The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 15, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 15, 1947
Page 3
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lilOKDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1947 BIATHISVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Scientists Discover New Drug Which is Destined to Be Big Factor in War on Tuberculosis Atomic Smasher Gets Atomic Magnet PAGE' THBKB' By Tail I F. Kills United Press Science Writer NEW YORK.Dec. 15. (U.P3—Tlie achievement. <>t medical science In tlie effective application of streptomycin in Hie treatment of some m forms of tuberculosis today ranked as the No. 1 science story of 1947. Tills new wonder drug, discovered*- : by Prof, Sclinan A. Waksman and Ills associates at Rutgers University in 19«, won its laurels as a recognized weapon against tuberculosis during the year. Many persons arc alive today who would have been dead had it not been for streptomycin. Physicians say It still ns not the Colleges Get Big Sums for War on Cancer ultimate answer to the tuberculosis problem, but is regarded as a "must" in the treatment of some types x>f the disease. Other outstanding scientific achievements during 1047 may be listed ns follows: 2. Progress made in television, Including the radio relay and the first operation televised and broadcast outside a hospital. 3. Discovery of the 15,000 to 20, 000 year old Tepcxpan man. '1. Confirmation of trie theory that protons and neutrons within the core of the atom exchange electrical charges, thereby opening a new lead In the answer of what holds the world together. i 5. The study of cosmic radiation ' from rockets sent as high as 125 miles. - Pilotlrss Plane Crosses Ocean T. The improved technique of using of clouds, thereby making rain, ordinary water to spray certain types 8. The development of new insecticides ^that should enable the American frnmer to increase food crops In years to come. 9. The work of the U. S. Signal f rps in discovering that super- lie waves can kill experimental imals, and effect the equilibrium of -mail. 10. The progress in the development of synthetic fuels. The numerous other scientific achievements of 1947 included the start of several long range projects to test the efficacy of the tuberculosis vaccine, known as BCO. The vaccine, used for many years, in Europe, for the first tlrne is being given a wide-scale test in the United States. Duck Hunters Die In Icy Water as Small Boat Sinks 11 y Durolhy Williams (United Press Staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON, Dec. 15 (UP) — The war on cancer now is being fought in the college classrooms. Medical students-are demanding and schools are providing, more training in the dread disease. Several dental schools also hope to offer cancer courses soon. Dr. Thomas Parran, surgeon general of the. U. S. Public Health Service, today lent emphasis to the increasing role the colleges arc playing in tlic cancer war. He announced award of ?750.000 in grants from the National Advisory Cancer Council. In all. 46 grants went,to universities and hospitals nnd. for the first time, to foreign scientists working outside the United Slates. The grants are paid out of the $14,000,000 which Congress appropriated this year for the fight against cancer. A dental school was among those which received awards. The dental schools point out that often the dentist first is able to detect mouth cancer in. the early stages. , The two foreign recipients of grants were Dr. A. Lacassagne of the Institute Pasteur in Paris, who received 513,380, and Dr. L. Doljan- ski of Hebrew University In Palestine, who received 510,000. Dr. Leonard Scheele, director of the National Cancer Institute, said the making of the grants will "assist in the mobilization of an international attack on cancer. P.arran also disclosed that 5250,000 of the grants would go to Dr. C. C. Little, director of the Roscoe B. Jackson Memorial Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Me., for reconstruction of the laboratory. The laboratory, however, must raise an equivalent sum. The laboratory was destroyed in the Maine forrest fires and few of the laboratory's famous inbred pure strain mice used in cancer research were saved. Two Convicts Still at Large; 5 Re-Captured NASIIVILI.K. Tomi., Dec. 15.