The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts on February 14, 1992 · 41
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The Boston Globe from Boston, Massachusetts · 41

Boston, Massachusetts
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Friday, February 14, 1992
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41 Wayne and Garth go to Hollywood Wayne's World,' the movie: More dumb fun THE BOSTON GLOBE FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1992 D WAYNE Continued froni Page 37 Myers, rubbery-faced and down-to-earth, is the creator of "Wayne's World." When he joined "SNL" in 1989, he brought the character of Wayne with him, along with Dieter, the avant-garde German host of "Sprockets." That means that, unlike the characters he has developed at "SNL" since then - like boy-in-the-bath Simon and coffee-talking Paul Baldwin - Myers financially "owns" Wayne Campbell. More precisely, Myers is Wayne Campbell, suburban postadolescent metal-head and mega-babe-lover. He says he spent his 1970s Toronto-area youth cruising in cars, sweating at heavy-metal clubs and hanging in his family's wood-paneled basement, after which the set for "Wayne's ' World" is modeled. "It's how I used to talk," he says of Wayne's party accent "At a certain point I realized that not everybody talked like that. So I'd do it as a character in kitchens at parties to make girls laugh." Myers, now 28, began his comedy career with Toronto's Second City troupe on his last day of high school - "My last exam was at 9, my audition was at 12, 1 was hired at 3," he says. Wayne came with him, and followed him to Much Music (Canada's MTV) and back to Second City, this time in Chicago. There he was seen by. "SNL" honchos and promptly drafted. Party on, Garth Wayne is Myers best-known character, but Garth is very low-profile Dana Carvey. Since his start on "SNL" in 1986, Carvey has been widely celebrated for a handful of other notable personae, including the holier-than-thou Church Lady, the pumped-up Hans and the definitive George Bush. Carvey, 37, is a live wire in person, shifting energetically in his seat and lapsing in and out of his TV characters. He says the challenge of the movie "Wayne's World" was turning the shy Garth into a full-fledged personality. When the skit was selected for "SNL'' in 1989, ' Myers casually asked Carvey to be ' his sidekick. "So I literally went in and picked out a wig quickly. Hmmm. Blond? And then I thought,' my brother Brad, so I got those big black glasses." Carvey's older broth- ; er Brad is a computer nerd living in New Mexico. But, as Carvey notes, "You can't just go 'Party on, Wayne' for a 90- minute movie." He says that late in last summer's filmmaking process, ; "Garth didn't really have that much ' to do. Then co-writers Bonnie and Terry Turner and I took a weekend to hammer out this stuff, all the time basing Garth on Brad, who is this gadget-brained guy Garth is sort of brilliant I imagine him eventually ending up in Silicon Valley. I hope the nerds of America embrace him and feel comforted by him. There was a lot of him in me in high school." Unlike Myers, Carvey was not a . heavy-metal fan when growing up in San Francisco. "We had long hair, we had a Volkswagen bug, and we ft "SMASHINGLY SENSUAL!" 