The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 12, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 12, 1947
Page 12
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FT/rrHEVTT,I,E (ARK.V COURIER NEWS FRIDAT, DECEMBER 12, 1947 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Diliy nu« at: Un> lot cooucullve In•erclon: tuulmum Ctlargt Wo 1 Urn. per line 5= 1 time* »«r line p«r day I2c 2 tlruei p«t line per day »c « llruu ptr line, per day Tc JJ times per Hue 'per day so Momb p«r line we Count !Wc itcrage words to the line. Ad ordered (or three or six limes itnd •topped belore eiplrallon will be charx- ed lor the number 01 limes the ad appeared nnd adjustment o! bill made. All Classified Advertlslne coiiy submitted by perions residing outside of the city roust be iiccompauted by cash files may be easily computed from the Above table. Advertising order for Irregular Insertions lakes the one time rate. NO responsibility will be lulte:. for more lhati one Incorrect Inserllon ol any classified ad. All ads aro restricted to Vhtlt proper classification, stylo and U'P«. The Courier MUT.W the rlslit to edit or . reject fcay ad. Food. Now 1 * the time to ftoak frull cuJco i In v.'lue or brandy for CliriMnms. Stop by today, Foster* Liquor Stores. - Oappie and cat fish. 2<! hour service. Simpson Oil Co., Stftteline. YOU'VE BEEN MISSING SOMETHING, If you havcu'l insled any of the pies or paslrlcs from tile Ulxlc Crenm Dougtiiml Shop. Just the thing to brighten cold weather appetites, Slop by today — 211 S. MIIKT ST. 12 12-ck-l3 FOfl Apartment For Rent "Furnished two room 325 East Missouri St. 12;ll-pk-» 2 room furnished apartment, phone 2334 126-PK-I3 Two room furnished nuHrunent. Olose In, couple only. Phone^ 2 °^_ 13 Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services WE'VE GOT EVERYTHING YOUR CHRISTMAS DINNKR1 Shepherd's Grocery Corner KrnnklJn mid Kentucky, phono 2G(K>. 12l2-!>k-l7 Insurance ProlccLion ngaifist all INSURABLE HAZARDS - Phone 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Insurance OLENCOE HOTEL Ill.DO. 121 W. ASH ST Household Goods Vencltnn hllnclh now in Mock II(truly inntln K. M. BILndH- Dcn\ Paint Storu 109 E Main 81. photic 4469. 9 24-ck-ti CHRISTMAS SPECIAL 10% Reduction on Scat Covers'. FIRESTONE—207 \V. 12-10-ck-in Wonted: Wrecked or Burned Automobiles Waclo Auto Salvage K. Highway 61 Phono 3785 1114-ck-tf Cln-istmns specials at Fire-, stone! Nationally advertised I radios from $21.05 up. 1,000 j hour A and B pack Kiulic; Batteries ?5.05. ! FIRESTONE—207 W. Main 12-10-ck-13 farmers Column an * • JEEP ON THE JOB Almost every hour In the day you will lltid a god use for the "Jeep" as a truck, light tractor, rurmbout or mobile power null. See It at J'OOi.E MOTOIl COMPANY. Kills Poole. Own- r nnU operator, South Highway 61 a Eleele, Mo, rhone Steele, 49. IJS-cK-16 For Safe/ Cars & Trucks FOR, 8A1.K: — One A-modei Ford. Jn perfect tlmpt. Call 79^ aficr 4:00 p.m. ._ Auolhpr tihipmoni or clean used cars for *ale at Motor Sales. '41 Chevrolet town, sedan, Just like new. Lee Motor Sales, '41 Chevrolet 5 passenger coupe. RralLy clean, Lee Motor Sutca, '40 Plymouth 4 door eednn, you should ECC this one. Lee Motor Sales. '41 Dodge Luxury Liner, very clean. Lee Motor Stiles. '41 Chevrolet 4 door sedan, Plectlltie. Lee Mo cor Sales. '41 Chevrolet, 2 door, new tires and motor, Lee Motor Sales. AH these cars are city driven car* nnd nre In nice condition. See them Lee Motor Bales. BlythevlUe. Phom- 519. 