The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 17, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 17, 1947
Page 12
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BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK,)' COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER IT, 1947 Senator Speaks To Farm Group RCIMWO! of Pric* Support Program Urged by Congress CHICAGO. D«e. -llf. (UP) — Sen. Edward Ji Thyt, R;, Minn., warned today that the government must •ontlnu* it* price support program for turn product* to prevent *n economic disaster among the na- tion'i firmera. Thy* told 6-000 delegate* to-thi Iftth annual convention of tlis American Farm Bureau Federation th»t "condition* in agriculture are • lenerally r°°6 today, but we need to watch for that time When the <«mand will turn downward. H« wai a member of the Senate Bubcommitt«« on Agriculture which toured much of the nation to ga- thtr information for recommenda- tlon» for a new farm program. Much »f the preaent farm legislation will Kplra Dec. »1. He a»ld farmer! generally agreed that th« tovernment should continue the price support system In ordir to prevent a return to condition* which followed the first world war. Violent price change* are the •hlef threat to farmers, he "aid. but cpa and downi in commodity pric- M sprenil through the rest of the economy. Thye said that one of his major •oncluitoiu Irom committee hear- tngi w«* that "for the Immediate future, we must hold fast to the phaMi of the national farm pro- atam which have proved worth- Income Tax Expert Suggests Belated Check On 1947 Earnings in Time to Avoid Trouble INCOME TAX EXPERT— S-24 ..., By S. Burton Heath NKA Staff Corr*s|Kindfiil WASHINGTON (NBA) — It Is time, once more, to find out whether the law requires you to file an Income lax esllinat*. If so, have von complied fully? Have you paid enough tax, through withholding. 1 ; plus payments with estimates, so that you will not be penalized ^ Not everybody has to [lie an estimate. For those who do, the deadline Is midnight, Jan. 16. The law require* yuu to file an estimate—even though you owe no tux—or even If you have a refund eomlnjj— (a) If your 1947 *ages iubjcct lo withholding tax were more than $5000 plus 1500 for each ex- •inptlim other than your own; or lb) If your Income nurlnj; 1H47 Wai more Iban $500, and If more than $10(1 of that came friim Hiurcn that rild not wltliulil tax on It. The first estimate was supposed to be filed last March IS. On June 15, and again on Sept. 15, you were Supposed to correct that first estimate—If you learned lhal It was too imall-or lo file airestlmalo If you had Just discovered the need for one. Now you are supposed lo recheck your earlier estimate, If you made on*, and be sure lhat It was not more than 20 per cent below the tax you will owe March 16, If you have filed no esllmale, but know now that your income lor the year fits either (a) or lb) above, you should file an original estimate by Jan. IS. If you know now that your previous estimate wa.s more than F.DITOH'S NOTE: Tl>l« dispatch, which C (l- M you a chance to make sure you nallffsy the lav'* requirement nil Illrome lax estimate* wai written bj NKA'S recoRnlml authority «n Im-om* l:iv problems. Ills lentil annual NKA ''Inrome Tax I'rimcr/' jirrjurrtl in consultation with Bureau of Internal UCVI-IIIIB exprrls, will appear MIIIII In Hie Courier News lo ulrnw the wajre-eaniliit taspaj-er, In ntrii-l>y-.ilcii Tashlon, Ixnr to make out Jilft Income tax return. K. llealll while such ai the parity price sup- , 20 per cent too low. you should filo port plan to assure »tabi]tzation of n amended estimate. If you know farm commodity prlce.i." Seren Teara af Prosperity . "In considering tin • immediate agricultural program and the phas- te that oughl to b< continued," the xnator aald, "»'e recogniie Hint conditions in agricylture ore generally good today and that world food needs, foreign demand and our full employment In this country will continue to b« favorable eco- nbmlo factors." Howerer. he called for » close watch of the situation. "We have enjoyed seven years o! almost unbroken high yields and extra-ordinary food demfind," he •aid. We are due for a short crop •ne of the»e years.' If that doesn't happen, the op- wxilt* effect might, Thye «ald fin pmhlngr farm production to ttie fullMt possible extent to inee' great food demands, Thye said thn "we might again be faced with the (roblem of lurpluies." A prlo* iupport program thonltf |K»ld« a "cushion in cu* of downward trend," Thy* «»ld. H defintd rh» prlncipl* of farm prloe parity •* "simply Intended to en abl* farmer* to e«rn nn Inconi from, fuming- pomparablft to thi by oth« "iroupi" ow that an earlier estimate was oo high, you can amend It now, nri save overpaying Jan. 15 and having to wall lor refund. In any event, it your income falls into either (a) or <!