6 rfiflto i (' lilfiiii THE SAMUEL GOLDWYN COMPANY m SCS S MOVIEWORKS wo BLACK RIVER n uunDTunuioa miuni w JISIHMK STARTS TODAY AT THESE SPECIALLY SELECTED THEATRES! fl, f"."i T f ' Lit if' I ! l-l W HI Mike Myers, left, Rob Lowe and Dana Carvey in ''Wayne's World." had beads and stuff. I was more hippie-based. Garth could be part of that, but he likes heavy metal." Unnecessary zoom! Myers, his reddish hair stuffed into a baseball cap, is effusive in his gratitude for three "great," "lucky" and "out-of-body" years. He is also suffering from a throat infection and near-exhaustion, and notes at two separate points, "I had only 16 days off in 1991." At the moment, he's trying to preserve some energy for a promotional visit to "Late Night with David Letterman" the next day, and for the usual "SNL" fever pitch the night after that. He's also still reeling from the whirlwind LA filming of "Wayne's World," which was stuffed into 37 days last summer so he and Carvey could be home in New York in time for this season's premiere of "SNL." Filming a movie, Myers and Carvey say, is entirely different from -and harder than - filming a live TV show. "You spend a whole day for a minute of film," Carvey says. "Or you do a great take, but there was a fly in the shot. And the crew will laugh the first time you rehearse, , but then they're silent And then it's your close-up nine hours later - and that's when it's got to be fresh and funny. It's the opposite from 'Saturday Night Live' - explode just once and do it right just once." Neither actor had aesthetic trepidations about stretching "Wayne's World" to feature length and into a $15 million budget Myers says he initially envisioned Wayne on the big screen, and wrote a treatment in 1984. There was no shortage of material, he says: "Our main problem was cutting the movie down to size." And indeed the movie is bursting with new phenomena, including the Mirthmobile, a blue Pacer with . flames painted on the sides and a rope licorice dispenser on the ceiling. Schwiliing! Did someone request babes? Other movie additions to the universe of "Wayne's World" include a babe-alonian rhapsody of babetude, as Wayne might say, with Tia Car-rere as Wayne's dream-weaving new girlfriend and Lara Flynn Boyle as Wayne's obsessive ex. Don't forget . Donna Dixon, the fantasy lady that AN EROTIC, FUNNY ROMANCE! A powerfully affecting film"' Peter Travers, ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE V The FILMS mm . S ODYSSEYCINECOM INTERNATIONAL m FILM nnwui " ! MICHAEL NOZIK MIRA NAIR "n MIRA NAIR Daily 1:00,3:15 5:30,7:45,10:00 Fri - Sun late Alow 12:05AM LOEWS NICKELODEON 160 COMMONWIALTH AVI. 434-1500 TV.:'ai Garth can't forget. When Garth looks at her, he's blown away - literally. : ' Myers says that girlfriends were an important element in the "Wayne's World" movie mix, just as they have been on the "SNL" skit. (They certainly have