The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 16, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 16, 1947
Page 13
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TUFSDAY, DECEMBER IS, 1947 K/TTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWg Disease Keeps Youth From Riding Bike But Hot From Flying Airplane Ant Invation Plaguti Italian GENOA lUP)—AMt»— million* of them— »re wrecking the economy ot It»ly'« thriving western Riviera. The world- fftroou* *ea resorU of AU&lOj Sau Remo, Borcllghera and Ventimiglli are tmong the Rry;\s worst »l(ect«d Doz«ni ol «iitomoU> Rp t»U «nd siw- dallied Iniect hunteri h«ve become "invited tourlsU" on the Rl\ier», aniwerlnc th* frantic »i>- peali of local luthorttlea to atop the ant invasion. Of the "Argentine" Variety — ant of the imillrst iyix« Identified by •clentlit.i — the anli ilirteci their Invasion In 1M1. Control measure* Adopted &t th«t tlnte appeared vo have wiped out the threat. But during the war the Kilts had a field day and are b*£k In force. (By NBA Service) ! THREE RIVERS, Mich., Dec. 13 _ . - _ .. never couw Carnegie Letter Tells other boy. in Secret Q f SuCCeil ' ITHACA, N. Y. (UP)—The couen roller skate or play ball, or shinny up trees ikh them, either because arthditis has made him a cripple since kindergarten days. But Jack has • ethlng on the other boys now. At 20. he has his small-plane pilot's license. The arthritis left him with little us« of hi* hands or his legs, and after long yenrs of watching other boys from the sidelines lie was stymied again because his parent* didn't want him to 'drive a car. •Ithough many of hi* high school classmates had their own Jalopies. So after school, Jack got a part- time job at the Three Rivers airport. Then he talked Harry Suse- H^hl, a former Army pilot, Into Wiririf him lewor.s. He was able to pau his pilot's examination after eight hours of Instruction, and then got hU flying license. His only trouble now In Retting in •nd out of the plane, but once he's at the controls he can park his crutehu beside him in the eock: pit and (o when others can't (o • by blkt or jalopy. Jack thinks there's a chance he may have a career in the air. too. Right now he's negotiating with a big manufacturer of small planes far a job as goodwill ambassador »nd field sales representative. And h* flew to their plant to convince them. Andiew Car: manufacturer, attributed Jlre sled his rise partly to »n ability to use other man's brain*. Cornell University has acquired a letter written by Carnegie to a col- lese professor in 1888. "I cou'.d not be of any use talk- Ing to the young men upon either of the two subjects you mention, 1 the letter reads. "I am neither ine- Stops Drinking But G«tt No Credit ST. LOUIS (UP) — The defense plea that Robert L, Woodward. 2S, got Into trouble only when drinking and that he had stopped Inibib- iivg got nowhere with Federal Judge Qeorge H. Moore. "How long has he stopped?" the Judge asked. "Since his arrest," defense counsel replied. •He's been In jail all that timo, hasn't he?" Judge Mooro inquired. The deUiisc admitted Woodward had. Woodward was sentenced U> year and a clay for trying to sell marijuana to two detectives. chanlc nor engineer, nor am scientific. I seem to have had a kn.ick ot utilizing those that do more Uiau myself." Take It Easy and LrVe Onion Vet, 96, Soys BLOOMFIELD, Conn. (UP) — Philip Judd, 66, who served in the Union Army as a drummer boy during the CivU War, offers the foHowing recipe for longevity: A pleasant smile. Lack of worry, The ability to take things e**y. Steel Oil Barrel Racks . L MftlHY MISgOOBI »T. PH. M27 NOTICE David T. Cooly Builder ft Contractor Has Opened a Cabinet Shop r With Russell Muilek In Charge DIAL 4357 for FREE ESTIMATES on Work 213 North Franklin Blytheville, Ark. FOR SALE or RENT WHOLESALE • PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEMS • , INTER-COM SYSTEMS • LOUD SPEAKERS • MICROPHONES • AMPLIFIERS To Churches, Schools, Businesses, Clubs 'and Organisations BLYTHEVILLE RADIO SUPPLY Phone 4467 112 First Street THE KTDRYl Tl nil atart*4 Jiflrr I had been !