The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 17, 1947 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 17, 1947
Page 15
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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 17, 1MT To/o Ready, Willing to Assume JGOP'c Prirp Rill Responsibility for Jap Attack £ ' " , On Pearl Harbor, Other Crimes May DC Amended senled in (lie trial*—from copious notes innrie duriiiR the nearly 18 month* he has been »lttlnr In the prisoner 1 ! dock. By trim Kall»rh*r I.'nltMl PrfM Staff rorrmponrlent (WoHd Copyright, 1047, by United J'rcsj) TOKYO. Dec. n. <U.P,)-Wheu ex-Premier Hldekl Tojo takes the stand, probably Monday, before I he inUimtKmal Military Trlbunil for the Far East he will take hill responsibility for Japnn'. declaration «ta-ar against th« Allies, It was learned today. W;ie bald. 64-year-old No. 1 Jnp-i>- anese war crimes susiwcl also will take Irm blame for execution of the Doolittle dim and l)i e dcnlhs of thousands as British and Australian allied war prisoners, who perished In the building of the Bmma-Siam railroad. In a 240-pnge affidavit, which will be read to the court by his American defense attorney, George Elewetl of Philadelphia, Tojo will offer the following arguments In his defense: 1—Japan's war was « defensive one and inevitably brought on by allied economic pressure. 2—The decision to attack Pearl Harbor and British possessions was made at a Dec. 1. 1941, Imperial conference the United States note of Nov. 26 was reunrded as an ultimatum and the chief fear was that prior military consultations between the Americans, British and Dutch would result in an allied attack on Japan. However, the decision, Tojo will maintain, was made with the provision (hat the orders to attack Pearl Harbor would be recinded if the Washington peace negotiations succeeded.. ' 3—Tojo and Minister of the Navy Admiral .shigetnro Shimada were the only two cabinet ministers who knew of the Pearl Harbor plan, but Tojo will say he fervently de| sired the final declaration ol \\ ic , delivered prior to the attack since | U wa s the emperor's wish. 4—Tojo will say he ordered the coujCt-martial of the Dooliltle fliers Ef£c the bombing of Tokyo was I BivWrocity under international law. Tojo will further argue that, the i eoiu-t-marUal order was given in order to prevent Japanese soldiers who captured the fliers from tnk- j Inn action against them on the spot. He commuted the death sentences nl five out of eight at the emperor'* wish. Tojo will say. I 5—Tojo will attempt to Justify I his own oi'der to build Hie Burma- 1 Slam railway with prisoner of war labor by claiming th c railroad was I well out of the line of fire and that I Japanese, soldiers worked alongside I the prisoners under identical con| ditions. 6—The former Japanese premier I will argue that the Manchuria. I China and pacific wars were three I unrelated incidents and therefore I not a "conspiracy to wage war," I as the prosecution charges. 1 Much of Toj'o's affidavit will at- I tempt to make Individual rebuttal I of the more than 1,000 times his I name appears in prosecution evi- I ricncft or testimony. I 'Hie prosecution contends ihat I Tojo was "criminally liable for e v- I ery crime." . . ... .. Tojo prepared most, of the affl- ||vk—the second longest .vet pre- Senators Study Long-Range Farm Parity Formulas WASHINGTON, Dec. 17. (UP) — A Senate Subcommittee cm JOUR j-angfl farm legislation is atUmptinp lo write a new formula for,parity Jarrn prices. Chairman Otorgc D. Aikcn said today. The Vermont Republican isaid committee members are agreed Uiat (he present parity formula is unfair and outmoded. He expre&s- ed hope that an improved system can be