The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 16, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 16, 1931
Page 6
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Annual Kentucky Derby j • Attracts Attention of Sport World to Kentucky .LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The 51th running oC the Kentucky Derby will flud 15 horses nrttrycd at the starting post tills afternoon if Ihe entire field of thrce-ycar'-olds starts. .Twenty Grand nnd Mate are of course the favorites for tlic r.u-c which more than CO.OOO spectators • will watch. The [I'ealc.n minimi event of racing will find an 011•. thusinstlc crowd pic^cnl including numerous notables nnd Charles Curtis, vice-president of the Unlt- •. cii States. The draw for post positions was figured to give a slight aclvanlane to Twenty Grand over the other favoiile, Mate. Twenty Grnnd drew j position No. 8 near the middle of the track while Mate was further ; away at notion No. 13. Equipoise ..was .placed next to Swr,?p All at the pole. . '. Tlic Mongel. 100 to 1 shot of the . Madden Brothers, carries the longest odds of any horse lo make the race. Twenty Grand and Mute were.'.'being riucted nt a to 1 In • many circles. QORS vo DES &WIUA>J KMXJIJJL FiR$T PERfi'/ - 1875- AiSDES UJOM FAVORiJe, HAVE nu>/ "fe iow (1915) MPORTED OLD RcfeWD SETlffE DERBY MAY 1931 THE BOOK SURVEY P-V ItlllJCE COTTON |l:i-.d; now Mr. Rubcm MCA Sen-ire Wtiti-r | -.'he l.hcly Lady." and if"joii , In "Tilt Head HT.V ErHi Marip.; f, ,. ,i nt mi! of hr-of: at a'] HU!'.:irquc eou'JniK'3 the s'udy oj tiie war ami its elf»L-t on hiiiran: . l-:!iir.s tha; lie l-eim i:i "Al! Q.iir:!, ;••:) i::i- Wi'.ur-r;i Front " ] ! pr pnlar n-. IT, pri^l-c^so:'. Tliou-i i of jico:)!e to v,hoi;i tl'e t;rayj i'-'ii;!its a: 1 .',! tumble r-hatiov/s ofi ;-.1 ^sv'.'i'oir'-.i-a! nsurt mean nolhin? j ' s:'!!"ii •-.'i- w.-yr. Miried Hirou?ii the : [i::-'. t:o:ik by its atnnyin^iy power• f'-l ih'j.Tir.rjin; of rluim fire and ', physical combat. Naturally, this' .M'I; of liiliv; Is larking in "Tile Road Back." Vet anyone who rrallyi . isrlijhn;! the sim-it of "Al! Quiet" ! will find this book a. worthy FUC- i!i!!v forry for you if y 0 :, iion'u •i; ill means read it. "Thi» I/.v.'ly' Isidv" deali v: i, h I' e r>ri\ p atf i ers of U-" wi: 1 or iji,(-i I's hr-vo Is a r'.Mi'-or-Mnujr- •, ,,'j' H'n fails out ID raid His Brltlsni--' ^qii-.-n- 1 -; Fiilppiii!!, r.TMns nil uvrv !!•» Atb.nti-. slr>k<"; 1,1, fl:l<? rv- !i>e nn:1 !a'i-l«, s't lliM ill l«r- riVn !}a:h>K:o:- nri-on. where K'v- ]=-n«l put American fiejinpu clurii:" (]'••(. '.V-::,-. In nari'noor the vnun» ma:>'.; Old Knnrtler Two years ago Fred Fitisiiumons and Jess Haliies held an ndiena- tibii meeting. Fred was, nnd Is. the knuckle-ball pitcher of the New York Giants. Jess Is the knuckle-ball pitcher of the Si. Louts Cardinals. The tall: went something like this: "Say, Fred, what's Ihe matter •with this goofy apple (baseball) V, I have tried, my worst lo get the dam thing to break and she just won't lake the English." "Too slick, Jess. Cover is so smooth a leech would slip off it. 