Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 30, 1897 · Page 18
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 18

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 30, 1897
Page 18
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Move Against It Chrystallizes All Over the Belt in Mass Meetings. WHAT THE GAS HAS DONE TOE US. THE STRANGE FACES WE MEET. Botli in Society and On the Street—Why Are Some Attractive and, Alas, Too Many Repulsive. flpeeiitl Sfsiion of the J.<-j;KIiitiire Wanted to Fa*k Laws That Judyr* Cannot Uecittf* Invalid—An liluntrutlon of the *U*H*tt« Near Alexandria—JSliU-k but Apparently Barmletttf Sjjuok—Striking Coal Mint-ra — Gov. Morton'* .'MoiiuiiieiiU Andorsoc, Inch, Xov. 20.—Ma^mf'Ct- t»f;s u-'.-re h"!d in almost tvcry town in »fce nutui"tl Kii-s belt yesterday to urge • uvtrjior Mount :o call an extra session »f the lesis'ature to I.ASS such laws as will stop the gas waste going no. It Is figuered that at the present rate of waste $5,000,000 of gas will be wasted between now and the next regular session of the legislature. One thing i.s •ertain, unless steps an- irnun-'i ,rn-ly MUti-n th>- gas supjily will soon bu exhausted. .Manufacturer* Arc M«*t Interested, Those most iiitrn steil are the mnnu- focturera, who hav*- been gathered from erory s'-ilion of the nation and have k«ilt plants in this 5,000 square mile section, whirl] represent an expenditure, it is estimated, of $75,000,000 and employ SO,000 skilled workmen. In the history •f Indiana she has never had such a gift. It has changed the status of the state from agriculture to manufacturing ant! placed her arnonff the first half dozen in that list. Every section of Indiana isinten.'s,tedno\vand theleading >af>ers all over the state, whether sup- jiied with gas or not, are giving natural gf£ waste the lead in their editorial col- j *nns. In recent years no one subject j has come before the people of J[ndian>. which has awakened BIJ hTuch interest. Indications ni'fi that Governor Mount will be forced to call an extra session. Waste in the Alexandria Field. __ The Alexandria field just now presents " the best illustration of waste of gas, Up to date there have been sixty-six wells drilled in the pools surrounding »at city. Of these twenty-nine have produced oil. The others were good gas wells and were promptly plugged. The twenty-nine, however, with possibly three exceptions, have been allowed to stand open. All of these oil wells are •othlng more than gas wells producing o*i. The oil comes up at the rate of about 100 barrels a day and the gas at a rate of about i,000,000 to 10,000.000 c*bic feet daily. In order to get the oil it is necessary to lot the gas escape. This is the situation in a nutshell. Mayors Ask for Injunction Proceedings. Alexandria, Ind..Nov.30.—The mayors •f Fairmount. Logansport. Elwood, Muncio, Hartford City, Richmond. Wa- kash, Marion. Anderson and Warsaw met here yesterday to consider the waste of gas in the gas belt. The attorney general was petitioned to bring an inunction suit. All the way From the Missouri River to Buffalo, the Wabub Railroad Operates Trains over its Own Tracks. What a difference there Is In Jtbe faces of women, and for that matter of men also, and how strange the effect is. There are faces that, attract men and fascinate women, while there are others that seem to repel just as strongly. Did you ever study faces'? Have you ever paid real close attention to the looks of the men and women you meet ID the course of a day? It is a fascinating study. Many of them are unattractive, but some of them have power that is most fascinating.Now, what Is the secret of this charm and beauty? There Is but one answer and we will give it. Jir