submitted to the Congress early in January. Farm spokesmen who appeared before the commitlee during a nationwide series of hearings this summer said that ommission of labor co.stA is the most glaring weak' ness of the present formula. They turned that improved farm equipment has given some farm crops— like grains — an unfair advantage over products that are unaffected by technical improvements. PERON PLAN (L't>»iinucd trom rage 1) credits to fS.OOD.DOO.OaO." Immediately questioned by newsmen, Mollnarl sale] the Argentine plan envisioned long term credits and added that such loans generally were made for periods up to 50 years. He emphlsized repeatedly In Ihe course of a 30-mlnute conference that Argentina was prepared to distribute the equivalent of ?5,000, 000,000 in loans, not only to Latin Americans nations but lo any qualified nation. He criticized the Marshall plan because Its aid was limited only to certain zones of the world and art- tied, " the Argentine plan Is to aid absolutely all the world.' MuliriBi-1 Indicated that some of the loans would be granted in the form of food, declaring-that Argentina is capable of exporting 1.000. 000 tons of wheat a month "to feed the hungry months of the world." Democrat* Devise Strategy and Test Sentiment in Senate WASHINGTON. Dec. 17. (UP)— Splint* Democratic policymakers decided today to offer *ome administration amendment* to th« mild Republican-sponsored anti - Inflation bill. But they will not seek adoption of President. Truman'* request (or wag* and pric* controli al thta time. The Democratic atrateirr »'•« mapped In a conference of party leaders shortly before the Senate met to consider the abbreviated GOP antl-lntlatlon meaaure. Senate Democratic Leader Alben W. Barkley of Kentucky said hla group decided to sponsor amendments to carry out "as much ns possible." ol Mr. Truinan'a 10- point program. He said, however, llinl. the administration request for the stand- b\ price-wage controls would not be among them. Bnrkicy said his Senate Democratic committee would meet asui:i this afternoon to draft the amcnrt- I ments to be offered, i He said the groundwork (or Democratic action yesterday by Introducing a series of administration bills \vhleli included the proixisal lor wage-price controls and rationing of scarce commodities. Among, the other bills Barkley ol- Icred were administration requests lor a xovtrmnent-operated food conservation program, authority for the Commodity Credit Corporation | to stimulate food production In j other countries through a crop- purchase program, and authority to regulate commodity exchanges. The strength of the Democratic fight for amendments promised to determine whether any anti-intln- tion bill can eel through Congress before the adjournment scheduled this weekend. As approved by the Senate Banking Committee, the GOP bill ignored Mr. Truman's disputed requests for standby price control, rationing and allocation powers. Complications in scarlet fever and other streptococclc -respiratory Infections now are reduced by sul- Jonesboro Businessman On Trial tor Murder JON'ESBORO, Ark., Dec. n. (UP) —Walter Montague, 54. Jonesboro businessman,- was said yesterday to have admitted the fatal shooting of Ralph Donaldson to Investigating officers. Former Jonesboro Of/leer W. E. Robbins quoted Montague as saying "I hope j did" when asked If he killed the 30-year-old Jonesboro Negro. Robbins was the principal witness as the slate opened its prosecution of Montague on a first degree murder charge. The prosecution Indicated" In Us-opening statements that 11 would ask for the'death penalty. •• £ t i> GOODFELLOWS (Continued from J'.m 1) mil between tin woo contribution ftl aside in the minimi Community