The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 16, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 16, 1947
Page 11
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~ TUESDAY, DECEMBER 16, 1947 BLTTHEVILLB (ARK.y COURIER NEW1 Can in Thawing Frozen Pipes Required for Safety A blowtorch IB often used to thaw pipes, but extreme care should b« used to avoid setlng tir« to ad]a- Jjnt wood. An electric heating pad Wound Hie pipe is better. Before thawing, all faucets connected to (he pipe should be opened and heat applied at, the end near the faucets. This permits the water from meltlng'ice to escape. Liberal Trade-In on Your Old Iron Get Rid oi Hard Work 'JVade i n your old liand iron (any make or model) on a new Thor Gladiron EASV TERMS Automatic Ironing with the sleeve size roller and single knee control. E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. 310 West Ash St. Phone 551 BETTER HOMES Fuel Savers Built Into New Homes Winterizing Advised To Combat Shortage Of Ne*t Few Yean llnu-n y "on will not Improve for at least i^ivf H"? yca ' 3 ' lhe lllfl '»- 'Uisl lies declare. For that reason, S bl " , bmMcr « « nd real eilat* bicker* who art now .filing new Homes ar e seeing that fuel economy Is built into these structures. To accomplish this, windows must. "I properly. ; No crack* should exist I Where exterior aiding Join* windows, doom. roof and foundation. Well-fitting storm suh should b« Provided for all windows mui door». Walls and root areas should be Farm Experts Say Insulation Is Grain Saver The suocew of the. nation 1 * current grain conservation program will depend largely on tht ability of farmera to maintain preaent » nndardi of quality, without sacrificing quantity, of meat, poultry mid dairy products throughout tht winter months, according to agrl, cultural specialist*. Ill order to do this, (lie specialist* say, the greatest part of the grain fed to animals and poultry must go for production. This leaves only a minimum portion of the feed to be used by the slock 'foi wealhe° malijt«ln- Ul * Colc1 One measure winch ( arm experts advocate for Retting maximum production In winter Is to Install In- fulJy Insulated, and the right sl,e sulatloi, in Ml fnrm buildings used leatlng system selected for the to house livwlock mm poultry house in question. | on ,, lost f Blms , u,? CaV for The need for such winterizing I warming animal and poultry ahel- 's being forcibly demonstrated right '* rK co "ies from lh e anlma'ls and now as fuel scarcHlc.s envelop Poultry tlieniselvts. Willie It Is true wil.h th, ii,r 0 ot n , „.!......._ _. that liv with the threat rationing of some fuels in some areas. Brokers who have the best Interests of their client* at heart are | suggesting that owners who are | putting older houses on the market I equip them with storm sash, caulk up ail cracks, and have their houses fully Insulated before listing tor , sale. Not only do houses with this . protection sell more readily, but they bring proportionately hleher prices. Brings Higher Price j When a. prospective buyer can be (old that the house Is completely winterized nnd that he will not have to do th e work himself after purchase, he will seldom quibble ] about paying the additional sum iiece.<r- L the owner for such improve Builders and realty brokers will be Interested to know that a. house properly insulated full-thick requires a considerably smaller heating plant than a house without thermal Insulation. Test* conducted by the University of Minnesota show that the cost of heating plant In a house Insulated with mineral 7. . ., — -"• ""JIG jij is uue lhat livestock will consume about the same amount of feed regardless of the (cniuerntureJi ot their shelters, more of the feed which W consumed will be used for production, and less for maintaining body heat, If the buildings are well Insulated, the specialist point out. Maximum production or dairy products, meat and poultry products deiicnds not only on protection from extreme cold and neat, but on preventing sudden cost of Insulation. ~ Testa Show Bit Savings Numerous tests in actual homes have shown that fuel savings rana- Ing from 30 to 50 per cent can be attained by Insulation alone In -H, iJiiymg me additional sum fact . tne U. S. Bureuu of Mines tssai-y to more than reimburse states that 'Insulation Is now rec- owner for such improvements. "Bnlzed as "an essential element of •"••- ' " dwelling construction." That the public Is aware of tills Is indicated by the fact that a nation-wide survey shows that 87 per cent of all prospective home-buyers want Insulation. However, only 15 pe r cent of the homes In America sre InsulaUxI. Of the wool can be reduced by nearly 30 per cent, or a saving of approximately 2-l!2 per cent in the cost of a $10,000 home, because a smaller plant is required. In som e areas, this saving will nearly offset . tile- various materials processed for thermal Insulation, mineral wool accounts