Valley Morning Star from Harlingen, Texas on November 25, 1956 · Page 13
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Valley Morning Star from Harlingen, Texas · Page 13

Harlingen, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 25, 1956
Page 13
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Sun., November 25, I956—A11 VAUÆT MñKmiñ STAI HARI.f>.GISK, TÏXAl Vols Rally to Beat Kentucky 20 to Majors Puts No, Ì Eleven 38-17 ‘FUMBLER’ rfans Awaken To Thump K-State- KNOXVILLE, Tenn., Nov. 24 (UP)—Bnlliant Johnny Majors de*, livered one mighty punt, one; g, ^ kfy pass and tingiin^: touch-i Soartans Awaken m ww a M figrhtms K<»ntuck> and sn tl- niopt certain p^rfecf Thp Voluntepfs, second ranked nationRlly, already wer*» assured bowl — the Sugar if they want: it — «« thP'. took fheir hillbill.v l.AST LAN’SIN’G. Mich., Nm* iliKeady and s four-jard plungi h\ n\a:«; from Kentuck>' into camp in (UPi—Michigan S»a<p, capiialu- Ralph Pfciffpr. a hair-rai.^ina: fourth pi’riod that ing on Kansas Slate iuniblcs and Score by pr-nods was all Maioi-s. Tennes.'.ee needs overeomirii? its own bobbles, pack- Michigan Sta e 0 ^ 26 &—?>8 only to 2 «»t b\ faded Vandfrbil* ed four touchdowns into the third Kansas State 0 % 0 14—17 next week for « lO-f) record and period Saturday to wallop the Michigan State scoring. Touch- ji.c undisputed Southeastern Wildcat«: to 17 hpforo 34.115 downs, Haixiing (5 yard pass from Conference title in 16 years, chilled fan? in snow-ringed Mack- Panitcht. William« <3 yard pass predominant- lin Field Stadium. from Gilbert!;' Gilbert (2 >ard roofers in the crowd «f The ball changed hands 13 Piuni;e!; Dukes <41 pass-run from 45 lyy) hleek at th<> end of times on 20 fumbles as tempera- Panitch); Mendyk 2 *1 runs'. Con- period with Kentuck\ tures well belmv the freezing mark versions. Williams. Ninowski. having taken s 7 to fi lead and numbed th^ hands of player« on Kansas State scoring. Touch- Maiors back on his fr e both team^. Kcady (* yard pa 5 S from lfi2-pound senior ?o’ Kansas Statf* opened the sconnp fp ^ ^ e.trly in the second period «h^n scrimmage nr) incredible 84 ,\ard& Ben Grossf boated a 30-yard field ^ ni \aid . through a combination oi drcum- goaJ to climax the Wildcats’ best east lansing. m:ck Nov u ip --,'itanrr^s KentuckA’ safety Bill dnve of the came M’ch gan iu*e-Kiin<>a>i \ijtehell fo^k th*> kick on his 40 Se«'«nd Quarter Score ' * * ' ' .Mich m r .» hut ran backw ard seeking runn n? Sooners Strip Huskers 54-6 Oklahoma Offense Nets (Si Yards in 19th Straight Win NORMAN, Okla., Nw. 34 (UP) touchdowns each. Thomts did B 0 < —Oklahoma moved closer to it« Saturday second national championship Sa^ ™rd Twim Tmlly —_ urdav as halfback Tomm^ McDnn- Okhhomn ^ eighth tally , ‘ i , -r TY counted hv tJiird-team quirterbaek“ aid and quarterback Jimmy H,r- ris led the unbeaten Sooners ♦’o a on a plunge 'J 7 '' N’ebrafk^i s onlv .cr. r,m. 1 » Both McDonald ?