>>, by niln- nljjhl of Jnn. 15 you must send the Collector ot Internal Revenue the full balance of wlmt you estimate your tax return March 16 will show. There Is a different rule tor l»r- mers. A farmer Is one who fccf.s at least two-thirds of his gross Income from farming. He wa.s not required lo file on the oilier dalei mentioned. Ills first estimate is due Jan. IS. He will not be pennlixed for under-KiicssinK unless Ills estimate is more than 33 1-3 per cent below what his March 16 return shows, A single man, without dependent. 1 ;, must (tie an estimate if his wages subject to withholding tax were more than $5000. A married couple, or a single person with one dependent, must flic II lie had more than S5.WO of wages subject to withholding. Each additional dependent Ixwts the figure $500. Husband aud wife should file joint estimate—but in deckling the probable si?.c of their tax, thej should use their individual Incomes and credits. Also. It Is their Individual Incomes—not Joint—Ihal determines whether they have to nn estimate. ff your exemptions had not changed since 1048, the easiest safest way to estimate your ]>rol> MLIfhL rtMJ lu t;.Tlllum[; J*'iu j,.~.. lUlU able tax wn.s to use your 1046 In-I nct ,^ come as your probable 1047 income. | esltmato for 1017. Since ratcfi are unchanged, your 047 estimate tax should be the same as your 1046 actual (ax. If'yon did that, you can not be penali/cd 'or underestimate even it your IQ.4'1 income does make your estimate noio than 20 per cent below the .dual tax. After estimating what your tax would he. you were supiwsed to subtract what your employer would withhold from pay envelopes, and to pay one-fourth of the rest March Ift. June 15 and Kepi. 15. The entire remainder, with whatever adjustments your latest Information requires, Is due Jan. 15. The incomes of dependents should not be considered In estimating income tax liability. If a dependent had less than $500 income in 1017 it is not taxable. If he had as much as $500 income he i.s not dependent lor tax pur|K)scs, hov.-cver much tie cost you; and regardless of how old or young, he must file his own return. Even though, you file nn estimate, and liuve It in proper form by midnight of Jan, 15—and even if It proved accurate to the last penny—• you still must lilc a final return by midnight of March IS If you had ar, much as $500 income from all sources in 1Q47. You can avoid one headache by filing your final return on Form 1040 by Jan. 15. In that case, you not, file a linixl or amended Judge Doubts Veracity of Love Merchant ST. PAUL. lice. 17. <Ul>)—Coill't officers and the FIJI set out today lo !e;irn whether a 41-year-old "love merchant" was telling Hull-mil or Jiist hraBBiriB when lie claimed he had 55 wives. I-'ederal District Judge Dr -;is Uonowtn wanted to know because lie hail lo decide how stiff H sentence lo give Jolln Hurley, a hc- spectacled Cblcagoan, on charges of s.vlmilliu; one wife out of $!).(JOO slie entrusted to him. The FBI aKents wove InlcresVetl because they wanted lo Mow whe- iher Lo file more charges against him. Hurley didn't cure ahout, either the sentence or the passible ne\v rharitc-s. lie was too sick. He took poison Monday while awaiting trial on the sv/liHllinij chvirge, HO was rccovcriiiK in a hospital today. He took the |x>ison Just, after he Ijoasled to reporters that he had the tt t wives. 'Hie federal agents conceded him at least six. They said that ninny women had accused him of niar- vymtf them to dupe Uiem out of Lheir savings. However, none filed foi niiil charges against him. Donovan moved the trial Into Hurley's hospital room yesterday to hear him plead guilty lo swind- linu Mrs. Barbara Klshler, St. Paul, out of 59,000. The judge deferred sentence pending the Investigation of Hurley's record. Then Hurley began lo cry. He Western Union Strike Threat Geese Not So TJumb DKVIL'S LA KB, N. 1>. IUP)—Two local hunters deckled the fox Isn't as siniirl as he's reputed to be. William A. Jerome and Hud Rob- j f f* cits bagged » fox when it crept loo V*uUSGS ^QnCGftl close to ihelr goose decoys. 