'How are you goini{ to make a knucklcr break If they keep giving : us round chunks of Ice like .this to pitch?" . .."And no seams on it to grip! She -just won't swerve for me any more." "A-I-Junling We Will Go- •>•> H^'pter Day Now look at the darn Ihing! With the new heavier-cover, raised-seam baseball lo finger, feoi what the old knuckle ball Is do irig- And wnlch that Fred Fitx- simmons go! Tf this keeps up, the leading pitcher in the National League I C I( thls^-year is almost sure to be Fit?..| '"" •the'.'., black-browed Trlsher from r '" Mishawaka, fnd. Fitz finally Senators Rc^t Browns. Rcf Sox Win Slut'fesl; Giant? In Lose. beginning to fulfill the fine prom- Is* he brought whjn be came lo the Giants in 1925. It was n promise that Doc White, ancient White Sox flinger, saw and understood 12 years ago, when he first looked over Fred, then a big high school kid from Indiana. Fred learned how to throw a knuckle ball when he was 15 years old, playing catch at Misluuvaka with n neighbor kid. While wns manager of' tlie Muskegon team and gave Fitz hts first chance up. .on recommenrialon of a friend who had seen Fitz in high scliol. Doc started .him in a game against Grand Rapids, which hud won 13 In a 'row, and Fitz turned them back. . • • • • Ewjr Post Winning One After a couple of years at Muskegon, Fitzsimmons was sold to Indianapolis. In 1925. after winning 14 and losin? six. he was picked up by McGraw. He went well-for the Giants right off the bat, >nd since breaking in never has had a season in which bis victories did not outnumber his defeats. Up to the beginning of the year, Fitz had won 91 and lost 50 for tlie Giants. If you should be arrcsfed'Tor speeding through Mlshawnka. you might get away with it by telling the. police chief you are a good friend bl Fred Fit?iimm6ns. The reason is that Fred's dad chief himself. The Atuurlnin lea"in v pa iers, the Phlln'iclpl'ln A'liWl-s. won ypst.irdav while the Ynnkces In second iiliice Ics!. In the National rlrcnlr, the Ipidimr Cnrd- wrrc hr!d idle by rain while fie niniils In second ]ilnce lo.M In llv PI-VIC'S. Ed Uninni-l liurled lor llh- Mur-k- nieu and Hie Indians fniled lo score. Icshic (heir 5! v veiilli ronsr- cuiive ( ;anic l<v n 4 tn 0 r.ror<\ 'n^e A's gnt. tn Plint Ui-mvn for ther,- runs In Mie Insl Ilirro liuilujs. Tlnrt'.T (inisl^ed the came. Uhle. the Ticev velrran. the Yankr^s Inck v 1th five hii? n 2 in n shntnnt nl Iroit Frlilny. Ul-.le hp<tcd !Vnno:k «i"t Wrlk In n hurllUT rlunl. Al- ' : Owen baltcil In Ihe i nt'pr and D^'volt runs, Pox tpet Sox yeslcrdnv nl ii'i n-llli thr> lio:ne l^am Ifsini; to the Im-nrtrrs from Boston, n lo CM- • Buffaloes ! Flay Hose HereSunday Tlic Tilylheville Red Sox will attempt to -hit a u'lnniiv,' stride Sunday against the foimidable Monette Ilulfaloes after losing three straight games. Tlie last uin registered by the Sox w\as m::ili!.st the Bulfaii-ri and Ihe locals hope .to the Cr:iiglU'<ul comity team a^ain Sunday. The game will be called at 3 o'clock. John Smith, business manager tf Hit' Su.v, is authority