«nd Hams scored t w i c e and Oklahoma FIRST IN A SERIES OF GAINS—Sooner quarterback Jim Harris makes a first down before being pulled down by Nebrasko's Larry Naviaux (arms around Harris) in the first period of OktoHoma s 54-6 route of the Cornhuskers at Norman, Saturday. OU's Billy Pricer (43) hovers pro- tectingly over Harris. It was Oklahoma's 39th consecutive win and it came at the expense of Nebraska coach Pete Elliott, long time Bud Wilkinson assistant. (UP Telephoto) S!»cond period with quarter«» , « back Gorri-^n En:::lert finnjr a fiv#* earned SDli nH yards ^ offens-- Clarence ts hesl showing m three years. e«,k alter a 79-jard dnv. In IS' It was the ?.9th straight victor> pj^y^ for the Bi? Seven Conference chammonE. -vhn ai-e ineUgible Pete Ellten haJb a W 1 game this year. formation team breaij^ A fmsl home same crowd c( Pf« time. Ullot^ 48,000 saw McDonald gain 91 yards “P Oklahoma s fast- in n carries. 77 vard. on ivvo:^''”\ Maryland passes and intercept another for f' ^ >" *e Orange Bow. 9 yards. He scored the fir-t Ok'a- F’" •' ''o»<-h Biid Wtl- hom. touchdow-n four minute.- '» ?o to Nebns- afti»r the kickoff. takin? a lat®“al from Harris across from the . Score by periods: The All-America candidate 14 2 n is 7—54 Albuquerque, N.M., was on the Nebraska o g q g «cnnne end of a 4^-yard oass-run Oklahoma s e o r! n ? — Touch- from Harris just before the half. dowTis, McDonald 2 iS, run after Brown Scores XI» lateral: 46, pass from Harrl')', Harris, one of the 18 Oklahoma Dodd 2 f32, run. 12 pass from Ba- seniors playinfi their last home ker): Harris 2 (5, inin. 31, run)' ‘game, ran over from the 5 and Brown (51. run); Sherrod (2, ¡from the 31. Second string full-iplun'tet. Conversions: Hams 2, back Bill Brown, also a senior, Dodd 2, O’Neal Ballard, jran 51 yards for his first tmich- douTi of the year. Nebraska scoring—Touchdo^tss: Cook ('S pa«s from Ençîert). Junior Halfback Carl Dodd scored tu'o of Oklahoma’s five ^’OR-'tAN' Ok!a K?>v 34 <LP'—Suy*. scoreo rwo oi UKianoma s live ^ Ok-ahcmi-Nebraska ¡?am» touchdow’Tis in the first half. Didd okithnw» K*k. 24 Ivy League, Big Three Championships Ä.■:«e^PÄ■Ä Arend took a Kansas State Rusn.n*''''^!H**V' punt on the Wildcat M late in the Paisiñ* jart»«* 17 ■■ /iS8 second quarter and returned ;t to Ki«« the nine to set up the Sf^artan«' , .............. first touchdown From th«re it v*rti”r-w; ‘ to to«k Michigan St.ite foijr plays to faw I lead it never ag.iin re- Un«Tuished wntJh >fike Pamtch passing te Larry Harding for the final fev*t yards and touchd««’n Ptn- Iteh's conversion attempt «as V!«ie. Dan Cume recovered a Kansas Stite fumble on the Wildcat 40 to bafin the third period scoring, It took the Spartans onlv two plavj to score from there with Don Gilbert tossing to Sam W^’liam« for 39 yards and »h# touchdown, Williams also converted. TUSCAI^n^^J.A Ala Nov Kansas State fumbled the fol- ” ^tl.*sissipp> S^jth'»rn. s 12 ’ s-r 4 41 Mississippi So. Maintains Tide Jinx; Ties 13-13 Yale Smashes Harvard 42*14 to Snatch Children Send Honor to Babe AUSTIN. Nov. 24 (UPj . and a . , score in the first period. _ . of the Texas Game and Fish Com-j Oklahoma end Delbert Long had,|J««» CAMBRIDGE Mass. No-'. 24 put the ball o'-er in the «pr*ond score in the sam.e period Yale mission. Saturday endorsed as recovered a Nebraska fumble Tn p^îr room and vas smeared on his 26 '^P* — Denn s McGill and A1 and third period aç Yale re- quarterback Dean L'Ut'ks passed “first rate conservation'’ efforts;the second quarter. Dodd caught .