OhMt Drive, and the actual cast of the basket!!, but du« to "prom- Ing financial matters" the club wag unable to do so this year. "The Ixrloti has plodRfit Its Income lo (he holders of morttincn bonds on (lie Ijpgian properly which were sold in order to raise necessary fund* for the. erection ot the new Wnr Memorial auditorium, and Ihe Lotion this year Is in no position lo furnish thc Ooodfcllow Fnnit with the additional cash," Mr Crafion said. "The Community Chest mimially. pledges from $300 to MOO to Ihe Ooodfellow Fund but officials of ilia Community Chest Drive hnvc Informed the. Lesion that this allotment may be rut to fcMO Ibis year due to the la R In solicitations In that drive," Mr. Crafton stated.. Food to Cost $1,400 The Legion esJlmrUcd the cost of purchasing 2IX> baskets of food nl $1.000. he said. At the Post's weekly meeting ln-,1. night a commit iff wns appointed lo bundle the snlli-llallons. Members of the committee are II. U Halsell Sr.. KA nice, c. J. Ulllc. Mr. Craflon, and T. P. Dean. Tlili committee will also handle (he distribution o! the b-iskets, Mr. Crafton sairt. 'Die baskets will be distributed Christmas Eve Day. He pointed out ihat the Christmas sliopnitiif rush would prohibit iv complete cam-us.s of (he town and urged citizens ol niythovllle who Mlsheri lo contribute (o thc fund !o mall their contributions '.o "Ooortfcllows, p. o. nox 020, niy- IhuvlUc." Checks and money orders should be miKie payuble to the Goodfcllow Fund, ho .said. Today's list of contributors Include. : S. McGregor $10 H. Wnlpole jo R. W. Palton 5 Rosi:o Crafton 25 Charles Uitlncr s W. J. Pollard 25 C. J. Little 10 Ira Crawford 5 fi. Mclntosh -i Ira Koniice in P.. B. stout '.'. 5 L. C. Poscy Jr ; ft Marvin chr.ppcll 5 T. F. Dean 'in Mike Mermiry 5 H. L. Halscil g Anonymous ] 5 Ed B. Spaeth s L. M. Green ' s James Niersthclmcr , 5 Bill Tcgethoft '5 Ed Rice .i P. E. Warren 2 R. L. Banister 2 R. A. Porter 2.aO Wortli Holder fi M. N. Nunn • 'as Wagner Adams '2 I Harry Klrby ."13 j H. Hudson 5 j George Clark .. i ' 2 i Harry W. Haines 10 j Bill Afflick 5 I Planter Hardware- Co 10 ,J. W. Adams 5 (ARK.) COUNTER NEWS Occupant of Tiny House On Ash Routed by Firt A small one-room house in the rear of 413 East Ash via burned to Ihe ground early (his morning by * fire which also destroyed «1! IKwsessloiw «nd clothing of '»« oe- cupunl, Otto L«wli. •Hi, fire, which Jtnrlert about 4 am. .today, w«s believed lo have m-lslimled, In nil oil healer. The flames awoke Mr. j*wl» who only luul time, lo escape without stopping (o removn any of his property. Plaiupi »pread quickly through ! the 10 by 10-foot .Iriiolure »nd gained A hcaclstarl on firemen Thc property wai owned by Vlr- 8» Polcy. lilytlievllle house mover. There are no serpent* In Hawaii, -- i — — — Negro Wounded Sunday Show* Improvement Phillip Klmbro. niytluvllle Negro »'ho u-iii aliot six (| m e., early Sunday morning In » tourist, nibin was reported by hwplUl attendant* today x« In "fair condition" afUr "resting well" la*t night. Shot by 0. Abraham, operator «( a tourist court on South Highway 61, Klmbro alopped five aliifa (rom a ,«5 caliber service revolver Hli capture 1« believed lo have ended a »nv« of tourltt court and residential burglarlM her*. No charge* have been filed •ttnliut Klmbro, the aherlfl'* office, snld today, pending further nuea- (loning of the Negro. Pure gold U 24 carat*. ELECTRIC COMFORTER with ttie A»f»m«flc Warcfcrnan C<m*<W A iiunl »lninofo\u i\h (of yow hvucUc (Uaxxr girl- your wife, molhrr, iist«r tx «untl ThM luprrMy hwtifiil. .completely mitomatic Rlcctric Comforter wirt let her <>TCp ta conjtont, even wurmth— ju* the decree iln MhM be*— no matter ho*' the thermometer aooimdown. Jiwl