The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 18, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 18, 1947
Page 2
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FACT TWO BLCTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS A Cappella Choir and Chorus Present Christmas Program In High School Auditorium i of 1B47" was presented this morning in the auditorium by the a cap'pell* choir and the e direction of Mrs. Wilson Henry, assisted bv Jane Rodgers, student director. Jlmmle Lowe served u •ocotnpanlst. The decorating* of th« sUf: was* • 'under the direction or Harry Frit- •lus Jr. woo used a solid background -of greenery with burning rtd tapers to form a striking set- tine for dark red robes worn by the gl«e club ' members. •TJw procnm Included, the History of the Carol, given by O. O. Redman, Jr. The choir sang, "o Come All Y e Faithful" and the ensemble with JO Ann Trleschman as soloist sang the carol, "Christmas Comes", • The mixed Chorus, with the freshman chorus seated In the balcony, sang three carols, "Away in til* Manger," • "O Sanctl&slnu" uid "Westminister Carol." An ensemble with Dorothy Wright as soloist sang, "O Holy Night" after which -tJie ehptr presented . several numbers, which included, "God Rest Ye Merry* Gentlemen contest wer e Mrs. Wilson Henry, Miss Mary Hlen Hill, Miss -Lun» B. Wllhelm and Miss Terrell. EHIe FARM BUREAU (Continued from Pace 1) that it clearly superior has been ftvor tne or the present parity formula, with adjustments among the various ag, rlcultural product* according to the price relationship which existed between the various products.on a busts or a 10-year moving average," th e resolution continued. The price of a commodity, a res. olutlon emphasized, ahouM not be lowered more than five per cent -'Carol..of the Birds," "Carol of „„..„.., In the Bells," "Jingle Bells," and «,' vl.L ,- V "First Noel." I,, " betwe e old and new legisla- The choir sang "Silent Night", as | ??:_„„„ , (v , A selection while the cur- tioii? ™ - ' proposed rcsolu - talns were being dosed slowly.' | Awards were presented to the following ninth grade students who entered the writing and arts contest which 'dealt with the kindness to animals. In ' the writing contest, Annella • Humphreys received $10 ax first prize for her short story, "The Battle of the Grocery Store" and Ann Neexlham received |S as second prize for her story, "My Dog Snooks", Honorable mention went to Murray Smart, Jr., radio script, Wanda Burress, essay, John Willis, dialogue and Ruth Hale, poetry. . In the art division. Murray Smart Jr., received,»5 as first prize for a pencil drawing, of a BcotUe, Jean Campbell, second, .for a chalk head of a Collie and third to Murray 'Smart, Jr., for a picture of a. Collie. Graham Sudbury won |5 for first prl» in photography, for his picture of a white rabbit, which he 'entitled, "On the Alert." Judges in, the' writing contest were Mr, and Mrs. Oecar Fendler the need for flexibility In any new program. They recommend that the Commo-'Hy Credit Cornorntlon be made n I •- rnanent agency; thnt the Soli conservation and Domestic Allotment net, the Agriculture Adjustment not. and all other law* relating to the conservation of the soil be rc- tnlned . and strengthened. Would Air Europeans Under a resolution ort International cooperation, the Farm Bureau would be put on record favoring: "cooperation within our productive and financial ability In the European recovery program." Tills resolution also advocated that the United States help In folvlng the oroblem of displaced persons of Europe. "One 'of the most tragic postwar problems Is that of displaced persons who' are unable' or unwilling to return to the country ' of their nationality or former residence be- cow of the fear of prosecution," it sold. . "We; urge that Congress enact legislation to SPECULATORS (Continued from Pmit 1) •xehutflM. « «seks to find out whether any government officials or congressmen have been dabbling In the markets. Anderson hu Insisted It would be Illegal for him to reveal names unless Congress s»ve him that authority through a Joint resolution. About 60 spectators and reporters were gathered outside the closed mahogany doors or the caucus room when Committee Chairman Styles Bridge* and Anderson arrived. Capitol police already had cleared * path through the small crowd. Meantime, Sen. William Z. Jenner, R., Ind., Issued a statement colling for an Investigation by the *BI of security measures now In effect »t the Agriculture Department to determine whether they prevent leaks on government purchasing plans and crop report*. Burn Midnight Oil Anderson and his aides were In conference