\nd Kentucky wq« ppnal’zed for'' ard, Yale s «coring twins, tere se. ve- 13 yards to fullback Steve Acker-by the Texas Tuberculosis Associ* a 12 yard pass thrown by quarter _________________ clipping back"to its 11 on the same across for three touchdouns ’n McGill opened the scoring with man to give Yale an insurmountR- ation to collect deer hides for use back Da\id Baker. The play had ALL’^DNl'M BOUT^ play. 42 to 14 rout of traditional rival a two-yard plunge in th» first p»» ble ^-7 halftime lead and close by patients who fashion leather- been set un by sophomore efuard^ Kentuck*>> tackle l/s\i 5.!icha*'ls Har\a.»*d Saturdav to rsptur- th^jriod and ^allied on an exciting 78- out a tremendous career for the goods from them Steve Jennings, who blocked a Ke- RENSSAELAER, Ind. (UP)—St. t heroic ''f’?u?e* all da-* Lesgu« crown and Big Three ys?rd p:tchoijt from D;^k ^V;n♦er- starting Eli backfield. ■ “Tliis is a fine progi'am., and braska punt Joseph's College has accepted 3 f»- out the Tennessee 47 bu* ch».mpj^n?h!.D, bauer in the s^'^ond period, Î* Yale's 42nd vicHr' 'n the it s a shame that so m.any deer 5îcDonald's two firit half touch- bid to play Montant State CoUtgi M’=iior* qui-^kly Pui‘'hls team -n favored Eli f easi H4 ’Ì 41 ,ii « f-34 n • M 2 M er- Ward v>.pnt 79 do,»r* thf T3rd gam.e against the Cnmson in hides go to uaste when good citi- downs brought him even ’-¡th his in the Aluminum Bowl game at Kentuck''-.'*'soii"'*.nd'*fi’‘ed t"*2Vvard Hin.-'i'-d ® ■'^nns m nght f:eld sidelines fop a touch- the h*\' League classic dating back 2 '**ns being restor<»d to usefulness running mate, right htif Clenden Little Rock. Ark., on Dec. 22. St pass to win^baf'k Will Anderson on the third The Crimson dowTs, following the first Han-ard to l'?75. are so deserving.” he sa:d. Thomas, in season totals with 16 Joseph’s had an S-1 record . the Kentuclñ' 1*. Kentuckv center _ Bill Livings was too eager to br<»ak up the play and K*>ntuck> was penal:’«'d b»''k to its th-ee from where Majcrs wtiir’»d across on s-c'^nd do^"n Sam Burklov converted Kenmck" pminded ba^k to th Tenn»»?.‘=«“e where the Vols grab 24 Vri a fumH>r T^ii»n ^f,a,■|ors Clemson's ".Win Could E Get Orange 1.1/4 ^ ............................ . .......... 1 thp game «way on two runs tlv tiwnng kickoff on it.« 17-yard and Mabnma i*\pn m 3 <v>d vili talk %bf"i» h>>r'* f^r vears thf tu'o play? later the Spartans had fourht thi* downtrodden second n S5-yard broken - field another touchdo«-n with Gilbert Orimson T;de to a 13 to 13 t;e gambol for n «írore CLEMSON S C Nov '’4 'UP> f»ine over from the two, Nlnow- Saturday, with brawny R. L. Dirk- Tennes^^^e led fi-0 it the half ^ u ’ /-n, V ò •ki converted. m«!<- 5 n running and 27 yard' for strictiy on ^fa,iops' tnp’e-threat —wua. erbacK Cnarlie Buss^.v s Michigan Sta^e interoepted a touchdowns handiwork thst produced a first coffin corner punt set up t.i? Wildcat pas* on the first play after Alabama «ff.set D|f’k:ní«n s r’.m neriod s<'ore r>n a 7R-yard march. touchdo\» n Saturday for Clemson the ensuing kickoff and took o\-er pia.', «r hv rjuarierback But Cap». John Gordy. Tennessee jq its firs’ \*Iant1c ¿‘oast 3 Bobby Smith of 52 and 15 varrts tackl»*. s'^red th* -oucbd^^í^n. ^ fumble in the Conference title and a probable and nimblinc Orange Bo'^i bid W'th a 7 n win over Virginia before 16.rf)0 m the K-state 44 and began a Smith of 52 and 15 yards tackl<* s'^red th* march for its third touchdou*n on scores. grabbing ^fa. 1 ors the third permd. Sauth»’rn ha« lost only