Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 15, 1895 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, March 15, 1895
Page 4
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CORNER THIS WEEK ON WHITE GOODS Toweling and Lace Curtains,beau *lfal, Dimity and NansooW for the coming season. Best value in Towels •iver offered, and Lace Curtains at .inheard of prices. The patterns are • intlrtly new, and quality cannot be beaten. P. 8. Also Hhan<380"ie assortment of striped and 'lotted Swisses for <;nrtains and sash doors. JOURNAL HighestofaHmEeawiungliower.—LatestU.S.GovHReport PnblULed etery daj In tie wee* (except Monday) by tbe LoeimroBT JOUBNAL Co. ClNOOKPOBlTKU. W, 8. WRIGHT A. HARD? C. W. GRAVES S. B, BOO3 PRjtSIDiCiT. SlCBJTTABY. TRjUSUBKB W. 8. WKIOHT, Managing Editor C. W. GJUVXS, Business Manager. Powder ABSOLUTELY PURE TBIIH6 TO RETAIN CONIBlOL Price per Annum Price per Month State National Bant Losnusport, Indiana. ;APITAL __ $200,000 .. F. JOIISSON, PlUffl. S. W. Ct.LKKI , VICK FltKS II. T. llKi-rmtJNK, CA.MUIKH. — tllKKCTOKH.— .'. K, JoSnson S. W. Ollory, .T. T. Elliott, W. M. Elliott, W. U. Snider. THE OFFICIAL PAPEE OF THE CITY. [Entered &s 8<jcond-«la»R matter at the Logang- portf oel Office, yebtuary b, ' FRIDAY MORNING, MARCH 15. Buy and soil Government Bonds. 'ioan money on personal security und collaterals. Issue special oer- ifloates of deposit bearing 8 per cent fhen left one year; 2 per cent per innum when deposited 0 month.*. Boxes in Safety Deposit Vaults of •his bank for the deposit ol deeds, asnrance policies, mortgages and •ther valuable*, rented at from $? o $15 per year Is quickly Absorbed. Cleanses the : Jasal Passages Ulays Pain and inflammation Heals the Sores Protects trie Membrane from Additional Cold Restores the Senses of Taatei and smell. . . _ . _ . . HAY-FE IT WILL CURE. A piirtlcle In iipplM Into each nostril mid It .<a^«Hil>ln. ''rlet) M c«uts lit DniBKlst or by »iaiL I:LY BROTHEUS. M wmren st. New \trkClty. lake Erie Sc Western, Peru Union Station, .. i tickets sold to points In the United . -rules »M<J Canada. SOUTH. Arrive. Depart. ~ -•aailmlmwipollsEx., D 7K»»m ••O.23Miili & KxpressS ll;28am HHSam to. K Toledo Kinross, S 3;26 P m Vo. a» Eveiilue Express S..._ 8:10 p ro -0101 Local FrelKlutt-- •I.* P m NOttTIf. Arrive. Depart. I'ASOMnll A 'Expivos S 10:12 (i in 10:22 urn VOL 'a Mluhl din City D« 4:30 pro 4:45 pm \01M Dwtrolt KX:TPSH S 0:56 p m Vo. 150 Accommodation St-• 7:00 am D. Dallj-, 3. Dnlly except Snndny, •No. 22 dues not run north of Pei u Sundays. tRuns Mondays, Wednesdays Fild»j - a and Sun- ftiinns Moml.iy, Tuesday; Thursday and Sntur- UDlon depot connections ft Blooralncton nnd •'•jorla for [H'lnM west, sniitli'vextand northwest. Dlnx-t comittcllon.s inado al Lima, Koslorla, -•'iwmoni or Sniidnsk) lor nil points cast ItnintxliutPconnections at Tlpion with tmlns .riMftlM Line anil 1. ft M G. Dlv,, lor all points ^orth. boiili. Vast tinrt West • tot tickntd, ruttw and Ktmerol Informntlon cnll •:i THUS. KOLI..KN, Tlcnet Agent L. E. ft W. B'y '«u, Indliinn. C. K. DALY, Uen'l Hn»». A«t INDIANAPOLIS, IND. folly of the Democratic policy of cuulng oil tbe receipts of the gov-, ernmont by reducing the tariff Is the more evident on account of (be continually .increasing expenditures of the government. Much of ibis increase | has been due to the extravagance of the Democratic "billion dollars congress." Still there has been undoubtedly a necessary injrsaae in expenditures as the country has grown. in greatness. Taut, there is a steady increase in expenditures, year by year, and decade by decade, cannot be doubled. Tne annual axpendiiures of the ROV~ ernment, which in 1884 wore$244.126244, amounted to $364,167,607 in 1894, being an inoreamj of about 50 per cent, during the ten yoara in question. A feturiy of the appropriation bills, year by year, during the decade, shows that this growth has been steady. Tbe sundry civil appropriation bill, which ten years ago carried $22,000,000, carries $47,000,000 In the session just ended, and is tho largest sundry civil appropriation bill ever passed by any Congress. The Indian appropriation bill, which a decade ago amounted to only $5,000,000, was in the last session Over $10,000,000. The agricultural appropriation