been important to the extensive MTV ad campaign for the movie.) He says people still ask him about the Madonna TV episode, and he still likes to talk about it. "I'd never kissed anybody on camera, and for the first time you've kissed somebody to have to kiss a sex goddess is so intimidating. She is such a symbol of sexuality, and I'm a guy who's on a skit show. But she was very, very nice." Myers says she brushed her teeth a few times before the camera rolled. No way! Way! Carvey says that after the election, he is leaving "SNL." While most contracts run season to season, his ends on Nov. 7 of next season. "I just couldn't resist doing George Bush in an election. That's why I signed up." After the election, he says, he'll have done 120 shows, probably 500 sketches. "I don't know what else I would do in that arena." Carvey says he sometimes leaves a character behind for the same reason - lack of challenge. But Church1 Lady, whom he created during his" San Francisco club days, may "come back somewhere, sometime. ... If Bill Clinton came on her show" -Carvey can't resist lapsing into his pinched Church Lady voice - "Well, well, well, we were asked if we ever considered adultery, we didn't quite answer directly, did we? We just sort of skirled the issue." Myers, on the other hand, is heavy into "SNL" and has no plans to split. "I want to stay for as long as . they'll have me," he says. "It's a very democratic and level playing field system. Every Wednesday we read all the material in front of the group, and generally the stuff that makes people laugh the most gets in. ... You can't really have hard feelings about that "Everybody is secure within their own talent, so they've been very supportive and nice to me. The whole 'SNL experience has been really pleasant." David Ansen, NEWSWEEK 1 x hi C j DENZEL WASHINGTON ROSHAN SETH SARITA CHOUDHURY MISSISSIPPI MASALA A FILM BY MIRA NAIR Director of "Salaam Bombay!" AWARD' WHUHR I9SI mitt ma muni . FOUR INTERNATIONAL . MARABI FILMS mm, Kmmw I ""itSOONITARAPOREVALA TJIcnj-jnTaror LOEWS HARVARD SQ. 10 CHUtCH ST. CAMBRIDGE 864-4580 Dally 1:00,3:15 5:30,7:50,10:10 Fri Sun late show 12:15AM By Matthew Gilbert GLOBE STAFF If you expect redeeming value from a feature-length version of a late-night TV skit, you have only yourself to blame. MOVlC &n -Saturday Review Night Live," the skit about a heavy- metal talk show called "Wayne's World" is dumb fun, with a few well-observed moments. On the big screen, "Wayne's World" is still dumb fun, but with a few more playful images of suburban post-adolescence to fill out its allotted 90 or so minutes. To be precise, the movie "Wayne's World" is actually "Wayne's World's" world. There is remarkably little footage of the cable-access talk show itself, which Wayne Campbell and his shy sidekick Garth Algar broadcast from a basement in Aurora, HI. The "excel-lents" and "nots" are at a minimum. The movie spends more time developing the Wayne and Garth characters, as they cruise in their Pacer "Mirthmobile" from doughnut shop to heavy-metal club to talk-show set We see Wayne fall in love with a Cantonese rock singer, Tia Carrere, then learn her language to impress her. We see Garth fussing with wires and gadgetry, creating stun guns to protect himself from bullies. The movie is loosely hung around : VERONIQUK 10:30.1:00. 