The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on June 8, 1976 · 30
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 30

Boston, Massachusetts
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Tuesday, June 8, 1976
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The Boston Globe Tuesday, June 8, 1976 For season-weary Celtics, Levis and their freedom 30 By Leigh Montville Globe Staff They- could wear Levis on the trip home. "You can wear whatever you want," general manager Red Auer-bach had said in the happiness of the dressing room Sunday afternoon at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix, the words coaxed out of him by John Havlicek. "I don't care what you wear. It's over now." Over. After the 100th basketball game of the season exactly and on the seventh day of June and in 100-degree dry Arizona heat, the Celtics had completed their assignment. Over. They were the champions of the National Basketball Assn. and they could wear something more casual than the club's sports jacket rule allows, They finally could do what they wanted. Dave Cowens could join the Rudy Tomjanovich-Dave Cowens Basketball Camp in Houston, which had started on Sunday without him. John Havlicek, forced to miss the Dewar's Celebrity Tennis Tournament in Las Vegas, could start packing for a string of trips to Japan and Monaco and Puerto Rico. Don Nelson and the Don Nelson All-Stars could plan to make a scheduled appearance in Portland, Maine tonight. "Come on, Jerome," Nelson said in an all-star recruiting pitch to reserve guard Jerome Anderson as the airplane headed back from Phoenix to Boston and the craziness at the airport yesterday. "You'll like Maine. We'll leave right after the reception at City Hall." There would be today's few loose ends to tie the City Hall reception at 1:30, a team meeting to distribute the $250,500 winning pot, the news of the NBA draft but basically this longest NBA season was over. The shortest NBA off-season had begun. "Docs the new season start tomorrow?" coach Tom Heinsohn asked. It almost seemed that way. The ride home could best be described as exhausted contentment. A few hangovers. A lot of smiles. Satisfaction. "There was pressure on us all the way in the playoffs," forward Steve Kuberski said. "We always were expected to win. We were expected to beat Buffalo, to beat Cleveland, to beat Phoenix. If we didn't, it would be 'Look at those dog Celtics.' Poeple never thought that these were the teams playing the best basketball right now. People just thought we should win." For Kuberski, picked off the streets in the middle of the season, there was the happiness of having come back all this way and the thought that next year, "with Nelson retired," there might be a more solid place on the roster. For Nelson, who already has announced his retirement and has been given a benefit night at the Garden, there were the rumblings of second thoughts. "I don't know," he said now about retirement. "I'll have to wait and see what happens. The draft will be important, who we get. I'll just have to see." For Jo Jo White, there was the recognition he never has had. He was the playoffs Most Vaulable Player. He was being discussed now as the modern Sam Jones replacement, as "the man who can shoot the jumper better than anyone on the planet Earth," according to teammate Tom Boswell. He had been noticed at last. "It's very pleasant for me," White said. "The recognition has been a long time coming. Maybe you're right. Maybe it has been missing because I make things look easy. I don't know. I've always worked to make my game easy. I've always said that basketball is not a complicated game, that people are the ones who make it complicated." For Heinsohn, troubled by colitis and on medication, there was the beginning of a 10-day period to see if the medication will work and he will be able to avoid a trip to the hospital. For Cowens, after all those minutes played, there was rest. For Havlicek, for Silas, for Charlie Scott, for the rest of the Celtics there was the enjoyment of what they had done. Especially for Charlie Scott. They could ride home in Levis or whatever they wanted to wear. They were champions of the NBA t again. Celtics pick 16th in today's draft It will be a short homecoming celebration for the Celtics today. At 2 p.m. most of the braintrust will gather in Red Auerbach's office at the Garden for the start of the annual NBA draft. The Celtics will draft 16th, and that's only because the New York Knicks don't have a first-round choice, having been stripped of it by the league, last year for illegally trying to sign George McGinnis. But even with such a low pick, they may still land a blue-chip athlete because of the large number of underclassmen (15) who have declared hardship and made themselves available for the draft. The