for the sta-'j- ii-.i'iit that the Sox have several ne-A players, -ueludinv; a couple ^f foimer league players. u> shoot 111- I to the line-up Sunday. I The Sox have made plenty of i errors in Ihe canif.s played here I but their hitting has not manufsic- I lined many nm.s lo aid their pit. chcn. Monk Wright will probably •vet Ihe job against the Cuffui'v s. lie defeatid iliem l\vo weeks a^'-i. i- I s iirntociutli: as they look, these Warrenton Dia? S The While How mndc eip-hi cr- • Hciiiui-:. iilsicli arj pait of the isirl: L-ronjlil to thU country to lead niiiirl iiicii-ly firid. 1 . at tl.e Vir^ii:i.i Bench. Va., ilr.i; hunts If yoiil! l.t l '.:c\e !!ie masters of snmc rf the eastern hunt clubs atlrndinj; tl'.e ilrsg, the;:e are (he finest and lir.-t (rained fox hounds in Ihis comury. and are valued from SSOfl to 51CQO cacli. ! Urn- Remarque anain focusscs |li!s attcmton on a rruiad o! Oc-r- 1 I man roldicrs. He introduces them • ] -.1 wuefc or so In-foro the armistice,! I takes tlv?m Ihrnuijli the closviK . iliiys of the war, throu!;!) the <KI mcjhilix.ntion and tile revolution anil j i];trk to pea':e-time. A tragic be; I'.'iWerment .-.'.(lies down on all of j Tr.-.viirrj 11',? e!o<e of "All Quiet," ' a soldier remarked: "Had we ie- uirne.-i home in 191G we might have unleashed a storm. Sow if •vi> BO back we will be wenry. brok- rsi. burnt out. rootles.-; and without i'oire." This nrophecy is realized in "Tlic Road Back." The leliunin;; soldiers find themselves hopelessly nut of key with peari?-lime society. They have Fn-Hsh lidy whom l.r. 1,0,1 ,„-!, b-'m-> thn w:. r . ..<"•. iuvi:- : -o:V».-l ^-•'ill. ^31:1 firi-'^e': p!. ].:-l |o ir^r-v 111" li-iv r\r,rt rari-y hrr l):i:-k I- Airorii-a wi;'i him. All of ill!.':, nf rom-", ( s H"" ?nn of thin:.! I'm i;as Isenn wn"'-n l-». fos-o n u'liil mrnv li'i:n-,. n«« Mr. . Pf!»?rt -, '.vr: 1 .- 1 -; M-iib a (T;:^to a-ul i'rtv v-;t !hat se'^ h:; tii r ': ?i<-::*. • l-n lei" v. 1 ?': h'-.ati :;::•] i'uc'i!''-"; wif.- 1 . !<: r-i« hp*t varii of ir.iv^ii'er- in? days that you will find in a Inn-! tinn 1 . Incidei'talli', if you fai'.od lo reTl "Arum:.''." wl><;ii it fis-«i came otil. I S'^t'^-t tl'^t vo:.i do so now. It's and t(^e two books po p;ili en «n very well been. Hlerally. burnt out. They feel i "The Lively lady" is i>;ib!ishi'il nothing very deeply, anymore; but • bv Doufcleday. Duran :i:id Co, at they brnoti over that which the war 152.53. has taken away from tl'em, they come ahr.ost to long for warfare again, Fcr the war, al least, gave them I comradeship with each other. \VI'H1 fine's ..BKIIIVn THE S(TVr-i Jlr. SKI.IIK?; IX IIVKOI'K "C?n 'I!•.•>-« Things Be" C]cr-::'e Peltlr? p.-: fcrpiiiiir. destroys even that. Friend- j r,-,o;-,>. the F-jrvire rf d'-;--r!li!im t!i? ship:; cemented on the western; F'i:ot:r-nn pcli'loal and ecorcmic; front fall to pieces. One by one,' MtvT'cn ns it r.. ! n!!y i>. ?n:i nut ?