can be expressed In two words— "perfect health/' No woman can lovercomes these ^trouble? as if by look well when she is made constantly i magic and makes the person healthy miserable by distressing weakness las well as attractive. Its value has and ailments. These things destroy ; been appreciated by vast number? as the complexion,brlcg- gloominess and well as by the medical profession.but blue-*, and, in addition to the misery j there are some who do not know created render the woman unattrac-1 what its secret and mysterious power Mve. No man can appear well, work j can do for them: but if any reader of well, or do well who is not feeling these lines wishes to know bow these It ieja common thing to bring proof of the value of health-giving remedies from those who have been restored. Warner's Safe Cure does not require this. It stands prominently upon an eminence of its own, and while there are thousands of people in America alone wdo have voluntarily acknowledged its vast benefit to them.it does well. Imagine any man or woman disagreeable,and,often deadly, symp- j not require their endorsement to tr7tng to be pleasant or attractive j toms can be overcome, how health, when troubled by headaches, tired | vigor and happiness can be restored feelings, and dizzy or bearing down sensations It is simply impossible. For more than twenty years the American people,and for that matter the inhabitants of the entire globe, have heard of a grand discovery that' and how attractiveness may be secured, we answer unhesitatingly and frankly: -'Use that great discovery, that proven remedy, Warner's Safe Cure." prove to any sufferer that it can help, that it can cure, that it can brighten the face, remove the lines of care and thus render, through the channels of health, that pleasant attractiveness so much desired.A trial of this great remedy will fully prove to you the truth of this assertion. le«*«l Mic rr»ct. of the Gnu Trunk Hallway between Detroit »nd Smpen- iion Bridge and those of the Erie R. K, tro«>. Suspension Bridge to Buffalo, the Wabuh R H." will ran Its own truing item' Knout dtj- Omatia. Df i? Momes, Su Louis, Qulncy, Hannibal. Keofcuk and Caicairo.to Buffalo, being the- only road frvn- Missouri u>d Mississippi Kl*er points having it« own a ue and trsini runntoj Into Buffalo. Throug-h oars from KsntMCltj- St. Louis and Chicago to Bufl'» o without change HUMPHREYS the expenses of the men to c-ome tn their mines, and a number have done so. BLACK srutflv AT BOO.NEV11.LK. It Appears by (In; Suit* of Moil mid AVoinrn Out A CUT Dark. Boonville, Intl.,Nov. oO.—The people of Htts town are not scared, but they want *. black ghost to coa.se its familiarity with pedestrains. Fur a week or more it J)os been .suddenly appearing at the side •f men and women and afteraccompany- kig them a short distance or until the approach of another person it vanishes. The town marshal has been tryiner to capture the spook, but the yrnost never appears for him. It makes no demonstration and apparently has no other •toject than to be silently sociable, an «scort for women and a companion for men. Still, pedestrains don't want it silony. It makes its .liJii-.ur.tiice oUeiiest hi the neighborhood of Representative Hemenway's residence. One nijrht last week as a youn.q: wom- aa passed the alley at the side of the Hemenway residence the ghost came alongside of her. She says it was very tartl. awkward in its movements, but very quick and absolutely noiseless/ It was in black, with a loose, flowing cloak mid hoodlike covering over the head. The ghost moved along at her side. At Srst she was frightened and then, re- eatlinjc the stories of practical jokers, sfce had the courage to speak to the ligure. but received no reply. She was •n the way tu the home of a friend a short distance away, and. thinking she might possibly escape the unwelcome escort by running, she ran as never before in her life, but the ghost easily kept pace with her and when she turn.