gold seekers, in which he gives some sound advice to the uninitiated. He gives a good description of Lhe country and its conditions. Among other advice he says: "I would advise a friend who has made up his mind to try Alaska to have at least one year's outfit and more if possible, when he lands ia the diggings, and if he does not know how to mine to work for wages the first year. He is then in school and will receive enough wages to save a good sum over expenses. "When the next strike is reported he will be able to buy his outfit and hurry forward to secure a claim for himself It is best for men to go in small parties, not over four together. Parties coming in the spring would do well to arrive in Junea with nothing but cash and buying their outfits there, as the stores are well supplied and outfits can be purchased cheaper than at home. "Mosquitoes come to full development in the lattltude. While you work a cloud of blood-thirty mosquitoes are attaching you and you will be distracted if not well protected." That Cold Wares Will Follow Each Other Closelj Through tie Month. According to Foster, December is to be a continuous procession of storms, rain, wind, snow, sleet,thunder, lightning and cold waves to our discomfort. The month begins with a regular storm period nearlng its close.Storms of rain, wind and snow will be in progress over much of the country on the 1st and 2d, much colder weather following promptly from western extremes. From the 3d to the 5th the cold from the northwest will be felt all over the country. A reactionary storm period Is due on the 5th and 6th. From t en until the 8th there will be a rising temperature accompanied by storms of wind, rain and snow, with winter thunder and lightning followed by a sharp cold wave. From the 10th to the 15th there will be a general and very severe storm passing, as do all these storms, from west to east, Heavy sleet will come about the 16th, winding up with a dangerous blizzard, with cold up to the 20th. From 21st to 25th will fall a very marked storm period. It will come in by change to warmer in the west with storms of rain, turning to SQOW, followed by a cold wave pass-ing eastward over almost the entire country. A general period of mixed storms will follow, and aoout the 20th and 30th, a very fierce cold wave will set in continuing to the close of the year. AUDITION4L ITEMS. John McCarthy, of Peru, spent Sunday with Logansport friends. Hot and cold soda at Porter's. Shoes at calf price Walden's bankrupt store. The net profit of the St. Vincent bazaar was S674.83. Mrs. R. Hutchinson, of the Westside, is 111 of la grippe. Mayor McKee attended the gas meeting at Alexandria last night. Al Grice, an ex-professional, will act as "middleman'' in the Elks minstrels. Will Dewenber, of Lafayette, Sun- dayed in the city with his brothers, John and Herman. Mr. and Mrs. William Baker, of Lafayette, who have been visiting relatives and friends in the city for a few days, returned home today. Lost—Catholic prayer book yesterday morning, between 10th st. and the St. Joseph Catholic church. Please return to this office and receive reward. The collections at the county treasurer's office of the November installment of taxes amounted to about $105,000, which is considered a very good collection. Sunday was the commencement of the advent season, lesser Lent—a fast which is kept in the Roman Catholic and Episcopal churches. There will be no more weddings in the Catholic churches until after Chlstmas unless by special dispensation from the bishop. Sunday evening while the children nf Engineer J. J. Stultz were playing about their home on Smead street, one of them ran against a stand, overturning a lamp and setting fire to the carpet. Instead of screaming or rushing from the house Mrs. Stulti,, with rare presence of mind, picked up a sack of flour which stood in the pantry and smothered the flames with the flour. The question is frequently asked: "Why is the Western Union Telegraph office not kept open during the nighttime?' 7 It occurs to the Pharos that in a city the size of Logansport the Western Union company could afford to keep the office open all night. AS the matter now stands nighc messages are forced upon an already overworked operator at the Panhandle offices, who is bound to attend to the railroad business first, thus delaying outside telegrams too long. Local representatives of metropolitan papers suffer most under the present system. !»