<= Ihe r.oicliers drill apart, each EO- ' in^ !iis separato way as ho tries! to fit liimself into tlie routine of peace. Most of them come rn:'r:it:on? of censors!!!)) uud Ilerr Remarque carries his jludy ti-i'i'in;,' book. The Amrrican public seems lo p love to ?ct t'le lo-.v-rlown. H.MT. i of these nvn (hrouijh to the end. j In all consriri'.c-e. is lb" low-dcwn relentlessly. Tlie analysis of rtlsil-1 en enoi:!jh thin:;; and i:ro;>!e t'> li'.e mos! li:.s:oinnent ar.d despair is almest j s't' r fy ' avid for unbearably thorough. We come kr.o:v hij' men intimately, and their sufferings Income our own. To "The 'Road Back" is to un- d:ri:o a i^rofound and devastating emotional experience. In its own way. ill? hook is the equal of "All j Quic;." Mr. fi!:l(".-t hat sprr.t years in F'.ircrie as a newspaper corr-?- "ron'Jont, atui he spenks his minrl frankly. I liked u?st _if all li:s treatment of Jlussoiini and tl'" Fa-cis! re- s;in'i?. Here he gives i-.s'soir.e almost brutal franknes.s — and ex"The Back" is publLsbod ' tremelv valuable information, nr. by Little, lirown and Co. at S2.50. well. His discussion of the * • * chances for a new war is also well worth reading. All in all. the bcok. is an imcom- A HOVlf.'G PRIVATEER IN I'l'HR AVAR OF ISIS I Kenneth Roberts is evidently i mcnly intet«iiii£; one. If you care about to establish himself as Am-' to peek behind the scenes in F.u ; erica's forc;no:t writer of tl-.e his- • rope, here is your chance. The torical romance. "Annu'el" was a book is published by Drew,?r, War- of the very best rcn and i'utnam. and retails at S-l. •ors lo aid (he Boston scnriin The paine marked the fnv^nth •ecntive loss , for Clilrn^o. iiydnii was the wlunlnir I'.urler, Faber the lo^er. N:\IS 'Vurn rn Stewart The Washinclon Senators t'.'fc-l- »r! the St. l.nuis Browns at SI. l.oiiis n lo P. Waller S!r.v?rt who boat the Mats five limeb lasl vi'ir was their virlim vr^lerdav. Go^- lin hit n limner for the Ilrowns. Tl'i? NaK InmrlTcl hits for five runs iu riie eighth. Larry Frrnrh hnrlrd steady ball and wns lifht in (tie. p'r.ches lo best Ciarerjcc Mitchell in a ballln of southpaws at NV.v Voik. The Pirates defeated the Giants 3 lo 2 in 10 us a result, rirnntliam doubled and scored on Traynor's sincle for the wlnnlu? rim. The Brcoklyn Dodders won a ball game at Ihe cxprnsi* of t!:r Chicago Cubs, 'f'lie scor.? fi lo •!. Tile Hobhis rame from behind 10 win. Bell hit a homer. Day. who relieved Phelps was the winning hurlcr. Two victories for Ihc Cincinnati Reds over Hv; t'hille'i \T.-.!miay. The scores wcvo M lo 5 an'! 7 lo S. Re-1 l.ucas wns the winnhv; pitch- ImportniU Gcime With Officials lo Take Part in Sunday Ball Game. HOW THEY STANE U'lial is llfo iireprr Inii- iron slml? a:lilress fur Rirmingham Far In Front In Southern; Crax Boat kasaws. The Birmingham Barons relied o'.tt In front, five and a half Tnnit"-. ahead of the Pelicans. whi!i' '11;? r^t of the Soutliern league pack fl'-nuiiered in the rear. Tl'.e Bnrons l»at the Little Rcrk Travelers yesterday \vhile tlv^ i'cls IcM. The Travelers went under in a shmfest, 10 .to 9. Eleven errors R'.nrrrd (he uame, four by tiro Barons nnd Ihrce by tlw 1'cbs. Kd- wiiniiiiB and Kckeii his time.on a butter snd egg ranch at Arcadia, Calif., near