-d Into the entrance at her friend's house it disappeared. She fainted as she entered the door of ttie house and has not entirely re- •overed from :he shock. The next night X volunteered to accompany a gentle- wan home who was pass-ing in the same locality. He did not observe its approach and was first aware of its presence when It was leisurely moving »Jong with him. This gentleman gives »*i« same description as given by the y-oung woman. He had heard of the Fhost and determined that he would as- »«ra« to be unconscious of. it. Then the Khost, as if reading his mind, began ja:>sing around him. all the while keeping up the pace. First it was on one sid* of him and then on the other, and »t intervals would walk immediately in *xmt of him. When he arrived at his ES.t.e the ghost disappeared. STRIKERS WILL KKMAIX Ol'T. Two Toxvus in tliclmlianit Co»l Belt ITlirre tin* Stride Is On. Terre Haute. In,!. Nov. 30.—President Iiight. of the Indiana miners, says the Krikers at Star City and Hymera will remain oui indefinitely to gain their joint, and that the state labor commissioners, w-ho were there Saturday, were »o told by all whom they met. Both mines are owned in Chicago, by the Harder & Hafer company. At Hymera ifce men complain of the screen and at Star City they insist on the right to Mme the check weighmaD. Pws-dent Knight is calling upon th« miners at work in the state to contribute to the support of the strikers, and the response win be very generous. Vie strikers at the Cabel mines in Da.- ^tMB county, where negroes from Kentucky were given work, are finding t*u- jtoyrnent in other fields In the mt«. Crp- in U4f Brophy Finully Hml to <io. Terre Haute. lr,d.. Xov. 30.—M. J. Brophy, formerly superintendent of letter carriers, ha-s been finally dismissed by First .Assistant Postmaster General Heath after several months of investigations and rehearings, both by the department and the civil service commission. The original charge against him was fighting with a letter carrier, which inspectors pronounced frivolous. Then Representative Fcris askf j d for a hearing on other charge? and thosehavetlone the work, and 'Brophy has to walk the plank. Krophy was a very offensive partisan according to the local Republican politicians-. Governor Morton's Statm 1 . Terre Haute. Tnd.. Nov. :;i).—The widow of Onv. Morton lias written to the Grand Army posts here asking them to petition tin- board of regi-ms of the yol- diers' monument at Indianapolis to restore thi j slMitip of Indiana's wnr govrr- nor to the posiiir.p it originally occupied, I in what was known as ;h<- "unvornnrs' circlr-" and from whii-h it was removed to tho state house grounds-. Mrs. Mor- | ton says it should bo jmrri"di:ite!y j n j front -if (hi 1 niomfnimt. esp^i-iaHy as he | was the firs- to suggest a soldiers' in,,::- ! ument. The ten p' >'!-•' in this co-.inty do as Mrs. Mono;-, asks. I)r. Siai-i'li Is Vindicated. Miles. Mich.. Xov. 30. — Dr. L. F. Starch, village president of Allegan. who was arrested charged with stealing $2,000 worth of sroods from E. T. Van Ostrand's clrusf store, was acquitted and completely exonerated at his trial. ODD FELLOWS. K«w Rebekah Ritual Will Be Exchanged Ifree of Cost—Linkletn. Tho new Rebukah ritual that was adopted at the Springfield session of the sovereign grand lodxe was prepared and submitted by the following committee': W. G. Xyeot Minnesota; .1. Otis Humphrey. Illinois; George Ross, Ontario; J. L. Xole.n, Tennessee, and E. L. Pilshury, Massachusetts. Yi'heii printed and re;idy to be Bent to tho lodges, it will !je exchanged free of ensr. There i.s ,-ii! iissumnce that this revision will rei:i'<ve tho objectionable features of the one now in use.