• Hollywood three K onlb*. «vrilin|c In* ninvie «crl»t T on* of mf own myiilrrj book* —nnii tr^Jnjc to KCI ovi-r Qatar CrnlR. I nnn hnvijia dinner vrilh • ttriiriivr Jtlt IIaTrr*on, my dl~ vtctor, and tnlklnf; nTrr nnr rfe- turc. Ji-IT a:ilj then yuuujE Jlnimr Pelrr. TVH» to piny Ibr dclertlr* • nd thai AV|* VnuKhn. our ETumor almr, had tn«ialed on Art Clcvra plnjrln* in* ninlr- lead. 1 waa cari- OQH !• knnw why Avi«, nlmont n hna-ltrrn. culttd KC1 arr oirn nay nlmui ihU. Hnt Jff gave me no • nirxfarllnn. Aflrr he took we hnmr. I dJxcnvrrrd my brnallfal Prrafnn «•( lying mangled anil Half-drad in thr driveway. I p*l her la' aleep Tcltb • bit Bf Ihe »oU*n I alwnra hent on hand In caM« I ever alartrt] remrniberlnic too much. Next day at ibe aladlo. I ixked Ravelin, bend ninke-up Trnnian. t« fnnfnct one of her famnn* llpBllckn for me. Hnvrlla im(d I eonld pick up the liiiallek lalM at her shop dnwnlown. f WTNT over to the big, squat, windowless stucco building labeled "Set Three" where my story VMS being filmed. The doorman, recognized me when I opened the door and allowed me to slip through. Inside 1 picked my way across trailing ropes and wires and cables to the far corner of the huge dark room where the Klleg lights were beating down upon the brilliant colors of a technicolor set. With some surprise I saw that the stage was arranged is the library where the murder is discovered in my story. I knew, ol course, that pictures are never filmed in sequence, but somehow I hadn't expected this crucial scene to be the first. Avis Vaughn and Art Clevcs, the two stars of the picture, were on stage. Avis looking like a cream puff creation in a low-cut evening gown which exposed most of her famous sex appeal. The body of the murdered man (Avis' husband in the picture) lay face downward on the floor with the back of head of thinning hair showing toward the camera and a knife han- Ldl* protruding realistically from between his shoulder blades. At the point where I came wlth- n hearing. Avis was going through he lines where she protests her nnocence of the murder to her uspicious lover: "But t wouldn't have used a knife! You know that —I have a horror ol Icnivesl" I didn't see Jeff at all until his oice cut sarcastically uirough the blonde star's lines. He was sitting on a camp chair in the shadow o£ .he big mounted camera. a a • "TJOLD it Avis," Jeff said sourly through h i • megaphone. 'You're not telling your -rook what you want for dinner." ' Avis looked out over the flood ights in his direction. "What's ;he matter? I hid the right words." "The right wordJl" JefT mlm- ckedherton*. "But—couldn't you put a little feeling Into them?" He tried again. "Look Avis, you're discovering that you're In a good spot to be suipected of the murder of your husband. There'! plenty of motive tor you to be suspected. You've been trying to get a divorce, you've been unfaithful to him. Doesn't that mean anything to you? No—I guesi it wouldn't Let'i put it this w«y— suppose you'd just found a run in your last pair of nylons . . . your last pair! How would you feel?" Jeft's needling worked. They rehearsed the scene again and this time Avis' voice held a note of suppressed fury that passed very well for hysteria. Jeff nodded hli head in satisfaction. But all he said was, "Now, this time it's a take. Pick It up at the beginning." ht directed carefully, "and go through without a break to where the se:retary comei through that door back of you and finds you two with the body, Ready, Narney?" He raised his voice on the last wordi and looked toward the gloom at the side of the set. Bu 1 his answer didn't come from there It came from back of u«, and OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople , SOD*. WE AINT GOtM 