The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 12, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 12, 1947
Page 13
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Fr.IDAY, DECEMBER 12, 194T *T/VTHEVn..LE (ARK.) COURIKR NEWU PAGE THIRTEEN Classified Advertisements «o All «lze homes, duplexes, lots. *tor« buildings, farms, confidential lUtlnija Cash buyers. Phon« Field, 2394. WANTED 20.000 POVND8 PECANS f.Don't Sell till you Get Our BLd Blytheville Curb Market 130 Eait Main 6t. Phone 973 12!4-ck-tf Larger Cities Favored for Veterans Hospital* MEMPHIS, Teiui.. Dec. 12. (UP) Mi\j. Geu. Carl R. Gray Jr., appointed by President Truman .is :hief of the Veterans Administration declined today to disclose his veterans glides "at least mill) he PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug StoreS Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any BlH take* offtc« In January." Gray addressed ahimm ol Middle, Western universities, night. H« ssld that lie favored a policy of building new hospitals "as dose to established mcdicnl centers as possible, in order that veterans in these hospitals may receive benefits of the experienced doctors and j specialists r.uluinlly found In such communities." "I have definite. Ideas as to certain policies," Gray said. "Bui I am not yet the head of the Veterafcs Administrnlion and therefore It would be presumptuous of mu if, at tl\ts lime, I attempted to discuss the organization In detail." Gray did sny that he favored building veterans hospitals In large elites "rather than In reinot*, out- of-the-way places." FRKCKLES ft HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOS8EB Wild Pitch Pay Increase is Asked For Federal Jobholders WASHINGTON, Dec. 12 lUi'l — Rep. John u. Ulngcll, D., Mich., yesterday introduced legislation to provide a $1,000 raise for govi'rn- menC employes earning less than (10,000 H year. T. L MABRY «J MISSOURI ST. PB. U21 FOLLOW THE CROWDS TO PLANTERS GIFT and TOY CENTER! Better Than Ever Before NOTICE David T. Cooly Builder * Contractor Has Opened a Cabinet Shop With Russell Muiick In Charge' DIAL 4357 for FREE 'ESTIMATES on Work 213 North Franklin Blytheville, Ark. i BOB -M ALONE ! Plaster and Stucco Phone 2029 THE ftTORli U i I hart »**• Im Hollywood thrvr •itmlhft, writing tkr MOV I* vcrlpi — Hiirt |I'7'*B to **' «T*F O»rnr Craig, i **•» |«kln* It e»»7 I" the iowtr-flllctf pmilo ol mj Hallj- woad Mill* fc»BjBl«w thai day wfcca Jeff Havcriion. waw wa» dl- lavJleri air to *!«•«», Jcfl **•• •• altraellvr •"» ••* I •>*•»** e*r*- fally for o»r <»t*. I WBB ' l»l •allla* o» «»• vnUhfac louche* warn the door cfcfmcB »eu>dr<l ••* I «**•! lo let him la. II J EFF wa» bareheaded and he came in smiling and followed me down the shallow steps into the studio living room. Perhaps I'd better put in a word here about the arrangement of my house. It is one of those picturesque affairs built lo fit Ihe terrain and lince it is on a steep hillside practically every rodin is on « different leveL The living room If large and L-shaped arid is above the garage and the kitchen. It Is reached by an outside stairway which leads from the side drive up to the front entrance of the house, or by an inside stairway from the kitchen below. A small foyer, a guest bedroom, my room and a bath are also on the upper floor. And, Important later on in this story, is the flagged terrace outside the bedrooms which connects with the front outsid* step*. Downstair) there are the double garage in _ front and the kitchen and the maid's room. As a result of this up and down arrangement, the living room has a small alcove fitted with a tiny bar and freezing unit for ice cubes »o that one doesn't have to go all the way downstairs to the kitchen to fix a drink. I laid down my gloves and purse and busied myself in there for the next few minutes. "Morgan's all steamed up about |your script," Jeff called from the davenport where he had settled. "He's bragging about you all over the place. Sayi you've done a swell job." "Didn't he expect that?" I asked • coming into the room with a couple of dry Martinis. "No," Jeff said. "As a matter of fact, he didn't When your agent tied that clause about you If wasn't that I had anything against Avis Vaughn. She WM a curvaceous, sexy blonde and still plenty photogenic even though she had been kicking around In front of the cameras for years. When I'd caught my breath I said coldly: "II you really want lo know how I turned out a fair script, il was by sheer endurance. 