—Odd Fellows' Herald. At a recent banquet of the veteran Odd Felluws of -B<;stun "here we.re present '22 men whu hail lieeu jner.ibors of the order over .")U years. rhiladelpbiu lodges wrft complaining ac the scarcity uf ciimiiiint.es'. The Missouri Odd Fellows' home is now Curing I'or Hi aged people and :?1 children. The minimum initiation fee in O* is |6 and $3 for each degree. The cantons may DOW assist at the installation of cDcampii.ent officers. Start the fires in the morning. Don't let Rebekah do it. An Odd Fellow is not forbidden by law to ask an outsider to join the order. The Bible is an integral part of the lodge working tools, but it is not necessary to bave it open. If the lodgo has loaned its funds to one of its members who is unable to pay tho him, ]••"- i Tills homo receives :\tit'A hrutltors. wido«'s "ill ; atul ui'phan children uf Odd -Fellinvs. | "Finiiiiciiil swrefJiry" is the Jog.-il term "Kiii^ini;" I'l-nifsi irniii Finirtei-n. i now to be njiplii.'il tu tluit dlliciir. which is TVabnsh. ]nj.. .\ii\\ :;n. \\~h.T, it \v:is ' mllt ''' niori! in h.-u'iiiony with rhc duties of announced u i\-\\- \\-,..-ks ag-n tiiat th._- j t ' le o'licc thiui "jjfrmiinont soct'ctary." postoflice dt'iiartiiii'iit \votikl lie pi'ti- i The report uf the directors of the Illinois tioneil to ''hansf the name of the post- ! Orphans' home shows that since the insti- otlice at ['uekerhrush. from that which ttition was ojjetied, the iiith of -Ttiuuiiry. it has xn [ciiiR Ijcii'tte anil which has 1893, up to Oct. 1, ISviT. the whole minima do it faniuus. there was a finsfins berof clnldreii admitted was Je'l. Of these protest fruin the pntrons. wlien it came 40 weiv retiifncd to guardians, one ilicd, to a vote, sovftity-iive pntmns t'avnrfil i and the ntunber in the huiue at the date the new name—Pioneer—and that "illy fourteen derived the old name-. Kotul Must Uuii Sunday Trains, Terre Haute. Ind., N.IV. ::0,— The people along the line of thi? I'aini iiivi>i>-n of the P.is Four road, vunnin.srffnni Danville. Ills., in Cairo, arc organizing a boycott of the road heeaiisf tlie Pumlay trains have been abandoned. Except those towns where -as: and wept line? cross the Big Four the people are completely shut off from the outside wm-Itl on Sunday by the ubandunnit nt uf tlu-se . trains. Col. Do Hsirl: to Go to Calais. Lafayette. Ind.. Xov. :ln.—It is be- ' lieved that Colonel De Han. of this city, will sin-inly he tendered the euri- i sulship at Calais. Fraiv.-e. Repres^nta- : tive Crumpaeker while her;- last Saturday, it is understood, mail.' a private j tender of office. Public announcement j of th? appointment is t xpecicd within a few davs. , of the report was Hn. | The grand lodge of Pennsylvania has finally settled that lodges must pay 23 ; cents foriMuh member on the books ui: the 1st of April i'or the support uf the Cour homes. The grand loclg-e of Colorado has adopted the following—to wit: "Initiation fee. 19, if a candidate is under •!.