12'9-cK-Lf Jeep pnrts now available «t POOLE MOTOR CO. W» can fill all yovir needs Get genuine parts from our com- ELLTS POOLE. OWNER fc OPERATOR Boulh Highway 61 nt Sleelc, Mo. Phone Slcele 49 ll!12-ek-tf Oil Heaters just received. Four to five room size. 62,000 BTUs Priced only ?79.!>5. 13uy on monthly puyinc'iit plan. Montgomery Ward ITlO-ck-lH We know what's best for your Ford because WE KNOW YOUR FORD BEST ._. 1M6 1 iluor Ford sedan, radio, healer, cjilbpmii IlKtlttt. Clean city driven. Call - Marvin Wilson 1FI3 Iiiixont. 10.19 >H ton stake Chevrolet truck. 325. HO K. Sycamore St,, City. 12 l2-pk-16 For Safe, Farms NOTICE . . . FARMS FOR SALE , . . WE have nl Uiifi time 15 hcautidil arms for sulc. located B round Sikefi- oiid Charleston; this Uncl Is holcc, will raise anything. OoorJ elliiRS. Most nny size farm- you vish. If you want early possession, ou must come rlRht away and tee me ,t Hikes Ion. Mo, Lyman Gross. Office ,t Gross Hotel. r2lll-ck-16 MONTHLY PAYMI . ONTH€ BUDGET Loans FARM LOANS \\ r e RECAPPING WITH HAWKINSON TREADS Let your next tires be - GENERALS COST MORE— WORTH MORE 1 ! Modinger Tire Co. Prepayment I'rlvHctco No Inspection Fees ; No Commissions A. I 1 . NBIFIND Insvirnnco ARDncy 10B Eafil Fourllk SI. CARUTHER3VILLE. MO. Expert Radiator Repair for Less Wfl have Ihe beat ID radlalor repair equipment. Lei our iTft'nod men boll out ami repair your radiator for you Quick Service Pickup and Delivery Russell Phillips Tractor Co. DOUGLAS LAWSON. Mgr Phone 2111 8,9 ck II We loan money at 4™» to BUY OR BUILD HOMES in Blythoville For Information contact renrcsenta- llvcs- GUY TnJrECE - JOE ALEXANDER JR F.QU1TAULE LIKE ASSU RANGE SOCIETY US W. Ash Phone 309.1 5th at Wnlnut ['hone 4453 CALL 2089 Your Kerosene and Fuel Oil Dealer G. O. POETZ for Quick, Dependable Service OFFICE K. R. AT CHKKRY Money to Loan Do you nerd n lonn to reunlr or remodel? No down payment, no , mor- tage, no red l(\pe FHA APPROVED RATE 5% ASK FOR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor liono 2034 Lynch BulLdlnK Building Material Do your own concrete work and safu Kent a concrete mixer by das 01 hour Pbon' 488 BOY 659 Blylhevilla Art , a!l&-ck « Business Opportunities MR. MERCHANT One of the best OPPOR TUNITIES for increasing BUSINESS is the regular us of Classified Advertising Readers in a buying moo turn to the Business Scrvic Directory for the names o reputable firms. Coal and Wood COAT, YARD and FRESH COUNTRY CANULB EGOS In any ciuantlty wanted No open for business. Located Just aero street from Armory Hall on S. 5 concl St. We deliver. C. n. GEAN CO. Phon« «22 — I. E. Parkhnrst. Msr. Outdoor Supplies Typewriter 50 acres farm. 8 miles from Blvthc- llle. Can mnKe a good loan. Oscar Alexander. Real Estate and lusurance. 