bill, whioh in 1885 was Only a little over a half million dollars, Is now over three millions every year. The District of Columbia appropriation bill, which was then a litile over three million dollars, is now nearly six millions. The pootofKce appropriation bill, which carried a little more than fifty million dollars ten years ago, now carries almost ninety millions, and hae steadily Increased during the decade. Tbe naval appropriation bill, which ton years ago was sixteen million dol. lam, is now nearly double that figure. Tbe pension appropriation bill, which appropriated sixty million dol. Isrs in the second session of the Forty- eighth Cong-ess, carries one hundred and fortv millions in tbe session just ended, and exceeded that sum by several million dollars in three preceding sessions. .The Bicycle Season, t v" «*.«rfj^ m ^^a I.i now at hand. Yoor old wfieel likely served Its purpose, and joo mint a new one. Or perhaps yon are thlnkinn of getting a new one. Tuen let ns show you best wbeel such as the Xagle, Spaldlng. Win- Ion, Roya! and yeatherstone. "BURGMAN CYCLE the Bicycle llessenser Service, MARKET at. A, NT ED. '» tfANTEO—Anlnti'D'centncUvejnan OTlndy to <: •'•" tti-TOl for ivllatil*" honse with ncpwiMW p»W. i Stan i. ArtvftnpMiwnt for full hf»i and il w rK. Re> eronce. Knclose *t>iT f '., -»iini •«! onwiopo. rectfifcu-y. Lock Drawer 7-lVTEr>—A. 1 pi-salo-sincn »t one:-., JEnclosa ' - Tntr Pacltlc Ketliilns Co., Ctero- ., .... . Q-xfccT LUe iniaraoM Co, Klkhart, Ind. THE military court which Inquired Into the killing of several persons by the Ohio militia while they were attempting to break in the jail door at Washington C. H., to lynch a colored man who wae under a twenty years' sentence for an assault upon a woman, has exonerated Col. Colt, the officer In charge. This finding will be approved by all lorers of law and order. It was only when it was absolutely necessary in order to prevent a lynch* log that the order was given to Ore and after the persons engaged in the unlawful attempt had been fully warned, that the militia fired. In approving the finding of the court, Governor McKmley said. "The unlawful assemblage neither heeded the warnings of the officers nor of the citizens, which were repeatedly given. Under this grave provocation Colonel Colt and his command behaved with rare prudence and forbearance. The law was upheld as It should have been. lynching cannot be tolerated In Ohio. The law.Vfihe State must be supreme over all and tbe agents of the Uw, acting vr I iin lie law, must be sustained. Governor nattbew'H Attempt* te $6.OO Hake Appointment* of Prlion 6O .Directors In Defiance uf the Law. Relative to the effort o' Governor Matthews to retain control ov^r .he State prisons notwithstunaiug the act passed by the legislature giving tbe management to a State commie- uioD, the Indianapolis Journal tells of the Governor personally carrying nix commissions to the office of the Secretary of State, as folio we: "Secretary of State Owen was attending a meeting of the State commission appointed under the new law, and Deputy Wright informed the Governor that he | could not receipt for the commissions without consulting the Secretary. To this Governor Matthews assented, and the commissions were carried to Mr. Owen in the office of the Auditor of Slate. The purpose of taking the commissions to the Secretary wafi to have the signature of the (Governor attested. Mr. Wright waa instructed to inform the Governor that the bourd had received tbe commissions and would decide as soon as possible w'bat course should be pursued towurd them, ' -But I want the commissions returned at once either attested- or Dot," i,he Governor said, "and if not attested, then I want to know why they are not signed by him, according to the mandatory orders of the Constitution of tbe State. The Constitution says tbe Secretary of Slate shall attest the signature of ihe Governor, whose dv.ty It is made to issue- the commlsslonii." Mr. Wright reported the message to the Secretary ol State and the commission. He brought back the answer that the commissions would receive due consideration. Then the Governor sent word to Mr. Owen that he was dealing with him cot as a member of tbe commission, but as Secretary, of State, and he