1 went lo sec every movie mystery I could find." '.'Smart girl," JefT applauded. But he hadn't missed my reaction ,to Liz Leycten's name cither. writing the script into N the pur- sauce before our turn In the dining room came. • • • VWK didn't sny very much at firsi " since we were both hungr> Just devoted ourselves to the vcr.» excellent feud. And when we OK begin to talk il was about m> story. U was lo be produced He went back to that. "I didn't j technicolor, something of an inne know you two weren't gelling | vation for a mystery picture, along. If you had said something "It's o be Let's skip it," I said. over now." I could .1 fiord 2'ianiirious. Jeff finished his drink, set his glass down on an end table and refused another. "Not now/' he said. "We'll order something before we eat." • . • • J EFF had a snappy convertible and he drove that afternoon with the top back. He took me up Laurel Canyon and along Mulholland Drive. It was the first time I'd been up there and I kept exclaiming at the view./ On one chase contract, Morgan counted on the expense of having it re-written before we could use it That's what usually happens when an ^author does a script the first time 'Well, your icript's okay, so ican see why he's happy." ; M l see. I save Mr. Morgan i money and he loves me. If he 'feels that way—what about a little bonus? *" "He might even do better than that," Jeff asserted. "Don't tell anyone I told you, but he's having .a long term contract drawn up •lor you to sign. How do you like that?" I whistled pertly. "So, now I'm a Hollywood big shot" / .• « • JEFF laughed. -He sampled his * drink and nodded his head appreciatively and after a moment he added, "I'm curious, though. How did you do it? I mean, how did you manage to skip the'mistakes most beginners make? 1 I turned the glass in my hands so that the olive revolved from Ride to side. It happens that I don't especially like to talk about my work. But Jeff misunderstood my si- curve we'd be looking down on Burbank and the airport and out at the mountains beyond. On the next we'd have a view of downtown Los Angeles. Hollywood and you ^ Beverly Hills. At one vantage point we could even see as far as Sinla Monica, and JcfT swung the car lo a slandslill'on the shoulder of the road and pointed out the Pacific on the far horizon glint jrnssiiy under the setting sun. When 1 turned around he looking at me ^ instead ol the scenery. I suppose the view was old stufl to him and something about his eyes said that-1 wasn't. Before 1 could decide whether or not I liked the look, he spoke. "1 like watching you when you're excited about something. There's a sparkle comes up inside you. You look ten limes more alive." "Do I?" I hadn't thought 1 had much sparhle left—or anything. And suddenly there was the memory of Oscar Craig ruining the magic oi the moment I shivered. "Cold?" Jcfl asked. "It's—it's the wind up here. I should have worn a topcoat." I liked him all the belter because he didn't make any banal lence. He volunteered, "1 suppose; remarks about warming me up ui Liz helped. That boy really knows his stuff . . ." 1 choked on my drink and Indignation. "IJz Leyden—" Lisbon Leyden, commonly called Li^. was the studio staff writer who h$d been assigned to help me write the script of my story. The helpful part or this arrangement had proven purely theoretical. We had argued endlessly over every scene and it ended up with me hating bis anatomical insidcs »nd with him hatinf, mine. Williams OUT OUR WAY WHAT A TARGET \ THEM HOT CHIPS \ HAVE THERE.' BUT I DOGS EVEN ONE / OF THEM HIT IT? \ NO" BUT ONE OF ) 'EM POPS EOWM / A NECK WITH A \ CHOKER ON, JUST I voo CAN'T JAYWALK; STAMP IN TH' MIPDLE OF TH ROAD AM' NOBOPy'LL HIT YOU-BUT TRY TO SLIP ACROSS AM' you'LA. SURE OiET IT. his arms. He started the cor again and pretty soon the road dipped down elaborate pains were being taki with the costing. JcfT told me ol a couple of (" minute assignments about wh , thovo hud ' '*> ~oni? '"*'"" : ' " "Jimmy Peters ts going to play he detective. You know turn. 1 ' I didn't think I iiid. "A blond curly headed kid," Jell insisted. "1 introduced liTm to you one day al the studio." Oh—thai one. But, isn't he a little young for the