for 66 per cent oj total production; structural Insulation board, 15.9 per cent- cotton, 6.1 per cent; expanded vcrrnl- culte, 3.5 per cent, and all other flexible insulation, 8.5 per cent. HOME OF THE MONTH Dozen Building Permits Issued Here Since Dec. 1 .,fSI!? l , U >howln « •" WUmated 121,350 In planned raaldentlal construction and Improvement have been | M u«d from th. office of City Engineer Jo, oarna, durln, the flr»t half of D«c«mb«r. Tli«y wer. liued to (he fo'lowlng: William Frailer, for a one-room concrete bulldlnc at 401 Eaat Cherry eatlmated coat, H.OOO. Dr. Floyd W«bb, for a prlvat* ««rate in tlie rear of BIO We*t Ash 1 estimated cost, (1,300. Klmer Prultt, for a «ara««-apart- mcnl at 108 Ewt Missouri; estimated cost, $1/J50. Jno. Howcll, for a two-room Jr,am« residence on West Oliarllne; estimated cost, »Mfl. MOM Bryan, for a five-room frame residence; estimated cc*t, »ioooo 8tokM ' permlt lo niov « Here is a house that fit» any city lot yet has "country" features usually found only in ranch type houses. Designed "for maximum livcability in minimum area, this house has no srmco-eatinft halts or corridors and achieves a pleasantly roomy feeling through liberal use of glass. Simple, grounrf-snuir. lines give the house » cozy appearance. Sheltered entrance and ovcrlianginir eaves protect rooms from Bummer sun yet allow winter's lower »un rays to add warmth. All plumbing is in one wall to add economy, and second story may be left unfinished since tha first flnor IB a complete living unit In itself. Architect Oliver Snmlqnlit designed this functional moiinrn home which won « recent I'riie Content sponsored by PRACTICAL BUILDKH magazine. Clii- eaK« 8, III. Working plans are no! available. STOP FOOLING WITH COAL INSTALL IN TOUR FURNACE KRESKY PRICES INCLUDE THERMO.STAT and AUTOMATIC CONTROL ' :\ BUY FROM YOUR '.LOCAL HEATING "EQUIPMENT DEALER 3 -Bedroom HOUM S~m... JESSE W. PROVINCE „ „ „, Blyrheville Kresky Floor Furnaces and Space Healers M09 85 K"£,.. M20 85 PLUMBING AND HEATING Phone 2719 Use of Metal Can for Hot Ashes Urged The thoughtless practice of storing hot ' ashes in cardboard or wooden containers is adding to the number of fires throu B hout the country. Even ashes which apparently are inactive often smoulder for several hours after being removed from the sieve or furnace. Placing them in combustible containers often has been the start of disastrous blazes. To eliminate this fire hazard, all ashes should be stored In covered metal cans. Galvanized steel ash cans generally, are used because they eliminate the possibility ot a fire spreading beyond the can Moreover, they are designed especially to withstand tha elements as well as hard usage. Fire prevention authorities advocate placing the steel containers in specially designed shelters. A Urc-rcsistant shelter can be constructed quite easily by applying asbestos'Vcement board to a simple tramp. By doing this, It can be reasonably, assured that no gust of wind will dome along to knock the receptacle over and spread smoul- dering ashes' about. Use of Approved Chimney Material Urged for Safety There's no excuse for faulty chimneys that can be dangerous fire hnznrds, says Prnllcal Diillder ChiciiBO 3. A safety tested nnd nj>- provcd chimney can be purchased in one package with nil parts necessary tor Immediate Installation. Low In cost and sasy to install In a few hours, it can be used for coal oil. gits or other fuels. To prevent deterioration from flue gas acids, correct defective linings, leaky joints and poor drafts In existing chimneys, a sturdy, porcelain enameled steel liner can be inserted quickly and easily. Chimneys are danger spots In the home since It takes special effort to detect flaws or corrosion. They should be checked seasonally, and loose bricks, crumbling mortar or cracks need the attention of a mason to prevent more extensive damage. Installing a line mesh metal screen over tlic top of your chimney will prevent sparks coming through with 8. S. Simmons, for a two-room co[vc|,i« block residence on South 18th; estimated cojl. }600. A. D. Limsforil, to convert back porch into room; estimated cost, fDUUi M.'. 1 !*"**" 0 " 1 f ° r • " w ««-foom frame co^TScS" 8 ° Uth ' 5th; """"I'" Or» Dale angle, for a three and !.'»",, r ° 0m '"""' r «"<<eiie« at », y ine: « u '»»t«d cost, 11.200. Mngnolla Courts, for two slx- rooin tll« residence* at 1900 and 1912 Ohlcknsuwba; estimated cost, J5000 of Paper Cut-Out* To Plan Furniture Mo Cited os Labor-Saver Wear mirt tcnr on backbones, dispositions and furniture can be avoided says Practical Builder Chi ci-80 3. Go buck to kindergarten days and start cutting »p colored Paper, reproducing your lurniture with small .fqunres, circles or ob- IOIIRS Kcnled to actual size, „» c i os c M possible l« their actual color, "sing * floor plan drawn to tlio stime scnle on large sheets of paper, you can make sure Just where you want your lurnllure before you lift the first chair, and till colors help avoid bad combinations of uncongenial hues. Kep those pieces of paper furniture by number to the room ' In which ench belongs, and write the nnme also for easier Identification. Keep your floor plan and cut-outs handy so that when general housc- clranlng time iirrives or need for rciirrnngcments comes up you will Imve your kit, ready to work with This system of "moving In-miniature" can help In planning remodeling or adding bullt-ins and in securing the best, possible circulation for your household. V Stolen Bus Found Blocking Traffic NEW YORK (UP)-A police desk Kcrgennt called the office* of thi Eighth Avenua Ooa«h Corporation and asked:. "Did you fellows IOM a bus?" Company officials aald they did ,.