(UP) —Two desperate convicts, Ira l,elnh- ton of Lnwreuceburg. nnd Huford Allen, of Nnslivllle, hnd mxde Rood, at least temporarily, today their escape from the slnlc prison here. 1-elBlilou and Allen were among seven prisoners wlio escaped Saturday nftrrmimi Ilirongli a new ste.imllue tunnel under the prison walls to a powerhouse Instead <>1 BoliiR to 11 motion picture sliow— entitled "Pursued"—with other prisoners. The five others were roundel up quickly, however. i-el|;hlon wn.s scrvmn » B9-yeni entence for I lie 1<|-14 murder by tabbinn of Sheriff ciovo Wenthoi-.s n the Lawrence County Jnll. Allei vns sent to prison lust. May | 0 serve 25 years for robbery. Allen was considered lender of the. "Allen dans' vhlch committed several robhcrle. h the Middle Tennessee area anc vhlch at one lime Included Join .. Collier, dcspinado who wns slm ml killed last May to end a two lay, wldesprend manhunt In till section. Tlic seven men, Including on Negro, stole lluouuh MIC. Uinncl nnc Workmen assemble the 2300-ton magnet for the world's most powerful cyclotron at Columbia University's new nuclear physic; research center at Irvington, VI. Y. The ningncl, which contains more steel than a destroyer, will enable tlie cyclotron to smash even heavy atoms into 11) to 50 parts with new high energies of. 400 million electron volts. The giant magnet is expected to start operating next summer. . ' Quick Approval Seen for Choices For NLRB Posts WILMINGTON, N. C.. Dec. 15 <UPI—An exhausted duck hunter told a prim tale here today of his futile, all-night attempt to keep two companions nlive by holding them above near-freezing water after their boat capsized. Avery Herring, 20, was in "fair" condition at a hospital here. He ••Uva.s fotmd hnlf-frozcn yesterday in a marsh beside the lifeless bridles of Albeit Jones, 27, nnd Zachary Thomas Pac, 34. All three were from Wilmington. Their boat overturned after dark, Hering said, and they tried to wade ashore into the sea-side marshes near Kure's beach. But Jones, boots were sucked off by the clinging mud and his bare feet became so sore he was unable to walk. When Hering - and Pae tried to carry Jones, Pae became exhausted rind the three sat down to rest. Then the tide began rolling in, Hering said, and he and Pae tried to hold Jones above the water. Again Pae collapsed. Hering tried to hold the exhausted bodies of both his companions above the rising water. But Jones died, HeriiiK said, and a few hours later Pae also died. • A professional fisherman found WASHINGTON. Dec. 15, (UP) — After six months of uncertainty. President Truman's nominees In the National Labor Relations Board appeared headed for ensy Senate approval today. Senate Re-publican lenders planned to put confirmation of the appointments to a vote some time today. The nominees are former Scu. Abe Murclock, D., Utah, and J. Copcland Gray to be members of tlie board and Robert N. Dcnhain to be general counsel. • The lust Direst of a fight evaporated today when Sen. Arthur V. \>alkins, n., Utah, who unseated ; Munlock In the 101B election, said i he would not attempt to block con] flrmntion ol the nominees. WHY GET UP NIGHTS DUE TO KIDNEYS? FlUSH THEM OUT 1HIS DOCTOTS WAY s—linve ftcqilfilt tic lr water—but hnvr nnly If you nrl Hi lite to pus* y. f »cmity i>,tis.ltfi—yci. niul liavs bnckaclic i!ue to ciccsi nculily in tile urine, be f lai you're reacting lliis: Three urnrrnlioiu ngn Dr. Kilinrr, i famous doctor, found hundreds of hi inlirntj willi this trouble. l'ninil»l<ii, t l ic made n medicine of 16 hrrbs, roots vegetables. Imliaim—Natme'inwn way t relief, lie cnlleU it "Swamp-Root" arv tnillirins ofRrnternl men ami women hav taken it—often with amazing reivilu. Swamp-Root E oct right to work t, fjiistt nut kidneys ; ; ; increases flow o urine, helping relieve escens ncirllty . . . s the irritated hltutdrr |;rta A good fluihin out. too. Mniiy report getting H K<KM night's sleep nftcr the first few Cnntion: lake ns directed. For free tiial supply, senil to Depl. T Kilmrr fe Co.. Inc., tins U55, Stamford Cnnn. Or—get full-sized holtle of.Swamp Root today at your drugstore. Mild-Mannered Negro Robs Passengers on Ritzy Passenger Train CHICAGO. Dec 15. (U.P.) — Squads of G-Mcn,' railroad agents and local police reported -no progress" today in their hunt for a "sweet mannered" bandit who i robbed passengers of about $1,500 in eight minutes it took the New! York Centeral Interstate Express! to run between 63rd and 22nd 1 streets on Chicago's South Side. The bandit. a well-dressed young-Negro, boarded the Buffalo- to-Chicago train as it stopped at Englewood Station, the last stop before it arrived at the