'Itie decoys fooled the hungry fox, but Jerome said the geese flying over head weren'i fooled. The Na/is had samples inado up, ready for production, of a flap they would fly over the United States if they won the war. «iid he's decided that he loved his first wife best. He asked court officers to brln<; her and their child here from Chicago to see lilni. WASHINGTON, Dec. 17. (UP)— Government conciliators were to i mak- confer here today on their next move to head off a threatened pre- Christmas strike of 50.003 Western Union telegraph employes. H. Ross Colwell, New York re- Chlng. director of Ihs Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service. Spokesmen for three AFI, unions, representing the entire Western Union force except 7,000 in New York City, announced that tin walkout definitely will be called next Tuesday — two days befor* Christuias — unless the company l suitable settlement. Th» unions are asking a 15-ccnl-an- liour L-osl-ot-living raise, Up - Leonard Angler's Haul .Mixed INDIANAPOLIS (UP>- giunal conciliation director. was ex- I IJiummer went, fishing for bass at ^, peeled to come here from Pbila- ' night. He caught a 15-inch one andflB dclphia where negotiations broke; [lien landed another catch—a hoot- U)i in disagreement last night. Col- 1 owl witli a wing spread of nearly well was to confer with Cyrus cj. [ 45 Inches. Tough With Reds \ AND T1LC FORM 1ILOW WITH THC COUCCTOft AMENDED DECLARATION OF. ESTIMATED TAX 1947 L Fnip ). tjn t f. « Vcj- Ic (Lrirton Ii ooi for ci'cr.Jjt jtn IW. «tJ lucent Ti» wfthtolJ « 9 J 10 I* « MA BCD TAX the* Jc-lu<tinj cmicm J «iju 0r -*rilI!KJ < | l o itim'lO; r*4« 1 •J biUdC* ot ESTIMATED TAX (into *BI ftli »><>> i^li tictUrKTPfi. ac. ) (t]uc caJcr iho fvoiluf i of fwtjjif tbt ibLtlJ Jurin{ coiirc yttt . foia 10W. hi 1916).... > l»i«ihf nn c4 3i:ni 4 * t tbii JcctjrtiioahnUto 90 i,™ I) j .Q o-i >)...-... i iwrt :i by F* in J s 910 00 ,755 fiO j 1M..JSO, i 109 'GO o.h.hy.tmfVjo-KJ iCAltllER'S STAMP) g rj*IWWi»..«f.c«T««.«. Thll itM hovr to hanAle HTI accompanied hj Amemlert Incnrac tax estimate., for filing final imyment ofot the lax slinwu in (he nut lalnt- estimate. Uiau Jan. 15 n H faring Held B*for» Circuit Judge j rim BLUFF) 'Xrk., Dec. 17 (UP1 — A J«ff*non Circuit Cotirt hearing «n the annexation of seven areas *o th« city of ;Plne Bluff was re- e^MMd until DM. M. At that time rebuttal testlminy will be offered. ')Th» principal testimony In favor A tb« »nneicatlon waa given yester- 4ay by en-Mayor Emmett Sanders, who «ald the city w»s not trying to annex tht territory for revenue purpofiei. -'''There 1« no, riueiilion," Sanders •aid, "that city, expenditures in thi proposed areas in the next few yeari would far exceed th r»venut." Milk Producers Protest Distributors 1 ' Policy In Increasing Pticas LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. Dec. 17 (UP' —A spokesman for the Central Arkansas Milk Producers Association. r>r, T. M. bkk, hns revealed ttiat tils organisation ti opposed to a newly instituted two-cent a o.uart rise in the retail price of milk in Little Rock. He said the milk price results In a gain of two cent* a gallon to the | Public Works Building ' Planned in Pine Bluff PINE BLUFF, Ark.. Dec. H (Wi — The Cily Council of Pine Bluff has undertaken an investigation tu determine the plausibility of constructing a combination government building to house city, County and public works oflces. .Council finance committees are expected to recommend that the project be obtained without a bond issue. Under the Oun AldTEOPK, N. D, (UP)—Antoi Erbstocsser, 27, claims to have beei the youngest commissioned post master in the United States whe he was appointed here. Erbstoessc got his commission Nov. 17, 1041, the day he was 21 years old. A postmaster by law must be at least 21.' producer, who, he said. Is In a desperate situation. And a gain of six cents a gallon for the distributor. Dr. Dick declared. "I am authorized to stala that er j s KC (|i I1!f income which actually the producers would prefer that the Is golllg to the distributor." milk remain at the old structure— ' with milk rctnillnB at 20 cents quart, than be a parly to a scheme designed to reflect that the proriuc- Spejirheading the French government's battle against Communist-inspired internal trouble is tough-talking Minister of Labor Daniel Mayer. He warned thai France will have 240,000 men under arms for tha sole purpose of dealing with .sabotage and cracking down on.. : Communist "commandos" assigned to discourage back-to- wo.rk movements. Barrett Hamilton, Little Rock, Ark., Distributors Tim Neighborly MAKOTI, N. D. (UPI—Richard Geiscn, farmer, refused to sign a complaint alter 20 masked men assaulted him and damaged property on his farm in a midnight raid. Geisen said lie would lake nn legal action apainst. the attackers because "they are my neighbors." Flying fish do not fly: they glide. 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