- -. i.-.i,, uunu uioiio, lit vuiiairucicU to draw regardless of wind direction. " XMAS SUGGESTION How About that GENERAL ELECTRIC Sink, dishwasher and garbage disposal!? See (t on display in our showroom. Immediate Delivery! "PETE" the Plumber 109 North Firsr Street / Phone 273! temperature changes In the shelters. Tli,. Inside temperature o( an insulated building Is not subject to quick changes because the ln- sullatlon holds the hc&l inside Die building-long enough for it to cool gradually. One o/ the Insulating materials mosl adaptable to farm buildings is .structural insulating board. This product has long been favored for farm buildings because it builds and Insulate* In one application cost. Anyone who can handle > hammer and saw <;nn apply It. Insulating board Ij available In two forms tor farm buildings—building board and sheathing.' Clearance — 25% Off! A Fine Selection of Top Notch Stock » Shoe* • Billfolds • Sweaters Belts Blankets • Scarfs Everything In a Complete tine nl llry Goodi Priced LOW in Time for Christmas! JThis Stock Must Go Be for* Jan. Ttt Now, at Our Oltl Location, 104 South 1st. St. DEAL'S Paint & Wallpaper Co. 109 East Main S r Pho nt 446» Electrify Your Form! FARMERS: Slart 1948 off right . . . • modem, all electrified farm will mean leas work an9 •tor* profit at I«M costl DIAL 2993 For All Particulars Charlie's Electric Shop 116 North First Street Phone 2993 Picture Windows Hove taty Washing Advantage «f their tmooth, unbroken «p»nse of glass, picture window ein be wiuhed emlly mid quickly, In much lew time than smaller p«n».v Most of their »ppe»J w In the ntwrktlng outdoor view they «eem to bring into the house and I hi. advantage of easier upkeep li In their fuvor. Some homrovmen who like tho ronvcnleiica of lingo windows bill want the decorative touch of divisions h»ve solved tha problem with » hinged lattice that, swings out from tha window during wishing hut Hives tho uppenrniice of rnnny smoll panes when in place, reports Practical Builder, Chicago I not know, but *ould check. They found Hint a I1B.MO, 44-pRsscnger Diesel bus liad been stolen from lhe company garajj*. Police told the company to coins nnd set It. The thief had nbun- doued It six miles from the sni'- nge, blocking tralllo. oyaUr |>r«v«it e«« Mi ye« IMW »• *ect yen IMS. Tk* we represent way* el.t pay Buy Your Plumbing, Heating and Appliances From An Old Reliable Firm... The Wm. Fruner Plumbing and Heallrir Companr ha* been fa buiineM In Blythevllle for the past Z3 years and hav« a flna aUck at plumbing nee<lvon hand for Immediate delivery at Ml Ea*t C'faerry 8tree(, We Carry Weft-Known Brand* Such Ass • Smithway Electric Water Heaters • Arvin Electric Room Warmer • Evans Automatic Oil-Fired Heater • Smithway Butane Water Heoten ALSO— Wiiikl.r Perfection OH Space Healers, Lonerran DeLn. Oil Space Healers, a few used Oil Burnlnir Space Keatora ana ine well-known Iron Fireman conversion Oil Hunter lor vnr preaent coal furnace. ' * Delco Water Pump., Peerless Water King Water Pumpt, Eaton Beveraje Coolers and Home Freezers and Wllum Uprlte Fraeten. fillrnr Floor Kurnacei, «»,«» BTU capacity. Kohler plumblnj fixtures— nlso some food used water heatcra. Why be satisfied with anylhtnK short of tht belt . . . Se* thfc block of equipment before you buy! . ' "We Service Any Equipment We Self" Wm. Fraser Plumbing & Heating 2 blocks east, 4 blocks sotith^ JllythevIHe Hospital 401 Eait Cherry ' JUST RECEIVED: l A shipment of several bHghl colors In KENT1LE. Get yours while the selection is good. I! MODERN KITCHENS Cmll for KENTiLE Floors fcidtide tn jow plans for a better kilchcn a truly m«W» floor —Kentiie. Retilient anclcrfoot, r*iy lo clean, Kentile Hum afco»» «oiff«, tt*n or tpillt. It'i laid »qmr« by tqmm in to*f* •ad eokm to plem jour taste. And it KM 18 je*n h«J mlii^ behind iL With Kenlilo in yonr Itilchen—haseraeot playroom— foyor— fan t*n bonr« of work—»<W extra bcaMy to jww bco« Start pUmWng now. Veil be gUd to Wp. We Arc Dealers For: • SLATS-O-WOOD AWNINGS • ALL ALUMINUM SCREENS • BENJAMIN MOORE PAINTS • UNITED and BIRGE WALLPAPERS • K-M VENETIAN BLINDS DEAL'S PAINT STORE 109 East Mafu .".

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