07 W. Main St., Phone 836 and 3410. nilO-ck-U Homes in Caruthersville AREA 403 nOOMS, FARMS IN Pemiscot County, 80—320 ACHE5 BUSINESSES, AND BUSINESS PROPERTY. CARUTHERSVILLE AND PORTAGEVILLB. GI LOANS And FHA available. List TOUR PROPERTY WITH US Lester Wyatt Canuhorsvlllc, Mo. Phone EBO R MOTfflMG THE VALUE OH LOOKS LIKE A BEAUTIFUL NEW PAINT JOB YOU PICK THE COLOR W£'LL RESTORE that NEW CAR BEAUTY Body <uut FOB AS LOW AS $ 5°9 ITiSIMPOWANT TOX&PY6UK CONDITION LOY E1CH CHEVROLET CO. We Never Close 301 Walnut For his Christinas. tiotlililK better than ft Shakespeare Humtimi Fly Kocl or i\ castlnp. Rod and Reel. You'll llnd tliem Rt rianter'B Hardware. MONEY TO LOAN We loan money on fnrm innd nntl ty property Wo also buy not«.s CONWAY & HOUCHINS Glencoe Hotel Building 0,24 ck 11 Musical Merchandise For every sportsman— RUBBKR ROOTS — $:i.25 at FIHESTOiMK, 207W. Main l'2-10-ck-13 For year round pleasure give athletic goods for Christmas. See our fishing tackle, hunting clothes, and ports equipment, lluljbard lunlwnre Co. Phone 20IS. 12-l2-ck-17 PIANOS: NE\V AND USED Brooks Muslr: Store. 107 Main, niytheville Telephone 811 An I [lie nts nn<l supplies " ilnds Guaranteed radio repn TYPEWRITERS Royal, Smith. Corona and Remington Portable. Farms tor Sale: Tract No. 1: 120 ACRES APPROXIMATELY 4 MILES SW OP TYLER, MISSOURI; Tract No. 2: 320 ACRES APPROXIMATELY 6 MILES NW OF HOLLAND, MISSOURI, IN THE SAMFORD COMMUNITY; Tract No. 3: 200 ACRES APPROXIMATELY 1'.' 3 MILES NW OP HOLLAND. MISSOURI; Tract No. 4: 120 ACHES APPROXIMATELY 1'i MILES B W O F HOLLAND. MIS SOUR1: Tract No. 5: 120 ACRES 4 MILES SOUTH OF HOLLAND, MISSOURI. IN THE HERMONDALE COMMUNITY; FOR SERVICE Sales Dept. Open Until 8 p.m. Phone 578 TO CHEVROLET! PARTS • ACCESSORIES For Sale, Misc. Electrolnx Rxvcepcr with attachments. In cood condition. Phone 717. 129-pk-lB For Sate OLD NEWSPAPERS COURIER NEWS OFFICE The Typewrite! 110 N BecoiiU at. n 3382 10 rt u Tract No. 6 . Used Cars Personal you n« wornnn lolt a ptrmU vlil- in the noiltv ol i;\\;Laiul 10 come America Her grundtatlier had be- ....alhrd n large Rum of money to •ipr. Sixteen yeur& passed. Her Brand- nthcr died ami tin- lauyrr took steps Cr,,,!!, Hirrh\vyu find her A personal nd In n Ca- OOUU1 Hlgll^ay See us before you buy! We sell (be cleanest used urs oa the market, and find the price right you'll too! .newspaper foi In poor -i! the Plumber For R licensed plumber or lor expert stove repair work call Harry Meyers Bt llubbaid Hardware. COAL "If it is coal you want" WE HAVE IT. Also Hay—Across from Blytheville Compress We Deliver Phone 4489 Pianos NEW AND USED Music Instruments BAND AND STRING Radios & Repairs WKST1NGHOUSE RADIOS COLUMBIA AND VICTOR RECORDS BROOKS MUSIC STORE 107 E. Alain. Telephone 311 11.5-ck-lt Real Estate WK HAVK BUYERS Tor properly n!so fnrm land, Lt^t your quick Fair. O.=.r,ir Alrx^ndi Rrn 1 y*l ate nnd In; 107 W, Main pioperly vrUti — Phtu ur cits* m< for R.vfi POOLE MOTOR CO. KHis Poole, Owner and Operator at Mo. 230 ACRES LAND. MO. 7 MILES N\V OF HOL- Clcan wine studio couch, call Air Base. Apartment 137 anytime. Record player. 30 gallon tank with oil heater, oil stove and ilttlniss. 101 E. Rose St. l2;3-uk-n FIRE WORKS, all kinds. CHRISTMAS trees, nuts. Irults. and candy. JOE HESTER'S GROCERY a. Highway €1 Below Swift Oil Mill 12;3-pk-l|3 Phone Steele 49. 1212-ck-tt Wearing Apparel Services Curtains Uundered 21* S Franklin WASHING MACHINES nml ARMY HI.ANKETS 100';n wool 5350 NK\V NAVY SHOES SAlety Toe $6,SU ARMY SHOE I'ACKS Qootl for rokl weather, mud and rnln $3,00 nnrt $350 pair. FEATHER rn.i.ows 6.ic each. $1,25 [>ilr Other niiiury ji^vlne II pn;.