Los les.,.,He is continuln> the cgc 1r?.de I n i on into .the summer, too, or that! yS branch of it concerned with band- Ing Roose eggs to the visiting firemen. Fitz pjtched a one-hit game for Indianapolis against Milwaukee in 1925. The leadoff man smacked a two-bagger, the only hit.of the game. CALAIS, Me., tUP) — A tamo crow named Tom, owned by Glen . Mars, truckman, imitates the bark of a dog and sneaks rather fluently • :n: i \ over the Pelicans. Pearce kep: the Birds well in hand. Carter of tile Vois witli four hl'.s indutmvr triple and double led tiv u.u- l'L?t'.:rcs nre woiili ten thousand! 'ids. so iin rid i.-.yir.? gees. Note :•' :uldi-i'^s cf O-.'ne S-ar.ixcn in t!-.:- r.uiion. He stand--, wvli up 'o 'jy City Dry Agents Practice Marksnian;liip| l ^ tattnnooga wou lhelr Jcroi!!l 1)11) A'OIJ KNOW THAT— The JWltsh Amateur Alhlrti? Asrocialinn's new tide on ulh- Iflifs \vho write is the r.v*; dras'.lr move 0:1 record toward curtailing tl'.e literary ontii^t of tiie amateur . . . the B. A. A. A., which rorrp^nonds In rv.iy e'Ati dear A A. TV. passrn n Trpfltiiinn fnrbiddlii<! ath'.^e- lo -.rrile, broadcast or lecture on athletics unless they arc wnrk- ir.Ft newsnai:er men . .. . tlie tj S. I,. T. A. hai a rulcfnrhlddmir an amateur to write with oi;i-- rent r^ncrts on tournaments in <vhie!i he is entered . . . the UriUsh rulinrr means tliat the .tnunuliMic athlete ^et a ^••b ru tlio ncw.soaper in ortirr '" nntmiil^ate bis tliouqhts on a'h'-tiri , . . n'.nichhis a typ!'- «r:l"r must be bis lifework . . . if th^t rule were adn'cci in t'lis rwintrv. wouldn't the a:h- leiirs jutt llock to the rnurses ir !:v:nn:tsm? . . .' but then Am- ^riciin "inreniiitv" probably voiild i:et around the udc . . . v.iut's lo hinder an alhlet' 1 tn'v; i'l: n lob on n newspaper for .T j| co'.ip'.i- of weeks? GEMS PLhVS THE OT-F RIGHT \rccfT iw OSCEOLA. Ark.. May 1C — A niaieh between the O.icoola Tn- • ciians, srinl-j-rofesslonal br.srball i team, and the I'crrest City hide- ^ pendent Club here tomorrow will': ; celebrate (he tajnlizatiun of Sun- ' • day baseball in Mississippi com,- I ty. following the recent refere:i- I dum. an:! prominent citizens rf I Mississippi comity anil S'.. Fr.inci.. ; "county, of which Forrest City is Ihe county scat, have been Invited lo participate in lln i-amr. pitching, caichinir, balliui! ar.d umpiring tlif first ball. Sheriff W. \v. fiiiaver nnd Pro?, rciitlni Attorney S. I. Gladish of : Mississippi rounty. ami Sid Smith, prosecutlnr attornev. J. M. Camp- :iiell. sheriff ami Senator Marvin V. Noifloel of St. Francis enmity are the dislinsinishcd visitors wlio will ho honorary luembrrs of their respective (cams for Ihe day. Forrest City boasts an a?jrc- ! the bail and pl.iys it .1 li'.-.'e m;••••• •-•ation of star bill players v.ith jotf Ihe ri^ht fool, with t'.ie Ivit. !<:•• Jr.e Brndshaw. ex bi? lca?ucr. j ncsinSi-il put a l:t:!c. T'IC l.'fl aim rw tn imi iiiiMia i j ^&2%jin any language/ Cherry & Railroad Phone 123 Chicago Mill ^ Corporation PHILADELPHIA. fUPi— ,,,, tll| the r,Bcuts from (he Piiiiadclphta' Prohibition office cnoduct raids In the future they'll all knew how to under crders from Com- sliooi. For mar-.dcr John H. Penniqton. Pro-] hil)ilio:» Artniinistr.