3:15.5:30. 740.10:00, 12:10 LOfwt COPLEY PLACE WESJTNEWTW 12:25,2:20. 4:10.6:10, 0:00.1:45 "ONE OF THE YEAR'S 10 BEST!" lay Can, BOSTON GLOBE DIVER PHOENIX KEANU REEVES MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO ANT "r - : J FineLine r Features eiwi rw lot amu corp. all moots rubrvid. LOEWS COPLEY PUCE 10:00,12:20,2:40 5:00,7:45,9:55 Fri-Sun 12:05AM im miiwcna hi mm 266-1300 HALL OF FAME AT THE SOmVILLE THEATHZ SEE 14 CLASSIC UNCUT CARTOONS WBUGS BUNNY, DAFFY, PORKY 4 MORE 55 Davis Sq. (off the red line) Info. 625-5700 FEB 14 thru MAR. 5 Showtimes 2:00-4:15-7:30-9:45 A STARTS TODAY General Cinema 400 ALL SHOWS STARTING BEFORE 6 PM DAILY M'li-UMIH'mi BTE 9 ol HAMMOND ST 377-2500 WAYNE'S WORLD 12:40 3:00 5:10 7:30 9:50 PG13 SHINING THROUGH 1:00 4:10 7:10 10:00 R smn HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE 12:10 2:30 4:50 7:20 9:45 R BUGSV 12:50 3:50 7:00 9:55 JFK 12:20 4:00 1:00 R ld:f V.II.'MiMTH Bit 9-iHDPfiRS WOtlC 617-235-8020 508-873-4400 WAYNE'S WORLD 1:003:00 5:00 7:30 9:35 PG13nio MEDICINE MAN 12:453:00 5:157:40 9:55 PG13mo FRIED GREEN TOMATOES 12:50 3:40 7:00 9:45 PG13 GRAND CANYON 12:45 3:35 7:10 9:50 R sum FATHER of ttw BRIDE 7:45 10:00 PG BEAUTY A M BEAST 1:30 3:45 4:00 G JFK 12:45 4:15 8:00 R mtto RTE. 126 tXII 328 273-4410 GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE 1:00 3:00 5:00 7:30 9:15 G FINAL ANALYSIS 1:15 4:00 7:10 9:50 R FATHER a( the BRIDE 1:30 4:15 7:20 10:00 PG FIEVEL GOES WEST 1:40 G HOOK 3:45 7:00 9:35 PG I HORTHSKOKi SHOPPING CTR. 617-599-1310 508-532-1400 FINAL ANALYSIS 12:30 3:15 7:20 9:50 R sum SHINING THROUGH 12:15 3:00 7:00 9:40 R HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE 1:40 4:00 7:10 10 R REVEL GOES WEST 12:00 G ROUTES 128 & 37 848-1070 MEDICINE MAN 1:00 3:15 5:30 7:45 10:00 Rsnna GRAND CANYON 1:20 4:10 7:00 9:45 R BEAUTY A th BEAST 1:15 3:15 5:15 7:15 G JFK 1:00 4:30 8:15 R STAR TREK VI 9:30 PG iiViMi'.n..j:!:;.N:u.i)! I ROUTES 24 & 27 617-963-8833 508-588-5050 WAYNE'S WORLD 1:003:155:30 7:40 9:50 PG13 GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE 1:30 3:30 5:30 7:20 G FINAL ANALYSIS 1:15 4:00 7:00 9:40 R FRIED GREEN TOMATOES 1:15 4:00 7:00 9:40 PG13 HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE 1:30 4:15 7:10 9:30 R BEAUTY A lira BEAST 1:15 3:15 5:15 7:30 G GRAND CANYON 9:20 R JFK 1:00 4:30 8:15 R JUICE 9:30 R liMM.Vij:l.',m RTE 3-EXIT RTE 53 826-6301 WAYNE'S WORLD 1:20 3:30 5:40 7:30 9:40 PG13 FINAL ANALYSIS 1:10 4:10 7:10 9:30 R MEDICINE MAN 1:00 3:15 5:30 7:45 10:00 1 SHINING THROUGH 1:00 4:00 7:00 9:50 R I Aroi (rem PHEASANT LANE MAIL 5081 649-3980 WAYNE'S WORLD 1:00 3:10 5:20 7:30 9:40 PG13 GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE 12:30 2:30 4:30 4:45 1:30 G SHINING THROUGH 1:15 4:00 4:50 9:30 Rimno HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE 12:45 3:00 5:20 7:40 10 R FATHER