The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 16, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 16, 1947
Page 7
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 16, 1947 Yugoslav Sentries Camera Shy But Determined to Prevent Glimpse Inside Iron Curtain By VI rtll Unkley United Prtn Staff Correspondent HOAD BLOCK NO. 7, Trieste Free State, Dec 16. (U.P D-YUBU- •lav sentries are camera shy. They act as if a pointed camera Mre a machlncgun. Therein lies a tad story ol two worlds k T ,° day l V ' SUed ° l " POSl ' N0 ' 7 ' few mlle ' »°«>' °f Trieste on the boundary between the me Territory and Yugd^via whe » the R ' nan and Western world", meet. This outpost, like others within easy mortar range of the big Yugoslav Fourth Army along some 50 mZ of line. Is manned by half-a-dozen American soldiers 24 hours » day There are 5,000 Americans In this* small strategic area. Their lob along , " ~ " " — - lle «'"«•• Traffic must make a »!ow . o aong with their British allies Is to act as a symbol to discourage any Slav tide from moving Into Italy These lads with the word "trust" on their shoulder patches are members of the 351st Regiment. The OI's are well-disclpllnefl but little they know they could ' do against a determined attack. Just a Symbol, They Saj"II you don't think we're Just a symbol, take a look at that rugged high ground all around us," they said calmly. "That's Yugoslavia. If the Jugs ever really try to come in here, it's Bataan all over again for us." The Americans, under command of Col. Numa A. Watson, live In a warm pineboard shack. They have first class winter clothing, weapons, food Held gla.wes, cameras, radios, and modern field communications. They guard an ordinary red-and- «'hlte painted steel rail roadblock In pairs, day and night. They think it Is a little silly. All they do is control civilian traffic- using the asphalt road to get from their homes n Yugoslavia to their fields on Jobs In the free territory, or vice! Only 25 yards down the road is a similar Yugoslav road block symbolic r" iTTV" " lll "" cs la 'er. but kcp •" the Iron curtain. It also is com- 2 5 ° a , c , k to the camera, pecking ove ,«ed of a steel rail, but in front his le " " h "" M " of it, guarding the exit from Yugo- ziszag to get through. This road block tells the story of suspicion and totalitarian fenr Two truckloads of people escaped from lugoslnvia several weeks ago by crashing through both the Yugoslav and American road blocks. Now the Yugoslavs are taking no mor« chances. The Yugoslav sentries are billeted In a cave In the side of the mountain beside the road. The cave is covered with a piece of sheet Iron. Guards are Camera Shy The guard at the road block diir- t ng my visit was a large, tough- looking soldier carrying a German' maiiser rifle and a German army cartridge belt. His cape, greatcoat pants and boots were of Russian color, cut and make, rt was cold but he wore no gloves. The Americans said the Yugoslav sentries were neither friendly nor unfriendly but Incredibly camera shy. Some of us stood against the American road block while one leveled a camera' The lens looked at us and on past toward the Yugoslav sentry. The sentry promptly turned his back. Then he retired into the cave completely out of sight. He came ^ t ^;f r . a '"' inutcs Ia >". but kept tlnvla, are two additional stone barricades. These are three-foot walls of loose stones,.Each Is built three-fourths of the way across the road, starting , g from either side and overlapping In his left shoulder. Col. Watson said this behavior avor was common with Yugoslav troops all along the line. He attributed It to the use of seemhfgiy harmless photographs in Yugoslav political trials, with damaging results. The Iron curtain seems silly when you get up next, to it—But both American and Yugoslav sentries at Outpost No. 7 held their rifles at ready, with bayonets fixed BLYTH EVILLE Machine Shop III So. 2nd St. Phone 2821 Taft-Hartley Act Ruling Announced by NLRB > WASHINGTON, Dec. 16 (UP) — The National Labor Relations Board ruled yesterday that unions may not use closet! shop agreements to prevent members from switching bargaining representatives The board's ruling was the first, .such under the Tan-Hartley Act but only a restatement of policy established under the old Wagner Act In the Hutland Court c.i.5e. The board said that "a labor organization cannot, by means ol Us membership rules, restrict the freedom of employes to designate R ne>" collective bargaining representative." The board's ruling was in a case involving the Carpenter's Union (AFL) and the E. L. Bruce Co Mem phis, Term. The .board ruled that the Carpenter's Union illegally forced the company to discharge the employes because of the closed shop agreement. But by a 2-1 vote the board refused to make the union liable for the worker's back pay They were discharged in !945 and subsequently rehired within six mouths when they rejoined the Carpenters Union. The charges against the company were brought by the firemen and Oilers, (AF1>). The six carpenters had withdrawn to Join the other AFL organization. European Farm Labor Suggested Conference Head Would Import Help For Seasonal Work WASHINGTON, Dec. i« <UP>— John P. McGovern, I.