The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 15, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 15, 1947
Page 11
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MONDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1947 •LYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIfcR NEW* Century CW Hymn 'Abide With Me' Continues To Be Popular With 1 Worshiper sin Many Lands ELKVUN What* Hunttn find \ Radar Doesn't Work PORTLAND, Ore. (.UP) — Whale mnters along th« west coisl »iy hat wur-developcd submarine de- ;«ctori don'l help much In »pot- ,lng tlie silent mammals. The gadgets, Including radar »nd airplane spoilers, dldn'l work Oill as well at, the old crows-nest "Thar the blows" method. Fathometer! actually frightened the whalei away. However, Mivnhu naval mtna sweepers are being used with a deiul- ly ft ltd as killer boats, They art equipped with imiule-loading harpoon guns and 40-pound harpoons with aii exploding head. The modern Opt. Ahatw can knock olf a whale at a hundred yards. It It's a clean kill, they tow it in tnll first. Otherwise, they have lo piny the whale- as sportsmen play salmon, sometimes tor several hours. Trust Misplaced EL, RENO, Olcla. (UP) — Local police think they have a candidate (or the world's most gullible man. They said he gave his automobile and »60 to a well-dressed Negro who promised to return with a case of whiskey In 15 minutes. The N«Bro didn't, return. Major earthquakes occur somewhere on enrtli on an average of about once each week. Beside his home ne»r Briiham, England, Rev. Francto Lrle watches the sunset that inspired his" hymn "Abide With Me." The scene is recreated above by NBA Stiff Artist Walt Scott. •' Abide with me- fast (alls the eventide; The darkness deepens; Lord, with ma abide; I When other helpers fail, and «om- fort* Hee, I Help of the helpless, O abide with me. j v By NBA Foreign Service JjpRIXHAM. England, (NBA) -- fltif a mite from here, on a little rise in the 'ground between the tea and the windswept moor, stands Berry Hill house. i There, 100 years ago. almost on! the eve or his death, Rev. Henry Francis Lyte wrote, in leas than an hour, a hymn which has lived i on in the hearts and lives ot men and women throughout the Eng- i lUti-speaklng world ever since — i "Abide. With Me." On .Sunday, Nov. 16,. churches' throughout the world will celebrate the centenary of that hymn with special commemorative serv. lce». In London, a memorial tablet wll.V^be unveiled in Westminster Abbey beneath the memorial to John and Charles Wesley. Her at Brixham. the Lyte chimes at the parish church where he preached for 23 years will play his hymn at a special service. At Nice, where he died shortly after writing the hymn, his grave is being restored. In South Afrir-., the hymn has been translated into Afrikaans for the occasion In India, stories of the influence of "Abide With Me" on lives of various individuals have been published in Tamil lan- guage. tary of the Lyte International Commemoration is the Rev. Henry James Garland. For a year now he has been collecting stories about the hymn and the people to whom it has given comfort when most needed. On La Panne beach, duriiig the evacuation of Dunkirk, a soldier began playing it on an accordion in the midst of an especially bitter air nttiick. Every man on the beach began singing it. Nurse Cavcll died before a firing squad in World Wnr I while repeating the hymn. When the RMS Stella was sinking with : 105 victims an unidentified woman climbed to the bridge and sang the song. Rev. Garland says "response to his plea for such stories about-the helpfulness • of the hymn were "overwhelming." "One clear fact emerges," he says. "Belief In the ultimate values of Christianity Is far deeper and more widespread among the hearts of men than Ilic leaders of the church hnve dnrcd to hope." Rev. Lyte took his theme from St. Luke, 24. 