until 1 a.m.,- in preparation for his appearance before » not-too-friendly Senate appropriations committee. Committee chairman Bridges »nd other OOP, senators also worked late into the night on procedure they would follow at the hearing. Determined to find out If any ted- eral officials are making a "killing" on the market, the appropriations committee ordered Anderson • to bring with him a confidential list of major speculators in grain and other commodities. [ The secretary had rejected earlier appeals for the Hat, contending . it would be against' the law for him to make the names public' unless .Congie-ss authorlws It In a joint resolution. Sen: Homer Ferguson, R. t Mich., a committee member, said Anderson should' be cited for contempt of Congress 1J he persisted In his refusal. ' Because of widespread public interest in the hearing, the commit- ' tee decided to meet In the huge senate caucus room, scene of the recent widely publicised inquiries Into the wartime activities of MaJ. Oen. Bennett E. Meyers and Plane- Few Mexican Cotton Pickers Left inMissco committee endorsed Henry Wallace as a third-party presidential candidate. Crum, an Independent 'Republican who was active In the 1940 campaign of the late Wendell Wilkle said: "I am not for Wallace for presi- Most of the «0 immigrant farm His resignation u>»« <> laborers that came to Mississippi, "PGA natfoZ, n?«' , MCOnd county from Mexico fn,- H,P „„ i..i a roA national officer since the gr " u l> °»t «°r Wallace. News. KIn * do "< county from Mexico for ton picking iJlSnthli n belied t? ha^Teft this "ar a ?%L ^Tv"'^ ^ KIn * do "< return to their homes, it was an-f al rt £ f f y °« moc fatl<: senator. nounced today by H , B. sheppard, „ ' tc /^ dldat *' »«*"«> yesterday in farm labor supervisor for North prote5t as co - c h»i™ia!i of the PCA. Mississippi county. -- • The Mexicans are believed toRoyal Arch MofOflS W - **' 8hePPard Victor stllwel, was elected High Only a small number of laborers^'l 5 L Ia f " lg ,^^* crin ° m «« were were obtained from .Mexico byPSf« ™ in5ta ," cd bv th e Ely- Mississippi county farmers, lne Ahev J"^ Chapt " 117 ot th e Boval greater part of the Immigrant la-* rn ^ M . a -™ nS ' They met in the Ma ' bor being Texas Mexicans, and ~, aj ' „, - , not subject to federal lmmI 6 ratlon... I ^ ll "' mo "' c(;r * e , l€c ^« ^ serve restrictions. wlth hlm are i E. J. Heaton, king; _ L M - Moociy, scribe; H, H. Alkcn, - , , . cn, taplaln of the host; W. C. Colston, 18 P rlnd P al sojourner;- Ed B. Cook, an<] r ° 5 '"' al ; ch c»Pt»ln; Otl, o Stanfleld, _ Roundup I. Started FORREST CITY, Ark., Dec (U.P.)— Immigration ofjlcers an<] , o aned, tate troopers are searching the maii ' er lh!r(l veil; E. M. Holt, mas- tton belt rof, cr secon<1 veil; George Stllwell, master e searcng Mlsslsslppl River cotton belt r coon et of, we, approximately 3fX) Mexican cotton master "ret veil; Roland Green, pickers who have overstayed thelrl "usurer; Ri E Blaylock, secretary- visitors' permit* in the United Otls sh epherd, guard; William Ber- States 1 rynmn, senior steward and Don Read Courier News Want Ads. | art selections.' Teachers who assisted in this problem by ad'mittlng our" fair share of those unfortunat»-people." Disappointment in the progress of the United Nations was expressed and a resolution said that "misuse of the veto power has in our opinion been largely responsible for this condition." ' J The farm group urged creation of an international police force and a workable plan for • the control of atomic energy; guided: missiles and. bacteriological, weapons, as a part of any permanent peace. plan. ' . ! A resolution commended the "fine Btfttemanshlp shown' by leaders of both our m»]or political parties In .cooperating',on national affairs." ' .-,'.• - ':.•'*•*'••• '..;• ,' •'•'•T*tM.t!.'':,iV' i% Appropriations Cornmlttee, showed up bright and early for the meeting at which the committee heard Secretary of Agriculture.Clinton p. Anderson on commodity market speculation. The aging Tennesseean fainted, on a senate elevator yesterday but revived quickly and returned to his office. maker Howard Hughes, The House was moving'toward a separate Investigation or charges that government "insiders" have been profiteering | n the markets. The rules committee cleared a resolution by Rep. August H. Andresen, R. Minn., setting up a special committee to niakc the Inquiry, and OOP leaders planned to bring the Issue to a vote later today. Santa Says: States, 1 , C. C. Courtney, immigration' Hale 3'. junior steward. chief at New Orleans, aald the roundup Is "routine." He said about 30,000 Mexicans were ndmltted to' this country to help bolster the seasonal force of pickers. It was announced that 41 Mexicans were rounded up Wednesday brii)Bui<j the total or arrests to 140 since last week-end. The aliens were reportedly sent to Houston, Tex., ror deportation to Mexico. 