-itor fur (l-.e tri-1 state area, forty of tlie best men i in the bureau I game from Mobile. 1 to 0 br-!ii:-ci Whcn'i ihe brilliant pitching of Davk \vho gave the Marines but (iuve hits. Burns and Satcrgeid hurled we'.l for Mobile. The Crackers l>eat the Chicks at i Atlanta. 7 to 1. Climax Bl'.'thi-n' limited the Memphians to 5rvrn !>:ts and one run. The Cra'< t-oi n WARNING ORIH-K ...>..„.,. "re. orkir.j en the as Wows go. Every afternoon it «»!>°inl s«:ird pistol vans-? in the reminds Its master to "water the i arn "-0'-T of Ihe 103th Field Artillery. Each' man is expected lo make definite rating din-ins the courr.e '."•ir^'ins of[ Harmon for te-y. earP'le hit a homi-;- . ..There is a legend that the python was once the only poisonous •member of the snake family. In . those days its venom was so lear- ful that It had but to bite a man's :. footprint in ,the ground and the >i \ . ..... i of instruction which they are t:ik- or3 i"'! d a "nts CC '-" U ' r ™ lrt '" k ?. pt! ni''««'>' l 'o"vWl"hc German To Yi^ll. ' Cemetmcs PARIS. France. (UPI A l-.-.iu- <'.\- d Ihmis.inl Oernir.n'.H'. .have .sipiifird the:r d:.-,iiv lo !:•< CHAVCERY COURT. PAWHA niSTRICT. MTPSIRPU'I'I COUNTY. ARKANSAS. >'is,iouri Stnle Life Insurance Co.. PlahillfT, vs. No. -1125 H. O. Stcrn'dCrs:. ei al. I)- fr.' ll.c- cirfcndanl?, M. W. I -,-> I::h t.nmb. U. >I. Wllhlt.-. T!i:-:-r A. N. Martin and Mrs. A. \. Mir:in. a-: vi.irn.ed to a'.'poar « :'-•-• •hirly days In the court IMH,. i m hradini? the lisi. They ready defealcd Ihe fast Helena Seaporters. The Ofctob. Indians iiav? played six Drum's so far ibis -f-ason nnd won iliem nil by n <:ootl mnrpin. Tir-ir regular line- j. in) will oe. on (he field Sunday! ' with Odcll Peaton. ex-marino. nn tile mound, and Happy Forem.m. former Chicago While Sox play- rr. on first base. . Hale Jackson, cntef deputy shcr- •ifl al Osccoia. and recojnked as 'lie brsl umpire In northeast Arkansas, will o^Ticiate. taking his regular position behind Ihe catcher i- kepi sliaictil. h:;r.-ls p.:e in make range. on the i rcniMoiica in France and lii !-%;ini. i Tins is the largest O:r::ia:i p,\,n-~ ' I lime invasiou of France s:r.ce Hie Heart Courier News wniH nrts; :h.' c-'plion hrivof and •"mv'.i'Ul of the plalntiir M Life Insurance C.>. D.iled May 2. 10.11. R. I,. Gallic*. <• By Haney Mr.rri. Ivy W. Crawford. Ally Ail I.Ucm. a.i IV H.iD"; New iln;lics Picture CAMBRIDGF. Massachusetts. Hi * 11 — An oil paiulinr: of C'narKs rivans Hughes has h"er. nddrj Ihe cnllection of Chiot Justir^s'. i-criratts in l.iiwdoll Hall of Mar-! \nrd Lrw school here. Tl-.e \-<>\- I :ia!t of Chirf Jtitlice Iluche^ is i by Kans Echl:r:lch. noted German artist. : At o-.ic lime in Holland and France so great was Ihe mania fcr ssYculatiii? in (iilip bulbs that tl-.e ' i crn;'c became known sis Tulipo-. to ti.e l-o-.ty, and sl.sluly al-.e.i:! of USE-PHONE

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