29: "Abide with us; for it Is toward evening and the dny is far spent." The eight verses he wrote filled I both sides of a single sheet of ! paper In the o riginal manuscript, i In most hymnals today, only the , first, second, fifth, .sixth and seventh verses are used. The ;>ub- ] lished versions usually contain two j changes In text from the original. ! In the second line of the'first verse, 1 Rev. .Lyte wrote ."The darkness j thickens," riot "deepens" an It Is ' generally sung today. In the first line of the seventh verse he wrote, "Hold then thy cross," not, "Hold thou thy'oross. " Music for the hymn was written by Dr. W. H. Monk. FOLLOW THE CROWDS TO PLANTERS GIFT and TOY CENTER! Better Than Ever Before Steel Oil Barrel Racks Anj Slie T. L MABRY 421 MISSOURI ST. PH. 3627 NOTICE David T. Cooiy Builder & Contractor Has Opened a |. Cabinet Shop With Russell Mustek In Charge DIAL 4357 for FREE ESTIMATES on Work 213 North Franklin Blytheville, Ark. TIIK STORY i |t all •tirtrri utter I h«d been i« Hollywood ibrrc moalb», wrjiinit tkr m*<rlr icrfpl Cor OB* ol my own My«tcrr book* —and frying to *ri over Omemr Craig. 1 -erttm ha vine dTBitcr wirh ntlrncilvr Jrft HrtvcTNOn, BIT dl- rrctor. and talking *T*r »nr pic- lare. Jrff «ard thnt jannf Jimmy Pclrr* na» ID piny (he del relive and thai AT]* Vanfchn. oar frlnmar •tar. had Iniiitrd OH Art Clrvr* playing thr nnlc lead. I na» rnr|- on» to Unon *vby ATl-i. almom • hrm-ticen, cooTd ^PI her onn »<*ny altout thin. Hat .IrR ^nvr me no untiftlnctlnn, After br tonk mr homr. I discovered rny lifrnulifnl I'rrKlnn en I lyinc m angled and hnlf-dend tm 1he driveway. I pal her to »1eep> with a frit «f the polaon 1 nlway* kept •« hnnd In ca*e I ever * Tar ted remembering loo mnca. That »l«;«t 1 crenmed nicnlv nf Onrar—nnJ Mnr«:«- 1 ivukr tip *r ream I HIT. t i honour nl the polBOB . . . and Btarled to gel IV I" DIDN'T take the poisonl Something stopped me at the bathroom door. Held me th^rc immobile. Held me there while slowly but surely the hypnotic power of the death dream way shattered. WTien I could move again, I crept shivering and sobbing back, into bed and cried ticartb.-okenly until dawn came 'lireugh the Venetian blinds. I got up then and took a shower and toweled until a little color came into my face and I began to look less like a walking zombie. Then F'went down lo the 1 kitchen and brewed a pot of cofTee. Afterwards. I found a hoe and a spade in the garage tcft by some long-vanished gardener, and managed to dig a fair-sized hole in one of the flower beds, I buried my cat there in ,he sunshine. I was walking around in the middle of the roadway, looking for some evidence of what might Have happened the night before, when an automobile horn blared in 'my ears. A small black coupe came to. a rotesling &lop. I recognized the puzzled face of Jimmy Peters, who was to play the- detective in my story"What are you doing?" he asked naturally -enough. ' "My cat was killed last night. 1 Hit by an automobile, I think. I was looking for signs ol where it might have happened. He began to grin, a friendly impish grin. "You'd oetter watch out or i ey'll be burying you along with the cat." His advice wasn't altogether a joke. The roadway is sterp in front of my house. There is a turn just above where my driveway turns off and another a half square down the bill—a sharp turn there with a sheer drop and a heavy guard rail on the outside of the turn. A driver going either up or down the hill would be practically upon me In the middle of the street before he could stop. Just as Jimmy had been. I thanked him and said, "I didn't know you lived up this way." "Four houses up," he explained. "The green stucco.** "Well, since we're neighbors, stop in for a drink sometime." "1 will." Then sJmting gears, "I'm due at the studio now. you later. See THERE was nothing in particular for me to do at the studio that mornirrg. The Inevitable bits of re-writing would come later, on scenes that didn't quite jell before the cameras—dialogue that failed to click. So, after checking in with my secretary to let her know where I'd be if Jeff wanted me, I with the exaggerated hair-do and make-up of i store window dummy, appeared and disappeared, driving her horde of assistants with sharp orders. Finally she found time for me. "What can I do for you. Miss Donn?" 1 told her. Sh« took me Into • curtained ytt-*- _^Ogr IHt tV HtlLRtR-LgLMK, T, M MO- U. *, PAT, 0»f. 12-16 "I don't te* why I should atruggU for the next aavan y«ar» to g»t • d«gr«a—you'va got one, but you can't •v«n work thlt algebra!" FRECKLES ft HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BL008EK Walking Garden . '-; HOW ABOUT AW CKWO FRtSH Ofp THE PlANf V MEXICO I BLOSSOMS ARE AWAVS BCAINS CAN BUY/* AL. ORCHIDS/ DID UED SMITH you A WANT SOMETHING- SOUTHERN, AND ANYTHING OVER A BtCli GIViS YOU*. TOOOt LOGC- . rvf GOT JUST OUt THING ROT IT . our,' MY. TiMfc'S VALUA81E JEEPEIZ.S, ILL LOOK, UKE ive BEEN , LANDSCAPED/ PRISCH.LA'S POP Who's l!e«n Talking? Hv A I, VERMEER 3f your dinner. Prisdl/a. Santa Claus mill be displeased if don't! booth, seated me before a mirror. Deftly :ht painted • series of experimental pouting mouthi on my itartled. face. One was the shade of .squasheo raspberries, She examined this with a narrowed intent gaze. "That is almost the color tone . ." 