^ at the D & P IliMlGAIN STOHE 11Q E. Main St. 12 3-CK-13 These farms are all priced at $185 per acre and are located in good communities most of them on good roads have access to good schools churches, and good markets Each and every ' farm would carry a nice loan to help finance the purchase price ol same. If interested, please call my office at New Madrid, Missouri, and contact either John M. Leigh, E. M Riidcliffe, or myself personally. Fred M. Copeland Telephone No. 33 New Madrid, Mo. 12 2-ck-U Large Ivanhoc oil heater. Used one year. Phone 3639 or 3084. lU2-nk-19 Feather bed lor sale, nhone 4260. Canaries. K! Next to Can ;ers and hens. Call 3439 Motdtrle, 12'6-pk-l One larRe Duo Therm -stove, on small Duo Therm. First class conrll tton. Shepherd's Grocery. Conic Franklin nnd Kentucky. 12-iik-l ARMY COMBAT boots, field fh boot tops. nspd. Wholesale. Hcnder i Shoe Co. Donlphan. Mo. 12 ft-pk-1 Lost and Found TRACTORS And Machinery JOHN DEERE FORD FARMALI, "We Sell for Less" ANDREW JENKINS Highway 61 Holland, Mo. Wanted to Buy WANTED to buy farm tractors met machinery. State price and con- lltlon, Cico Miisaciindti. Osccotn. lown.. lliS-pk-128 WE BUY FUIl AND PECANS ighest prices" paid. Sec us before you Sell. JOK HESTKR'S GROCERY S. Highway GI Below Swift Oil Mill ' Otit niorlol Mitytii: Call -)2-(7. washing machines "<Ieni of Baltimore In search of fitufleti porcxipine ',s r as unable to find what he wanted In his own city. He placed an advertisement In Washington newspaper. Within R few/ diiys. the advertiser KOI Just •lint he wanted from n reader'* nephew !n distant Vermont. Man's dressing table. Preferably uit. Call 27-12. 12:il-p (Continued on Next Page) Wheel Goods Fire room house, 330 East Kentucky. all 2637. 12 6-ck-lS Klectrical Appliances repaiv-, cXwTA'Q d. Blytheville Machine Shop ' JANIA S 'hone 2828. COAL Good Quality LEWIS POULTRY "We Deliver" 410 B. MAIN PHONE 849 NEW SPINETS Venetian blinds washed etupcii iii\<l vcstrung- Plionc 1207. llin-pk-12 13 EASY TERMS. AS TEARS TO I'AY. I,ONCt AH TWO • • • Dccca Records Sheet ^lysic Estcy Organs WOOD FOB SALE. Halt mile North, 2 miles W. or Gosncll. G. G. Flowers Fireworks 100 MILKS FREE DELIVERY MORELAND'S Music Slofe 315 S. Second — Hmiie -112 Blytheville, Ark. I A DIO UEPAIU BY EX PERT Repairman Call Hroofet MuMc Store. 07 K Main St.. Telephone 811. Vlanos Klii and sold 11 5-ck-tr O! Iicaters. Carbon removed while C.-U1 2302. iriU-Dk-12 18 Christmas Iron BprayltiK- J. B. Frcc- iPir.. Phone 24S4. . . 12 R-pX-12 15 Swap Column STOREHOUSE for children's toys, wagons tricycles and other whee goods! Shop now—we still have a good selection. HUKBARD HARDWARE CO. 1'hone 2051 12 12-cV-l All sizes — Tricycles! Sec onr complete line. Firestone—207 \V. Main 12-10-cl<-13 7. OMC fT\\<-y. Rnd 24 fool Nabor tt.illor for rftr or hon^e tr.iltcr. I,tunb"» I,1ri\ior Slore. Mnnlla, Ark -' Trees and Shrubs liollv 1tr no II ? 80 ACRES on gravel rosd, school is. mnll route, drainage bond paid f In StoddBTd County, Mo. 4 mllr-a outh or Dell City, Mo. Not hill land. rcul Christmas ftlft for 52,500 cnsh soltl this mouth. 