t« Florida air ?t th«» fi’. e The final MSU touchdown of the S'^t^ th's s-sson Alabsma ha« across. period came on a Pamtch pa:*.s to end Harold Dukes for 41 yards. Michigan Sta’e got its fina', touchdown of the day early in the final period after Vic Zucco intercepted a pass on his goal line and ran it to his own 20 Mend\k went one yard for his ser^nd touchdown Kansas State added the final b*o touchdowns of the game late in the fourth period on an e;^ht > ard pass from Dick Corbin to G^ne Tulsa Tops Wichita 14-6 in MV Play th's now -n two. lost fan? Tl S( %LnosA. Ala., Nn%. 14 I P — Thp M}»sí%*áppl Äduthem football team ^of«| un&nlminj«]^ Sa turd ay to plav in a p«*t «teasnn game If I« 1 « Incited. Th*> action rfpRrpd th# wav for th»> Nfi^^issippi toAm t« mppf We«t Tenas State in tt»« Tan Bm%| ut Orlajida. Pia.. \>w Year's liav. A Mi«».l%<|ppi Southern *f>oke§ man said thf» Tanç^Hne hid had not h*kpn frtrmaliy arp*>pted hut hf» if h*. one. a slight improvement for the Tide over its wmless l!^!ïS se^i.son six and tied M.d\‘«v jn th» third quarter. _________ __ fullback Bob iHumphres-) Dough- conference membership still ert'. \*'ent nn n f>n*-nnn offi»nsi%'*‘ officmll. the h-iw' show \K-h\ch ended wnth a neces&anly the cham-^ Kentuckv toiichdwn Quarterba'^k Pio^ bu? the mos' represents Delmar Hughes woui?d up the m- member. South Carolina and va»-d d!'i\e u-^th a one-vard plung»' Duke are other pos'Sibuities and added the extra point to send Bussey scored the only touch- thp Wildcats into the lead. down himself on a one yard sneak Score h\ periods: converted after his punt Tennes«pe ’ fi 0 0 14—bounds on the \’irgmia me; Kentuck%- 0 0 7 fV-'t ^t up in the first period. Vir Tennessee scorimr Touchdowns. P'unted out and the Tigers Gordx- run with Maiors fum- yards t<-> score, We ^ nin. 'i^ nm>. Halfback Jim rniem.^n's 21-v^rd Con\'er«ions Burklo^v, Smithers highlighted the dri*, e How- Kentucb scoring: Touchdow-n Clemson '>^?is far from im Hughes fl, plunge). Conversion. Pr«-'ive against the hapless Cav-, Hughe« aliers who ha'.’e won but on*»: 'league game since Joining the Southern s first touchdosKn came KNox\tLLE Ttm u ti*ti.*f A? tb* T^nnfii^c-K^n'urkj' p«ni# Styled long and low c /^ GG/ T*mn sss . 4.. » .. P .. h :n I P#na’.:zHi Oem.sAn's final conference rec-. ord 1 « four «ins and a tie 'vi»h| Marj'land. and six wins, one loss and two ties o\*erall wnth one' game, against * w'eak Furman team, remaimne fullback Dickinson ran vards for ..... a ^;^nrp ' Hus'';nB : art!«» .. * ne :d-d«**Alabama then moved swiftlv .............. TULSA. Nov, 24 (UP: ~ Tulsa from it.s own W to the 4*. Smith St»* University halfback Dick Huches uncorked « 4T*yard pass to Don p'um‘':»<i engineered a 14 to 6 victory over Omstock who to^k it on the South- ^ Wichita and a tir f<ir spcnnd plai’C cm f;vi* to score, in the -Missouri Valley Conference Tlie Tid<* wnrked dowTi to the in the fmal game of thp ‘■csison Southern 15 in the third period and for Tulsa here Saturday. Smith unleashed his passing pow- A crowd of 13.000 Hughes ^rs a:|ain. this time for 15 yards rice yards for one touchdown to end Ralph Blalock for the see and score .^gaui on , t "O-yard pa.