« Sueur, Minn chairman of the National Farm Labor Conference, suggested yesterday that European farmers be granted temporary permits to enter the United Slides for seasonal agricultural work. "Many of us have received letters from Germans and others In Germany who have expressed a rteslr* to gel over here and work Just to get something to eat." McGovern (old the House Agriculture Committee. Hts statement was presented as part of an Informal discussion of the farm labor problem by the. committee. McGovern said It lias become Impossible lo get domestic farm labor to do heavy work. "The moblcm is to cej workers-to KO into the fields," lie said. "We have "lai , ll ,? l ' We ma " nl "8 processing He said his organized hns prepared no definite legislative proposal to bring the European workers, but sugcsted the Idea should be considered by Congress." 1'rrsent Agreement i:\|i!rcs McGovern said Congress miiy have to consider legislation to help bring In farm workers from Mexico and the Bahamas Islands. The law under which temporary fnrm labor Is imported from those places expires An agreement has been drnivn m> between the United States and Mexico lo take the place of the act, Mc- Govorn said. Rep. George.W. Gillie, R., : n d commented that there' should be adequate safeguards against the spread of foot and mouth disease, by workers covered by the agreement. At present, he said, there Is a quarantine line in Mexico. "I am going to insist that no labor be drawn from South of that quarantine line," Gillie said. appealed from common Pleas Court. Chancery Mniceila Watson vs. Max Watson suit for divorce. Glenda Turnbow. vs. J. T. Turn- oavr Jr., suit for divorce Inez Parish vs. T. P. Parish, suit for divorce. Judge, Steps In Where Cagy Lender t Might Fear to Make a Loan ATLANTA. On., Dec. 16. (UI'l—In city iwllce court, whore anything fan happen, this happened; Leonard T, Cotlongem stood before Judge A. W. Callaway charged with non-payment of a $6.30 Inxi- cab hire. "But JudRc, I can pay that bill a you'll ehe me half, a chance," pleaded the defendant. "Your hnlf a chance is granted," the judge said. "How arre you golnu to do It?" 8 b "I'd like to nsk you lo lend n>« the money, jour honor," replied Col- tongc-iu without batting an eye. "I'll pay .van buck Saturday." The courtroom spectators gasped. The JudRc gulped and reached (or Ills billfold. }lc handed CoUongcm »7. The defendant said thanks and paid olf I he cab driver, Including a 70-cwit tip. Discovery of a new electrical In- xulRtfiig material, barium tltanae the Insulating value of which Is said to be 100 to 1000 limes that, of mica, Is reported by Soviet scientists. In the Clmnccry Court, Ohleka- sawba District, Mississippi County, Arknn.tas. Tlin defendiitil, Sam T. Ward, Is hereby warned to npjwfir within thirty days In the court named in the caption hereof, and answer tlj« complaint of the plaintiff, Willie Genildine Ward. Hated this 8th day of December, HAItVHY MOitlilS, ClerK By lielty Peterson, D. 0. Attorney for plaintiff, E<1 B. Coolt, Attorney Hnulsoii. ad lltc-m, Arthur ft. WAKMNO OMDFB Wallace B. Woorty«rd, Hi _ v«. No. 10.MO mimic M*e Woodyird, Dft. I" the Chancery Court, Ohlcka- sawb» District, MLwLwIppl County ArkaiUM. I'll* defendant, r«nnle Ua* Woodyard, la hereby warned to appear within thirty daya In the court named In the caption hereof and answer Ihe complaint of the plain- till, Wallace B. Woodyard. Dated this Sth day of December, 1&47. HAKVEY MORRIS, clerk Olnude p. Cooper, alt for Pit. Ed B. Cook, ally ad Illnn. 1318-M-M-10 If left loo long on the doorstep milk Is affected by the sun and loses some of its flavor and mi- ! trltlonnl value WARNING ORDKR Willie Oeraldliie Ward, PUf. vs. No. 10,345 Sam T. Ward, Dft. _. HEVER Wait GetsVtorse! FOR SALE TRACTORS and Equipment . Now On Display At Our Lot JOHN DEERE FARMALL ALLIS CHALMERS- FORD All Sizes and Models h\Vwlvfl'™ 1 * 1 ' . C1 " l|lmrn( lar """' "' ""»• <f«l«n. H we don'l See Us Before You Buy BUD WILSON AUTO SALES Corner Alnin & Franklin I'hone 2037 Kuil Wilson Jess Homer With the Courts Circuit Ira Crawford vs. R. L. Sanders, Built for rugged wear...smartly styled for comfort the most famous name In jackets Yon Peel swell... and look swJ! .. -in WWDBREAKER because, no matter what your build, there'« « SIM to FIT YOU. Tut- Jored for tough wear . .. roomy f»r action, it's tops in all weather proleclion . . . wind-re~ w'slanl, showcr-proof and in lh» weight you want . . . light, me- rlium or heavy. Slyle shown • wool Iine<i mh.irdine. $11.95 36 mrcs for men, Hoyj, ju IAS ADVF.BTisr,n * Sofiirdny F.n-ning : TOST n^ ' Collier's MARTIN & BOYDSTON (Joe Isaacs Store) Santo Says: Only until Christmas Credit is Free at Fitzpa trick's JEWELRY STORES It takes onljr S Mlnuttj to Open « Cliharze Acconnf AUTOMATIf BLANKET Perfect gift for anyone! Blissful AUTOMATIC SLEEPING" COMFORT »^ssa«--^ _I.aundcrs bcamifully. 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