demanded the immadlato return of the commissions. To this the commission returned the answer to. the Governor that It would return the commissions when done considering them. 1 'Does the Seoretarv of State intend to do his duty?" the Governor asked. "There Is no proper question of it," answered Deputy Wright. "It does not look like It." "That Is a matter of construction." Here the colloquy, for the time being ended. At half past 11 tho'beo retary of State sent the following communication to ihe Governor: "I herewith return certain papers purporting to be commissions of certain gentlemen as directors of the different prisons, not attested by ma, will act as tbe legal adviser of the board. The Governor , will have to secure other counsel. As between a written and regularly enacted law, and the dutf to ad?iee the Governor on a question not jet established as law, he concluded that his duty lay with the law in tbe letter. WITHOUT HOPE OF REWARD. See The Specialists For Chronic and Private Diseases Deformities, Diseaeei of Women treated by the new electrical method that hag given wonderful results. Don't forget that their vapor treatment for all Chronic Lung Troubles pets the remedies to tbe diseased spots and cures whea everything else fails. Call ard investigate anyway. It costs you nothing for consultation. Drs. Christopher & Longenecker, AtiThe Medical and SurgicalllnsUtute. 417 Market S1, - - Logansport. Ind. in Time Jtllcy JKlllN Will l'u( jLcarnliii; u Trade—To llie. State Rlley Ellis was taken to Michigan City by Sheriff domburg yesterday. Ills case will be taken 10 the supreme court. His tentence was four years and a fine of $25, with disfranchtse- ment for four years. Ellis was convicted by a jury of complicity with Harry Worden in an assault with intent to Bill Warren Koowlea. Tlic Watnoii The famous Waison Sisver'a Company of celebrated Theeplans, embracing some of tho highest ea ! aried artists In the profession. Read the roster of tbe company and be convinced. TheLorraines, Europe's sensational balancers, the Smilax Sittars, uodlsputably the stars of the lyric stage, the Clark Razzilllans, America's representative aerial artists and gymnasts; Watson and Dupree the celebrated German character sketch artists, Bozzara SUters, Russian Nlc- Noo dancers; Griffia and Brjce the funniest of all comedians; Ashton Bros., premier ..horizontal bar performers, doing tbe double summer. saulta on the triple bar, together with one of the funniest operettas ever written entitled "Reception" Royal. Particular attention U called to the costumes worn in this farce. Ai the opera house Monday night. The (Stock Brought Here. Lafayette Journal: By order of the CBSB county Circuit Court the sio<3k of the Star dry goods house, owned by Schmltt & Htffley, of Logansport, "must be removed to that city for sale. Tbe proprietors-have complied with the order of tbe court, have packed their stock and' will ship it to Logansport today- The branch house here did a good business and was on a substantial footing at the time of the crato. Its proprietors are wide-awake, honorable business men, and The Journal regrets that force of circum- atuDces has compelled them to abandon their store ID this city. IF YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE GARDEN. It will pay you to be particular as to wbose seeds you buy. We are now in the market with a full line of Landreth's seeds for the season of 1805, and I wish to say to the eardeners and others using seeds, that while Landreth's seeds may be a little higher price then gome others- tbey are always fresh, clean and true to name, and as we handle no other- seeds except those grown by Laodretb. & Sons of Philadelphia our customers may rely on getting nothing but the very best. I believe thai the- cost of the seeds is nothing compared to tbe crop, and when a person has tbe trouble to put out a garden, he should use nothing but the very best, We bandied Landreih's seeds for four years and have never heard a single complaint; in. fact, our customers unhesitatingly pronounce them perfect in ever particular, and as an evidence of this fact, we have almost the entire trade of all the gardeners around Logansport as well as many from a distance. Our trade has increased on this particular line of goods more than tenfold since we have been in the business? We also have a full line of garden tools and field seeds Remember that the firm of Landreth & Sons hag been 115 years in the occupation of seed growing. George Harrison. 