^s r»nd touchdown. pla\ With s.vstematic power fi-om th Th*» v.dar. ?a\(» Tuha a fir tim'“ halfba^’k J. C, .Arban tiv^k witJi Oklahoma AA-''t ff'r second the Tide kick-off on his own goal VILLANOVA, Pa. Kev. 24 tUP) line powered the Wildcats to ?h»ir p'ac*» and dropppd ^^'ichita tr« line, the Mi^sissippians worked —ViUanova University with half- fifth win against four losses in fourth Houston won the lea?ue;baclc to the Alabama S7 Dickin- back Riek Sapienia a busybody in their best showing sin^'p 1^52 T' titl* with a 1.3 to 0 vit'tor> > pr'son. with end Curr>’ Juneau pret- all departments, mirehed f^r spearheaded marches f^t 66 60 and (Try the instant response of Buick’s New Dynaflow’"') Villanova Trounces Iowa State :M for 1st Winning Year in 5 Tulsa three weeks ago. .The Wheji:«-;''-’rkers ouii.*‘. Tulsa most of the game but the Kansans ground a**,ick stalled tt crucial moments by fumbles and penalties In the second quarter. Wichita capped i fi 1 -vard dri\e «hen ha:f- btck Jim Wisanin ran o\er from the 7. He tried to run tl’e extra fcint. but was stopped short. Tulsa tr>ok the follou mg kickoff viding the k^v yards to score blocks, raced Yale Upset 19 fo 0 by Darfmoufh 37 touchdov^ns the first three times it 62 vards in the first half bsd th» hall Saturdav to trounce periods < Iowa State ^ to 0 and gam its villanova* 7 1" 6 0—2^ first winning reason in five xears, ^tate 0 *0 0 0-0 Sapienza, a Junior from E\'ernt vuianovs scoring Touchdown« Mass^ scored the games mitial Sapjp^za 2 ( 1 , plunge; 2 S« touohdown on a one-yard rush and C. »* a r i o n e Ma -ee • made a circus catch between two ' Halhgan :.V>. pa ss-run enenv defenders «f « 2 ^yard pnss Orazione •. Cons ersions. for Villanova s third tally. The Baypy payoff pass \ias the hrst of tu-o thrown by reserve quarterback Sapienza Jim Orazione, who lattr hit half- Auburn Trumps am its o'vn 2» and Hughes mo\ed the ball to the 47. Tlie Huriir^pp back Jim HaUigan with a 56-yard unit 'vas forced to punt on fourth PRINCLTON. NJ Kov 34 scoring pitch. pci • ■ 7 down, hu’ .1 holding pf^n-i'^y (LT^—Sp^^edy Mike Broun son of In IrH’t'^een. the slipperj.' Sapien- rlOnCiCI IS"7 aftinst Wichita put the Kill on Cleveland B>-own coach Paul is was the aggrieved part> on an the Shocker ’.9. Brown, scored three touchdowns interference penilt>' in the end AUBURN, .Ala . Nov. 24 fUP)— Hughes then scored on a rexpi'se on shor» quarterback sneaks Villanova s driving 210-pound Auburn scored «iih its favorite pla.\, and quarterback (inarlip urday to give Dartmouth a B to \»hi<'h made on.-» Villanova long distance weapon, a 67-yard W\-nes kicked the first of two 0 upset victory over Pt*in''eton be- toudidown possible and rounded pass from Howell Tubbs t<^ Jim- extra pnm's fore ?.2 000 in Palmer Stadium *^ut a dav of rinsis'ent gaming b\ my Phillip? and on a 45-yard The third quai’fcr «as s'^>reiFss, Brown rstabli-shed a ne'.>, r>a>*t- kicking an extra point, mar^-h to turn back serapp- Flor- but f>a'iy in the f-mrth pcnnd mouth individual scoring record Gra?ionc and Hslligan brought Ida State IS to 7 Saturtay. Hughes score<l from the 30 on a with 10 touchdown;, for the season, a campus homecoming n'owd of The Seminóles who ?>. pass frr>m quarterback ijeorgr; 8 nd shut out Princeton for the 5.0(mi to it.s f*et with precise colla- berth in the Southeastern Cenfer- Cagliola. i first timi» since the Ti'jiers 27 to boration on their pass-run play in ence generated s fi5-yard march Score by periods: 0 defeat h> Cornell in 19.