on* Mfbtwiflht hc<kovci-!nK, intlend of « inoucul of hcnvy, titinj blankets Pninnt.king WcstiiiRhoiwe conrtruction throughout. plug into nny A-C oinkt, set «« control MM! tfce Wotchman do« Ihe rest. Cover of soft, »mooi.h, KlcntninK rayon aatin in honi'cnly dha<lc4 of ro«, b4^ic or Rrccn. Won'l slip off the Vd, tbnnka to tlw underside of cliiiEini spun rayon fftilk. Fils nriy bed, full tlzc or twin, wilb plenty of tuck-in •t thc foot. 72 n 80 inrfici. The rayon Mtin th«T1 itpA off for dry cle*nirm. Inner warminK »he«< tfonden Wn • bed «hcet. Thc Automata Watchman ControtiiMpretty * ' ' ' •• a powd« bo*. t IN STOCK RIGHT MOW! 4 A.RK-MO. Power Co Bead Courier News Want Ad*. Congratulations, Parents You're insuring the future of our town and of our 1 country by raising your children right, by guilding them to constructive adulthood . . . The love you give them now, the happy moments you provide them, the friendly help you offer them, will one day bring about a better world for us all. No profession is as important- to the world's well-being as that of the parent! this is "Belter Parent Week" Blytheville Water Co. BERNARD ALLEN, Mana f er "Water Is Your Cheapest Com?nodtty" WORLD'S BUSIEST MAN KNOWS WHERE TO PAUSE PLKASE return imply boW« promptly Askjw it either Kay . . . both trade-marks mean the same thinf. lomiD UNDIl AUTHOIlTf Of THI COCA.COl* COHTAMT It COCA-COr.A BOTTLING CO. of BLYTHEVILLS Livestock „ ;~~ NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, DM. n. (UP)-Uve»tock: n^s 10.000. imlable 8,500; active; barrowi and gllU gtiong to 280 higher; aow* itoidy to 2ic up' «!»!« up more. Good and choice M to 2iO Ib* 37.15-31.80; extteme top 37.60 lor ahort load; 2SO to 310 11)3 27.2S; 1«0 to 170 Ibn M.25-27; 130 lo 180 lu* 31.25-26.25; lOfl to 120 Ibn 31.3S-24. IIOWK 480 Ib* down a4.40-l'5.a5; larsoly M down; a, few lo 25.80. Over 450 Ibn 33,78-34.80; 'at* 16-20 Callle 3.800, Mlable 3,000; calve* BOO, all aalable. Moderate supply of steers (hiding fairly active inquiry but generally holding tar ^mmu price.. * few de.U fuBy ite»dy wtS week'* tdvanc* oh top M%» S low kood kltxU -*^~ ' *f-^iiaj common slaughter Und* ItM- hri (ere «nd mixed yevUnw good and choice 18 JO- 31; 14.50-17; good cowj lt-30- • w«ifht caonera 11.BO-1I; nert and cutt«r» On* UM IM It ALBANY, N. Y. (UP)-Th« W»r Asjetj Admlnlitrmlion «6Id on* of Us lurpiuj btrrt(t bkllow to • nearby ttvern keeper. H» Hid ht would UK It for'"* nrtng •dnrtlw- ment to Inform the public ttut hli ejt»blL)hment wu "BOO. feet ftlmui," PIANOS NEW AND USED Now ot nur floor. «<• hiive n nice slock o! NKW Band & String Instruments *^wss;.' 'rwrf ^^^u^t WE HAVE"IT ONE INSTRUMENT OR * COMPLETE BAOT>- Sound Equipment Chr« mike or impllfler or a complete lyslem. Ml *r B"lT an u« and itv* money. m Radios and Repairs WESTINQHOUBK RADIOS. A beautiful stock OB h*Bd 1U(U» repair wort by axpert repairman. ^^ ^^ Records and Recorders Columbia find Victor record*. We rnak« permanent noord* IB A Complete Music Store Brooks Music Store 107 I. Main Telephone 811 FOR SALE or RENT WHOLESALE • PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEMS • INTER-COM SYSTEMS • LOUD SPEAKERS • MICROPHONES • AMPLIFIERS To Churches, Schools, Businesses, Clubs arid Organizations • BLYTHEVILLE RADIO SUPPLY Phone 4467 112 First Street FOR SALE TRACTORS and Equipment How On Display M Our Lot JOHN DEERE FARMALL ALLIS CHALMERS FORD All Sizes and Model* W» eu furnish equipment for mwt of lhe» tnclon. If we.feint h»M what TO* wmnt, w« nn (ret H for y« . . . THERE TUCTOKS A*I PRICED FOR QUICK SAIE! • See Us Before You Buy BUD WILSON AUTO SALES Corner Main 4 Franklin Bud Wilson — --Teas Horner. Phone M37

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