'State highway officials said the Mexican workers have given no trouble since they were first -introduced to Arkansas cotton fields in 1M8. • Endorsement of Wallace Brings Two Resignations SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 18 (UP) — Attorney Bartley o. Crnm today resigned as vice-chairman of the Progressive Citizens of America because the organization's executive Doorman Ban London From Kitty Club Because Ot Wrong Tie, No 'Tails' NEW YORK, Dec. IS (UP)-Alired M. Lsmdon, Republican candidate for president In 1936, was barred from the Metropolitan Opera- Club because he was wearing a blue business suit and a yellow-spotted I THURSDAY, DECEMBER 18, 1947 tie Instead of white tie «nd tails'. Landon said the Incident occurred I fast Work lest 1 Monday night while he was a gues'. at the opera of George SJoan, president and chairman of the board of the club. "Nothing George said woul-l change the mind of the man at the door, Landon said. "My wife will be tickled when she hears about this. She always is trying to get me to look like a fashion plate." CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Dec. W. (UP) — Santa ClauB' assistant IB Chattanooga, the postman, flexe« tils tired muscles today and said: "How am I doing?" The postmaster answered: "Okay. You handled 93,950 packages Tuesday, a new city record for one day." Read Courier Ken Want Ms. Only 5 Shopping Days until Christmas Credit 1 is Free at Fitzpatrick's JEWELRY STORES It takes only J Minnies to Open m Chharjr Account i oa «-c, d-c, or long, lite bstlctiti. Has >mu- ing power tod btiut)- of tone. It'« the lightest 3-w»y ndio we've *v« told—only 5</ 2 Ibi. Handsome aod «urdy mtul c»ii ia gray or blu«.gr«o . hmmmertone.Model *»J - HO.Only . . . V»/. Hubbard& Hoke Appliance Co. *SQ'Q'Q...tfyou waster. . W I'llfKl , Bemlu, Gi/l Clrtfra* m ktr Chrutmu ^^1^^ *• TO need for mlstlcioe K jo«r bouse if you present your leidinf hdjr wilh • Bcndix! No need 10 (urpeJo the family budget either . . . because the Bendk font u much 11 (90 Icis ihin other fully >utomitic washets. Wl mote, it costi fit Itjs to opecite t(un olcj-fiihjoned washtis. Its livings oa so»p »lone p»y you back .liout $10 a ye«l. Ul« gallons less hoi wain. Give hct Uit only washec which hai proved In cen whole fews of ttoublc.ftte "nice, tint it can wash, triple-rinse «nj dimp-dry the »«h, lutomaticilly. H»r*'t all you do—Tell rourBenJix Dealer you w»nt to give i Bendix Washer fin Chrili- m»s. He'll itiange rhe i«m» and nil out » Gjft Cenitjcite yo» on bang on the ir«. HMMX M tuns FOR THE GIFT THAT'S TOPS ON YOUR BEHDIX automatic Washer HUBBARD & HOKE APPLIANCE COMPANY Phone 2342 312 W. Mai, Mr«co BefotW Stot. Mississippi'County I'alr Atsocla- tlon officials today expected soon . to receive 'J25.000 alloted yesterday by the State Fiscal Control Board In Little Rock for construction of Northeast Arkansas District Fair facilities. The money wss appropriated earlier -this year,,by the Mth OeneraV Assembly and was used last Summer for construction ot new buildings mid repairs at Walker Part fairgrounds. Because it was known the money would not be available until now, the Pair Association borrowed funds to carry out the fairgrounds work and will use the 125,-' 000 to repay the loon. District fairs at Pine Bluff, Hope and Fort Smith. also were allotert I2S.OOO each by the Fiscal Control Board yesterday/ Just in time for Christmas! the Sensational New 1948 McKe/for Soon Recovers From Brief Fainting Spe// WASHINGTON, Dec. 18 (UP)_ Sen. Kenneth McKellar, D., Tenn, was. on the Job today and showed no effects of the fainting spell he suffered yesterday. McKellar, a member of the Senate CANDY IS ALWAYS THE PROPER GIFT! WE FEATURE THE FINEST; * Nprris * Hollingsworth * Russell Stover CHRISTMAS GIFT BOXES FROM 1 Ib TO 5 l|rt. GET "HERS" NOW FROM— WOOD'S DRUG STORE ') Refrigerator For Immediate Delivery i Every new featura . . . Greater value . . . Every modern feature to keep foods fresher. Save time and money! Shelves that are adjustable to your particular needs. Move them up or down . ... Close to- gather, or for apart... or remove them altogether. Built-in Freexer Locker . . . • 2 Vegetable Crisper Drawers • Easy Out lc» Trays • Tilting Vegetable Bins r I Ihe Christmas Gift of Lasting Quality and Convenience HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. Blytheville I AT LAST . . . THEY ARE HERE! 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