=> years of age: If over 4o vents, $1 for each additionjil year." What will a man oay If ho is just 45? Michigan Rebekiihs made a.pain of 2,TOT last year. Present membership, 13,B71, in S6S lodges same, it is not of the order to retain benefits due which he may be in great need of. A lodgo does not need a dispensation from the.grand master to wear regalia at the funeral of a deceased brother. A member in arrears more than 13 weeks ig not eligible to hold an elective or appointive office. The zeal and enthusiasm shown by Re- bekahs will prove a lasting blessing to the order which they represent. Tho Illinois grand secretary's report shows a dropping off in the members of subordinate lodges for the year ending March 31, 1$°7, for nonpayment of dues of 8,054 and in Rebekah lodges 3,249. The number of lodges in the state is 807. fhe Winter's Vogue For Evening Dresses. "White in all fabrics will be extremely popular for evening dresses this season," writes Isabel A. JVIalloa in The Ladies' Homo Jonrnal. "For young girls the inexpensive silks, the soft wools and fine muslins, while for older ladies heavier silks, brocades and eatiaswill obtain. A Parisian authority gives, next to white, as the fashionable colors for evening wear, gray, yellow, pale blue, purple, red and green. Ribbons in satin aud velvet are popular for trimmings. Bright orange in satin or velvet, used as belts, rosettes or any small decoration, is specially successful as a trimming on white, black or gray. Black satin skirts continue to be given great- favor, and a wise young matron, wishing to be economical, can have several fancy bodices, each of different color and material, to wear with her black skirt, and then by the artistic use of a colored belt and collar each bodice will seem a different toilet." Miss Nellie Moredock, who been visiting Miss Cbloe Hynes, turned today to her home at komo. ha,9 re- Ko- Beware of Ointments That Contain Mercnrj. SB mercury will surely destroy the sense ol gmell and ceropletely derange tbe whole sy«- te -a when entering it through the mucous surfaces. Such articles should i.ever be used ei- cept on prescriptions from reputable phyul- cians, as tbe damage they will do is ten fold WITCH HAZEL OIL Piles or Hemorrhoids Fissures & Fistulas. Burns & Scalds. Wounds & Bruises. Cuts & Sores. Boils & Tumors. Eczema & Eruptions, Salt Rheum & Tellers* Chapped Hands. Fever Blisters. Sore Lips & Nostrils. Corns & Bunions, Stings & Bites of Insecta. Three Sizes, 250, 500. and $1.00. Sold by druggists, or §onl po*t-p*kSoonoelpt of prkM: HCU-HKIIS'HID.CO., Ill * 111 W«ta*.,*»«T««.^ c u R E s A NEW MAIM in keeping with the spirit to the good you can possibly derive from rpr.;iin hpnpflnc HIIA him ., _ ^. ,,._ ^, ... />...._ ^. . *. them. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufacture! by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo. 0., contains no nu rcury, and is taken Internally, acting directly upcn the blood and mucous surfaces Ot the system. In buying Hall's Catarrh Cure be sure you get the genuine. It is; taken Internally and made in Toledo, Ohio, (by F. J Cheney & Co. Testimonials free. Bold by druggists, 75c. Hall's Family Pills are the beet. Miss Maggie Gorman, of Kokomo, is In the city visiting her uncle, James Gorman. BbeumatiMii Cured in a.KB). "Mystic Cure" I'or rheumatism and neuralgia radically cures in 1 to a days. Its action upon the system is remarkable and mysterious, it removes at once i.be cause and tbe disease immediately disappears. Ibe first dose ureatiy benefits. 75 cintB. Sold by W. H. Bringhurst, druggist. Logane- port. The Doard of the E. E. Y. M. C. A. will meet Wednesday, December first. ireekiugout a i «bleexi»tence for. want of knowingwbit'toda* forthtmtelrei. HUM-- DRCPB of n»m «re•ufferinj: from the: mcnul tort-ires at : N •!•»••' Falling Memory,. LtMt Munhood, ImpoUnoy, Vitality, VnrioOO*!*, brought on by «bu«e, excesses and Indiscretions, or by «evere racir.ll: strain, close application to buiiueitt or »vcc work. DR. PERRIN'S Re vi vine !