«»»•••»< Hood's Are much !n little: always ready, efficient, satisfactory : prevent a cold or fever. cnr« all liver ills. Mck headache, jaundice, constipation, etc- Price 25 c«nU. Th« onJy Pills to tik* with Hood'* San»p«rUl». Pills W e A re To close out our various lines o! OVERCOATS in men's boy's and children's department. We are OVER STOCKED, and to Anyone needing a garment of this character, would say that we have made prices that will move the goods. We have a large variety in Beavere, Meltons, Kerseys. Oxfords, Black, Brown, Blnes.Ulsters Eeefc-.rs etc., of finest quality, and first class make. In Winter Underwear, We are simply in it, and hare the largest stock erer offered before in oOc lines up.Good heavy comfortable garments for cold weather. In Furnishings We have a full supply. Railroad Men's Duck Coats, and Shirts, closest figures possible. Splendid wearing garments in this line. Do not forget our Children's Depf.. which is lull of wearing apparel tor the little fellows. We hare the best 25°and 50c Knee pamts ever offered in this market. Mackintoshes and Rubber Coats. A|fuil supply at lowest prices. We have arranged to supply anyone with a correct garment.that we oann«t fit from stock. Thanking you for past favors. t I I J. D. Ferguson & Jenks. » 322 Market Street, Loganspcrt, Indiana. •» : f • • i ! «* »*»»»»+«•»«»»+«»«»»»•»••»»»+•»»»»••••»•••• AMUSEMENTS. OLAtf'S OPERA HOUSB. • • • • Wednesday, December, 1st. Annual Apoearance of PRIMROSE & WEST'S Big Minstrels. High Class Mtaistrelsy, Presented by the Cream of the Profession. Including Ezra Kendall and Carroll Johnson. Street Parade at Noon. PRICES..II, 75c,50c, 35c and 25c. Seats on eale at Jotmston'6 drug- stora. D OLAN'S OPERA HOUdE. WU. DOLAN, MANAGER. RETURN ENGA1BHEST FRIDAY, DECEMBER, 3. The Funniest of Funny Play«, Tannehlll's Comtd/, "The Nancy Banks." A Story of a Salted Gold Mine. Three acts of laujrhter.—N. T. World. "Hot Stuff."—Chicago Cnronicle, Pi-asented by the Famous Actress. MARIE JANSEN And the BlsLinguished Actor Author. FRANK TANNEHILL, JR., And a Great Company. Hear Jansen's Merry Stags. PRICES 25c, 50o, 75c and $1.«0. Seats on sale at Johnston's drug store. First National Bank CAPITAL |250 7 000 JL. J. MUEDOCK, PwterDHirr, W. W. ROSS, CABHXBK, J. T. BROOKMEYER, Ajaer. CAABOXB. VIKBCTOK8: A. Jl. Kurdook, W. H. Bringhurtt, Uhl.B. S. LUce.B.F, Tamil, I M. Xanrwxl. W, T. Wilson. Banking in all itg Department* promptly and carefully clone. Safety to Customers and stockholder sough [for. Strong Keserve Fund Maintained. Special Sale -OF— JARDINIERE STANDS THE GREAT COVMERCUL SCHOOL OF INDIANA. Genuine Office and Business Pratrti«e from the day of entraace. The Logansport Commercial High School, We use the well known Sadler'i Budget system of Dookkeeping; and office practice. The Educational flit or the l»th Century! Genuine bookkeeper's experience from the stare. No copying. The student learns by doing. He is noi taught impractical and obsolete methods and forms. The most thorough and up-to-date commercial school in this section of the country. Select the best Cheap tuition ii dear at any cost Select a school that it recognized and •ndorsed by the business community. We urge Investigation. uome and see us, or write. Logansport Commercial HIgk School. FOCTRTH STREET. Circuit Court. Mrs. John Minneman, adminis- tratrix of the estate of the late Frank Pottmeyer, was granted permission to sell personal property at private sale. The suit of Mary Elmerick against Nancy Pfeister was dismissed at olaintlft's cost. Bimetallic League. The Cass county Bimetallic league will meet Wednesday night at Trades' Assembly hall. Tnere will be a debate between six members of the club, and the public is invited to be present. C. E. CARTER,JPres, 2T W. PHIPPS, Sec. Notice. There will be a joint cmeeting of the board of managers of the Home for tne Friendless at the home, Wednesday evening December 1st. All members are requested to be present. Smoke thejColumbl* »»de from solid oak, finished fore«t green, or mahogany, mnually at |1.50. Special sale for Wednesday M4 Thursday. Only 79 cents. Spocial sale of Jardinieres, all MM*, some very fine ones, at half cro«k«f store prices. Most every lady wmts one. make most acceptabl* wwldiag Christmas presents. Cor. Mkt.Sth aid Erie Sts. McCoy's New European Hotel (OR. CLARK AND VAN BUREk .f*. CHICAGO. FIRE PROOF. One block from C. K. I. A: P. and lu S. <k yt. S. Railroad depot. Improvements costing 575,000.00 h»va just been completed, and the house now offers every convenience to be found in iny hotel, including hot and cold water, electric light and steam heat in every room. Rates 75 cents per day and upwards. First class restaurant in connection. WILLIAM McCOY, Owner and Pr*fiU*r. ' 'For three years I suffered Iron* Salt Rheum. It covered my hands to such an extent that I could not wash tbem. Two bottle* of Burdock Blood Bitten cured me."— Llbby Toung, Popei Mill*, St. IAWIMM county, N. Y.

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