part? He didn't look more than twenty." would have said eighteen, only 1 remembered there had been a discharge button in his coat lapel. "He's jusl twenty," Jeff mid. "But he's had a lot of experience. He used to play juvenile parts before he went into the Army. And of course for this part he'll be made up to look older." I leaned both elbows on the table and looked at Jeff and registered bewilderment. "1 don't pretend to understand the way the Hollywood mind works," 1 said. "You make i»p Jimmy Peters lo look older so that he can play the part of Ihe detective, and you tuke Art Clcves with the bags under his eyes and try to make him look young enough to play the romantic Lead. Wouldn't it be simpler and little more plausible if you just exchanged their roles?" Jctt made a face as if he'd gotten a bile ol something rotten. He agreed. "Simpler, yes—Lf Avis Vaughn didn't insist upon Art playing opposite her. They're like that, you know." And Jcfl held up a hand with two fingers stuck together. "1 still don't gel . it," I said bluntly. "Avis Vaughn isn't as young as she used to be. 1 should think shed be doing well enough for herself lo gel the lead vn a first class production without being able to dictate the casting." II wasn't that 1 had anything against the Vaughn. She was a curvaceous, sexy blond and still plenty photogenic even though she on the other side of the bills and'had been kicking around in fron in a little while we were in Bur-! of 'be cameras for more years bank. The Slcak House was a j than she'd care to admit. All tile same. I knew tnere was something more than tier acting select restaurant in the Toluca Lake district and one ot the features of the place was 'a seafood bar as well as a regular bar in the wailing room. JefT v gave his name to the hostess and we each had another Martini and a shrimp cocktail luscious with thick red ability involved if she was able lo dictate to men like Ben Morgar and JcfT Haverson. And I have my full share feminine curiosity. (To Bt Continued) Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople OAVS TO COME CLEAN V^TH THIS BEFORE I JABTri& BARBE.CO& PAN TO THE ORDER F AMOSB.HODPL& »|,OOO W, DARTS/ -~f MASQUERADE V -r THESE J i On, SHOWER-GIVE ME A STEAOV CAUf.D OARTS DAMES ! WHAT Sl.lP LIKE THAT ASAW AND ttX/U. GET YOURSELF A OA.TE WITH A . BLUNT" INSTRUMENI7 "Yes, we're ttny'mg with my brother B«rt this tiriie! That's how it is being a real cttat* man's wif«—George keep* sellinz our own houies!" E'ltlSCILLA'S POP / $h?'s got I What does she \ expect of gn \eight • year- old ? ^ ^ Yes. and / got 3 note rom his teacher: She thinks he's disobedient, I'll have to talk to Carlyle! I told him to sweep the cellar and he fain't do By MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANB AKYOI/RS MCK'^OAIN janwhile,! looked in on Libby Lang, :e public stenographer iit bur building!. I'VE OFTCN WONDERED NOW : FSLT TO BE A COON, mR. CAMION. M TOR MAN AND IT'S UNDERSTOOD THEN, MR.HINT. VOU'RE TO ACT THE PART Of A VtRV RICH A1AM ABOUT TO BUY S0*£ EXKN&lVt STONES M MY STORfr. THW WXJ TAKt WM AT TO 00 ABOUT THAT MYSTERIOUS DIAMOND BUSINISS, SIR ? CREITINGS, FAI I'VE ALWAV3 MID YOU LOOKED LW{ A WANIIOGir UStD TO THE ROU. I'M AFRAID IT WU MQWRi AlOTMORt THOUGHT, GRAVUNS. WASH TUBBS STtMIM' * TOM Of PRIED E££MOO£S!>,.V*HEN V* ™ W656 ™ EOBES '°*- W61 «<moK ENSIERTOCMllW »»WWW, IKT80TH WERE TH' WORK OT A.MORON...&OINTO Alt 1HM TROUBLE TO HIDE h B<W MWOME W5SM'- BV COULD SEE SUWIM WS MROU&! BOTH CRIMES SEEM 10 HCME CM.LED FOR SUPERHUM&N STRENGTH THERE'S GOf TO BE * PLAUSIBLE EXPLUJMKW! WE'RE3UST me WTOPSH snows no BULLET OR KWE WOUNDS BO TRWE ff POISOW.,. TOE BOOS SO CRUSHED W BEW5 FORCED INTO THE SWOKESTUCK CJWT mi IF THERE'D BEEN OIMR W3UPIES! STORKS BWHiam OUT BS POLICE WM UElGHBORKOOt ISSEUINGPREU JITTER.V! \V! WMlEHOOSE ROBBEM By FRED HARMAN RBD RYDKR TOLVRE !M LOVE 5foK6< ArJO VOU L1K£5 ME' THAI'5 THE REW. REASON -(00 COT Arti OR05, BILL HUPP.' V. T. HAMLIN The IMol Unfolds 5USE.'BUT ALLEY'S / MY 91MK. CXX\. NOT TAK ENDUSH ( H\VZ VOU • M>'A>V FOR ME TO \ COMFT-ETE GET TOO BADLV WKT\ Of YOUIZ. NO. Birr THAT* AN IMPRESSION I'D LIKE TO HAKE C?N MY BOY FRIEND..I HEMJO HIM TELL voue. HUSBANO r HAD TOO MUCH SENSE: STAND WHY YOU WANT KE TO OJH AWAY AN F I CAN'T HANDLE THIS LUG/ By EDGAR MARTIN VNU IIKK IJUDOIKS

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