• the only remedy tliat 1ms ever been di*. covered that will positively cure tbc»>. nervous disorders. If taken as directed. Revivine brines ibout immediate improvcmentaud efi'ects cures where all other remedies fail. It has cured tbou AND WILL CURE YOU. We positivelv guarantee it in every case. Price Ji.oo'a box, or six boxes for J^.oo, bf> mail in plain wrapper ujxm receipt ^ —'"Order from our advertised apents. Ad other communications to THS Da. MEDICINE Co., Kcw York. The fact that the lodge has a visiting and relief committee is no re.'ison why any other member shall not visits .-iek brother. Detroit wants the sovereign grand lodgo in Ib'JV). There are 1,174 Rebekahs in Nebraska. Iowa patriarchs report a net loss of ten members last year. Mrs. ilary Cook, aired 91 years, was re- HH.S Not Iloiisiit Out the Oii.inhys. j cently initiated in Verdant Rebekah lodge, Hartford Pity. Ird.. Nov. SO.—The re- • Sonoma. Gal. port sent out from the Indiana nil field! The membership in Illinois in March 31. e eempany .ir i 1897, was al.iL'o; the total amount expended for relief during the year was The Weiither We May -Expect, pion. Xov. 91. -Following are t'to weather indications for twenty-four hour from S p. m. yesterday: For Indiana and Illi | uois—Fair, warmer weather: northerly winds i becoming variable. For Michigan and Wi* i cousin—Fair, warmer weather: light variabl i wiuds. For Iowa—Fair weather; variable i winds. THE MARKETS. that the Ruckey? Pipe Standard Oil c.imnar.y had purchased the holdings <•( the Cuihihys. or the Indiana Pipe 1-inc ar.d ndh-.injr company, is positively denied by ivpreser.iatives of both conef-n-s ir. this county. -Vu OrtogeniiriHtt 1'ub. Fiuic, Jeft'ersonvilie. Ind.. Nov. 30. — J. S. Bennet. of Prattler. Clark county, is SS years old, and has been in the post- office service for over twenty-five years. Price for Fepiliiijt Cattlf Reduced. Kansas City. Mo.. Xov. ,10.—The Kansas City Stock Yards company yesterday reduced the price of feeding cattle at the yards while awaiting sale and shipment. The order of reduction tskes effect tomorrow, but ho'.ds only "until further notice." Corn is to be furnished at 60 cents a bushel instead of $1: ha.y. SO cents per 100 weig-ht instead of SI. "Whether the reductions were made under the Kansas la\v reducing the feed i charges at the yards which the Company has been fighting in the courts none of the officers would say. Official Vote of Kentucky. , Frankfort. Ky., Xov. 30.—The official ! count for Kentucky was made yesterday. The totals for 1S96 -were: ifcKin- ley, 21S.171: Bryan, 217.000; Palmer and j Buckner, 5.114. The totals for this year are: Bailey, Rep., 169,675; Shackeliord. Dem.. 1S7.4S2: Hmdman. gold Dem., 9.5S3: Parker, Pop., 7,374; Wallace, Pro., , 1.7SS. i JG.7S7.SO; the total number of" brothers ' ber ' 0 J enn , ( : d 97V ? C ' c j c ff? %r> j? : J ieved was *.7,1. and_ the total number ! « »& dosed 91^0; May, $146, reliev of widowed families relieved 357. ODD FELLOWS. rtru \Toi T — Washington. N^ .i.—Peru has taken •teps to secure whatever advantages may be reaped under the reciprocity clauses of tht new tariff act. Biennial Sessions of All the Grand Bodie*, j Triple Link Notes. I The grand lodge of the German empire holds biennial sessions. It is cow about time that some of our American grand lodges should awaken to an appreciation of the fact that; the interests of subordinate lodges and that of the entire order •would be best served by holding biennial Instead of annual sessions of all grand and sovereign grand bodies. Subordinate lodges should instruct by resolution their representatives to agitate for this as one of many needed economic measures.