1 wanted to be helpful. "Some- . times a lipstick color changes on my lips." ... . , . ., • . "You're acid," site said" snortly. 1 grimaced. "1 have been accused of that, too." Of course, she had no sense ot humor. "Ahhhhhh," she trilled. "But. you do not understand. It is some acid in you which affects the chemicals in the lipstick coloring, r I counteract that with an alkali in the lip rouge itself. Vou see. to be a successful cosmetician one has to have a thorough knowledge of chemistry." J WATCHED her in the mirror a "itlle amused, o little Intrigued by her personality, wondering about her as 1 always wonder about eople. Seen close, her lacquered unreal perfection broke up into nice details of golden brown hair, eyes that matched the hair in color, and an amazing white skin—alabaster white. In the mirrors, Ravclla's. eyes had shifted from my face, u It she were looking at someone in the reception room behind me— someone I couldn't see—through the opening ir tlie curtains. For a moment the mask that was her professional face slipped and in emotion warm and sweet softened her features. Then her eyes came back to my face and she was once more as impersonal ns chilled steel. She said abruptly: "I'll make up a lipstick for you and have it ready, say by this afternoon, it went on over to the studio make- you want it that soon. You can up department to get mysilf that pick it up at my shop on Holly- Ravella lipstick. | wood Boulevard. My laboratory Is Ravella. a thin tense woman there." I sized up the occupants of the waiting room as 1 went out. There were three or four actresses In camera make-up, »nd a man. a foppish, foreign-looking man. I would have bet he was the on« who had brought that look of tenderness to Ravella's face. (To Be Continued) Oh, he'll know, all right. He knows everything Somebody in this house is a stool-pigeon! He'H never He's up North The Plot IB Cooking HAKI, O'MAI.LEY and RALPH LANK And then it happen GOODBYf, AW. THANK YOU FOR COMING IN. ILL CMt IN THE AtOftN- IN3, MR. CAMION. AW DECIDE WHICH Of TMOSf «R«CILtT5TOTAHI. ANOJU5I ...IEN I'd AIMOSF CONVINCED MY5EIF I WAt A MUtlONAIRtY JUST ONE MORI MINUTE, VIC. THEN YOU CAN DROP THE 5AV. MR. ASATf, HEAR YOJ'H INKB55TK) IN DIAMONDS.' AND BE POOR CUD FlIklfAGAW. WASH TUBES Imiiginntion By LESSLIE TURNERS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams VOU G6T COT 01= HERE WITH YOUR SYMPATHV.' THAT'S WHAT HE WAMT*. IS HELP TO MAKE LOOK LIKE A Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople WILL n Foot M.S TteY SAID Voo REALLY (?068£0 Trt£ NliTMEG GRATER Ohl ME FOR.TYW{ *100 LOAhi AMD THWt &ETTIMG MOKSEY BACK FROM, -ifeo VJAS LIKE HAUL1KJG A A TRee Art THERE, MC.K6VJI-.' HERB X AW, THE AUTOMATIC BED FOR. »i ooo PLUS RoYAiTies-~ riovi x'ui. WR1T6 Vbu A, CH£CK FOR. HALF.' A.CT OP is REWARDED NOW THEY'RE EXPECTIU 1 SOWE BOSEV-IAMO TO MURDER *LL IK! THEIR SLEEP'.,.. BUTUOBODV MWVIHEREW TH' NEI6HBORHOOD THEV DISKGREEOH WHICH DIRECTION THEY CftME FROM'. I'VE BEEN HEAKIN5 SOME HNR-KWSlMe TkLES .FROW OUND *RE E».SS. (K MURDER ME CliH'T EKPLWM, OM TOP Of M IWOSSIStE MARE MOUSE K06BERY SCREWS BY iOME LEMHER-LUMGED THE TMKStllTrt HIS FRIEMD, KINMEVIKU, OF HOMICIDE RED RYDER Proof By FRED HARM AN MO I CAS PROVE- ARKS AWCri *TOCKING'S' HOOFS fef I rTOWWUW OF BILL HUPP WITH EVIDENCE THATKAME AKLBY OOP Prettying Up V.^T. HAML1N AU.5Y COf» Sl*t- FHIINO \VM £3 ANNOYED WTM HIS ACCEPTANCE Of HCK SELF- REUANCI SHI TOOK MEK. CCU3IN ZIL'5 FLACI A4 A KIDNAP VICTIM.' CAN OOOLA STAC IN SUCH AN UNFAMILIAR. BOLC AS A MA1OIN IN DISTRESS p Ttl. f«O»ABLV TAKE ZEL SOiME TIME •*} err BACK 10 AiLEr WITH THC N«W5 THAT I'M IN TV« BAD MANB CIUTCHE5.' \\HtLE IM WAITING FO« MY VILLMM TO REGMN CCMCOUS' NESS. I'LL IMPROVE MY TIME BY 1MPKOVIN* MY APPEAKANCE.' BOOTS AND HER RI1DDIKS If III WIlHt? By EDGAR MARTIN os ^ccoo»w (X vou OSiLO TO H^t IS V\O"iW«VlO ,*OT VOOR. **»>y*/ ~wt wtcw com voo OO soMt-

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