*>4 thf> third p«riod. Halligan made an in the final period for their tw'^h- Tulsa 0 7 0 7—14 ^ -¡e lndt?»ns from H^no\e»'. o'^er the shoulder, fingertip catch down Wichita n « n (V~ fi N Y.. outpl.q,'^d Princeton in after eluding Iowa Sta^e quarter- Auburn, unable to get going Tulsa sewng — Touchdowns every period ss they registtr^d: back Ch.arley Martin and raced 20 against the h^a^ . sta^e line sen« ^ Hughes 2 {,>9. run. and 30. pass- their first victery over tht Tigers jards for the scere, fuarterbaek Tubbs back to thr^sw run from CagliolaK Conversions, since 13.5.1, ------ a lone one *o hii red-haired end ' 2 .Although Eronn registered the OPEMNft C.iCiE D%TRS Phillips, in ih*» second period Big Tulsa seonng ~ Touchdowns, wmning t*iiiips ¡n th« sercnd. th’rd^ NEW YORK <UP» —Manhattan Red took it for a touchdc*'»-n, Hugh'ss 2 (39 run. and .“iO, oass- and f-^urth ppnods, the drives that me^^ts St. Jeseph s ar.d Kew York State penetrated once to the roil from Cagliolal. Canversions. led to them were University/ tikes on Lafayette en Auburn se^’en on the ru.nnmg o^ ? largely to the excslltnt Funnmg Dec. S m the eptmnf áoubleheadér halfback Bobby Renn, hefoF§’ the Wichita ^enaf — Touchdeunt, gam« ef left half Lou R<s^-ero and ®f the M.adisor* Square Oirden col* Flt’.nsmen put acr'^ii thair clinch- KlijaniJi (7, run). jhis replacement, Jim Mueller. Ilegt basketball season. er in the third peri.od. Wc’ll admit it quite frankly. “New” is a word that’s used a lot. But seldom has it meant so much that’s fresh and different and better- than-before—as here in the newest Buick yet. Tak e the new sta ling, because that’s obvious at a glance. To get it so sweepingly low, the engineers started from the bottom, ith a brand-new t} pe of chassis. It’s an ingenious ‘'nested” chassis that reduced car height as much as 3.4 inches, giving new lowness and raciness — u ithout reducing road clearance or room. It’s a massive I-beam, X-frame chassis that’s stronger and sturdier—and permits a new low center of gravit}' for far surer, far safer roadability. That’s the picture on st%ic, beaut}’ and brawn in every ’57 Buick. But no such picture can give you the feel of this new instant go. Only when you take the wheel can you appreciate the new era of motoring pleasure and ease and safety brought about by Buick’s new po^ er- pitch response. It’s instant response—response set off by the hair-trigger action of a new 364-oibic-inch engine and the full- range flexibilit}’ of a new Variable Pitch Dynaflo’w. It’s response so eager, this Buick seems to anticipate your every command. Power flashes to the rear wheels so quickly and smoothly in "'Drive,” that the need for "Low ’ has virtually been eliminated. Even Dynaiio^ ’s famous switch of the pitch is seldom needed. Come tr>" it. Come see and jeel the tremendous difference the newest Buick yet can make in vour driving enjoyment. *Xeti Adt sncti Variable Ptteh D\»aAf>u *t o»i%- Dynsfliyw Bmsk hmUt t9d4y. It i* R^admarter, Super and Centuty^optt9»*l *t mod»it «x$ra { 0 $t on th« Spend. Newest Buick Yet WHEN SrniR AUTOMOiilfS ARI lUll? BUICK WILL BUILD THIM OTIS McNABB BUICK COMPANY 906 WIST HARRISON THi VALIIY'S LEADING lUICK DEALER HARLINOEN, TEXAS TILIf»HeNI dA S tftO

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