—Philadelphia Press. Grand Representative E. S. Conway of Illinois is chairman of the general finance committee of the sovereign grand lodge; also chairman of the subcommittee on finance, Bro. R. W. Folts of Atlanta is to be congratulated on being appointed as postmaster of his city. The sovereign grand lodge at its last session was composed of ii lawyers, 10 physicians, 21 merchants, 7 bankers, 3 clergymen, 13 editors and printers, and two or more farmers, builders, mechanics, blacksmiths, painters ani almost every trade and profession. Stop saving mean things about a brother. If he has done -wrong, tbe world will be quick enough, to condemn hinu l Chicago Grain and Produce, Chicago Nov. 29. Following- were the quotations on the ' Board of Trade today: Wheat—Decem; January openec ai r> sc. closed 90%c. Corn—December opened -">"^c, closed 25%c; May. opened little, closed 29VsC. Oats—December opened. ^O^c. closed 20%c; May. openec 22c. closed 21 %c. Pork—December opened $7.27'i. clo.?ed $7.22^: January, ?i.22Vi. closed $S.17'A; May, opened $S.45. closed JS.42H. Lard—December, openec S4.12V.. closed $4.10; January, opened $4.25. closed $4.22Vic. Produce: Butter—Extra creamery 21c per Ib: extra dairy, 19c; fresh packing- stock, ll(S12c. "Eggs—Fresh .stock. ISc per dozen. Dressed Poultry— Turkeys. 9jT10c per Ib; chickens, 7c: ducks, 7iS'7 1 ~c. Potatoes—Northwestern. 45ig."i." per bu. Sweet Potatoes— Jerseys. S4.COS'4.25 per bbl. Chicago Live Stock. Chicago, Nov. 29. Kogs—Estimated receipts for the day, 40.000; sales ranged at S3.00@3.30 for pigs. S3..'!a'?!3.35 for light. 53.20@2.35 for rough packing S2.30'iJ3.60 for mFxed and S3.35!g:'3.60 heavy packing axd shipping lots. Cattle—Estimated receipts for the fiay, 16.000: quotations ranged at $5.Wg 5.45 for choice to extra shipping steers, H.50(g 5.00 good to choice do., $4.30@4.S5 fair to good. $4.00514.40 common to medium do., $2.70(ffi4.20 butchers' steers. S3.15'£-4.00 stockers. S3.70®4.40 feeders $1.70£ ; 3-SO cows. $2.60(f4.50 heifers. J2.25 <S4.00 bulls oxen and ?tigs. J2.SChg4.00 Texas steers. S3.30@4.35 western rangers, and $3.5066.60 veals calves. Sheep and Lambs—Estimated receipts for the day. 15.000: quotations ranged at J3.£0@4.75 westerns. I3.10@4.90 natives and *4.2si? 5.S5 lambs. 3Iil\vanke« Grain. Milwaukee, Xov. 2f. •Wheat—"vTeak: No. 1 northern, SOc; No. 2 spring. S7c: May, SOHc, CornSteady: No. 3, 2E%c. Oai»—Weak; X». 2, i2c; sample, Don't run any risks about health. Avoid cougbs, colds, fevers, pneumonia, and all other similar ailments by keeping your blood rich and pure with Hood's Sarsaparilla. Hood's pills are purely vegetable and do not purge, pain;or gripe. Ail druggists. Attorney Frank M. Klstler has filed In the circuit court the complaint of Belle Buires in a suit agaist David W. Wolf to collect an account amounting $100. Put an end to misery. Doan's Ointment wiJl cure the worst case of Itching Files there ever was, and do it almost instantly. Years of suffering relieved in a single night. Get Doao's Ointment from your dealer. For sale at B, F. Ke««l!ng'«, Porter's and Johnston'g. WIH Miss Bessie Moun, residence 1717 George street, at 4 o'clock, Eev. Dr. Putnam officiating. Interment in Idavllie. liver > REGULATOR WILL CURE ... ALL COHPLAINTS AND DISEASES OP TUB Liver, Kidney Home Excursion FOR November and Deceniber'97 - -THR -- AND lave authorized reduced rates to many wiots in the West, Sonth and Southwest. Tickets will be sold KoTember, 2nd and 16th, December 7th and 21st. •"or particulars, call on or address C. G. Newel, Lofinsport, lad. Urinary Organs Biliousness, Jaundice, H«ad*ch«, Constipation, PaLn§ in the Side or Back, Sour Stomach, Djwpepela, Liver Complaint, Catarrh of the Bladder, Irritation or Inflammation of the Bladder, Female Weakness, Gravel, Diabetes, Dropsy, Brick Dust Deposits, in fact all di*ee«es arising from Liver or Kidney dls- orden. Price, $1.00 {tat Medicine Co. «EW YORK, I Y.

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