loop Saturday night. He brandished , a nickel-plated revolver and threatened to shoot some of his victims, -including three Illinois judges, a former congressman and a professor of law at the University of Minnesota. Thomas McNamary, captain of the railroad's, police, said the robbery was the first train holdup in the New York Central System in more than 35 years. Hering and the bodies early yesterday. Relief At Last For Your Cough Creormilsion relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of tho trouble to help loosen, and expel ^erm laden phlegm, and nid nature .0 soothe and heal raw, tender, iiir iamerl bronchial mucous mem'- oranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Crcomulsion "with the understanding you must like the way it j luickly allays the cough or you. aro .o have your money back. CREOMULS3OK forCouzhs.ChesrColds, Bronchitis Announcing A New Class Beginning January 5, 1948 > WATCHMAKING and CLOCK REPAIRING "The Trade of No Pepresslon" MONTGOMERY-TAYLOR SCHOOL OF WATCHMAKING Southern i\[lssnurr.i ,I,radInc Trade Sohoul S>1- ' j Poplar Bluff, Missouri Approved hj Veterans Administration and Stale Bftard of Education tinder P. I,, in and [tlG, ,Slalc Approved Instructor*, ENROLL NOW FOR FULL INFORMATION WRITE DKI.MAR C. AHROTT, Business Manajttr moved A hugo mdni "plug" which •Ison oMIclnlii hnd thought would ock the tunnel effectively. 1'rlson [ficlnls were mm ware of the break ntll employes of a nearby factory eplumed they hnd seen Ihe men olng pnst. Students Made t'ojh. NORMAN, Oklnl (UP) ~ Police Chief J/ W. Wheeler his uppointed [nui University of Oklahoma students as part-lime policemen. Ha sntd they were hired In keeping v.lth a practice of .rumlag me with more fduotlorml tr»lnltn police post*. . : ' i-f ' ' • Virginia ha* about 3000 mile* of navigable fishing w»t«r». 1 New . . . RAYON CORD fit Gates Tfr»« K>*Htbl» noir in ALL Tra Tit«« «nd in »om* PaMtag Car aiivf. You will b«T* hi ALL C.lw Paungtr C Naturally, you NOW want «. tire Out will permit you to drive as you .couldn't drive during the war. You •want to gn more places, travel farther, harder and faster. That's, why our factory—as.« result of its experience In building thousands upon thousands of military tires for the war—has designed and built this tire especially to meet your POSTWAR driving needs. Behind this Gates POSTWAR Tire are over 1'jj Million Miles of road testing, heavily overloaded, and «t sustained speeds of 50 to 60 miles per hour day after day after day. It will be a pleasure to show you this : GATES TIRE and the rtconl of its performance. Gates Tires Carry An Unconditional 12 Mds. Road Hazard Guarantee! —DEMAND GATES TIRES— You'll Find Them At SHELTON MOTOR 119 West Ash St. COMPANY Phon* 4438 CHRISTMAS CUT FLOWERS and PLANTS Never before have we shown such an assortment, of Flowers ;mcl I'litnts for the Clirislnias Holi- tliiys. To know what we mean, is lo visit our Greenhouses and see them growing. For Gift s in F/owers — You will find more for your dolliir here than anywhere . . . Flowers ;iro ;i nracious j;ift . . . no matter how small it may be. And Ihcse arc Flowers of rare beauty. See Our Beautiful Poinseflias —" | k Several kind* of HEGON1AS. AFRICAN VIOLETS, I'RIMROSKS, •* - AZALEAS, CYCLEMEN. 1'HILODENDKON VINES, DISH GARDENS & —made of boxes of assorted plants and Ivy. J3( We have everything in CUT FLOWERS for your Christmas table, for S- the home . . . and to wear. Corsages of different kinds, including :™ Orchids, Gardenias and Sprint; Flowers. i?*. ftL Don't be too late! Plate your order early. Sec us if you contemplate ~M Retting married during the Christmas Holidays. We arc all set for wed- S' dings .... with big, while CHRYSANTHEMUMS, GLADIOLIAS in £ white and colors . . . and everything that ROCS to make a pretty wedding, ® including Evergreen Koping, Holly, Hemlock and Vines. :™ W. HEATON'S HOME of FLOWERS] \ ?{• Phone 549 Davis at Franklin Ave. M i • ' . v «*^ "BlythevHIc's Florists For 25 Years" M THIS CHRISTMAS • BEAUTY I • QUALITY! / •VALUES! Su<h bvauly at you'vi only dr«am»cJ «bevt tuih qua!!,/ lh 9 l maUt for jil[d«tu. giving and rftclvlng . . . i ucn velu*t,th«t nuon 0rtmt«r losing* for you, Atl tnli moi*> awofU your gifriSopplng. pFtaiur* at our Mt«<ily Uor«, Conn tn tomorrow , . . <»mpor» and tav«l , Alan's Smart WRIST WATCH ohly Jow pilc»d, A g«ond glf| luggc.tlon, For Cherished Gifts Visit Our Friendly Store GORGEOUS $39.95 Ul. 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