of lira BRIDE 1:00 3:10 5:20 7:30 9:40 PGim HOOK 2:45 4:45 9:30 PG sihio FIEVEL GOES WEST 12:45 G ,iiafjj.LjyiJijjj.i:B:i.J!M'.'u zuJ I It's Dana Carvey who brings some new dimension to Wayne's World,' making his blond Garth into a sweet, pursed-mouthed nerd whose motivations are transparent a plot about a slimy TV executive, played by Rob Lowe, who wants to exploit Wayne and Garth. Lowe, who is excessively wooden in this comic context, wants to tap into Wayne and Garth's direct line to the local youth market He smoothly fools them into signing a contract giving them no control over their show's content then forces them to promote his products. Will the buddies regain their integrity? Will Lowe steal Wayne's girlfriend? None of it matters, of course, except the incidental clowning around. Director Penelope Spheeris, often linked with hardcore rock for her documentaries "The Decline of Western Civilization" and its sequel, keeps things light and quirky with txiii; ! tfiin j't , It ii 0 1 fP - LOEWS NICKELODEON kM COMMONWIAITH AVt. 424-1500 1:20.3:20.5:20, 7:20,9:30 Lite Showl FrilSitlSun 11:30 PM. BAHQAM PERFORMANCE FIRST SHOW ONLY STARRED fJKA TURKS c NOMSSKS TIMES SHOWN ARE FOR TODAY ONLY MEDICINE MAN 1230 245 500 735 1000 1210 PB13 FINAL ANALYSIS 120 420 725 1010 1235 FRIED GREEN TOMATOES 115 415 715 1005 1230 PS13 GRAND CANYON 100 400 705 955 1230 FREEJACK 1215 230 445 1015 1225 PRINCE OF TIDES 1245 345 700 950 1225 R HOOK 110 410 710 1235 PS AN AMERICAN TAIL 2 100 300 6 JUICE 445 715 930 1130 R STAR TREK VI 1230 250 510 735 1000 1210 PO WAYNE'S WORLD 1215 230 445 725 945 1155 PG13 GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE 1200 150 340 530 730 920 1110 0 FINAL ANALYSIS 110 410 715 1010 1235 - SHINING THROUGH 115 415 720 1010 1235 FRIED GREEK TOMATOES 110 410 710 1000 1230 PS13 JUICE 100 310 515 745 1005 1210 HAND THAT ROCKS CRADLE 1220 245 505 740 1015 1225 R PRINCE OF TIDES 100 400 700 950 1220 HOOK 1245 345 700 950 PC BUGSY 215 955 1230 FATHER OF THE BRIDE 1225 250 510 745 1015 1220 PC AODAMS FAMILY 1200 500 735 PG13 AN AMERICAN TAIL 2 1230 220 6 CAPE FEAR 420 725 1005 II WAYNE'S WORLD1230 240 450 715 935 1150 PC13 MEDICINE MAN 1210 225 445 730 1005 1215 PG13 SHINING THROUGH 110 405 705 955 1225 FRIED GREEK TOMATOES 125 425 720 1010 1235 P13 HARD THAT ROCKS CRAHI 1215 235 500 735 1010 1225 R GRAND CANYON .115 415 710 1000 1230 PRINCE OF TIDES 100 700 950 1220 JFK 1200 330 700 1030 BUGSY 400 740 1015 1240 STAR TREK VI 1200 455 725 BEAUTY & THE BEAST 1200 200 400 600 CAPE FEAR 220 945 1215 GREAT MOOSE DETECTIVE 1200 150 340 530 730 920 1118 WAYNE'S WORLD 1230 240 450 715 935 1150 P011 FINAL ANALYSIS 115 415 725 1015 1240 MEDICINE MAN 1205 225 445 720 945 1200 PG13 FRIED GREEK TOMATOES 110 400 720 1005 1230 P013 SHINING THROUGH 130 430 730 1020 1240 GRAND CANYON 105 405 70S 1000 1230 HAND THAT ROCKS CRADLE 1225 245 505 740 1010 1225 R JUICE 750 1020 1215 KUFFS 23510151220 PG11 PRINCE OF TIDES 410 700 955 1230 HOOK 1200 445 735 PC BUGSY 100 710 1225 FATHER OF THE BRIDE 1240 255 510 745 1010 1220 PC JFK 1200 330 700 1030 BEAUTY THE