list includes Marcus Johnson and Richard Washington of UCLA, Norman Cook of Kansas, John Davis of Dayton and Adrian Dantley of Notre Dame. Two brilliant sophomores, Bernard King of Tennessee and Ricky Green of Michigan State, had their names removed from the eligibility list yesterday before the 5 p.m. deadline. There will be no mystery to the No. 1 choice this year. Houston made a trade with Atlanta yesterday, getting the Hawks' No. 1 draft choice and center Dwight Jones for center Joe Merriweather, guard Gus Bailey and the Rockets' first-round selection (No. 9). Afterward. Houston announced that its selection would be John Lucas, the 6-4 playmaking guard from the University of Maryland. LARRY WHITESIDE mmmmmmmm NBA PROBABLE FIRST-ROUND PICKS FORWARDS School Scntt May Indiana Marcus Johnson UCLA Norman Cook Kansas Adrian Dantley Notre Dame Bobby Wilkerson Indiana CENTERS Leon Dounlas Alabama Robert Parrlsh Centenary (La.) Richard Washington UCLA Mitch Kuachak North Carolina GUARDS Earl Totum Marquette Ht. e-7 6-5 ft-8 69 6-7 6-8 70 6-9 iS-IO 4-5 Ron Lfse Oregon 6-3 Terry Furlonq Michigan State 6-5 Outnn Buckner Indiana 6-3 Chuckie Williams Kansas State 6-3 John Lucas Maryland 6-4 John Dayis Dayton 6-3 BEST IN EAST School Pos. Ht. Phil Sellers Rutgers G-F 6-5 Mike Dobnev Rutaers G 6-4 Bob Corrington Boston Colleotj F 6-6 Dan Odums Fairfield G 6-3 Armond Hill Princeton G 6-3 Bill Collins Boston College C 6-10 hardshlo. Garden had 13 police for Friday's outburst By Jack Craig Globe Staff 1 While the Celtics bask in the glow of their 13th NBA championship trophy, an unpleasant matter remains unresolved. Who was the fellow who attacked referee Richie Powers during the Celtics Phoenix game Friday night at the Garden, and why wasn't he arrested? The incident, carried on national TV, brought a flurry of complaints from around the country. The attacker was pulled from Powers by Ogden Security personnel, with the help of a few Phoenix players, but after being dragged from the scene he was either released or else he eluded his captors. "The whole thing by that time Friday night had turned into a holding action," Celtics vice president Jeff Cohen said yesterday. "There were just 13 police officers present and two would have been required to place him under arrest. Under the circumstances I think just throwing him out was the wise thing." Cohen said that the Garden management hires the police, usually after conferring with the Celtics. Officer Norman Halliday, spokesman for the Boston Police Dept., said police are reluctant to take details at the Boston Garden or Fenway Park because of the rowdy crowds. "Ever since they allowed drinking in the stands at Fenway it has been more troublesome," Halliday said. "Some guys pay $1.50 to get into the bleachers, then spend $10 on beer. If you have to arrest a fellow, other drunks then get involved." The Sox authorized drinking in the stands last summer. It is also allowed at the Garden, which reportedly will have hard liquor for sale next season at a bar being constructed. The liquor will not be allowed to be carried to seats, however. What Bruins offered Orr MONTREAL Here is a somewhat simplified rundown on the contract proposals offered to Bobby Orr by the Bruins owners during the past season, according to Orr's attorney. Alan Eagleson: ,' August $3.8 million for 10 years, with 18.6 percent of club ownership or payment of $P2n.000 on June 15, 1980. Late September or early October (after Sept. 21 knee operation) $2.4 million for five years, aeain with provision for 18.6 ownership or $925,000 payment. December (following Nov. 29 knee operation) $1.75 million for five years. TOM FITZGERALD 4 ABA teams vole to merge LOUISVILLE, Ky. Four of the six ABA teams have decided in a secret meeting in Chicar, to pay $4.5 million each to enter the rival NBA. the general manager of the Kentucky y Colonels said yesterday, jlv Dave Vance said Kentucky and the Spirits of it. Louis voted against the :V tFi ' 9y i mz. - - ..'- '' 1 1 ' f ' - - , t ft' I J - Iff f J 1 Y -JLAi ?i MIL NOTEBOOK ' ' xv ..,7. 4 .'IS L V 1 m Celtics' coach Tom Heinsohn is greeted by fans as fixed on Ilcinsohn's lips. Boston won 13th title, and team arrives. If you look closely, yoifir see a grin second tinder Tom's tutelage. (George Rizer photo) For Orr, it's Chicago or St. Louis ORR Continued from Page 27 "Bobby wants these teams (Chicago and St. Louis) to know the knee is bothering him," Eagleson said. "He doesn't want to be signed and then have them come and tell him he's a wreck." Reverting to a recent theme, Eagleson expressed a strong feeling that the Bruins management had insulted and maligned Bobby with the kind of contract they offered." At the same time, the lawyer indicated that one provision discussed with Orr was the positibility that he eventually could become