1 TMBOUGH DGATM \M-L6Y- WHY ALL IK WATER? Faces Senate FRECKLES A HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL Mutual Miwy GOT A OATS' WITH STU UkM5, AND VOU WAMT MOAN WHO no i DRAW AFTGR. I PICK UP MY BAD News, ILL STOP FOR YOU AMD IMC THINS-, IS ALL L SAY/ HIJACXIW A GUYS ore/ Edwin W. i'auley, millionaire California oil man, and ipeclal assistant to Army Secretary Kenneth C. Royall, li again having "Senale trouble." The Appropriations Committee want* to know til about hli dealing* in grain which led to Ihe clime* that he 1* a commodity market "gambler." "What'* th* down payment on thr* ont>?" MHSCILLA'S POP Word to the Wise '/That's right, Priscilla. flldo dishes/ They've been doing their best to impress me. It's on/y nine days to Christmas! along and kiddies, FOLLOW THE CROWDS TO PLANTERS GIFT arid TOY CENTER! Better Than Ever Before By M1CHABI, O'MAUJCY nnd RAM'H 1,ANB & guy I never would tuvt pTdwd ou\ m t crowd a> * racketeer stopped Ubby and m*onih« street a mlrtutf after w« NAtV, DA LWf LING WITH YOU, A IRIfNOOFMINf l» IN THf TRADt. DON'T YOU WORRY fleOlir THAT, LADY. BUT THIS AIN'T NO PIAC6 TO THAT 9OUKIOS INTERESTING. WHOAWiOU? JUST CAlt Ml Tall YOU YOU'Bt LOOK IN' FOR MAMONDSv urned to see a girl hnl[-runninE rom the outside door toward Ihe tage. "Yes — Mr. Haversou." Hor oice was breathless. Jefl was angry. "Where dickens have you been?" I — 1 was only gone a few min- utea, 1 haven't held you up, have ?" It wasn't until days later that remembered she hadn't answered Tcfl's question. And when 1 did remember, 1 had to guess wliere she had been. It meant the dif- 'ercnce between life and death te WASH TUBES flow It's an Ky» By LESSLIE TURNER me that I happened to guess cor- SHE'S CCWIW9- TO NOW WO, NOTNOW..H WtEK M50! I'D NUKED UP 5UM)EMW..«N' THERE • THRU m WNPOI* imt wn IONO THkT HORRInlE / TOfWMT? BUT IF THKT Wr5 h WHK TK6M...WIE"' I COM TO ITWM GOWE. I'UE TRIED TO KID IftliftF BUT IT WMtt'T NO PXIAW..SOU SM> RECML HOW MMN PEOPLE SMi 1KOSE HHIN6 SMKESS NOT SO LOH<7 •'EVERYBODY ready?" Jcfl'i voice had tensed. He mo- ioncd to the technicians and the red warning lights for silence flashed on. "All rlKht!" It was the final signal. The camera and the sound truck began to move following Avis as she walked across the stage to stand staring iown at the body on the M ME HO ls» A 4MJCER. HtMlO TWM TMIMG floor. She looked at Art. Met the and yet some fumbling inner doubt Surned hl« words to mockery: "No, By FRED HARMAN [ gueis you wouldn't use B. FtTOWrA THU^OftR, REO YOU CAffH-UfA KAt« Zel Gives Hie Alnrm By V. T. HAMLIN WEU, NOW THAT IM Pa««NTA,BLE. ft* HOW MY VILLAIN l< DO, N a! HEY, COME OUT OF'IT. 101) •19 WAKE UP. 1 r M DIDN'T COME TO •Krone ALL«Y ARRIVED TO RESCUE ME; WJfT HAVE HIT KIM TOO HOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By EDGAR MARTIN v«ovs \'v\. oo xo w*tt. noo KVCUSWN TO SO \KKMltS\tO SO^ TAt O\H < E.«. OKV W»>6 accusation In his face. Cried out her denial of g;;i!l again. Art Cleves picked up I. is cue. His ayes focused probingly on Avis, He wanted to believe her Poison is Beautiful woman's weapon." Tlie door behind them opened then and the secretary walked onto the scene. There was the [ense moment while she stood there, slowly taking in the mean- Ing of what she saw. Incredibly at flrst, then with dark comprehension forming In her mind, mirroring Itself on her face. I had my first good look at the actress who was playing the lecre- tary— Madge Narn^y, Jeff had said her name wai. and beautiful, although notice that until later. What caught my attention at the moment wai the tense earnestness she was tlng into her part I know ambition when I see It. Thli girl was playint her heart out. I had the instant feeling. . , that ! had setti her somewhere before. (To Be Cautliiucj>, ^ LIKE SOM.E POOR \MR6TCIA i A TUfABRIL, CLPCTTERlfiG To LEAKED OOT ? DOES SUE Kt-JO\M MOCK

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