617,623 Broadway. 1895 SPRING 1895 We take Pleasure in Announcing the Arrival of Our Spring Suitings! And we feel justly proud ia the success of our untiring efforts which enable us to thow yoi; this season the Latest, Most Stylish, Most Attractive and Exclusive Line of woolens in the city. Carl W. Keller, Tailor & Draper. 311 Market St. GOVERNOR MATTHEWS has a worte case of the big bead than Grorer Cleveland. The Governor evidently thicks that be baa a combination of tbe powers of the three departments of government—executive, legislative and judicial. It is bis duty to sec that tbe laws made by tbe legislature are enforced and not to disregard them. His attempt to exercise the power of appointing prison directors whan tbe law provides that this shall be done\iy a State Commission, is but an evidence of his doslra to suit his own political purposes and not conform to the law. The people elected the leg-! position islature to make laws and M»tthew» to enforce them. for the reason that there is no authority of law for the Issuing of theiie commissions of tbe gentlemen named by tbe Governor, the power to appoint directors of the prisons, under the aot of 1895. being conferred upon a board Of State officers. The board has now under consideration what action lit will take In the premises, of which action, when taken, due notice will be glyen to the Goveraor." The purpose of the Gorernor in offering these commissions, which he knew would not be signed by Seoro- tary Owen, Is not definitely known; but everybody bad a reason to offer yesterday. It seems to be commonly believed that the purpose was merely to obtain a formal refusal on tbe part of the Secretary, on whioh to base an action in court seeking to compel him to sign the commissions and thus test the constitutionality of tbe recently enacted law. Such a course would ba necessary to get the matter before tbe court and no other explanation of the governor's action teems plausible, for it is certain that be had no idea tbe commitB'ona would be signed bj Secretary Owen. The State commission for tbe appointment of tbe directors ot tba Prison South met yesterday morning on the call of Auditor of State Dilly, who is made tbe authority by the law to call the meeting. The commission organized by nuking Secretary of Stale Owen the vice chairman, in this absence of tbe Governor, who had an Invitation to attend but declined. It U understood that the communion expects 10 have to make a legal fijrbt for its lire, and that it will not aoi rapidly. Mr. Ketch am, who begged to b« left off the appointing board? when tbe bill was pending, became of bin as the attorney of ncGutven-Whttflelit. A happy weeding occurred ter- day'atlla. m. at tbe home of Mr. and Mrs. Wood A. Hart on Plum street. Charles McGowen and Mrs. Alice WhltBeld were .the contracting parties, and the Rev. C. B. Wellborn pronounced tbe ceremony. Veno'n Free Lecture. Veno, tbe great healing power, lectured to a large audience last night at the opera house, and performed a number of apparent cures ID full view of ;be audience, without collecting any feet for hU;ierrloes. The talk WM an interesting; one. < YOUR NAME IS PKLNT. Itenm of • J*ei-Hon«l Character Con- eernlujf l>OB«n«porteri» and Their TOBACCO Smoking I* IN HAVANA. Pigeon and at' IN FAVOR OF SIMONS. Wiley Bale* \m ibe Halt of - ; I»r, -Pond v». JWoak 8tmo»«. Judge Wiley yesterday found for the defendant in tbe case of Pond ve. SlmoDB; suit on a cote for |SOO. The cm*e ha* been appealed to the Appel late court. The story developed is as follow?: Noah Simons took his wife to Dr. Pond ID Illinois for treatment for a can car, and ihe died while under the doctor's care. While Simons was burdened with his sorrows he was induced by tbe physician to »ijrn a note.'for $300 in payment.for tbe doc orV se-vices, ano the plaintiff claims julgment was secured on the note In Illinois without his having been notified. Wir^fieid & Taber appeared for the plaintiff, and tbe de- fence was conduc ed by Frank Swlgart and John B Smi'h COMMISSIONERS 