general manager of the Boston club and its governor or alternate governor in dealings with theNHL. Eagleson again referred to proposed intervention by Interested parties as late as last month to extend Orr s 10-year tenure with the Bruins, whom he joined at the age of 18 in 1966. "Before the fourth game of the Stanley Cup semifinal against Philadelphia" the lawyer said, "a Mr. Wolbach of Boston approached and told me he was a new member of the Bruins board. He asked if he could try to see Mr. (Jeremy) Jacobs to discuss the situation." (This was William Wolbach president of the Boston Corp.) "I told Mr. Wolbach it was all right with me," Eagleson said. "Then Bob Crane (State Treasurer) asked if he could help get things back on the track. But nothing came out of this. I hadn't heard anything on a contract since late in February. All I ever got were some insulting telegrams from their lawyer, Jerry Luptak. "I think it's a shame," Eagleson said. "I know if Harry Sindent and Charley Mulcahy had been doing the negotiating, we'd be signed now. I feel sorry for Harry and Tom Johnson after all they did to help push negotiations." Although Eagleson previously claimed the Bruins would not be entitled to equalization (compensation) from the team that signed Orr, he now has taken a different tack. "Bobby doesn't think they are entitled to compensation," Eagleson said. "But he believes that as a vice president of the Players Assn., whatever is good for everybody else is good for him, too." Sinden said late yesterday that he and his associates had been considering the kind of players they might select in equalization. "But it is only something we could do after a contract definitely has been signed," the Boston general manager said. Put Celtics in Olympics? HOME AND GARDEN Associated Press NEW ' ORLEANS Butch van Breda Kolff, the much traveled coach of the Jazz, suggested yesterday that the US send the Boston Celtics or an equivalent All-Star team to the Olympic Games. "We should take our best," said the former Princetonian, who had winning seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers and Celtic refunds start tomorrow Ticketholders for the three Celtics playoff games at Boston Garden that were not necessary may obtain refunds at the Garden box office begin-ing tomorrow at 10 a.m. Those tickets are marked Games J, K and L. Detroit's Pistons before joining New Orleans. Van Breda Kolff also suggested a 24-club four-division set-up in the NBA, with the addition of possibly four teams from the ABA Denver, Indiana. San Antonio and the New York Nets. PRHE . Bring the whole family in tor an outing. Test drive a VOLVO DURING OUR OPEN HOUSE SELL-A-BRATION SPECIAL SAVIHGS VOLVO VILLAGE 714 BEACON ST. NEWTON CENTRE 969-1900 move to disband, and that the other four teams agreed to buy out the Colonels and the Spirits. He said he was told of what happened in the meeting by John Y. 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Park, who missed the last month of the regular season with a knee injury requiring a cartilage operation, was named as a First team All-Star for the fourth time. Ratelle will be in Montreal tomorow to receive his trophy at a league luncheon. Park will be represented by his father, since Brad will be in Las Vegas playing in the Dewar's Cup tennis tournament which has a field that includes Phil Esposito and Denis Potvin. NHL players may be more concerned about the image of violence in their game than their proprietors are. At least, it appeared that way yesterday after a delegation from the Players Assn., headed by new president Bobby Clarke, was invited to participate for the first time in a meeting of the rules committee. The players, after meeting last week in Bermuda, had a proposal that any player 'engaging in fisticuffs' be given major and game misconduct penalties. This was defeated, 13-4, by the rules committee. The committee did pass a new rule providing for a one-game suspension of any player incurring three game misconducts or gross misconduct penalties. "The stand of our association is that our game is quite good enough on its own without fighting," Clarke said. "It may be they (owners) thought at least the threat of violence added something. One of our concerns is that we could wind up with 10 to 12 players charged in the courts for fist fights every year. And that wouldn't be good for the game." TOM FITZGERALD Orr has no financial worries MONTREAL Whatever the future may hold for Bobby Orr, there should be no worry about his financial security. This was emphasized yesterday when Atty. Alan Eagleson was asked about a statement he made a couple of years ago that his young client already was officially on the list of Canadian millionaires. "That certainly was true," Eagleson said. 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