2015 W. Cherry Biyihcvlllc. Ark- 12,8-i)X-15 For Sole, City Property Two university students lost the notfibooks coutnlnluR their year's work Exams were Rpproachlnp: In ties Deration they pi nerd ft Classlfictl Ad In the local pnricr. Thp all-Import iiiif booVs wcrp returned the next clay, Divine* thr lads R "flunk" In th«lr firm! *xams. Lost : sot of COnSC, HUS|[1P5.S turn to Courlc kfv.s. nlso driver's 11- sert Jon on Mnln. Re- News. I2J2-rik-16 5 room flat on North 10th St Smftll down, bnlnnce on time ' , iradforcl'B Grocery- 1U19-PK-I2I19 tablSsrirrt businesses In BlythevUle .Iain StTCRt nnrt suburban .stores wltb tvlnf? rooms Phone Flclrt 2394. Homes, lame and smiiH. apartments, duplexes, suburban, vacant lots, store dlngs, invcslmcnt. Phone Flclr 1 7 room house, larsjr lol nt tdge o rltv. Vnrntit lot.s. coorl location. O.irar Alexander Rral tstale an< Tnr.urance. If^T W. NTaln St.. Phon> S36 and 3470. 12'10-ck-l For Safe or Trade Dogs, Cats, and Pets Hlondp. TPd. nnd. black Rnd whllt cockrr puppies Mike u-oudertMl Chrlsl- i«:»s n'fls Mrs. N. (.1, Jerome, pi ion ft 3101. 12 10-pk-24 FIREWORKS and CHRISTMAS TREES Carter's Grocery N. Highway 61 Foods Notice THE MEMBERS OF ALPHA BFTA CHAPTEH OP RE1A SIOMA PHI WANT OLD TOYS FOB THEIR ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PARTY FOB CO1XJRED CHTMJHSN CALL 2546. 12,10-pX-l.i •ooktr. * •hell pecan*. - Upton Why t>pend money- SW*D W nh us South on Highway 61 Klta«rt Huffman'* Swap Shop 4Qj E ll!»-pk-13 : 13 U»lB. Pboa« K#. 1C « cX « WE PLANT AND -SELL shrubbery & frml Irccs PIIONK 2018 W. A. STKGALI. For .";• old AK' 81» Clllck- 12 IO-pk-13 If YOU wnnt ^ brttor borne wo trntl with YCMI H«vc 3 tlfw 5 room modrr lioinrs O S Rotli^dn Photic 3305 Tlirrf rnoms pnrt bath, electric lio wMrr h^Ater hnllt-ln rablnrts. 1 lot* <v!!h rornrr lot v.-vcnnt. \V. Mnllorv. .lr T'honi- •132^ 12 U-l>k Help Wanted, Male finirri 2 rtnrHrncrri rotorrd irnctor rivers with fnmHIrs TO slmrr rioo 1=o. good luniip-^. Charlie Stfturlifer. 1. OPccola, Ark. 12 !0-pK-I4 Private Rooms Bedroom. «ti HI W. Main. Pliontf .1325, 1l:2fl-pk-12 23 Bedroom 314 N- 9th, fiono 2.T33 li:26-pk-12'2G Comfortnhle hrdroom, c i. r ^rnln St.. phone 2818 Room lonsa loses. ncv. Hon osphrro. Phone 3835, . heat. 2001 12 S-pK-15 i* rohcd inc^l- 1 !. and nil nrlvl- 12 <1-pX-I6 Comfortahlp brdrtMim Clo,=;p to town Men onlv 310 W. Walnut. 2920. Bedroom. Photic ?M6 . ntionr 1 2S-nk-lt ! 3 Wnliuit. \i s-c prlvllrsrs oir 52 in Wanted Ton. M:\tornUv ^4. 12 5-nk-16 Farmers Column For srtlr* 2(X> rto/a h;w. CftH phone 781- Icafv lcf-;ie- n, Hurdetlr. 12 9-pk-25 fitark Nvir^rry Orr3rrs taki-n (or ornRiucntal 3crj'. ro-p bushes. rTcrMrccns. Flowprlnz ppacli lrcc« fhono Mrs. J. C. nrokr — 3 c--A c nil 10 I .Ml HI, Ktl: [I with S nrlcri ArX. C. I,. Nlchol" Experienced OFFICE HELP Good salary, steady position. Inexperienced need not apply. Write Box AD * Courier News. ATTENTION MOTORISTS Because of Change of Models Langston - Wroten, your B u i c k dealer, has reduced prices from <*P $150 to $300 on all used cars! We need our floor space! On hand now: • 1946 Super 4 Door BUICK SEDAN • 1946 BUICK SEDANET • 1946 BUICK SUPER 4 DOOR SEDAN • 1946 PONTIAC SEDANET • 1942 PACKARD 4 DOOR SEDAN • 1941 BUICK SUPER 4-DOOR • 1940 BUICK CONVERTIBLE • 1938 BUICK 4 DOOR • 1937 OLDS COUPE LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. ' Dial 555 For Service Walnut at Broadway For Sftle - 2 I>uroc pill hi roc rv.Mf Tin vi t A 3. Pro 4. O. Duclcvi, t bred. 1 I)n- \ oml*r-r1 TAnrt, \ U 12-pk-L* '

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