1 CJURT. The »I»T«» and Ho Governor , vt,e State, in the contest has ; decided ; thai t. U V"w> r>" Report JK'Ck >»-A Nrw Bcldk<- MMnird- A petition bat! been presented 10 the county commiSilODer* for a bridge acrosa Deer Creelt In Djer Creek tnivcship. on a line soiun from the Eighteenth street bridge. Again tbe D-.VIS diich is being considered by tbe county fmbers. Fnur interested property 'owner* have 10 the recent re In the city yesterday: Virgil.MyeraofF.ora. Clay Mullen of Marlon. J. G. Davis of Kentlarid. ' L. D. Toner of Kewanna. William Schumaker of Wabssh. E. McNslll, editor of the Democrat, Spencer, Ind. Sam Patterson wai In Chicago yesterday. C M. H. Boone was at Delphi jester- day on business. Bert Harris of Lafayette It visiting friends In the city. Bert Harris of Lafayette is the guest of Logansport friends. Dr. Thomas and J. D. Ferguson were out after ducks yesterday. Mrs. CUrence Barr ot Crown Point, ia a guest of Mrs. Sam Patterson. Mrs. L. C. Brough of Peru ii the guest of Mrs. George B, Forgy. Wm. N. Bowman, an Indianapolis architect is in the city on business. Mrs. Hannah BalKELllson is In tbe city from Fort Wayne, the guest of Irieods. Dr. Fred Bismarck has gone 'to Den ver, Col., hoping by the trip to better his health. Demetrius Palmer of Muncie was tbe guest of bis brother, George Palmer in the city yesterday. Tom Grimes and wife returned yesterday from Atlanta. Ga., where tbey have been speeding 'he winter. Tne Eev, T. S Guthrie was yesterday at Cra»fordtvil!e, where he held services with a recently organized Congregation. Frank Youcg. tbe stranger who b«s been cared for at the jail and at St. J -seph'a borpital for some weeks port of a second set of viewers on the past, waa yeeterday - discharged dtich,; which t».loca>ed ID Waehlngton —'" " ' ••----«—•- Done in All All Time*. I have never seen a Havana man. smoking- in church, writes a correspondent of the Washing-ton Star. It's about the only place where he does not smoke. He smokes in the street cara^ ho smokes at the public dinintr-table,. he smokes everywhere. The presence of women is not considered at alL When coffee is brought on the table, the Spaniard or Cuban lights his cigar or cigarette and begins to send op clouds of smoke. He never even think* of saying to the ladies: "By your leave," for the custom of the country Is to •moke everywhere. On the raflway train* there is no smoking compartment, for a man U privileged, and, ia fact, expected, to smoke everywhere. If he is not smoking, his neighbor will offer him a cigarette. The driver of your coach will smoke and very likely offer you a cheroot. At the opera tho man will walk and smoke between tho acts in the spaces behind the boxes and balconies. You will see finely dressed, seemingly well-bred men, with ladies In full evening toilet, entering the- theater and smoking as they go. You never see a pipe in Cuba. It is th» country of the cigar and the cigarette. One of the odd sights to a stranger is that afforded by the negro women, who- smoke big, long and black cigars in the street. It was here that the smoking habit, which has spread around the world, had its start, and the Cubans are still more devoted to their cigars than any other people. The cigar industry and tbe tobacco trade give employment to a large portion of the population of Havana. In every quarterone will run across small establishments where from two to ten men are employed making- cigars, and some children and women engag-ed ; D stripping tobacco. Some years after Napoleon -IIL seated on the throne of France, an American gentleman was introduced at court, and after the emperor had greeted him tbe visitor bejran to talk in a very familiar v.-ey. At first Xa- poleon was amt:scd, then annoyed. "Pardon me." he said, coldly, "you talk as if vre were o3d friends." "Not friends, perhaps: but certainly acquaintances," replied the American, "since we were on the Londou police force together. The emperor frowned for an instant, and then laug-hed hearth ily and shook hands -with his old com- . rade, who had recalled the , time when. ".•; Louis Napoleon, then an exile in JSngv. . ,. wtllreturn to hl» home at Five •jidDoer Creek to wnghp*. ' ...... "" ' """""" "

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