BEAST 1215 215 415 600 AN AMERICAN TAIL 2 1230 220 CAPE FEAR 400 1 000 GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE 1200 150 340 530 730 920 1110 WAYNE'S WORLD 1230 240 450 720 940 1150 PG13 MEDICINE MAN 1215 235 455 735 1000 1210 PG13 FINAL ANALYSIS 110 410 710 1000 1230 SHINING THROUGH 120 420 720 1005 1235 FRIED GREEN TOMATOES 100 400 710 950 1220 PG13 GRAND CANYON 400 950 1220 HAND THAT ROCKS CRADLE 1230 245 500 730 1015 1225 R JFK 1200 330 7001030 FATHER OF THE BRIDE 74S 1010 1215 PG HOOK 100 700 PC BEAUTY ( THE BEAST 1200 200 400 600 Til-g.B.'.ll PRINCE OF TIDES 710 945 FREEJACK 955 STAR TREK VI 730 ADOAMS FAMILY 720 935 PC PC13 Hit WAYNE'S WORLD Directed by: Penelope Spheeris Written by: Mike Myers, Bonnie Turner and Terry Turner Starring: Dana Carvey, Mike Myers, Rob Lowe, Tia Carrere, Lara Flynn Boyle, Meat Loaf, Donna Dixon Playing at: Cheri and suburbs Rated: PG-13 "Wayne's World." The endless parade of .'70s-identified artifacts, from the Pacer to Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody," is sometimes amusing, as when Wayne watches Carrere perform and the song "Dream Weaver" fills his head. Or when Garth sees his fantasy woman, played by Donna Dixon, and he imagines himself dancing to the tune of Hendrix's "Foxy Lady." At one point, the boys meet Alice Cooper after one of his concerts and fall to their knees . chanting, "We're not worthy, we're not worthy." As Wayne, Myers -offers no surprises. He re-creates the same excellent dude from "Saturday Night Live," with little elaboration and little glee. It's Dana Carvey who brings some new dimension to "Wayne's World," making his blond Garth into a sweet pursed-mouthed nerd whose motivations are transparent Asking Wayne if he ever fantasized about Bugs Bunny in a dress, or pulling red rope licorice from the dispenser he's installed in the Mirthmobile, he's a lovable hoot ( BARGAIN MA mil TOD A Y fie ST SHO W ONLY AT XsrutHtD flAWRlS. fit fMtme a r corwr piaci I urwuN s.-aorm t iMm. -m nssn Kama '3 """g" 100 HUNTINGTON A VE. 266-1300 PRHtCE OF TIDES IHS.I:4J.!:IS5 R DOUBLE UFE OF VEROKtOUE ilSi:7:lll,lMI GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE ll1JiM,! 6 MiMOWALK 811:48 N PG MEETING VENUS SW0.4S,I1 PG13 THE COMMITMENTS tUlliSr R MY OWN PRIVATE K)H01I.IWU41S.;:45.BS.17 R BEAUTY M0 THE BEAST 18122.4WJUJ8 G STAR TREK VI 1230.548 PG IMT1. THE END OF THE WORLD I8AI38.44U4LII48 R HOOK l8l(,T,j PG FATHER OF THE BRIDE ltlS.I74S.e.S:li,:.MI,l2PG13 ADOAMS FAMILY ltaU48.138.12a PG13 CAPE FEAR lt45.1:38.4:lS,?lM:45 R MY 6L 1111235245 P613 NICKELODEON ' - - 606 COMM. AVE. NR. KENMORE SQ. 424-1500 HEAR MY SONG l:1ui5i38,Mt45,lM R MISSISSIPPI MASALA 1J:IM:M.7:.imiM5 R mNER CIRCLE 1'3D.418.!:11MS,IMI R HEARTS Of DARKNESS I3A33U38.738J3B.II3I NAKED LUNCH I:I8J35A48.7.I18.1M5 P613 SCHEME DAL TON ST. OPP. SHERA TON BOS. 536-2870 DISCOUNT VALID TED PA HKINO A T THE PRUDENTIAL GARAGE AFTER 4 P.M. WEEKDA YSAALL DAY WEEKENDS HOLIDA YSt WAYNE'S WORLD l:Jej:4ijl0.mi:ll.lM8 PG13 MEDICINE MAN l3fl.5:IS.):4a.lB.l2:tl PS13 SHINING THROUGH 1ai:1S.9i4.IMS R GRAND CANYON 1:IM.HJIMS R jhwr-i rmwiJ CHARLES miumtim CAMB. ST. NEAR GOVT CTR. 227-1330 I BUGSY 1:30,4:l5.iai.9:45 R (FREEJACK 1:U!ti30.!:45.l8 R JFK 174S4I5.W8 R 3 CINEMA 200STUARTST. NEAR PARK SO. 482-1222 FINAL ANALYSIS 3U5U:IA)1M R HIW) THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE 1M0 3-86 5:15.7 R mm rrtnu m 841 BOYLSTON ST. OPP. THE PRU 267-8181 FRIED GREEK TOMATOES l?SOJ-J8j.7JO.lHS PG13 OCT JISVtAJ Ull I I 1 BEACON AT TREMONT 723-81 10 vtnwwrw I riAi mmmmm R0Y7 1 THE HOOD m MU M )- M juke JUICE 24fljja,tsa,iott rrzzi ha r va an tn 10 CHURCH ST. CAMBRIDGE 864-4580 WAYNE'S WORLD l35l45.1l:4S PG1J MISSISSIPPI MASALA lJ1SiJ8.7J,ltll,l7.15 R GRAND CANYON I.:15.!:1US8 R JFK !7i.4:IS,M8,ll:38 R NAKED LUNCH 1J:IS,S:M,7:4S.imi!:l5 PG13 ROCKY HORROR FRLSAT. 12:15 MS. R 1 JANUS 57 JFK ST. NEAR HARVARD SO. 661-3737 FRIED GREEK TOMATOES 11:453:15.4:45,7 M lMi PG 13 ZJ FRESH POND lZZZ FRESH POND PLAZA 661-2900 GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE I745i45.4:45,7 G BUGSY 1:3M730,I R FREEJACK 18:18 PM R JUKE 50P R BEAUTY AND THE BEAST mmmiSUM G HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE lJ3t 4Mmi8:l5 R FATHER OF THE BRIDE I1I.73S.534.7 4I.W8 PG13 PRINCE OF TIDES l3t4:M,7:Jt, R HOOK 1:48.438.738 PG MEDICINE MAN 1J.718.5J8,7:48,1M8 PG13 FINAL ANALYSIS 123831528.718,18:15 R SHINING THR0U6H l:15.4:15.7.145 R ZUSOMERVILLE RTE 93 AT ASSEMBLY SQ. 628-7000 GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE 1705.1153:451:38,7:18 6 WAYNE'S WORLD 12:45,1:10.5317:40,9:45.11:48 PG13 MEDICINEMAN 1740,310.5:15.7:45.10:15.1715 OP613 FINAL ANALYSIS I:I5.4,I:I5,1WI738 4 R SHINING THROUGH 131.430.7:15511715 - R FRIED GREEN TOMATOES I:II.4:II,135.1H5,I735 PG1 J GRAND CANYON 147:1M15,I738 R JUKE 11838 WlMtlM R HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE I23B3:4U,)30M5.I2R PRINCE OF TIDES 130,4:30,7:30,10:10.12:31 4 R JFK 124114,11:15 R BUGSY 81 138 Hi R FATHER Of THE BRIDE 718 PM, 12 AM PG13 HOOK 15 m PG BEAUTY AND THE BEAST 12235.4381 G NATICKKZ RTE. 9653-5005237-5840 GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE 17110,33(11:15,7 G FINAL ANALYSIS 1.4!28.18lr38 R SHINING THROUGH 1418:45,11:15 4R FREEJACK 138.18 M. IMS AM 4 R HAW THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE 1:ISJ:48.134.1M8JM5R PRINCE OF TIDES 1745J:4S.1:IIKS.I7J8 4 R BUGSV t:45,llPM 4)R HOOK 17453 4) PG S3 DANVERS LTM E2 LIBERTY TREE MALL 777-1818599-3122 WAYNE'S WORLD 1745357:153 PG13 JH 1231,4151 DANVERS I RTE. 128 EXIT 24 777-2555593-2100 HOOK 147:18.1:48,12 4 PG MEDICINE MAN 13:181:15,738.8:38.1135 PG13 FRIED GREEN TOMATOES I439.):I8,,IMI 4) PG13 GRAND CANYON 1:15,47:15.815.1715 R PRINCE OF TIDES 1:183735.1812:15 4 R FATHER OF THE BRIDE 748.8:45.1115 P613 BEAUTY AND THE BEAST 13:30 6 -ZSALEMl EAST INDIA MALL 741-1900595-4700 GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE 7:18 M BUGSY 735 M ADOAMS FAMILY 18 PM KUFFS rant I BROCKTON RTE. 27588-4850963-1010 MEDICINEMAN 5:18.18:48 PG13 SHINING THROUGH 418.7:18.10 R FATHER OF THE BRIDE 57! PS13 HOOK 438,73 8 pe '8 PG13 PG13 it .j IRI-UIMUr JH-U

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